How to Build a $100K Per Year Catering Company – Ask Clay Anything

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If you are looking to grow your new business to the next level then listen as Dr Z and Clay Clark teach a Thriver how to build a $100k per year catering business.

Question – Should a continue to scale my existing business into a new market or start a separate company?

Scaling your new business:

  1. Determine your profit per customer
    1. Pay yourself 1st!
  2. Determine the number of deals you need for the year to hit your financial goals
  3. Gather 100 Google reviews from real customers
    1. ACTION STEP – serve samples of the food and ask people to leave reviews if they like it
  4. Buy a third party ad on wedding website
  5. Build a google canonical compliant website
  6. Record one podcast per day to transcribe for SEO –
    1. Keyword – Tulsa Wedding Catering
  7. Turn on Adwords after you get 100 reviews
  8. Launch your retargeting ads
  9. Build your inbound sales script
  10. Set up call recording

Steps for finding someone to help you with your new business:

  1. Go buy the Arlo 2 camera and install in food truck
  2. Do a group interview every single week (Do it at night if you need to)
  3. Find the people that share your “DNA”
    1. Hire for character and train for skill.
  4. When you find the great people you have to take good care of them or someone else will.
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Audio Transcription

321 boom, you are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show have time show on the top of the charts in the category of business. Dentist that you might get motion sickness patch of the babette’s convenience 321 here come the business ninjascreative going to kill. You know how many yards in a game where your boss, i, need to go to the next level at the end of the jackass 3 of the game, and then I’m in church brother hit the recent sure if you’re not going to 3rd or 4th boss right now. Let me know what we’re going to do now is we are going to be answering the questions from a thriver scott who reached out and I want to schedule a time to shadow me in again quick reset I’m scott attended our workshop they’re, not in october, and they had a great time at the workshop us got to describe for the drivers out there. What what yearexperience was at the workshop was going through your cranium. As you were 15 hours, it’s 15 different sessions. It’s 45 minutes, spread 15 minute break for coming marketing, branding sales at 6 life time management, accounting. What’s going through your mind as you’re, going to that thing, I’ve been listening to you and I was trying to adjust my mind and then you were talking about the you were talking about the the conferences so like it was when we went to the conference, my daughter and I and i, and that the simplicity not the he’s, but the simplicity of the system that you’re talking aboutwas floored me just floored me not only because I didn’t know what I didn’t know, but I didn’t know how to get there.

I didn’t have a road, and you blew my mind, is your daughter is taking notes right along with you, she’s 16, and you came up with you today too, and you said hey like to talk to you about my daughter working here. She said on her own I’d like to work for free, whatever I need to do. I just want to learn entrepreneurship. That girl came to work for free for about 2 days and on the third day I told you I’m going to pay her. This girl is working for me. Why did you have to pay what you want and what made you think that you to start paying search engine optimization in the quality and the diligence of work she was providing was higher than that of one half of the stuff of the paid team. She was better and because I recognize that a business is based upon the 3 p’s great people, great product, great prophet, it was. It was a good idea to pay herand, so roberta’s be on the team for a long time. Honestly, just a great member of the team should be going full-time here over the summer and she’s close to earning 12 hour check between 14 and 17 an hour to pick up on the task he’s doing my goal for the summers to kick her up and do about $22 an hour based upon the work she does and we do merit-based pay. So she has a flat rate, but she gets bonus is not going to think. So. That’s pretty awesome, you think of your daughter at the age of 17 to be pulling in in a $40,000 a year if she was full time and she’s. Just getting home, wish actually requested to work for free, easy to learn, graphic design, just pat just stiffed us this last week. I

t’s a super move. You know how many podcast move up in a hundred about getting ahead in life. Yes, and it may feel like you’re, going backwards to go to an organization, say I work for you for freesidestroke. What you doing the backstroke to go forward. Skate on somebody’s parents are here to pick you up a johnson. Your parents are here, come up there, you skate up there and then to that contain got that nice linoleum. You know countertop that that a pickle and then the dj hopsin, the mike. Can you mix a happy turns on the backlight he turns on. Then he turns on that nice that nice, a disco ballshow me a couple skate only enough now that you can skate backwards. You going to pick back relationship feels like it’s. A second person skating with you at they’re. Just get with your teacher going backwards, but that relationship is going forward there. You go, that’s what it’s like and as much as that sounds like you’re going backwards or not. She came in to prove herself if she’s, like a job interview and I work through for fries, really quote-unquote a job interview, I mean it’s called what it is and she came in after a couple 3 days, you recognize a talent, you recognize a diligent. How do you recognize all the great things about? He said:you’re, an employee mail, something that that you didn’t mention that list right there is. He was that I want to brag on clay for a minute he’s built a system to wearlike roberta want to stay. They want to come in and say because she sees the value she can learn:graphic design for free. She can learn videography. She can learn search engine optimization. She can learn how to be a business coach. You can learn any of these things that you want, as in a player on the thrive team, but can’t you don’t have a shovel skate, not here after scouts question one more rabbit trail to want to keep that rabbit. That’s weird remembering my mother. I was a kid. What happened was is I was probably 10 or 11 in my mom was at sam’s club and sam’s club. They used to wear skates, been working, there.

Really, quad, skates video, yeah I got play I’m old, i, remember the stuff:okay, I remember back void cell phone I’m that old you used to call me on your land on your rotary phone and call meon the long-distance I used to have a huge cord it. So people are skating in sam’s club, moving the carts and 1 guys like skate and he’s probably listening to his. He forgot I had both of my sea song like flock of seagulls. It’s, like you know like it’s more like I can’t go for that. No, no! No can’t do i, can’t, go, for that, no, no wichita news to nuke the greatest hits album ingrid like the greatest hits of that are upside look it over and then he running back into like into like some def leppard, and then he skated right into my mom i. Don’t know what the whole massive row of carts, like wow, more than 30 cards, runs over her, so I’m thinking myself, lost boys, the kids are like that’s funny:i mean videotape. The walmart erwin come down right away, bring us upstairs no parking, on, the, dance floor after I kind of let her get cowboys in the water. Or do you want to say that’s what they did and they gave us or what check do they give you a check right there? How big big I was young I was young man. I cannot. I cannot feel like I’m under a big check that they do like I care of us and they made sure it was not a thing, but they ran over my mom, while roller skating, that happened care of it, and they were all about the following calls. Seeing a chiropractor systems in place so is scalable what business questions do you have for dr., z and I hear? Well, we have you on this.

Ask us anything edition of the drive time show podcast having learned recently from you guys that I need to have a scalable business instead of a job. Another job that I’m creating for myself do I run. Is it better to run boat, a scalable and loose cable company under the same name umbrella as my food truck or divide them up front name? The two different names do seo website for both of them I’m, very, very passionate about helping you, cuz i, know your daughter and I know you guys, I know what you’re all about so I’m going to give you a lot of specific steps that actually help the caterer. So if it’s okay see I’m going to give him thousands of dollars of consulting for the low low price of nothing for free, that’s what we do. It drive time, show. Coming, to walk you through the steps are the steps you need to do. One figure out how much profit you make and chapped I should have within the show. Gnats multiply 14 step on how much profit going to make for a customer. I’ve worked with three caterers in tulsa. One outside of tulsa will help grow their companies and wedding catering wedding prices are like airport prices to the airport at the airport ever been an airport airport. You know why, because I’m either coming home from a great trip or I’m leaving to go to great trip. Chicago airport, base, edison chicago, all the time in chicago last week, flying back from owensboro, it turns out. You have to fly up chicago to fly home to tulsa I’m up there and I can pull into a bar area and I want to get myself a moscow mule a moscow mule mule at the airports like you want to determine your price. As we hear something to tell you for weddings, you can usually clear a profit of more of more than $2,000 per wedding for sure you’re, aware of weddings out of work, that’s weddings, it’s always been a while yeah you can. You can clear a $2,000 profit, because the average wedding has approximately 200 people there, a hundred fifty people there and you can.

You can get your costume you can. You can make some really good money on that. So wedding catering is where it’s at outside of wedding catering, there’s corporate catering, which one of your profit per customer step to jump. You want to determine the number of deals you need for the year to hit your goals, so he said, I want make $100,000 a year in the average event is a $2,000 profit. I mean see how many deals. We talk to me saying that phenix city right moon ever 3youni to gather a hundred google reviews from sincere people that have tested your real food. So what I would do is I would serve your food. I know you ain’t food truck you have i, would serve samples of that food and ask people to leave your reviews. So when you’re at your food truck hey cuz have an audience that you want to try it out, give us a review boom and to get a hundred reviews number for me to buy a third-party add-on. Wedding websites like the knot.Com, is great by a third party advertisement, their number 5. If you want to build a google canonical base website, move number 6. You want to stay married, so you want to just commit to doing one podcast per day about the content. She could be topping google. We can help you transcribe, that content be just to do one podcast today, 4:30 today, don’t do an hour day, two to four hours a day. Just do 30 min today about wedding catering in tulsa. If you do that step number 7 is you’re going to turn on your adwords advertisements after you have a hundred review, don’t advertise until you have a hundred reviews who never ate. You turn on your retargeting ads at the ads and follow people around everywhere and then move number 9.

You build an inbound sales script and move number 10. You want to set up call recording. If you do those moves, it works and you’re busy. You got to have a script. You got to record the calls you just got to have your own, a business. You got to have that big brother conspiracy eye in the sky. Otherwise you don’t have a business there’s a reason why I’ve incorporated meise in all my business come on now, there’s a reason why I have done kind of bait. You know a globalization of my business is even though it’s an auto auction, even though it said you know optometry clinic, even though it’s a diagnostic sleep center, even though it’s a thoroughbred horse ranch and the reason why I think their strength in numbers and what happens is if you build some momentum. So the answer part of your question in should I make them separate, should I keep them come in the same umbrella. To think about, it is i. Think there’s always that strength of going hey. This is the same. People I ate a taco from the kaiser free, every tuesday that makes great taco. Then this is the same guy I mean when business is successful. There’s a strengthen tying it to your next business. There’s a strength in that because now people like that’s my favorite taco truck when they got the best taco in town, so when I get back I shot at doing our wedding. If your first business is not good, I was going to say sucks, but I won’t say sucks, I’m going to say:if it’s not good, then you don’t want to tie your second business to it. But if it’s a good and you got good mojo right, do what you do. Is you take that mojo? You spread it to the next business and then the next business in the next business? Okay, people go hey, listen, i, buy eyeglasses from him, he’s fair he’s friendly. He he does a great job. I mean I’m out. They are super.

The rock stars or I mean I like that. So you know how we doing this business I mean I did all week. I already have a little bit of love for it and it hasn’t even opened ok until I think that you’re doing then yeah use that name that you beat me up for me, I’ve been a lot of money, for my name. Is the owner in tulsa a lot over 25 27 26 years? So if you go to the waterfront to grill a doctor say or the polo grille, when he gives a person, the credit card that you to go, hey man I hear commercials almost every time he gives a credit card. They say that. But my point is you build up that you build up my credit, so use that use that to know use that to the love, bank thing right. It’s a loud bang thing, so you know you’re a lot of money to build it up and use that until I would say that you continue on with that. So you don’t make him so different people know they’re there. I don’t want to know that you know that I own both! You wanted to know that because you’re doing well the one and you want people to didn’t-take that credit over the next one one good thing to is:he won’t be competing with yourself at all cross-branding or whatever you have one website. So you can concentrate all your search engine, optimization efforts on that one brand. In that one website, yeah I can go to an end you’re, promoting one thing missing:two things right right before running one thing you said:i hate food trucks going to be here doing this, oh by the way, if you also need an event, you know we’ll get you will get you fixed up over here, so it gets stuck is on step number one determine the profit per customer.

You got to pay yourself. First got to figure out what you going to pay yourself prevent and then going to pick up the number of vince. You need it for your. You got to figure out that never going to pay yourself for a minute. We do the food costs a lot of spreadsheets you thinking about it and then once it comes time to get those reviews a lot of people just they just i, don’t know right there. Jeff it’s like peter out, ask everybody love, everybody! I know you have what it takes to be successful. You’re at your tenacious dude i, honestly I was in the navy and then I joined the army to go into the special forces you’re in the navy first first, how long for years, and then the name helen in the army for 6 years, I’m just saying is I have never been to basic training. I’ve never served our country, but I know that it’s harder, then running a business by know that running a hard to bring a business is harder than being an employee. So I can say that if you look at that scale running a business is harder than being an employee, but being in the military is harder than both of us. So if you can do that, a hundred percent and proxy fresh we’ve got a lot of guys who buy oxyfresh franchises, who were the military and they honestly think it’s so easy because they already have a system in there like the system. Do the system? That’s why vet owned franchises really really do well bad,, because I already know what to do so. I’m just going to tell you you know what to do. Our team would love to help you, but that’s the system and then we’ll share that with you to your email address, and that way you have the plan right there in front of that cool z without any further with a boom.


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