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Are you struggling to lead meetings with your team? Clay Clark is breaking down the perfect meeting agenda on this podcast version of the Thrivetime Show.

  1. What are the pro tips to conducting great meetings with employees?
  2. Downloadable for the perfect meeting agenda
  3. Meeting must have the following items
    1. Same day every week
    2. Same time every week
    3. Same agenda
    4. Start on time
    5. End on time
  4. Make sure you are prepared
  5. Make sure you have the same meeting every time
    1. The team members will want to bring new ideas to the meeting but you have to say no.
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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review for our best business conferences 2018, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to an for drivetime, show.Com, alright, tribe, nation, welcome back to the conversation, it’s another addition of the ask clay anything and i. We have special guest today, the co-author of the best amazon best-selling book called start here. What you can download for free to ebook version. You can always download for free at drivetime show.Com, and we have the renowned to business coach. Mr. Eric many many people that hold eric chop in high regard, not because of anything other than them because of the kind of person he is and because of the results he’s helped. Business owners to generate is kind of a following there and we have harley liechtenstein recent graduate from oral roberts university and his he had to ask us some questions about sauerkraut, david, hasselhoff and volkswagen’s. Okay.

So what are your questions? It’s natalie I drive a volkswagen. You get out of your best business conferences 2018 system in a family. That was all they did say. They spoke german. My mom’s parents could speak german away. So that was a thing in like it’s like when they would get mad. They would say that kind of stuff like they would just sit here like what did you just say and they had like words, they would say that we’re kind of like there’s some people like the older folks, would curse in german time to time. So it’s just it’s kind of funny. Let’s just couldn’t convey their true anger right, it’s okay! What’s your question has to do with what are the pro tips to conducting great meetings with employees, because you know we’ll talk about with clients, you don’t have any staff huddles in like daily accountability, meetings and just doing weekly things, but what are the protips actually doing a great meeting to the tips to doing okay? Well, first off I’d like to have a downloadable that marshall had constructed and explain to you how to link meeting so I’m going to do is I’m a let marshall walk us through how to lead a perfect best business conferences 2018 meeting, but before before i. Do that I want to make sure that you’re you’re getting this idea. Okay, results you want to produce. You want people to get stuff done and you want them to enjoy their job as a result of getting stuff done when she get this I don’t agree with probably 98% of the people. Listening to this right now about one concept and then I hope this isn’t a deal-breaker. Hopefully we can still be friends when your kids play a sport and you get in the car, and you say at least we had fun. I would say:i did not have any fun at all if we lose I’m, not having fun I’m, not a bad sport. If I can only go home and cry about it, I’m not going to argue with the ref, but I would go back. None since I did was a kid I’m not kidding. If we lost I’ll go back and hit the weights workout harder push myself to be better I’m, not having fun.

Unless we win now i, remember being on a basketball team that won all the time and my coach pushed every single day, and let me tell you what I do not recall a single practice that was fun. We had drills on how to take a charge, that’s not fun when they got to run into you full speed. We had drills on doing pick-and-rolls like intense pick-and-rolls, where you have to set a screen, that’s hard. We took drip, we did endless drills on polk, court, pressing and I did not enjoy it. We had to run cross-country and I did not like cross-country. No I did not but I loved winning. So if I were going to, I was about coaching youth, sports and my daughters do cheerleading is a guy gets in the microphone is now, regardless of whether your team won or not. We all do what we all do it. We all we all come here to cheer, because cheering is fun. So everybody say with me: now we do it because cheering is fine. Everybody terry is fine and I’m going I would have said all right. Everybody we’ve got the first place winner here. Let’s hear it for him. Yes, the second-place winner stop tearing the first place. Why did everybody else go home and get better? Don’t have ice cream cuz? You would be better if you didn’t have ice cream, so checking places the first loser. Ricky drive home and get better if you’re not first you’re. Last, that’s right! That would be my source of winners and losers, typically like to celebrate with weed in our past. Don’t give a crap if you did your best, so my culture of all my company’s and you guys work in the office. best business conferences 2018 host Marshall sees it and chupp sees it screw around the wind. If we’re not winning I’m not having fun and we do have fun, we win, we have we celebrate win, but if we’re not winning I’m not going to sit there and go, do you guys think you’re passed through the perfect meeting, perfect meeting number one? You got to start off with winds. What are the winds that were celebrating this week? What are the clock? What are the best business conferences 2018 client wins? What are the employee wins? What is the good news? What are the winds in so you got to start up on building everybody up. Okay, bring those win. Second thing:is he got to go into reporting all of the metrics okay metrics. You got to report the metric, so everybody that is in the meeting should have metrics that they are bringing to the meeting to report on now.

These metrics, they don’t come along with a whole lot of commentary, so for one of my clients on managing their entire sales team and the entire previous meeting last last week’s meeting with spent educating on i, don’t need what meetings you were in, which is why you didn’t make calls, which is why you didn’t set appointment. I, don’t need this whole narrative. I just need to know how many calls did you make? How many appointments did you set? How many deals did you close just give me the wrong numbers? The reporting of the numbers in this has to be for everybody in that meeting. Now, if they’re not reporting, okay, the numbers-and they are not contributing to the meeting, they should not be in the meeting. This is something that I’ve seen dr. Zoellner do exceptionally well is the people that need to be in the meeting or in the meeting, and everybody else is compassionately removed from the meeting. Okay, don’t hold meetings in, don’t attend meetings that you don’t need to be present for right so that that’s kind of like an overarching view here. So then the third thing is reviewing the to do list item. What was supposed to be done right? Did it get completed so you’re reviewing all of the previous week’s action items, ok the, to, do, list, ok number three is the to do list number for in this is the biggest part here which we teach at our best business conferences 2018. Is you got to identify, discuss and solve all of the problem? So this is how I recommend that you do it. You ask everybody:okay, what are all the problems that we experience this week? Let’s put them on the list and then, let’s identify which ones that we want to tackle today. Okay, which are the specific burning fires, because, typically this is what will happen. It’ll be 18, 19, 20 different burning fires, but you don’t have the time to solve everything all at once. We’re not trying to grow your business by 50% in a week we’re trying to grow it every single week by 2%, improved by date, the constant improvement admitting to constant improvement identify discuss getting you got to discuss what is the solution and then assign the solution, implementation of it. So, okay, harley! You were going to create this check list this week in order to systematically fix this problem that were experiencing and then at the end, you review everybody, the action items review when they’re going to be completed, and you finish it with a big win.

Some big momentum going out of the meeting, so you know also about this meeting. It needs to be the same day and same time. Every week, though, these are good rule, okay, same agenda;okay, nobody needs to be taking notes all over the place. Everything needs to be signed on the same agenda. You need to start on time and and on time, crazy. You please don’t do this to yourself. If you have a staff meeting and it’s abundantly clear that you’re late to your own meeting and that you don’t have a plan, nobody will respect you, and so there was a business owner. I worked with recently and they said. Is there any way you could sit in my meetings in audit them to help me make them better, don’t say anything to sit in and watch him. I said sure this person shows up a without an agenda. You have to have an agenda, it has to be download, it has to be be. They started it 15 minutes late, see, favorite, they just talked and rabbit trails circle. He got to a level of craziness I’m, not exaggerating. There was a member of the team who said cuz, it’s like 20 minutes into the meeting and nothing has been going to scotty’s just talked about his feelings and how he feels about the business and he’s frustrated with her that their lack of performance. It really is just very general and brought he’s frustrated with your lack of performance and then employees as well. What would you like us to do? I’m, not exaggerating this person, says, listen, I would run my business like a dictatorship, but if the head of north korea get some stuff done by being a dictator and I’ll, be a dictator too, and I’m like really using the head of north korea has a justification, and that is what we say to learn from mentors.

So dude I’m, just telling everyone of preparation is, is the biggest best business conferences 2018 problem. You see me 1 to its refusal to do the same thing. Every time people say it’s just boring doing the same meeting every time that martial that’s. What produces success that was the hit the nail on the head. Is the employees, the people that you’re following up on the people that are attending this meeting there going to be like well? Are we going to just report these numbers every week every week, it’s kind of like? Why do we have to do it and play it? I know in your businesses. There’s been a couple of examples:you’ve shared on the show here, but when you’re running the photography company owes meetings, you know that they don’t need to go the full hour. I would usually keep the meetings, maybe 30 minutes long, maybe like 12 minutes. Okay, what big wins do we have the numbers? Mckayla said:hey I got this new facility, that’s referring us. We got a great review on the knot.. We got the okay corral and then reporting reporting the numbers yeah. So how much she’ll do we do last week someone says 18000 or $25,000 and then identify discuss solve which at that point there are no new issues. It’s just doing the same thing, I’ll taste and go weak to the problem. Had every single week. It was always one of the editors not mailing out the photos to the bride and groom on time right.

It was always a complete them, but I didn’t I forgot to put in the mailbox in my car steps to success and then eventually I had people that just got it on time, but it would be the guy who didn’t get the stuff done. He go well I just don’t know. What are your tips for getting stuff done? We don’t have any tips I’m, just telling you if you don’t get it done, my not just a threat. That’s a promise! If you don’t get, it done, you’ll be fired, and so that’s how it works. It’s the same thing every week, every single week and that ended up taking 12 13 15 minutes, and that was it that’s it until that is how you hold a successful meeting. Okay, but remember your employees are looking to the manager, the business owner as a source of wisdom, true source of energy. Yes, so you must bring both of those to the meeting yes and when you do that, you’re going to have much more effective meetings, but they’re going to look at you with a blank stare, those first five or six 10:20 meetings there, their they’re not used to it and they’re, going to look at you with no energy. No, they don’t look like they care. Cuz i! Don’t answer you have to do is to stick to the best business conferences 2018 agenda. So have your agenda ready? Stick to the clay you at your master at this I say this all the time somebody will say something completely random and you look at it. Just look at it. You’ll just kind of looked back up at the screen right back to the next hello steven, some joel osteen don’t deliver a joke that falls flat to the pastor of lakewood church down there to watch joel osteen sermons, every single sunday. He does the church service the exact same way. There’s a praise and worship service that he gets out. There’s a liquid chris. We just thank you for being here and we always like to start off by with a little joke. You know, and so he tells the joke in almost every time. It’s either not funny or kind of funny. How many push-ups can chuck norris do all of it, but he basically he he he just moves on when it’s not funny. He goes all right. He doesn’t sit there in, like apollo I said that’s what he does so that’s perfect meeting. Does that answer your question to charlie? It sure does


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