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If you are having a hard time explaining your systems to clients, then listen in to this segment of the Thrivetime Show as Clay Clark will give you specific action steps to take to convince people that your proven path works.

How do you build faith in your systems:

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Faith is taking the first step even when you do not see the first step.
  2. How to build faith in the business system
    1. Show the client AMPLE EXAMPLES – Testimonials
    2. Site everything you have to say
      1. Show the statistics or the source
    3. Be credible
      1. Be on time
      2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” – Top 10 Life Lessons From Warren Buffett.
      3. Be consistent to build confidence. .
      4. Break the big goal into small action steps and assign specific due dates to specific people.
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Audio Transcription

Learn about america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at thrivetime show.Com. Oh, yes, tribe, nation, welcome back to the thrive time show on your podcast download. My name is clay clark I’m doing here with the amazon best-selling co-author. The book start here what you can always download for free the e-book version at thrive time show.Com and with the other business coach, the beer now owned business coach, mr. Eric chop, our special guest harley liechtenstein, a recent graduate from oral roberts university, who listens to the podcast, and he has some questions about implementing some of the proven system. So what is your next question? Alright? So there were many clients that we have with coaching and stuff like that where the internet is very intimidating, internet google websites, sel, it’s just many of them will have no idea what we’re talking about right, quite adverse to the whole conversation. And so how can we talk with him and help him to calm down and encourage them that these technical things really move the needle for their business? Okay, it’s just a three-step process, pretty easy! My opinion. What you do is first off you have to build someone’s faith. So i, don’t know anybody out there. If you can relate to this, but faith is like a belief in the unseen thing. Right. Faith is like believing it’s. It is hard to build faith, because most people don’t understand how to build faith in somebody.

So I’m going to tell you right now how you build faith, okay, so it’s okay, cuz, it’s not a religious kind of faith martin luther king jr. Is is obviously the famous gentleman who helped lead really steer the the civil rights movement of the time, but he said he said the first step, the first. That business coach faith is taking the first step. Even when you don’t see the whole staircase again will put on the show knows, but martin luther, king jr., says faith is taking the first step. Even when you don’t see the whole staircase, that’s what he said. Faith is not sure you’re getting that I’m, not giving you a religious faith, is a business coach nor am I going to expect for you to have that kind of faith. So you as a coach or when you’re with your coaching with a client you can expect the client at that kind of face. You can’t be like well, this just works and just go for it until we do is people build their faith in a religious sense by hearing the word over and over and over in my sink testimonials testimonies hearing the word testimonials hearing the word testimonies hearing the word seeing signs and wonders jesus when he came to earth i, don’t feel realize that he put on kind of a laser show. You know you came down here:everybody we just took a fish and some something globes and then bam. We just be in the army of people walking on water, but you are not a jesus, so we’re a business coach team. What you have to do, marshalls! We have to show the client examples. Ample example marshall. How do you go about showing your clients examples?

What does right now? I’m, saying i, don’t know if being to the top of google helps i, don’t know if it’s going to help my business fire off some examples from your client to client. You know of that are now topic. Google that have got to be top of google is results. What we’re doing and there are making copious amounts of money as a result of being topping google. What are the examples? I can think of. Is kris schwartz down in new orleans he’s a lawyer he’s a workers, business coach compensation attorney down in new orleans leave you what do I have to search for it. So if you google workers, compensation attorney, new orleans workers, workers, compensation, attorney, new, orleans, new orleans, like the city, new orleans, you have a like-new and then in orleans got it and he is going to be under lawyer, schwartz. Com slots time better that you, the new hard drive with my client, is out of cookies. You see barbie cookies there. Oh, oh, oh, oh yeah! So what I did chuckle ball? You have, if you have a better example, goes to oklahoma city auto repair, it’s also, but it’s okay. I! Don’t respond to respect it? It’s too easy there I want to do it. Let’s go. There is supper. What if you’re like an iphone repair shop until 7, that would be kind of cool. If you could be talking to google and there’s people don’t be there faith by seeing examples of the second is citing every single thing you say so you want to have. Can you show examples right, but did you want to have statistics right? So I would say to you mr. Listen to mr. Coaching client. Mr. I’d say you know that 88% of people read reviews near like near the dunes that you made up cuz. Most people do makeup, step I want to throw this out there for you. This is a really funny about 67% of people make up snaps right on the spot, I used to work with a pastor. This is about decade ago, who openly admitted to me. He says:i, owe this I got to tell you. Working with you is help me a lot by having to write out lines before my servant ice. It’s awesome because in the past sometimes I just make up stuff and I go then I go so you literally are making up the sermon, because yeah and I’m, like so you’re saying that you might have many times from the pulpit, have said:bible verses that don’t exist and he said yeah and i.

So you actually in the conversation, came up because there was a bible verse about how the love of money and that’s what she could get this. If you look up the love of money bible, verse, okay, so the love of money bible verse, make sure we’re getting. This is so funny cuz. This is like real stop. Okay, so it says I’m, 1st timothy 6:10 to for the love of money is the root of all evil which walls some coveted after they have aired from the faith in pierce themselves, through with many sorrows. So saying. If you love money itself, it doesn’t mean that you need to like. Is it wrong to love your business and they want to be successful? It’s not wrong to love a winning in business. It’s bad! If it’s all you care about! Is money? That’s the end goal, for you is just money, that’s bad cuz! It makes fix it. You make poor short-term decisions if you’re in love with money, but he actually just said you’re in the bible. It says, and he just said something:i was watching his video of him preaching to go to you realize what you said wasn’t actually a bible verse. He goes. Yeah I know a lot of times, I just kind of makeup stuff, as I go and I’m like winging it. So your paraphrasing bible verses. He goes yeah and that’s the one thing I love about the coaching program is that you kind of got me to do that. Less I just thought:wow, it’s okay, go to church and going to church me. Bring that bottle with you. I mean you said:pastors are making up statistics on the fly just as much as like you know, a shady contractor and it’s the same percentage. It’s not like they’re I’m, so you got two passes open up there and they’ll be like well i. Tell you what you no survey came out and she was not happy with their relationships and then he pulled me aside:go hey buddy when she gets head snapped, I made it up heard it heard it on the radio. So again, when you’re the client, you say 8 out of 10 business up there with people breed reviews before making a buying decision, you would need to cite it and you can. You show me a link to the forbes article that shows 88% of consumers. Read reviews are at 75% of employees, steal. What’s the reaction, almost every single time, they’re like oh, my gosh.

That makes sense, but oh my gosh, is it really 75%? It can’t possibly be 75%, but when you pulled the statistic that was published on cbs news and then a conjunction with the us chamber that make au ju, not saving money as a problem and I need, you need to save money to be successfully to automate your savings day. We usually will say yeah, but it’s different for me and you know:yada yada me feel like it’s different. It’s okay, the average american according to the federal reserve, has less than $400 saved and they would say what an idea. What sport up here toma call biloxi cbs news has a $500, 2 prize expense would put most americans into debt. Forbes shows that 63% of americans don’t have enough business coach savings to cover a $500 expense it when I cite it all of a sudden. It becomes real. So when you give example to you cited three, is you have to be credible? So if you’re late all the time as a business coach, nobody will respect you at all. Nobody will respect you at all. If you’re late at all people don’t respect you at all. If you’re consistently late people just mostly don’t respect it, what is the warren buffett? The warren buffett quote? He says the reputation I don’t want to miss quoted so warren buffett has a quote on on a reputation which is in his book, snowball which I am love, but he’s it takes 20 years to build a reputation in 5 minutes to ruin. It was right in so you got to be consistent. The consistency builds confidence. Consistency builds confidence in so whatever it is, whether it’s consistency, it’s like consistency and contributing google or google content content to your website. Consistency, build confidence in google, doing the same thing over and over and over again builds confidence in your employees. And you look like you just woke up.

You would just lose all confidence with that client forever, because they would no longer trust you. So it’s a whole different, different games in college. You go to college and you can basically to show up looking like you just woke up cuz, you did just wake up and you could cheat on your test to get abby and that’s how college works, but in business you can’t in the final the final way. The final way is that you let the person know that hey here are action, items that you need to do and we need to do by a set date. When you assign a specific you take the big goal marshall, you break into small steps, and you said i. You have to get this done by friday and I have to get this as a coaching program. We’re going to do this thing by friday and you’re, going to get this done by friday is a client you get this done by friday as a cookie. Broken will get this done by friday when you assign a specific to due date, and you type it on the agenda and both parties aleve feeling hole and not full of holes. They understand what they need to do. You broken down the big idea and a small steps. It’s magic, it’s business coach magic. You got to create the culture of accountability. You got to hold the client accountable because, as soon as I have a client right now, where he just started a holding his employees accountable.

Okay, who doing the checklist that he’s implemented, and in fact they like that culture more. They see him more as a leader on a daily basis and they looked at him for guidance. They looked at him as a source of wisdom and they feel like being held accountable in so, if you’re, the manager, if you’re the business owner, that’s not following up if you’re not holding people accountable. That would be the change that you have in that ultimately builds more confidence in your clients. So again, how do you? How do you, when somebody of what you’re saying is, is true? It’s it’s persuasion is what you have to do and I would just say everything we just said to. You is what you should do, but I would also business coach recommend anybody out there if you’re, trying to persuade anyone to do anything consistently. Aka called successful you’re going to have to read the book called how to win friends and influence people by dale, carnegie I suggest getting the audio book and listening to it, while driving until your brain explodes in as soon as the gray matter goes, you’d want to shove it back in there because you need to get it to where you can almost quote and cite that book, because that the moves that are taught in how to win, friends and influence people are absolutely powerful and there’s not a moment that goes by during my work day that I don’t use one of the moves that are taught and that book. That’s how you persuade people to get stuff done, how to do things that are not there normal in the show with the three and the two, and we do little one and one one circle boom action. So here we go to


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