How to Create a No-Brainer When Finances Are Tight

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Are you struggling to get traction in the marketplace with your product or service? On this Thrivetime Show episode, Clay Clark is explaining why you have to have a no-brainer that is empathetic to your ideal and likely buyer and not to your financial situation.

Marshall – Brian Z – Properly Communicating from Clay and Z.

  • “Look at the long list and the amount of work to set up a client
  • Can you discuss this with Clay and see if there are other options we can explore for a no-brainer?
  1. Marshall’s Notes – Brian needs to:
    1. Simplify Pricing
    2. Create No Brainer That Provides Results to Clients
    3. Streamline service and cut 95% out of his “onboarding process”


  1. Make sure that you are solving a problem for your ideal and likely buyers and that they will pay a profit for it.


  1. Most people have no idea how to run a digital marketing campaign
  2. Most people are not willing to stay on top of the technology’
  3. You have to track the client’s numbers
  4. You will have to provide people advise on how on how to generate leads
  5. Your financial status should not relate to your no-brainer offer.
    1. If you cannot afford a no-brainer then you need to get a 2nd job.


  1. Large fee up front or smaller amount to get started?
    1. Do not do a setup fee but have a different pricing structure for the first 3 months and then change the price after that.


  1. Call all the companies in the phonebook
  2. Pay to meet with the person that is the decision maker
  3. Offer them a no-brainer that they cannot refuse
    1. Charge something super low (maybe $1 for the 1st month)
  4. Take credit card information
  5. Charge credit card
  6. Pick the photos for the ads
  7. Launch the ads
  8. Track the numbers


  1. Keep it simple because simplicity scales and complexity fails.
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Get ready to add her that thrive time show free, alright thrive business conferences nation, welcome back to the drive time show on your radio and podcast download. Not today we have a lot in store for you or to be answering questions from actual thrivers, just like you and then we’re going to be getting into the bill belichick method. Just did it works in the players, love winning, but they resent it. So we were talking about the bill belichick math method that works effectively and produces winds here for year, but yet the players resent it. So we are answering questions fibers during the first half of the show and they were getting into the bill belichick method for coaching in the nfl and for print for producing competitive teams. Year after year as the head coach of the new england patriots in shepherd start off by getting into our question from a thriver I guess so. I have a question from a driver and I’ve actually heard this from a couple. Differentlet’s play I want to frame this up, I have a client and he does facebook lead generation for all of his clients. Okay, so he’ll actually run facebook ad campaigns, he’ll go in and help generate leads for these clients. He operates a lot in the fitness industry.

Martial arts tumbling gymnastics, crossfit, you name it. He does facebook lead generation for them, and so what we are working through is a no-brainer offer for these clients as part of his path until the coach inclined helping them develop this no-brainer until one of the things that he’s facing as he goes in and does this is it’s a trade-off right he’s trying to balance. You know how do I develop a no-brainer offer, while generating revenue for my business conferences business and my family, because right now, I’m, very self-employed, soget clients, okay, what type of social proof and credibility do I need and what no-brainer do I need to offer in in way of that? Well, I’ve got a little bit of clarification. I want to provide before we answer the question. Cuz I want to make sure we’re helping all of listeners out there today is what problem is brian, actually solving for people who runs facebook ads, that’s right, the lead generation for other people. That’s right! Why would somebody be willing to pay him and not just do it themselves, because the business owner for these different companies, they don’t do marketing in the first place, so that be a problem that he saw them for people. They just don’t do any kind of marketing. The second problem is they don’t know how to do it? Okay, so are you? Are you confident that did this actually is a viable thing that people are willing to pay for the service?

Yes, so you’re, very confident, okay, I’m going to have trouble estes on the show notes, because I want to I want to get into this. For second I would say this is an entreprenuer. If you’re out there and you’re saying to yourself, someone make sure all the principles apply to everybody out there saying gosh i. Have this business idea, I’m working on I’m, trying to get off the ground make sure that people actually are willing to pay you for the product or service and brian’s case I do believe that he has an actual viable. The people are willing to pay for it and I believe it solves a lot of problems. I want to list the problems that I believe brian is solving for people right. Most people have no idea how to run a digital business conferences marketing campaign. That’s that’s! That’s issue, number 1 bullets because it involves technology. Yes, it is learning. Is a process not an event, so even in the event that somebody goes to a conference to learn how to do digital marketing brian’s going to have to stay on top of the technology cuz, it’s always changing and proving that kind of thing. I have not met client 75, me 200, clients, or how to do a workshop. 400 people, business owners i, might need 5 that tractor numbers consistently. So if brian it is providing tracking, then I also think that’s a valuable service. Okay, so the guineas running ads for people he’s staying on top of the technology he’s providing tracking 4th is brian’s going to have to provide people advice as to how to generate leads.

So brian I want to get this idea result in your head and then everybody can benefit as result of it. Your financial status does not in any way or should not anyway relate to your no-brainer. So you should get another job. What I would do judge wouldn’t i, wouldn’t elephant the room like if you bought an elephant room tomorrow. Okay, so I sold one to steve currington. You were telling him concept tomorrow, alright or I still I sold one to marshall tomorrow. Okay, so you guys build one. It’s going to cost you a hundred fifty thousand hundred thousand hours to get the the business built a steve witches say that someone got one out there, a small business loan to build an elephant in the room, so today they’re paying payments of $3,000 a month and your business conferences lease is three to four thousand a month. So overall you’re paying $7,000 a month, plus you got to make payroll you’re at 11 to $12,000 a month are no-brainer for elephant in the room is $1 for your first haircut. Okay, now you’re just to get going, your monthly cash-flow to get going is about $11,000, a month. Steve, your mortgage, guys, I’m, leaning on you heavily here for the math. Okay, okay, you start up cost for an elephant. The room will come out to about $11,000 a month. We got that in the first haircut is how many dollars one, how many haircuts a month would we need to do to break sono 11,000 breakeven, because the people are getting paid a minimum of $12 an hour.

So if we change the no-brainer, if you change the no-brainer to meet my financial needs, then it went. The coal company wouldn’t work yet no longer be a no-brainer, for this is why our competition cannot compete with us cuz. The average person doesn’t have 6 months of revenue saved and open elephant the room. Where is sports clips? You will not be profitable for at least 6 months, so you have to be prepared if you open a papa john, so you will not be profitable for at least 6 months. Have you started in the mortgage industry tomorrow? I? Give you never done it before. Okay, go back to when you first started. You were at you were a debt collector and you were making more than $100,000 a year. Is that correct or a little bit of background and how much money you were making as a debt collector and why you decided to shift into the mortgage industry was making about 1:50 and I was 20 for $25,000 a year, 24 25 and then I decided to get in the mortgage business because the place I worked. They were like you need to leave and if somebody out there gets a mortgage from you I’ll, let you looking to buy a business conferences ticket or a house. That’s worth $200,000 after paying all expenses. How much do you get if you are the actual mortgage banker that does to do most of our mortgage lenders are paid a commission based on the percentage of the loan, so it’s 1% 1 in a quarter percent of them, so he did $100,000 and you might, as a loan officer, make about twelve hundred fifty bucks. Okay. So now you make more than you may do in debt collection, yeah, you shut the clothes more loans than you.

What I’m saying is now you probably make more when you transition into your new career? How much money did you make per month when you started out in the mortgage industry? First year, I made $13,000 a year to $13,000 a year little over $13,013 in change, change, change, i, don’t sell, dj connection, franchises and very much removed from the business. But if somebody said hey, I want to start dj connection, just like you did how’d you do it. I would say cold, call every company in yorktown and be willing to do their party for one half of what they’re currently paying ask him who currently dj’s your party, and they would tell you and then you would say well I turn your business I would like do. I pay show for half of what you paid last year, only asking a scale of 1 to 10. How happy were you with last year’s entertainer and they would say, I do sevyn ornate. You say:i love to take it to a tan and just pay me half of what you paid their guy and you have to do that for 24 months, because the christmas party marshall me happens once a year, so you did your first year losing money or breaking even know. How can you afford to lose money or break even more so I can afford to do that? Do you got to get a second job right? So again you might say:oh my gosh clay clay. My mail and I want to start a business conferences podcast that gets into the top 10 of itunes and I would say to you will champ step one you want to work on the podcast with it was me z and a dude in another dudes for dudes.

Okay, then dude number to quit, because the pay is not pretty good he’s only making like 40 thousand years I’m paying $800 a week to produce the podcast he’s in. He says the pay is not very good. I point out to him. I meant nothing. So it’s z me a dude and dude, both of which are making $40,000 a year. I wanna make sure we’re getting this $1,600 a week and we’re not making any money in right here to z and me introduce eric shop on the show business coach. Last time you checked how much we pay to be on the show and i. Don’t not know anything about people who subscribe. We spend more money and more money on advertising so so far to climb up the itunes chart. I. Personally, just me the money I’ve spent on production paying people to produce the show, whatever so far, I’m up to about $250,000, to get the podcast into orbit, paying people to breathe right people to edit paying for to have certain business conferences guest on the show interviewing travel whatever now again, step 1 step wonder:what’s the tip to be a successful pontiac else to bruise to show you got to do you say? Well, I don’t want to do that part? What are you can’t do it? So how do I get the money I’ll go back to how I start want to get a job at applebee’s, target and directv simultaneously see you at the all-star jerseys no-brainers how much? How much for the 1st of 99 dollars exam and the first. Class correct, and how can you afford to make any money on the first exam or the pair of glasses? If you do it for $99 i, don’t know if you’re aware of this, he does not come out ahead. If you do an exam and glasses for $99 the day, ideas to build a lifetime customer search up, how do you think he afford to do that or just save money, delay, gratification, work 7 days a week and actually work for another optometrist in town knew that he had a second job and he told them. He start my own thing for you. Yes, yes, you can and bring us to that. He was the president of eyemart. So again, what’s the no-brainer back to the question, the no brainer for the narrator for elephant room will always be a dollar just talked about it.

The other day wants to buy an elephant in the room location in new orleans, and he says:well:i don’t have the kind of money needed to offer. $1 haircuts, you know, can I offer like half off when I started, but what you could do is you could call me back in 3 years we have some money saved, save some money, so I’ll brian I love, you you’re a great american. Sometimes the other truth is not break, but you need to make your no-brainer very, very and I don’t make it super loud make it absolutely no brainer make it such a good deal. People can’t say no make it so loud that you can’t make money doing it pons and then, and do such a good job over delivering the people come back and bring friends. That’s how you do. That is how you do it. Anna I hope that answers your question. We come back from the break if there’s any additional clarifying that need to do martial kind. Instruct me, during the time out, there’s kind of a commercial break if I said, maybe it’s more clarity needed to answer a question that came in from out there that cleans carpets and he wants to know about the balance of faith and finances. When do you switch to incorporate business conferences faith into your business, but before we cpa.Com that’s hood, cpas. Com, if you’re going to count it did, that is less than proactive about your taxes and your financial planning go to hood cpas.,. What’s going to put cbs.Com and schedule a consultation, zumba fitness is, it is the truth. I would make that excuse, I’ll be up going to cut the scoreboard, the truth he is my mentor. Like my yoda thing, I wasn’t young all right thread nation on this edition of the drive time to show the drive time radio show in podcast download were answering questions from real thrivers like you, so we’re going to just call this answers to the answers to the questions of animal. Just put the first names of the people asking that way too easy for them to find it, and so will say answers to the questions from brian from nathan from was listed as first name.

That way use the thrive nation can find the answers quickly, but also we can listen to one podcast. That can benefit a great many people. Marshall. Before we went to the break, we’re answering some questions about from brian. He was wanting to know. Hey can I do a different no-brainer, that’s maybe less good to be able to support myself financially and I was just clarifying know. The no brainer needs to be a no-brainer. If it’s not a no-brainer, then it’s just a price is lower. That is not going to move the needle now. What did what? What other questions does brian have related to his business? How do you approach pricing so as far as pricing goes? Do you want to do it so that you charge them more overtime and you tear it up like you can’t let little girl out front okay brian. Does he does facebook lead generation? He goes in. He helps business owners. He’s helps jim’s helps, cross training facilities generate more leads for their business. Okay and so business conferences digital marketing is kind of like a crazy landscape, and if you don’t understand, technology can feel really daunting and really overwhelming, and so what brian does is hill actually set up a digital marketing camp that produces leads for these business owners? What time out for to be out there listening in like 3 days, I think it is two days soon will have a guy come to my house. It’s a guy like 6 guys got five and he is making a 3d rendering. What my backyard will look like want to try to do steve is to create the ultimate man cave where it’s like a deal where it’s going to be like in to lake travis in austin texas before I know, you’re been to the pool at the caesars palace in vegas.

Okay, if a really nice resort kind of place-and you just you-don’t want to leave right-that’s all I want to make it so I’m working on it and in you know why I’m not going to do it myself, steve, because you don’t want to dig a hole for a pool with a backhoe will want, is i, don’t have the skills to i, don’t have the tools 3 i, don’t want to have the skills and the tools for I want the result. So. This is a great what brian’s offering I believe fundamentally in the ideas. I want to make sure you did get that I believe and what he’s doing digital marketing is a problem for most business owners today back to you marcia for the rest of the question. Okay, and so how do you set up pricing? Do you want to do it like a large upfront fee to cover all of your business conferences expenses up front, or do you want to just set it at a certain price to make it real, quick, clark the owner can I reach him he’s not available and I would say. Well, can I get a hold of them? Absolutely not and then use a sales person would say:i will pay $100 for a 30-minute meeting with him and I want all the listeners to know the only vendors that I bought from in the last two years have used that move, because it heard me talk about it to our printer guy. He says:hey I would like to pay $100 for 1/2 hours time and he can keep her I’ll. Give him $100 when I sit down, I give $100 cash just to meet nice and insurance agent. I used the same, hey I’d like to meet you and then with the did the time my assistant.

She says he does not meet with people, and he says:okay, I’ll pay $100 for half hour this time and that’s why I bought life insurance from so I am telling you step one. You were going to have to to get ahold of anybody that has a business that does more than million dollars a year of revenue, you’re, probably going to have to pay for the appointment, and then, when you get in front of them, you’re going to have to do a no-brainer saying:hey I’ll handle your first month of marketing for a dollar or for some price, it’s insanely low. Then how long does it take for you steve. The vendor? How long is how many vendors have you gone through for adwords management? How many vendors have you gone through for adwords or some kind of marketing or business cards, or something in the past use them? They didn’t turn out to be the real deal too. Many to count I mean a lot a lot. Would you say that just busy yeah, that’s like arguing that the problem with you on your business card, you have to find a company that does foil. Then you have to find a company that will actually consistently print foil, kids. Last half of the hard part-and so will happen, is brian really out there who wants to start a digital marketing, company or anybody’s business at all, is most vendors can’t keep it together. Cuz the idea for 6 months. They have to a new idea. Anybody has a successful company hops to a new idea about every 50 years so like for thrive, the podcast we’re doing I’m going to move on to my new idea, like I’ll, stop doing this podcast when I’m dead, I’m dead, I’ll, try something new, you know, I’m probably go meet. The lord ask him:what’s going on hey man, why is there sickness? Why is there pain? Why are there wars they’ll? Probably my new business conferences podcast i, do have time to win the respect or the business of a customer. You are a business owner, your deal with businesses, you got to do a no-brainer marshall and then your first month you might charge a dollar or something super low, and then you would say the first three months going to charge this month. Did this dispute this much the first 3 months or go charge this much money, then, after three before v, we go up to this price and we stay there right, but you can’t do it the other way. All these business owners for cash flow reasons want to charge upfront fee a setup fee now steve.

Why would you, as a business owner, not want to pay upfront setup fee to switch to a new marketing you set up, for you know $4,000 just to set it up, but it’s 7000 to set it up right now, it’s 600 month, but it’s 2000 months to set it up. Why would you not want to pay the setup fee because I paid the setup fee before and two months later, I fired them because they do what they say:they’re going to do everyday, I’m sure what I’m doing right now with a certain on my digital lead company that we pay $1,500 per website to set up, and they were some of the mortgage, leads that we do and so, as a business owner. You have a vendor like that. It tells me that you’re willing to work during that time, proving that your service works and if you’re you know, you’re charging a $1 or the no-brainer whatever it is and then you’re doing a a smaller amount. It it puts that vendor in a position where they have to prove dude, that their system is valuable and that they can make money from there. You can make money from check out this hot hot sauce. There’s a vendor trying to earn our business for one of our business conferences company. True story, and the quote they gave me was like $4,000. They have a final meeting set up to review what they delivered the deliverables they missed the meeting.

Then they sent me an email saying to be almost $8,000 of additional money to get the other things, because there must have been a miscommunication about the delivery, and that happens every single time so that that, hopefully, that answers, questions or answering questions from nathan and then we’re going answer. Questions from a few other drivers, I get driver by the name of mike and during the break I encourage you get a hood cpas. Com. If you’re, looking for a proactive accountant, go to hood cpas,, all your taxes on time with hood cpas. And now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s the thrive time. Business coach radio show me chicks the mind set on the magic trick of the heat whopper, give it to you straight in the war in the back of the truck, so I can get up on the mic and speak the facts. Rotation welcome back to the drive time show on your radio and podcast download our entire focus. If we’re doing the thrive time show is to provide you with a business school without the bs and an oppurtunity to go to business conferences, it is so common, so normal. So unfortunately, average and m predictable that the average american will go to college to study business in the one thing they won’t teach to add business college chuck is business, an unbelievable about psychology. Social science will teach you about ethics. Don’t teach you about marketing broad vague concept going to come to actually making them on nothing typical, I’m about ready to finish and before I finish. I just want to know what are the steps to actually making them on your professor would say, because it doesn’t take 4 years. All you have to know early and never quit.

How do I make a profitable? How do I make my company profitable and that we have a thriver up there in minnesota, who has been working with one of my coaches? Who has a question about the onboarding of new clients, and so in our business conferences coaches meeting it was discovered that their onboarding process is very complicated. I. Believe me, it was like, how many steps, but step 1 2789 marshall. Can you describe the edc complexity of this onboarding process during the coaches meeting? We talked about this in I thought it be helpful to bring up on the show to talk about how a simple onboarding process can really benefit you as a business owner and how we need to just focus on sales right in so if we, if we were, if we just swipe the card, vendors, 80 million steps, say something say something say:i was out there going to happen, is you’re going to be a guy by the name of coach calvert you’re, a client to this date line tulsa oklahoma, 2011, 2011, coach calvin reaches out to a man by the name of play, clarklake interesting, because that is me. This story involves me what north-south like he had:a basketball coaching facility where they coach, coaches, basketball, coaching facility humans. So what happened is that the parents have kids in the kids basically get trained on how to become better at basketball. Most of the trainings occur during the day or after work after work. You think on the weekends, if they prefer or monday the middle parents prefer to take the kids to was the weekend right in the middle of the work. Probably on the weekends okay.

So that part they were offering lessons at night on the weekends and a parent comes into it, go to basketball camps. Do they want 407 package options or they want 3 you’re, a parent, yeah I would want to know. What do you want to do? How old your daughter right now she is 7. What kind of things is she involved in gymnastics? What she’s doing right now gymnastics if they offered you 407 types of lessons? Could you handle it emotionally after a full work day, lab selena after a full work week? Would you want to look at mike, bordin 7 option? I can hardly handle the five options at chipotle steve, a hypothetical. If you’re taking your kids to basketball lessons, would you want to look at a big bro shirt with 407 options? I, don’t even want to take him in the first place. So absolutely not serious, serious I would like drop them off at the door and they would need to decide if you were going to want him to have that many options, because her 7 and they were signing up for a vendor. Let’s say to get printing supplies. Okay, would you want to have for din 7 options for your office? Or would you want to have option a, b or c? That’s all baby see you want to attend our business conferences basketball camps or lessons great package. A is like a big group package, be smaller group, package, c, one-on-one cool, and, if you want it also includes the camps package be included. The camps package, a not so much so big group, doesn’t include the camps more affordable package be does include it’s a smaller group includes can’t package, see it’s a it’s. A one-on-one kind of deal includes a camper simple. Now we’re going to get your debit card or credit card on file, get your debit card or credit card on file you’re going to sign a waiver that says if your kid breaks his face his legs, his fingers, whatever we’re not liable, you feel me you sign this. You sign that a two things to sign all on one sheet, debit card or credit card set you up an authorized.Net charge, you the first of the month.

That’s the system that previously there was like an onboarding email. The person gets there’s a sign-up thing, there’s a lot of things that are not scalable. Right-handed people actually allowed to come by and drop off checks. Oh no! You come by and drop off check, so you can pay via cash or credit or debit or the doors. What do you call it when I my mind’s going blank money? Orders there’s one more though it’s actually a huge do automatically deducted from your checking account ch achi that stand for automated clearing house. If you could choose your payment date to the first half, then I’ll pick up a check for the last time too, and how like it was you it didn’t work. He basically came a collections company collections company, terrible so I would just say if you’re out there and you have a business and you’re trying to on board with your selling printing supplies marketing, services basketball, coaching piano lessons, music, lessons, anything you got to keep it simple. Marshall doesn’t answer the question yeah! We just got a really streamlined that process after you take the credit card, because, if you’re running around creating automated business conferences templates, if you’re running around creating forms and documents, an automated text, messages and emails, and first off right, no one uses a net worth of the client that has ever had a system like that that works. Yeah. That’s effective example! There’s on facebook right now on facebook yeah you’ll get these people I’m just going to pull it up real quick! So I can see it. It’s what happens if you pull it up here on the screen and you’ll, see like these people. That will send you a message. How do you send someone a message on facebook? Don’t even know man i, don’t know messenger messenger. There’s people that are going to like just send me messages all the time like hey just so you know hey just so you know hey just so.

You know. I was just request from this guy and ryan other speaker like linkedin i, don’t go on linkedin, so i, don’t know if it’s even log in right now, but if you going to linkedin there’s like there’s all these programs that you can pay for, but I think the last time that somebody in our office went into my linkedin. They said there was like thousands of one responded to messages same thing on on facebook. You got to keep it simple. Cuz, simplicity, scales and marshall complexity. Fails this just anyone and I’ll. Tell you what, if you’re out there and you say:i, don’t overcomplicate i, don’t overcomplicate! It I know that people judge me based upon the cleanliness of my bathrooms. If you have a business, if you want to keep your bathroom clean, you want to I’m really clean. You want your beanie realize. I said that complicated I just want to keep my bathroom clean. I want to have one business conferences vendor that I pay to keep my bathroom clean, i, don’t want a super complicated onboarding process and I would recommend that you use the cleaning service. The janitorial service of choice for google, for new star for dupont for dr. Robert, zoellner and associates for total lending concepts for the thrive time show are good friends at the classic clean.Com against the classic clean.Com. If you want to keep your bathroom clean, then I recommend you check out the classic clean.Com tulsa’s most trusted janitorial service


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