How to Create a Sustainably Successful Business

Show Notes

Learn about 3 powerful factors that will allow you to create a sustainably successful business including building a business model that will work in all market conditions, building business systems that will work in any designated market area in which you choose to operate and creating a business that is highly differentiated from the competition.

  • FACTOR 1 – A business must be sustainable through all market conditions.
    1. During the recession, we saw an influx in franchisee inquiries. CEOs, CFOs, COOs etc who were fired were looking to start there own thing.
    2. During the downturn, we found that people actually spent a little more on carpet maintenance because they were not wanting to replace their carpet as often.
      1. They were setting up maintenance programs with more cleanings per year for a bit of a lower price.
    3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your product and service, and that bring friends with them.” – W. Edwards Deming
    4. AMPLE EXAMPLE – DR Zoellner and Associates – Home of the $99 deal.
    5. You must know how much it costs you to bring someone in your door.
    6. MYSTIC STATISTIC – Five Reasons 8 Out Of 10 Businesses Fail
    7. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 90% Of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10%
  • FACTOR 2 – You must be successful in every market.
    1. We now have enough franchisees across the country at Oxi Fresh that we have real data to show where you can be successful.
    2. Also, the actual process of cleaning your carpet doesn’t change depending on where you live in the country. You look for a company that you trust and you hire them to do business with.
    3. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “91% of consumers read online reviews.”
    4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Thomas Edison
  • FACTOR 3 – Make sure your business is highly differentiated.
    1. Phase 1 – Customer interaction is scripted and systemized with Oxi Fresh.
    2. Phase 2 – Leveraging the Oxi Fresh products and services to provide a better result.

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  1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs
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Audio Transcription

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back onto the thrive time business podcasts show on your radio. And today Dr Robert Zellner. We are talking about how a small business must be sustainable through all economic conditions in all markets and providing meaningful, highly differentiated results to all of its customers. That’s a big mouthful. You just went over and. No good though. What that boils down to me is you’ve got to keep the doors open. You got to make some money, make a demand. You got to make it a Barney’s. I want to tap into the wisdom of Mr Matt. He’s a brand developer there for oxy fresh, which means that if you’re out there and you say, I am thinking about buying an oxi fresh carpet cleaning franchise. Matt, you’re sort of like the bridge or the gatekeeper. You’re the guy that, uh, can you explain to our business podcasts listeners out there what your role is with oxy fresh?

Yes, absolutely. And that’s certainly something you could call me the bridge. And um, basically what I am doing is I am taking people that are wanting to look into business ownership and into franchising and seemed to gravitate towards Oxi fresh and what our, um, our value add is as a business, as a service based company and we are going through everything from very intimate conversations about what your goals are, how you’re looking to go to this next phase of your life, what is involved in terms of financial investment into the business, what expectations are in terms of growth, how you can run this business and all these things will basically. You’ll get to a point where you’ll build a story. Yes, this seems like a good option for me with what we’ve discussed and what we’ve gone over documentation wise and then eventually get you out to Denver so that you can put all those things in action. Make sure that the individuals that you’re going to be working with here in our franchise is a good fit for you. Seeing that the business itself, how we go to market, how you actually run your business, whether you do the jobs are not your job, so it’s all encompassing. I take you from zero all the way to 100 where you’re basically going to become a franchise.

Now Dr Z, I have three concepts I want to have matt breakdown, so we’re going to do today is I’m going to tee up the principal. Matt is going to break it down and z. You can try not to kind of one off Mr Matt Klein and then show up on behalf of all of listeners out there, maybe are lost in some of the minute shift. We don’t do a good job of. I think we have great business podcasts listeners, but I might be a bad educator. I came back clean and you can kind of fill in the gaps. So here we go. We’ll load the basis for you. Thank you. So here’s the first principle. A business, a small business. It’s going to be successful. I franchise must be sustainable through all market conditions. All right, so let’s, let’s play it out with oxy fresh. Let’s say the economy goes to crap and by the way, the economy has gone to crap in my lifetime twice that I’m aware of. I remember the oil crisis and Tulsa was just crippling. I remember the recession that we had there was just crippling. The great recession is. It was, it was massive. And so matt, when, when people, uh, you know, have a recession, when the economy is struggling, when the economy’s tanking, do people quit cleaning their carpets?

No, we actually, we saw something very unique. We didn’t plan on this, but when we did go through the recession in 2008, nine and 10, we saw two things happen. One, we saw a huge influx in people purchasing franchises because they’d lost their job. That was a big one. So you have a lot of c level individuals that you know, um, we’re now

out of a job. Never wanted to be cut you off. Sorry. Okay. So you said you saw c level individuals. Can you what? What does that mean? What does c level individuals,

so, um, you know, high ranking corporate members of, of, you know, the Corporate America. Got It. A lot of people, whether it was ceos, cfos, Ctos, um, that said, you know what, I worked my whole life to get to this level and I just got canned. I never going to go through that process.

Thought it was people that actually lived in New Orleans, c level, people that live at sea level had to get to Denver. I see. I didn’t know if he was saying that. All the people who we’re reaching out, we’re really terrible employees. You have eight average people I understand now. Okay. Well Dr Mckinley’s are c level employees as well. Okay. Now Twenty, 20 vision cometry jokes. I’m starting to get it. Okay, so here we go. So again, people reaching out to you, but also in the economy as it was struggling, you have more people reaching out to, to buy a franchise. But also one phenomenon that I talked to Jonathan Barnett about was more people are wanting to maintain their carpet for one more year, two more years, three more years as opposed to replacing it. So actually Oxi fresh bent benefited from the downtime from the downturn. Can you talk about how Oxi fresh was able to benefit from people wanting to be more resourceful and not replaced those carpets?

Yes, absolutely. As time goes by, your carpets get worn out and they get dirtier and you have more traction for traction. That goes through it. And what we saw is we were very worried. We didn’t know what was gonna happen and so when we started to see these things happen and we started to see the news and times were tough and they’re saying it’s the worst we’re going to see in our history. What we saw was we were having people get programs built with us. So instead of having one big $500 job a year, they were getting two, $370 jobs a year. Right? So they were basically getting on maintenance programs with us where they didn’t want to do all the bells and whistles at the one time. They want to spread that out a little bit more because they knew they weren’t going to be able to replace our carpets for a few years until they get back to normal.

So we’re doing maintenance programs and more cleanings, which at the end of the day we’re making more money and we’re being being able to do that. And the thing that was even better is when things changed and went back to a good economy, we actually maintain those because people got their carpets replaced eventually and then we got. We got two appointments that I don’t ever want to go through that where I got really, really bad ones. It’s like buying a new car. You clean your new car way more than you clean your old ones. So we saw a benefit on both sides of that fence,

disease, wisdom on this. This, this is a notable quotable that to me has been very valuable as I grow my businesses and make sure I have the right mindset and I want to get c’s take on this. W Edwards Deming and we’ll put this in the show notes. W Edwards Deming, right? He’s a famous, uh, marketing and management expert written a lot of books, New York Times bestselling author. He writes profit in businesses, comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service and that bring business podcasts friends with them. One more time. Profit in business comes from repeat customers. Customers that boast about your project or service and that bring friends with them. These are people that are boasting about your project, your product, your service Z. You built Dr Robert Zoellner and associates and all your brands. That way when the economy gets tight, you’ve, you’ve gone through, how many recessions have you navigated because you’ve been an optometrist for how long now? In Oklahoma, z

going on 20. It’d be 27 years in November. So let’s just recap. Let’s kind of go a timeline here. When did you first open Dr Robert Zoellner and associates? 11 slash 11 slash 91 November the 11th. Veteran’s Day of 1991. I feel like the economy is booming. Around 99. Ninety eight. Things were peaking was good and I feel like in Tulsa we hit sort of a downturn, maybe 2001 doesn’t too. I think a lot of oil and gas companies were struggling. Did you, did you’ve asked you back? It was the big downturn in Tulsa was actually in the eighties savings. I remember. I remember. I remember that the big downturn was in the eighties. We had some savings and loans. 80 turned 80 is used for oil and gas. We never really fully recovered. You know, Tulsa used to be known as the oil capital of the world. Right.

And that got stolen. I’m going to use the word stolen by Houston, so funny little known fact fibers in Houston. You’re. You’re welcome. Factoid. If you get a chance to read the book by j Dot Paul Getty called, as I see it, Tulsa, Oklahoma was the world’s wealthiest city for three years of all the oil and gas, Conoco Phillips, Sunoco, all of them were here. Phillips 60 six. That’s a true story. But Z. So we had the major recession that happened. We had the eighties, eighties was willing and then you had a little bit earlier is early 2001, two. You had like Williams and some company, big employers in Tulsa that were struggling a little bit. Well, we had the uh, the Enron and the, and the Williams. We had a couple of companies that were falsifying and they and they were big employers in Tulsa and they kind of, yeah, they kind of imploded a little bit.

And then the big recession, the great recession, the great recession that started in 2007, eight and kind of lasted til nine and 10. And then we kind of came out of. But you’ve always been home off and I pulled it up on the, on the show here. I’m to pull up on the show notes because this is so big home at the $99 deal. You’ve always been a home with a $99 deal. Now I want to make sure we’re getting this here. A mad. I know you’re not in Tulsa, but if you did live in Tulsa, one thing you would know is that a Tulsa does not have a prep for a professional football team or basketball team. On the second thing you would know is it Tulsa is home with a $99 deal. That’s where you get one pair of stylish eyeglasses and eye exam for only $99.

So see, talk to us about how your company to address kind of the first part of that that you’re talking about, the idea that repeat customers where you make your money. The idea that you have to understand if you own a business is that everybody that walks in the door, there was a cost to bring them in the door. I’ll come on, repeat that cost to bring them in the door, and if you don’t know what that cost is, shame on you. That’s one of the things in our business coaching that we. We walk you through, we make sure you understand that it’s $10. It’s $100. It’s $50, it’s $3. Whatever it is, there’s a cost to bring that person in the door and what they’re saying is if that person is so excited, they become a, we call it a profit, but they an apostle actually and that go out.

That’s the term we give it and they’d go out and they spread the good word that come back now coming back as no dollars out of your pocket to bring them back and now they’re bringing people which has no dollars out of your pocket to bring those people in and that’s where you really start to see more and more, more profit making them on Meghan, Amani. And so if you don’t have any repeat customers in your business, that’s a huge red flag and that’s probably why. According to Forbes, which is our Business Bible, you know, 90 percent, 80 to 90 percent. So when you could argue their number, but eight and nine percent of all businesses, whether you’re a startup or not, fail, and so you have to be cognizant of that. You have to understand that you have to know what your numbers are in that arena, but that’s why clay, that statement is so true.

It’s the repeat and it’s also then bringing back their friends because those are, those are freebies and those are where you have a better profit margin on those individuals and now you’re spending your money, you’re bringing in the new people and that’s how you grow your business. Does that make sense? I want to make sure that the business podcasts listeners are getting this because Dr Zellner and Robert Zoellner and associates, you have a very value based business. Correct, and sodas, Oxi fresh and again, the principle we’re trying to teach here is I don’t care what kind of business you buy or you start. You have to build a business that is sustainable through the ups and downs. All economic conditions in all markets. Point number two, in all markets, Matt,

in all markets, a lot of people are going to buy an Oxi fresh and a market and let’s say Houston, a market, let’s say in Florida, a market in Seattle, a market in Canada, in every market. You’re in, you guys, the business model there is that you have. You had a hot take.

I’ll take it. The other thing too is during those recessions we actually increased our sales and why is that same thing with oxy fresh and then you think about it, oh my gosh, you know, we have a recession. It’s going to be bad for the business, but for us we had a lot of people that were going to a certain doctor and overpaying, but they got great service and they liked him. They had been going to all their life and all of a sudden the belt got tightened and they needed to now find a value driven option and I was at. I was at option for. We have a color

calling from north Chicago who we wouldn’t let through, but chuck was able to get a voice message. It’s what he has to say here, so man, I want to ask you this question here. So in all markets, I think that’s the value of the Oxi fresh turnkey system. It does work. Now obviously there’s little pivots and nuances you have to make in every market, but talk to me about how the Oxi fresh system has been proven to work in all markets. Give us some examples.

Sure. Very good example is we now have enough franchisees across the country where we have real live data performance and the and repeat business customers and residential to commercial clients and the breakdown of how that works and so we know minus the few territories out there that are too scattered to be able to have the population density to support. Beyond those, we’ve been able to utilize the systems that we’ve had. Right. The actual process of getting your carpets clean in terms of a customer doesn’t change if you’re in Kansas or you’re in New York or California. That process is the same. You got to find a company you trust. You get trust through reading reviews online, right? You got to find that company. You’ve got to be able to contact them and be able to do it in an easy way. A fast way.

Man, I’m so sorry to cut you off. You’re so smart and I’m an idiot. I’m A. I’m. I’m representing somebody else who is born yesterday and they want to ask you this question. You said they build trust through reviews and a chop. I’ve been saying for for about a year that Forbes reports at 88 percent of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. That never just changed to 91 percent. I want to make sure we put the stat on the shownotes. Matt, talk to me about the 141,000 reviews that Oxi fresh has and how have you guys been able to get that many objective reviews? It’s almost like you have 400 locations.

We’re getting very close and most of our customers already know they want to use us before they call us.

They just want to make sure that when they do call us, they

can do it in easy way and it’s an absolutely that we’re seeing customers go onto a like google. Look at it, find us, find our reviews, but then double check us on a platform like yelp to make sure we’re a real company, right, so it’s not just doing one thing. It’s making sure that you have a presence in multiple layers of online marketing so that your customer can feel comfortable saying, you know what, I’ve done my fact checking and there’s enough customers that are saying good things about this business. I liked the service that they’re going to offer. I’m going to give them a color. I’m going to go online and I’m going to book this job. Right? So they’re doing their research. Explaining

this is so big that people are booking online with oxy fresh. John and I were talking on Friday and we’d have a lot. I don’t know the actual number now. Maybe it’s 25 percent, 20 percent people are just booking online saying, let’s just book it. I trust you guys. I don’t even need to talk to the call center. I’m good. I don’t need any convincing. I’ve read the reviews. I mean, you guys are getting in that momentum where it’s, the reputation is now leading the conversation. Can you talk about what that’s like to own a franchise where you’re just waking up everyday and your calendar is filled with jobs?

Absolutely. And I can tell you personally for myself, I, um, one of my areas is boulder, Colorado. It’s one of the very many tech capitals in the United States. And so I, my number’s a lot higher than that. So if you think about online marketing, you know, people are ordering things on Amazon, they don’t need to do it. They don’t need to go to the store. They trust that it’s going to show up at their home, right? So that the consumer is, is trained to not only understand what’s going on but to trust it. And it’s, it’s actually, it’s really spilling over into service companies, right? If you, if they’re doing their research online and they’re finding in their, their trust, trusting Google and yelp and facebook, right? They’re already in the mode of, you know what, I trust it and let’s get to it. It’s giving them a platform that’s easy. It’s a lot like reviews. The biggest misconception is people don’t want to give you reviews. That’s not true. They absolutely do want to give you reviews for good service. They just don’t want to jump through hoops to do it. Give them an easy platform to do it. They will absolutely do it in our numbers. Show that

for listeners out there, what our Colorado as a population of 97,385 people in the 2010 census, it’s got to be almost devil since then because Colorado is booming and this just in from our Home Office here, a man by the name of Matt Klein, whoever he is, his oxi fresh location, has an 86, 86 reviews as the time of the recording of this podcast and this just in from captain no, it all folder sits at a height of 5,000, 430 feet, which means that you want to drink a lot of water. You drink a lot of the oxi fresh users, so little water. There’s a lot of water left over. I see what you did there. Now we’ve talked about two big ideas. One, sure you have a no brainer. That’s recession proof and two, you want to make sure that I make a model that’s going to be successful in every market that you service. Do you, because you talked to a lot of clients every day. Yes, and I’m sure your clients might may have a question about factor one, factor two, do you have any questions that you think that raw hot and fresh questions that our listeners might have a client or Dr Robert Zellner

do have a hot and fresh question. You just touched on it. Matt, I’m going to kind of go off script there and I want to add to actually ask you guys, how do you train your franchisees or the technicians that work for you to actually ask for a Google review? Or are there certain business podcasts words you guys say or that you actually avoid words that you don’t say, something like that.

It is a process. I think the review process is very important because you got to put yourself in the customer’s shoes first and foremost. You have to deliver on what you promise, promise, good service, and you promise that you can do things and he even goes onto the other side. If there is a situation where you can’t take care of something, don’t over promise and under deliver.

You preach that thing,

promise and under deliver. You got to do the opposite, right? Customers will absolutely appreciate that. When you do that and you follow through and yet you, you give the customer the service that they are expecting and that you should give them, then you’ve already completed that first step, right? The service should dictate the review.


should dictate the review

does negatively and positively myself in the back row. What were you saying? The service,

what? The dictate. The review should dictate the review.

Hey Man, now the fourth time and when it begins to rhyme, that’s when people start to feel it. Sorry, I’m getting sweaty. Back to you, man.

You got. They want to be happy about right. They’re not going to share bad experiences to better your business. They’re going to share bad experiences so that you don’t come and you don’t come back and you don’t use their friends, so when you do something good, they want it. They want to express that and they want to show that. So do what you say you’re going to do and be communication. You got to have communication. You got to follow through. That’s number one. Your actual technicians have got to feel confident in what they’re doing for review. If they don’t feel confident, they’re not going to ask for a review.

Not Competent. They’re cleaning service

Z. I want to get your take on this because this is an absolute, a notable quotable that Thomas Edison just nailed a Thomas Edison. Obviously he’s the guy who’s credited as inventing the modern light bulb, the water and recorded audio and video, uh, z. he’s sort of a big Z. are you? Are you familiar with who? Tommy? Tommy, Eddie.

I kind of just biggie. Yeah, of course. Mean you know.

Well, okay. Well, he talks about how inspiration is 99 percent perspiration. He goes onto say genius is one percent and one percent inspiration. He says genius is one percent inspiration, but 99 percent perspiration. Again, genius. Chuck put on the show notes. Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration and Susie, I want to get your take on this. When you have people that work with you and your managers, and I’ll just pick on Monte as an example. If the auto auction Monte rigorously trained people and it doesn’t matter who’s shadowing. Many times our thrivers have asked, can I come to the auto auction? I want to see at work, can I come and you don’t say I’m going to Friday because I’m going to have to tidy things up a little bit because you know that things are going to be clean. It’s so clean. I mean it’s like eat off the floor clean and monty trains every single member of the [inaudible], 66 auto auction team about the standards that you want and it’s not a one time thing. It’s an ongoing process as the Canadians would call it. Talk to me about the business podcasts importance of training, training, training. If you want to achieve the excellence that oxy, oxy, fresh consistently deliver.

We’d always boggles my mind when someone hires someone and just assumed, well, it’s just common sense. They got it. I mean, you know,

really they didn’t obviously know that

don’t clean themselves.

That’s everybody knows that if you just look at the Faq, I’m able to talk about how we feel about it. Maybe there’s a little bathroom gobbling that comes in when you’re not watching scrubbing bubbles, scrubbing bubbles, that commercial way breast, but if you want to meet me in the Sauna, I’ve got them ice cream. They just broke that tub. Does those grubs? They just show up unannounced yet. That takes care of things. You start scrubbing.

Barely. They scrub and scrub cancer. Cold scrubbing bubbles. That’s I, I’m going Graebel’s for short. What the thing about it is you have to continue to train because you’re always. There’s turnover. You know, you have people leaving. I’ve, you know, lives are busy. People move. I mean we’re, you know, there’s a lot of turnover with employees, especially when you have 100 of them per se.

Somebody might have found a new love of someone converted with somebody in Bethel and thought them to Canadian and we don’t want to move out to Colorado with ninth and close. Then I could just maybe Saskatchewan, maybe I can hang out with Matt. He’s got him on. I don’t know or maybe maybe maybe matt

came into town and when the gals took a shine to him and just moved out to Colorado

right now is taken, but all the women are taking

but available to him. He’s taken but available week, so I’m just. I don’t know what that means, but I don’t read between the lines. I don’t know. Wow. What reason that you started

cutting off? See, I was going to say on your point there, another reason to continue training is because you always need to be improving your systems as well. Come on. We talk about it all the time. You got to be two percent better every week, two percent better, and if you’re improving your systems and not training your team, then your systems aren’t actually getting two percent better. Two is that we’re always building a better mouse trap. When we bring a new processes, new systems, new software, new phone system, you can do systems check like the the auto auction, you can’t sell a car and listed as a clean vehicle identification number, the vin number, so you guys have systems that you use to check and make sure the title’s clean. Make sure the car, you know the history of it, and it might be a new vendor.

You might have a new vendor, you might have a new policy. You might have just. Let’s see, how many vehicles do sell on a typical Friday. That’s Friday. Wait a thousand, almost a thousand vehicles. Matt, if you get a chance to check that out, [inaudible] dot com. He’s going to sell a thousand cars on Friday and just getting them in order and getting them all detailed. That’s amazing. That’s someone’s full time job running the numbers. I’m a full time job. I’m. It’s, it’s, it’s a thing. So again, now I did the final principle I want to teach today. I want to respect that time. I know he has a lot of things to do. You want to make sure, if you want to build a sustainable business, you want to make sure that your business is highly differentiated. Now there are a lot of imitators. Oh, there’s a lot of imitators.

Oh yeah. There are a lot of people that are going to imitate. They cannot duplicate because Oxi fresh is never done innovating. Again, the Oxi fresh, we’ll never be done with the innovation center. Might be a lot of duplication, a lot of [inaudible] to copy what you’re doing, but oxi fresh has never done innovating. Met. Can you talk to me about the Oxi fresh system and why the carpet cleaning system itself is so highly differentiated from everybody else in that every, every year there’s a new imposter that shows up. But talk to me about how you guys really work hard at innovating and being the industry leaders.

Sure. It’s your customer interaction with the actual technician and that is an innovation in itself and how you separate your communication with that customer compared to what they’re typically used to seeing. And then also being able to leverage our, um, you know, expansive, expansive products and services to deliver a better product. So first and foremost, not only from when you actually call that customer 30 minutes in advance, they should know by the tone of your voice and what you’re going to say and when you’re going to be there and being there on time, that and how you’re dressed and how your vehicle looks. All those things will make them smile if it’s done right before you’ve ever done anything. And the opposite can happen as well. Dirty car, dirty clothes, not, you know, on time. Now you’ve already put yourself on the whole, it’s going to be a lot harder to get a positive review if you start off on a negative, right? So, so leveraging those things, making sure that open lines of communication, that’s number one. But our cleaning system is very unique. Typically when people think about carpet cleaning, it’s very invasive, right? You’ve got to take your kids to the park for 10 hours. You gotta put them with a friend

your stuff,

because it’s not going to be dry in 24 hours. Right? It’s very, very invasive. What we’re throwing all that out the window. We show up in a small fuel efficient vehicle, right? Go along with our green theme. We use one person per vehicle, per job. It’s a lot less invasive than having two people go into your home at one time.

Real good man. I know the hoses on the future of the cutting edge of going green. How is the Beta testing going of the carrot? Immobile the vehicle entirely come made of carrots. I’ve seen this, I’ve talked about this. We don’t know if you’ve actually tried that or if it’s just something he and I have discussed offline, but has the carrot tmobile caught on? Is the vehicle comprise completely? Carrots begun to get any traction at oxy fresh? We haven’t found a good way to make it to our vehicle. Rabbit rabbits have got to know that. I know the founder of Oxi fresh. Jonathan Barnett has recently converted the last two years to lettuce wraps. Whenever you see them having a rap, you think you’d have a Tortilla wrap? No, no, no. He has a lettuce wrap, but it’s organic. Let me tell you what I met his wife. I’m done with this organic like that you’d like to. I love the lettuce wrap. Okay. So back to you. What makes oxi fresh so differentiated.

It’s not only making it the process less invasive for the customer. So it’s a positive interaction. They have more flexibility in their day when they have a job set at two and we’re done by for their houses back to normal by five. Right. Their kids can be in there, they can be on the carpets. Our products are safe for kids and pets. So you don’t have to worry about. I had a lady that calls me at least once a year. It’s the same lady. I’m not sure if memory is great, but she asked me for dog can lift the carpet when we’re done. Right. And I say, Yep, no problem. Let that happen. Not going to be an issue. Um, you should probably get your checked out though,


But then you keep going onto that, you know, we’re going to use one to two gallons per five room home of water so we don’t have to worry about the dry times, but also on the other side of that, we don’t have dirty water that we have to get rid of. We’re not dumping that anywhere where there’s no residual effect, right? Every single piece of the process, we try to be as green as possible. We do a walkthrough before in a walkthrough after, so that all the expectations are laid out there both before, during, and after. Right. Our odor treatments, for instance, very important without not a masking agent, our odor treatment is an actual live enzyme that’s eating the bacteria that’s causing smell. People with pets, I’m very, very common. You know, people are aware now more than ever of what’s being used in their home and what they want to buy and if it’s green or not, and what green actually means. So if you’re not on the cutting edge of that, you’re going to have a hard time growing your business because are going to continue down that trend.

People are going to continue going down that trend. Now, if you’re out there today, Z, someone says, you know what? I’m listening to the show and I’m thinking about buying an Oxi fresh Z. would you buy an Oxi fresh without first doing a discovery day or talking to a human about it? Would you do that?

No, but I’ll tell you what, the information that you get off the show on and off the podcast is very stimulating. You know, Forbes says, 67 percent of the people listening right now, right now are thinking, I may want to get business. Sixty seven percent of people listening out there want to start a business according to Forbes, and that is a fact. Jack a fact Jack. A lot of times people are intimidated by, well, what do I start? What do I do? What’s my passion? But Franchising is the easy button. You know, the, the threshold to get into oxy fresh. I mean really if, if there were some available around here, I mean, I know the Oklahoma, we don’t have any available, you know, around here, right? But if there were some available around here, I’d say, heck yeah, give, give me, give me a couple of those bad boys, give you another fact. According to Forbes, what percentage of small businesses fail according to Forbes? Eighty percent startups is 90 percent. And he’s been there

very, very conservative. The stats show between 80 and 90 percent of startups fail. Seriously, I want to start up something that’s going to give me time freedom and financial freedom. Uh, and it’s proven to work. Got It.

Team supporting me because that’s a lot of times, you know, when you start a business, you’re kind of on an island. You are, you’re on, you know, lonely island and you’re kind of

islands. Like, how have you read about the history of how revelations, the book of revelations from the Bible was written? Uh, yes. Uh, does anybody out there know who wrote the book of revelations when looked into this history? Nope. No? Okay. I actually, I went to college at Oral Roberts University. I had to learn this stuff. And the book of revelations, um, when you read it, the guy who wrote the Bible, he was stuck on an island by himself. What is it, John? And he was like going a little, I mean, I don’t know about you, but wouldn’t you be going a little bit batty? Yes. John wrote the book of revelations, but see he was on an island. He was, he was told to go out there and just score it. I mean, if you’re isolated on an island, I mean you make it kind of patty.

Yeah, Wilson, right? What was there as a whole movie about it? You might suffer with some delirium. So if you don’t want to be in a volleyball, volleyball, bloodstained Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks was actually starring as John. I’m not saying it, but somebody might be saying that Justin Wilson under. So if you’re out there and if you’re out there, yeah,

you want to learn more about buying an Oxi fresh franchise. You have two options. One, go to thrive time, forward slash Oxi, fresh thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh. Or if you want to be difficult to track, go to oxy Either way you’re going to have to talk to matt or Mike and met with this one, fills out the form and they request information. Final thought, what happens, what’s the next step?

So first of all, you’re to get triggered, put into our system as a, uh, a new business podcasts candidate. You’re immediately going to get an email and a text message if you will qualify for a text, um, and then just text back. Hey, tomorrow would be great at noon. If you don’t do that, we will reach out to you and start a dialogue or a time to speak. And I just want everyone to know out there that doesn’t cost you anything but some time. So if you’re just a little bit interested and you want some more information specifically about your situation Rj, to go on there, reach out, let’s have a discussion. And even if it doesn’t work for you, that’s okay because I get a lot of people that come back that we’ve gone through the process and the timing just wasn’t right for them. And that’s okay, timing is very important, but if you have the inflammation in your back pocket and the timing does become something that’s available to you down the road, now you have the information or at least the basis to say, you know what, I think I can actually do this now.

So I urge anyone that’s interested, wants to look into it. I realized, you know, carpet cleaning as itself is maybe not the most sexy model, but really think about it as a vehicle that can get you to your goals and dreams because we have a lot of different owners out there that can do this and a lot of different ways. So you leverage us, use us as a resource and we’ll see if there’s a good fit.

Just because when I say rhymes doesn’t mean you could mock it. Because when you rhyme, you sound more credible. Chip people believe things that rhyme. Listen, look up Al Sharpton. Watch his sermons. You’ll see that. So right now, according to Gallup, 70 percent of people hate their jobs and it does not mean that people are slops. So if you’re out there and you’re saying, listen, I want to start a business and I hate my job, I believe that’s a good place to start by just reaching out there. Isn’t that a place where the vast majority of potential franchisees start? They say, I’ve got a job, it’s not that awesome. And I would like to get time freedom and financial freedom. Isn’t that where a lot of people, maybe at least a quarter, maybe half of the people start, they just say, I don’t even really care what I do. I just really hate my current job. My income is capped. I want to get time freedom. Isn’t that a good place to start to look into buying an Oxi fresh?

Absolutely. And I hate my job where you just hate your situation or you feel that you per your purpose is more than what you’re doing. And if you feel like that, um, you know, start with oxy fresh and let’s see if there’s a good fit. There’s all sorts of ways to, to create, um, you know, time, freedom, flexibility, and we’re one of those. So if you guys have an option to have some time, we’d love to speak to you about that.

And now with the intensity of a Kung Fu grip previously only displayed in the game of street fighter two or mortal Kombat, I would like to end the show with a boom z. are you okay with that or do you have a final update?

I just had. I had a question on grants, man. I take away my thunder. I will, I won’t. No, no. We can come back from his Kung Fu grip combined. So mad. When you first got your Oxi fresh franchises, did you actually physically go out and cleaning the carpet?

I personally did not. I bought a resale franchise because I’m in Colorado and I paid a lot more for an already existing franchise that really wasn’t running at capacity. So I had different challenges. I had challenges of retraining and rehiring people. But no, I did not do jobs. Uh, I am a very firm believer myself in my time and what it’s worth to me. So if I’m out doing jobs, that’s one, you know, if it’s an hour or a full day, if I have something happen to my business and I have to go do jobs, I just put myself at least one day further back from having an employee that can do it for me.

Yeah, that’s an excellent point because there may be some people listening out there going, I can’t afford to quit my job. Right? And yet I want to. It’d be fun to get a franchise, build it up, finally get away from my job. And I think that’s maybe a threshold. Send people out there. Maybe gripping a little bit of fear of going, I can’t just stop. I can’t stop getting my view checks. You stole my thunder, but you are Zeus. You are. That’s what this was. He stands for us, is Dr Seuss. And so now what I’m going to do is I’m going to try to reset it. So now with the, with the previous, the, the, the previously unseen intensity of a Chuck Norris and street fighter two and mortal Kombat Kung Fu grip. We want to end the show with a boob was such a lacquer invite viciousness to other nations and planets. Hear the echoes of this final boom met. Are you ready?

I am ready.

Here we go. Chuck. Are you ready? Here we go. Z, are you ready? Dr Seuss. Are you ready? Boom.

Take care.


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