How To Create Repeatable Systems | The Foundations of Building Repeatable Processes (Part 1)

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How do you make business systems? Clay Clark breaks down the specific step-by-step process of writing an inbound phone script.

One of the points of creating systems is to be able to hire for CHARACTER and TRAIN for skill.

How to Make A Repeatable System

  1. Managing phone calls
    1. Step 1 – Write an inbound call script
    2. Step 2 – Write an outbound script
    3. Step 3 – record all calls
      1. Recommended program for recording is
        1. You can also use –
          1. Iphone – Automatic Call Recording App
          2. Android – Call Recorder App
    4. Step 4 – Train with the team
    5. Step 5 – Have a daily huddle with the team
    6. Step 6 – Never stop recruiting
      1. Do a group interview every single week.

DEFINITION MAGICIAN – System – 1. A set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole, in particular. 2. A set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Checklists seem able to defend anyone, even the experienced, against failure in many more tasks than we realized.” -Atul Gawande (Bestselling author of The Checklist Manifesto and the Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School)
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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to the business coach conversation, is the thrive time show on your radio in today. I am excited to be talking to you, because we are really getting into a topic that I was asked. I want to say today three times the question was almost like:it was chepo’s almost like a sign from above I kept getting asked the same questions today, and this is what we’re talking about we’re talking from page to page 61 from the start here book the amazon best-selling book that I wrote with one of our business coaches, marshall, morris and everybody listen. You can download the e-book version of this book for free, simply like going to thrive time. Show.Com we’re talking about what does a repeatable system look like how to create a repeatable business coach model based on the foundations of repeatable processes, a winning team and well-defined guardrails. Consider this. If you had millions of dollars to invest and shockingly your goal was to make a good return on investment which of the following following?

As a business coach podcast listener, what would you rather invest in? Would you rather invest in a company that is stable, scalable and profitable, or would you rather invest in a business that’s entirely dependent on the owner and the key team members? Were no systems are recorded and where tons of gross revenue is generated, but no profits are actually created. Having worked a thousands of clients over the years, I can tell you from first-hand experience that most people build business coach systems that are dependent upon key people who know all the passwords. We have all the skills and you actually could kill the couples company silly, but I decided to move and they have to do. This is not a good thing. My friend, would you build a business that is dependent upon document two processes, checklist and systems? You eliminate them to be necessity of hiring geniuses.

We we have good systems in place. You see, you can actually just focus on hiring honest and diligent people which are semi hard to find. Creating these systems allows you to hire for character and not for skip. This is where you want to be. When you decide to build your business around the business coach processes, the checklist that control the systems you make it much easier to find key employees to fill key positions in a dramatic dramatic, be easier to grow. Your business exponentially most people deep down crave to have structure and systems in place to guide them, especially at work but diligently working to install the systems checklist and process for each position within your company. You will make it in text me, but if you do this to make it easier to hire these new people and I realize that most people, including myself, are very visual. She might need to see some examples of what checklist and systems and processes look like, and that’s how we make those available for you at thrivetime show.Com. But again, the core question is:what does repeatable system look like and I got to ask that today by two different business coach people who, back to back, they said:hey i, want you to know, man are growth is rock and you saw where the text messages I showed up 30% percent having a record month there and then that the text message and follows up and it says I feel a little overwhelmed. You let sets at the call, but you were talking about here and I feel overwhelmed now.

Man I feel like it’s growing like way faster than I can keep up. So how do I make things business coach repeatable? That’s why I’m going to do is I’m going to walk the thrivers through specifically how to make a repeatable system in chat? What’s go ahead and look what’s up just title, this part of the show how to make a repeatable system and, let’s start with just managing phone calls? Okay. So let’s assume that you have inbound and outbound phone calls flowing into your organization chuck. Can you think of any of your clients? You worked with that are now, we’ve got them in orbit. Weave nailed it with nail down there branding we nail down there, three legged business coach marketing stool, you help them get into orbit, so to speak and they’re now getting a lot of inbound flights. Can you think of any clients and have leads to call you I just work with one today, they’re actually show sponsor, knows onyx imaging, okay, and we were actually training there at a point where they are rocking and rolling, but it’s the two main guys have done all of their sales pay, their proactiv they’re, realizing his we’re picking up more business. We got to train the next layer right and so that’s.

What we were doing today is I was helping get all that information out of the main guy’s head so that we can train one of his other guys who is now on the phone, then he’s going and doing drops and visiting businesses and trying to get referrals and it’s the real cool thanks. So we were helping him today come up with a business coach script right so that he could repeat what he does. As a new person who hasn’t had 20 years in the industry, can now go in and have a conversation, that’s actually on topic and makes sense now I’m going to walk everybody through specifically how to make a phone script, but I want to make sure the listeners that you all get this this to me is the most exciting thing that I have talked about today and I was sitting with a few boys on our team today, who are on break cuz I had a client that was unable to attend the meeting, so I decided.

Yet what I’m going to do is I’m going to go sit next to the teammates, far enough away where they can have their own conversation, but close enough, so that I can hear what’s being said, while I’m working on some nice-and you know what I found that they were talking about. I’m excited to hear it. Everything except for work, saying, is i, am obsessed with building business systems and that’s why you was an owner have to build the systems yourself, because the employees are coming to work, not all the time, but I would argue. Most of the time and most companies, most people are coming to work for a check and not for a vision, not for a purpose not to climb the magical business coach stairsteps in route to get into the pinnacle of perform they’re, literally just wanting to get paid for the hours they work and sometimes the hours they have work. And so here are the steps for building a call script to answer the phone calls number one. You must write an inbound call script and that right there could be worth a million dollars a year of revenue for one of our listeners out. There I have a listener of worked with for over 9 years now, and this particular company schedules thousands and thousands of customers per day using a script that I wrote 9 years ago.

So you got to have it in bound script, changed it 3 or 4 times every year, right, like just massive changes just top to bottom, and no I did go through deep observation. Write the script. One time we really haven’t updated it all, except we’ve encourage more and more customers to book online in exchange for a discount because, as we grow the call center, it makes more sense to have not exponentially more reps infinitely more expensive to have business coach coding schedule, appointments that it would be to have reps do it. So that’s what we did people often times they call a business and the phone is not answered. Chuck deep. Do you think most people typically do most people leave a voicemail when they call a dry cleaner and they don’t get the phone answer to the voicemail when I call a doctor and no one answers to most people today leave a business coach voicemail, no, not leaving voicemails anymore. We have a script for calling missed calls, so you got to call outbound even if you’re an inbound based business that calls outbound that’s a little step number 3. You have to record the calls now shut the program that I would recommend because we use it ourselves at the thrive time showing at elephant in the room at oxi fresh and at numerous businesses is clarity voice.Com, that’s clarity voice.Com. However, there are some other programs out there, which you probably knows a business coach very well, because a lot of clients are working from your cell phone. So there’s a list out there, who’s making sister making calls from an iphone what a phone recording program or app. Would you recommend the automatic call recorder app for the automatic call recorder app on the tip of the landline?

We recommend clarity voice if it is a iphone or a or an android for iphone would recommend what would what can I program. The automatic call recording, app okay and what, if it is a a samsung device, call recorder call recording android phone will put a link for you, but that’s how you do it now now now? No! No! No! No! That’s all I would chop chop chop. Chow chow for we’ve got to have weekly training chop. We got half weekly training you have to because otherwise, how are you going to know if people are following the business coach script, then you know what they probably need mentorship. You can’t just meet with the team once a month. Give us crap out of me, but I know you got to be with your team for a weekly training, your schedule, weekly training and I’m not done this is how to run across that you got to have a daily huddle with your team shop. You got to you got to know some people say daily. Can we just work remotely?

Is there any way we could? Just do you see between your clients, may decline of our clients? Are the people in the past? Have you seen this with a client that you’ve now coach to be successful as kind of a dysfunction before you help them? If you seen it where they were trying to have their team, meet remotely or macy biscuit, meet via email or not actually have a daily huddle, all of those things or one other thing I’ve seen? Is they try to delegate this meeting, but there is no management layer yet because they’re growing the business, so they just take a team member and say:hey I need you to do a daily meeting with the team and it’s just a train wreck because they don’t they’re being promoted above their capability and the other people don’t want to pay literally I watched employees on one of our company’s today, I watch I watch two employees from one more companies to that I’m, not exaggerating they literally were talking about the business coach lyrics to the new weeknd, album weeknd, album i, don’t even know what that is yet heard. No, this is weekend he’s the guy. That kind of sounds like michael jackson. Is he the one? You said? That’s a really good dancer. The song is called pray for me and their break it down the lyrics on genius. Com, where he Says:i’m, always ready for a war again go down that road again, it’s all the same, I’m always ready to take a wife again, you know alright again, it’s all the same. Tell me who’s going to save me from myself when this life is all I know.

Tell me who’s going to save me from myself. Without you I’m alone, it’s a song about suicide. What they’re talking about the song and not talking about the script, which is what you was owner, have to relentlessly? Do it so I can step one write, an inbounds step to write an outbound skip step, 3 record your calls, except for you have to train with the t step number 5. You have a daily out of a 13 step, 6 job. You cannot ever stop recruiting every single week. You have to do a business coach group interview the interview people every week, because people are going to move on when it’s convenient for them, I’ve seen it over and over and over. If anybody any of our listeners, if any of our listeners would like to shadow me personally and in a day in the life of a click o’clock shadow me to one of my companies. Shadow me, for the entire day of the day, we just had a complete carpet, care nathan shadow me for the entire day and I believe that helped him kind of understand, yeah.

It was great I talked to him after the day was over. I asked him what the biggest takeaways wasn’t. One of the things he said was being able to actually watch you for the entire day and how diligent you are with your time that you have planned out. So if there’s a two-minute break, you are taking advantage of every one of those small little breaks and that’s a way to get so much done. So I can invite you. If you want to shadow me, absolutely do it. I was invited to book your ticket store next to in person. Thrive time show workshop our next events coming up in june we’re selling out fast. You can buy your tickets today by thrive time. Show, go to go thrive time, show.Com to buy your business coach tickets to our june in person to day workshop. If you don’t believe it’s awesome, I would definitely recommend that you read the reviews or watch video reviews. Stages of drive time show attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t want your contact information to info at thrivetime, show.Com, alright, tribe, nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the prime time show on your radio in today reading from page number 62 of the start here book and specifically were really diving in deep on how to build repeatable systems systems. I think a lot of people throughout the word system. I want to build a portable, the business business system. I said a lot I want to get to work on your business and i. Just thank you.

So much it was system is a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole, in particular, set of things working together as part of the mechanism or interconnecting network. Now here’s what’s crazy gosh that was crazy. Chuck. This blew my mind. We grew the dj company to be very big right. I, remember, I was super proud of my mom and dad my dad was thinking about coming to work at the dj connection and I was like 26 25. My dad comes in he’s talking to our top sales guy I’m in this guy is perhaps our number one guy to the best. We’ve got a my business coach dad says so the script I mean man can i. Ask you what’s the favorite? What’s your favorite part, what works the best he was tom, just called I gotta, be honest, i, don’t really know what’s in the script, but it works. Man i, just read it and say it man and so do my dance at the start of the speakers. What kind of rapport with this guy is visiting from minnesota’s in tulsa just wants to meet the guys. You know he’s a speaker, wise man. What’s your favorite speakers, i, don’t even know what speakers we have our yamaha prince, some kind of initials i, don’t know.

What’s your favorite kind of amplifier amplifier, do you use? If you don’t know-and he doesn’t know who does know what I want to do-and I put it on the checklist and now that checklist is it works, and we just use the same thing so I just think on paper, and so what does notable quotable for my tool coupon day on page 62 of the start here, but one day is the best-selling author of the checklist manifesto and the professor of surgery at the harvard medical school he’s also got. He wrote a book called the checklist manifesto. Could you read? The checklist seem able to defend anyone even experienced against failure and many more tasks than we realized. I think about this I realize that the word systems is very cyborg like and make me come across as sounding mechanical, so I’m going to dial in with some details. For you, the system is simply a step-by-step process or business coach checklist has been created to systemically produce predictable satisfactory results quotes for your ideal and likely buyers. That system has been typed up and saved enough to do a location and is quickly accessible by your team members, who need to use a system on a daily basis to minimize the heirs and to avoid results that are less than satisfactory checklist. I’m. Talking about a specific list of items that your business coach company will hold your team accountable for delivering each and every teacher when your client beasley, please list need to cover nearly every aspect of your business from the smallest task to the most complex. These checklist need to cover the processes that you will use to edit videos in the bathrooms train. Your staff code websites provide haircuts, fly airplanes, maintain vehicles on board employees, manage the finances, the business and beyond.

If you expect anyone on your team to do anything on a consistent repeatable basis, you must create a check list. Someone stay with me now check list for this to begin. Creating your first check, let you get down, but we have check list templates available for you at thrive time show.Com. My friend, you and I need to create system for every repeatable process involved in the daily operations of our businesses. Otherwise, we’re not going to have predictable results and I’ll. Tell you the reason why, as a company, we decided to reach out to the janitorial service of choice for google janitorial service of choice for dupont, the the general the dd janitorial service of choice for aerostar. Is that correct? A new business coach store is because I am not curious, how they make it so clean I I care, not right. You know what I do:love I love going into the bathroom on monday, knowing that our office is going to be predictably clean and I know. That’s not my highest and best use I want to keep it clean, I love, one of her clients come to a meeting you man., bathrooms, look great! You guys place, looks awesome around here right way, back sure that, multiple times since we’ve made the switch to classic clean out classical, you might be saying. Well, the only reason you guys are recommended to clean it’s cuz of the pay and you a money network, the cat after they are paying us, but to i, actually wanted to use utilize, the services previous to using them and check the references, and so they are cleaning service of choice for our offices right and the opposite.

For many of our clients, have you discovered cash way too much of my time and my brain power thinking about keep my office is clean. Perhaps you should just add that to your checklist to pay the folks at classic clean a visit or give him a call. This is your business coach website hire these guys I’m telling you they’re going to buff those high traffic areas and make your office as clean as it ever been shut. What’s the website with the phone number? Okay, you can get ahold of these guys at the classic, queen.Com v classic clean.Com, or just give him a call at 918-671-2046, 918-671-2046 clients and think about your own concrete hell yeah. How will it absolutely kill you if you do not have check, listen play for the business I mean what are some examples from your life, maybe as a business owner or working with clients, were you thought? Oh, my gosh I cannot believe that horrible thing happened. It would have been solved with just a check, though yeah I got really easy one. This happened more than one x. When you pour concrete, you have to have what’s called a ride board and it’s like a big metal to buy for and that’s what you rake the concrete down with before you start finishing it.

So it’s very instrumentals the first tool you have to use that sounds very nice. Very nice ride board. Not some guy named rob gets bored, but it’s a ride board and one of our main employees multiple times would load everything. I get everything out there 20-30 guys the concrete everything we got. $30,000 worth of labor and equipment going on buddy forgot the rod board, so they would have to stand there for an hour and a half or two hours on the clock anywhere from 15 to 25 hours, plus $1,000 an hour pump truck at all of these things all because he, my father, would not help us in implement a checklist for all of the tools. Cuz just wasn’t the way he learned how to do things now. I would say this for our radio show. The first segment of her show has to be 14 minutes long because we have sponsors who have paid for that time now. The second segment has to be 8 minutes and 50 seconds. I’ll tell you why? Because we have business coach sponsors would have paid for that spot and i. Don’t remember these times, i, don’t remember the file format. We should save the show in for the podcast i. Don’t remember the app we use i, don’t remember the passwords i, remember anything, because the complexity of those tasks would make my brain explode. You’ve got to mentally free yourself by building systems that work. We come back to talk about. Just the complexity and the volume of data in today’s modern businesses, while a checklist, is absolutely paramount to your success, they do i, remember my days back in the drawer room at try to consume for the future that I can pursue. What I can conclude that you have what it takes. If you want you to wear today is your day


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