How to Create Time Freedom (As a Business Owner) with Oxi Fresh Brand Developer, Matt Kline

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Are you a business owner struggling to create time freedom? Clay Clark and Oxi Fresh Brand Developer Matt Kline break down 3 key areas that small business owners must focus on to create time freedom including: Human Resources Development (Recruitment), On-Going Marketing (Sales) and Vision Casting and Management (Accountability).

Oxi Fresh Brand Developer – Matt Kline

NOTABLE QUOTABLE  – “People are too busy working for living yo give such learning much thought, or to invest much, if any, time and money in employee education and training… Where would we begin to find such people? Well, we wouldn’t find them. We would need to create them” – Michael Gerber

NOTABLE QUOTABLE  – “And the freedom that we all believe a small business of our own creates does not happen on its own, Like all freedom, it depends on you.” – Michael Gerber

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Of all the things i’ve done, the most vital is coordinating those who work with me and aiming their efforts at a certain goal.” – Michael Gerber

Freedom Does Not Come On It’s Own Just Because You Are Self Employed. Matt, talk about what that means as an owner of an Oxi Fresh Franchise.

  1. You have to grow the business to wear you can step back. It will not happen on it’s own. Just because we have a call center and scheduling center does not mean there is nothing to do every day. You should be communicating with your team and improving on you systems for the day to day operations.

3 Categories of the Oxi Fresh Ownership:

  • Category 1 – Human Resources
    1. This is one of the hardest things for any business. A lot of people get into business for themselves because they hated their boss. Then I see people start or buy into a franchise business and turn around and treat their people the exact same way as their old boss.
    2. You have to provide training tools to set your team up for success.
  • Category 2 – On-Going Marketing
      1. Residential:
        1. This is turnkey but there is effort that needs to be done. You will never have to worry about your website, Google ads, Yelp, etc. When your buyer types in the keywords your business will show up.
        2. You have to get Google reviews every single time and explain the value of getting these reviews
        3. You have to engage with the established relations with existing vendors such as Thumbtack.
        4. You cannot stop marketing. But you should try to make your return on invest as efficient as possible.
  • Category 3 – Vision Casting and Management
    1. You should know where you want to be in a year or 2 years. Set your goal and work backward from it so that you know how much per month, per week, and per day to reach those goals
    2. Then you have to be able to pass this vision down to your team. Let them know how hitting the goals benefits the company AND the team members

If someone owns another business can they own a franchise?

  1. When you get into the details of the business, yes you are delivering a product in the flooring industry but it’s a business and a means to where you want to be in your life. You can choose to systemize out the remaining aspects of the franchise so that you can do other opportunities if and when they present themselves.

Walk us through the step by step process of becoming an owner of an Oxi Fresh franchise?

  1. Fill out the form at
  2. We will reach out and find a good time to talk and find out if the business is a good fit into your current and future lifestyle and goals.

The 4 Time-Tested Benefits of Choosing Oxi Fresh:

  1. The Value Proposition – The world’s greenest carpet cleaner
  2. Time Freedom Creating – Scheduling center
  3. History of Success – Been in business since 2006
  4. Turn-Key Marketing – Top of Google with proven internet marketing systems
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You have questions. America’s number one business coach has answers. It’s your brought up or a Minnesota. Here’s another edition of ask clay, anything on the thrive time business coach radio show.

Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. And today what we’re talking about is we’re talking about how freedom does not come on its own. Just because you’re self employed. Freedom will not appear on its own just because you’re self employed. And so as we talked about that today, we decided to interview Mr Matt Klein with oxi fresh. Uh, Matt Klein is the guy that you would talk to if you went to Oxi and you looked into buying an oxi fresh franchise. You would talk to Matt or Mike or a member of the Oxi fresh team about buying a franchise and whether it’s right for you and, and he’s kind of a unique guy and that he not only gets to award the franchises, but he actually owns franchises. Mr Matt Klein, how are you today sir?

I am doing wonderful. I hope you guys are as well.

I have to ask you, how was the weather in Denver right now? Is it starting to cool off a little bit or is it still nice and hot and talk to me about the weather.

It is not. It is like 90 degrees every day for the last two weeks. Wow. They just recorded while I was at the Broncos game hottest Bronco game in history. Really? In terms of a home game,

so just because you live in

it was the hottest.

No, we’ll just because you live in Denver, it doesn’t mean that the temperatures are going to be cold all the time and just because you buy a business does it mean you’re going to have freedom. I’m Michael Gerber, the bestselling author of the e myth revisited book series says, now you’re the boss and the freedom that we all believe a business, a small business should create on its own does not happen on its own. And Matt, that’s where I want to really focus on is if somebody buys an Oxi fresh today, they buy one. They’re super excited. They want to create time freedom and financial freedom by having access to the world’s greenest carpet cleaning company. Um, what, what kinds of things does the owner have to do? What kind of effort do they have to put forth to create that time freedom as opposed to being the guy who actually cleans each and every carpet himself?

Sure. That’s a pretty good point. And that’s something that we go over through the process of just evaluating the business and how it fits into your personal life. Because we always talk about time freedom and flexibility and you have an automation support and having the systems in place, which is great. Our franchise livers, a lot of that, but you still have to get it to a point where it’s operating at a level where you as the owner can step back a little bit, that it doesn’t happen just right away. You gotta be able to work with our team, you gotta be able to leverage the resource you have on the marketing front and realize what you need to do on a day to day basis to grow your, and just because we have systems in place like the call center and the scheduling center, that really gives you time back in your schedule.

You should be using that time to make sure you’re, you’re in the field systems for your technicians are really just laid out, right? Everything is out there ready for you. So on all fronts you’re growing and, and each day are becoming more efficient in your operational. All that happens by the Franchisee, you know, really finding the best way to run their business on a day to day basis. And once you get those things really nailed down, then as when you can see the automation really come through and then we’ll, you can see the time freedom where your business doesn’t survive just on you having to be there. It’ll just be, you know, systems in place, knocking down the door to new customers, being able to have them automatically get into your schedule, having your technician really being able to understand their role, right? Be able to take care of their day so you as the owner can either work on multiple sources of income or you can work on just growing that oxi fresh business to, to its best capable, you know, numbers at the end of the month. So you’re very, very right. You got to put some things in place to where that automation can really work for you.

I want to break down this concept of creating time freedom by buying an Oxi fresh or owning any kind of business into three categories, Matt. And I’d like for you to break them down for us. So category number one is human resources. It doesn’t matter how great of a business you have, nothing works unless your people do. Matt, what advice would you have for anybody, whether they own an Oxi fresh or any other kind of business? What kind of effort does somebody have to put into recruiting, training and keeping great people?

Sure. This is probably one of the hardest things for any business is because a lot of people get into franchise ownership because they hated their boss right there, Boston and do things right to in their eyes and they didn’t, they didn’t treat them correctly or whatever it is. And then I see a lot of people turn around and buy a business through the same thing that their technicians, right? And so it’s not only having, um, you know, the, the whereabouts to, to lay out the job description. I’m even talking to where you’re actually posting it, right? Getting a real good job description, not just $15 an hour labor needed. Right? Who’s sort of super pumped about that

15 years. You can put everything in there. That is awesome. I don’t care what he is, $15 an hour and no, seriously, people want more than that. They want more than just 15 an hour. That’s a, that’s a big point, Matt.

Right? They want to know what they’re going to be doing and if there’s growth potential, are they going to be working in a team atmosphere? Are they in charge of their own duties in the day? Right? All those things are important. So you know what? This seems like a really good company culture for me to fit into because where I’m currently at right now, I’m not. I’m being under, I mean, I’m underwhelmed. There’s nothing really going on in my life that I’m happy about. So from that front and then being able to really give them training tools, right? You can’t just hire someone and let them be on their own for two years. You should be demonstrating value to your employees by the amount of training and time you spend with them and understanding where they’re lacking and where they’re really thriving. And then working on both of those right there. Development is your development when it comes to the ownership and if you’re not working on all those things, you can still have a very successful business, but you’re going to be missing out on, on getting to that next level because it’s about human development, technical development, your development as it as a manager and an owner of your business. All those things are go all hand in hand with your growth.

Now I want to get your take on this on page. This will be page 67 of Michael Gerber’s bestselling book, the most successful small business in the world. He’s the Guy Behind the e myth book series. He writes, people are too busy working for a living to give such learning much thought or to invest time, if any, into employee education and training. Where would we begin to find skilled people? Well, we wouldn’t find them. We would need to actually create them. Uh, this is such a issue, chip, I think for a lot of small business owners and Matt said it and I wonder if we can to make sure we don’t miss on the miss out on the wisdom. There a lot of people quit their job because they hate their boss and the environment that that boss creates, right? So they leave and start their own business and then create that same toxic environment that they hated at their own business. Can you share at elephant in the room and thrive and the businesses that you see me work in, how we go about creating that, uh, that, that culture where we actually were, I guess what we do on a practical level to actually train our employees on a weekly basis?

Well, from a high level we talk about it all the time. Management is mentorship. So you have to build that into your culture and your schedule. What, that’s the weird part. So every week we have a full on company staff meeting with the entire staff. At thrive, there’s a sales training every week for elephant in the room. There is a sales training every week for all of the people aren’t doing phone calls and on the phone there’s a daily coaches meeting, training sessions every single morning at 6:00 AM seven on Mondays. Um, it’s just ongoing and you have to pour it into your people and that way they can pour themselves into the business.

Okay. So we talked about human resources now, okay. So if you, if the step one definitely you’ve got to never stop recruiting step to make a job description that’s coherent. That makes sense. If you own an Oxi fresh, uh, Matt and the team can coach you through that process. Three, when you do find people, you got to invest in them. You’ve got to train those people. Now, Matt, let’s say that we have great people. Now we’ve got great people. Talk to me about marketing. We’re going to marketing. Does an Oxi fresh owner need to do on an ongoing basis if they truly want to create both time and financial freedom? What kind of activities?

Sure. So we need to break this down into two different pools. One is going to be residential marketing. Typically it’s very, very turnkey. But there is effort that needs to be given in this, in this, uh, this pool of, of, of marketing. And then there’s commercial, which I’ll get to in a second. So residential, you’ve got to lean on the things that are already set up for you. Specifically. You press right, you never have to worry about, um, you know, hiring someone to build your website locally. We’ll do that, we’ll update it, we’ll manage it. Okay. Same thing with Google. Same thing with Facebook. Same thing with Yelp. These are platforms for when someone’s sitting on their couch and they’re typing in carpet cleaning, you need to show up and there’s certain things. So for instance, really driving the point forward for you and your employees to understand the value of getting those reviews.

And just like Jesse, who’s one of our franchise who’s on the show, you know, he said reviews on all platforms and he’s very right, right? It’s really kind of spread those out. So it’s making sure that every single customer that you touch is a potential review online. And that starts by doing a good job. So that is is on the owner and their understanding of getting those reviews, the value to their business and then passing that down to their customer or their technicians. Right? Every single technician should know the value of that and in some cases be, you know, um, compensated maybe on just performance, right? Good performance creates reviews. So that’s one piece of it. And then engaging with are already, um, set up, establish relationships with our vendors, whether it’s thumbtack or home advisor or different types of marketing platforms like pay per click online.

We already have all of these marketing things established. The relationships are already set, it’s already structured into our franchise, but you still need to engage in it. And when I say engage, you need to understand what that actual customer is going through the book of job on that platform. This is something that has missed out a ton, right? They just get it set up and they expect jobs to come. You need to understand why someone would use something like the home advisor or why they would actually go online and, and, and click on a pay per click ad online. The more you understand your marketing, the better you can actually make it produce, right? That’s very, very important.

No matter what somebody is implementing the marketing systems for residential and commercial, we’re going to start to experience some growth. So again, these three categories I’m focusing on. One, you’ve got to recruit great people. If you want to create time freedom too, you got to start that ongoing marketing. You can never stop that marketing, um, that somebody out there saying, but can I stop marketing? I mean, we had a big month. We’re booked out, man, we’ve got a waiting list out here in Arizona or in Florida. I’ve got an Oxi fresh somewhere across this great country and I’m booked out. Can I stop advertising? Can I stop getting reviews? Why can’t I stop advertising?

You certainly can, but you will plateau, right? And, and, and most companies don’t want to plateau. Um, being comfortable at a certain point is to me the same as like giving up, right? It’s in some respect because you’ve already gotten to that point and your systems are already in place. So why don’t you just keep pushing the pedal down, right? Keep going. Because every technician you put in the fields is extra money in your pocket. At the end day and I’ve met very few people that want less money, their pockets, and more, right? So when you, when you really do it, you shouldn’t stop marketing. You should try to get your marketing costs in terms of your ROI better, right? So if you spend 10,000 and get 100,000 in sales, that’s great, but if you spend 20,000 you get 300,000 sales, that’s better, right? So you shouldn’t actually be trying to stop. You should be trying to make sure that the programs are using in marketing are working more efficiently tomorrow than today and next year rather than this year. That should be your goal, not to reduce market. Just make it better.

No. Category three of creating time freedom and financial freedom with your business. You have to cast a vision and manage people. I mean, you could hire the best people and you know, you know this man, we could train people, we could have the best training in the world. We can take our company to all our employees, to Disneyworld, we could buy them every leadership book possible. We could have all the motivational gurus come in to the meetings. We could have marketing going everywhere, but if people aren’t held accountable through management and they don’t know where the company’s going, nobody wants to follow a leader who doesn’t know where they’re going. Can you talk about the importance of vision casting and management?

Yes. This is something that very good franchisees and business owners practice all the time. I’m not every person when they start a franchise, we’ll have this skillset, but over time you’ll be able to build it, right? You should know where you’re going to be or where you want to be in a year, right? In two years, anything over five years maybe as a stretch, but you can still have those longterm goals. And to me, and some people may do this different, is if you know you want to get to a goal in one year of a certain sales mark, right? Then you need to work backwards. So if that’s your yearly goal, right? You can even do the numbers backwards. I need to get to this number. So you know, I need to get to this number by six months, the back it off to a month, you back it down to a day, what do you have to do that day?

And if you keep doing it every single day to get you to that number at the end of the year or two years or five years, right? And then passing that vision along to your employees or any staff of your company to understand, that’s what I’m talking about when you had to have them understand what you’re actually doing and what that means to the company and them specifically, right? So if they don’t have any value to healing that, then why would they do it? So kind of putting a whole picture together of here’s where we need to be as a company. Here’s what you need to do as an individual. Here’s how it benefits you on your monthly paycheck or your growth within the company. If you meet these goals and here’s where we’re going to be, right? Going from two employees to five or five to 10 now you’re in a management role as a technician. You’re not just a technician doing jobs and you do it by doing these things every day and getting that structure in place.

I really want to hammer home on this super actionable, actionable for every single listener. Matches said you create a big goal, but you work backwards. So mad. If somebody out there owns an Oxi fresh, let’s say, or someone’s thinking about one they might have written down on their mirror, let’s book five jobs a day or whatever the number is, right? They want to have some sort of daily goals and sort of weekly goal. Um, if somebody rocking with an Oxi fresh, like what’s a ton of carpets to clean in one day, like if your team is, if you’re at the top 20% of the, of the company, maybe somebody just an Oxi fresh franchisee who’s on fire, what’s the most number of carpets that can, that have been cleaned in like a day or a week or a approximate? Just to give us some time, let’s say for, for the company, for an actual Franchisee, for maybe their territory.

Sure. Yeah. You can get upwards around 50 60 jobs a day.


I mean, that’d be fit. 15 employees doing four jobs a day, that’s 60 jobs a day.

Wow. Okay. So you really have a lot of room to grow there. And again, if you’re out there and you’re saying, I don’t, I don’t even know the first thing about carpet cleaning. A lot of people have a vision for their life, Matt, that doesn’t consist of what I want to do is clean, copied my main objective in my eyes to chuck. You know how it is. I tough cop it. I’d love to touch the coffee beyond the cockpit. Lose, always asking me for extra squares up. Touch it, Nicole. But I don’t think a lot of people have that goal. They have a goal to maybe have a lake house or to put their kids in private school or to afford health insurance or to buy a bigger home to install a pool and their backyard, whatever they have these goals and Oxi fresh is the vehicle to help you achieve those goals. But I think there’s a lot of people listening, Matt, who own a business right now that creates good money. It’s not an oxi fresh, but it creates good money. And there may be saying, you know, what, can I actually buy an Oxi fresh while still owning my chiropractic center? What, while still being a lawyer while still having my dentistry, can people do well, uh, you know, owning other businesses as well as an Oxi fresh. Is that possible or do they have to be carpet a carpet lovers?

Well, I say this a lot to people because I think on the surface you are right. I don’t think I’ve talked to anyone in the last five years said, Matt, you know what I am dreaming or that own a carpet cleaning company, right? It just doesn’t happen. I myself, I never pictured myself owning carpet cleaning companies for spending five days a week talking about owning a carpet cleaning company. But that’s where I see myself. And the reason that I did, and the reason most people do it is because when you get into the details of the business, yes, you are actually delivering a service and the carpet, upholstery town grouting and Harvard floor areas. But it’s what it is, how it’s structured, right? So if you can produce $50,000 in sales on a carpet cleaning company, right? A month, that’s great, right? And you do a good, you throwing, there’s room for growth there.

Um, and that’s great, but what you really want to figure out is in your life, right? Where do you want to be? You want it to have one business that you can just continually grow and grow and grow. That’s great. We have a lot of that. Or do you want to have multiple sources of income where you can leverage your time to keep growing in multiple different areas? And that’s fine too. And the reason we have our scheduling software, the reason we take care of a lot of the online tech pieces of marketing is because we want our franchisees to have those options. If something comes knocking on your door, you shouldn’t turn it away. You should evaluate it and look at it and see if it fits in your lives to be able to grow it. And that’s our vision as a franchise because at the end, the day we are entrepreneurs, it’d be very weird for us to say, no, you shouldn’t be able to go after that because you should only spend your time on oxi fresh, right? Yes. You I want, we want people to be able to look at all sorts of avenues of, of making money and growing themselves and that can fit into Oxford shoe. You do not need to do one or the other. We have many, many franchisees that have multiple sources of income.

You know, Jesse Kaiser was on the show and we were really interrogating the guy here, but he owns, we don’t have any oxi fresh units. He has right now there. Can we share that matter? Is that maybe awesome?

Yes. Five and in Saint Louis,

five Oxi fresh locations in Saint Louis, he all show he also owns a sports clips franchises. He also owns little Caesars. Caesars yet, I think he said he had a, some kind of a home renovation company he’s working on or some kind of contracting company. Uh, and again that’s not a problem with oxi fresh. That’s not the antithesis of oxi fresh and I think it’s so important out there for you to take a moment today. Chupp everyone needs to take a moment. Chuck, let’s all go up to the mountain together. We’re all good here. We went down. Here we go.

All right, we’re up here. For some reason it’s 90 degrees in Denver. John Denver was full of it. It’s always sunny up here. Chuck, what do we want to do with her? But I already have a fresh towel because he comes with turnkey marketing and sales systems only. We had a franchise brand development person with us on this trip up to the top. What if his name was Matt? Matt,

Matt, walk us through the step by step process. If I’m out there listening today and I say to myself, self, I might want to know in an Oxi fresh, I might not. I’m thinking about going to thrive time forward slash oxi fresh. I’m thinking about doing it or just to be difficult and make it hard to track. I’m thinking about going to Oxi to request some information. What is the, what is the next step look like? If I’m just, if I want to put my toe in the water, I don’t want to commit yet, but I want to learn more about oxi fresh.

Yup. Once you do that, it doesn’t cost you anything and what’s going to happen is you’re going to, we’re going to get your information and then you’re going to be automatically just, you’re going to get some emails from oxi fresh and then we are going to reach out to you. Or if you want to, when you get those emails, you can say, Hey, I’m 9:00 AM on Thursday. We’re great for me. Boom. We’ll put it on the calendar and we’ll just start that process and that the most important part to me is at the very beginning, understanding who you are, right and what you’re doing, what you’re looking to do in terms of your goals, and then we’ll just evaluate the entire business and how that may fit into your current lifestyle, your future lifestyle goals. And at the end of the day it may be great and it might not be, but none of that costume thing and you’ll never know unless you go through that process of just evaluating it with, with myself and my team

and there are four really, really neat things about oxi fresh and I think Matt sometimes undersells because he’s so close to the glory, chuck and you ever want to brag on yourself, you’re less talented podcast friend. Brag on yourself. And so here we go. The value proposition. Think about this, you guys are the world’s greenest carpet cleaner. I mean you guys are using like a 10th of the water of mini carpet cleaning services. Is that accurate, Matt?

That is correct. We’ve got 90%, 95% less water than our competition. Um, you know, most people are familiar with like the extraction where someone’s going to come in, two guys going to drag a bunch of hoses out, they’re going to use 40, 50, 60 gallons of water and a five room home. That’s why, you know, people traditionally think about carpet cleaning is being very invasive, right? They’re going to take your kids to the park for five hours, get away from your home so we can dry in a 24 hour period of time. We’re going to use one to two gallons of water on that same home. You’re going to be back to normal one to two hours. You don’t have to worry about anything. Lingering affects one person per per vehicle per home. So we just brought a more efficient green uh, EPA certified safe for kids and pets, an approach to a pretty traditionally non um, industry.

You’re killing a lot of people that grew up watching the 18 Mr t cause they always had a van and he’s a huge fan

and the van door was always open. I know had to have a dream as a kid of driving a massive van [inaudible] who does a conversion van or larger with the door open, you jump out. I think a lot of people were aspiring to have a massive van, but now with Oxi fresh,

you have to have a smaller vehicle or you can have a smart vehicle. You no longer need to have a massive van and all that equipment to clean carpets. So that’s, you can still have a team, but it’s not the 18 but that’s one negative about oxi fresh. I mean, yeah, it’s the world’s greenest, but you don’t get to have the big van, you know, all the low EPA. I love cars that take up a lot of gas that consume a lot of fuel that are massive, hard to maintain, chubby. That’s, that’s kills the dream there. Now at one benefit, I’m Tryna keep it fair and balanced as you have the time freedom creating scheduling center. Now, the drawback of that they’re mad is if I’m somebody who loves to answer the phone, I have a jeep dream as a child growing up some day to manage and own my own call center.

You’re killing my dreams here. But tell us about the call center, how some people allegedly like not answering their own phone. Now we can not pick that up. Then I tell them they can come on down

Colorado and we have space for him. They can answer the phone to call. Um, that’s absolutely fine. I’m not here to take anyone’s Jim away from them, but you know, we don’t want our franchisees focusing on that piece of it. It’s very time consuming. It’s daunting. Eventually you’re going to get tired of it, right? And you’re going to want to hire people and now that’s a whole nother piece of the Pie. You don’t have to worry about. You don’t have to hire an admin staff and train them, teach them how to speak the carpet cleaning lingo if you will. Right? And if they quit or they go away or they don’t show up, now you’re on the hook for it. So we just really tried to take that entire piece out. Right? And, and everyone says, well, I answered the phones really well, you don’t answer them as good as our call center reps do.

I guarantee you that because they booked jobs, extremely high percentage of close rates and they book almost 70% of the jobs across the country through that call center to here on a Home Office. It is not outsourced. And they’re taking that customer to everything. Understanding where they came from, tracking all the actual information from your customers. You can market to them for free from that point forward, right? Giving a quote and putting that job into your schedule. So when your technician is ready to go do it, they’re going to go complete the job, not go quote. That’s a pretty big mis misconception, right? So we limited all that piece so you can just go out and do the job. The other thing that people don’t realize that we’re almost looking 30% of our jobs right now with our online scheduler, incredibly advanced piece of technology will actually take a zip code, put that Zip code with these specific Franchisee that owns that area. There are specific prices and days of the week they’ll serve as that zip code and zone in their given territory. So you know, 30% is a big, big number of jaws being booked. That tells us that customers are trusting online, they’re booking online, they expect you to be there. That even goes more into understanding online marketing because our customers are already there.

You know what I want to do tip, I want to keep it fair and balanced. Yes, you’re making the world greener. Yeah, whatever, but you can’t buy a huge fan like the 18 yeah. You’ve got a call center that answers the phone for you, but you can’t. You’re killing the dream of all the call center operators out there. I think a lot of people just, well, I’ve always wanted to have chuck ever since I was little child, I’ve wanted to have a call center with all the 24, seven, you know, reachability, the scheduling. I want to go out there and recruit my own team, manage my own team. I want the weight of the world. I want that stress. And people want to be astronauts. And then there’s you. Okay. And then the history of success. I mean, the company’s been around since 2006. I mean, if we’re being fair about it, Matt, I think a lot of people want to push the old uh, you know, Indiana Jones ball up the hill. They want to push the big old boulder up the hill. They don’t want to have a history of success with big momentum. Can you talk to us about why being in business since 2006 and having that proven brand, uh, allegedly could help some franchisees?

Absolutely. And you know, we didn’t, we weren’t always structured like this. It took some time for us to really, you know, make sure, for instance, that scheduling center, it didn’t always operate at the high level that is now, right? So several managers that took a lot of growth. It took a lot of making sure the systems in that specific part of Oxi fresh was where it needs to be. Right? Right. So we had to start somewhere. We have to grow, we had to get it to a point where it, where it say, you know, well, operating machine and we feel very comfortable where we are right now. That is a self sustaining unit of oxi fresh. It didn’t always used to be that way. Um, and through time we’ve been able to grow because we have protected territory. This is a big one. We almost have 400 units operating right now.

We’re getting to that point. And because of our protected territory system, our franchisees are in constant communications with each other, learning how they’re doing it, best practices, what not to do, as a pretty important thing to understand as well. So you’re not only having resources at the Home Office, you have an entire group of people doing the exact same thing you’re doing every day that have maybe been doing it for several years, right? Well, maybe you’re starting at the same time. You can build a relationship with someone where you guys can really start to engage with each other and learn from each other in addition to the Home Office. So that’s 12 years of experience has helped us. We sustained growth through the very, very bad economic times in 2008 nine and 10 we grew not only unit economics wise, what we grew with, franchise number, that tells us a lot about our business and it’s sustainability and our ability to grow through bad recession, good recession. We feel very comfortable in that and that we’ve already lived through that and been able to grow.

If you’re out there and you’re saying, I’m looking for one final reason to buy or not to buy an Oxi fresh. This is that you guys have proven turnkey marketing and you’re getting, you’re killing the dreams of the guy who dreams of networking and the adrenaline rush, Chuck of daily wondering how you’re going to feed your family. Well, you know, some people like to Matt, you know, jump out of planes and do the skydiving or ski really fast. They’re in Colorado, down the hills. They want that adrenaline rush of doing those kind of risky behaviors on a daily basis. And one of the behaviors I know a lot of people love is thinking, hell, am I going to feed my family today? I just love that energy. Waking up with my hair being on fire heaven, no clue of how I’m going to market my business, pass it out. Business cards to every single person I meet frantically. That’s a, that’s an excitement. And the adrenaline rush you’re not going to have with oxi fresh whatever. Sell us on the benefits of this turnkey marketing you speak of.

Sure. So it is very important to have the turnkey marketing and, and don’t get us wrong, we want driven franchisees that want to be handing out business cards and wants to be talking to people about their business and the benefits of using them over the competition. That is a gift that not everybody has. So if you have those skillsets, that’s just going to better build your business and build it faster. But what the turnkey marketing solutions do for you is it allows your business to get to a point of sustainability, right? It’s where you can focus your energy on going and having conversations with property managers, but it needs to start somewhere, right? When you get to a point where you are getting pulled up with every Google search or every Yelp search or every Facebook search on in your area, you will have a very, very sustainable growth driven business that will take you to whatever goals and dreams you need, right? So you want to have all fronts working for you at all times and that just will happen over time and working with us and our teams, uh, but that, that turnkey marketing is exceptional.

You don’t shop, we liked it. And roaming in the show with, with a boom, and we’ll see what happens on today’s show. But I can say this, if you’re out there and you’re interested and having your value proposition and the world’s greenest carpet cleaner and you don’t want to drive a big van and I know no one does, then you would go to a thrive time,, forward slash oxi fresh fill out the form, request them info. If you’re interested in not running your own call center in staffing it and all these things that I know, no one’s interested in, that you’d want to go to thrive time, forward slash Oxi fresh until at the forum if you want to team up with a teen has a history of success rather than slugging it out. And you know, being like Lebron James, starting with nothing in Cleveland, if you want to build your own freaking dynasty, start from the bottom and grind for 10 years before you figured out you don’t want to go to thrive time. forward slash oxi fresh. You want to be Lebron and go to the Lakers. And now I don’t, I don’t even understand that move. And then there’s the turnkey marketing couple. I’m on a roll here. You, if you don’t want the turnkey marketing, if you say, I want to do it all myself, I want to try to reinvent the wheel, then you don’t want to go to thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh. So Matt, we always end with a boom. We do three, two, one, boom. Today I’m going to do one, two, three. Boom. That’s what I’m gonna do, okay? Because it’s such a negative shelf. Just do it too much. Too much value there for the people out there. Chop that. Want to reinvent the wheel. So Jeff, you ready? Go. One, two, three, boop, boop. All right, here we go. Here we go. Matt. Ready. Here we go. One, two, three.


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