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Don’t allow yourself to be shackled by employees who say “that’s not my job” and people who refuse to not do anything beyond their narrow job descriptions. 

ACTION ITEM #1 – Conduct the group interview every week

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I noticed that the dynamic range between what an average person could accomplish and what the best person could accomplish was 50 or 100 to 1. Given that, you’re well-advised to go after the cream of the cream … A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.” – Steve Jobs (The co-founder of Apple, the founder of NeXT and the former CEO of PIXAR)

ACTION ITEM #2 – Rank and Yank Your Employees

A Players – The Top 20% 

B Players – The Middle 70%

C Players – The Bottom 10% 

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Business conference Thats Not My Job Thrivetime Show

Grabbed the duct tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind expanding knowledge business conference from America’s number one business coach. Clay Clark.

Yes, yes, yes. And yes. Jason is a beautiful, beautiful Saturday morning here at six 18 in the morning and we just got off the phone with the morning glory, the wonderful restaurant in satellite beach, Florida. That’s right. And we also got off a call with Randy [inaudible] with a PMH, O C to great entrepreneurs. And I am fired up to be talking about this, this concept. I, I’m, I want you to tee off on it as soon as I in Vail the topic, I want you to tee off on it because you’ve seen this, I’ve seen this. It is a bad thing, a very bad thing for business conference people. Oh, I call it silos and bogus. You know, you’ve seen me, you’ve seen Milo and Otis, but there are silos and bogus. What, what does a silo, a silos where you hire somebody and they say, what’s my job description?

And then you tell them, well, your job is to be the front desk guy. You know you’re going to greet customers that come in, you’re going to answer the phone, you’re going to greet customers when they come in and answer the phone and then you’re going to clean every day. And here’s your checklist. And on the checklist it’s, you know, answer the voicemails, respond to the emails, greet people when they come in, clean the bathroom and then the first time you ask them to do something else you say, Hey, you know, is it possible? Could you on your way home, stop by Lowe’s and pick up a replacement part for the, the, the bathroom we got, we got a problem in the bathroom. Can you pick up the replacement part the first time you ask them to get the, the, the, the replacement part at Lowe’s or you ask them if they would be willing to say, Hey, could you fold the towels for us?

Or Hey, could you do anything that’s not in that original job description? Yep. They say, is that, that’s not my job. You’ve seen this, right? I’m very familiar. Give me X. Give the listeners out there some examples cause you’ve managed elephant in the room, which is a multi million dollar business, a men’s grooming lounge. You managed a great team of people there. How often did someone try to say it’s not my job? Oh, a lot. For me the biggest it’s not my job. Comeback was when I would stress the importance of getting reviews and getting testimonials from our customers. I immediately would get the response, Oh I don’t remember that being on my, my end of the day or beginning of the checklist. Or that’s not on the hourly checklists. Is that really something I should be doing or is that your job? And you just want help with that.

Oh know what? How is it typically said? I want to hear it. How is it said when you ask someone to do something that is a, I’m not on their daily checklist. How do they say it? How do they say, it’s not my job, it’s not my job. Or did they say are they more passive aggressive with it? How do they, how do they say it? Unless you’re dealing with like, you know, the baddest of the bad, like the terrorist employee, which hopefully you’re not. Typically the response is always very nice. It’s kind of a little passive, like, Oh I didn’t know. Was that, was that supposed to be something that I do? I, I’m just not familiar with that or are you sure that that’s something that’s, that I’m supposed to be, I thought I’d just cut hair. But people say this to you.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Now in our office we have a culture where we don’t put up with that. True. explain to listeners out there about the kind of stuff that you did this week that’s not in your job description. Let’s just share this week the stuff that you personally did that’s not in your job description. If there is such a thing as a business conference coach. Let’s see, Tuesday or Wednesday, Wednesday I went and bought a a thousand diapers. You did? Yeah. Yeah. John I was, I had an hour free and he’s like, Hey, are you going to grab? Like typically I’ll grab like a gallon of water for myself and him. He’s like, Hey, while you’re out, I need you to grab 10 boxes of the biggest diaper boxes you could find. Like, why? Well, why did we do that? Because the summers, summers is, I don’t know you said that poorly, but Ben and Amelia are expecting their first little one.

Nice. Nice. And so my wonderful wife had the idea, Hey, let’s, let’s get him something nice. And so we got him some diapers. You know, you got him a gift there, right? But I didn’t argue, I’m like, I’m not the diaper man. I’m not your doula. Don’t go grab those things for you. The diaper, the doula. But other than that, let’s see. I’m going to fix a sink at the downtown location tomorrow. I stopped by to each of the shops to kind of grab them coffee and do like an inventory to make sure everything’s good. Look to the sound system at the broken arrow shop yesterday and that sound by the way, it sounds great. Those new songs, speakers. Oh is it a game changer? It is. The base is so clear. All the base up in that place. I’m so excited.

Is it punchy? Is it in a good way? No, like a not in a intimidating or over the top way. It’s nice. It sets a really cool tone. The energy is definitely there. So I want to break it down. I want to break down the this into very specific action steps that our listeners can benefit from this on today’s knowledge bomb edition of how to deal with, that’s not my job. When an employee says that’s not my job. I’m going to give you specific moves you have to use. Okay. But first I want to read a notable quotable to all of the listeners. I’d like for you to unpack it. Yeah. So this is the a apparently the guy upstairs is moving a bowling ball. Apparently I thought it was thunder and I realized it was going off every like 10 seconds. Yeah. The guy upstairs and, and we, we have a big building here about a 20,000 square foot building here off of the Riverwalk in jinx America.

And for those of you who’ve never seen our building, I would always encourage you to check it out. It’s 1100 riverwalk terrorists and jinx Oklahoma. So 1100 river walk terrorists in jinx Oklahoma. If you Google a thrive time show and jinx, you should go find a GE are J. E N. K. S. J. E. K. S. You should be able to find our building and you can see it, but above us, apparently somebody is moving a bowling ball. Okay. But that’s not my job to push this kind of a first city. Right. Okay. But no, seriously, Steve jobs has a notable quotable. This is Steve jobs, the cofounder of Apple, the founder of next, and the former CEO of Pixar. He says, I noticed that the dynamic range between what an average person could accomplish and what the best person could accomplish was 50 to a hundred. Given that he says, again, I noticed that the dynamic range between what an average person could accomplish and what the best person could accomplish was 50 or a hundred to one.

Given that you are well advised to go after the cream of the cream, a small team of a players can run circles around C players. So let’s talk about this for a second. Going back to elephant in the room, let’s praise somebody right now who is on the team who always goes over and above. Who is that? Well sorry, I thought we were going to say it at the same time. We’re sharing a brainwave right there, but I was going to say Carly, cause when you’re talking about people who go above and beyond, I’ve never had a conversation with that employee that’s ever resulted in, that’s not my job. It’s like, Oh cool. Yeah, you know, I’d love to help out. And then in doing so, like now she runs laps around everybody and it’s not in like a, you know, her versus them type of, you know, mentality. She’s just really good at what she does. And she’s a really good employee. This is what Steve jobs has to say about, about a players here. This is Steve jobs. I mean, Oh, Steve jobs.

Which is, I didn’t know how to explain it then, but I’ve thought a lot about it since if you, most things in life, the dynamic range between average and the best, is it most two to one, right? Like if you go to New York city and you get an an average taxi cab driver versus the best taxi cab driver, you know, you’re probably going to get to your destination with the best taxi cab, maybe 30% faster, you know, in an automobile. What’s the difference between an average and the best? Maybe how 20%? The best CD player and an average CD player, I don’t know, 20%. So two to one is a big, big dynamic range. And in most of the life,

In software, and it used to be the case in hardware too. The difference between average and the best is 50 to one, maybe a hundred to one DC. Okay. I’ve very few things in life are like this. But what I was lucky enough to spend my life in is like this. And so

I’ve built [inaudible]

A lot of my success off finding these truly gifted people and not settling for B and C players, but really going for the a players. And I found something, I found that when you get enough a players together, when you go to through the incredible work to find, you know, five of these a players, they really like working with each other because they never had a chance to do that before. And they don’t want to work with B and C players. And so it becomes self policing and they only want to hire more a players. And so you build up these pockets of a players and it propagates. And that’s what the Mac team was like. They were all a players. And these were extraordinarily talented people. So, but there are also people who now say that they don’t have the energy anymore to work for you.

[Inaudible] Sure.

Oh, I, I think if you talk to a lot of people on the Mac team, they will tell you it was the hardest they’ve ever worked in their life. Some of them will tell you it was, you know, the happiest they’ve ever been in their life. But I think all of them will tell you that is certainly one of the most intense than cherish experienes they will ever have in their life. Yeah. So, you know, it’s a, some of those things you, you are not sustainable for a second.

Okay. So let’s talk about this for a second. Again, how to deal with people that say, that’s not my job. How to deal with employees that say Jason, I mean, how often do you, when you were managing the shop, how often would you hear that? I mean, and then in the store more often than I’d like to admit, but, and i was funny as like it would even come down to things that were actually on the checklist like that were somebody’s job. Like you know, the, the folding of the towels or mopping was on the checklist and then this is what I have found. There’s like, this is how people try to get out of doing their work. They one, they go, Oh, is that, is that my job? Is that my job or is that your job? Then once you’ve clearly point out it is on your checklist to do it, even if it is, then they go, I’m really busy.

Could you help me out? Yeah. It’s just, it’s ridiculousness. So what I want to do is I want to give everybody some action items. So one, we got to do that group interview every week. If you haven’t heard our shows about the group interview, listen to those shows. You got to do it. You got to conduct the group interview, conduct the group interview every week. Jason, when should we do it? Every single week. Okay. Why? Well, because that’s one of the biggest pitfalls. Like I’m working with one of my business conference clients right now and he wants to replace his entire team. He realizes my checklists are awesome. My systems are great to come on. The people are the problems. So I always are or they aren’t. It’s just like the people are the either the biggest resource or the biggest source of frustration. Yeah. So it comes down to people.

I talk to them, I’ like, well what, what’s your plan? He goes, well I got to the point where, Oh I asked them, when did you realize you wanted to replace your team? He goes, well, when I got to the point where when I was walking into my own business and I didn’t want to be there, cause it’s not that I hate my job or what I do, he goes, the people I have are not right for me. Right. Can’t see the growth that I want to see with the current people. Cause I can’t change them. I can coach them. But if they don’t, you know, if they’re not susceptible to it, then I got to find somebody better. So he is, he’s ramped up his group interview and I want to say he’s doing two a week now, but he’s passionate about finding and he knows it’s going to take time.

You know, like Steve said, you know, you may find, it may take some time to find like five of those people, but once you do, they’re going to work together in harmony and it’s going to create that atmosphere that you as the entrepreneur will thrive in. So step one, listen to our shows on the group interview, but implement that group interview, get that thing going on. Don’t stop it. Don’t stop. You know, this week we had somebody who said to me, she says, I really, really want to work for you guys. I’ve wanted to work. I’ve watched you guys on indeed Glassdoor and I’ve been following you on social media, your story. I’ve been following you guys. I really want to work. I mean really laying it on thick. Yeah. And then we sent her, we scheduled her first day, she put her two week notice in and her job and then she decided to send it a text that she doesn’t want to come work here.

Oh and that’s fine because we have a pool of cool candidates to pull from. It’s true. So I actually had a number two action item number two, rank and yank your employees. Now this sounds rough, but that is the key to good sandpaper and the key to running a good business. You has some roughness in there. Okay, so Jack Welch talks about how you want to take out a sheet of paper and you want to rank all of your employees. You put the top 20% those are a players. A players are the top 20% Jason, what percentage of your people are A-players? Presenters of my people. Like the staffer, like coaching business conference clients. Well, that’s what I’m saying. The top 20% is that number, right? You can’t have, you have 10 employees. Oh, I see. You got to have to top 20% yes. Don’t do this crap where you said that everybody on your team isn’t a player.

They’re all special in their own way. Clay, get out of here. Not possible. Okay, so top 20% all right, and how do you know they, these people get to work early. They stay late. They always do more than you ask them to do, right? They love their jobs, they’re into it. They’re fired up, right. They, they, they love it. Now the B players, Oh, the B players to players. And you ain’t gotta have a lot of B players. You got, you just have to have B players to make a company run. Now there’ll be player, this is a curious individual. They, they, they’re, they’re valuable in the company but, but they, they get to work right on time. You know, they’ll do the job, but that’s about it. They’ll get there right on time. They leave right on time. Right at five they’re out. Yup.

They’re always there. Right at night. They don’t really like to move up. They don’t like when you change things, they really hate when you change. If you roll out a new price increase or a new package, how do they handle it then? I wasn’t, you know, I’ll tell you what, I’ve been working here for the past 10 years and the price has been the same. And you know, when you do it, if you raise the prices, we’re growing up, we’re going to lose people. And if we, if we change the systems, that’s not how we used to do it back in my day. If you give them a book to read, you say, Hey, you know, if you want to get promoted, they’re mr B player. All you gotta do is read this book and implement it. They kind of go, am I going to get paid for that?

Yeah. That’s like, that’s, that’s the universal sign. Are you a B player? Am I going to get for that? Then they’ll say stuff like, I remember, I remember this a true story for elephant in the room. We had a person, I won’t mention their gender or anything specific, but they want it to be a manager. And I said, okay, cool. You realize you currently cut hair. Yeah. Well if you’re a manager, your base pay is going to be less because you don’t have tips like you have now. True. So if you’re going to make money as a manager, you’re going to have to become a master of selling memberships. Right? And when you sell a membership, I think you get like a, what’s the commission right now? Right now it is 10 15 and a 23 gives some context to the listeners. Your first haircut at elephant, the room was a dollar and if you’re happy, you know who helped me.

Hope you are. If you’re wowed and we try to share with you about the membership options and then if the person at the front desk, the manager or assistant manager sells a membership, they get a commission, so I clearly pointed out to this person, I think you know who I’m talking about, that if you’re a manager, you’ve got to be able to sell memberships to make a race and you get paid for every objective. Google review, you gather, you get paid for every objective video review, you gather, you get paid for your memberships, but you’ve got to be good at sales because otherwise you’re taking a pay cut, right? They, Oh yeah, I know I want to do it. I feel like I need to be a manager and let me tell you what they did. They moved into that management position. Day one didn’t sell a membership.

We’re like, Oh, for five over four I called the person up. I said, Hey, if you book those four, you would’ve made about $65 yeah, but you didn’t book those force. He didn’t get that. So you’re just getting your base pay and I want to make sure you’re clear. You also are not, you didn’t get any reviews, so you didn’t make a lot of, you made a far less today than you would’ve made cutting hair, right? Oh yeah, absolutely. I just, I feel called to be a manager. This goes on day two, day three, day, four day. And I finally, day five I said, Hey look, you cannot be selling one and a 10 yeah. The quota is what Jason wants. It’s 55% so not only is your pay dictated by how much you’re able to sell, but that’s in your job description. Like if you’re not breaking even, that’s bad for us.

And that’s your core job is to sell those memberships. Now the first haircut’s a dollar and we donate that dollar to which provides food and shelter and education for kids in need in third world countries. Right? So we don’t even make a dollar on the first haircut. No, it costs us about 22 to $23 to do the haircut. And you say, how does it cost $23 for a first haircut? Well, let me personally works, the front desk is getting paid. Nope. The person cutting their hair is getting paid. [inaudible] Lights are on turn. That costs money. Music, song lights on the sound, paraffin hand dip, the whole experience. So it does cost money. And so this person, I said, Hey person, you’re like an a player cutting hair. You really are, but you, you, you do do a great job cutting hair, but you’re going to have to get better at sales and we’re going to have to move on.

Oh, they got pissed. And why can’t people usually go back to a position after they’ve been promoted? What, why? After someone’s been promoted to the next level and they clearly can’t do it at the next level, why is it almost impossible for someone to go back down to a pseudo, to the ranking, to, to the, to the position they used to have. We’ll just a two part answer. And any good business, if you were to promote somebody out of a role in that role that they were previously in, needs to have somebody in that role, you would then fill that with the next best option. So two people are getting a promotion, so now you can’t go back to that job because somebody else who has proven themselves to be worthy of it has it. So now you have to go back to another role and that’s where intranet two comes in.

It’s like a hole. It’s like a, it’s like a pride thing. Yes. I went up and then I have proven that I could not do what I said that I could do. So I come back and it’s almost like a walk of shame. You walk back in and it’s just like, Oh. It’s like, it’s like when your friend says, I can dunk, I can hit that dunk, raise the goal a little bit, and then they go and then they miss and then they turn around and it’s like this. It’s like a sulking, solemn walk back. Like I said, you could do it Carl, but now, okay, so let’s talk about this again. So the top 20% D D, do you need to motivate these people? No. You simply give them merit based pay where they can earn more. If they do more and these homies will get to work early, they’ll stay late and they will make money.

Oh, they’ll find the motivation. They’re motivated. That’s that top 20% get out a piece of paper right now. If you own a company, get out a piece of paper. Right now. Got a piece of paper, but I’m driving. Okay. When you back to the office, get out a piece of paper. I like to use an app. Fine. Use an app. I don’t care. Here’s what you need to do. Rank your 10 employees. The top 20% are the a players, a players. The middle 70% that’s the B players. Now we’re work with me, B players, these homeboys and homegirls. They need to be motivated and they need to feel as if they truly belong. Right? So Jason, those of you who listened to this show have gotten familiar with your voice, and we’ve talked about like the things you’re doing well on the show and how to get better at it.

It’s, it’s been fun. Yeah, it’s been a lot of fun. But I don’t want to give you feedback. I never have to worry that you’re going to go the B player. You tell a B player, you go to B player and say, Hey, be buyer. You were on that podcast last week. You know, you’re too quiet. I need you to, you know, get closer to the mic. What would you say that you don’t even acknowledge all the good things I do. Okay. Let me make a list of all the good things you do, right? Hey, players don’t need to be acknowledged. They just want to be financially compensated when they win, right? So again, a players very different from B players. B players. Aw man. They need that motivation. True. They need that motivational event. They got to have like a, you got to bring in lunch for these people.

You got to cater some food. You gotta, you know, you gotta recognize how long they’ve been there. PE players get super pissed if you don’t know how long they’ve worked there. Oh yeah. Oh they love that. They’ll go, clay, I really love working here. They’ll say, and I’ll say, Oh, that’s great, that’s great. And they’ll say, do you know how long I’ve been here? I got, no I don’t. And they go, I’ve been here like nine months. God, wow, you’ve acknowledged me. I go, well, you know, the cool thing is I don’t even know how long I’ve been here. I was about to say that like you, you have asked me a couple times over the past few weeks on the podcast. So how long have you been here? I could not tell you. I say somewhere between two and a half and three years. I know like it’s three years.

That seems, I mean it seems like it’s something we should say. Let’s just say moving forward that we’re trending three years, but we don’t think about it because we’re a players, but PE players, man, they want it and it’s like their birthday. Hey, Hey guys, this is a beep. Let me, let me get into my inner B player. This is a B player, Jason. It’s my birthday today. Did you know that? Jason? You’re my manager. Do you know what’s my birthday today? I’ve had employees blow up like not talk to me for hours. It’s my birthday all day. All day. It’s my birthday. It’s so what’s so good? And again, I’m not saying I’ll talk like this, but this is just kind of how it does just me in person to be player. Me, I’m going to get channel my inner B player. Jason, did you not?

It’s my birthday today. Oh no, I totally didn’t. Oh my gosh. It’s just how long have I worked for you? How long have you worked for him? You don’t even know that. Ah, and then they just stay in that doom loop cause that’s a B player. But a B player needs to be motivated. They need to feel like they truly belong. And you don’t want to lose the vast majority of your middle 70 true. You want to improve them. Yeah. All right. No, no C player. Now that we all know what a C player is, but somebody out there has been to too much public school. You’ve been watching too much NPR. Your head has been in your ass for so long that you’ve forgotten what is up and what is down. This is the bottom 10% now let me, let me, there’s no sugarcoating these homeys gotta go, yes, this is the bottom 10% now let me tell you about these people.

These people always miss deadlines. Yup. They always miss a deadline and they were on time and never on time and always have a personal problem. Yeah. Every time you talk to him it’s like you’re, it’s like it’s depressing building rapport with them, whether you ask them, how are you doing today? Or if you ask them about like, Oh, so the two areas where I always ran into the personal problems coming into it is just simply asking them how they are when they walk through the door or when you have to give them constructive feedback. Phone just fine was like, Hey, you know, clay I realize you have been late this week so I am going to work with you on nailing down that schedule and making sure that if you need an accountability buddy, I will, I’ll call you 30 minutes before you have to be here just to make sure that you’re on your way.

They always have an addiction. Yeah. They always have a personal problems if you don’t understand. I was late because my baby daddy was over and we got in a fight and it ended at like four, so I had no sleep. You’re like, what? And they get emotional about stuff. Like when, when when Trump got elected or when Obama gets elected, they want to take the day off because Trump got elected or the Obama God. And I remember it’s been a while since Obama was in office, but I’ve seen people do it on the other side to Obama. He’s an office. It’s going to end the world. I got to take, I mean, you see that they’re, they’re always affected by the weather. The weather’s a big thing for C players. Right. Which is hilarious. There’s a Wednesday or Thursday, Wednesdays when we got all that snow and ice out of nowhere.

Oh yeah. I walked in and I thought, Oh man, it’s probably going to be like a ghost town. Everybody was here. Yes. All of our people got here because we have an office environment now where we, I’d say we have now, we’ve created a team where we probably have 95% A-players. Yeah, but what if you’re, if this is the first time going through this exercise, you gotta be honest with yourself here. You gotta realize that Jack Welch was correct when he was running GE. He grew GE by 4000% homeboys, homegirls listeners, he grew. Think about this. He grew GE by 4000% and you know how he did it. Differentiation. This is his system. It’s called differ in sheet [inaudible] differentiation. Just cut out a spreadsheet and rank your employees top 20% middle 70% and that bottom 10%, you need to walk up to them. Right now you’re walking, walking up to him and you say, this is what you say.

You say, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, can we talk for a second? Yeah, sure. Here’s the deal. You’re, you’re, you’re late a lot and you debate a lot when you have work that you’re supposed to do. And so what I want, what I need to do when I need to do with you is I need to get to a place to where your, I’m not late a lot where you show up on time. And so because of that I’m giving you a warning here. I’m just letting you know that moving forward, you will not work here anymore if this continues. So you’ve, you’ve got to stop immediately being late and you have to stop always having a debate when you are told what to do. And if you do not stop, I’m going to have to let you go. I’m gonna, I’m going to have to let you go and when I let you go, I’m sorry I have to let you go, but I have to let you go.

You’re just gonna have to let you go. Easy as that. And that’s how it works. But if you, if you try to mold a C player, Oh cause you want to, you want to mold them into the person that can be, yup. If you want to fix them, how’s that going to go? How’s it going to go, Jason? How’s it going to go? It’s not going to go great. Like I’m, I heard zoner Sam, one of the podcasts I was shadowing and I love using this cause I use it with all of my business conference clients who have difficult employees. He said people change, seldom sell your job to change somebody. It’s your job to give them the tools and give them the structure that you would like for them to adhere to for your company. But it’s not your job to make the perfect employee. Now it’s good to mentor people, but that only goes so far.

And I know we have a lot of pastors that listen to this show secretly. And when the pastors listen to this show, a lot of times they say, yeah, but I’m in ministry. It doesn’t matter. The top churches rank and yank people too. They’ll, they’ll, they’ll, they’re gonna if the praise and worship leaders terrible and everybody knows they’re terrible [inaudible] and you keep on, you keep them there. I say terrible. They, they’re either bad, just bad at performing or they can’t be on time or they miss rehearsals. Who are you hurting? If you keep a bad praise and worship guy on your team, you’re hurting your entire congregation, entire church. And you, I’m sure. And you’re, you’re, again, you’re not a Christian Guy, but you’ve been to some church I’ve been to, yeah, I’ve been to quite a bit. And when you’ve gone to church, have you seen the admit the unfortunate praise and worship leader?

Every so, Oh no. I probably go to church maybe once or twice a year depending on who is in my, you know, direct network. Because I have friends and family who enjoy that and that’s fine. But the only church that I’ve been to that I have enjoyed going to was life. And I remember thinking, Oh, this plays this popular place. It’s going to be all. Like I pictured it being like Tony Robins at first. Yeah. Just cause I had never been. But when I went, I saw their state’s production, their praise and worship leaders were on fire and then Craig was not boring. And then immediately after that, I hate to name drop, but I went to, I won’t say the name cause it’s too close. It’s a South Tulsa kind of bigger church kind of elevated. I went there, a beautiful building, awful service. It was like a funeral and it’s been like that with everybody else.

But yeah, no. So I’ve definitely, I’ve definitely experienced the worst and the best in my opinion when it comes to, you know, praise and worship and it makes a difference. What I’m going to do is I’m going to cue up I’m going to, I’m going to cue up what I believe to be excellent praise and worship. And I’m going to play bad praise and worship and maybe we can just kinda go through and figure out what is it that is excellent and what is it that is not excellent. But I think, I think sometimes people are good people and you know, we don’t want to judge, but the whole congregation knows who’s good and who’s not. I mean, the whole congregation knows, right? So this is, this is bad. Praise and worship. Let me queue this up here. And if this is you in this audio, I apologize that this is you. Let me cue this up real quick. Here we go. Okay, give me three, two, one.

They’re all on key. They all have a plan. They’re all in unison. Now here is another bad audio performance and you know, Jason, if you can break down what makes this bad, I’m going to cue it up. Here we go. Get ready. Jason

[Inaudible]. Is this Carl Lewis performance? What makes this so not great? There is a pitch problem. What do you mean? What do you mean?

No? Is it let’s this. This is what, this is what people are saying. No, this is what some churches are [inaudible].

Yeah, but that’s somebody’s daughter. That’s, that’s a good guy. He’s a good guy. He needs his job. He misses his job. Can you go? Yeah, but it’s clearly bad. Yeah, but he needs this job. Like Carl can’t make a good sandwich. Yeah, but he needs this job. You say, Trevor cannot sell anything, but he needs this position. Your main even question, how could you possibly suggest we should fire this guy? He’s putting his heart into it and you’re going, no, no, no. Seriously, this guy is a terrible manager. Nobody respects him. Everybody’s late. He’s always like, nothing ever gets done. He’s a bad accountant. Yeah, but it’s been here for 10 years. This guy’s a bad account manager. He never calls his clients back. Yeah. But he’s the son of the owner. Oh that’s a good the son of the owner. But this guy can’t man, this guy couldn’t manage, you know, eliminate stand here.

This guy. Yeah, but he’s the, he’s the owner’s son. This, this person is clearly a terrible before he has puts the pastor’s daughter. You’ve seen, have you seen this before? Absolutely. What happens when you protect a seaplane? When you protect a C player, you start to lose the respect of your, so your, your B players are immediately out. But it also starts to affect how much work your a players want to do for you. Cause they work with you well because you provide that environment that they want to thrive in. It’s become and becomes a big joke. Exactly. Exactly. As everyone’s going, this guy’s not good. Everybody, everybody knows he’s not good except for this guy and the person protecting him. And I think there’s, Jason, let’s talk about some of our business conference clients who have held on to bad employees too long. Don’t give us a specific name of the company, but just give us an industry where you’ve seen somebody holding onto someone who is terrible and they couldn’t grow until they were able to cleanse the colon and fire the seaplane contractors, whether it be electricians, roofers, plumbers remodelers. Yes, everybody in that industry has somebody in, typically it’s, Oh well, you know, he’s my, my sales guy is my brother-in-law’s nephew, so I don’t want to ruin that relationship. Or he’s my father in laws, you know, son. So he’s not going to ruin that relationship. But you want to ruin the relationship with every one of your customers. Exactly. So all your customers get hurt and your, your profit gets hurt. The ears of people get hurt. Now, let’s go

Back here to mr Kanye and listen to this. I mean, the reason why I knew when Kanye was building his Sunday service choir, the reason why I knew it would be excellent is because he won’t put up with anything unless it’s excellent. That’s true. I mean he just will not, he’s not going to. So I want you guys to listen to this and tell me what makes this excellent.

It’s just a night and day difference. They can hold a rhythm without the drummer coming in for anything other than like, you know, a big like percussive, like one hit there on key so much. It sounds like they’re fake. It’s, yeah, I mean, and there’s just a night and day difference between a and C players. I tried to give everybody some audio examples to try to make it a, hopefully a, an analogy we can all relate to. But again, homework for you. Step one, conduct group interview every week, right? Step to rank and yank. Determine who’s the a players, the top 20% B players. Who are the B players? Who are the C players? Try to coach those B players up, become a players, but the C players, they will resent you. They will get mad at you. They will be yawn and meetings. True. Yet they will always yawn in meetings.

They will always oversleep. They always coming in to what I was coming to work looking like death warmed over. I mean they’re warmed up. They’re just, they’re just bad. Yeah, and you got to get him out of there cause they’re, they’re killing your customers. They’re killing your profits. You just got to get rid of those C players and that my friends is how you deal with employees that say that’s not my job. But if you’re out there today and you’re saying, you know what, clevis clay Tron Menendez, I need to take my life to the next level. Well quit being on the outside of the conversation and book your attendance at our next in-person thrive time show business conference. It is the world’s highest rated and most reviewed business conference. You can find out more about it today by going to thrive time it’s thrive time and click on the business conferences button and when you click there, you can see over a thousand video testimonials from great people who have attended the business conference and I know it will change your life. And Jason, are you prepared to end the show with a boom? Always. Because in just a moment we’re going to get on the phone with the guy here who is a a. A, it’s a Oh, here’s what he does. Sheet rock installation. Nice. And he wants to become a business conference client and we might, we might just have an opening this month. Maybe not. We’ll see. But I’m, I’m excited to want to talk.

Yeah, that’d be fun. Here we go. Any further ado? Three, two, one.

You got to get it. Don’t quit. To say is your day, today is your day all went to [inaudible]. But we cannot begin without self discipline to fall on your face, to just sell a teach yourself to closed up bail with the friends when the storm’s getting up in the scat. And the only thing that with yourself, what you believe he believe in you, but not as much as God does. If you go into hell, he’s got nothing. Apply what you increase switchboard increase what? You burn it in due time you got money to increase what you burn in due. You got money to sing it. Sing it into Tom. You got money too. Money. I looked the shutdown, the Dow silver weeds that became your dream flowers empower you to D de devour all of the obstacles that make your sweet dream sour. As for me, I used to [inaudible] stutter, but now up on the microphone. Smooth light buck. If I can do it, I know you can do, but you bust stick to it like posters too. And while Morgan’s on the call risk, what he’s saying, I’m gonna carbon shoot big dreams today and now it says, you move. Today is your day day and now is yours. It’s your time today and now we do a time sing it bargain. Today is your day. [inaudible] Are the time. I realize I can’t sing like that, but I can’t talk and


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