How to Declutter Your Thinking and How to Stop Wasting Your Time

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Clay and Z break down why “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.” – Steve Jobs

  1. Decluttering
    1. Make a list of things you are clinging to that:
      1. Would’ve been
      2. Could’ve been
      3. Should’ve been
    2. You have to have a business coach
      1. Someone who can sit down with you and give you solid feedback.
    3. Pick one idea that will work, and stick the rest in a file.
    4. You work like heck until the first idea is profitable.
    5. When you are divided, you won’t get as much done.
    6. You have to have a goal/dream but you have to break it down into small steps on how to achieve that dream.
    7. That dream has to be a “Hell Yes” and not a “Maybe…”
    8. People will start with an idea and then get a little pushback. They won’t leave the first idea and they will just pile onto their plate.
    9. George Lucas had the idea for Toy Story at Pixar and also a ton of other ideas. They decided to pick the “Best” one. They decided to make the hit Toy Story.
  1. Removing the Unnecessary Things
    1. The Martin Fogger
      1. Something that no one wants but you think they want.
    2. The loudest subwoofer
    3. If you have an item that never sells… Maybe people just don’t want it.
    4. Prepaid power-washing
    5. You have to be willing to move forward and move on
  2. Burning Bridges Creates Distance
    1. Hire fast. Fire fast.
    2. They might look great on paper but 85% of people Lie on their resumes according to inc. Magazine
    3. You know what you have quickly on. People show who they are soon.
    4. Whenever you figure out who they are, now it’s on you.
    5. When you fire someone, you’re saying that you didn’t have all of the facts

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.” – Steve Jobs (The co-founder of Apple, the founder of NeXT, the former CEO of PIXAR)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The longer you wait to fire someone the longer it has been since you should have fired them.” – Elon Musk (The man behind PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity, etc.)


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In a world filled with so many opportunities, it can become very easy for the main thing to no longer become the main thing anymore. On today’s show, we discuss how to declutter your thinking and how to stop wasting your time in a relentless grind that takes you nowhere. On today’s show, Dr z and I break down why simple can be harder than complex and why you have to really, really work hard to keep your thinking clean and to make it simple. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s now time for another edition of the thrive time business conferences show on your radio and podcast download

Dr Z. Ed is always ecstasy when you are next to

me and Paul Hood is looking good as well, my friend. How are you Dr Z? I am fantastic and you’re right, Paul Hood is is looking good. He’s not quite that looking good. When he was doing his a male body building stuff. The show look, how long was that? Six months. Yeah. Well it was about a year ago. Yeah. May of last year. Actually. I had a lot of people tell me I look better today. Then they said I looked sick back then. You know, you get to lose. You look, I love you. Look. That’s right. I was sick. You were sick, bro. Okay, now we’re talking about today on today’s show is letting it go. Oh, got it. Got It. But we’re talking about right there. Ready to go. Now, here’s, here’s where, here’s what

we’re talking about. Okay. So, um, if you’re out there listening today, I want you to make a list of people, business ideas, okay. Things, things that are clearly not helping you get ahead. Oh, are not attached to where you want to go, but you’re clinging to what could have been, would have been, should’ve been. Let me give you some examples. Um, I see a lot of business owners that have a bunch of business ideas cluttering their head business idea of one has never been profitable. It’s been over a decade. We know this is idea number two is profitable, but it’s not that exciting to, you know, and because you’re trying to constantly work on two or three at the same time, Z, you don’t really ever get any traction cause there’s never any focus there. Z, can you talk to us because you’re a guy who does own multiple successful companies. Now talk to the listeners out there that are maybe I’ve met a lot of these people, they’re filled with a lot of business ideas and each one of them is unintentionally a nonprofit currently. How do you declutter and quit wasting your time or spending your time investing your time on something that does not work well like bad business conferences,

going to channel my best Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and I’m going to give the advice, the number one advice that they gave to young people. And that is a little thing called a business coach. And what does that mean? That means finding someone that has the skillset, the knowledge feel will sit down with you. Um, you may have to pay them. You may not, they may be close enough. You may be able to have access to them or you don’t, however that works out. You sit down with them and you can concisely one page each of the ideas and you can actually get some solid feedback on their ideas on which of these you should focus on and whenever you find the one, however you come about it, that’s one way to do it. There’s other ways, but that’s when I’m gonna recommend. Once you find the one that is your number one draft, pick your top player on the board.

You’re, this is what I’m going to lead with however you want to say it. Then what you do is all the rest of them, you take it and put it in a folder that’s folder material for you and you stick it in a file to tickle our two D two’s folcnor thing is that this type I said, okay, and then you put all your focus on that number one idea and you work like heck until that’s up and running and profitable and then at some point you can go back to your business conferences file, pull out number two. That may have changed by now and you could go on with the second idea. When you get the first one rocket and rolling, when you’re divided amongst too many things, you get nothing done. We know that, right? So you have to focus on one and then you would say to yourself, how do I pick the one? How do I pick the one? You have an expert help you. It’s pretty simple.

Yeah, I mean, I agree with you and who’d CPAs, uh, we help people do that exact same thing and it really, it’s called having a longterm goal versus a short term. Sure, sure. There’s a lot of people think, you know, and I use this analogy, we’re in Oklahoma. You know, if you’re shooting at a buck that’s, you know, a hundred yards away, your chances of your guns off just a little bit, your chances of missing is as, as exaggerated. But that Buck Sam right in front of you, then, then your, your gun can be off a little bit. So that the key is, is to get people find, have that, that pie in the sky dream. But how do we back that up into what we’re going to accomplish next year? And most people were just con focused on that, that, uh, you know, that home run hitter and I, I’d tell you, clay, you and z both have told me this isn’t it. A lot of times, you know, the easy way to, to determine what you should do is that if you’re making, trying to make a decision, it’s gotta be a hell yes. It’s gotta be, this is what I’m going to do. This is a, you know, it’s not, oh, I think I can do this or whatever, but it’s gotta be, let’s go and, and, but you’ve gotta be able to accomplish that within the next six, eight, 12, 18 months. Yeah.

When I found Clay’s that a lot of guys, a lot of gals, they’ll start with third number one business idea and then they’ll get a little pushback. They’ll have a, something negative happen along the road and the next thing you know, they’re going, maybe I should have gone with that second. I didn’t, I want to have so much problem,

not necessarily ever quitting on the first idea. Now you don’t have time to do either one. Well, I think this is, let me, um, let me give another example. Um, if you’ll remember, uh, those of you who don’t know this story, maybe you can learn the story for the first time. But George Lucas was a famous for obviously making the Star Wars series and uh, George decided to, he’d been been in a lot of technology to make that movie possible. I mean, a lot of stuff, especially pretty cool. He started Lucas Arts and he thought, you know what that’s doing well, the, the Dolby, you know that the sound system for star wars, the THX sound, they had the Lucas arts, a lot of cool stuff was going on and he thought, I’m going to start a company called Pixar now. At the time he was building Pixar, he was going through a divorce and a hotel.

He was going to maybe lose the company. And so he gave it to his buddy Steve Jobs, who had just got fired from apple. Yeah. So Steve Jobs goes back over to Pixar and Pixar hadn’t released a movie and they hadn’t done it and they had tried over and over and they had been working on this, this sketch for this thing called toy story and a sketch for this and a sketch for that and a sketch for this and he’s going, hey, which one is the best one? There you go. See, here we go, which one’s the best one? And they’re like, well, and there’s people who were working, I’m, I’m not, I’m, I’m not making this up for years. You get a chance to look up the story. I mean, for years people were spinning in circles, always coming up with a new idea, a new concept, a new, and he’s like, we got to there.

They had enough cash to basically get it done. And then they were out. They picked one. Yeah. They didn’t have enough cash though to be screwed around with three or four, for four more years, they had to get one across the line. And so he came in and got everybody to say, okay, no to this, no to that. No. To this that people just, it’s hard because people have been investing years of their time on things. Yeah. And uh, long story short, pixart comes out, smash hit boom. A, he had more money by the way, with his stock and Pixar than he made off his stock. And apple people don’t know that. Wow. Well then he got hired to go back to apple and he comes back to apple and his first moves he was to do what with all the products they’re making, that apple was trying to make all these products.

After they fired Steve Jobs, they decided to go from making a limited line of products to making a ton of products, none of which were great, all of which had errors. What was his first moves? Z without product line, get rid of all that distraction. And from there it is focus on one item. That was his thing. That’s the move. And I see this all of the time now. Another, another area. It might not be as easy as picking a product or picking a, a service to go with. But this is the one where I see a lot of people get really stuck [inaudible] unnecessary things. Yeah. Now I’m, I’m just good thing you never did that in your life. Unnecessary things. I’ll put that good thing that never stumble. Let me give you a bunch from my life that were stupid. Oh that’s one is the Martin the Martin fodder.

Oh yeah, that Martin fogger I thought Oh yeah, that’s what brides was a game changer. Cause I talked to a bunch of dudes and Peterson. Oh sure. And I’m like, Hey, what’s the best fogger and the guys are like, well you want to [inaudible] your phone, this thing I get up baby, like a good pest control company. You in a fog. This thing out. I’m all about fog. Foggy fog. It had like a big rap concert. You want to fog this thing out like a club? You wanna G is some pocket chicken drink buggy with it. About $12 later about the Martin Park. Well, of course you did. Now, Paul, after you are a young man who makes a total of $1,200 a year and you dropped $1,200 on a fogger and Martin foreigners, are you going to come? I mean, could you see where you could be committed to? You’re all in the box of burn. I’m at weddings and I’m going, ladies a gentlemen, I’m next to Brian [inaudible].

We’re going to be doing there. What are the details

breaker system. Woo. And then only happened a couple times. I’m the only, and I’m thinking, oh, brides, let’s wasn’t enough. And brides would come up and


after they would stop crying. I’m like, I think they want more fun. No, I’m serious. I thought they wanted fog that didn’t turn the alarms off. That’d be a different kind of false shirt. Do you get the wrong fog? ou get the, you get the fog. Did you see different kinds of clothes? You simple mistakes, white try it. A different novice, a different brand, a different brand. I went to my own wedding reception and uh, I had buddy Jay used the fogger

Matt, Matt, Matt.

It was then on my wedding night. It occurred to me [inaudible] with your fogger fog on her honeymoon suite and couldn’t find my bride. No, but I mean you get committed to it. Another example is I bought these Cerwin Vega subwoofers. Oh yeah. Cause I talked to some dudes at Guitar Center. Oh sure. And I, and I thought the guys there know what women want. Oh, they do? And I said a question that Paul’s good market research. I’m like, guys, what is the subwoofer that makes the most noise? Oh yeah. Is he the [inaudible] about that subwoofer was as tall as Andrew’s Odesk over there. Oh yeah. Oh yes. That’s easy. What girl doesn’t like that? So I’m at a wedding reception. I’m like, ladies and gentleman up next, we’re gonna be playing a, you know, it’s a rapper’s delight and the music is supposed to beg boop, boop, boop, boop. I said, hip hop heavy. This is what they heard.


and I’m going, they don’t like that. She didn’t want, I gotta get a better crossover. So I buy a crossover. Yeah, I get an new mixer. Yeah. I get all this stuff cause you gotta you gotta make sure that you balance it out. Oh yeah. I saw like three months in the wilderness trying to balance out my base. Only to discover, I don’t even need the base in the place. Oh my goodness. But I was loyal to it because I spent money on it. Paul, you’ve seen this, you do accounting with business owners. I do. I see this a lot of times with website coding. Holy Crap. That one gets me headed. That’s Ah, that’s too near and dear to my heart. T when you pay a web speed spill, a lot of money on a website and it’s custom. Yes. And it’s PHP and wordpress.

Oh yeah. Oh and you just like, we’ll only spend on, I spent 200,000 on it. Come on now. Muzzle spin, 200,000 more show all in. I’m like, I’m putting 400,000 close. I’m halfway there. So close 800,000 cause we dominate the Internet. [inaudible] and then you just, I’m just saying, I see this all the time. I see business owners with a restaurant who have an item that won’t sell because people hate it and they’re going, maybe I need a new print piece. Maybe we need a promotional work for promotional for grandmother’s Apple Pie. Oh, Z. I’m sure I’ve heard the story a lot. Paul, you would love the story. I shared the story about the power Washer, who tried to get his, his means no brainer was this. He was a power washer company. Very successful, um, doing power washing one-off jobs. He calls me, he says, claim.

I’ve decided to make a membership model like elephant in the room. I’m tired of one off power washing. I said, well, how often do people call? You said, well, people typically call me once or twice a year. I said, well, what’s your plan? He says, I want to make it you. I want to make it where it is a membership model and people are going to prepare for six power luxurious. So instead of being, you know, you pay two times a year, maybe 250 bucks a per time or 300 bucks a time, whatever it is, I’m going to have him prepay for the year and if they prepay, I’ll give him 25% off. I said, so you’re knocking on the door of someone you’ve just met.

Hello? Yeah, I was doing some power washing in the urine for the neighbor next door. And uh, I typically charge $300 per power washing. So I recommend you do six times a $3,600. Now if you prepaid today for $3,000, um, I’ll give you a 20% off. You wanna move forward? Nope. Nope, nope. He’s been committed to this plan for years. How’d that work out? It’s never worked. It’s never was never sold the deal. He called us, he said, hey, I want to help make it my website look better cause I think that’s the problem. I’m going know that. The problem is you’re never related though. We can make it a big ask right off the bat. Paul, have you seen this before? The accounting of companies where they are, they’re committed to an unnecessary thing that doesn’t work simply because they have a lot of sunk costs. They’ve already spent a lot of money on a lot of time on it.

Yeah, I see that a lot in business. I see it a lot when with clients that we help with their finances and, and getting ready for retirement. They got this stock and this stock is a horrible, but they just, they can’t get rid of it. They can buy more of it. Oh, we gotta get more of it. Did this, you know, gee, yeah. Warren Buffet says, buy it when it’s low. It’s he Warren buffet. I was also thought it was going to come back up, but no, I don’t care if it’s, if, if, if it’s that you got your sister and all work in the front desk or you, you’ve got a product that no matter how much you sell, you’re gonna lose money and the more you sell, you’re just gonna lose more. It’s the fact is, is when you, when you quantify it and you measured the results, you’ve gotta be willing to say, all right, we’ve got to move forward. We got to move on you. And the faster you do that, the better you are.

When you know that you’re sister-in-law are brother-in-laws, one for 10 on sales, you go, okay, maybe there’s some training that needs to happen. One for a hundred you’re going, maybe they got lucky to one time, one for a thousand. You’re going, wow, I’m getting behind here. Now what happens if you stay loyal to something that doesn’t work? You’re going to lose. Now see this final, this final little move here to keep the main thing, the main thing and declutter because we want to, we want to make sure the main thing is the main thing when to focus on the profitable part of your business or even attend business conferences. And you want to declutter your thinking, declutter your life to stay away from time-wasting activities. And this one’s probably the hardest one. But uh, I’ll let you start with, I’ll start with you z. Okay. What do you have somebody in your company that can’t work out?

Elon Musk said, the longer you wait to fire someone, the longer hit has been since you should’ve fired some fired someone. He’s absolutely correct. The longer you have is the longer you wait to fire someone, the longer it has been since you should’ve fired someone now to see me work out like, like [inaudible] go see, talk to me about this. What happens when somebody’s not a good fit for the job and you’re trying to life coach them, you’re trying to fix them up. Do you want to, I’m a firm believer that you hire fast and you fire fast and what does that mean is that you make a decision quickly and that what happens is is that a lot of people can come in and an interview process in the shadowing process and that they can show up on time twice for the interview and then the follow up interview that can present themselves in a way that you think, oh, that’s a pretty sharp person.

And you look at their resume, which it’s more than you might think it is. In other words, study came out that showed that clay, how many people kind of storied on the resumes? 85% of people according to inc magazine, so brutal lie on their resumes. Oh brutal. 75% of employees steal from the workplace. These are hard facts. So you make a, you make what you think is an informed decision to hire someone. Okay. You Do, you look at the resume, you’ve interviewed him if you’d interviewed him twice, if turn up on time, they put your pride on the line, Bam, Bam, Bam. You put your plan on line, you’ve committed, you made a decision, said no to nine other applicants, or this is your, that’s your huckleberry. They may have told other people, this is our golden baby. This is it. This is our golden bay.

Start New showpo chosen one. This is the Chopin. This is the one that turns the titans and the, the committed. We’ve interviewed tons of people enough to say, this is the one we’re hooking our wagon onto this pony. And then you come to work one day and you walk in, you get to work a little early and you noticed that they’re over there. Uh, you know, and at their desk, uh, you know, cutting rack right there. They’re, they’re asleep. They’ve got a hammock there and they’re laying back in there and there they’re cutting, you know, rats apart with a hacksaw and you’re going, ah, Bobby, that’s, that’s bizarre. You can’t email. You could use a hacksaw. You’re going to send. Okay, Bobby. And Bobby says, well, I’ll try to remember. Would that, would that be a rat? So now I knew, say you say so you’re, you’re, you’re, you, you’re cutting you.

What you’re saying, you go to work, you know, you gotta work like two weeks later you go to work and they’re not on the hammock thing, but now they’re huffing glue. When you get there and you’re like, are you huffing glue? What are you doing? And they say, just calms me down a lot. You got with promise eight, what are your tips for not huffing glue? And we’ll tell you what [inaudible] as a fine glue. I don’t think there’s anything wrong. Come to work. Then let’s do superglue. Third Week they’re smelling, they’re smelling interesting. They have a smell and you’re going, ah, Bob, I don’t live with my mom anymore. I moved out and say, what are your tips for not spelling [inaudible]

the point is is you know what you have fairly quickly on, cause people could only put on a show for a little bit of time and then when you see me go, okay, that must be an anomaly and then that must be an anomaly and it’s not anomalies. That’s who they really, really are. That’s why they say you should you know, date someone for so long because then you figure out who they really are. But whenever you figure out who they are, now it’s on you. And I think it’s a beautiful thing to hire fast and fire fast. What that means, and I know firing someone is saying, I made a mistake. It’s not really saying I made a mistake. It saying that the information, I didn’t have all the information I needed to make a decision that’s in the best for my business. And now that I’ve filled in the blanks on said Glue Huffing Hammock.

So sorry, I’m queuing this up here to see. I want you to hear this. This commercial’s really interrupting the flow here. I’ll make you another one if you’ve got to push through. It’s an auto player. It’s an auto tires. If you got to make it stop, we’re gonna make it stop. Okay, here it is. Here. Here. I want you to, how long would you hold on this guy? This is a true story. It’s from Huffington Post. Okay, here we go. From July 11 huffing police along. Would you hold on to this employee? Here we go. Accused Carthy was also carrying uranium as his accused car was also carrying rattlesnake and uranium police say and authorities said Steven Jennings also had a gun in the console and an open bottle of Kentucky deluxe whisky. Guthrie, Oklahoma. This Justin Dateline Guthrie, Oklahoma police, no Oklahoma City set a say. They found a rattlesnake, a canister of radioactive powder, powder geranium and an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe whiskey during a traffic stop of a vehicle that had been reported stolen.

The traffic stop happened to June 26th and Guthrie about 30 miles, 45 kilometers north of Oklahoma City. Guthrie Police Sergeant Anthony Gibbs told Oklahoma City station TV station K for that. Police don’t know why the uranium was in the vehicle or how it was obtained though uranium or it can be bought on Amazon z. How many times would you have that talk with that guy? He just told the wrong car. I mean instead of breaking it down into what that is. Steven, real quick, buddy. I did no more rattlesnakes at work. Stephen checked the Carlo clothes. I don’t know what your rainium walkaway. I don’t know what the problem is. Last time you gave me a ride to come and go, everyone name items was in your cars. Absolutely.

Take the Kentucky Deluxe. I like the Deluxe Kentucky whiskey that’s Bourbon. Probably take, take that lead the rattlesnake, the rainium it goes

to a different car. I mean obviously this guy didn’t even know what kind of car to steal so he’s out fired right off the bat. I just wonder though how Dr. Morrow was telling me a news of the weird last week from Huffington Post. I can’t find the article. I was going to tell Ya. I guess some lady was uh, arrested for taking a above ground pool and putting it on top of her car and then strapping her kids. It’s just way to transport them while driving. Did you find the article? It says a man charged after driving with kids inside and playable pool on roof. You know, I remember the good old days when that’s the way you got around that tell you to be 80 to stop me. Come on the big station wagon there. We’re not there. We’re not seatbelts in the back of that station wagon.

Come on now. I’m just saying though, there are people in every office that do crazy dysfunctional things and I know you’ve committed to the Martin fogger. I trust me. I’ve been there. I know you’ve committed to the new employee that you hired. That’s terrible. I know she’s your sister in law. I know these are tough. I know you’ve dropped a half a million dollars on a website that doesn’t work. I know that you want to start the power washing auto shipping empire of of automatic Rickard billing. I know that she’s at 10 and her mind is a one. I know these things. You have an old plastic, you know, pool, the toilet, all your kids around him. I know you pulled an all night or writing a book. That’s terrible. I know you’ve committed your life to being a cartoonist, but you can’t draw cartoons. I know you’re 37 and your band is just on the verge of a big hit, big hit.

I know that, but at certain points, supreme acceptance is what it’s all about. You got to go, you know what? What’s my main goal in life? You know, we probably just lost a half our listeners. You kind of regather them back on. You got it. You got to say throw it back out the net. You gotta go back. You gotta go back to your goals and say, what is my main goal? What am I trying to do here? Come on and what is my main goal? What am I trying to do with my business here? And how did I get caught on this weird rabbit trail? But eventually you just got to pull out your, your pride and you put it on the floor and you just, and you slap it and you step in, you pee on it, you burn it. You Bet. You said dishes and you call other people you don’t know.

And you sit a Mass Tech Saying, please pee on my pride over here. Set It on fire. You got to burn it. Dig It. Barrett. Karen ran it because I know you’ve spent a lot of money on that restaurant idea that’s not going to work. But how many times, Paul, have you seen that crazy steak house next to a, the mall z by Your optometry clinic? Yeah. There’s always a business over there by the cheesecake factory. Yes. It goes out of business. Yes. Why you can’t get to it that you think, and this isn’t a, you know, a, um, a blind plug for having a coach boy. Yeah, it is. You know, I heard a thing one time, uh, Z that, that pigs don’t know pitch tank, you know, and sometimes people are in the middle of their smell. Good to me. Yeah. Boy, everyone, man.

You know some, some people just don’t know they’re in the middle of that crazy storm. And so the way you know that as you seek out somebody that you can turn to, whether it’s a business coach or a financial analyst or whatever, and you say, this is, this is what I’m excited about. And if they just look at you and start laughing, you might, you know, they did make a change. Your team asked me to record some on hold music for you. Yes. So there’s a fun way to end today’s show. Awesome. I’m going to cue it up now. I’ve invested about four or five hours in this. Okay, so see if we get to the end of it and you go, that is the worst on hold music I’ve ever heard in my life. Okay, I’ll get rid of it. Sure. But if you go maybe, maybe to me a little tweak.

I’m open to feedback but I have invested a lot of time so emotionally is the, I want it to get, I want to get approved so that he further ado. This is Paul Hood with a hood CPA, his official on hold music and then we will have z break it down. Let’s hear it. Thank you for choosing to remain on hold is now the time to take a look under your financial hood. Allow us to transform your accounting from being the rear view mirror to the front dashboard of your business and your life. Want to get started? Ask a member of the hood’s CPA team when we returned from the break.

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taxes. I love paying taxes. I often get emotional when I think about how much I love to pay the real estate taxes, car tags and property taxes are really my favorite. But sales tax, I love it. I love the service tax and I, one of my favorite taxes is franchise taxes. I love that. I love anytime I buy something, I love paying sales tax. It’s usage, tax pay, type of tax, luxury taxes, taxes on. Really, I just, I love taxes and I love to pay the taxes. I love to pay taxes.

Wow. How confident are you that you’re setting aside enough money for retirement? According to Forbes, the average American has less than $400 saved. When it comes time for retirement, this does not have to be a foregone conclusion. You can save the money you need to retire, but it requires a proactive plan and that’s what we do at hood CPA’s. Com when we return, make sure to schedule one on one consultation and free financial look under your hood so you can start your proactive financial planning. Today. I don’t want to shave money. I’ve got my own dreams. I aspire to live in an old renovated school Bush after I lived with my mother until my mid forties therefore, I don’t need a proactive financial brand. No, I don’t. I just need the land and some, some food and maybe a lamp and [inaudible] and probably just a smaller lab copy.

A laughy topic term duct tape, probably. All right. Paul, what do you think that’s your on hold music. Well, I have two comments. One. I absolutely love it, especially the comedy part, but too, if somebody is on hold that long in my office or if somebody’s getting fired, wait a loop. It’ll loop. Cause he’s like, you’ll, if you’re on hold now, you’ll hear it. This part, if you’re on hold next time he here this part as you’re the master of all things audio, you’re the audio Dojo, you’re the, you’re the Zohan, you’re the 20, 20. Uh, what do you think? Do you really want me to tell you what I think? I mean do you really, really cute or are you just saying that? Use Good radio? I’d like it if you’d use sign language that doesn’t involve the use of your middle finger like you normally do when using suddenly, which, wow. Well I’ve never seen you without having that up. I can usually, I have never seen you do this. I just feel that’s what you’re thinking from guiding hand and whatever you’re here. All right. Okay. I like that. Using sign language feedback. What do you think?

Well, first of all, I really liked it. I loved it. I think you should have in between your, your sketches a little bit longer music bed, it gives people a chance to kind of get it, process it, think about it. You’re, you’re kind of POW, POW, POW pals. So fast, boom, boom, POW and little bit of music in there. Just let some kind of absorbed smile kind of go. Okay. And also too, what that will also do is make it to where whenever they call back, if they’re ever on hold again, Paul, like you said, they can actually pick up another piece of it. Um, that is, how long has that loop? Uh, the total loop is two and a half minutes. Someone will be on hold for two and a half minutes. You never wanted to get back towards starts over again. Someone’s going to be on longer than two and half minutes.

I promise you that. It seemed like it was fairly long, but it wasn’t. It was pretty short. So you want to make that maybe five minutes when add some music in there. Did you notice the Martin fogger I put in their head to do something with it. I know it’s lovely show. I felt the fog. I felt I felt the fog, but I loved it. I loved, I loved the fact that you had some fun with it. Some humor with it. Cause I know Paul’s the same way. I mean that is a reflection. You always have to make sure you’re reflecting who it is that you’re making it for. Because I know people that have made an on hold like that for someone. And then Paul, this isn’t Paul, but Paul gets on the phone, goes, ah, hello, thank you for calling. We will have so much fun here. And then it’s, then it’s almost like here’s a fun guy. So we, that is, that is a reflection of him. So I agree with that. Put a little bit more music. Five minutes, five minutes, and then you’ve got an on-hold Bam. You’ve got it.

Yeah. Not My ideal. I like the comedy. I mean I would, I’m Bam, five minutes of, of, of just, you know, goofiness. Not that you’re goofy, clay. I mean we’re not talking looks right now, we’re just talking about the word, which I liked that. I liked the whole thing that’s going to be online, that, that they’re going to say, listen, I just got a letter from the IRS agent and, and, and I am scared and I am, I need to talk to someone and I am, I may lose it all and I mean they’re going to come and I mean all those letters can be very intimidating. [inaudible] the verge of losing it all. That’s what I heard. Whoa. Wait, wait. You actually called the IRS and we’re work typing this? No. What happened during this thing that’s in the spot and they’re having a good time.

But they also, that music interlude kind of helps them settle down a little bit and also know that you’re, you can be here cause they’re calling for a very serious thing. So humor, when you’re dealing with a serious subject, you have to be careful not to overdo it to you because I think sometimes you can make it so funny that people are like, I don’t know. I don’t know that I want to trust him with my IRA. My career as a a funeral comedian really did last. It didn’t go very well, although the number of leads kept going up year after year. Yes. You know, you notice the American population, there’s more, more leads coming in all the time. [inaudible]

really that many gigs. Not that baby. Well, it always felt like it’s a shame because you would have been probably the best funeral comedian of all time. I do have one funny little story about a death in humor. That’s crazy. Okay. I got asked to speak years ago for a group of funeral directors in Las Vegas and apparently did it. Wilson asked me to come on again and I always get there the day before to watch the speaker before me, chef, speaker man, he gets up there and he just, he’s making her body laugh. He’s killing it and he’s saying stuff that’s all related to death. So it gets up into a met kid and he’s telling, hey everybody, this is a, I’m the head of Yada Yada. I appreciate you all for being here and just want you to know, uh, sales are up quite a bit and, uh, that they are, you know what I mean?

And Oh yeah. And I’m Kinda like, is he kidding? But he’s not cause he the funeral directors. Sure. You know, and he has this, you know, all this gallows humor like he has, it’s like wait, the people of Chuck Norris Jokes, Oh yeah. This guy has a line after line after line about death related humor. And the only people that thought it was funny was his group because they’re all like, they deal with every day. They deal with that every day. And so you’re a little bit more callous to it. I mean, it’s not, but I mean I’m watching as an outsider and it took me a good 20 minutes to warm up to it. Oh yeah. Cause it was so, it just, yeah. I don’t know. I mean it was funny to them. I think that’s the key with good humors. You got to have it relate to your audience.

It’s gotta be funny, but not too much funny. You know, it’s, it’s that balance. It is a balance. And that’s why I think you balanced your humor with some music beds in there. You kind of give a, you kind of give them, you get people a little bit of a break, a bit of a break, a little bit of a break, a little bit of a break, and then you’d come out and get them again. Now if you’re out there today and you’re saying, you know what, I need a little bit of a break for my, uh, tax issues from my come up financial lows, check out hood’s check out hood, CPA’s dot com today. Schedule a one hour free consultation with a flavor of the hood that really free play a team. And they’re also going to give you a free copy of Warren Buffett’s only authorized biography, which is called snowball. I can have a free hour and a free book and I get to spend that with, with the sexy. I priced it out. It’s about a $250 value. Wow. For an hour of professional consulting in the book and Z. It’s a great place to end today’s show. And so now that he further ado, here we go. Three, two, one, boom.


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