How to Delegate to Elevate, How to Let Go to Grow, and How to Respond to Negative Google Reviews

Show Notes

 The founder of TruLux Solutions (Trey Zackery) joins us to ask how properly delegate, how to let go to grow, how to gather Google reviews for your business, and how to deal with bad reviews.

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Trey Zackery


  1. How and where do you focus your time?
    1. Make a daily to-do list
    2. Wake up one hour before meeting a human and plan out your day
  2. How do you deal with burning fires? 
    1. Pay a staff member to handle burning fires for you
    2. Make a list of the things you want to delegate and assign to an assistant incrementally 
  3. How do you handle bad google reviews? 
    1. Step 1 – Don’t look at your reviews 
    2. Step 2 – Turn off your push notifications 
    3. Step 3 – Schedule a weekly time to respond to bad reviews in an insincere and politically correct manner 
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