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Clay Clark is explaining what a world class and gorgeous website looks like and how to give feedback in a way that people will receive it.

What makes a website “gorgeous” or “world-class”?

  1. Most people know what a “not gorgeous” website looks like but do not want to say anything.
  2. You must be able to view your website with an objective eye and be open to critical feedback.
    1. You have to establish the level the website is currently at and then establish where you want it to be on a 1-10 scale.
  3. Look at bes practice websites from the big companies in and outside f your industry.
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Audio Transcription

Want to attend the legendary drive time show small business coaching workshop for free, subscribe on itunes leave. It objected review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come trueomaha, tribe, nation. Welcome back to the podcast conversation on today show we have marshall morris, the co-author of the amazon best-selling book start here we have eric check the business coach and we have hardly lichtenstein an oral roberts university graduate and he is going to be asking us questions about implementation because we teach on the show all the time. This is what to do and harleys made a list of things for you guys, i, don’t quite understand why I think a client might have this question, and so what is your next question was charlie the next question on the proven path of the first things you start a bond is creating a world-class and gorgeous website right, but my thought is wait. What what is a gorgeous and world-class website mean? What does it look like you know, so this is where it’s goingto get real and somebody will probably go grinchyou really. All right here is cuddly as a cactus, charming as an eel mystic range from me. There’s, a lot of like really nasty websites. Where you look at you go that sick. That is not good, and when you do that, you everybody knows, except for the person who made it, because the person who made it usually it’s like their wife made it, and they don’t want to tell anybody how awfulit is. So I’m not going to mention a specific company today. For me, that would be mean to do that. I’m, not all about doing that.

But it’s like your website is gross, and everyone knows your websites gross, but you don’t know that your websites gross, so marshall I think that most people out there would know what a terrible website looks like and I think that they just won’t say anything cuz i, don’t want to offend people. I think you had a claymation. That would perfectly sum this up is that people would more readily flag you down and tell you that your gas cap isn’ttwisted on all the way your gas caps hanging out before they would tell you that your website is terrible now. What is that is because people don’t want to be candid, they don’t want to bring up the reality. They don’t want to be mean. Okay, because that’s it, that’s typically what you get accused of, oh, my god. Why would you say that you’re being so? This is how we do it. If a client and I got my meeting with marshall and marshall, is the client I would say to marshall? This is how it sound encourage all of our coaches to do it. This way in this is how we pretty much do it this time it said. Take marshall I want to help. You grow your business in, and you know that, and so do I have permission to be candid with you and going to help you fix the website. Or do you want me to just sort of on not say that? Well, no I I definitely want to hear the truth. I mean that’s why I’m here are, you might be a different small business coaching client there, but marshall I would say out of all the kind of work is my entire life I would bet. Probably all of them would feel like I’m, a jerk if i, just unsolicited by just said to this is what needs to be fixed on your site for used, came out and said it right. So are you, okay with me giving you feedback on that? The yeah yeah yeah yeah I want i, want I want to make sure you’re getting this trap. Nation I have one person in my life who used to be a personal trainer. I think he still is because the minnesota-and this is what he used to do all the time. This is his move, and this is why his business has never done well and i. Never will do, will dowell and i, don’t think to this day that he’s ever made any money in this career. He will he’s jacked he’s big like charles cola, but you’re working out I need to catch up. Imagine this you’re working out if you’re in the gym working out your headphones on, he will walk. Do you not knowyou? He doesn’t know who you are. You have not asked him for advice, hill, walk up to you and say:hey man how’s it going hey. If you know you’re not really doing the right form there. In order for you to expand cuz, it looks like you’ve got kind of puny lats they step off bro and order for you to develop bigger lat muscles. What you need to do is hit like tell my last bro step off. If you want to improve your posture, you’ll need to. He starts giving you unsolicited. Furthermore, there’s a person you used to be in our family.

This is hilarious story, but this person used to come over all the time they used to come to my house. It would give me interior decoration feedback about my man cave without asking nevermind, they didn’t say:hey, hey! Do you want feedback, because the look that I’m going for in the man cave is like a cryptic underground bar in boston I’m, not looking to create ihome? That would be on the man kept. It wouldn’t be a featured on like a chip and joanna gaines hgtv, portableand marshall, to break it down. Hopefully this answers your question, her gnarly, so once he says, I find a remarkable that I can explain the reality of a situation to people website and still not change their point of view. The facts are very plain and the reasoning is very clear, but they still won’t agree with a conclusion. It’s crazy, rather than learn from their experiences. They choose doing shoes instead to engage in wishful thinking. Perhaps it’s more comfortable than reality, but I think that wishful thinking is one of the most profound human failings. The major reason that people at here so strongly to wrong ideas mean that you can’t be optimistic as a small business coaching. You simply have to be realistic as well jack welch piles on his face reality as it is not as it was or as you wish it to be. I’m declaring myself eligible for the nba draft I feel like I’ve got a good I’ve been working on it. I’ve got a score basketball for a while and I’ve got this I got this one move, unblockable, I’m, 14 and most people wouldn’t say was friends, wouldn’t say dude. What are you doing you open for some feedback when there is a client who is paying us, they want to get better and they won improve in some aspect of their business, but it becomes apparent that they don’t want feedback. What are the words that you would try to say? How do you try to do it in and it doesn’t ever frustrated? Will the important principle here is the teacher cannot appear until the student is present?

Yes, but this isn’t just business. This is every aspect of this goes for your family. This goes for your co-workers. This goes for your friends. Is nobody is willing to receive feedback from you? They don’t they don’t want? They don’t want you to give them advice on anything unless they ask for it. So if you live your life I just I’ve, seen you do this way where I’m like you’re, just literally just watching them not do it the right way or do something and you go when they are ready for my advice in my eye expert council here, I’ll be I’m more than happy to help them. Will you see it you’ve seen rr5 kids in the office? That’s right and I would say that if you’re around my kids you’ll notice that the van is 13 of a shield talk to you like she’s 30 there and they’re around a lot of adults. I see other people that have 13 year olds. That won’t look them in the eye argue with them in public to go to dinner with her. My kids always come up to me. Restaurant all the time, every almost every time we take her out to eat and I’m very rarely to someone ever ask how you doing bro. Recently somebody came up to me and said this is true story. They said my kids won’t go to bed at night. What do you do? I said:what do you mean? How old is how old is your kid? He always had. A new baby is okay cool. There’s a book called babywise I would suggest you would read that book. It implement the system. Thisis what you mean just implement the system wiggle. What is it basically? The system. Do you want to know? This is what I need to do. You want to know what to do I’m asking me:how does it work? What you do is when you have a kid, you put your kid in your bed and no matter how much they cry. You don’t go check on them and they go what and then they quit doing it. And then the baby learns I’m not going to cry anymore and then I goto sleep at 8:30 and I’ve done that, for, like all the kids, so I have never been a sleepless person to having a baby for us does not represent small business coaching sleeplessness. Furthermore, they say why you get your kids not to talk back to you. I say they are so scared of what would happen if they do that, it just doesn’t happen to the people’s elbow. So you’re saying that you would advocate physically, hitting your children if they yell at youand I would say, I would never beat my kids or do anything that would be.

You know when you go to jail for it, but they are so scared of the consequences of doing something poorly like in terms of their behavior there. So it would not be abnormal for me to say:hey. You can’t come out ofyour room for like 3 days, if you do that again and they’re so used to these sorts of like options that I almost never have to punish them, because the few times I have the rumors of what happened continue to grow over time. Amongst the five like you don’t want to do that it was a bat with henry bar on the end and barbed wire hanging off of it. I swear i. Don’t really have not had to discipline my oldest daughter and probably 10 years, 9 years, but it’s because they remember the one time so again, I can’t teach you parenting unless you want parenting advice, that’s right until the first thing that you have to do with a client is you have to establish one? Are they somebody that’s willing to get better? Are they open minded to receiving feedback by business? Coaching for your friend, that’s right, cuz I don’t want to because they don’t want it in the first place. The second thing is you got to establish what level do they think that they’re at and you got to help them get from where they are they want to be so on a scale 1 to 10? Where would you say that your website is it in terms of rating? Is it a4? Is it a5? Is it at 9 what it? Where is it at, because you got establish? What is the current level of satisfaction on a scale 1 to 10, and then you establish will, where do youwant to go to? I would advocate that we need to get that beast up to attend. We got two brand it out of 10. You got two brand, it world-class you’re not competing against everybody else in the industry, but consumers are expecting a level of branding like tesla or tiffany and company or small business coaching rustic cuff here in tulsa, but all of these brands are world-class brands and that’s what needs to be setting the bar, not just bill’s blog down the street correct and so again, if there’s a real draw feedback about web sites or anything else, the student has to be present before the teacher can appear and then we do is we just go. Look at best practice websites, so you want the big boys. I mean he’s already doing it.

So harrys.Com harrys, that’s a beautiful sight, works great. They make a lot of money tesla great site. They make a lot of money. You took a best practice websites. The only difference between the big companies in the small business is it small business. Their website needs to also be search engine friendly. It can’t just look nice, so we have templates and system to develop the bridge. The gaps here so I can look great and also convert well and the best examples I could get for you guys today that I can share the listeners and we’ll pull this up on the show notes here, but one is kale. Ortho.Com I’ll put up, pull him aside harley, so you can see that website kale worth o.Com. This is his sight. It converts. Well, it looks nice people like it. Then there is tip top k9, which is approaching very close to becoming the highest reviewed dog training company in america, about a hundred reviews, away, hunted reviews away for being the top rated dog company in small business coaching america, that’s a great-looking site and then delricht our research. These guys are based in new orleans and they have a wonderful website or marshalls. Client site looks great. You pull it up here, so it looks great and again, but they have to be search, engine compliant and look nice, and so that this does that answer your question about how to create a world-class website had to deliver real and raw feedback to clients. I believe it sure does.


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