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While driving his Hummer, business coach Clay breaks down the specific steps that you must take in order to design a “perfect day” on a daily basis.

Concept #1 – To Grow You Must Learn to Say No

Concept #2 – You Must Block Out Time Into Your Schedule for What Matters

Concept #3 – You Must Use a To-Do List Every Day

Concept #4 – You Must Use a Calendar Every Day

Concept #5 – You Must Dramatically Decrease the Amount of Time That You Spend Per Day with Idiots

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Make every detail perfect, and limit the number of details to perfect.” – Jack Dorsey (The co-founder of Twitter and Square)

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Although it’s not legal to text and drives to our knowledge, there are no laws against broadcasting while driving. Here’s yet another edition of the Hummer of love on the thrive time show.

Hello and welcome back to another action-packed edition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download, the Hummer of love series. Here. I’m driving from the thrive time show business coach offices at 1100 riverwalk terrorists right now over to the man cave studios in route to a record, another show. And we had a thriver that asks the question, how do you design every day? How do you design your day? How do you do that? Well, we had a, a great thriver that did shadow me from Oklahoma City on a Friday, uh, by the name of Sean and, and hopefully, uh, Sean could vouch for this. He came from Oklahoma City to, to shadow. So we got to work. Uh, he showed up at the thrive offices at five 45 because my first meeting of the day is at six. And at six o’clock, every Friday I meet with the hub.

It’s a, it’s a gym, a fitness facility where we’ve helped them, um, almost triple in size in less than 18 months. So almost triple in size. The hub, Jim, it’s in Broken Arrow, it’s a fitness gym. I just search for the hub Jim Broken Arrow in Google to verify this and we’ve helped him grow the gym. I mean dramatically almost triple the size of the gym and it less than 18 months. And so one would think, wow, you guys must be doing a ton of things. I mean, wow, they must be doing a ton of individual-specific one-off action items, man. These business coach clients must be having a ton of branding items or a ton of print pieces. Man, these guys must be having like some serious amounts of time. They’re investing in social media to triple a company, almost triple a company and less than 18 months, man, these guys must be really, really just putting in a ton of hours.

We’ll actually counterintuitive way that we helped them scale their company and to thus create time freedom for the owner, Luke. Uh, the way we help them to grow the company was to shrink the number of action items. Yes. In fact, that’s how you grow a company. You, you grow a company by shrinking the number of action items that you need to do the goal to quote Jack Dorsey, the founder of us, both the square and Twitter as you want to, you want to limit the number of details that you need to. Perfect and you went to make every detail perfect. I get you to want to know every detail perfect and you want to therefore limit, limit the number of that you need to. Perfect. What you want to do, what you need to do is to decrease the number of things you need to do. You need, instead of having a, you know, every day putting up an Instagram post and a youtube post in a Facebook post and a post over here and a post over there and Instagram post and another post over there and Facebook and our tweet and the posts, LinkedIn post and a posted a post instead of having push notifications going off everyday day. Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing. This is what success sounds like.

Do you hear that?

I think you hear my keys Jingling, but you also hear there’s not a lot going on. What you do is you have to focus on your daily key performance indicators and you must get those done and not to allow yourself to be distracted. You don’t allow yourself to suffer death from, um, a million compromises, a thousand compromised from a hundred compromises from a hundred interruptions. So 6:00 AM Sean is shadowing me, dateline, Tulsa, Oklahoma, our office, 1100 different lock terrorists. And when he’s shadowing me, I was meeting with Luca at what time? 6:00 AM. So that was meeting with Luke at 6:00 AM. Guess who I wasn’t meeting with? Anybody else? Guess who couldn’t call me? Anybody else? Wait, wait, wait, wait. Are you saying clay? Are you, someone might be saying clay, are you saying that you actually turn your phone off between 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM so that you can meet with a client without interruption?

And I would say yes. Yes. That is what I do. Then it’s seven o’clock, turn my phone on and I call Thomas, uh, with his company. Full package media. Full package media is a business that has been able to grow from a startup to an almost right now, almost a million dollar a year business there. They’re on pace this year to be well over a million. They’ll be a multimillion-dollar business now, but they were a company that, that uh, we helped them from the very, very beginning, very, very startup, very first website versus logo first. Everything first scripts and Thomas, we, we’ve helped his company full package media. If you Google Search, Dallas real estate photography, Dallas real estate photography, you’ll notice that at the top of the Google search engine conversation, the Google search engine results, you’re going to find full package meeting a guy who was previously, uh, you know, not a real estate photographer.

He wasn’t like, if I’m correct here, I believe he was a paramedic and now he is a real estate photography wizard on the verge of franchising. Now, how could you possibly scale ain’t real estate photography company without doing a thousand print pieces in a thousand items and a thousand distractions and a thousand is social media invites in a thousand tweets and followers and following and liking photos and boosting posts and all of these meetings and networking and going to every networking meeting around town. How could you possibly grow a company without networking with every single person possible, without constantly living on a world of push notifications? Being spoon fed into your phone every day? How could you possibly have success? Well, this right here is what success sounds like. You see at 7:00 AM when Thomas and I have a weekly call,

he’s on the phone. I’m on the phone. That’s all we’re doing. We’re not distracted, we’re focused. Being present is a present. Being present is a present. Are you sure you being present is a present? You’re just singing it. What being present is a present. Think about that for a second. So in that call we go over the action items to Thomas needs to do every week and that 6:00 AM call we go over the action items that Luke Owen’s needs to do every week. Now let me just give you a glimpse into some of the items that we have to do that full package media to make that business successful. That’s soon to franchise business. By the way, if you’re looking to franchise or looking to buy a franchise, uh, that full package media franchise is going to be hot. You should go check that out today. Full package it’s going to be a hot deal.

Um, but here’s what happened to his brother and my brother. I don’t want to say hot. I mean it’s going to be a company where you can easily be able to generate profits on an annual basis of six figures and a turnkey business model. It’s going to be awesome. So full package media, pretty, pretty incredible deal. Check that out. I mean, what would it like to be, imagine doing $100,000 a month of gross red revenue, taking photos and videos and doing all the photography for her real estate for, for real estate agents that are repeat business. Um, imagine what it’d be like to build $100,000 a month of gross revenue and to be able to do it in a 30% profit margin. I mean to make $30,000 a month of profit. What? Yeah, full package media. So this is what he has to do every week.

Every week. Mr. Thomas with full package media has to gather objective reviews from real customers. So he has like a, a set number of objective reviews he’s got to gather from real customers. Same thing with Leuko ones with the hub gym too. We have ads we run on, on Facebook, retargeting ads and youtube ads and ad words. Same thing we do with the hub. And those ads have to have a no brainer, a no brainer offer an offer. So good. You can’t say no to it. They have to have a landing page that makes sense. That works. And then we just never turn those ads off. So we can, every week we get, we have to get, we have to get a Google review every week. We can’t turn those ads off every week. Every week we have to call this freaking leads. We have to call those free. Yes, we have to call those freaking leads.

Every time a lead comes in and you have to call it, we have to call that lead comes in and got a call that leap. And according to Forbes, right now, the average person has to be five to six times before they’ll answer the phone because people today don’t answer the phone unless they know the number. And then we have to text every lead. Every time we get a call, every lead text, every lead and email, every lead every time. Because that is what we have to do every day. Cause those are called revenue producing activities. RPAs now responding to somebody who doesn’t like you on social media or commenting on Trump or Obama or Pelosi or Elon Musk or anything that could be in the news. Uh, the Bendy Kardashians, Mr. West, the Kardashians. These are all things that won’t pay us. We don’t need to be doing that.

In fact, you don’t even need to have social media on our phones cause that is not a revenue producing activity. We do need to call our leads. Oh ye,s we need to call our business coach leads and how many times but at least five times every day got to text him, call him then the hub gym. They gotta have a daily checklist to make sure that when you go into the gym, it’s a pleasant experience. You have a good time and that the trainers are competent and confident. Now for the full package media, we have a checklist. You gotta make sure that all the photo shoots are done properly, that the real estate agents are actually excited. Turns out we have to have a great product then over at the hub gym and over at full package media we got charged to be, we have to stay on top of our accounting so we have to have a weekly appointment to look at our numbers.

Gonna make sure our numbers are not drifting. We have to make sure that our numbers are not drifting, which is why we have a weekly time to look at the numbers. Do we look at the numbers at the same time? We’re calling our leads? No. Do look at our numbers while we’re on our coaching call. No. Do we look at our leads while we are getting Google reviews? No. Do we multitask? No. Cause multitask. We’ll turn most normal people into idiots. You gotta be focused cause being present is a present. That’s right. Well then at eight o’clock after the full package, meaning we have our elephant in the room, all staff meeting. And do you know what we do in that meeting? We go over the same revenue producing activities each and every week. And you know we do. After that meeting, we meet with score basketball and yet we score the basketball.

It’s a basketball coaching gym facility that I’m involved with with coach Calvert. And in that meeting what we do is we go over our revenue producing activities. Oh there’s a theme is a theme to this movie. So then we go on after that we go talk to Bob about it. One of his products, he, Bob is the guy, he’s an inventor. He has a great product he’s come up with and we’re helping Bob with that product and then after that meeting,g I meet with doctor Joe Ly, the orthodontist who I’ve been a kind of a marketing partner with for years. The orthodontist, Kirkpatrick and Lye. You can Google search k l where you can do a Google search for Tulsa orthodontists to see our handiwork there. Then if you Google Tulsa basketball lessons, you can see that I’m not making up that example either. The score basketball, I’m not making up a score.

Basketball example, not making up the Kirkpatrick Lye example, not making up the hub gym and I’m not making up the full package media example either. Then after we meet with Kirkpatrick and Lye, then we have to go meet with a dark tomorrow with MLK dentistry, morrow lie and Kiterman dentistry. And after that I’m going to meet with a doctor Chad Edwards. And after I meet with Dark Chet Edwards and we’d help him grow his company Revolution Then we move into our meeting with Colton Dixon, the uh, the pop music star, uh, signed to Atlantic records. Uh, he’s had many songs in the top 40 of Christian music, a couple of number ones overall, and now he’s going to be producing some awesome music that will inspire people that you’re gonna hear in the top 40 radio as well. And then after I meet with Colton Dixon, then I meet with a company called a mayor of field.

And they are the number one frack sand, the sand that comes from fracking, oil and gas that, that process, they haul off that stuff. It’s called a mirror field. And then after that, you know what I do with after that I go home and you know why I go home cause it’s in my schedule but the entire day I am present. Cause being present is a present. When you view everyday as a president, when you view being present as a present than every day is really a gift. But if you don’t view being present as a present and you’re just this reactionary person who always responds to the most recent email, the most recent call, the most recent text in this world of digital clutter, you will lose and it is because you are not able to focus on revenue producing activities that will help you to produce time freedom and financial freedom.

Hopefully that answers the question of how do you design your day, but I don’t think it ends the conversation or gives proper context to the conversation if we do not at least discuss the idea of scheduling time for family. Now when you want to schedule time for family, now this is, this is something I have I’m into. I don’t know if you guys are into, but I’m into, I’m into, uh, you know, seeing my kids, talking to my wife, seeing my kids. So that’s in my schedule. So after I, uh, go home, you know, it’s in my schedule to spend time with my wife and then I put it in the calendar. It’s in the schedule, it’s in the plan. We spend time with my wife, do go on the family date thing, take my wife on a date and a, you know, the key to prison five kids, right?

I mean, you know how you know how, uh, scientifically and physically, how one person creates five kids. Do you, do you know how um, one person would create five kids? Well, you can’t, it requires two and the tea and the two people that produce the kids have to, you know, be horizontal. That’s just what has to happen. You know, things have to happen biologically speaking to produce those kids and you can’t do it if you’re not physically present. And then when you’re making love, you probably don’t want to be calling your sales leads when you’re trying to sleep. You probably don’t wanna have your smartphone on you. Probably it right bright. It’s print out a smart idea to have your smart phone on while you’re sleeping and when you’re making low, you probably don’t want to be looking at smartphone. Now when you’re probably look at your smart phone, you already to make it love, you probably don’t want to make it a sales call for the bathroom.

You probably don’t want to be going on a date with your wife while you’re looking at your smartphone. You probably want to be present because being present is a present and every day is a gift. If that is the way you live, you must be present, so you’ve got to have time to turn the phone off, time, turn the phone on. There’s a time to have that phone on, a time to have that phone off. There’s a time to respond to urgent customer service issues and there’s a time to not respond to urgent customer service issues and that is how you design each and every day to live a life worth living as a proactive, powerful person as opposed to being a reactive person. My name is Clay Clark. You’re listening to the thrive time show on your radio and podcast downloads. And we like to end every show with a three, two and a one and a boom. And so then he further, I do three.

Ooh. Oh doctorZ , you appear via our recorded from my smartphone technology. Now we’re out of my hummer and we’re in the studio, my friend. How are you? I tell you what, that the Hummer bits Kinda, it’s kinda funny. Well, I thought maybe we could do, you know, we’ve got the Hummer of love and we could have like the, the, the uh, Porsche passion or the Porsche profits. Ooh, I like that. And you could just, you know, why you, while you’re driving, you can pontificate various answers that thrivers have to phrase questions and you just send me the audio, the MP three file. I love it. It’s like you’re in the car with you. I think it’s a big hit and you know, it’s very safe for them in the car with me. Really. In fairness, your intro was actually very accurate because someone was yelling at you about driving.

And as I have said before and I will stick to my guns. Yeah, you are the worst driver in the world. And I have a confessional I want to share that just shows how far removed from decent driving I really am. Yeah. My mother asked if we would like to take the kids out to dinner because my wife was at a cheerleading event this past weekend in St Louis. And so I was home with the kids, just do you want to take Opry and uh, uh, Havana to out to eat. So I said sure. So we went out to eat at this place. She took three and left to here. Uh, right. Yep. So we’re here. I can conquer method. So there’s a place called Santa Fe steakhouse in broken Arrow and I thought, well, we’ll go there. So I pull in, park the car. The one where you get the peanuts?

I think so, yeah. You can just, yeah, they’re all over the floor. I looked at the core in there. So I parked the car on a meeting, like for the car. I realized I can’t really get out of the left door cause I parked so tight. This is dumb. So I said, guys, go back in there, I’m going to read park. So I back out, back in, back in, back out in a parking, things are good. And there’s a limo that’s a little bit near us that’s trying to park and he has to park. He has to take up like four or five spaces to park that thing. Sure. Yeah. And then there’s an electrician guy, he’s trying to like get in his space. They get into a verbal argument. It’s like road rage in the parking lot. My kids are trying to wait for a seat since this all happened.

And uh, they said the wait would be like 40. And I said, I don’t really want to do that. So we decided to go to buffalo wild wings instead. So I had the kids hop back in the car. So it’s my daughter and her, uh, her two friends, my son, my mom, we’re on the Hummer and there’s a guy behind me that’s like, you know, waiting to, uh, he wants me to pull out. He’s waiting to, to pull in, waiting for me to move. It’s the move. Yeah, the parking mood. But the way that he did it, I had no confidence that I could be able to back out and not hit him. Okay. And do you know why you hate him? I know my side Mirror on the left side, yes. And my rear view mirror are both completely obstructed at all times and only knew that because someone in the busienss coach program pointed that out to me.

They’re like, you can’t even see it. I’m like, I’m like, I’ve never used those mirrors. They go, really? What you want? You will. Right. Why would you I use it like a year probably. And so I went forward over the curb and then end of the parking lot of the stuff I had jumped to parking spot, uh, jumped the barrier and went into, uh, uh, over there to do buffalo wild wings. And then I did that and then I, I parked the car and then someone else in the car said, I can’t believe your dad just jumped the, the barrier and it’s a hover. I mean, and they’re like, this is what he does. This is what, this is the kind of jackass Uri Sue’s whenever he’s driving. But then I started laughing this morning cause I was getting ready for today’s show and I thought to myself, I have not used my rear view mirror or my side mirror for at least a year.

Well, you know, you brought up an interesting point. When am I, what am I, can I go on one of my pet peeves? I want you to go, obviously you’re driving is like woo. Yeah, well we won’t go there that much. But my thing is when you go to a busy place and, and you’re looking for a parking spot and you see someone walk out and they get in their car and so then you do the move. You’re looking here at your posted up to get that parking spot. Yup. And they sit there forever. I, what are they doing in their car?

They’re wasting time,

car, and then just about the time you’re going to, you give up on them and then all of a sudden they’re there. Rear view lights. Come on and listen to a married couple that’s making out. That’s the only valid reason, right? I mean, you see a couple in their 30s or forties and 50s making out in the, in the parking lot. It’s like a bed bath and beyond. That’s that. That’s, that’s it. That’s it. And that’s what I meant with that. We have no issue with single dude that gets in his pickup truck there for a long time. You’re like, what? What did they, what are they doing now? Z? The question that was asked today was how do you, how do you design your day clean? How do you find time to get everything done? I shared my tips while I was driving the Hummer of love.

Now I’d like for you to share your tips of how, um, you know, you have a schedule. Let’s say that you’ve decided that you’re going to go out on a hot date tonight at six o’clock. Okay? And then, uh, tomorrow night you’re going to go out with your son, Beau. You’re going to bow night, you know, and then two days later you’re going to go to Las Vegas, let’s say. Okay? Okay, so you got you a date going on, you got a date with your son, and then you’ve got a trip to Vegas. And then you also have like, you got to deposit money at this particular bank. You’ve got things in your calendar, right? How do you possibly say no to everything else? It’s really easy. What do you do? What do you do? Walk us through your 18 steps. Everybody, but everybody write this down on paper or electronically. If you’re driving, don’t write it down. One second. Let me get you anything.

Surely you can’t be serious. I am serious and don’t call me. Sure.

Okay. Okay. I told you it’s only been private times. You can call me surely. Okay. Not the bucket. Sorry. There’s a difference inside voice, outside voice. Surely I want you to write down this letter in. Can I get it? I’m writing this down in, in, in as in nothing. Then an an an an an an an an an ethics Nebraska. Nebraska. No. Got It. Got It. Got It. Okay. And then I want you to write the letter o when you say, Oh, you mean like, oh, like a circle. Oh, I can circle the nicest. I can start with. I’d like to circle this. Circle the circle. No Sir.

Okay. Now make them kind of close together and then with me say at the same time go. No, no, no, no. What if it’s a push notification or a family member that’s texting, they’re like your third cousin twice removed and they just have to read you right now about some question that doesn’t relate to your, no one’s, no one’s no one’s going to be at, at sort of medical his situation. We’re not talking about a medical situation. We’re talking about a life or death, medical emergency. It’s an emergency in their mind, in their mind. You know what I mean? People that everything’s urgent high. No, I know it is.

There are a handful of people that have that lane reserved for them to be able to be able to do that with me. But he’s only a handful and they’re, so you have two ways that you have a certain number of people. Correct. Now I was researching this guy, they call him Andrew. Maybe you’re not familiar with this guy. His name is a hastiness. Ah, it spells it j e s u s let’s just a facility or something called a Jesus, whoever this guy is. And apparently he had 1212 people, 12 Apostles, 12 homies that he hung out in disciples. But not a disciples, but not like 1200 not like 1200 but you know, I mean how could he possibly to 1200 sometimes, how could he possibly change the world and not have, you know, 1200 direct points of contact? Well, that’s what you do.

And, and one of the things that I would really recommend people out there is if there’s anything you’re doing in your current day that you can get somebody else to do to free up your time. Very important. If you’re, you’re the entrepreneurship. A lot of it is time. You know, we, that’s probably the biggest complaint we get, right? Biggest questions we get. I don’t have enough time to, Jake, did you get this done, Billy? I didn’t have enough time. I agree with this. Did you, did you get your SEO done? Did you get your, you know, your way around it? Whatever it is. Yeah. Yeah. Articles written, I mean, for renting. I didn’t have the time. Did you get reviews? I just tied. I did not have the time. Yeah, and what happens is, is that you have to take control. I know that sounds mean.

Take control of your day by saying no to what other people want you to do. Now, I heard a sermon that was delivered by TD Jakes, the guy listen to every morning. Oh, great, great. And he had an awesome sermon. Okay. He’s talking about, I’m talking about being exceptional is a decision. You have to choose to be exceptional. You have to decide to do things in a way that’s counterintuitive for the rest of the world. If you want to get disproportionately awesome results. You must do things that awesome people do and not things that everybody else does. Correct. And somehow he got off on a tangent talking about he has this upcoming conference and how he’s not going to bring it to you. You have to come to him. And he said, you know a lot of people on social media, we’ll email and saying, could you bring the conference to Atlanta?

Could you bring it to a Vegas? Could you bring it to la? Could you bring it to Canada? Could you bring it to New York? And he says, no. And he was just being kind of funny. He’s like, listen, I see all of y’all up there on Twitter, on the social media, emailing me. People ask me all the time, can we take it? Can we do a world tour? He says, let me explain how this works. I’ve got a group of people, a thousand people, employees, video people, producers, editors, audio people, cruise, slight sound speakers. We’ve built a building. We can’t move it. It’s easier for you to spend 400 bucks on southwest to come here and to go back home with the knowledge than it is for me to come to you. Quit asking me to bring it to you, buy a ticket, buy a ticket. Now I want to play the little audio excerpt as he was talking about exceptional people versus ordinary and I want you to break this down under the in the context of saying no, no and that and that pushback that we sometimes can get when we learn to say no.

Oh Jesus, who is exceptional is having a conversation with ordinary and exceptional and ordinary always have a conflict. Anytime exceptional people dwell in the midst of ordinary thinking, people always going to be conflict.

So Z, when you say to somebody, I’ve seen you do this before, there was one bureaucracy that you and I were meeting with at one point and they wanted to meet again. They said, let’s meet again. You and I were a meeting. I’ll be very general and vague. We are meeting and revolve with a real estate purchase. And if you remember, I was the person to kind of the, who let you know about the potential business coach deal is a real estate deal and they wanted to go and exceed the property to decide if they wanted to move forward or something like that. And I think we had met him twice and it was like the third day, this, this, this is the time where the, the big cheese as meeting the other big cheese, the two cheeses are meeting and the, the person kind of wanted to end the meeting with like, well, Hey, let’s, uh, send me some numbers and we’ll meet again or something like that.

And I’ll never forget, you remember what you said? Tell me. You see I got to do, but I was awesome. I like wrote it down. I’m like, well that’s good. That’s, you wrote it down. You said, uh, well what will we meet about it? And they said, well, we’ll just, we want to think about it and pray about it. And you know, if you can just send us those numbers, let’s go ahead and book in their time to meet. And you’d said something like, well, I don’t remember what you was so clever. It was so fun. It was something like, well you pray about it but I won’t be there because we just need to decide whether we’re doing it or not or something like that. It was really, I have meetings. So many people spend so much of their time and pointless meetings just to have a meeting because someone told him you should have a meeting.

So think of all the meetings, take up all the meetings that you don’t go to the everyone else goes to. I’m going to tee up a whole bunch of them. Oh, you don’t go to networking events? Ah, why? Eh? No. Every men’s breakfast that you’ve been invited to, what have you all went to? All of them. It just once a year. Yeah. No, never. You would spend your entire time we did what we know. Here’s what happens when you go to those, then you have the, they come up to you and they grab that, grab your hand. Yep. They shake it, they look in the eye. The other hand they have a business card. Yup. But usually it’s like a real, a real leader and they want to set up a meeting and they want to talk to you about their new MLM or their new real estate or something.

They’re doing startup, they want to meet lower, they’ll or they’ll ask the successful, this is my favorite. They will ask the super successful person to speak. And when that person speaks, they all get mad. As an example, I got to ask years ago to speak at a major university, Major University and the guy who spoke the same day was a billionaire, a billionaire. Wow. So I’m back. So I’m speaking, it’s myself. Um, then there’s another guy, so it’s kind of like millionaire, multimillionaire, and then a billionaire speaking. Okay, sure. And so they had me go first to kind of, you know, warm up the crowd, have some fun with your kids, the college kids. And one of the college students is like, Ah, I’ve questioned, make sure, hey, um, do you Mr. Clark, do you, what do you think you’re a role in creating an environment of, of social justice in improving the, the community at large?

When you think the role of, you know, Dj connection is and creating a better culture for the community at large. And I said, our our community, he said, yeah, that’s the thing. How big is, how big of a community says, well it’s also I think stuff. How about a half million sir? I’m like, are you, so you’re saying what role does DJ connection have in Tulsa or the Oklahoma? What? He said, well yeah, Tulsa, you know, and I said, I really, I never thought about that. And one of her thinking about that again, I just, the market votes with their dollars and people pay us if we wow them. I mean if they, brides hire us to Dj for their wedding and as long as they think we’re the best deal and the most entertaining they’ll play, they’ll hire us again. And then the money that I make and our employees make, we spend in the local economy buying goods and services that we want to buy and the guy goes, you have it.

A lot of people are buying things on Amazon now. So what role do you think you have as an owner to buy local? I said I don’t, I don’t, local businesses had more of a compelling argument. I’m sure more of my staff would buy things locally, but they just buy all their Christmas presents on Amazon. I can’t make them. And this guy just was all hung up right there. Oh yeah. So then the next uh, speaker and he said, sir, how did you get your, you had to get your product into your first a hundred stores. See? Do you want to guess what his answer was? You want to just speculate. He drove him is what he’s, he’s like, he goes, I literally called every single local retail, every, every retail store in America of this size or more. And then I drove to them and they were like, put, did you have an appointment?

No. No. Have you ever thought about creating like a click funnel? No. No. Have you ever like thought about sir, isn’t there a better way to market on social media? No. And he just was like, listen, I called them all and they’re like, well, did you have an appointment? No. Next question, sir, do you, are you in a do not call state? And he was like, ma’am, I’ll tell you what, I’m old enough to be your grandfather. And when I was calling them leads and we didn’t have a do not call list and even if there was a do not call this, I’d still call that list because they were businesses. Right? But it’s just, it’s, it’s, it’s, I feel like every student who asked a question left upset at the guy who told the truth when there’s this mindset of this kind of a shift, you know, it’s kind of funny.

All these, uh, social justice, social justice, um, and there is a move. And the reason why the move successful because particularly the younger folks, and I say millennials, I don’t want to pigeonhole everybody into the category people under 18 it, they care about that rise. Our Age don’t. But through fascinating, whenever you really research some of these companies like toms shoes, you buy a pair, they give a pair away. Yup. Well, they put a bunch of companies in Africa to business until shoes. No, they get all these free shoes. It’s also also to buy a pair in, give a pair of, of shoes. You think about that they buy a pair, give a pair. That’s a really great offer. And think about all of the American companies that were displaced by their success, not just oversees all the American shoe companies. I mean, if you’re gonna sell a shoe, I mean, if you’re going to sell, buy a pair, give a pair, and you’re gonna have this viral success that’s going to make somebody else have an equally viral, not success.

Right. So which one you pay attention to, right? Like, I mean it’s, it’s business folks. I love what Jack Welch says. Oh, come on down. I went in and as I’m in, maybe sooner, I think. I mean, yeah, it was at the maybe sooner. It was. Sure it was. Okay. And he said he had a group come up to him when you’re years ago and they said that Amish, well chuck, and we have some of your time, you know? Yes. You know there was appropriate that went through the proper channels to here’s what we want to do. We want to build a green light bulb, a light bulb that was better for the environment than the ones we currently have. It’s hot. And Jack says, okay, how much is it? And it was about 10 times the cost of the light bulbs that they currently had. So what did, uh, Jack tested to?

Jack said we are not going to do that. What it was it because he didn’t like the environment? No. Was it because he hates the color green? No. Cause they would go to business. It’s not viable. Right. So then he said we can’t sell the, we can’t make enough money if we build that light bulb, we can’t sell it for what we need to sell it for. No one wants to buy it. Therefore we’ll go out of business. Therefore what good can we do? What we’re going to do is keep making light bulbs where we do keeps selling a lot of them. And then the money that you make that I pay you I your salary, you could take a portion of that and go help the world and whatever capacity. Or was a young woman who was at that college event that I was speaking to and she was talking about solar panels with this billionaire.

Yeah. And it was awesome. He asked the woman, he said, if suppose I did put solar panels on my house in Oklahoma to reduce my carbon footprint down to zero, how many years would it take for me to recoup the costs? And she said, oh, well there’s a government credit and all this. And he’s like, I repeat the question. How many and Andrea have ever, you heard we had an interview where we’ve also talked to someone about this and did you remember the math on how long it would take for the solar panels to actually, like if you reduced your bills as a result of putting the solar panels on your house, how long it would take for you to recoup the costs of solar panels? Fire, if I remember right, it was 15 to 20 years. It was almost 20 years to recoup the costs of the sofa.

By the time you get the cost for cube, you’re going to need new sell plan. Right, and the person we talked to explain to us name, it should last about 15 years, so it was just that. He’s like, well ma’am, I don’t think that’s a viable product, and she’s like, put the government can do it. He’s like, that’s the, that’s why it’s the government subsidy and who pays for it? I do my private. Yes. Now he’s paid for it. Oh, here is a another controversial thought. Again, this is, this is all about how do you get stuff done? You don’t want to argue with people about how life works when they’re wrong. Right. Then you don’t waste your time arguing with people about how the market works. Correct. You don’t argue with people about religion though. Correct? You don’t argue politics. Correct. Do you vote?

Yes. Do you argue with people randomly throughout your day about social media, on social media, about politics? No. That’s why I’m not on social media. So I’m going to cue up this, this quote, this quote, when I hit play, I’ve had at least a dozen people say that this particular quote is unethical, I’m going to hit play. It’s the guy who started the gravity blanket. Now this crazy cat, this guy, this guy’s awesome. He runs ads for products that he’s never made in, can’t make, just to see if people will want to buy it it. If people want to buy it, then he makes it. So here we go. Let me keep this as a move. Here we go. Why would you advise everybody out there to start test marketing something to quote unquote dummy landing pages before you even have a viable product that works yet

and if no one in your mind, and if no one’s interested in buying or they’re not reacting to the

opposite, it’s actually not that great of an idea. So that’s Mike Grillo saying that if you think you have a great idea and you run ads and people don’t actually buy it, it’s probably not that great of an idea. Amen. And maybe it is a great idea and you just haven’t been able to express how awesome an idea it is. Do you think it’s unethical to run ads for a product that you can’t actually, I mean, if somebody clicks it, they’re not going to charge them or anything. But if a consumer clicks the ad and it’s just going to say we’re out of stock, do you even, it’s unethical. No, I don’t think that’s unethical. But there’s a lot of good question. The ethics, it’s usually people that have no sales. I say it’s not easy. It’s always feels no sales. Well it’s, it’s, you know, it’s a form of marketing.

I mean, it’s a move. It’s a move. It’s a move. I mean it’s kind of like kind of putting it out there. 40 names of titles to a book and you have it written, any 40 of them. And that was a Napoleon hill move. That was a Napoleon Hill’s a great move. And then what you do is you, which one gets clicked on the most? That’s the book you write. Tim Ferris off took the cover of his book and wrapped real books that were in real bookstores. So he went to a bookstore crab, the best selling book, put his book cover on the jacket, wrapped to the book in his jacket just to see how many people would pick up the title four hour workweek. Yeah, and he had, and that wasn’t the only title he had. He had it. One was like how to get rich.

It’s some like there’s some like how to get rich with drug dealing or something crazy like that. It’s like a crazy what we’re going to click on. Yeah. I wonder how many people clicked on that one. He decided he’d figured out what book he would write based upon what title people wanted to buy. There’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t think that’s unethical. It’s called adventures in drug dealing. I mean the only thing that’s, the other thing is bad about that is you’re going to probably irritate all the drug dealers out there. Drug dealer wannabes. And by the way, do you know how he became an expert once he realized that people wanted to buy the book, the four hour work week? Do you know how he became an expert in this idea? Studied? He said he went and just got four books about time management, reddit and consolidate it into a book called the four hour workweek and there you go.

There it is. Deep thoughts now, deep, deep. Now I do think it’s unethical. No, no and I, I think the other thing I think that’s hindering somebody out there, I pride this person asking this question is you have a bunch of stuff on your schedule that z does not have on his schedule, so I’m going to tee up some things you don’t have on your schedule. Okay. I just what to break it down? I think maybe you, your listener, Mrs Listener, you probably check Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, linkedin, Twitter, youtube, Gmail. You probably check Mr. Listener, Mrs Listener and the average American probably checked six social media accounts a day. Six Bro. Six. Do you ever check six? No, I don’t have six. You had a check. One, two, four, zero. Um, every now and then I’ll, I’ll, uh, pop in Linkedin. Okay, so you don’t want to do, it’s a business.

It’s a business deal. Okay. So you maybe check one out of six. I think a lot of listeners out there, they like you particularly like to the game of Thrones series. Yes, I did. And the final, a addition of it’s coming out here, final season starts in April of 19 this and you lie, you, you blocked out time to watch that. Yeah, I thrived. I DVR it. But I would also have a little watch party. So yeah, but I mean you, that was amazing to me that you, you did that right? But you don’t watch on a Q and a patriots game. Right. But you don’t watch every single show. No. Like, you know, watch every show that’s on the Internet. I know that the average Americans over five hours, according to Nielsen right now, the average American between Netflix and Amazon and TV is watching 5.2 hours a day of video content.

It’s just crazy. So you don’t spend 5.2 hours a day on this, on the TV? No Sir. I don’t. You don’t spend a 2.3 hours get anything done. I mean, think about that. That’s almost like a job that, I mean, the average person, if you take the amount of TV they’re doing, the social media updates and haranguing and, and all of that, just just to update it, keep up, keep it going. I mean that’s, that’s a fulltime job. You also get eight hours, right? Well, it’s 5.2 plus 2.3 so yeah, at 7.5 hours a day. Now you don’t typically have like daily vices that you like. You don’t, I don’t see you vaping a lot. No Sir. I do. But I mean seriously, if you have a bad habit, like if you just have to go put the slots for an hour every day, right? I mean, that’s a, that’s a, that’s all of a sudden is a thing.

That’s a thing. You’ve had to, uh, Andrew, I’m sure you’ve seen people who have to leave every four hours or two hours or one hour to go vape, vape or smoke. It probably eats up a lot of time right there. A lot of money and money too. Yeah. No. Z, what else do you not do? You, you, I know that you’re used to doing you, but what else do you not do that most people are doing? Well, I think one thing that you said on there, a lot of people are checking six accounts, but they’re, the insidious part about that, which is really sad, is they have the push notifications on, right? So they’re being reminded, they’re being, it’s kind of like that. Pavlov with the dog, little bailed, Ringling linguine, and they’d start saliva and it ruins people’s ability to focus, to ruin your ability to focus.

And it’s annoying when you’re randoms like pink, pink thing thing, you know, the only thing, the last time I saw you get really mad was you brought a lap, you bought a laptop and somebody set up the push notifications to be on the laptop. Oh. And I remember watching your face and you held it and you didn’t, he didn’t yell or hit, but you looked at, you looked at that screen like, get me a computer who ruined, how dare you do that. So that’s, that’s one thing. But as far as what people do to waste their time, a lot of it is, um, they’re, they’re letting people have access these, but you got to have it to do list. You got to have, what’s the most important thing to get done. So you get it to two. Let’s step one, step one. You’ve got to have your calendar, your schedule and stick to it at the counter.

And if you say, I don’t have, when you have one, come on. Not a really good one. Then other people fill it in right as they come along. Um, turn off those push notifications. Yeah, I’ll set aside a little bit of time every now and then throughout the day that you can, if it’s really important to you. I would say knowing what your friend had for breakfast is not that big of a, Oh, frick. I don’t know. I knew I had to change something. Or your friend, you know the screen on there. Should I scramble them or fry my eggs this morning? You know, I don’t think you need to get them to be involved in that high level decision making of your friends breakfast. Okay. You also don’t hang around a lot of dysfunctional people consistently. Oh Bro. That’s, Oh man. I mean you don’t, you don’t feel your calendar was like, well now to have dysfunctional long have lunch with a dysfunctional person a, now let’s have a dinner with dysfunctional person B. And when you have been in times of your life where you are stuck in a doom loop of dealing with somebody who’s never happy, well how does that go?

It’s horrible. And then can try and get out of it. But the more you let him in, it’s like the harder it is to get rid of my, I remember once the thrive headquarters and we had a young man there that had been, I know shadowing or they’re, you know, kind of just taking it all in and wanted to kind of, you know, somehow or another maybe get business coach to have, start a business. I mean, you could tell he was just bright eyed and excited and everything. And so I come wheel on out. We’d just done, that’s when we were recording there in that studio. I can, we lend it out there to go to the bathroom and he stops me, you know, and he’s, you know, he’s like, Oh hey, hey, hey, I’m, you know, Billy and he sticks out his hand to shake it. Anything cause man, I would, oh man, I love to visit with you and I’d love to have your thoughts and some stuff I’m thinking about and is there any time we could do lunch and looked at him? I said, Billy, and this is gonna sound so mean.

I said, oh, Billy. I said, I said, uh, no, that’s not going to happen. Uh thanks. Thanks for asking. I already have a nice day. Walked into the bathroom and I remember you doing this because I heard about it cause a person meeting. He’s like, he told me he wouldn’t meet. Maybe I thought we were a team. And I was like, well if everybody who worked for us could put things on his calendar than the org chart would have changed and he’d be at the bottom. Right. So it is. And then there was another time where someone said, Hey z, I sent you a text. He never responded. I remember you looked at them directly and said that was intentional. That was my, doesn’t respond to a text message. That is the response. But it was very, it was funny cause you’re like, that was intentional, but they thought they were all like going to try to call you out and make this thing. And I just think if you’re out there today and you’re struggling to get things done, just listen to this podcast a couple of times. Make a list of some of the things thatZ is not doing on a daily basis and make sure you’re not making, you’re not wasting your time doing things that don’t need to be done and see, we’d like to end every show with the boom. Are you ready? Here we go. Three, two.



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