How to Determine Your Main Focus & How to Generate Leads

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As a startup what should you be focusing on? How do you generate new leads? If you are having a hard time finding your focus or generating leads then listen in to Clay Clark as he teaches you what you need to know to grow a business.

  1. Question – “Is it better to focus on one aspect of remodeling/contracting first or should I start by offering all kinds of services? I believe the key here is to focus on the best things first, and then branch off.”
    1. STEP 1 – Find a parade and get in front of it.
      1. What keywords are your competitors ranking for?
      2. What are the keywords that people are actually searching?
    2. STEP 2 – Create a 10 point needs assessment sheet.
      1. Mike Counsil Plumbing –
        1. They offer many services above just plumbing
    3. STEP 3 – Ask the customer – “While I am here today do you need any help in the area of…. (list of the areas you can help them with)?”
    4. STEP 4 – Follow up when they say yes.


  1. Question – “As a startup and someone who’s needing to generate leads to get off the ground, what are some of the 1st systems I need to establish?”
    1. Pareto Principle Concept – Roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.
      1. Example – Focus 80% of Your Day on Sales
      2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – Small firms accounted for 64 percent of the net new jobs created between 1993 and 2011.
      3. Make a list of all the things you do during your day that are not related to sales and delegate or blow them up as soon as possible.
    2. Google Reviews from real clients
      1. Do not try and scam the system and get real objective reviews.
    3. Search Engine Optimization
      1. Getting to the top of the google search results.
    4. Retargeting ads
    5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The future of advertising is the Internet.” – Bill Gates (William Henry Gates III is an American business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, humanitarian, and principal founder of the Microsoft Corporation.)
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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the business coaching universe. It’s business coaching school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields trucks like to know more yes, yes, yes and yes, why they should welcome back to another exciting addition of the thrive time show on your radio. For some reason, we’ve been bombarded with questions from great listeners like you today, and so who am I to not answer your questions quickly be I would be a slow question answer we’re going to do it I’m going to go ahead. Let you read the question from the driver and then I’m going to tee it up I’m, going to talk to you for a little editorial question number one we have. Is it better to focus on one aspect of remodeling or contracting first or should I start by offering all kinds of services and believe that the key here is to focus on the big best things first and then branch off one more time, one more time, so is it better to focus on one aspect of remodeling and contracting first or should I start by offering all kinds of services bible leave? The key here is to focus on the best things first and then branch off. Okay. What what are you are a contractor, remodeler, a haircut business, any kind of want to do. You have to understand that the first thing first thing you want to do step everyone shop if you want to find a parade and get in front of it. Now, if you were a business, coaching client, we can help you do this, but we can show you approximately how many people are searching for a given term. So I don’t know what people are searching for. Google right, we as a business coaching program would do a deep dive, I sent it to her coders and they would take a couple hours. 3-4 hours they would do the research using the programs we have when we come back. We say this. Many people per month are looking for home remodeling right.

This many people are looking for kitchen remodeling and why is it important to know how many people are searching? Reach key works because you, as the business owner or the contractor, whatever you’re doing I mean this works across industries. You could think that hey everybody’s, probably out there searching for this, but yes thinking that doesn’t mean they are right, like that, doesn’t mean that they’re actually searching for that. So you want to you, know, hire somebody. That’s an exporter, find a way to do this yourself and find out what is going to get you the most fruit from your labor. So let me give an example of one of my clients:i work with, and a company that I’m going to be helping franchise as a business coaching professional, I’m, helping them to franchise but will be franchising soon is called phone doctors now phone doctors tell me if this is amazing. If you’re listening out there-and you say, i-would like to make over $100,000 a year right, but I I don’t have a ton of money. What’s a business that I could invest in to get started. Can you research, real, quick with the loan payment would be? If you borrowed $75,000 to start a business 75,000 dollars to start a business? What would my payment be well phone, doctors that you borrowed $75,000 to open one or you had the money to buy one rumor has it people have smartphones and those smart phones are breaking out if you’re aware of this, but the average person I know our listeners are aware of this I’m, not sure. If your friends are aware of this, though everybody has a smartphone and people rely on those things. It’s on the phone breaks. People want to get that thing fixed the same day. That’s why I’m so excited to help these guys franchise will be going out there and you put $75,000 into the opening of a business.

If you’re making payments were that come out to jeff, 275 grand at 8% and over 60 months would be $1,500 a month or $1,500 a month to buy your own business and you could cash flow and then profit again, there’s weave 11 stores, so don’t doctors currently has 11 store. So if you’re, really good manager, europe or manager-that’s all over the place, but you could realistically make $100,000 a year. If you just borrowed $1,500 you get a payment of $1,500 a month to finance your store. I mean that’s. The question is what do people? What, because the key question is:is it better to focus on one aspect of one aspect of remodeling, one aspect of contracting versus a first or should I start offering all kinds of service as well tanya back to that question, because that’s what the question is the question:how do you tie back, but most people are searching for iphone, repair and shut. Me know why most people are searching for iphone repair, because tons of people have iphones and tons of people break their phone right. So if you go on to google and you type in tulsa, iphone repair I’m, going to pull it up on the big screen here, iphone repair, you’ll notice, that phone doctors comes that’s right, number two in the search engines and they were on page one. There. Things are going well over the place, and you know why we’re coming the actual phone doctor store. Then we would say to you:hey. Would you like for us to also fix abc123 right? Would you like for us to fix your ipad? Would you like for us to get it done in an hour? Maybe we can fix almost any if you drop it in the water in recovery that data bag of rice review, you have a broken, I mean you’ve got some things.

Wear your phone no longer works. You need it now right. We have all sorts of ways. We can up serve you as more ways. We can serve you at an increased profit, but if you owned a phone doctor store, the first thing you’d want to do is be top in google for the things people are searching for severe remodeler contractor. You want to work with your coach to figure out what are the keywords that most people are looking for:interview to speculate on a radio show what that term is. That would be a poor form because it takes hours to the absolutely I would not want to speculate on the business coaching radio show or looking for once you get in the homestead number 2 is you’d want to make a needs assessment center for to make a 10-point needs assessment sheet again step to make. A 10-point needs assessment sheet of companies that do this well, no company, better I did mike counsil plumbing and san jose california. That’s a silicon valley for those of you who aren’t familiar with the area and I get to mike counsil plumbing and that’s going to be mc plumbing,, maybe a link up. Will you call for a plumbing problem, you’re, probably not expecting that they offer a variety of services, beyond, just plumbing repair? Let me tell you the things they can do:beyond plumbing repair she freaks out about this I am super excited to hear about the business coaching council point. They do a sewer and drain. They do gas. They do water, they do water heaters, they do fixtures and sinks, disposal, toilets faucets and they do home protection plan. So you all of that stuff-and you know why they do all those things jumping not just plumbing yeah. They wanted to try and up serve all of their clients. If there’s more than one thing you can do for them, people love to have a reputable honest, hard-working company do whatever they need done, so why would they want to go higher and vet and try to you know see if this is going to work out with another company and if you can do it and do it right on time? Why wouldn’t they use you now step number 3? Will you want to do? Is you wanted, then ask the customer hey while we’re here so step number 3, you want to ask the customer these questions.

Step number 3 want to ask the customer. Ask the customer, while I am here today, looking at your remodeling issue or whatever you’re looking at, did you have in? Do you need any help in the area of, and you just lift that you just list off the areas in the best example of a company that can think of it? Does that almost every single time is jiffy lube I mean jiffy, lube chubbuck jr. Go to jiffy lube, or do you go to the $5 one or where do you go for your oil oil change, usually whichever one I’m driving by when I realize I need to get my oil changed? So i, headed to the mall talk to me about this, you used to do concrete right. Installation used as used to do, poured concrete when you go out to pour the footings for somebody. That’s the step. One right right before I was going to give him a business coaching quote step to footings how many times for the for the driveway yeah a lot of time. We do a lot of commercial work, but especially when did residential work out the last big driveway job I can think of that we did. We quoted him about $15,000 to do a sidewalk and driveway. While we were out there, the guy was complaining about how slow at his yard is and how he ate some of it and I said him, and we can put a retaining wall in while we’re here, and we can level off your entire front yard and take the dirt down on the other side. Then he needed somebody to redo all the spring sprinklers. So I got a hold of a sprinkler guy put him under our contract. They need an electrician to put lights in the faces of the steps, so I got a hold of those people. Don’t know all the services you offer I think about the warren theater I went to the warren theater to go, see sampson with my beautiful wife there and I go to the warren theater.

They said hey, while you guys are here, would you guys be interested in the vip seating or premium seating of yorba linda to the warren theater? Not the one you’re speaking of a broken arrow thought about sitting in the whatever seating, I didn’t even know the things you can do as you can have dinner. While you watch the movie with an adult beverage of your choice and I’m thinking, this might be a and it’s just a question right. There. I went to reasor’s in the person has, do you need anything else with that it normally i, say no, then I thought to myself. You know, I do need some avocados, so I never said yeah I didn’t smile because it’s only got the one of the condos. You would have going through a quick trip and I’m going to check it out. They said anything I said no next time, I go no next time, I go no, but every once awhile I say yes, cuz I asked mcdonald’s always says 99 cent menu, whatever their menu is so the dollar menu. But then they say. Would you like for me to upsize? That’s it was italy called superstar size. Would you like anything else? That would be that would would you like fries with that in as a culture people mock that business coaching question like i? Had you answered the question? Do you want fries with that graduate from baylor? You know, you know what you’re going to say after graduation.

Would you like fries with that? You know what you’re going to graduation and I bet those fries have made mcdonald’s millions is 1, find a braid and get it and get in front of it, find a parade and get in front of it to create a 10-point assessment sheet. Do you have to do if i? Don’t you go through your client every single time? What do you need? What are you looking for? How can I help you asking him specifically while I am here? Are you also need a big step for you going to ask him? You can’t just give them the sheet step-for-step, for this is big, follow up when they say yes, a lot of people say yes, I am interested. I need to talk to my wife. I am interested in you talk to my husband. You know what I kept I’d like to get that retaining wall install the right now. I need to talk to my wife right and if people don’t follow up and she’s out of town right now and it’s two weeks later and you don’t forget to call so yeah absolutely got to follow up. So I’m telling you is to remodel or if you need to get the highest business coaching search engine traffic is plumbing and you can do it and you can win it in your coach is going to tell you how much content you need to have to win. How many reviews you need to win, how much mobile compliance you need to win. How much can I go compliance adjustment you need to win when I saw that mean we’re, not teach you how to get to the top of the google searches and how difficult it’s going to be, and you want to come up with winnable terms with words that you can win in a search engine results, they’re, actually attainable and affordable, and once you determine what’s winnable and attainable, then you can begin to execute that plan. But you got to find that provide what are people searching for and then get in front of ask yourself, mr. Business owner?

What are people searching for? What is the parade that I can get get in front of I’m telling you? This is a parade that I’m excited to get in front of is onyx printing? No idea why it sucks out of onyx printing cuz I’m a busy guy you’re, a busy guy. We do it to our radio show every day when I have time to run around town hunting for office supply staples, she don’t we do. We have our autos. We have our office supplies, auto shipped to us, or our office supplies delivered to our office. We come back up and tell you more about that. Help me free up more time attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective business coaching review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to info at drivetime, show., the, former ussv, a entrepreneur of the year and I am here on a mission to get you into a great financial position. But here here is the the thing:i cannot help you if I do not hear from you, and so today, I am so honored, so excited so fired up, because we have so many entrepreneurs who, taking the time today to email us at info at thrive time show.,. What’s so awesome about the questions or emailing us? Is it when you email the question? There’s somebody else out there that has the same question and then they get their question answered and then you guys come into our office. Today we have company called a complete carpet. We work with are in oklahoma. Now those of you who have listened to the show for a given amount of time, you say:you’re, a hypocrite you’re working with two carpet cleaners. No you see complete carpet is in oklahoma oxyfresh. The only state were not ever going to be in is in oklahoma for many reasons, so I can work with complete carpet care, but I’m teaching them the systems that I know that already work right now:coaches victoria and he brought in that plaque.

You see a planet and I think he’s up he’s at 230% to 55 oz in one year, gift documenting his business coaching success, bringing his wife and that’s what I’m all about helping. You have success with your church with your carpet cleaning business. My entire reason for doing this. My entire reason for breathing air, as relates to my vocation, vocation means my calling that’s what the word vocation means. It means you’re, calling your vacation means to retreat from this. My calling until you email me a question is my calling in my passion to help answer. I, don’t feel like it’s a job. It’s never laborious and, what’s crazy is the more questions you ask, the more energized I become the more excited I become it’s weird questions:email from a thriver chip. Can you read this question to get off the ground? What are some of the first system? I need to establish, establish understand that you need to spend your time doing the things that matter. It’s called the pareto principle look up, preto principal concept, I think it’s some point. We need to do a deep dive on the pareto principle and what that means and where it came from, but for the second time it means that you need to spend 80% of your time doing the 20% of things that will move the needle the most you want to spend 80% of your time doing the things that are going to move the needle them most overtime, you’re going to find that will change. So next concept. You’ve got to focus 80% of your day on sale.

So if you’re, a start-up without sales, your business will fail knows what to give me example:according to the 02 forbes over 60% of the jobs created in america right now or small business owners, which means that if you’re a business owner your small business owner, you have 10 employees or less. What will put it on the show notes hear that the forbes statistic:what percentage of the jobs that have been created are created by small business you’re, going to find that well, over 6 out of 10 jobs are created by small businesses. If your small business owner you’re in charge of sales, marketing branding hiring accounting in fixing your printer when it doesn’t work, this is a huge thing. It’s nights will happen is when I built by my company dj connection. I did not know. There were services that would come to your office and would give you a loaner printer, while you’re fixing your printer, so I would have like four or five employees sitting around doing nothing, because the printer wouldn’t work. I would take precious time during my work, then I would leave the office and I would go out to office depot like an idiot. During the middle of my work day, I did the same stuff as a as a head of a company that was doing the close to a million dollars of sales, I’m leaving my office and my team, and by the way they get less productive. When you leave and you’re gone a minimum hour, I don’t have the business coaching money yet to afford a great manager, so I’m leaving I’m gone for an hour, and when I left I used to work at 71st and lewis over there in the apartments I live in the apartments behind the marriott hotel, then we got classy. We moved into a condominium the condominium at 67th and lewis that would drive over there to office depot and every time I came back. No one was working, no one was doing anything right and I lost the productivity. I lost my personal time, but now what was the company we use? Is onyx imaging in a proud sponsor of the show we love these guys are we met them originally I believe through a workshop? Are there wasn’t one of their members of their team that listen to our show faithfully? He recommended the ownership.

Try not to cecil. Tell you what I think about feasel I just think he is so special something about cecil, so he can come out to a workshop, and next thing you know you know we we connected with them. We’ve been helping with your business office deliveries for a long time, but their value proposition is a no-brainer check for me. You’re, going to be anybody else’s price on any office supplies they’re, going to give you a free print cartridge that they manufacture themselves right here in tulsa at all. You have to do is request. An online printer, supply service or online office supply quote they’re, going to give you that in the cool thing with these guys is, let’s say, you’re running a doctor’s office or a car lot or a lawyer’s office, something where you’re going through a ton of paper write. 2 tons of businesses do right. They will bring you a loaner printer and take yours back to their shop if they can’t fix it right there in your office. So you’re not there’s not some guy with tools and stuff going all crazy they’ll get you up and running for free while they fix your printer. Here’s the deal if you’ll reach out to our good business coaching friends at onyx kids reach out to our good friends at onyx, now onyx, onyx, imaging.Com or tulsa printer repair., com, the printer repair, repair.Com imaging.Com, that’s right., call him at 918-627-6611! That’s 918-627-6611! These guys will get you taken care of and keep your business up and running. Their kind of the one-stop-shop for all of your office need office supplies printers a chance to talk to you so go visit them today. So that’s a start up and someone is needed to generate leads to get off the ground. What are some of the first systems? I need to establish one make a list in chippewa to put this under the show notes under the pareto principle make a list of all of the things you’re doing in your day during your day, they’re not related to sales and find a way to delegate them or blow them up as soon as possible. If you’re a start-up man, you need sales now. The next thing you got to do is you got to get google reviews. You have to get objective, google reviews from real clients. You have to gather objective reviews from your client to what I’m saying objective is because you want to get real reviews from real client, don’t go out there and try to scam the system, get those real reviews, because people can tell whether they’re fake or not so get those real reviews. The next move. If you want to focus on search engine optimization, it takes a long time to get to the top of google, but you can absolutely do it if you’re committed to doing the daily business coaching action steps that you do, you need to take to get to the top of google. Do what you want to do? What you want to launch retargeting ads are those are the ads that follow people around the internet, regardless of what website they come to and a bill gates dakota founder of microsoft would tell you future of advertising. Is the internet? You’ve got to learn how to market effectively on the internet, and if you don’t have anybody to help you go to thrive time. Show.Com in our team of business coaches will help. You follow the


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