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A client who owns a home automation company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma ask Dr. Zoellner and Clay Clark about his business to business growth related questions including how to make sales calls. If you want to know how to make business to business sales calls, this episode is for you.

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Hey man by the name of Ramsey is say, home automation specialist based right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And he joins us on today’s show to ask doctor Zelner and I questions like how to make business to business sales calls that he has about how to grow his business to business.

You have questions. America’s number one business coach has answers. It’s your brought up from Minnesota. Here’s another edition of ask clay, anything on the thrive time business coach radio show.

Nation. Welcome back to another exciting edition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. Should you be a human on the planet earth and do you are uh, the owner of a business and you’re maybe stuck or you maybe are growing and you just want to scale it and take it to the next level? I’m very competent, DoctorZ and I know the answers to your business questions. And occasionally we have great entrepreneurs like Josh with living water and now Mr Ramsay here who get to join us on the show to ask you Z, any question that they could possibly have. So Mr Ramsay, but before we get to it, before we get to that can welcome Ms. Ramsey on the show. By the way, clay, I’ve just got to understand something here. Yeah. The last couple of shows we’ve done now that we’ve been relocated back to our box, feels great.

Back to our box here on the river, which soon to be maybe in our box. We don’t know the river. Could be, it could be the riverbanks. Step one. You put a river in that box to open that box. [inaudible] box. You’ve got a reversible, you put the wire on the box. Okay. Um, you seem to, you check me if I’m wrong. And Andrew, you, you could, you’ve been in the last couple of shows too, but you seem to be a little extra sassy today. Yeah. Is there, is it the floodwaters? I’ve just slipped the opposite. I’ve discovered that the, today I’ve had, uh, about six rough coaching client meetings. Okay. That turned into huge wins. So I had six rough meetings last week. Why did a huge winds, wow. Oh, one guy was like, hey man, I need that tough talk today. He implemented it all week, no way.

And he goes, I wish you would have been meaner. I’ll wow. And so I’m like, so you’re saying if I would have been meaner you would’ve been greener faster? And he said, I would’ve made more money. Yeah. So I just, today it was this over and over the same meeting and real people saying, thank you, forgiven your feistiness truth can I need it? So I said, okay. I said, could you do that on the show? I said, I will do it. So this is what I’m doing. I’m doing well. That makes sense. Intentional thing today and make some notes. I might go back into, you know, softer, more Joe Corcoran, gentler in the future, you know? Yeah. I don’t know. You know me. I never know. Yeah, well they’re there. We have guidelines. That’s what they want. That explains your, I would say your, your sassiness CSE sassyness see us. All right now we have our main man here. And so what, what does system, what does it, you’re on your shirt system services. What do you guys do? Just so, yeah. Ramsey system services we do. Building automation, uh, for the state of Oklahoma,

Tulsa in general, um,

building automation. What does that do? Buildings automatically do what you tell them to do. What is, what is that?

So we try to encompass quite a bit of things. Whether that is um, your HPAC controls, lighting controls. Yes, that’s very important. Um, a lot of different other things. So I come home, I could set it where it like if I could sit right when I walk in and set the temperature change to change the 70 when I’m at home, maybe it goes up when I believe are the lights change, we can set the settings on automate, automate everything. Yeah, she can. So all we do is typically in the light commercial to heavy industrial is kind of where our niches. And so that’s kind of why a thank you clay for let me come in there and talk to a guy that has a brick and mortar type facility. So we’re a guy that actually has a brick and mortar store that it’s kind of like you said fingers all in all things. What are some of the things that you, yourself look at for utility costs? You know, what’s some things like, man, I wish I could, you know, save 25% back. Gratuities [inaudible] investor in a bank and auto auction, uh, multiple brick and mortar locations, a durable medical sleep co company, optometry clinics, medical facilities, z. What do you look for when it comes to those utility costs?

Um, that’s an excellent question and there probably needs to be in, and maybe one of my businesses, um, most of them are single use. Yeah. There’s smaller buildings. I mean, they’re, they’re the size I need for that business. I have one that’s a multitenant. It’s a 50,000 square feet of leaseable space, four stories tall. And so that building probably needs to have someone come through and look at that. Um, I, I am a fastidious light. Turn her off at my house. He is, and I wish I had that same mindset in my businesses that I had someone there that was wired that way because, I mean, I love the fact, did you see that show on TV? It was called the uh, uh, mythbusters. You guys ever seen mythbuster? Well, what they do is they take a myth, a common myth, and then they did the science behind it.

This just, this just standing. So there was a, there was a myth that said, when you leave a room, if you turn the light off, you’re going to wear out the bulb. And if you’re going to come right back in the room, you’re actually money ahead just leaving the light on. Oh, that was the myth. That was the myth. That was the myth. Gotcha. Yeah. Well they busted that myth. Myth has been destroyed. The Myth has been destroyed for all times. If you don’t believe you can Google mythbusters light, turn off, turn on whatever it is, and you can watch the show, I’m sure on somewhere in some way or another. But the point is, is that you turn it off, you save electricity and the light bulbs can handle off on, off, on for, for years and some now or even for generations on most of these led stuff. But I think that’s a very, that’s an excellent point. I think a lot of people don’t understand that when you’re looking at your P, and, l, a lot of people are trying to figure out how to increase their how to make business to business sales calls instead of trying to increase the money that they already have coming in and what they’re spending it on truth and utilities without that kind of technology can really eat at you because you know what a tenant doesn’t, Kip, the lights are on a ticket, doesn’t care if they had to tear it down to 6,200.

This is not a hard pitch. But if he were to call a business like what does he need to say

to get through? Um, I, I would say, hey listen, I would like to come in and give you an estimate on what I can save. You see tits, this, this, this will be my pitch. I’d say I would love to set up a five minute meeting with the owner, do it to do a quick energy audit. And I guarantee you that the five minutes I spend with you, I can save you guys at least at least 50 bucks a month. And I’m so confident I’m gonna pay you $50 for my five minute appointment. And I know people that have done, that’s how I got the printer system in here. That’s why the printer that I own, I got it because the guy literally paid me $50 to meet me for five minutes and compare. And he showed me he could save hundreds a month. So I switched bud bud has his name right.

And to think about it as you call up first and you get maybe their energy bills is, hey listen, I’d like to do that. Whatever I need to sign, whatever I need to get to get that. And then you have all your presentation and it shouldn’t take more than five minutes cause you gotta to slam dump. She’d say, Hey, I can save you, you know, 2000 bucks a month because you know, all these lights being left on, that should be turned off automatically yet c six at least by seven because you’re people are gone by five. Um, and maybe an override codes that they can, you know, keep her on. But, um, I mean that’s very important. That’s one of the things that people look at in business and they go, a lot of people are trying to figure out how to make more money by looking outside their business. We’re in. You can actually take some to the bottom line by looking in your business. What are you paying your employees or your overstaffed? Are you spending too much on utilities? You’re spending too much on paper, printers, whatever it is, you know the water. Oh, don’t get me started on water. We’ve got, we’ve got one time for one more question before our next interview. So Mr Ramsay, if you have one more question, can hide the good doctor Robert Zoellner.

So besides the, you know, getting, it’s time to go through the gatekeeper, the overall utility as far as your thermal comfort and your light lighting comfort, what is for your tenants? Is that something that a building owner actually is concerned about?

As long as they’re not, uh, as long as they’re not fussing. As long as you’re not complaining, you don’t want the first right to fuss free zone. I’m like, yeah, they’re comfortable. I’m happy. You know? I’m not saying you’re calling up, going to go, what’s the tip or trick? Put your swipe. I have personally, I mean, they’re not fussing. I’m th Nanos his goodness, right? I’ve worked with, uh, companies that sell shredding services. B, two B business to business companies that sell printer office supplies, business to business, um, printer companies that sell that, um, uh, companies that sell a big machines to hospitals. And if you want to get in the door, want to know how to make business to business sales calls if you make a hundred calls a day, you’re going to get one to two appointments a day with people that we’ll meet you. If they know that in five minutes you can show them how you can save them 50 bucks more.

I’m just telling that’s how it monthly, I mean, people, you got to have that very pithy quick pitch that says, I can give me a 10 minute meeting. I can save you $100 a month and I’m so confident I’ll pay you $100 for the meeting. I mean, that kind of thing where it’s just gotta be hot. And once you get into your court, first 50 or 60 clients, they start to refer and it’s awesome, but you gotta just pierce through that veil of, of rejection. It’s got a hundred calls a day. You’ll get two appointments. Guaranteed. Yeah. And as Z, I think we have to do our interview. Yep. Let’s do it. Great. Great job. Nice you. But yeah, you, Mr Ramsay. What’s your website? I want to promote you to Tulsa. What’s your website? Yeah. Ramsey system Ramsey system services dot. Keep calm right here on the Wednesday edition of the flood friendly thrive time show on your radio and podcast. Download Doctor Z. We’ve got to go do another show. Where’s that can do, by the way, over there. Three, two, one. Boom.


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