How to Find the Balance Between Finances, Family, Faith, Friendship and Fitness

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Are you working too much? Are you not working enough? Clay breaks down the importance of finding the right balance between finances, family, faith, friendship and fitness.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. – 1 Timothy 5:8

Hey Clay,

First off I really like the fact that you now have your wife on the show! That being said, I try to apply what you, Dr Z and the gang are throwing out on the daily! The thing I’m struggling with is knowing when to stop working. I listen to episodes where Doctor Z told you to stop being lazy and work Sunday to develop your systems. Then in more recent episodes where you were preaching as a stand in pastor and spoke about only working 6 days.

Now I’m sure there was certain things that you had to say being that you were preaching to a church, I’m just a little confused as to what is a good happy medium. I’m not married but i do have a serious girlfriend and in the future I could see it moving towards marriage.

But since I’ve gotten more serious about my business in the last 1-1.5 years I’ve focused more on that than the relationship. I was a classic wantrepenuer in the past and spent copious amounts of time with her and that’s sort of the bar I set for time together.

Another snippet is she helped me get medical attention that I didn’t even know I needed for narcolepsy and once I was diagnosed I got medicated and now I’ve got the energy to follow through with all of my goals and ambitions.

She’s now struggling with the fact that I want to get serious and I want to just grind. In the past I only really worked 60-70 hrs a week and had the rest of the time to spend with her. Lately I’ve been starting my day between 4-5 thanks to your encouragement and getting done around 8-9. I’m like you in the sense that I just absolutely love to grind and work and I have to force myself to quit for the day so I come home and sleep and work on the paperwork and such. I know it’s not fair for me to just flip the switch and say hey sweet cheeks the mike you knew yesterday is gone here’s the new and improved version take it or leave it. At the same time I feel like it’s a drag having someone who is always asking why don’t you text me as much anymore or spend as much time with me as you used to. There is obviously more to it than what I can say in this short email but I’m just kind of stuck and not sure what to do. Hopefully this is something you can enlighten me on.

Thanks for all that you do, your coaching program is working wonders for me, Victoria is a phenomenal coach and a huge help

– Mike

MYSTIC STATISTIC – “Average American watches 5 hours of TV per day, report shows”


Step 1 – Define Your F6 Goals – Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friendship, & Fun

Step 2 – Agree on Your F6 Goals as a Family

Step 3 – The Business Should Be a Vehicle to Help Your Family Get to Your Goals

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” – Ephesians 5:25 (The Bible)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” – Colossians 3:23-24

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Audio Transcription

Get ready to add her that thrive time show free, toalright, tribe, nation, welcome back to the business coach thrive time show on your radio in a big special shout-out to client friend pop music, star colton dixon, for putting together the thrive time, show new intro started from the bottom now. We’re here started from the bottom. Now will show you how to get here that could not. There cannot be lyrics that did better summarize what doctors, e and I are all about. What are chubs all about with marshalls all about what all of our guests are all about. We want to help you get to. The top of success will help you get up to the top of success. Mountain would help you get there what question. I would encourage you to ask yourself is why do you want to get there? Why find finances are only one sixth of your life, my opinion right, there’s, faith, family finances, fitness, friendship and fun, those are. That’s what life is all about you take if you have a lot of success and business, but you take out family caring for your own family, your own spouse. What’s the point, if you care so much about your spouse, tv or met the guy who wants to be in the mortgage industry, then I’m sure not going to work for me wants to work in the mortgage industry yeah and they never close alone and never actually make any money, but they talk all about like me and my family just matters a lot to me and i. Just this weekend, I had a family thing had to go to the lake to come back from the lake 3 soccer games on ipad 3, sockets i, just I really can’t get it done right now, because my family is so important to me to have you ever heard that his excuse for not performing financially yes and it’s funny cuz, there’s that verse is it 2nd timothy?

You know the one that says he who doesn’t provide for his own family is worse than an unbeliever. Okay. First, the five. Will put it on the business coach show notes 1st timothy 5:8, which says they were once I’m going to read. This quote cuz. This is this:a bible verse from 1st timothy 5 8 in drive nation put on a helmet for me. This is like when you read, if you feel like you’re, being whipped by god himself, when you hear this so make you up some kind of music that might kind of soften the blow a little bit hurry up 1st timothy 5:8. Anyone who does not provide for their relatives. Hey can I get some calls some false, fake, echo, here, chuck kind of soften the blow 1st timothy 5:8, provide an especially for their own household, is worse and worse, believe, take a pic just think about hillary! Read it and let me read it in the way that I hear it when I read it the first time. Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, especially for their own household clay, the faith and is worse than an unbeliever glittery, rather rather have an unbeliever hang out with me. I’d rather have a pagan, pagan, satanic worshiper, who wears a goat head everyday. The sacrifices goats for the false god named ron, the full sun god I would rather have of inca the inca people. I’d, rather have them sacrifice their own and eat coat. Hearts that have you bring your excuses into work every single week you, my friend, need to read this it’ll settle, verse click lock. This is god. Talking to you directly. Let me know anyone who does not provide for their relatives and their own household.

Your wife today has denied the faith. It is worse than an unbeliever and you’re going to cut. Are you done yet I know if you can please shut up. I have to talk to the lost souls who are currently sacrificing code heads, because they are better than you, because you can’t provide from your for your family i. Don’t understand why you’re so mean to me. Listen i. Don’t have time to talk to you. I’m trying to somehow save the inca society was cannibalistic and I would rather talk to the cannibals from the incas suicide than you, because anyone who does not provide for their family and it’s messing with another household-has denied their face and is worse than an unbeliever. You don’t understand what I’m saying that’s what the people do, though, they’re like i, you know i, just i, can’t I can’t do it. Clay I can’t produce the loans. I can’t bring the business coach program any money and I can’t do it now so they’re, making a ton of money to okay that a ton of money tell him. I have faith if that family going on, they got the finances going on, but like they died at age like 35 yeah, because they literally ate everything they could see. Why you looking at me play. Have you seen that? Okay? Have you seen somebody who is really in shape I’m time, unbelievable fitness, but they’re living on the couch of somebody cuz? They just cannot bring it at work, 6 hours a day in the gym, not at work at gym. Just preaching to you about discipline, you going to bring it, but they just can’t hold a job right. So is there anybody out there I’m going to put myself up on the on the mount judge moore here? Is there anybody out there who who is perfect I’m? Certainly not so I love you too sally currington. She was at my house, your wife and I’ve. Had that driver that I love this question and trevor want you to read the question we come back from. The break will break it to her first off i, really like the fact that you are now that you don’t have your wife on the show.

That being said, I try to apply what you and dr. Z and the gang are throwing out on the daily. The thing I’m struggling with is knowing when to stop working, i, listen to the episode where doctors, he told you to stop being lazy and work sunday to develop your systems pause dr., z, new his goals. In order to achieve his goals, he had to do what he had to do to achieve his goals right doctors. These goals are not your goals, so mike you might need to uh i. Have my world view is that you should work 6 days a week is hard as possible to get to where you want to go and then observe the sabbath. That’s my worldview. I have certain goals. Jersey has certain business coach goals. Mark cuban has certain goals. Richard branson has certain goals. Think about this elon musk has certain goals. My goals are not anywhere close to elon musk’s go swimming an example. I don’t think we should go to space. I would like to fix all the problems on this planet before we moved to another one, but elon musk wants to go to space. I think that it’s not a good use of time or resources to go to space. Elon musk is a huge fan of artificial intelligence. I would I would love on a baseline level. We could just get millennials to look each other in the eyes normal intelligence intelligent as I have like a i. Don’t want to do that. I! Don’t want to again your goals. My kid ask yourself:what are your goals and I would just submit?

My goals are to have faith, family finances, fitness, friendship, 101 and success in all six areas:faith family, finance, fitness branch on my fitness goals, or maybe different from someone else’s fitness goals right. So, if you’re listening today and you go meet, my goal is to look like charles cola. One of her clients will charles cole all works out literally every single day for decades, and it doesn’t do it for like 5 hours a day. He gets it done first thing in the morning, but that’s it it’s going to look like him. You better eat exactly what he eats and work out like him. So we come back from the break. I really want to get deeper into your question, but I want all the drivers out there. Just during the break to write down down this did the defeat. The following f6 is right down your faith. Where does the word face right on the word finances right on the world? Faith family finances, fitness, french, open, playing in right on faith, family finances, fitness, frenchman, faith, family, finance, fitness, frederick, pain, running down and then write down your goals next to them for the next year, because the chances of you having the same goals as dr. Z or me are very, it’s not going to happen, but your business coach goals are valid in our goal is to help you get to those goals. But if you’re, not careful, the church always thinks you should volunteer more. The financial advisor always thinks that you should save more. The fitness guy always thinks you should do one more workout a week everybody’s pulling at you with your own world, because I’m in republican party want you to show up at moore rally the democratic national convention want you to donate more everybody wants more of you. It’s like you should be more active on social media, more involved in your community, more involved in your church or involved in all these things.

But if you know your goals, then you can get to those goals and where am I going to chop is to have business coach financial freedom and time freedom amen, freedom, one of the things I was spending a lot of time on our team was spending time. I was going to office depot to pick up our office supplies and printer supplies, but now we no longer spend time doing that job how’s it possible. We use the onyx imaging, they do office supplies, they do printer supplies. They do printer service and they’re actually running a special right now for all new selection premium customers you get a free printer copier, so get ahold of these guys at onyx imaging.Com onyx, imaging, imaging.Com, 918-627-6611, onyx, imaging.Com, 3, 2 1 boom. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show show what is this table charts in the category of business cast of bad to the bad mosquito bites in florida? Do you know what today is jeff day? Is the day chuck chuck chuck, don’t play that game with you, don’t give me that vague generic go-along-to-get-along tribune? What today is it’s monday? Don’t play that game with me. Do you know what today represents jeff tell me this is the day I’ve been kicking that can down the road for six consecutive months, but it is now.. I, said to the crap out of the shed and a kick myself in the proverbial crotch over and over again as I go into a mold-infested shed to bring out the accoutrement hi to my wife will not let mickey? Why don’t we just throw these away?

We’re not no! No! No I want to throw these things away so bad to put them in the shed and throw them away later. You don’t see them for several years, and now we are moving. So we are men, we don’t know we get into her a question from a driver. Mike and mike has some business coach questions that relate to work and family balance. So chubby mike’s question first off i, really like the fact you now have your wife on the show. That being said, I try to apply what you dr. Z & the gang or throwing out on the daily. The thing I’m struggling with is knowing when to stop working, i, listen to episodes where doctors, he told you to stop being lazy and work sunday to develop your system, then, and more recent episodes of where you were preaching as I stand in pastor and spoke about only working 6 days now, I’m sure there was certain things that you had to say, being that you were preaching to a church.

Yep no I didn’t have certain things. I had to say:go straight. To do at church. I will make sure that you’re getting this idea I wake up and begin my work day at 3:30 in the morning most days right. So in 6 days, I get more than most people get done in like 15 days, because I work from like 330 morning and I basically wrap up my day around 2 ish to the afternoon. 3 ish, you know so that’s like i, don’t know. That’s like 12 hours a day so and then also i, never watch tv, which is the average american spends 5.2 hours they watching tv and I’m distracted with a working through. It is vanessa phone and you only did vanessa charger, but I keep my phone off, which lee 90% of the day, so I can’t be interrupted. Ever the average person is 85 interruptions a day according to psychology today. So what? What i? What I was saying the church is what I believe is that I do believe that you should take a sunday and you shouldn’t be going to the office and that kind of thing, but back to you chuck again a whole show dedicated to this, because robert redman also have a client who had this exact question about balance between family and business, and this is something that business coach clay and I really we had to work to create. Anyone is going to have to work route to create. You know, I have very i, guess intense views on marriage, and you know I think that the divorce rate is over 50%. My view is, if you’re not working on your marriage, like you already hey hey, listen to stats go, so we have a whole show dedicated it to be awesome. You actually said 50% of marriages end in divorce, but I have the show notes ready to go for our show, which related to do tomorrow about basically the balance of marriage and work in accounting, actually only 17% of the 50% that stay married like it are happy.

So what you have to do? If half of marriages end in divorce but other half that stay very, only 17% I’d like if you can give us a mystical statistical, so you can come back with that just a moment here about it, because I’m the same way that you work towards your business. If you do the same thing, it really is not like a mystery, or how does this happen so but you’re asking about the work schedule, if you will just sit down with his wife and make some goals about what the ideal schedule is. Maybe she says I would really like it. If you had, you know a weekend day that I can count on me being off or evenings for dinner or i. Don’t know what it is but make those a priority. I guarantee you. He can move a couple things in his business coach schedule to make just the, times they are a priority to the family, maybe it’s being at the children’s events and making those things happened because, as the foundation as their relationship is strengthened, it’s only going to be a stronger foundation for their business. If their relationship is shaky, believe me, it will affect the business, it will affect the children. It will affect every area of their life, because that relationship marshall. What percentage of marriages are actually happy? Eight and a half percent exciting it bad to me, that’s really positive stuff to be your wife.

Yes, yes, I do know is that the district as a hundred percent fixable, you don’t have to stay. That way like you can’t understand that I’m just a little confused as to what a good happy medium is I’m not married, but I do have a serious girlfriend in the future. I could see it moving towards marriage, but since I’ve gotten more serious about my business in the last one to one and a half years, I focus more on that. Then the relationship I was a classic one. Zipper newer in the past and spent copious amounts of time with her and that’s sort of the bar I set for time together. Another snippet is she helped me get medical attention that I didn’t even know. I needed for narcolepsy and I was once diagnosed once I was diagnosed, I got medicated and now I’ve got the energy to follow through, with all of my goals and ambitions she’s, now struggling with the fact that I want to get serious and I want to just grind in the past. I only works in 60 to 70 hours a week per week and had the rest of the time to spend with her lately, I’ve been starting my day between 4 and 5, thanks to your encouragement and getting done around ayden 8 to 9 I’m like you in the sense that I just absolutely love to grind and work and I have to force myself to quit for the day. So I come home and sleep and work on the paperwork and such as married. That’s not going to be good for his business coach health, just keeping those hours or not sustainable, maybe for a for a season and he might need it. He may be in that season. I mean we all go through a different seasons, but he needs to put a long-term goal regardless of his potential wife or his girlfriend. But that’s going to be healthy for him. I can go to 6 day rule like they said like that really does work like it’s in it’s in the bible now I think eventually close to a point where he’s not going to be working 6 days, and it says necessarily on thrive hit. What a personal project is very creative I tell him. You give him that extra 6 day he’ll come down in the man cave and maybe aubrey will be with him.

So I also see is family time. They’ll come out with like a great creation. You know you hear the music so just being able to ship that time to create so yeah I would just break it down. Two specific steps for you:i have three specific steps for you:mistress driver, mr. Mike, step, 1, define, your goals, writing down your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship and your fun. Riding down just had a success story that happened on friday, true story, a thriver who is a client of mine, called me and said to the first time in our marriage. These two people, true story. They come visit. We actually sat down and made their f6 goals and it started off aim it for 3 hours. Is it started off? We realize we did not have any shared business coach goals at all in the very thing that she wanted is what I hate and I thought. Well, okay, thanks for the morning, can you just know this is true, but then step to they agreed on uncle there certain compromises it had to happen, so there were things that she wanted. This is true story that she wanted they’ve been married for a long time over 15 years, things that she wanted, that he absolutely does not want it all and things that he wanted, that she doesn’t want. Okay, what they realize. This is okay, so you want to spend vast portions of your time, camping with other men. This is this is what a revelation that did she had, so you literally want to camp just with men, not with me. Yes, okay and he’s he’s saying, so you literally want me to be home every day by this time, and she says yes and so the he goes.

Oh guess, if I’m home by this time every day can I camp like every 4 months every week every month, what do any agreed on aa goals that are actually sustainable, where they’re, both not just irritated at each other, all the time best back to you, I think it’s so wonderful, because if you come back to the reason you married your spouse, it was hopefully for the right reasons would have been to bring happiness and pleasure to them, and so, when you can look at his goals or her goals, and so you know what that might not a hundred percent be in line with michael, but at a grace I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to do my best I’m going to make that going to make that happen for you, then you watch the way it’s reciprocated and the way that they treat you, because it feels good I’m not going to fight with you but I’m going to get to tell you what I might what I think what you just said. Why? Because I think that you have a unicorn view of this i. Don’t know people that got business coach married because they want to make the other person happy, maybe like 10% of people I’ve met, maybe five most, who get married cuz you’re infatuated than they have a kid and they go holy crap and they just lonely. So if you’re out there listening and you did get married to the wrong reason now, your goal should be because you going to have to change your mindset and I’ve had many of my many people to or winter break close to my life, who got married said cuz I had to get first and I’d explain to them. Okay, you got married the wrong reason, but now you have to make it a goal to be a good husband. You have to because ephesians 5:25 in the bible states husbands love your wives, just as christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. So i, don’t know, mike your situation, all I’m saying is define.

You have six goals for faith your family, your finances, your fitness in french, mean you’re fun to agree on them for the love of all, totally agree on them. Before you get married, I mean I’m telling you i, don’t know very many people at all that got married as a result of vanessa and I got married. We actually like each other. We were friends first and then we were engaged for an entire year previous to getting married, and so there was no kid on the way. I wasn’t infatuate about time. We got married I’m, just being honest with you, I wasn’t like I might have my cash I kind of car. You know you call the person to fall asleep on the phone I wasn’t going to spend long at first I was totally passed that face I mean i, love, vanessa I’m committed to her, but it wasn’t like this emotional, like oh, my gosh, we just met. Now we need to get married. That hole like feeling of being in love, became a choice. Is the thing so step one to find your goals dip to agree on here close before you get married 3 on the ghost ship 3 vanessa chime in here the business should be a vehicle to help your family get to your nails, so the business should be a business coach vehicle to help your family get your nose. How is that different than your butt in your business, just being a vehicle to just be a vehicle again, I come back to the foundation. If you make the wrong thing, the foundation at some point, things are going to start crying you better foundation. If you’re married unifirst, it’s god and then it’s your relationship with your spouse. If you put your children before that, if you put your business before that I view risk hurting everything, if you, if you don’t build that relationship and make it solid, nothing can benefit. Now, if you do make it solid, you’ll see your children flourish because they have stability.

They know they can count on you. They know where their home is. It’s always going to be there. It’s not going to crumble one day and suddenly they were going house-to-house your business or flourished, because people will understand your priorities. They won’t trying to worm in between those, but they understand and also your employees will flourish and grow because they’re not taking all your time. But then again it comes back to a solid foundation. But if you take away that bad patient, it’s going to really take away stability from your children, your business, you may lose some of it or, if not it’s, just not going to be operating at at the rate that it it could be, but it really threatens everything if you don’t make the correct thing, if you don’t show up that foundation back from the break, we’re going to do or who wants to know about the balance of faith and mixing faith into their men’s, their marketing and their culture and their business? Where do you draw the business coach line? Should you tell people, you have a certain religious view? Should you not? Should you do? What should you not? Should you change the name of your company to christian brothers carpet cleaning? Should you change name your company to eat foods, carpet cleaning if you’re out there and I want to leave some faith in my business? You are definitely going to want to stay to miss this drive time show on your radio. Once you get the drive time to show on your radio stay


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