How to Get 13 Hours of Your Life Per Week Back by Getting Out of Your Email Inbox

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Are you allowing emails to control your life? Clay Clark and Doctor Zoellner provide tips for getting 13 hours per week back by getting out of your inbox and intentionally designing each and every day.

Nir Eyal – Indestractable – 

  1. The average American spends 13 hours a week checking email
  2. Rule #1 – Your company needs to respond to email, but you don’t have to.
  3. Rule #2 – Don’t have to personally respond to:
    1. Mass mailers
    2. Sales calls
    3. Robo calls
    4. People you don’t like
    5. People you don’t want to know
    6. Facebook messages
    7. Linkedin Message
    8. Youtube Messages
    9. Text Messages
    10. Voice Message

ACTION ITEM: Z’s Challenge – Delete your social media apps for 30 days and fast social media

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The doers are the major thinkers. The people that really create the things that change this industry are both the doer/thinker in one person.” – Steve Jobs (The co-founder of Apple, the former CEO of PIXAR and the founder of NeXT)

Traction – You gain traction by doing something that brings you closer to your goal

Distraction – Something that takes you further from your goal

“Our Minds Can Be Hijacked” – The Guardian –

“Is Your Smartphone Making You Dumb?” – Psychology Today –

“Is Your Smartphone Making You Depressed?” – 

Lori Santos on the Thrivetime Show – The Most Popular Course in the History of Yale –

Pastor Craig Groeschel’s Sermon – Your Porn Battleplan – Warrior – 

Pedestrian Deaths Hit 28-Year High – CNBC –

  1. Rule #3 – Email has the nuance of a missile

Steps to free up 13 hours a week of your time:

Step 1 – Block out time to look at your email

Step 2 – Get a qualified customer service rep who can respond to the emails

  1. Set up a time that you meet with that person to tackle problems
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