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Are you finding yourself running out of time to get things done? On today’s show, Business Coach Clay Clark shares more than half of his 65 super moves that he uses on a daily basis to get more things done.

  1. Meta Time
    1. Time in the morning with yourself making your schedule and calendar
  2. You have to say no
    1. Obligatory events
    2. Obligatory relationships
    3. Doing things that don’t need to be done
    4. Debating and discussing things that don’t need to be talked about
  3. Your smartphone interrupts you 85 times per day
  4. Fully participate
    1. Either “Hell yes” or don’t do it
  5. Stop Lamenting
  7. Nest Cameras
  8. The Art of Getting Things Done – Clay Clark

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Audio Transcription

You have questions. America’s number one business coach has answers. It’s your brought up from Minnesota. Here’s another edition of ask clay, anything on the thrive time business coach radio show.

We are answering another question from the thrive time show mailbag because we have great thrivers out there just like you emailing everyday to [email protected], and if we get your email and if you are a client than we love to answer the question, so if you want your question to be answered, all you gotTa do is a book, a ticket to an in person workshop and you get a year a year’s access to all the training videos, thousands of videos, one in person workshop, and we will answer your questions as many of them as possible. Andrew, the question was, how do I get more things done? How the clay, how do, how do I as a busy entrepreneur, find time, find more time to get things done. So Angela, we’re gonna do is I’m going to have you read off the move. We have 66 moves, I believe we’re gonna.

Try to get through here. We’re going to get through 66 moves and let’s. Let’s do it. Let’s do this. Let’s go through 65 moves and let’s see if we can get through all 65 moves here and the next 10 minutes. All right, let’s do it. Feeling it. I’m feeling it. Okay. Read it off the move. Move Number one, move number one, maritime maritime. What is Metta time? Go faster. If you want to get all that moves at a time is that time comes from the Greek word. Meta means above where you could call it planning time, prayer time. Every single successful entrepreneur we’ve ever had on this show and we ever will have on the show, takes time out daily to plan out their day. If you don’t plan out your day, you simply can’t win. So clay, once you’re mad at time, I planned my day every single day before I see a human.

So every single day I wake up at 3:00 AM and I plan out my day before I see human. I go to bed at 9:00. I plan out my day at three. I do it everyday. Maybe with your business and your life, maybe you need to get up at five, you know, maybe you get up at six, but you got to take at least an hour a day every single day to get up and ask yourself, what am I goals for my faith, family, finances, fitness, friendship, and my fun today? What are my goals for my faith, my family, my finances, fitness, friendship, and fun. I’m trying to write all those down. Okay? What are my goals for my faith, my family, my finances, my fitness, my friendship, my fun today? What are those goals? You write those goals down and do it everyday and you shall find yourself being more productive than you print off your to do list and you print off your calendar and you go get it done. [inaudible]

it magical. When you do that, it’s so freeing. Whenever you have a to do list and have a calendar that’s physical and you can touch it. How long have you been doing that? Man, my man, I’ve been doing that for about a year and a half. A little over a year now. How old are you? Right now I’m 20 and uh, how long have you been? How long have you been married? Nine months. And uh, so. And you have your first rental house? Yep. First one down in. You and your wife now are saving what percentage of your income? Twenty five. Twenty five percent. Yeah. That’s amazing. I mean, so you’re, you’re doing it man. You’re living the dream stack. The cash. What’s the next move? Andrew? Next move is say no. Yeah. Your default needs to be. No. You got to say no to grow. You got to say no to. I’m going to list off all the things you can say no to Andrew.

See if you can take some notes of these things. Got It. He obligatory events is a huge time waster. You know what I mean? Like if you’re going to some networking group that doesn’t actually produce leads, that will be an example of another major time wasting activity for just a lot of people. Just huge is obligatory relationships ones where it’s like a guy you knew from high school and he, you know, you just want to stay in touch, but you don’t really like him. He didn’t really like you. It’s just we’re holding onto something that never really was just kinda weird. It’s Kinda like, uh, you broke up with her, but you’re still kind of hanging out. It’s weird. It’s a weird vibe. It’s not a good move. Um, another thing that people waste time on, it gets to the vents. It’s the people. People just waste time doing things that don’t need to be done.

Just crazy amounts of time. You know, reading some theoretical book about business when you don’t need to do that right now. Um, you know, uh, discussing religion. Yeah, that’s a huge time waster. Just debating religion with people, debating politics. It’s just a neat things you could do, you know, after work. But during the workday, just a huge time waster, debate, politics, debate and religion, debating feelings, debate, debating feelings. That’s a huge issue. Finally is just overall discussing things just for the need to be heard on social media or just social media in general. Just engaging in social media at work is primarily a waste of time for the vast majority of business owners. Say No to those things. Move number three, Andrew, move number three is smartphone stupidity on your smartphone, interrupts you an average of between 85 and 91 times per day according to psychology today.

So just turn the push notifications off and you shall find more time freedom. Mood number four, Andrew move number four is fully participate. Yeah, don’t be kind of on the volleyball team and kind of working out and kind of bowl on a bowling league and Kinda helping out at church and kind of just be all into things or don’t do things you want to say hell yes to something or you want to say no. If you can’t say hell yes, then you want to say no. It’s either you’re all in or you’re out, but stop just participating kind of in a bunch of things. Move Number Five, Andrew moved. Number five, do hard things. A lot of times though, we have some we need to do and uh, we just don’t do it. So it’s a continual, continual issue. As an example, many of you have said to us, you said, hey, I wish I would’ve known that you guys had like the founder of Ritz Carlton on your podcast.

I’d been cool. Wish I would’ve known he had been Shapiro on the show. I wish I would’ve known, hey, how can I, what’s the way I can find all the guests you’ve had? So we updated the website on the homepage to feature more of the bigger names that we’ve had on the podcast. And it took a long time to do that was a hard thing, but then it saved a ton of time. So that is, we’ve move number six, andrew moved. Number six is stop lamenting. Implementing is where you go on and on talking about how bad something was or is, or your feelings. I just feel so down Andrew. I feel down. I mean, I just like the way bobby said what bobby said, just play. He said, I didn’t like the way he said what he said, I didn’t like that. They just stopped lamenting.

You gotta. Move on. Stop lamenting. Just ask yourself, what can I control? Focus on what you can control and move on. I just lost my top client. Move on. I just, I can’t play by employee. Quit. Move on. You gotta. Have some really thick skin. Learn to have it. If you’re going to be successful as an entrepreneur. Andrew, what’s the next move? Move number seven is learned from mentors. That deserves like a million mega points because if you feel stuck, just ask somebody who isn’t stuck. What? Yeah, if you feel stuck, just ask some. Ask somebody who isn’t stuck in Bam. They have all the answers. That’s the value of business coach. Move on to the next move. Move Number Eight, cut out negative people. What a furry, late. You’re doing mentoring. You’re lamenting that worry light at your lamenting. What do you mean? I don’t sit there and agonize over something.

Just pull off the bandaid. You know, just cut out the cancer. Is it going to leave a mark? Yeah, because you’re removing a huge tumor, you got to remove the negative folks from your life. Andrew, what is the next super move? Move number nine is get your inbox to zero. That’s huge. A lot of you, a lot of you out there, not not you, but I’ll have the friend Andrew, the friends of our listeners, they’re operating with a full inbox, never caught up. 4,000 emails, always overwhelmed and never really knowing what’s going on and that’s not a good move. So get your inbox down to zero every single morning and you will find yourself getting done and they don’t check it the rest of the day. Get Your inbox down to zero in the morning and then don’t check it the rest of the day, Andrew, unless it’s leads, if it’s sales leads, make sure those are going to somebody who calls those leads right a way.

Andrew, next move. The next move is stopped arguing about religion. I think we covered that earlier, but if you’re out there wanting to talk about. Well, you know, technically I’m actually Lutheran, which I, you know, I don’t know Greg, I’m actually southern baptist. I don’t know, don’t talk about that kind of crap during the work day. It doesn’t matter. Listen, there are many biblical scholars that know so much more about the Bible than I know who have decided. You know what, Carl, if we can’t agree on this, I’m going to start my own denomination. That’s why there’s this southern baptists. There’s the baptists, there’s the where’s there? The northern baptist, the western Baptist freewill, freewill baptist are so many kinds of baptist, and by the way, they all. They all claim to be the first baptist. Yeah, there’s always. Every. Every bank is the first bank and the first baby and I said there’s the first bank in the first baptist.

Every town has one, but there is a bank called the fifth third bank. Andrew, do you know about the bank to? Not really, no. I’ve never heard of this danger. I can tell you what buddy, I worry about you sometimes. The fifth third bank is a bank in Kentucky and we’ll put a link to it. Their website is [inaudible] dot com. Oh Wow. It is literally called the fifth third bank because I think somebody over there I was deciding to be funny. Andrew, let’s move on to the next move. The next one. We also talked about a little bit of stop arguing about politics. Just get out of there. Hey, we should build a wall. We shouldn’t build a lot. We shut. Build them all. Move on. Either way, you got to go sell something. If you want to be more productive at work. Stopped talking about politics during the work day.

Next move. Next move is focused on what you can control. Can you repeat that again? Please? Focus on what you can control. You’re saying I should focus on the things I can control and not the things that seems so strange. I was focused on things I cannot control like the US gravitational pull. Like for instance, I. I would, I would, I would. My face would look better if there was less gravitational pull on my face of a time because gravitational pull. Have you been at basketball? If I had the earth’s gravitational pull stands in my way. So am I spoke as on it? No, don’t focus on it. Move on. Next move. Next move is be a lover. What be a lover? Andrew, what’d you say? Said be a lover. You get what you want to do with. You want to get some coconut butter and you just want to tell you what do you want to dispute some Kenny g and you want to get some of that?

It’s a the phone call back the phone, but I called the phone and you didn’t. No, no serious. This is what you wanna do you want to just not get into epic arguments with people. So a lot of times people that I can’t stand the most, I like to treat them well on the way out. Like hug people on the way in. Hug Him on the way out. It’s better to do it that way. If you create a whole bunch of enemies by getting into epic battles with people, you always have more things that slow you down. Next move. Next move is work via appointment. What did you just say? We’ll work the appointment. You know, today I went out there at about 2:30 and I talked to the pool guys, do you want to talk to the guys about 2:30 [inaudible] because you had an appointment within.

We have, we have an appointment, we have an appointment there and my wife’s going out there and I happened to have one of our guests today. We had rescheduled it to a different time. Right. So my wife’s out there talking to them and you know, she’s talking to him about it. Probably the pool and the next steps where the dirt is going to go. There you go. Because as we’re doing the show, they’re gonna start digging this big hole here. We’ll make. When we get out of the studio today, they’ll probably have a huge hole out there. I’m excited. I know what’s going to happen is that dirt, it has to go somewhere. And Andrew, you know the dirt can be moved into the woods. Yeah, I could put it in the field and put it up front. I could do a lot of things with it.

Right. So they needed to know where it goes and we told him he would know by today by 2:30 and Lo and behold, today at 2:30, my wife told him that is a move, but if if I said I’ll call you back, could you call me? Can you call me back? I’ll circle back. You text me, I’ll text you. Let’s get in touch. You call me, I’ll call you around tomorrow at 10. If the game of phone tag is a really stupid game, that creates a lot of wasted time. So stop wasting time playing phone tag. Next move. Andrew. Next move is create one inbox. What did you just say? Create a one inbox. Okay. You got 18 sales reps. what if you had one inbox for all the sales reps? That way all the leads get responded to right away. Elephant in the room.

Have you noticed Andrew? We have one inbox for all customer service issues. Yeah. One email. Why? Because of one person’s gone and someone vacation. Maybe. Yeah. If someone’s on vacation and they get an email from somebody or if it’s a lead or if someone is trying to reach them and they’re gone, then they’re not going to get in touch with them for a week. Were you in the meeting today where I was working with an unnamed client where I was teaching them about why to have one, one email and. Yup. And have you ever been in a meeting when I’ve taught that? I have not. I’ve heard you talk about it. I’ve never been in a meeting. You got to have one inbox if you can. If you’re like a chiropractor or dentist, doctor, lawyer, a lawyer, physical trainer, basketball coach, the best thing you can do is have one email for the whole company and that way if let’s say Greg, is that a town?

Then Carl can check the inbox, but you always know that the inbox is ringing, responded to promptly because there’s one email for the whole company. Andrew, what is the next boat is get it done no matter what. What did you just say? Said, get it done no matter what. Yeah. A lot of times people have a bunch of half done things and you want to be known as a finisher, a doer, a get her donor, and if you’re the kind of person that starts and stops projects all the time or lets them drift, it just creates a sense of non momentum. It’s demotivating. Ah, there’s a book that I hit Britain. I’m very frustrated. Can I share my, my frustration? Yeah. I’ve written a book. Our team type set the book and now I cannot release the book. Ah, you don’t want. I can’t release the book.

I do not know why because the person who’s written the book with kind of changed your mind on some things. Okay. So now I can’t release the book. Well, that’s unfortunate. It’s a lot of time though. So I’m thinking about like what is a way I could launch the book but can’t launch the book because there’s certain circumstances where the other person changed their mind on some things and I can’t launch the book where I wrote the book type set the book. That’s hundreds of hours. I just want to put it up there and get it done. Come on, let’s go. It just od. It lingers. I’m like, Oh, the book want to push but can’t yet. And that that creates that kind of frustration when you just can’t say, you know, done, check the box done, boom. But so you want to be able to get things done, get them with work, import them to completion and for what’s the next move?

Move 17 is fire unhappy people. Well that’s a good move. Unhappy people as a general rule are unhappy people all the time and they come to work with. They bring the doom cloud with them and you can have a bunch of trainings, monthly leadership meetings, a bunch of motivational events, but they’re just going to always freaking moped. They got the face. Have you seen them? Outface have seen things. God, we had a guy, we got a guy in her office and I always try to steal, share stories that are not super soon enough in the, of, in the past where we want that too soon and people couldn’t guess who it is, but also not so far in the past that it’s like we’re talking about the eighties here, you know, but there was a guy used to come to the office and just every day make that stupid face, that stupid, stupid, tired, poor face that face of like, you’re just.

How are you? How was your weekend? Wow. Just so what’d you do is we can go through it. Just, it’s depressing then unhappy people really do bring the room down. Unless you’re a pastor, you fire the unhappy people. I guess if you’re a pastor out there, I invite all the unhappy people. You private captive audience. Okay, continue. Andrew. Next move is avoid discussing your feelings. I see this all the time. People say, I just feel like you betrayed me. You Go, well, okay. Here’s what happened is I ordered the business cards and I forgot to tell you first, but you portrayed me. You’re like, okay, dearest partner friend listening to the card. The cards were $37, but you’re portrayed the portrayal, but like, dude, I will pay you back. No, I just. And they just lament. They talk, they discuss it. It’s a weird vibe.

Move. Odd, man. Keep going. Andrew moved. Number 19, use a file naming system. You got to have a specific way that you say files. Were you not in the meeting today, Andrew? I was telling, telling said people, unnamed people, great people, Great Americans. I said, you’ll need to have all your passwords in one place. Did you not see me do that today? Yeah. It has so many benefits in the long run. If you have all of your passwords in one spot previous to a business coach, what percentage of clients do you think that you’ve met? You’ve ever interacted with metadata workshop seen in person that have all their passwords in one place that can actually find them previous to working with us, how many did I think I thought 50 percent. Fifty to 60 percent. How many is it though? It’s like 10 percent and the meeting day. Did we not have to take a long time to find passwords? Yeah, it takes a long time and if you have them all in one spot already, it eliminates all that wasted time that you could just be using to be productive. One of my goals for my life is to spend most of my day looking for password.

Andrew Continue. Next move is set up. Call recording. Call recording. Use a company called clarity Clarity Clarity Voice C l a R I t dot. Why? Because it works. Clarity, or eight by eight. It works. And Andrew, why? Why you? You sit? What? I guess how. How do you see us use call recording on a daily basis up there at the offices? Yes. We’ll use it at the elephant. The room call center. We use it for multiple reasons. One, for accountability to. For training. Training. Yeah. Yeah. You wouldn’t go to the gym and worked out without a mirror. It’s the same concept. You. You have to be able to go back and listen to your calls, see what you know you did wrong and what you could be doing better. Are you saying you wouldn’t go work out with a man named James without a mirror?

I don’t like your new windows. I don’t know what you’re talking about and but no, seriously. You have to know what’s going on. You have to know what is going on. If you listen to your calls, you’ll know what’s going on. American Express knows what’s going on. They record the calls for quality assurance. American express records, the calls. Southwest Airlines records the calls. Disney records the calls, the city of Branson records the calls. I record the calls. Target puts video cameras up in that business so they can see what’s going on. When you go through the self checkout, you see yourself, but they can see you even even when you can’t see yourself. Target can see yourself and that is why they know what’s going on. How do you, what? What would happen in the. In the words of the late great a poet, musician, Marvin Gaye, what’s going on?

You got to know what’s going. If you don’t know what’s going on, you’re gonna lose. How could you possibly coach a sports team without seeing the team play or watching video? What nfl coach winds without watching video? You’ve got to watch the tape. Got to see the tape. Don’t listen to what people say. People only respect what you inspect. You have to. People only respect what you inspect and you can only expect what you accept, so you’ve got to make sure that you inspect things and don’t accept mediocrity and that is how it works. And your next move, 21, you have to set up gps, gps, global positioning system. Put those on your cars, put the little trackers on people’s cars. If you have employee vehicles and that way you can track where your employees are going, how fast they’re driving, and you can get rid of idiots.

It saves you so much time in wasted gas. Andrew, what’s the next? You’re 22. You have to set up recorded videos. We talked about it earlier and get those video cameras up in the company. We really like to recommend this company because it works well and it’s affordable. It’s called nest. Nest. The nest cameras. You can buy them at Lowe’s, Home Depot. Go there. There may be what? Two hundred 50 bucks? 300 bucks. I. Unbelievable high quality by the way. Really, really, really good stuff and it’s a used the cameras from nest. Andrew. Next move. Next move is remove interactions with people who don’t share your vision. Yeah. Quit if you’re out there and you are a, uh, somebody who really, really like in my case, I’m really all about helping real business owners grow their business. I don’t want to create freaking quizzes. I don’t want to create frequent tests.

When you go watch our videos online, I don’t want there to be tests and certificates and quizzes. I can’t tell you how much I hate tests, certificates and quiz. If I’m an entrepreneur, I don’t want to have to pass a stupid quiz or a test to unlock the next video. I just want to watch the freaking video. I don’t want a diploma. I don’t even like diplomas. If you gave me a diploma and slash or a certificate of anything of any kind, I don’t want it. All I want is copious amounts of money and time. Andrew, have you not seen though? What happens when someone wants quizzes? Have you? Well, you probably weren’t born around then. No, I wasn’t around back. There are people that have wanted quizzes and man, it’s crazy when you’re in a meeting with someone who wants quizzes and that’s what they’re passionate about. No. Say something like, we can’t possibly be the best coaching program in the world. If you don’t have quizzes will get off my cloud. Man. You’re messing with my ci. Continue Andrew. Step 24. Stop emotionally engaging on social media. I was on social media. It’s just so terrible what people said. Can you believe they’re going

to get just. You got to move on. I’m on social media here. I’m worried about it. I’m going to facebook right now, pulling it up and here we are. Here we go. Looking through it. Uh, we got somebody here. Oh, there it is. The first one. We got the first emotional posts here. Yeah. I’ve only went through like four posts. We already got one emotional post. Uh, I don’t need emotional posts. I don’t need to see that somebody out there is going through a tough time and they want to make a post about how they feel about a wall that being built are being built. Some people love the wall with the trump wants to build. Some people hate the wall. I don’t need to know. Just go vote man. Just do what you gotta do Andrew. Next move. Next. We’ll take a five minute time out when you get really upset.

Oh, and I got really upset. Andrew. I got upset. It’s three slash 16 as the time we’re recording this. And what time did I see you at? Two 30? Yeah, it was 2:30 when we saw each other. I think I got upset at 2:36 and I came back in here at 2:41. Nice. I was mad. I won’t tell you why though, but I’m good now. I moved on, but I have to give them to you. I’ll take five minutes. You say, Hey, give me a moment. Let me walk out here. Let me go see some chickens and we go pet a Turkey chicken walking around the land. Let me do some things and I’ll come right back. You just got to be doing it, but body for five hours and five minutes. If I’m being honest, that’s kind of weak. I should get over like five seconds.

I’ll go see a therapist. Okay, Andrew. All right, so don’t be guilted into doing anything. Yeah, there’s just a lot of this jackass re of like, oh, because we’re related, you got to. We should have them over for dinner and Oh, I probably should go to that birthday party. Graduation, Prom. We should go to that Grand Jewish. Let me reenact graduation. This is you walking into a big arena. There’s 800 kids you don’t know all of which are 17, 18. They’re all wearing hats that are oddly upside down. Hats have some kind of a square top on them. They’re fitting on their head wearing clothes that don’t make sense, and then they’re saying Brown, Charles Brown, and then peel, mandate, mandate brown. Hey Marcus Brown, and you’re like, have you seen. Have you ever been to a graduation into the big college stadium graduations? Yep. How is that helpful?

It’s not. It’s a huge waste of time. Cut. Say what I do with my kids. Cheer events. What do you do? I watched them perform in the rest of that piece out. Nice. That saves so much time. That can be out there in the parking lot, working on other things. You might say, clay, if everyone did that, there’d be no one there. I know that will be a great thing. Okay, continue. Andrew. Next move is stopped buying things that you don’t need that. Yeah. This is. This is. This is going out to all the boat owners out there that don’t have financial freedom. This is going out there at all the lake home owners that don’t have financial freedom. This is a big shout out to everybody out there that’s got a timeshare, but you don’t have time freedom. Ha, that’s a great irony. Is it not?

You got a timeshare, but you don’t have any time that you can share at your timeshare, so don’t buy things you don’t need. When you buy something you don’t need. Now you gotta maintain it. You got to ensure that boat. Get a boat slip and make the payments on the boat. Now work extra hours to pay for the boat. Stopped buying things. You don’t need air. Drought moved 28. Commit to simplicity. Simplicity, simplicity. Just simplicity scales and complexity fails. So stop adding features you don’t need on your products. Stop adding features. Stop adding parts to your script. Stop making your scripts longer so your sales scripts make them more simple stuff. Offering more products, offer products that people want. Stop having 40,000 book ideas. Just write one. You get the drift. Andrew. Complexity fails, but simplicity what scales? Shower time, complexity. Dale’s but simplicity. Scale.

Okay, continue. So again, you have to avoid chronically late people. Yeah. People who are chronically late or they’re just there, their screw ups, you know, they just can’t win and so you being around them, it’s not a good thing and now you can educate someone like, Hey, I appreciate it if you’d be on time, and I understand there’s also certain aspects, certain things as an example, if you’re an nfl coach, you can’t tell your wife I’m going to be home in 11, right? Because some games go later, some games go, but you could say I’ll be home by midnight or whatever time you could say, but there are certain people that are just always 45 minutes late. They just can’t seem to. They wanted to get to the meeting. They did, but they had something that came up and they wanted to call you back, but something came up and they wanted to.

And we all make mistakes occasionally, but certain people, this is all they do. They’re there on, on, on the occasion. I as in like every day they’re alive. They’re late for everything. Right? And those people make it embarrassing to go to church. You go to church, you’re late, you got move, you’re late, you go on a date, you’re late, they just can’t figure it out and the best thing you can do is credit epic distance between you and them so that you’re not going to be a dysfunctional as a result of hanging around team Jackass, Andrew. All right, so you have to turn notifications off. Yeah, just like we talked about earlier, don’t have no notification just to have a text message notification and a missed call and then don’t. Don’t see the emails coming in every second. Don’t see all the facebook things. Don’t buy into this lie.

This is the. This is. Here’s a new fun lie for you. This is a fun lights. It’s a truth mixed with ally. Yeah, there are a lot of people out there. I’ve met two so far this week are going, you know the key to really ranking high and instagram is you got to go instagram live. I’m like, so you’re telling me you’re in the middle of your workday. You’re going to go on instagram live for multiple times during the day and you’re going to say something that makes sense multiple times during the day as a way to engage with customers who then they respond live and have you ever sold something as a result of this and if they have and you know, keep doing it, but if not, get off that thing. Andrew. Back to you. All right, so you have to block negative people. This is my favorite one there.

I love that move. You just hit the block button on block color. You block the email, you blocked it. Blocked. You know Andrew, you can block emails, you can block text, block phones, you can block. You could. You can block people out. You know you could change your phone entirely and just move. You know you can do you gotta do, but block these people from your life. They will suck your joy no matter how much money you have. If you go on a vacation with people that you hate, you will hate your vacation. Andrew, back to you. Alright, next move is leave as soon as possible. Oh, that’s a move. Yeah. I love going to birthday parties, which is an obligation you have to go to. It’s nice to be the first one in and you’d make eye contact and you say it is so good to see you.

So good. Here’s an incredible gift. I got a peace. Boom. That’s a good move. There you go. Back to you Andrew. All right, so wake up two hours earlier. Yeah, I think people out there. I. Unless you’re already waking up at three, we can wake up earlier. I mean, you know, just go to bed at night and wake up at three. It’s amazing how little the. It’s amazing how few interruptions you get at 11. 12, one, two, three, four. No one really calls me ever at three in the morning. It’s pretty awesome. Andrew, back to you. All right, so move number 34. You have to wear the same thing every day and these are super moves to get more done. Steve Jobs wore the same thing every day. Barack Obama began to do that. Mark Zuckerberg, a baseball players, they’re not like, what do you guys want to where to take?

I don’t know. Continue, Andrew. All right, so next is you have to automate your savings. Automate your savings. Okay. Andrew, what did you have to do to automate your savings and how has it helped you? So to automate my savings, typically you would have a direct deposit form. So I took my direct deposit form and divided it up to where 25 percent went into my savings account and 25 percent went to my checkings account, my checking account. And uh, that was it. That’s that symbol. You do that and then you forget about it and you set it and forget it. Yeah. Now, Andrew, have you been saving money every week? We have. I’m not asking you how much money you have in there now, but if you noticed it’s growing every week. Yes. When was the last time you looked at it and thought, we have a pretty decent amount of money here now.

A Friday when we did our budgeting. And you looked at him going, wow. Yeah. You’re feeling good about it? Oh yeah, let’s get some momentum is good. Oh, it’s so nice. So good. Now Andrew, we have 65 moves we want to get to, but we don’t have time to do it. But here’s what I can do for the listeners out there. Yup. Uh, I’ve written a book called the art of getting things done, which you can buy on Amazon. It’s a newer website. It’s a newer one. Um, it’s called You go up there and you can buy my book, the art of getting things done. There’s 65 moves that you can use. They’re all cited. They all have a notable quotable. They all have a fun fact and they teach you how to apply it. It’s all in a book called the art of getting things done.

But just to give us kind of a teaser. The final two moves I want to cover, I’d like to cover, I’d like to cover super move number 64, [inaudible] 64. And Are you ready to move number 64 yesterday? Ready? Don’t keep problem employees. You know, the guy that always talks back to you, always argues, always just can’t seem to figure it out, just can’t seem to find the inner drive to get things done. Let them go because you’re gonna. Spend your whole life trying to change people and according to Dr Z, people change. Seldom now move 65, andrew, another great move and outstanding move. Yes. Moving over. 60th five is don’t promote your sexual partner. Yeah. Just because you’re having sex with somebody doesn’t mean you should promote him. I mean you’re like, so I was reading the vagina monologues and I thought I should promote you.

What are you doing? No. Hey Andrew, don’t laugh. This is Andrew. This is serious. You have seen this scenario where it’s like, well, based on the fact that hurt her and I have been dating for awhile, I’m going to make her my business partner. What are you doing? Don’t go into it. What are you doing? That’s crazy. Now, if it’s you’re married, sexual partner, maybe there’s more credence to that, but you’re dating somebody and because you’re getting parallel, you know you’re going to go ahead and all of a sudden just because you’re going to get lateral, just because you’re going to, you know, do the horizontal Mambo, you know, just because you’re gonna, you know, put the old hot dog and the old button there just moves. Doesn’t mean that you should promote that person, right? These are all just a theory. I don’t even know people can understand these, these innuendos here, but I’m just saying just because that’s what you’re doing, right?

Just because you know you’re doing a little little, little, you know, just because you’re, you know, doing that doesn’t mean that you should promote that person. But when you people do that, all of a sudden, hey, and by the way, you’re the one making this awkward. You’re the one out there promoting your partner. I’m not the one doing that. You’re the one, not, not you, the listener. I mean your friend, your friend is making this awkward because you know what I’m talking about. He got a new girlfriend. All of a sudden she’s a secretary. Now all of a sudden she’s in charge of accounting just because they just met. All of a sudden she’s in charge of the sales. That’s not a good move. It’s not. It doesn’t make any sense. It makes zero sense. That just doesn’t make sense. Don’t do it. You hiring or promoting your sexual partner into a position of leadership just because of the.

The benefits of your sexual conquests makes zero sense, and that is 65 super moves that you can use to free up more time in your life. If you say you don’t have enough time to get things done by that book on Amazon, download it, circle the moves that you can use. I guarantee you that by implementing just two moves in that, in this book, just to moves in the book, you can save at least five to 10 hours a week by implementing just a couple moves in there. There’s so many good moves. Just go in there, find the super moves that you can use, implement them today, and you will find the time you need to get things done. My name is Clay Clark. I’m a father of five. I’m happy to be alive and happy to be with you on today’s show. And we like to end every show with a little bit. So here we go. Three, two, one. Boom.


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