How to Go From Being a High-Paid Wage Slave to Becoming a Time-Freedom Owning Business Owner – Ask Clay Anything

Show Notes

Clay Clark breaks down action steps you need to take to create both a time freedom and a financial freedom creating a business that serves you.  Download all the podcasts on Apple Podcasts here

Teaching Moments:

  1. What is Your Goal? (Married 10 years with 2 kids)
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The business exists to serve you.” – Doctor Robert Zoellner
    2. Has wanted to take a vacation for the past 5 years.
  1. Take the Time to Define Your Goals for F6 Goals:
    1. Faith
    2. Family
    3. Finances
    4. Fitness
    5. Friendship
    6. Fun
  1. Never Stop Doing the Group Interview
  2. Never Work Alone (Always Be Training People Who Are Shadowing You)
    1. It takes about six months of intense training to learn the job (why?)
  • Step 1 – Schedule 1 Hour Per Day of Meta Time
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You either pay now or pay later with just about every decision you make about where and how you spend your time.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts)
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The quality of your life is directly affected by how and where you spend your time.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts)
    3. Calendar
    4. Daily To Do List
      1. Faith
      2. Family
      3. Finances
        1. Look at your physical whiteboard workflow
        2. Ask yourself, how can I improve the workflow?
        3. How can I make the systems better?
      4. Fitness
      5. Friendship
      6. Fun
  • Step 2 – Embrace the Tradeoffs of Scaling
    1. EXAMPLES:
      2. The Dentist
    2. Buying Time Freedom Requires Embracing That Your Profitability Will Decrease Per Job (fairly dramatically), but Your Time Freedom Will Increase
      1. Paying other people to do the work
      2. Paying for on-going job posts
      3. Paying for management layer, etc.
  • Step 3 – Design an Optimized Schedule (Rip the band-aid off and begin implementing it immediately)
    1. Weekly Group Interview
    2. Daily Huddles
    3. Weekly Financial Meeting to Look over the Key Performance Indicators (to prevent drifting)
    4. Daily Meta Time – Ask yourself “What am I doing that I should not be doing?” and hire someone to do it.
  • Step 4 – Stop Invoicing as Soon As Possible
    1. Charge credit card rretainers/deposits

    2. Send receipts
    3. Have contacts that can offer financing
    4. Insert terms so that there are penalties if payment is not made.
  • Step 5 – Optimize Your Map
    1. Photos, Videos, 3D Tours
    2. Repeat, until you have more leads that you know that to do with…
  • Step 6 – Get 100 Google reviews as soon as possible
    1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Sushi Fork in Tulsa, OK.
    2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “88% of consumers trust online reviews.”
    4. You will not get reviews by emailing or texting people
  • Step 7 – Create a Google canonical compliant website
      1. AMPLE EXAMPLE –
        1. Type in the following to see our businesses and clients
          1. Tulsa Mortgages
          2. Tulsa Cookies
          3. Tulsa Men’s haircuts
          4. Buy Pumpkins in Tulsa
          5. Find pumpkins in Tulsa
          6. Tulsa pumpkins
          7. What is the best place to buy pumpkins in Tulsa
      2. Variable #1 – Reviews – Must get to 100 reviews as soon as possible (40 before ads will be trusted)
      3. Variable #2 – Canonical Compliance
      4. Variable #3 – Most Content  
      5. Variable #4 – Most Mobile Compliance
      6. BOOKS –
        1. Search Engine for Dummies – Bruce Clay
  • Retargeting Playbook – Adam Berke, Gregory Fulton, and Lauren Vaccarello
  • How Google Works – Eric Schmidt
      1. The Honest Seduction – Scott Brinker, Anna Talerico, and Justin Talerico
      2. Get Rich Click – Ostrofsky

Step 8 – Design a No-Brainer That Works

      1. – $1 first haircut
      3. – ½ off of your 1st shoot
      4. $1 Admission
      5. 50 cent hot chocolate
  • Step 9 – Design Retargeting Ads
    1. FUN FACT – The average person has to visit your website 4.7 times – The Retargeting Playbook
      1. Then pull up and and
  • Step 10 – Launch the Group Interview Process
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – ““Steve Jobs has a saying that A players hire A players; B players hire C players, and C players hire D players. It doesn’t take long to get to Z players. This trickle-down effect causes bozo explosions in companies.” – Guy Kawasaki (Guy Takeo Kawasaki (born August 30, 1954) is an American marketing specialist, author, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist. He was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing their Macintosh computer line in 1984. He popularized the word evangelist in marketing the Macintosh and the concepts of evangelism marketing and technology evangelism)
    2. Rated yourself as a 4 in the area of team management
    3. Your team needs to:
      1. Have the capacity to do the job.
      2. Have the want to do the job.
  • Step 11 – Determine Your Profit Per Customer
    1. Determine revenue per customer
    2. 50% of people are going to waste your time
    3. Must have a daily goal
    4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn (Best-selling author of New York Times best-selling books)
  • Step 12 – Determine the Number of Deals You Need to Get Per Week to Achieve Your Goals
    1. Deals per day matters most
  • Step 13 – Tracking
    1. Lead Source
    2. Create an Inbound Sales Script
    3. Install Clarity Call Recording
    4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – ““Most people are sitting on their own diamond mines. The surest ways to lose your diamond mine are to get bored, become overambitious, or start thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. Find your core focus, stick to it, and devote your time and resources to excelling at it.” – Gino Wickman (Best-selling author of Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business)
  • Step 14 – Set a Fixed Daily Time to Meet with Your Team About Your Key Performance Indicators (to insure that no one is drifting)
  • NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What gets measured gets done.” – Gino Wickman (Best-selling author of Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business)
  • Step 15 – Create a Workflow
  • Step 16 – Create an Experience Checklist:
    1. Sights
    2. Sounds
    3. Smells
    4. Decor


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