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During this edition of The Thrivetime Show Business Podcast, Clay Clark breaks down the proven path for building a successful video production company.

Proven Path:

  1. Download the Boom Book
  2. Subscribe to The Thrivetime Show Business Podcast (It will help you shape your new normal…most businesses are not successful, so all of the “best practice strategies” we teach are all going to feel counter-cultural and not “normal.”)
  3. Book Your Attendance at our In-Person Workshop
    1. Friday – 7 AM to 3 PM
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    3. The highest rated small business workshop on the planet
    4. The details –
    5. The details:
  4. Enhance website
    1. Reviews – Currently I cannot find any reviews – Must get to 100 reviews as soon as possible (40 before ads will be trusted)
    2. Canonical Compliance –
    3. Most Content – Most HTML
    4. Most Mobile Compliance
  5. Mystery Shop Your Top 3 Competitors and Make Comparison Spreadsheet
    1. Benefits
    2. Price
    3. Branding
  6. Gather 20 Video Reviews
  7. Create a No-Brainer Offer
  8. Write and Outbound Sales Script
  9. Install Call Recording
  10. Create Dream Marketing List of Ideal and Likely Buyers
  11. Create a Linear Workflow to Enhance the Quality and Speed of Systems
  12. Create Retargeting Ads
  13. Launch Adwords (Once You Have 40 + Reviews)
  14. Create Daily Outbound Call Quota
  15. Eliminate Invoicing
    1. Have clients pay deposits
    2. Pay the remaining balance when complete
  16. Create Linear Sales Process
    1. EXAMPLE –
    2. Step 1 – 1st Call
    3. Step 2 – Send Confidence Building Email After the 1st Call
      1. Very limited text
      2. Testimonials
    4. Step 3 – Appointment

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Audio Transcription

You are now entering the best business conferences dojo mojo and the thrive time show have time show on the top of the charts in the category of business. Dentist that you might get motion sickness patch of the babitsky 3-2-1 here. Come the business ninjasall right right now she won’t get back to the best business conferences conversation. My name is clay clark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year, the co-founder of elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge, the co-founder of epic photos.Com people might ask why why? Why are you always the co-founder? What I like to do is I like to start a business and if I can I like to team up with somebody else who has who has a course skill, so I started epic photography I found a guy in dallas texas. That was very good at photography, but not good at running a business and I’m not good at photography, but I’m good at running a business, and so whenever I start a company, I was going to find somebody who has that course kill and I want to team up with them to build a successful company around their course. Gilbert businesses are all very, very similar, and if you, if you can come to graphs a come to grips with that concept, that most businesses aresimilar you’ll do very very well.

If you want to believe that your industry is completely different and everything is so different that there’s no possible way that that a linear pathway would work for you and that’s going to be a reality. And so what happens? Is most people wait till they have a break down to have a break through until I bet people all different. Industries I mean cosmetic surgery, dentistry off of photography automotive sales. Don’t reach out right near the end of the things falling apart. Would they have the best business conferences breakdown and also hey? Could you help me grow my business and in my mind, it’s a great opportunity for a partnership nice to hey now, you’re short on capitol and you’re you’re, you’re short on time, I’m long on capitol and log on time and I want to help you build a system, but I want to do that in a bit. I won’t do that unless I get an equity position, and so when you get an equity position, you know I wasn’t me that I own a percentage of the company as a result of of growing ita small percentage of nothing isn’t very good. So what I have to do is I have to make sure that I team up with people to have a real product or a real service that will scale and a good example of that would be tip, top, k-9, so well down the co-founder of tip top k9 file corporate, where tip top k-9 already existed in tulsa for 9 years.

I didn’t teach him how to train dogs i, don’t have a big knowledge of I recognize the talent I recognize the skill. I recognized the need. I recognize the market need i, recognize a turnkey marketing and we can introduce and now I’m teaming up together. The wimpy’s in the clarks were building something special and that’s what we do, and so, if you’re out there listening today and you want to know how to grow your business, we love it when you email your email, a specific questions and i. This best business conferences question here today was provided by one of our business coaches. Who’s working with lady by the name of nicole and nicole, has a media company intulsa oklahoma to grow from $200,000 per year of revenue to $400,000 a year of revenue, and so nicole here is the de proven path step number one! You want to download the boom book now that the boom book is the written down 13 points system that doctors, l and I’ve used over and over and over to grow our successful companies, and so it’s not like they were making up on the fly. It’s a proven system in the system always works as long as the system is implemented implemented, but nothing works unless you do to quote the great maya. Angelou, nothing works. Unless you do or quote thomas edison vision without execution is hallucination, so you need to download this d the boom book for real, not a kind of down low.

You download that thing and read it, and when you do you have an understanding of how the whole system fits together now step 2 is you want a subdescribe? The thrive time show podcast because it’s going to help to shape your new normal and so we’re honored today to have a special guest on the show. Mr. Scott he’s always a listener and he decided to do eyeshadow me for today, so so scott you, if you’re in even shadowing me now it’s it’s almost to even shadow me sick, since just before 6 in the morning. How is your shadowing experience been so far? I was pretty amazed by the efficiency of your systems and and how you do you repeat your process, you see it over and over and over it was it was. It was what I expected at the best business conferences, because I hear you talk about it on the radio I hear you say it. You know:i, listen to your podcast 4 hours a day. Repetitively to change my norm right and i, hear you say it, but you know you don’t grasp it until you see it and I met all right around step. 3 step, 2 from is nicole and she needs to book her tickets to the in-person thrive time show. Workshop ann arbormalaysian ship is different. Cuz a lot of people will meet us at a workshop and then become a client. You met us at a workshop and we hired your daughter. So she can you explain from your experience.

Sdd drive time show workshop like for you, by the way that microphone is super sensitive should have got to eat that thing. So what was the thrive time show workshop experience like from your perspective, didn’t know what I didn’t know then that that was a big thing that it showed me, and then you filled it all my gaps in a 15 hour span which, or at least what I consider to be my gaps. I went in there like I’d run other businesses, I run my own businesses, but again I didn’t know what I didn’t know and when I sat downnnn you started going through your systems and in that 15 hours, I couldn’t even put a value on it was so life-changing. It was ridiculous that I turn to my daughter and I said you know what you need to go. Talk to the client see if there’s an opening for a an interim, because man is going to change your life, your daughter. She she asked me at on day, 2 and saturday, and it was it wasn’t like the fall. Maybe I can november october conference and she asked if she could in turn and i, told you I absolutely. Why don’t you go ahead and show up on this today and will get you going and roberta’s been a faithful, diligent member of the best business conferences team and I can tell you before the age of 17 she’s approaching that it doesn’t work full-time this summer, I think she’s approaching, and you have to ask her on her pay, stubs, i. Think she’s approaching a $20 an hour, employee i. Think many weeks, she’s making 1416 hour right now and she’s at 16 years old, she just turned 17 isshe, gets out of college she’s going to be earning at least about 25 an hour now here here is the big question.

I would have for all the best business conferences listeners out there if you’re listening right now-and you say that the career you one requires a degree that you go get that degree but I’m also saying for roberta and roberta’s like that. If they stay the course with us, every one of them will make over $100,000 after about their third year. If they stay the course because our businesses are growing at such a meteoric rate that you saw that in our elephant in the room staff meeting today we need an assistant manager and so we’re going to promote type of adaline out of the call center into that position. That’s going to put adeline formica 13 $14 an hour job up to after bonuses about a $25, an hour jobs $50,000 a year, job and I believe she was working at a local bakery before that. So I mean it’s kind of fork in the road where I think your daughter, if she goes to college, will dominate, but I also fear that she goes inis a mindless degrees, i, just I worry, I worry, I went to you and I dropped a ton of money in it didn’t change. My I have a bearing on my income, and my concern is that she goes to college in and just what you just said and then what and where she had been once a week thing is that she likes the music artist, colton dixon and he’s a christian top 40 artists, great voice, great guy. His wife annie are related to a clients of ours, and so they have been working with roy and the garage for some time and long story short. It was telling colton about what we do, and so your best business conferences daughter got a chance to meet meet colton, which I think was a highlight for her.

She still talking about really okay yeah and then he came in and saw what we do and he realized that we could probably help him until I think we’ll be working with the dixon family on an ongoing basis, helping helping colton with his music career and it’s interesting how the same best business conferences systems that were teaching tool and clients call the dream. 100 system, those same systems, work for music stars. They work for any industry, want one of our listeners. John tom use the dream, 100 system that we teach so much it’s where you make a list of your ideal and likely 100 buyers, minimum minimum of a hundred check homes. The best selling author of the ultimate sales machine, recommended minimum of a hundred I like to put a thousand on there and I caught moon shots, and when you shoot moonshot worst case scenario, you missing, you hit some stars, and so when we’re out there moonshining, you can get some big deals and it’s interesting how, whether it’s a music star or it’s a business owner you’re going to get that system works of john tomlin our listeners.

He is the system to get scholarships for college and he got how much does entire best business conferences college paid for just by applying for every possible scholarship within his ranch I mean every one of them works now the workshop itself, who said step 3, attend the workshop wiedemann hampshire website, which currently doesn’t look bad there, nicole I think it’s under construction, so your website right now is under construction. What you want to do, if you can, is keep your current site, live while, working on your other site at the same time, so one site stays live and then we are working on your other site, your updated site, while they were the main site, stays locked and there are four variables that will get you to the top of google for your niche, which is video production right here in the green country area. Is you have to get a hundred reviews as soon as possible, and one of our listeners out there with the mosaic films are marked down in austin he’s in the video production industry? He could tell you how hard it is to do it, and mark has really really good work in a history of having done video ography the right way for a long time, but he still had to go out there and ask people and a lot of people get busy and they say they forgot and they don’t know how to do it.

So it takes a lot of work to do that. The second step is your website. Your website we wanted to join picture website is canonically compliant and what does it mean to be canonically compliant compliant means you’re simply following the rules that google has laid out for what a website needs to look like to be optimized sobro listeners out there to pull it up on the screen. I’ll show just got here too, but if we do a google search for the word dog dog, what web site comes up there threadnation it’s wikipedia. Well, why does wikipedia come up top it’s because their website is laid out to be canonically compliant, although it doesn’t look very visually appealing and took you think about that, you start to go cash. I wonder if my website is canonically compliant and I would just say, having sat down with the best business conferences thousands of people over the past 12 years, I can only recall a handful of times where it was done right to start. So, if you want to take the test here, just google search, jynx men’s haircuts, jenks men’s haircut do that who comes up top in the google searches bama my company elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge? What are you google search, google, search, tulsa cookies, who comes up top and google bam? My client barbie cookies. You know if you type in tulsa iphone repair, who comes up top and google, damn it’s bone, doctors, my client, so you realize that my clients are all category leaders. You type in joplin, fitness, your joplin to say:joplin gyms. There is colaw fitness, damn my clientele are people say, but I thought you had to pay for that. I wasn’t sure how that works.

I’m telling you you’ll just invest the time to come to a workshop. You can learn how to optimize mean co-op is a gym with thousands of members in bartlesville, topeka and joplin, but yet these guys are competing with planet fitness, which is a huge gym with thousand locations and yet they’re beating them on the map and they’re beating them here on the google searches for many terms and their number 3 right now, where planet fitness is number 2 on a search for joplin gyms business I mean well that just think about think about this rhetorically drive nation. Would that impact your business? If you got more leads off of google I’m catering now with your company as well solutely, we do what we’re doing anniversaries and we’re moving into the children’s birthday parties and if they call or process okay. So what’s the book you for catering, how do they do that they can go to route 66 fry bread., com route 66, from where bread at gmail is the best way to fry bread at gmail catering. The first website that comes up there is going to be this coming called good, catering. Net, and if you put the site colon in front of it, you can see they need. 50. They have 28 pages of content in the top of best business conferences google. You need 56 pages of content. To beat these guys right and what’s up with us is crazy, is you only need to have 50 google reviews to win and I just want you to know. I actually worked with this company I’m, not going to say the name of it with this company right here and with. Let me see if I can find it. I don’t mention the name of the air, but the former clients know I can beat them so easy that that’s one thing about my skill-set.

Is it sits these people are here and they would get use it 4 to 5 bookings for weddings a week after being topping google, but when you stop working with him a stop, adding content to the site, they stop getting reviews they get past, and so it turns out. The hungry. Caterers are the ones that get fed the most. So you got, you got to grind grind the next website, content which we just talked about, but you have the most original html content, markup language elementary. You have to have the most compliance. Somebody might say:yes, i, don’t care what global compliance headlights won’t be top of google i! Don’t care about all that, but that’s how it works. There was employee we had years ago who his car not kidding in route to dj, shows blew up on two separate occasions, so he worked at me for over a year and his car blew up twice to which I said hey. How did your car blow up so I think I forgot to check the oil bro and i? Think I forgot man with what are your tips for, like remembering the oil prices where I’m going well, you want to pay every 3000 miles. Do it put the sticker in the middle put the sticker up there, but the reason why they put the sticker on the car is to remind you, when your time to reproduce go back in in to put a new oil right to change your oil. They put the sticker up, so you don’t forget, but still some people want to forget so I’m putting the sticker up here. It’s friday try putting the sticker up. It’s a scratch-and-sniff sticker I’m, giving it to you now. Sniff smells like poverty. If you don’t stay current on your best business conferences website, you’ve got to get reviews and add content everyday, and so it might say, okay ok brewster domicile take the challenge. So, let’s go to my website. Let’s go to er lounge., tell if in the room right now we have 3040 pages of content and we’re top. If you type in any kind of word for tulsa men’s haircuts, tulsa barber shops, we come up top because I’m, a good person and those who know me well know that I am really good at business.

I don’t hold myself out to be a great person. I, don’t I I’m a I’m, a I’m, a be minus. You know I’m a good person, but for me this is it a good person would have compassion, it would go. I understand, I get it. You know what what you said is valid. This is what I would say. No you’re wrong quit being stupid. That’s why I’m an effective business coach and that’s why I’m, not a psycho. You know psychologist therapist marital counselor. Do you want a marital counselor to sit there and talk to you? You shadow me today to see what I didn’t shock you, how many clients that are paying clients-just straight-up forgot about their meeting time, actually be on me I’m doing with a lot of my own businesses more than other people’s businesses, but you know just like the tip top k-9 people showed up because the room we all showed up right. People 6 in the morning we’re all their it, but it’s interesting how certain brands of colaw fitness people showed up today is everything else. Certain people, though they feel like if they don’t do the work by virtue of being born, they deserve to have best business conferences success and i. Don’t know! What’s going on in your cranium out there, if that’s you but you’ve got to put in the work, work work, work, work work. You got a mystery shop, your top three competitors to call now. Why do you have two mystery shopper? Top three competitors?

I’ll tell you why? Because you want to beat them in the areas of benefits, price and brandon and i, think you have a food truck there. Scott, that’s great. Have you ever bought food from another food truck in another country and our place they’re sitting at our town? If you ever been to another food truck outside of your own food have solutely. How is that valuable, how’s that how’s that impacted your business? Well, it shows me the quality, the customer service, that attitude the pricing. The value. Have you gotten ideas that were positive from food trucks? Have you seen some that were disasters, or did you watch the show fixer-upper by chip and joanna um? If you get a chance to go down to waco with the family, and you see their food trucks, they’re awesome, but they get the branding right, the artwork they nailed that the food is great. The whole thing is great and I just think that if the best way to get good at something is to study people that are great again, you can read napoleon hill hill talk to you about this tim ferriss from the 4-hour workweek he’ll talk to you about this. The bible will talk to you about this, but this is concept of walking with the wise when you’re, surrounded by people that know more than you do and are holding himself to a higher standard. Over time you will be coming average of the five people that you spend the most time with. So if you’re always spending time with you know your family or people, you know they’re in the same social, economic circle. It’s likely that you’ll stay there, but if you’re around people that are best business conferences performing at a higher level are going to push you and I’d encourage the listeners out there. Proverbs 13:20 is the verse that encourages look at proverbs, 13:20 and proverbs 13:20 says:walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm and i.

Just would encourage you to not surround yourself an idiot, and maybe you have a great video company, and maybe the people on your team really want to do a good job. When was the last time you mystery shop your competition, you got to do that. We talked about our coaches meeting today. Scott, it’s got. Why are those video reviews so powerful me? Why is it video review for you as a consumer such a oh yeah? That must be real, well, i! Think it’s because it you’re actually seeing somebody it’s it’s it’s it’s somebody gives you ability to relate to what’s going on to what they’re talking about as a supposed to as opposed to just read text which anybody could have written or even a false, false narrative right so good that people cannot possibly say no to it now. I will text him about a no-brainer. Your service has to be so good that you that you believe-and you know that people are going to buy from you after you do the deal. You would not want to do a no-brainer if your deals, not very good and I’ve, actually watched a contractor. Do this deal and those we listen to the show for a while might of heard the story about I enjoy the best business conferences story. This is the contractor up near missouri missouri, and this guy says I’m. Looking for a no-brainer clay for my remodeling company and I said:okay, you ready for the no-brainer said yes, i, believe 3d printers that are there proven to work for remodelers. If you’re listening right now, you can drop those down. They work. What is you say, hundred percent financing available hundred percent, no money down financing available to work when you leave the customer. You’ll have them apply for credit from a third party lender and there’s many resources that are available on the internet right now that you can do so, I can. If you wanted to install a pool-and you wanted to get a loan, you know to install that pool lightstream finances, which is a division of a of a large bank, that a lot of people are are are familiar with suntrust bank of a 5% interest rate right now. 4.99 and you have a customer, apply right there and then, if they get approved, you do the deal and if they don’t, you don’t do what is guy it’s terrible storm.

It’s part of the passwords kind of funny. He says clay dude, this no-brainers working great i, said awesome, so you’re having people apply online is absolutely week later. He looks at me all. That’s a good to see the distance that this distract us. What’s going on I’m having a cash-flow problem and I said well, the people that applied you know, did you get approved? No, they didn’t but I’m doing internal financing and I said so. You are personally financing granite, countertops, you’re, not wealthy right and he’s like yeah you’re right. That’s why I would ton of money all the suppliers in town, but they pay me on time. I can and pay them I got another job coming in I can take that money to pay the supplier, the old rob peter to pay paul kind of thing and I said no, no, no stick to the components to make another contractor. This is what this is another fun when this was a guy near houston and what he did is he said, I guarantee that I will complete the job on time and on budget and everyday that I’m late I’m going to refund you $500 on any deals over 20,000 on time. Will it be here? Comes the moment of reckoning that guy’s way behind we’re talking like 20 days behind someone out there was good at math might be saying yeah. That sounds like $10,000. That’s a crazy! It’s right, the big number! What happens? If is it? The business doesn’t work when you don’t follow the now brand of you came up with so i, create a no-brainer offer so good that people can’t say no to it, but you have to stick to the deal i! Think about it and stick to the deal. You got to write an outbound sales script and you have to install call recorder. You probably been the coaches meeting today, but when people install corey call recording for the first time in like it’s scares, business owners when they first hear the cause of their teammates is that shocking to you, scott haven’t been around the world for a while that shocking, how port of a best business conferences performance most people do on the phone when they don’t take their calls being recorded?

No, not at all. It doesn’t surprise me in the least it’s unbelievable. I, just something to think about next next move here, a dream marketing list of your ideal and likely buyers. This is what I make a list of the hundred ideal likely buyers in a most likely to need video production services today, I’m not going to need video, production services in my understanding, is that you focus on working with churches. Sleep right when I make a list of the top of a thousand churches, a hundred minimum according to the ultimate sales machine by chet home. Would you want to make a list of the top 1000 church to go after, and you want to reach out to them every week and a very diligent and consistent way? Now the next move is you want to create a linear workflow in your coach will help you do that, but you’re still the drivers out there can picture this. It’s where you get on a whiteboard and you draw how the business should work from left to right on a timeline. If everything happens properly so on, the left will be. This is how we market. This is how we get people in the door. Okay to the right, it would be when I leave comes in. This is the email we send them. This is the phone call we make. This is when we make that call. The next step would be bliss what we say on the first call appointment, and you saw that today in elephant the room today, but we had to leave problem with one of our stores where somebody was way under their performance standards and doesn’t seem to bother anybody else, except for the owner. He ever does not really.

Why do you think that is well because they don’t feel they have any skin in the best business conferences game and that they I think that the in my opinion, a lot of times management, middle management wants to side with the employee said really realizing where there, where there was no check right incidents. This is so funny. This is helping. You saw it happen. That’s why i? Let anybody help you out there if you’re listening to right now with a little bit of a vetting process to make sure that I don’t have any psychotic people shadow with me. But if you reach out to meet a shadow and you do it, you’ll be amazed.. I love it. When people shadow on mondays, because monday is always win, the stuff hits the the fan when people get upset. When things have happened, when there’s drama and monday and every business I don’t care what business you have. You have to go fix the problems you have to now you can delegate, but you can’t abdicate applications. Were you just let the problem happen and you don’t reach out and saw that you? You know you have to have vacation to where you you delegate to somebody you think, but you don’t actually follow up applications where you just basically renounce your throne and just let it happen ever abdication is the opposite of delegation and scott. Don’t know if you saw that today, but how much of my day was spent following up. Did you see it to do list? It’s funny, I’ve, never seen it to do list that large. You see how it’s going up with my wife and with john and she’s following up with me, but you saw, everyone’s following up and everybody had some work well because, generally, if it’s in your head is going to go over to be covered by something else not going to pay attention to it, because my brain drivers, a lot of drivers out there like i, listen to the show for comedy cuz I would relate to somebody who’s that dumb or there’s a few that were going i, don’t even know blake’s i, don’t remember anything at all.

I wear my pants. You know me I’m kind of that lower end of the iq. You can go to school and you take standardized tests. I took algebra 3, x factor. Act three times, but didn’t stop. You know you know to move in for the deal with my wife. You know trying to trying to win her over 3 x, reject it. I mean I had threesomes, you, like my number I mean i, just I just go for i, don’t know how many people have rejected me over the years for a podcast interviews or for radio show interviews. But you heard me talking to jim stovall today on the phone I talk to jim stovall, the great jim stovall I’d like to have him on the show, is a regular gas in a lot of the listeners, love jim stovall he’s a famous entrepreneur who became successful after being blind after being blind. Think about that for a second, this guy became successful after going blind. How does that work? Well, I’ll. Take that works. Helen keller was the famousbest business conferences author who wrote the only thing worse than being blind is having site, but no vision. She’s, the only thing worse than being blind is having site but no vision. What jim had the vision to go out there and to build something magical with his life, and he had the idea to do something valuable with his life and I’ll. Read you some of the things that jim stovall is done. I mean this guy. He wrote the best-selling novel the ultimate gift.

The book was made into a movie. It was distributed by 20th century fox. She started the narrative television network. He was chosen as the international humanitarian of the year joining jimmy carter nancy reagan and mother mother teresa as recipients of the honor. He also has an honorary degree from oru for his work with the disabled. The guy is just ease, interviewed, steve forbes he’s written a book with steve forbes. The guy is just done. A lot of great thanks. I’ll tell you this. He didn’t do it by sitting around waiting for the time to be just right. He took action and that’s why nicole I’m so passionate about helping you because I know so many listeners will reach out for with a question and when we send you a customized podcast what time should I cannot believe they did that we’ll just listen to it. It has been my mantra i, listen to it every day, because I know that I can do it and no one in my life has ever told me that I can do it and I know nicole. You can do it, but I also know that nobody else gives a crap like you do. Nobody else cares. Nobody cares. Are coaches really really care, but those best business conferences clients didn’t show up today. If they’re meeting am I crying about it, no I told you I said too predictable thing I said about 50% of paying. Cline will not show up for their meetings and all have reasons. They’ll all have reasons like I’m having a health problem. Okay, let’s go, let’s go. Excuse me excuse you, I have no problem. I had a health problem. Will my wife had a miscarriage many moons ago and I did not skip the wedding that I was doing that week?

Nor did I skip payroll, nor did I skip any team meetings that week. Why? Because the business must continue to feed my family amidst the chaos didn’t stop breathing just because I urinated. These are not like mutually exclusive idea. What people are like well, I was right. You know going to go to go to my visit, my wife in the hospital. You know cuz she’s, going through some things and so I didn’t actually meet with my team all months and see. How was her terrible company said? You need to go, get a job, I mean proverbs. 10:4 I mean think about that. What do we believe in proverbs? 10:4 i? Don’t know, maybe maybe someone says that’s so mean man will proverbs 10:4, says lazy, hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring well I want to I want to get a different version. I, like that, like i, like the new king james version, he said he become a sport that deals with a slack hand, but the hand of the diligent maketh rich. What does it mean to be diligent mean diligence? How does that word mean diligence? You say it all. The time I’m at work be careful and persistent work or effort. So if you have that careful and persistent work or effort you’re going to be successful, my wife had a miscarriage I kept working, my dad he has stage 4 cancer. He had stage 4 cancer and I kept working and providing the best business conferences jobs I kept working. My wife had a miscarriage and I kept working. My best friend mark was killed in a car accident and I kept working. I’ve had my all my equipment, stolen from i-44 and skelly and I kept working. Think about that think about that. My dad died of als and I kept working. My dad is a dying request wanted to go to his high school union before his death and I took him there and I kept working. My son was born blind and I kept working. There’s no shortcut, there’s no shortcut to farming baby! Think about this for a second I’m, a farmer at the future, I millennial farmer, where all of us share equally and I decide if till the soil and I still want to see it and then i, don’t water, it i, don’t water. The seeds now know now cuz my dad has als. No, no! No! No, because my wife had a miscarriage i, don’t know because my son was born blind and then what’s going to happen, is I’m not going to get a harvest because it’s a biblical concept.

It’s not anybody being mean it’s so stupid. If you stop doing the work and expect to get the results, you got to do the work, it’s causing a fact. It’s punching yourself in the face and wondering why it hurts. Why does it hurt its stapling, your tongue and wondering why on earth, it’s like head-butting a microphone over and it’s it’s like it’s like going to a barack, obama pep rally, a a speech and wearing a confederate t-shirt. It’s like it’s just doesn’t make any sense. It’s like being a hold-out member of the nazi party in modern america. It’s just dumb it just i, don’t know how to help you but I want to help you, but don’t do things that. Are that dumb? Just don’t do it don’t do it don’t be a member of a confederate part of the war’s over men don’t be near the nazi party wars over today. I just got like you were saying that people that they pay you to help them with their business, and then they don’t show up I’m thinking, I’m a partner in jim’s, it’s worse than jim’s by the way, I’m sorry jims jims people pay about a thousand for personal training, but will never come if you’re, an accountant, it’s even worse than jim’s accountants, people paying accounting 750 $1,000 a best business conferences month, total never actually submit to the account and the numbers they need. Are you suggesting that people build their own businesses in their own image? I know that is true.

The character traits of the owner are personified within the business, and so that’s how it works. All my businesses are kind of corky and kind of fun and intense and some kind of quirky intense, a few people at workshops. It say you’re not like I thought you would be well I just watched. You today get intense like a shot of me. I thought so. I can tents and I go yeah yeah. Well, that’s what he went. Let me know I’m not going to be in the meeting with my staff and everybody. You guys that guys do and I’m not going to like pander to I got to get stuff done, I mean and you watch how efficient is it every hour on the hour i? Don’t let me know that’s just how it works. Now, the next move. You got to write a script or outbound calling we talked about that yet install the call recording that dream 100 ideal list of of likely buyers going to do that. You had a linear workflow. We talked about that, but I ain’t got to create that we targeting at how much are we targeting at are we targeting add would be best business conferences magical for a food truck and I’ll. Show you how it works. You go up here to go to harrys.Com because you heard the ad or something and you might want to get razors at precision made german razor. That sounds fun. Maybe retargeting you saw me, you thought you were so I should buy these things and then you go to see it in cuz. You’re like i, want some liberal news. I want to get delivery right. Now we’re going to fox I’m a conservative. Much for your concern! No I want to be a liberal. If. It’s around to go back and forth. I’m going to tulsa world I feel like it’s kind of local right, maybe snowbound, know, it snow by esthero, know, there’s bias there to whatever go harry’s razors. They see where they first show up so far, they’re not on cnn, yet they’re not of score basketball, score basketball showing up there. It is harry’s, razors they’re showing up by the third website. You go to those ads, follow you around everywhere! Oh yes, it was not random!

Now it’s not right that works in for about $11 a week. You reach your clients about three thousand times a week right now, with with a skull, dad roll, a d, r, o l, l and only works good website and review. This works together. The next movie you want to have a want to let your adwords, you want your adwords ad words. Are the paid ads in google the light to come up top of the search, but you wouldn’t want to do it unless you have at least 40 reviews, because nobody trusts ads unless they have reviews cc right here, we’ve got reviews you can see how her you got the adwords going on underneath adwords, you can see. There’s the map with all the businesses. Have you type in tulsa catering. You can see e-z cater., com, ted’s, cafe I was catering. All these people come up top of google cuz they’re, paying for a pay-per-click now I would not advise those people to advertise because unless they have at least 40 reviews, because people as soon as they click on the add the immediately then do a google search to try to find reviews. If you don’t have reviews, the customer won’t respond to it. So ted’s cafe hear this. Guy has 765 reviews so great job, ted text, that’s impressive, man, 765 reviews, ted’s cafe, escondido escondido to ted’s cafe escondido is angus in escondido, that’s pretty impressive. I mean to tag big shout-out, go to ted’s cafe.,, then press this guy ted’s cafe 765 google reviews that guy’s been on it he’s driving, listen to the show along great job. Did you want to get those edwards going that you want to create that daily outbound call cota? Now you saw me manage people today scott, but why would you want to have a minimum quota for what’s acceptable for your team’s output standard they’re going to make their own standard? Now your daughter works with me. So I don’t know if you can come in her character on the show, but she seems to me to be somebody who wants to do more than we ask she is, and that seems to be something to eat or you’ve taught her she’s adopted nature-nurture, maybe both, but that’s something that she’s into well I’ll give her mother best business conferences credit.

You know we raised her to do the best that you can do hand to overproduce when she’s working, but that’s what she’s doing, and so that’s why she’s getting promoted. We’ve asked her to be full-time and without me, hopefully not too much room for us to maybe connection to the mormon thing. We should get 2 years of college and does a mission in business and see if she can get to 100 grand of income in 2 years, and she can’t you go back and I think she has to ride a bicycle. She probably won’t do it. Alright, outbound call cortiva, hold your people accountable now, step 15 to the video world. You want to be done with invoicing, now I’m sure the catering world scott. You never done. You never dealt with this, but it’s where a client owes you money and you say:hey can i, go to tell you a debit card or credit card and they say sure. Could you could you? Could you send me an invoice and you said yeah absolutely and then you follow up and i. Don’t know if I got it and you just keep playing this game and they’re delaying paying you have you ever seen. This move I have seen that move. How common is that this is a move. This is one of the moves you should do. He want to get ahead. Your bone, your people, do the move. I mean. How often is that move being done? I think it’s done then. Voice I think is that pretty regularly and I think it’s being done, because the best business conferences people that whoever the invoice er doesn’t want to upset the invoice e right, and so they end up not getting paid for 90 days or ever right. It’s never a good thing. So I just want to make sure that, if you’re out there and you have a business and terra landscaping, eyeglasses photography, videography catering, if it’s on the planet earth any businesses that are on the planet earth to do.

Is you going to say our total package prices this much and if you want to pay a debit card or credit card deposit will go to get you started if you are requiring payment terms, do a deposit up front if you want to never get paid consistently, if you want to just consistently not get paid 20% of the time, do invoices cuz invoices, man, I’m telling you people do not pay those invoices the next step. For sake of time, your coach will help you do that weed help. You create a linear sales process and what I can do, though, is I when I build the best business conferences company dj connection. I was able to sell that company for for quite a bit of money there when I was young before I was 30 years old and I have video footage from when I ran that company and I’m going to put that for you on today’s of show notes, and that way you can see what a linear work well looks like in place. You can see an example that, because once you can see I mean this, this company we would sell everyday 20 weddings, be most of our competitors. Would do you, like you, know, 20 weddings, maybe you know we were doing like 20 every week you know every day I mean, and so, if you get a chance to go online there and watch this on the show notes today, you’ll see the dj connection call center. All the guys on the phone work in interacting everybody’s following the same systems. Deals are being closed consistently and that’s because we had all of the systems in place. We appreciate you for reaching out to us. Money is clay. Clark I was in the show, with a boom so3 2


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