How to Grow an HVAC Company, a Sod Company, a Plumbing Company and How Employee Stock Ownership Plans Work.

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Clay teaches how to grow a HVAC company, a sod installation business, a plumbing service before covering how employee stock ownership plans work (ESOP) with Clay’s attorney Wes Carter.

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Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business coach school without the bs, with the uss, be a entrepreneur of the year clay clark in his lifetime. Show that your poop again super pocket bike who was he is I & i? Is him radio? My name is blake clark on the former uss be a entrepreneur of the year. I have no discernible towns, except for being able to grow businesses quickly. That’s what I do when I say quickly:i don’t mean in a scammy way:i don’t mean like we’re going to go to unsustainable business model that doesn’t work over the long haul I mean that we will teach you proven systems and best practice case studies that work until I’m, always honored. When you have somebody that reaches out to us, either directly or through their coach, and it appears that a gentleman by the name of eric has I reached out to us. He has a heating and air a business and he wants to know how to grow that thing, because he wants to have more time off freedom more command over his schedule and currently he’s doing $80,000 a year of gross sales with a $35,000 a year, profit so he’s basically making a teacher’s salary profit than 80,000 a year of of gross income and you’d like to grow that business to a place where he has financial freedom. So I’m as a business coach am going to say right now, with your current margins and you’re going to have to hire somebody you’re making $35,000 of profit after $80,000 of revenue, we probably need to grow that business to at least $240,000 $300,000 a year in business, and so our goal for for today for free for my goal is to help you get to $300,000 a year of revenue is revenue.

We went out this guy chief financial plan on taking from 80 to 300003 times more than you’re making now so that means you be making like 70 hundred and five thousand a year, I mean you’re in the top 10% of income earners out their top 5% a little bit better you’re going to need to do 750 jobs a year which comes out to 14.42 a week, so just two jobs per week. That’s why we have to get to in order to achieve your goals. It’s so important. You know that gold, how many jobs you need per week and you weren’t there so many business coaching clients to help them achieve their goals, and we actually have a business. Coaching client on today show, thomas crossing, with full package media, excited to tap into his wisdom in just a second. But why is it so important for every client that we work with to know how many deals they need per week to achieve their goals? It’s kind of the same business coach reason. You need to know what the score is of a football game:i typically, don’t just do it to me. The game is more about people participating in the learning experience it’s I like to see through, because if you don’t know what the score is, you don’t know where you are relative to your goals right. So if your goal is to make a certain amount of money, we reverse engineer that backwards so that we know hey.

You got to get this new job per year. That means this many jobs per month. That means this many jobs per week in per day. So you know exactly by the day by the week, if you’re on track, to reach your goals or not, I can’t explain two listeners out there. How important this is so I’m just going to use psychobabble and just sound, so I can explain to you how much goals matter so I thought I would just say things like gray matter. You have to know the numbers you have to know the goals you’re trying to get to to win and you got to get to 14.2 jobs per week.. It was by there by 5 and put that on the show. Now it’s all good, that’s going to be 2.88, / thomas. You been chatting with me today, thomas a full package media from dallas texas. Can you talk do oysters out there about the speed at which you see me work as your shadowing? It’s so, unlike anyone else is out there and it’s a lot of the same things over and over again, I think that’s one thing. That’s missing and business coach entrepreneurship is this desire to always have the the new and exciting and all the new really look down to it? It’s it’s doing the same thing over and over again maintain that consistency and doing it at a fast pace. I know call you always tell me what what can we eat do faster and how can we go faster and going to have that mindset everyday or every single week, and this is something thomas you would want to bring back to your office in your team. If you ask yourself these questions every week, how can I go faster and how can I simplify it might be back by nat by nature by default, we’re going to ask how can I make it more complex? How can I make it more difficult? How can I make it to mr. Listener out there? You have is h, v ac company, we’re trying to get to three jobs per day. Now, mr. H, v, a c I know you graduate university. What’s the desire to do real estate and you found it, you love the h v ac school, so much you decided to start your own business, that’s cool! That’s cool! That’s a great place to be when you love what you do. That’s, why we’re so passionate about helping you because majority of americans, according to gallup 70% of people out there hate their business coach jobs, so I asked marshall.

Morris will get your take on this marshall 70% of americans hate their job according to gallup. But if you want to have a job in own your own business, to trade off of loving what you do is you got to be much more disciplined than the average employee? Why do you have to be so much more disciplined if it was your time and was it with your calendar if you’re self-employed and if you’re, not because there’s nobody else there to hold you accountable, I mean you are the boss in so there’s nobody coming and saying:hey? Did you get that done or hey? When is that going to be finish that you are that person in so if you’re not willing to hold yourself accountable, like you would hold another employee cannibal, then you’re you’re not going to do well to eric over here. This guy has some questions about how to grow. Is hbic company he’s very disciplined, very regimented and what he wants to do is he Says:i’ve got two limiting business coach factors and I need you throughout time show business coach, geniuses I know you helped a lot of people. I know you got to thrive time show.Com. You can see hundreds of testimonials literally over 500 video, testimonials I tried time should I come, but still some people say i, don’t know. If you can help me this guy says I know you can help me. Please help me find good people and i. T

ell him I told him a note on his business path of his business coaching plan that your coach robert will go over with you. There I rode here. You’ve got to do the group interview, marshall break it down. It’s a group interview, part of the group interviews, a super move. It’s, an hour of your week, every single week, where you invite all of the candidates from everything. In fact, we we have this system and we’ve been operating it for about 3 years now and just without fail. The same time. Every single business coach week, 3 of I got all excited, I thought. You said 3 years and every morning you respond to all of the emails of everybody, that’s applied and said:hey thanks! So much for replying got your message:got your resume, go ahead and come to work with you at this cute. When you just did you just said, respond to everybody. I’ve been thinking myself. That seems like everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody like the backstreet, boys everybody, everybody everybody, you respond to them and you don’t read the resumes this. The big thing.

This is the biggest time saver for you to somebody’s listening to this right now, and this will save somebody at least 10 hours of their. We I like to read every single resume, I take pride and we can go over my resume and what happens? Is you get back that 10 hours of time? Do you spend reading the resumes? You delete the resumes because about 85%, because what you’re saying is offencive, so can I be true. It’s it’s! It’s been since I’m, going to thomas here, thompson full package media from dallas texas. You ought to come pick up full package media with business coach working with you for the past two years in the dallas real estate, photography business from start up to your first month of $100,000 a month this month at the right april. Was it just over a hundred or right at a hundred doors that number by a little over 1 108-110. Some. Like that your mind, when you heard about the group interview, it’s funny hearing marshall, said i, remember coming out tulsa 2 years ago and sitting with him and he’s going through out the applications and let her just bump stop emails, email, email invitation on my I’m, just inviting all those people that applied. We do group interviews and I’ve ever talk to you clay and things back and me and my girlfriend business partner, gretchen and we’re saying you know i, like all the stuff for the group interview, i, think we’re just different and we need to know.

We need really good people and I mean this. Everybody I’ve ever taught this move to have that same reaction is like the knee-jerk in a reaction continue to the normal interview, I guess in winter haven off sos at starbucks, and nobody showed up and we just waste a bunch of time. And then we said:okay, fine, we’ll do it and then, since we’ve kind of turn that corner we get about a hundred 50 applications for every job post and invite him and you about 8,200 people, say they’re going to be there than in reality about 30 or 40 going to be there than that of that we find about 2 or 3 every week. That are good and it’s I mean it’s been unbelievable time-saver we have a great team. We get great reviews on all of our team, so it’s been through people, real quick. We should even look at what one you want to know who’s on time, interview at 5:01, you’re late, the door shut, and we start asking these business coach people some question. You know who are not real, quick in a group of 30 people. How could you possibly tell us? Are they there to it to you, no show that they appreciate the opportunity. My name is skylar and I made it myself. There’s a lot of that crap mushroom stocks, man taking notes to do and get them engaged with you in a group setting in the room right now we’re finding a lot of candidates. So we’d like we’re finding a lot of new people and elephant in the room like marshall. What do we do? Next? You just immediately invite them to come. Shadow, okay, are they engaged? Can they follow directions? Can they handle simple tasks? Can they be engaged without talking and opening them out if they can do all these things and be weird for an extended, beat, not weird.,

not sure, if you can be not weird for an business coach extension, you mind if I touch you and if you like the person after the shadow then scheduled for their first day and I’m, just telling you and or not, i, don’t know you hit me up when you go I kind of smells, a lot like bacon I like but I do i, don’t know if I want my friends to smell, like bacon I mean i, don’t know he keeps making that sound like you’re. Just maybe that’s not your I like it. When people make weird sounds that don’t make sense, that’s my kind of friend! That’s what you did! That’s how you fix it. So the group interview process and your coach can walk you through how to how to implement on a very practical level. 3 linear, step-by-step, have pre-written job post. It all works. When we come back we’ll talk about how to train people in a scalable way. Could you got to start to train people right now? If you want to scale that business stages, I remember my days back in the drawer room to room like the temple of doom well with the couch that try to consume but hope for the future that I can pursue what the mountaintop I can conclude that you have what it takes. If you want you to success, and now it’s your turn want to attend. The legendary drive time show business workshop for free since 5 on itunes, leave an objective business coach review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com, to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see it and will be able to make your dreams come true, radio, mr. Eric, this one goes out to you we’re answering the questions from the drivers who are wanting to know specifically how they can grow their business on route, practical level and eric has an h v ac, it’s a heating ventilation and air conditioning company, and what he wants to know is how do I grow this company quickly?

So we did an assessment with eric. We found it. We have to get down to three deals a day. You need to get to three deals per day to achieve your financial goals. So how do we do that? We got to identify your biggest limiting factor in your biggest limiting factor. According to your coach, in yourself is that you guys need to find good help. We just talk how to do that, and then we got to figure out how to train employees in a way that doesn’t take all of your time. So there’s a book called capital gains. I took what I want with my wife to florida took her for her birthday other than st pete beach had a great time with my wife and my 5 kids and I wanted my trip. I read three books. So I read this book out by td jakes called the soaring I read a capital gains there by chip gaines from the fixer upper show the magnolia market business and also read a book called filling up a by leslie odom jr, the guy from the the the show on broadway called hamilton and I can say, they’re all great great books for this book, capital gaines. He talks about this. He talked about how he doesn’t waste a lot of time sitting with business coach people in a classroom setting talking about esoteric the principles and values, and he doesn’t do that cuz. He has people to on-the-job training, which means that he explains an intern who started working for him and she wanted to learn how to flip houses. She said:okay, cool, step, 1, need you to go down to the city and get a permit, so we can start renovation on this home and waco texas, and she says how do I do he said? Well, you got to go, get the business coach permit, that’s how you do it, and so you been on that real, quick that she was the kind of person who could go down to the city hall.

Ask questions and figure out the steps needed to get a permit, but the kind of person that would ask him line item. How do I get a permit was the kind of person that would not thrive in his organization because his organization, they flip homes and i, go 90 miles an hour and they have a hobby products online, calico, hobby, lobby of an upscale hobby lobby. They sell out of home decor products, they have a bed and breakfast they just adore dominating waco texas, but he said that he needs to work for him. Have to be able to figure it out and I would just say the way that we trained eric trout ever catch up on how to fly. Drones is the way you should train everyone, how to fly drones so eric. Can you tell the story on how I meticulously, over a period of of a long, drawn-out process? It was one tuesday morning if I remember, right, throne, video ography, so I’m sitting at my desk and video for some business coach clients-and you had said hey, we had to let the drone guy go. I need to learn to fly that drone over the next couple weeks. That’s why I said I think I said it. First, hey we might have to let the drone guy go and so I need you to learn to fly the drone right over the next couple of weeks. Right and then I said. Could you learned over the weekend I think I should put some type of the week. It came back like 2 hours later, you said, I need to actually need you to learn how to fight a thing by tomorrow by tomorrow, cuz I just left the drunk and it literally maybe 10 minutes later he came at you, hey grab another business coach guy there and we need to go to do that.

Don’t you right now, right now, the photographer’s epic photography i, wish you would interview unigroup, bring it to the training thomas. This is very helpless. Why did I say hey you know what you’re my kind of guy i, like you you’re, going to be a shadow at the next wedding, the brightest paid for one photographer, and so we’re going to give her two extra photographers. So we’re going to have you go to the wedding and spray and pray we’re going to have you shoot? Do all the moves you think you want to do. I mean you have no idea how cameras work, that’s cool, where you going to cheat sheet. That way, you can see what a wedding is like. They were going to come back and redo training on like monday, but you need to get into the fire to see if you can do it require to if your wig down by the pressure of a wedding you’re not going to make it. So you want to throw you in there quickly in real quick. What’s on business coach shadows like they probably you know, 70% of the people at shadow, you sent him home right away or just like you tell him to dress up sharp, you know, dress conservatively. They ship dress like a prostitute going out for halloween. You know how to do or like. If, if you take some of those two tographer that shadowed and you and you said, can we go to what is your profession? They say:well, I’m, actually, you’re working prostitute, you say okay and then, when you go meet the business coach co-workers and they are embarrassed by how their dress that’s when you know they probably broke what are standards they broke in there so low, but you can’t fix them out.

Can you which I send somebody home I’m in which we had women? If we had shadow-and you had mentioned a lot-mostly women who have only women show for the shadow, wheat, a dress conservatively dressed to impress your going to a wedding and if somebody can’t figure out how to not show the double guns upper thigh tattoos. Remember that. Did you see that that’s what the fish nets, the shadow with chao double gun tattoos on the back of your thighs with fishnets? Do you remember your shadow day? The first thing that we asked you to do:i got to crawl up underneath clay’s desk and figure out some kind of phone plug-in thing that I immediately broke and then I had to go work on the credit card processing machine for maybe 3 or 4 hours straight, while calling your wife and that’s who I never met getting your guys bank account number to sweep every week, so it’s late, but if he committed to it, but we figured during the saturday. If he could figure that out right, then he can figure out a lot of things and you can go down to training. Most people do to bring somebody in then I take 2 weeks, training them give teaching handbooks go over how they feel how I feel get to know them spend time with them. Invest what’s I feel like I’m really invested a lot now. I can’t fire him and I’m kind of oil does dysfunctional business coach human that can’t learn basic tasks and then you’re stuck so don’t do that now you’re held hostage. Mr. Eric are the final initial quick steps. You need to do to get this hv ac company in orbit and download for free download for free ticket to attend in person workshop. First of all, you’re going to meet some awesome people you’re going to meet some other people that grow and run a business just like you and iron sharpens iron, as we like to say in the second reason, is you’re going to leave with month’s worth of action items you can work with your coach on to anybody out there listening you’ve got to come out to our next business coach workshop and get some of those action items. You can get your business going in the right direction:iron sharpens iron in oxygen, oxidizes, copper, that’s true! That’s impressive! Optimizer, google map!

Your coach is going to help you do that, but you’ve got to get the top of the google search engines as soon as possible. We did some research for pages of 10th to get to the top of google sounds like you said, 1100 1100, so happy to have her on the show hasn’t as a no brainer. That really think all the listener should take note of you want to respond to this classic janitorial, and these guys are saying if you have a bathroom that is less than clean, an office, it’s less than clean, and you realize it’s less than your highest and best use to spend your day cleaning your office go to classic. This go to the classic clean.Com, the classic, clean.Com and schedule a free consultation, their phone numbers, 918-671-2046 918-671-2046, take the hassle out of cleaning your office castle go to the classic. Rock.Com today attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review:save your tickets by emailing, his fruit that you didn’t and your contact information. So you can point drive time show.Com chop. What do you know? We have another business coach thriver out there, a company out there by guy name, sean sean that reached out to us he’s wanting to know how to grow his sod company. Are they install lawns for residential and commercial clients and I want to share the name of the company or what city there in I never want to give away the personal information of our listeners out there, but so security number, though oh yeah i, mean just finished the first four numbers in the next zastava research into your business, and we will look at it and figure out what you need to do to grow the business and in every single case, except for petting zoos.

So far, we’ve actually worked in your industry. Listen to reach out to us and say:we’ve never worked in that industry decline in that industry business and he wants to know how to grow. That company I have to do some research or coach sat down with you and it a deep dive into your business and I have some big big warnings right away, some big and then, if we can just move past that together I know we can help you till it’s just what’s? Can we play mad at me that way for almost 2 years now? Is he at the biggest jerk in the world and have you ever had that feeling like? Is he attacking me personally as I’m paying you to do that and that’s that weird cuz I always have to say:hey can I give you some coaching here cuz, it’s like it’s like here. It comes right, and so this is this her some things right now that I want to help you with you can’t have a sod installation, company or 85% of your revenue comes from the business coach government. You can’t because every single client I have ever coached or anyone I’ve ever met that has had long-term small business small business, where their core revenue stream comes from. The government will ultimately go bankrupt in shop. You have come from the world of construction, a small business owners come and go, go bankrupt, lose it all when working with the government or some large corporation that pays slow. Why is it so scary for a small business be working with a huge government, because there is nothing you can do you have no recourse if they decide, for whatever reason, they’re not going to pay you during the terms they agree to show it to be a 30-60-90 day, net pay in the contract, but if they decide not to pay you, what are you going to do so sean? This is a deal you actually said. You’ve been you’ve sold cars for 8 years, and then you showed you sold insurance for 2 years and that’s awesome because I’m sales, you learned how to build rapport, how to find needs, how to deliver benefits supported by facts, how to create a business coach compelling call to action. But none of that works with the government about my speaking. It and I did was oklahoma state, university and oklahoma state okmulgee in this would be in 2000 like 6 or 7.

I did a speaking event for these guys and is before I had a firmly planted into my mind that I would never ever ever ever ever do a large ticket item with the state of oklahoma or a state institution. We would love to hire you to speak at the next event and I would like to pay. How much is your feet and I can’t remember the field vitamin 2000-4000 when you get to the event, will pay you? Could you send us an invoice? Then they send you? Then they send you back and forth. Probably 6 emails in I’m dealing with a new person about it. Third time now, they’re wanting a purchase order that wanted me to prove my id to wanting me to provide insurance because I’m, a speaker, i, guess I’m going on fire by saying inflammatory statement. I go back and forth. Sending all these things then I get to the event the event planner. The person who hired me says I am so sorry. I forgot the check 2008 rolls around I still have not been paid by the same school and they just kept going all my gosh I’m. Sorry, but dave doesn’t work here. She didn’t know, there’s nothing you can do and if that would have been 80% of your business coach income over the months that you spoke, what would you have done with that cash flow completely with dj connection I dj back in the day? This is long enough in the past, where I cannot the statute of limitations of past the 2002 I believe it was for the jinx prom yes and I got to the event and the event planner said I’m. So sorry we forgot your check and I looked around and realize you’re not going to pay me realizing.

There’s nothing! I can do so. I told that the dj’s myself dj and had one guy assistant, because a huge event I said:hey i, want you to take all of the chairs. All those padded chairs, those nice chairs I need you to put them in the dj there in the basketball and the young guys like what what what what years did the ones from the gymnasium for djing I want you to put them on the van? Why you doing that? Just cleaning up making sure that you know making sure that the chairs are in a nuisance, and then he says:okay, when the van for an event, planner I’m, taking your chairs over to absolutely I’ll, bring them back, though, as long as I get payment. I forgot to unload that I am not exaggerating. I had one of my dj’s drive off with all of their chairs like in the business coach van, but maybe hundreds of tears, and they the lady to go home. She said she forgot. Oh my gosh, but I did get her to pay me on my personal card. I mean and I just I’m at you, you, which it will go out of business if you’re, if you’re working so late for the government just doesn’t ever because there are no moves like that. There’s, no, nothing pictures of what you can do when I was a crazy, but I had to try to make payroll could afford to pay my own team. If they didn’t pay me. The next deal is you’re not making any money from me and from the internet internet, and so we need to do as soon as possible.

So you can buy back your financial freedom. We’ve got to get to the top to the top of google, so your coach will help you do that, but you need to claim your google map today. You need to claim your google map. Today we need to name it properly. Weed update that thing. With a blasty blast, a cornucopia of sod farm photos. We got to get that green side up baby. We the best photos possible that one installation and you’ve got to get to 100 reviews and I know for sure in your market marshall. They only have to get to 17 reviews to be tied. So far main man gets 200 reviews he will for sure be top in google and he’s been doing this for a long time. So we can absolutely get to 100 reviews, but it turns out to be hard to get those reviews. Why is it hard to get reviews and how does he get those reviews? It’s hard reviews, because you’re working against google, which is kind of like working against gravity? What happens that I was explaining this to a business coach client earlier, is you’re going to get like 10 reviews and then they’re going to be like for way and then they’re going to take like they’re going to you can get like 17 reviews on they’re going to take like 12 away, and you keep doing this and you got to continue to get reviews because google doesn’t want it to look like spam, but you got to keep doing this in order to get to the hundred review going to help you get those business coach reviews, and so I want to listen to do sponsors that probably sponsor the show and it will we do. Is we like the vet? These folks don’t want to google onyx, onyx, printing tulsa at so nyx printing tulsa, onyx, printing you’ll discover that, as of today, they have 63 google reviews from their sincere customers they had in the past and currently printing some.

Why companies, unless you’re passionate about spending a bunch of time going to office depot to get the printing supplies unless you’re passionate about going to office depot to get the printing items on the office supply cuz, you’re, passionate about overpaying for the business coach office supplies, the only logical move is good onyx, imaging.Com, onyx, imaging.Com schedule, your free comparison and consultation. Anybody’s price give him a call at +918-627-661-1918 six, two seven 611 to claim your tickets to the drive time show today and erected business workshop for free. All you have to do is to subscribe to the drive time show on itunes, leave an objective review and send as confirmation and employed right time shield.Com to claim your star in the national star registry. We can’t help you and a big shout out specifically to sean sean I know you have a passion to achieve financial freedom. As a result of getting your business where you need to go and other your coach sat down with you and did the math, and we know we hate, we have to get you to for new projects per week. I think we sufficiently went into why working with the government is not a good thing, and now we need to talk about your biggest issues. You got three big issue issue number one cash flow issues. If you deal with the government, you’re always going to have cash flow issues. So do you want to work for the government and not have cash flow issues not going to work number 2? What do from the internet if you were not getting business coach revenue from the internet today in the sod farm niche? This is how you do it and so I’m going to walk sean through the steps never want to go to register your google map to you have a name that google maps properly.

Your coach will help you do that 3! You got to get all the photos up on that listing. You got to do it in an example of what a properly optimize map looks like just google the phrase thrive15 thrive15 and jinx. It will put a link to it on the show notes, thrive15, jinx and the show notes are always available at drive. Time should I come when you click on today’s show. You can find those donuts, but you got to get the most reviews. Marshall talked about them forbes, according to forbes magazine 88% of people read reviews before buying a product or service. It’s what you have to do. What you got to get to this review that you have to get to that review. Number! That’s going to move the needle! You got to get to 100 business coach reviews, so you can be the top of your google search results, because if you do that people will trust your ads more and you been in business long enough now, where you should have a hundred happy customers that you can call on now we have thomas crossing, not a business coach for the fellow entrepreneurs out there he’s got. We’ve worked with for about 2 years there sean I’m a let thomas share with you about how hard it is to get google reviews why you have to get google reviews and really the fruit that comes with having a lot of google reviews so start with a positive step full package media. What kind of fruit are you sitting down there and beautiful dallas texas? Now that you are top of the google search results for the phrase dallas real estate, photography, something that i, initially kind of didn’t believe in i, guess didn’t believe in seo dental, even google, thought that was only reserved for the the apples of the world. Other people, yes and then I invested in and let’s talk about planting planting those seeds to reap the harvest. Later, we’ve been doing that now we’re getting at least probably one.

Two three leads a day from google the finest on google and a lot of those convert. So it’s yours, that’s exactly what I meant want some good one up to three leads coming in and you’re taking care of your customers. You now have the phone’s ringing, but you have a no-brainer off the right. No brainer offer is is what what kind of what kind of deal do you have for your first time, potential customers 50% off your first shoot, so that includes anything so gives gives realtors an opportunity to try something that maybe they want it normally try or technology media that I’ve never heard of gives some kind of a no brainer chance to customers to get your new customers like have off next time. Ill will put a link to the t-mobile right now, the t-mobile special they have. We can google t-mobile 4 lines for 40 bucks t-mobile. Is it from t-mobile to at&t, so hot, you can’t say no to the tractor beam of a great offer marshall. What makes a good no-brainer it’s so good that the brain disengages this society is not getting more intelligent as a whole. What act is it if, if you look at the article on psychology today says when you use your business coach smartphone, it actually reduces your iq down to that of a third grader. Okay right now, that’s a sweet side with. So what you have to do is you have to create an offer that is so good that it is immediately understandable in immediately valuable to the people that are arriving on your site need a buffet of buffet of good examples. Number one elephant in the room:men’s grooming, lounge business, that I own pass closure, and your first haircut is a dollar, so you’re listening right now and you’re married to a man. When you know a man, you ever were a man. They were playing to be a man you’re over the age of 12. You can get your haircut for a dollar for the first time, I feel so hot, because it could be the worst haircut in the world that could be. It could be, but it’s only a dollar man I’m looking for the billy, ray and I want to lock a lettuce on the back on that kind of phloem, and you know I want that car and I’m trying to get the reverse business coach mullet man I’m going to drive to drunk and what you’re saying about.

Tell you what, if you just make it but the lightning bolt on the side that we offer a premium experience as elephant in the room and it’s only a dollar for your first-time haircut. It’s such a good deal what’s your deal right now. What’s the deal for the first time, customers, 50%, off and i, think we’re going towards the the dollar yo girl, real fast., com top and dallas real estate. Photography search results, tip, top k-9, it’s a move. It works. It works now to t-mobile again t-mobile 4 lines for for I pulled up on the big screen here, because I love this offer, because it’s not actually a thing. I’ve ever seen happen, but they proudly offer this deal and they offer this deal faithfully. So you go up there and you say:zero money down:that’s cool, okay, okay, 50% off family lines for military! That’s a good deal, but I want that. I want that! No-brainer that I see so much I want the plan. What’s the 4-4 like I got too hot and fresh one, you do yep I got a hot one:t-mobile don’t take it from. There is no difference:$40 t-mobile, it’s $40 a line unless you want your phone to actually be on there’s a whole bunch of other I got to go. Get my business coach oil change for my car guess:where I went, did you go to mcallister? I did not, but I did go to jiffy lube in so I went in there and I always like to go to these places of of systems and processes and I just moved pay attention to what’s in the guy is on it he’s on it. Baby just checking you out is like yours, the air filter, here’s. What I would do I would just go ahead and throw the air filter back in there.

If it was my car, you go ahead and do that. Your two rotations passed where your tires should be so I would definitely go get the tire rotation, so I go in there for the $19 for the $29 tire rotate the world like this. In so I know this, but I can you sell me i, know I know that I got my business coach tires rotated last time. I was in there, but I like it. I had to respect the guy I want to get respect the game. What would if I took gave me this respect the game? What’s an hour of an expert time, a tax and accounting experts, time plus a copy of warren buffett’s only approved autobiography called snowball snowball and the book is really good. It gets bigger the further you go into it jump. Let me take. The book is one of the best books I’ve ever at. It is an incredible autobiography. Warren buffett’s mine had to think how to invest a phenomenal book and he’s giving away that book and an hour of what time boom experts time for an hour for free I’ll, give us the website, cps.Com hood, cpa, s.Com or call him at 918-747-7000. Hood cps.Com 918-747-7000 get a free hour at I’m in a copy of warren buffett’s book snowball desean of the lawn I put it together to say this, though you got credit about us video, because people want to know who they’re doing business with us and marshall I think a lot of business owners push back I wanted to put in about us video on their business coach websites.

It’s like well I’m, not a model i, don’t know if I purchase marshall. Why do you got to do what you got to do it? For a couple reasons? Number 1 people emotionally connect to video number. Two people are going to learn more quickly when you communicate via video and number three people are going to spend more time on your website, which increases your search engine optimization. This is why you got to embrace video. Another thing is all the faith of the potential buyer that you are the real deal. You got to build that I have to pay the faith. You got a booger face to face to face to know who you are and if you’re willing to put your face and name on your own business, that’s more like that, you’re not going to screw them over absolutely if you’re, never one time we sat down with a guy who claimed to be a doctor claimed it was sending the about us video nights at the dump. First question:where did you go to school? Is that so funny so again, scammers scammers hate to be where did I not good as transparent, as your coach will have to help you build a three-legged marketing school? Now it’s related marketing stool is a at subway to where you go out there and acquire customers in a turn-key way can involve your personal efforts and your coach will sit down with you sean and walk you through the rest of the steps. But we want you to have the best business coach year possible thing attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime show.Com.

What makes you welcome back to the conversation, my name is clyde clark in the former united states small business coach administration entrepreneur of the year. What does that mean? What it means is that a company out of my dorm room many many years ago called dj connection, eagle jason, white message, jason, what’s a good name, and he says:what do you do and I said well, we’ll do? Is people will call to book a wedding or an event and I’ll connect him with awesome djs that I’ve trained because dj connection and like great that was it triple stamp? A double stamp on that logo I hand drew that logo over a course of about 4 years, getting it to where I finally liked it. But I went with just a font, based logos and but I was in 2002. That would be at the age of 22. I was entrepreneur of the year for the city of tulsa, and then at the age of 27. History for I was driving down riverside drive with my incredible wife, and that we are living in a condo at 71st and lewis, approximately after upgrading from the apartment and I said. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a big house and to not share a while with a be quiet down there, so I decided to silverwood neighborhood, 111th and memorial keep growing the business coach business, how I built a huge privacy fence and a wall I parked at 6 vans behind my house in a residential neighborhood. If that’s right and that we were done about 20 weddings of a weekend out of the house and then I got a call in 2006 from the united states small business administration, and he called me up and her name is rosaries rose washington and she said:congratulations. You’ve been nominated for the entrepreneur of the year for the small business administration and I business loans, really cuz, i, never alone.

At that point of my business and she said well yeah and she’s there, with the sba and I said that now you start your business, that’s what get one credit card max it out. You know and I’d pay it off, get another card. Max it out. I had three jobs. Will bees working at directv sny? How do you get nominated and she says I’m a lady name, nanette nanette nanette and she works at the holiday inn select and we have a chamber group or we nominate people, and she said that she works with a ton of businesses in tulsa, big businesses. Small business is growing company and there’s no company out there. That is more enthusiastic about growth and it appears to be growing faster than you guys. You guys worked out there every business coach week and give them a start-up to be there all the time, and so we asked the net. Who else could vouch for you? So we called some of the companies entertain, for we call dallas hargrove the lady who plans the boeing holiday tour 40th anniversary party, alice hargrove, and she vouched for you and we called mike harris at bama, companies and i. We called your bank and they called a lot of people and we would like permission to do a deep dive, audit and i. Several. What’s a deep dive on it, they have to do is get certified financials from you stating from a cpa. You know it’s baskets notarized! It’s going under oath that the numbers that you’re supporting to have our realty problem with that and I should know now. I would probably be a problem with that cuz. It was so invasive and so terrible it was such such paperwork and so much that went into it and they don’t even know if you, if it, if you did a good job, all I do is I was grown every year by almost double 50% growth rate every year and I think I did really well was I was growing dramatically. I never took a day off, not a single day off. Just grinded boom boom boom, poorly is i, didn’t take a day off right, I didn’t schedule time for my business coach wife, my kids I feel like I kind of screwed up those things before my son was born blind as it will turn it around in 2007, and so anyway, I started dj connection.

Through that thing, I sold the company and 2007 think the transaction happened has 9, we finished it up and then I started their company called epic photography. The other couple elephant in the room invested in different companies that you know dental practice, two different businesses and so now I hear we are, with the epic photography up an orbit doing great i, no longer own it or control it. I’m on my chemeketa 1% owner something dj connections up an orbit. Doing great, you know make your life epic is when the largest marketing firms now in oklahoma, tip, top k-9, is doing great. She has to brandon, see them succeed. There’s over 500 people or 500 e fresh their franchise home I mean there’s hundreds of them all over the country from coast to coast. It’s just need to see it happen. I mean the mortgage companies that work with all over the country from coast to coast, t-shirt company out of san, diego and embroidery company we’ve got music school or coaching in florida. We’ve got to take it. Austin texas, a video ography company. We work with mortgage companies in canada I mean my passion. My location by khalid location means calling. My vocation is to help you start in successful company. We have people like our next person, minister anthony, who sent us an email through through his coach and i, wanted to know how to grow was company. How do I do it? Man, I’m a plumber and i, know plumbing, but I want to know how to grow. My company and tell your coach sat down with you and determine that you do. 90% of your business is residential. 10% is commercial and you need to get to 20 new deals per week to achieve your goals. So thomas is full package media. He is a proof business coach positive that the coaching program works for thomas. How many customers do you need per month? I mean i, guess how many deals do you need per month to achieve $100,000 a month of sales? Roughly I mean do you need 10 deals? 200 deals, 200 deals me. What sound do you need? Probably cuz? You do real estate photography. Do you need per month to get to 100000 month of revenue, the last month first month in just over a hundred. I think we did a little over 600 shoots so about 250 a week to week, 16 in a week was our kind of stretch goal that we thought would be nuts how we going to do about 30 to 35 a day. You have to have faith, that is a coach I knew where the next lamppost was. But you didn’t know where all the lamp-post works. You can’t see the next lamp post until you get to the fog to it.

Can you talk about what that’s like going through the coaching program and having maybe a lot of doubt there, or do you have dad? What’s going through your mind as your starting out, I think i. Think there’s a lot of things that you? Don’t you don’t really I’m? So you don’t know it’s a lot of that. You don’t read about you, that’s not kind of told you. It’s not the kind of pomp and circumstance that that people talk about it. It’s kind of the grind in the in the consistency of doing the same thing over and over again and just getting google reviews all the different things at the program teaches you and it’s not always developing this new thing or kind of the new shiny toy, just the diligence and doing it, and over and over again that might coach instilling that images. Just keep doing this and it’s going to pay off eventually and so are listen or says his number one biggest limiting factors and needs to learn how to generate more leads. That’s what it to anthony needs to do. So, let’s go through the proven path. Path. Number 1 go to download the boom book, which is free. It’s all cited. Everything were teaching. You was proven its side of his case studies. You got to download it for free at thrive. Time should I always remember you can download it for free, two-person, workshop thomas I must do a one-time thing for everybody listening to do it to today’s podcast person. Workshop is good for people that are starting a new business coach or have an existing business cuz.

It’s really a good kind of ended, end process of the of how to start a business and how to grow business. It does no matter what state you’re in, even if you’re doing you over $1000000 year in revenue, there’s things that you can kind of pick up and say:oh I haven’t done that are kind of drifted away from that need to go back to that. So I think there’s a lot of value to everyone and kind of seen that whole experience of a business in all those all the steps, all in one place and kind of the action pack today business coach conference weekend. If you listen to the show once, you can hear it over and over and over. Let’s do it twice 10 times you probably heard this a thousand times. You’ve got to get two times as many google reviews as your competition right now it’s called:what’s? Plumbing? L? U t z, plumbing and the other guys. It’s like the red sox versus the yankees. You got a boot work of a white-hot intensity, but his competition is 111 thomas. Why does he got to get the two interviews yeah? It’s! It’s it’s it’s, it’s not a kind of mystery on. If that’s going to work and if it’s a movie, if it’s a thing, it’s just a simple go:do it ask ask everyone for review I’ve got in the habit of just kind of when I go out to eat somewhere.

It’s like hey! You you own this place in like hey, let’s trade reviews, and just just do that kind of everywhere you go and now you can just get him a $200 is not that hard to get I initially thought that was crazy. Number. Now that we’re almost there it’s it’s not at all. It’s funny. Every time I see thomas. Now, when he comes into town, we google review, we just a shout google reviews at each other cuz. That’s why it’s so important! Why marshall? Why do you have to get other people up people push back saying. Well. Is this the best use of my time or it’s like a withdrawal from the love bank? When you ask for a review, it’s kind of like it hey. Can you do something for me and here’s why you have to do? Is you have to do? It is because the customers that you’re asking for a review from or the customers that have been wowed and the customers that have had a great experience with your service until you want them to leave an objective business coach review about their experience and I had a client that did this this week and they required all of their employees to just get one review / week, one review-and they literally got 40 reviews this past week doing this move, and you have to do that because people are going to go to google, to read reviews prior to your website. So this is the very first impression to before, even coming to your website or picking up the phone to call you today or going to read the reviews first, and so you must go, get objective review business since the age of 16. This is like 21 years and I’ve been doing this at the age of 16 and people. Today they judge me, based upon the google reviews at the last workshop. Actually talk to a person today. Who is that was the immediate thing she says is all i. Read all the google reviews, not i, wanted your book and read it. Hey a business coach friend referred me and they read those reviews in the marshmallow over 500 video reviews. Why are video reviews just the magic sauce?

Oh because she will get to connect with the specific person? That’s giving the video off monial is because they like, oh yeah. That’s me, oh, oh yeah, I’m, a chiropractor, oh yeah, I kind of do that until they get to see themselves in all these video testimonial on even more base level. It’s just more if you have more credit whenever you’re showing people. Besides you talking about how awesome you are it’s really hard to fake 500 video testimonials I have some really good hologram technology work in my office. If you want to control your destiny, you want to focus on what you can control the things you can’t control. You just have to accept, accept what you can’t control and focus on what you can and one of our listeners I want to brag on today is platinum, pest & lawn of tulsa, these guys. Yes, they help people out there control their past. Yes, to help, you kill the spiders. Yes to help you remove the insects, yes, don’t keep mosquitoes from getting in your mojitos. Yes still keep the bees off your knees. Yes, the remove the mouse from your house and, yes, they remove the snake from your leg. But, more importantly, they guarantee your business coach satisfaction or flinches. Why platinum pest & lawn control? They have a no-brainer gone right. Now, that is hot, they are doing free, termite, inspection,, all of the listeners, free termite inspections and they’ll do a $200 off a termite treatment. Now they are termite. Treatments are awesome because they act guarantee them for life. So if it any point they come out and do another inspection. There’s termite still fix it. Now, if you want to learn more about it, going to platinum, dash pest control.Com, that’s platinum, dash, pest control! These guys are incredible. Template clark and marshall morris central attend the world’s best business workshop america’s number one:business coach for free on itunes review, claim your tickets and your contact information to input drivetime show.Com.

We have a voice of choice and a person who knows what they’re talking about an expert in their field who hops into the studio with us, since we have west carter with us, with winters and king on my attorney of choice. I really believe him to be one of the top attorneys in oklahoma, and so these guys in winters and king. They know what they’re doing and we go on our next segment. We were talking about how to set up an employee stock ownership plan, just kind of get just putting her foot in the water a little bit there west. That way, you don’t experience any stress when we ask you blind side, you with employee stock ownership, appreciate that one of our listeners out there anthony, who wants to know how to grow, how to grow his up business coach plumbing company, and we were just talking about the importance of gathering reviews ever talk about optimizing. The website I’m going to get wes’s. Take on this wess you’re, an attorney you specialize in knowing the law and how that applies to business owners to ministries. That’s what your niche-yes, but you don’t abdicate marketing. I, really do believe, though, that most professionals like that my core focus, is on, but i, don’t really need to have a website work off referral. I! Don’t need my website worry about it, I don’t eat! Why have you guys at winters and king, decide not to spend your whole schedule your whole day, looking at websites for why we decided to invest part of your schedule, part of your time, and you just keep in the thing optimized and topping google when you type in tulsa business attorneys.

One of the things we believed strongly is that you run into a trap of you get too busy to pay attention to those things you feel and if you don’t have work in the queue lined up for when you get the current work done, you find yourself sitting around with nothing to do, which is never a good thing for business owner work on marketing, maintaining even when you’re full to capacity. That’s how you stay at capacity 3 months, 6 months down the road so I can adore you looking for some new leads and I feel like a lot of business is, though, turn off their advertising when they think they’re full and it’s not a good thing. And. A lot of people stop hiring once there.. I just had a conversation with someone today in my very close social circle I said that this person i, said here’s the deal. It’s getting kind of campy it’s, gettin, it’s, gettin, it’s getting kind of candy getting this. What kathy feels like we’ve got the power you go with your buddy daryl took 8 years to go. Someplace nice koa campgrounds go camping in a tent you’re, going to do some s’mores outfitters canvas tent and you bring a new pair of business coach clothes, and your plan is to go. Take a shower at the public showers each morning and daryl is like you know not going to be, doesn’t have the same vision so next day you wake up, because daryl got a lot of facial hair and he’s kind of looking greasy I caught. Campy campy mean any kind of smells like he’s put an onion in between his armpit and his armor he’s holding an onion under his arms or warm came in. He just smells kind of, and you look at their when you go daryl. So what are you going to do today? You know like take a shower and, what’s going on, I mean I’m going to go, get some to me to go to the bait shop, where they also sell other things like business coach firewood and soap and I’m going to be walking by the shower area. Do you want to come with me? Maybe bring a towel and in maybe go in there and I’ll stay here at 3 you’re, not at the camp, and you realize you carpool, and you got to drive home with your own. It’s one more day. It’s going to be a day of hell. You went on an extended vacation with a bunch of bros. You know what I’m saying this is what I’m saying I think most businesses most most businesses out there are camping. Yeah just got people that have camped out at your business.

Only takes about camping. You shouldn’t poop we’re going to sleep. That is true in my main man, g-dub george, washington, revolutionary war, true story. He hired a defector from the redcoats to come and teach his men how to be a proper hygiene anytime. You need to dig a trench half mile away from the campsite and you need to defecate there. I was pooping in my tent and it doesn’t smell as bad I just know it’s gross, but I’m saying you got an employee whose camping they’ve already hit their expiration date. It’s just talking about this you’re you’re you’re a man’s man. How long will you eat meat after you originally cooked it like not camping, 2 weeks, when your wife yeah you put in the tupperware? How long will you describe you don’t care if I find it and I visually inspect it and there’s no mold I’m eating that figures? That’s my rule, yeah I’ll, probably cold too, but I know you you’re going to check one side of it. I’m saying is somebody out there. You got a campy organization right now. You have no new leads you’re dealing with a cantankerous customer base and not bringing any in any new employees either it’s getting weird marshall. Why do you have to not keep employees round? They hit their expiration date, and how can you tell they’re near the expiration date on this is what you have to do.

You can’t keep him around because they’re going to be toxic within your organization and so I just helped the client. Through this. They got rid of that person. That was a toxic personality, and that was a little bit. Campy whacked him for that long baby and they said that the dynamic now versus how it was is just like a 180. It’s just a flip. It is so much better. Everybody’s morning gaze, everybody has a positive attitude:everybody’s coming in fired up dude awesome day. I just know that I can try to bring me back a reclamation project. National right in my office was a former church. I can just change people, but what you can do is hire people of high integrity, high character and train them. What they need to be able to lift the website. Search for you good news for you, you need to have 500 pages of content to win now. Why is that good news chop and why did that seem like bad news, for somebody will, because now you have a goal and you can actually win and once you get to the top of google for your industry, you it’s just money time. You know it’s at i. Tell you what, if you want to get to the top of google you’re, going to find yourself in the top echelon of your professional guys in the top of his profession, is sibley chiropractic, be former chiropractic chiropractor of choice for wayne gretzky wayne gretzky, the great one? Yes, he is in practice for a long time he’s here in tulsa and right now, if you schedule with him he’s going to do a free chiropractic assessment and an x-ray and I can get ahold of him at 918-749-5741 918-749-5741, dr.

John, sibley. Com, dr. John, sibley. Com carpal tunnel back problems, dr. John sibley. Is your man check out his website today, stages of rednecks to claim your tickets to the drive time show today at erected, business workshop for free? All you have to do is to subscribe to the drive time, show on itunes leaving of ejected review and send as confirmation and employed right time show.Com to claim your star in the national star registry. We can’t help you welcome back to the conversation. Is the drive time to show on your radio. My name is clay clark and I’m on back I’m, back from florida back in florida went out there to the incredibles st pete beach to st. Pete beach. What is that next to ecstasy, clearwater not. Not, that I know you haven’t been there, so they long answer is no I know I used to live in st. Pete, times I’ve I’ve been to st pete beach stream, hear about that ice cream. It is so good to larry’s larry’s ice cream ice cream and gelato. What is your, what is your ice cream flavor of choice whenever my wife gets and I hope, I have one every time, no matter what so good listener out? It says you know what in the food pyramid you start off at the essential to any of those vegetables go and eat some protein going to get to the top to the top of the food pyramid, the top of maslow’s hierarchy of needs. What you do the food going to shelter, going, what you able to pay the bills and operates sustainably and profit once you start a business? It’s very stressful takes a lot of money, a lot of time on energy, but once you the orbit you’re not in orbit, would you want to do? Is you want to keep your quality employees around marshall, your clients, they’re going hateful things are going good here and we want to keep the quality people around one incentivize, the team and they’re good people. These people were asking this question. Are good people really good people to talk to me about why?

What were they said why they were interested in employee, stock ownership program, or maybe just a little bit of detail about why they were here, the things that they’re looking at an okay number one? They could pay crazy high salaries. You know, make it a really sweet job and pay pay taxes on these high salaries. Number 2 is a do some type of profit sharing with with their employees or three do some type of employee stock option and they’re trying to work through that in know what the pros and the cons are of all these different things, but there to the point where they have now the cash flow in the money coming into the business where they want to go out and recruit more high quality people in so so they’re trying to figure out what would be the best fit for them. They’re saying what’s the best fit in so I wanted to just give a little bit of backstory on this I have worked with many many clients. Mindnich is, if you have a business that is a startup or an existing company, and you want to grow it. That’s what I do if your over about 400 employees i, don’t want to work with you, because you’re going to delegate the strategy to somebody else, who’s, not you and they won’t have the authority to make the decisions. I’m, not a big fan of that dynamic I want to work with the decision maker. Maybe have a couple of a thousand employees decision maker and I can work with you directly. I can do that. I cannot work with the delegated decision-maker person. It just never goes well and what I found is, if you’re over about 3 to 400 employees. Now what you’re doing well as you’re thinking? How can I minimize our tax liability and keep people around forever I mean how can I keep an employee around for a long time?

Does it cost a lot of money to train somebody to find somebody and I want to keep people around for a long time at a job? That’s really not their passion, so I have found. If you have a big company and you have people work for you who are doing jobs that are not their passion. You’re trying to keep people engage for the long haul and a job that is not connected to an employee’s passion and their interests, and you have over 300 employees may be over a hundred, and that’s when you would want to look at an employee stock ownership plan, but before that i, don’t think you should for a lot of reasons. Would you do agree with that? Wesser large employers and then also you have to understand. If you go into what it was, it was saying:stock ownership plan word for him, but he stops. Are you basically you’re going to give up? Usually a majority of the ownership of your corporation too busy stop in their employees are going to participate. So that’s a downside why you no longer may have them controlling majority of ownership in your own company contribution employee benefit plan. This is designed to allow you to invest primarily in the stock of the sponsoring employer-employee. I love. Quiktrip I’ve worked here for 5 your number I’m thinking about going to work somewhere else or I want to stay with the company for life. When you can do, is you can take part of your check and invest in the own dinner in the company? You work for southwest airlines. Does this scripture? Does it say you can take part of your check and say hey I want 5% of my check going back into the company? What’s really cool is it? The company now can use some of their own employees paycheck to grow can finance their growth by using the stocks they were purchased by their own employees in the theory is that it really incentivised employee to want to stick around to witness those returns, but to be eligible to do this a lot of companies they put like limits on it? Who can do it? So if you go to quiktrip.Com

for jobs, ford / benefits at quiktrip. They read here. It says to be eligible on the website to be eligible to receive employer contributions. The participant must be actively employed on the last day of the plane gear and must have complete at least a thousand hours of service during the plan. When is why would somebody need to spend at least a thousand hours invested in the company before a company want to set him up in an employee stock ownership program, they’re trying to exclude part-time employees, and they want to make sure you’re going to stick around for more than a couple weeks before they start giving you stock in the company to start the company in someone’s out there saying yes, I love death row record, it was like 50 g, the death row than tupac. They had dr. Dre that ice cube and snoop doggy, dogg and nate dogg, and they had with it was a dog pout, know not to talk on the sea. Dog pound was actually more of an east coast that’s, crazy, cuz I thought they was all part of the thing about jesus original gangstaz I’m talking about $50,000 to start up on the easily I think you could just talk to someone about the possibility and walk out of the bill of ten or fifteen dollars so sick. What? Why is it? Why so expensive, with a highly technical, they’re, highly regulated and you’re dealing with security? So you’ve dealing with their subject to erisa, which is the employee, retirement income, security act, stating that regulate social, security in retirement plans and they’re such a scc, the securities exchange commission. So it’s just a plethora of mine fields of regulation you’re, paying someone to make sure you don’t go to jail or get sued. This is a big thing. I’m, just telling you that money every year to maintain that thing to stay in good standards, in good standing with the securities exchange commission and the internal revenue service, you just don’t want to mess it up right and you know there’s other viable options. You can look at if those are your goals, you know the east socks good for, like you, said, corporate finance strategy, i, don’t want to go, get an investor. Let’s do this or there’s a specific tax benefit that I need to do for the shareholders. Now we come back from the break room wow one of our drivers, thomas a full package media to ask you any legal question.

You could possibly have in his mind as he grows his company, but I encourage all the listeners during the break. If you want to build a building, expand your church expand your physical business. Builders shopping center go check out our good friends at william, katt williams contract and its will khan.Com will – khan.Com williams contract news guys are the absolute best when it comes to commercial construction check. It out today attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information. So you can point drive time show.Com. If it’s about time show on your radio on this final segment of today’s broadcast, we have thomas crossing with full package media he’s a thrive time show business coach client based in dallas texas paramedic by skilled, trained professional paramedic, who decided to start his own company was about 23 months ago. Thomas. How long ago, did you start your own? Did you start full package? Media august will be 2 years. So if 20 months inside the last month was your first month going from a start up to doing you, you had a hundred and how many thousand dollars of sales this month haven’t looked exactly what that was about a hundred 810 hundred and $810,000 of sales. Things are going great. I really think that in the future we can franchise that business and take it to the next level and then hopefully, you’ll do it.

Cuz I think it’ll work for you. We have west carter, hear west is my attorney and so I’m wes’s client. You know you’re one of our clients there and then marshalls in white, one of our business coaches and he’s the co-author of the best selling amazon best-selling amazon, the best seller book. They’re called start here, and if you want to say I amazon twice, you could say amazon best-selling, amazon book and start here, which you can download for free at thrive time, shall. Com. So this will ask you any business coach questions that he would have for us from a legal perspective on do that with this clients? Is clients are asking questions all the time and most the time he knows the answers now she’s gone through this over and over, but maybe there’s a few that you could ask all the time marshall you like to ask wes and then. Thomas from your perspective as you grow full package. What are some of your legal questions? You just fire off as many as you can possibly ask for that I Guess:i’m really really basic level I mean we have what kind of insurance plan that has some sort of legal coverage. Although I don’t really know the details, but for a company like us, it’s growing, we have some employees now have some contractors or goes to do about a millionaire 11.2 this year kind of what? What should we be looking at in terms of legal coverage and I always hear people say:i have an attorney on retainer and really what was that? What does that mean for a small business like us and so will start with the insurance one you have to get in? There know some of the details of your policy, so some of your liability policies are going to help cover your legal expenses, but sometimes it depends on what kind of claims made.

So you need to look at your coverage. Is he have a general liability now that you have employees? You need to make sure that you’re covered for employee claims. So you let usually it’s called epl employment practices liability. You shouldn’t have fired me, you’d, be harassed me. You discriminate against me. If you don’t have that rider. That covers your general liability. Using won’t cover that and send anyone to look at your policy limit make sure the company grows. Your paw limits are high enough to cover your assets for over a year and you’ve done over a million dollars for a year. What’s the likelihood that if you stay in business over none of your business for 5 years that you will eventually get sued or find yourself in some kind of legal entanglement, west, 99.7 percent, so I always tell my client, my friend, my fam i, said:hey, call wes, or find an attorney before you have a business coach problem and agree to say:hey in five hundred bucks a month or a thousand a month or $2,000 a month riverdale you work out I’d like to have you on a retainer that way. If you have a problem, you only have somebody was prioritized you into his schedule, and most responsible attorneys are not going to take put up the 3,000 client-attorney on retainer or what that looks like these two ways and the way you describe some time to retainer is it’s going to cost a lot of money. I want you to pay me ten front and I’ll bill against it, and we run out. You keep filling up that $10,000 western reserve. More often, if you say, I have someone on retainer and me just look like I said I’m going to pay you a flat fee a month and you’re going to handle my legal needs. What do I call you or not for that flat feet per month and so I have a client to do it both ways.

Some clients just pay me every month and then, when they call me it’s handling of that flat fee or just an hour, late you’re going to call me when you need me and we still have a relationship because we’ve talked to each other. We met each other. We’ve done that, but I’m only going to bill you by the hour, as you use me that flat monthly retainer and then you get some big lawsuit. Is that okay? Will you agree to work together and now this lawsuit is going to cost x or is that included in that were texting. But, make sure you’re clear on that up for a lot of retainers will only cover general legal business issues, contract employee issues, things like that not full-blown litigations is west not interested in a short-term business coach relationship. Their winters king.Com, he’s interested in flying I would say medium sized entrepreneurs that have a growth trajectory. That’s realistic and he’s wanting to grow with you and so I find a lot of attorneys on alternative to great attorneys out there. They were actually want to just rack up insane google bills, knowing that you’re in a bind and they don’t care if you ever work with you again, where of not having an attorney before you need one thomas. What’s your next question before we let marshall rock the mic, so it with us being in dallas and obviously you’re going to oklahoma is at or things like that, a problem or not most of the time. Sometimes if we will have to engage what we call local council, that will sit in court with us and but I would turn it on my staff at a license in texas and other states. So the thing on the situation texas, specifically it’s not a problem at all in any of the issues-are going to deal with pussy like intellectual property. Those are federal issues anyway, not state issues, and so no, we probably got 40 50 clients and texas alone and several 23 licensing. What was texas legal issues like a large man walks into a bar holding an unconcealed weapon in throws a 72-ounce steak at you, while wearing a 10-gallon hat. Absolutely you could do with those kind of legal issues only you would have in texas.

Okay, so I got a question and you think about it. What are the specific one, specific legal issue that you see a lot of business owners, try and tackle themselves that maybe they should hire a lawyer for so, for example like if you know, if I was going to, let you know bake a chocolate cake that I was like I could get a recipe or I can try and go to lone star legal zoom.Com, I’m leaving i, don’t know if you see this regularly or if you see something where time and time again you see somebody go after the legal issue themselves, without hiring an attorney with easy that happened in their face are right in some sort of partnership, agreement operating agreement for their business between them and a partner and they’re all everybody’s friendly. So it’s like I would have put something on paper. Then everything hits the fan and you know there’s no, it’s just gooble gobble on the paper. Nobody knows what they’re doing the second time is:poly trademarks are intellectual property in general trademark. Copyright will try to apply for it themselves because it seems simple, simple. The whole nother language building a business coach seem simple when they get a letter from the attorney at the trademark office saying what you’re denied for this this and this, and this I realize they wasted 6 months and they’re filing fees in any sort. All that money on branding logos, websites of scale full package. The time now is now to start paying for, like trademarks, nike outlet at least look into it.

You don’t want to build up your brain and only to find out over in oregon someone’s got a federal trademark and they were started before you did, and now you’re stuck in texas can’t go outside your borders. Take me to what my nickname. Please call me. The big business coach kahuna back in high school had to change that. There was says you can’t go with a big, kahuna., you know and then I might have. Second nickname in college was socrates and he said you can’t go by that someone else’s. Are these kind of things? Do you want with brochure thomas? He says if you can be today. So if you are out there google searching right now-and you probably have found us as result of google searching the most humble man in the world war z cast sam smith. These are all things that I bring it to the table. Okay, now or next or next. The next legal question I have is a question. I have somebody after listening says i, don’t want to wait till the stuff hit the fan. What’s your argument, why should everybody at least give you that one call I think you need me whether it’s me or someone else that you need to have an established relationship with an attorney one, because you don’t know what you don’t know so, especially the startup they just talking to someone about what you’re doing, how you’re doing that?

What kind of business entity or using can save you a lot of heartache and to once you hit the fan with the lawsuit, and you call someone first, you got to start googling attorney either calling friends for attorneys, then they’re busy that you’ve never met him before you know, if your getting a good one, your car, horrible, it’s hard, i, know you’re looking to call that number and then that’s what you have to do to me. You want to bet your attorney, make sure that you’re comfortable with them and make sure that they’re competent to do what they’re going to do out. There is a coming of rc auto specialists. These guys are sponsors, the owner of the company, that is a christian business owner in tulsa here and loyal roberts of automotive repair in tulsa oklahoma from tulsa oklahoma to famous televangelist, a televangelist, it’s from the tulsa oklahoma area, and so, if you want to sell ford automotive repair hands on your ford automobile in here, it’s from all of the problems that has go visit these guys today at rc, auto specialists,, that’s transmissions, fleet, service battery issues, heat and air check it out there. It’s rc, auto, specialists. Com should I come for podcast when I’m on business, coaching conferences in a video library of thousands of video training, training videos from mentors. So you can avoid those costly mistakes free to watch


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