How to Hold Your Teammates Accountable

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In today’s business climate how do you hold employees accountable?

Can you give wet willies to people who won’t follow checklists?

Can you key an employee’s car who refuses to follow call scripts?

Is it ethical to shave someone’s cat who refuses to show up on time to work?

Is it ethical to use a police grade taser?

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “My lead installer is not working a full day, and talking too much to other contractors and so is slowing them down on job sites.  A builder called me to tell me this. It’s REALLY REALLY bad according to the builder. How do I handle this?” – Custom Automation Technologies – Client Burning Fire

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “All the people you know and don’t know change seldom” – Dr. Z

When do you know it’s time to fire someone? When you’re tired of their Jackassery and have a replacement lined up.

The average time people spend at a company: Forbes

  1. Step 1 – Never stop recruiting people
  2. Step 2 – Group interview when possible
    1. Because 2 out of 3 won’t show up
    2. 85% of people lie on their resumes
  3. Step 3 – Document the expectations / daily revenue producing activities
    1. You want to be able to inspect their performance so you have to set up expectations
    2. They are guidelines for how to measure
  4. Step 4 – Set up a verification layer (cameras and recorded audio)
    1. Call recording
    2. Video cameras
    3. Open layout
    4. Glass
  5. Step 5 – Hire a new installer
    1. The onboarding phase
      1. The first 72 hours are critical that the employee is a good fit and adapts to our environment well
  6. Step 6 – Teach new installer properly
    1. Teach and Verify They Know How to Do It
      1. They are you in the workplace. They represent you.
      2. If they don’t know how to do the job properly, it will represent you and not them
      3. The other people, meaning everyone but you, won’t care about your business as much as you.
  7. Step 7 – Fire the older installer (when the time is right for you)
  8. Sean McVay (Coach of the Rams) – Gets up at 3:30 am
  9. Bill Belichick (Coach of the Patriots) – Gets up at 3:30 am
    1. Doesn’t want #1 draft picks
      1. They don’t have a chip on their shoulder
      2. They are cheaper
      3. They have high character
    2. The no fumble/drop rule
      1. If you drop a pass, you can’t be on the team
    3. Punters have to be left-footed
    4. You have to have an incredibly good intellect
      1. You have to be able to remember hundreds of plays
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On today’s show, we’re talking about How to Hold Your Teammates Accountable in today’s business climate. How do you hold employees accountable? Are you allowed to give employees wet willies when they won’t follow checklists? Can you an employee’s car who refuses to follow call scripts? Is it ethical to ever shave and employees cat who refuses to show up to work on time and is it ever ethical to use a police grade Taser and an office environment to motivate an employee, which are all of these deep questions and more on today’s show? Everybody on good, great, wonderful. No, Yo, I got in the box

in a world filled with endless opportunities. Why would two men who have built 13 low time million dollar businesses out to with the clean best five hours per day per to chew the best practice business system? I moves that you can new because they believe in you and they have a lot of time. Welcome into your daily Audio Dojo of Mojo experience. It’s time for another episode of the thrive time.

Sure it, he started even the bottle that we started from the bottom.

yes. DoctorZ , I am excited to be here with you and Paul Hood. Tulsa’s number one CPA in every way. We’ve got the top optometrist, we’ve got the top accountant, and we’ve got the top no talent, man, bear pig, and myself on the show today. It’s unbelievable. You’ve got a tremendous amount of talent. You’re going to have a job just riding intros for the podcast. Oh, I did wait. Don’t do it because we, you gotta thrive time. I can’t say, I’m not going to mention the person’s name, but I can’t say we had somebody who’s in the top 40 music space that did ask if I could produce intros for one of their projects and I’ll say no. I did say no because of what we’re doing right now. Right. But we have a question from a thriver and I’m going to do some, I’m going to read the question and Z , I want you to take your first crack at answering the question and then Paul, whatever, and then I get to one of the one up. Oh Wow. Let’s go here. We go into the mail bag, we go and the question is, my lead installer is not working a full day and talking too much to other contractors and it’s so slow, it’s, and it’s a slowing them down on job sites. A builder called me to tell me this, it’s really bad.

According to the builder, how do I handle this? So let me tee it up. It sounds like we have a contractor here who has an employee on his team who is really working slow and is spinning their day, perpetually distracted and is distracting other people who they’re supposed to be working with. So apparently this is a sub contractor, I believe, who’s working for a builder and his guys not only slow, but he’s slowing down other people because he’s got to talk and he wants to know how to handle the situation. So doctorZ , let’s cut it. Let’s hope to have you kind of start off this, this conversation. How do we hold this employee accountable to getting their job done on time and to not distracting other people? A three step process. Three step process. Sit Down, put it on the books here. Step one, step one, hire a new installer.

Hire a new installer. Yep. Step to step to teach that new installer. How to install properly. Okay. And make sure they are good at it. Got It. Step three. So teach and verify that the teacher and it verified they don’t. They know how to do it. And then step three is fire the current installer. Okay. Verify. They know how. And if you want, if you want, I’ll circle back around, but if you want it, I can see I’m going to save you hours of your time. Okay, let’s, let’s it learn them a particular way. So we would come back. So we’re going to fire the fire of the old installer for the old and star. Nothing. It’s not that. This is, this is not an ageist thing. I’m not going to fire old people were using fire. The premium it could be or it could be a sheet for all I know.

Okay. So fire the, the, the uh, older, the current. It’s the older transgender installer. We don’t have anybody here. We don’t even know I use, I don’t care. Right. So let me, let me just give a little bit of a detail here then went Paul to a pile on here. I would say the step that has to come before the step one is uh, it cause he talks about this on other shows. So just to make sure, no one skipping this step. And Andrew, um, today’s a show notes I’m going to put on here. This will be the OBD two, four edition. So as you’re looking at the show notes there, it’s the two, four edition. I want to make sure that this, the step that occurred before hire new installer is z. You never stop recruiting people. You never do. Never that. You never stop.

Never. Why do you never stop recruiting people because you’re always going to need people as particularly my, I mean I’ve got, you know, now several businesses and you know, hundreds of people working for me. So we’re always looking for good people. You always looking to upgrade, you know, you, you’d not everybody’s gonna be an a player. Now this other step that kind of happens before you hire the new installer is you guys are always doing, we always want to do a group interview when possible. I mean if you, if you could interview and a player one on one, that’s great. But as small business where you’re wearing a lot of hats, the group interview is a good move. It’s a, it’s a good movement and sometimes what you do is maybe get several of you together. They’ll have small businesses, the new group interview together there.

So you have four or five of you looking for somebody or interviewing people. Now, you know, it gives us a sub contractor and he’s got, you know, two or three installers, you’re probably not going to be looking at higher all the time, you know, so this is all kind of relative. But the mindset is if you own a business, when you meet someone, how would go to the field trip? I want to touch, pick an employee. Like when I go to a restaurant and there’s an awesome waiter or waitress back in the day, back in the day when I was high, when I was doing all the physical hiring everybody, right? Yeah. I slipped him a card and say, I don’t know how things are working out here, but you’ve got the right stuff. Give me, I’ve got to write stuff bay. You’re the most incredible waiter.

I know. Yeah. You got to write stuff. Freaking wait. Yeah, you were the most incredible thing as it pertains to how to hold your teammates accountable. I know you’ll, yeah, cause I was new kids on the block was kept my water glass full all the time. I never read out a tea this time. Whoa, whoa. Okay, now. Now here’s the deal that doesn’t work for clay. Doctor Z. He doesn’t go out to eat at restaurants. So I don’t like to go, well, what I’m saying is it’s the mindset. You have a small business. You might not be doing a group interview because you only have a couple of three employees. But my point is, is that when you’re out, you’re in the mall, you’re, you walk into a clothing store, you’re a shoe store and someone comes up to you and they have excellent written all over them. Think about it’s the move, you know, it’s the move to s, you know, to keep one to snipe one, you know, to say, Hey, get it.

Hey, Hey Blair, how are you doing now Paul, I want to, I want to tee up this scenario so the listeners can understand this, right. Um, recently there was a person that we interviewed at our group interview who I thought would be an awesome fit for our company and it’s Damian’s a wife. What is her name? Uh, Tyler Taylor. So Taylor came into our group interview and see, I thought this person would be perfect for our team. Oh Wow. Okay. But upon talking to my wife and John, we had guess we just hired somebody for that position. So I referred tailored to Shaw homes. Yeah. Oklahoma’s largest a home builder in my long longtime client. And they hired her good fit. And she’s doing great over there. Right. So, and there has been weeks and as recently as today where Aaron Antici run Shaw Holmes has said, Hey, you know what?

I don’t need to hire anybody right now, but I’ve got a good candidate. Do you want to hire them? Sure. But the idea is that you can never stop recruiting people. So Paul, if you were going to sit down with this particular contract, they’re sitting down with you. You’re, you are the CPA. Yeah. But a lot of times you get your accounting clients ask you business questions too, don’t they? Oh, he constantly, yeah, that we provide that role. Big Time. So this guy says, well, Paul, thanks for helped me with my taxes and getting proactive there. But I have a question. What do I do if I’ve got an employee that’s very unproductive and they’re making other people unproductive to what do I do? What clay? The first thing I would want to know is, okay, is this installer and installing refrigerators or is he installing a nuclear reactor or something that that takes special skills. Um, so I agree with UC as far as, you know, it’s easy, a whole lot easier to, to, you know, weed that flower bed if you will, versus creating say an incentive base pay, you know, if he was only distracting in taking his time and wasn’t distracting other people then then you, you start rewarding him based on piecemeal, based on his production, based on what he, Oh, bacon him what he’s doing his job. Yeah, actually. Yeah.

And so if it takes him twice as long to do his job, he makes half the pay because it takes him twice as long. Um, but if he’s distracting other people, then that’s, that’s causing an issue there. So I would tend to agree with you. Z, he’s got to go. But like you say, and I think I want to make sure everybody picked up on this part. You, you let him go when it was good for you to let him go.

Oh Man, my brother. There you go. You picked up on that also. I have avid. I have a deep, dark secret. Clade want me to say it now or after you pile on? Is it about the rash cream that you and I were nothing weird. Just you and I were out for a walk at Hakey Creek. Yeah. And, and I, you never said it, but I felt like you were saying it. Yeah. Through the wind of the trees and the wind. And I felt like you were saying, you want to see my rash and I’m like, no, no. What’s your deal? Ointment. He, well, he didn’t ask me and I’m still having nightmares. Okay, well let me take a secret. And this is a, this is one of my inner like core beliefs and, and I will Indian leg wrestle. Anybody who doesn’t believe me when I say this, but this, this is something that Lockian folks, somebody needs to take notes right here. Someone needs to take notes right here. Lock this. When you were going up to the Dojo of Mojo fo sho go for going up in lights.

Oh, people. All the people you know the people you don’t know.


Everybody and I started my business to help the community and other installer. He has a family and he has a mortgage and a car payment. How can’t find her him. That said he’s also, and he’s also anatomically able to put his head inside his anus, which is awesome. Wow. That’s I, that’s all. Those are all the reasons you shouldn’t fire someone. I mean here in the history of the world could do that. Who can fit his head up? His rectum. He could be in circuit. These should go to the circus shows. Circlet with the circus. Think about that bill. It put a cranium inside. Erect. Wow. Wow. He would want to see that bloke hire a talent like that. I don’t want to see that. Wow. Wow. Well, I’m so scarred. I, that’s why I’m such a scarred and jaded business coach. I’ve seen so many people who claimed to have been the first person in the world to put their cranium up there, their anus. And I discovered no, nobody. You’re not the first. You’re not the perps along the line, there’s a whole bunch of that in Mongolia. The people of Mongolia can memorize things much more effectively than the African American. Do you know this? Well, they work on it. They do. Yeah, but I thought forever. I thought, Jeez, the Americans got to lock down a memorization notes. The Mongolians. What’d you want me to tell you what? It’s, it’s, it’s the Jack Ass or he ends the jackass. [inaudible] these are the people who can put their head inside the rectum.

Hey Clay, I got a different take on this. So real quick, let’s get away from rectums. But so it’s, it’s kind of like tough love. You know, if you got, if you’ve got a child or your son or daughter or whatever, and you allow them to drift and not reached their full potential, you’re actually damaging them. So if you don’t let that person go, if you to find a different path, you’re actually enabling his bad activity. And it’s really terrible for him. There was a person who interviewed Elan Musk awhile back and they were sitting down asking him like, why he’s been successful? You know, what his tips are for super success? Like what are your, you know, he, the question is, what’s your hack? How do you avoid all the hard work? You know, what do you need to do to become super successful? And this was his answer. I’m gonna play the audio. This is what Elon Musk has to say because I want to really pile on with what, with what Paul just said. You sometimes your family members won’t work hard and you got to find, you got to fire firearm. I know. So here we go. I’m going to kill the [inaudible] new line of Musk, Elon Musk’s tips for becoming successful faster. This is his life hack.

Even tendencies, wishful thinking. Um, and then just work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 hours, 8,100 hour weeks every week that the oldest things improve the odds of success.

Okay? He hear what he just said. Yeah, you got to work how many hours? 80 to a hundred. Did you say a week? Not a week or a month as get to being the boss. You get to choose which 80 to a hundred you want to work. Elan Musk is addressing the, the uh, the country of France. Say, now you guys just need to work 80 hours a month. No, 80 hours a week. Now let’s get back into these specific steps that you need to take if you want to hold your team accountable cause I’ve got a lot of details. Uh, Paul has been running a successful seat pylon. Well, I want to pile on, but this, I promise I have a point here. Okay. Paul’s been helping clients with accounting for 20, how many years now? A bunch. Since [inaudible] 92. So required 21 practices. I have 23 years.

He knows accounting, you know, Z optometry, auto auctions to the bank, a dizzy medicals. The sleep center, all these businesses, and meanwhile I’ve been coaching businesses and making these kinds of lists for years. So I’m going to read off some of the details here. Your K and N, z. As I read off each detail, you kind of pile on with even more pile on shit. Here we go. Okay, so step one never stopped recruiting, but I’m listening today and I say, I don’t know. We already have one good tile guy and all I need one tile installer. We’re a small business. Yeah, but if he gets a better job, he’s gone and you’re stuck like chuck. So you need to always have cute APP. Another employee on behalf of your brother who happens to share the name. Chuck. We weren’t referring to chuck, we think.

No, no, you would it be unstuck like chuck because chuck, he’s a chiropractor is never stuck. Okay. Now step two, he will unstuck you, right? If your head is stuck in your rectum, go see chuck your own. Sorry. Sorry. It’s a theme. Yeah, no frog. Now step two, you want a group interview when possible. Z. Why would you not want to sit here to spend your day looking at resumes, interviewing one on one people if you’re a small business owner with only 20 employees or less because three out of four won’t even show up when they’ve scheduled an appointment. Right on. The other ones that do show up are going to lie on the resumes anyway. 81% and you put it on the show. 81% of Americans, according to ink magazine, lie on the resume. 81% you got to liste ton folks. You got to hire fast, fire fast.

That’s just the way you got to do it and people are going to, people that get hired are telling you things you want to hear. That’s why they got hired. They’re writing things on the resume that you wanted to see. My biggest weakness is I’m just too efficient as it causes animosity, but my humbleness is really the biggest issue. So humble. It’s just like I sometimes don’t ask for a raise. Yeah. My biggest weaknesses, I’m such a hard worker. The other employees are just, they’re offended by that. And so I know it’s difficult and I’m, and I just want to point out that since my head is in my rectum, I do know that I smelled like daffodils.

There we go. Now step three, you want to document the expectations very clearly in writing from the beginning. So at your auto auction, if I were ever to go work at your auto auction today as a salesperson, let’s just kind of tee it up. How many sales guys roughly do you have working up there? Didn’t given time sales dudes for four and a you do you have kind of like, hey guys, this is how many cars we are expected to help generate sales to, or this is how many used car dealerships you need to talk to a week or here’s the economic performance. It is a very clear yes, very clear. It’s not ambiguous. No. Okay. Why? Well, because you have to set the parameters up. You want to be able to inspect something. So you’ve got to set up the expectations of what you want to inspect.

And so if I just said, hey, I tell you what, I have a great day and go get ’em, go get ’em tiger. They don’t break. Go get him. Do what you do. Do what you do. Come on. That’s what you’re doing. You’d have what you do. And that’s what we do. Hiring. You got to think big to be you be big. Come on. When big lead here we go all day. It’s all on there. That’s all we’re doing is winning. I mean that’s, I’m probably too many employees were like, that was my job. You know,the assignment was when it was, you know, they’re like, okay, what am, what do I do? I do. We got to get out there and generate money. Come home sales. It’s all on your blog attraction. Come on. Okay. Now I know Paul, I want to ask you this because a, by the way, tip top canine, um, they’re in the process of finishing their FDD right and according to West Card or their attorney, um, they need to document their top line revenue for the past three years. Absolutely. Why does it have to be a specific number on a federally regulated document called a franchise disclosure document? Why can’t you just put, they did well. Well they were winning, winning, winning play. There’s a, there’s a balance. The government, there’s a balance between what you disclosed and what you don’t and what people make decisions on. And

so if you, if you’re too ambiguous, then you know, the garment can say, or the, or the prospect can say, okay, they can sue you because you were too ambiguous. Right? If you are too specific and they don’t hit those very specific goals, then then the same thing applies. And so it’s, it’s uh, they’re just guidelines. Now typically, I don’t agree with most of what the government does, but there are guidelines for how to measure whether somebody wants to get involved with that business.

On behalf of all of our listeners out there who are members of the government, there’s nobody who is more pro government than me and Z. I tell you that. I mean we got to bounce up the Shabbat, but I balance you guys. Oh says you know, he doesn’t agree with like the government on some mountain things. Z and I would say this, we are probably the most what pro government people you’ve ever met. I mean, aren’t we pro government or do you ever have NASA? Are we and what have you done with this? He, I think he’s stuck still with the head in the rectum. I was trying to put my head in my rectum and talk and that’s what happened. That was trying this new magic trick. Andrew’s been bringing in a chiropractor on, on Sundays to work with me and I tried it.

That’s what happened. There you go play. I gotta I gotta come in on truthiness. You see things that aren’t accurate, but you say it with passion and it seems everybody. Yeah. Exciting and real. Yeah. I for a moment there, I almost got stuck with the jacket. How good. How good a business would you have Paul? If every one of your employees knew that they couldn’t be touched, it could be fired. Oh, it’s how good your business. Portable. So good. So good. Clay, how good would your elephant in the room, your man’s hairstyling? Nobody could be, wouldn’t have exactly one customer who be the owner of the business. And then he would be getting to feel cut out thought underneath a bridge because he would be home. That is how good it would be. That’s right. That’s what would happen. And yet we all wonder, we all giggle when we pass government workers and no one is

very efficient. They’re working. I have a true, I have a deep thought as it relates to the Superbowl we just watched on Sunday the patriots versus the rams. Sean Mcvey, 32 I believe. Bella check 67 both guys work very hard, very hard. Sports illustrated. Shadowed Sean Mcvey for a day. Uh, John Jonathan Kelly brought this article to my attention and he said, sure, you guys can shadow me, but you need to be at work at three. [inaudible] didn’t you need to arrive at my house at three 45 because that’s when I leave to go to work. Sean Mcvey, coach of the rams. Now Bill Belicheck, coach the Patriots. It’s almost the same schedule. Is it? Shocking that the two men who work the hardest and who have, it’s been joked that basically once football season starts, they basically disappear for six months. Is it shocking that they’re the ones who are winning and it, Sean Mcvey is the youngest coach in NFL history, but previous to him, bill Bellacheck when he became a head coach, he was the youngest coach in NFL history.

I would say it’s not surprising because what happens is is they create a system or process and then they demand, uh, so they, they may not have even the best players in the NFL, but they demand that you work extra,

you do things, you learn your job in the, you execute that job and you put in that extra time. And that’s what we, you know, when we started doing the group interviews, it was amazing. We were looking again for more people were doing group interviews and I get comments all the time. We’ll actually got a comment from a competitor that said, well, good luck. You know, good people are hard to find. Right? And they are hard and har to hold teammates accountable to find if you’re not looking every week. Right. And I and I gladly come in and we’ll actually, we don’t have problems. Find those because it’s not, we don’t focus on skill sets. We focus on desire and, and attitude and personality and do they want to learn can be in. And because when you create a business that’s built around, um, systems that’s created around checklists around how to document what you want them to do, skill sets that less and less and less important.

And I think that’s, that’s really the key to those two football teams is the skillset is important, but it’s not as important as other teams because they’ve got the, the game plan. I don’t know the rams as well, but a couple of fun factoids for you about the Patriots. It’s very interesting. Um, Bill Bellacheck prefers later round draft picks. Like he really, you know, a lot of teams, they say, think about your favorite sports team out there. If you’re listening, a lot of times fans will say, well, hey, at least we’ll get a good draft pick. Next year least we get some number ones, right? If you were having dinner with Bill Bellacheck, he would say, we don’t want number ones. Yeah. Think about how crazy that is. It’s crazy. But Z, why do you think he loves those sixth round, fifth round, fourth round draft picks? Why do you feel like they’ve got a chip on their shoulder?

Because he didn’t get taken the first earlier round. Here we go. They all think that they’re the next, you know, Tom Brady anyway, so, um, you know, go to whatever position they’re playing and you get it for less money. There it is and, and they’re more willing or they don’t come with that premadonna mindset. That guy with the, I just want to make the team, I’m going to do whatever I need to do to make this team. And they’re not only fifth and sixth and fourth round draft 10 draft. He, he knows these young men well with their interview process. Yeah. He had their parents. He’s looking for certain, it’s like Paul Hood over here said about the attitude verse the Skillset, right. He is leaning more towards that attitude. Right. I got a heart doctor z. Look at the MVP of the Super Bowl, is he not, I mean as he, the old sample of, of what you would picture in your mind of a pro football player.

Julian Edelman is the size of your son. Dude’s five eight five nine. Yeah. And he’s the MVP. And think about, think about this. Superbowl. Julian Edelman played quarterback in college at Kent State and he joined the Patriots on their practice squad and he wouldn’t, he was told he would not be a starter, he would not be on the active roster. Z, you know what he did? He has Tom Brady said, Tom, where do you practice in the summers? Where do you live? You know, and Tom says, well I uh, live out in California in the summers I practiced there and this is what Julian Ettleman says. Julian Edelman says, that’s where I live. He was a seventh round and he moved Julian Edelman unprompted by Tom Brady. He said, that’s where I live. He moved out there to where now where did in California. Okay. Cause he was on the practice

squad. Yes. Yes. And so he wanted to spend more time with Tom Brady’s. He knew Tom needed someone to throw the ball to. Right. And that’s how he and Tom hit it off. And then Tom recommended they move them to the starting lineup or to the active roster. But Julian Edelman, just as an example, I mean it’s, it’s, it’s that, it’s that coachability. Oh, the other things the Patriots look for that your business should be looking for. Bill Belichick says, he says kind of this thing called the note theme. No fumble rule. That no fumble rule or the no drop rule. If you notice, if you watch their games over time, they almost always barely win every game. Almost every game is close because the NFL is so good. Yeah, but the Patriots do not drop passes. Hmm. Because if you do, you can’t be on their team because that’s one of the rules.

You can’t even, he’ll, he’ll take a slower guy, but you can’t drop the past. Right. Also, punters have to be left footed, left footed punters, ours. It’s always hits clear expectations. You try out for the Patriots, you got a right foot now, right? We are. You’re right footed. Huh? Not the right team. You can’t make a punter because he’s got that expectation level. It’s just the, the also the intelligence of the quarterback. I’m just being totally a direct with our listeners out there. It’s not mean, but if I were to try out for the Patriots, I athletically couldn’t do it. But mentally I couldn’t do it. Even if I was the most athletic guy ever. You have to be able to memorize Laura. You always have to have like an attorney mind to be on the Patriots. Stick about how difficult it is to be a trial attorney.

You have to think about the precedents, the previous, um, the court rulings. You have to have that in your mind. And you also have to be a master of rhetoric. You’re, you’re talking to the jury and you have to be, think about the emotional state of the jury and used to have to support all your claims with facts and evidence and think about all the precedent Z. I mean you’ve seen good trial attorneys and bad ones. I mean it’s, it’s a certain skill. Sure. But you’ve got to have like multitasking mania and Tom Brady has to recall hundreds of plays and when bill Bellacheck calls him, if you watch the Superbowl, Tom Brady, he sent many times, he called those audibles like crazy changing formations all the time. Sure. If Bill Belichick said something, my headset to me like, oh, we’re going to run the I four to two blast.

I’m going, Ooh, don’t know what that one is. Their timeout timeout talking to about three times a half cause I don’t know. I don’t know. Z do you have that kind of memory where you can just recall anything like that? Do you have a, a kind of memory? Are you good like that? Well I was, if there was a time, I think my memory is not as good as it used to be. He’s that crazy. I’ve probably seen some night gingko or something. What is it? What Andrew, what does it, what do you take for your memory? Google mail. Google grab for my fish. I take a lot of fish oil. If I, if I asked you though, see if I said, hey, I need you to know the employee identification numbers of all of your LLCs right now. Could you name them? No, I don’t want to.

Could, you know, I don’t want to memorize things like that, but there are certain people that want to, yeah. But I mean back in the day, I mean really getting good grades and becoming a doctor was just all about memorization and that’s really what it, that’s all it is. So, yeah. And that’s what I’m saying. I couldn’t have done it, but Brady Brady is like a very smart person and I felt like I had, you know, I, I did and I applied it and it’s uh, you know, it’s a skill set that you can work on and make better and I think you could get there. I don’t know, man. I Dunno. I really, oh, are you almost killed me. I tried Vanessa, when I would

study for like four or five hours and after like an hour, she’d go, I’m going to go back to my dorm rooms. You know, where I’m going to go work out or whatever, and she’d get like an a, and I would be like, just grinding on that thing. I would be writing it over and over. I would be quizzing myself, flashcards. And it wasn’t like it was, it was almost like I hadn’t seen the information before when the test came. Okay, maybe you couldn’t. But if I asked you this, I said, listen, Hey, you can go, uh, hang out with Tom Brady and Belichick. Can you memorize some of these things? You probably be like, yeah, I would. I would do whatever it took to try to, yeah. But you know how I got through college, you got kicked out. Well, you know, I got through the classes, then we got asked to leave.

Do you know how I got to the classes that I didn’t before I got asked to leave Jan? I got to those classes by setting hard to prove yourself epic cheat sheets. Oh, unbelievable. I passed old testament by cheating the entire time. Oh my goodness. I remember the first time I tried it was old tests. I got like a d minus and I just feel like all weekend studying, my other friends had just looked at the, at the study sheet, like once they got like A’s. I’m like, it says I got to move so I won’t say the shirts. And I had asked you kept your to think Jude had already kicked you out. So it’s not like they come back like double kick you out, Kevin, we’re going to kick you out. You just my credibility with my degree here. Okay. Now this next area and step four, you got to set up a verification layer.

Once somebody knows what to do, you’ve got to install call recording xe at your optometry clinic. You’ve got a little glass where you can kind of look down, see what’s going on. Video cameras. Oh, let’s talk about how you either you, Paul or UC would have been robbed blind if you didn’t have cameras or recorded audio or something to v or a manager to verify things were being done. I mean, would you even be in business? Paul, would you even be in business if you didn’t have somebody know? And we actually had a real live, uh, actually the police is investigating it. We had a guy walk in just a month ago into my office here in Tulsa and kind of act like he was lost. It was about lunchtime over Christmas break. It says the Burrito store and then, and then all of a sudden, you know, we have some stuff come up missing.

Hmm. Well we pulled up camera footage and we got him his face. I mean, it’s just everything, just looking through people’s desks and everything. So cameras, they absolutely got him directly, but yeah, you got to, uh, you know, and when the, when your employee starts shutting their door, if they got an office, oh, come on and start shutting your door. Oh, you really have to watch it. No, we’re modifying our offices. We just finished one. We got two more to go that are like your, your office added to thrive time. That’s everything’s out in the open. We have glass and and ball boy can see it and I’ll tell you, we had a great response. I read um, Eric Schmidt’s book about how Google works and it Google, one of the things they would brand into was people doing that kind of stuff. You know, they would shut their office tour and then do the worst possible things you could imagine on their computer.

And then they would act like, you know, they, the Dad, dad, that they were busy all day, you know, they couldn’t get anything done and they realize that’s a problem, a temptation of problem or whatever. So he was like, okay, uh, you’re, when you are facing the computer, I have to be able to see what’s on your screen. When I walk in and there’s no walls, they start knocking out walls. Everything’s open. And that model, he, that works really good and open model. It didn’t, didn’t work great. I mean, as an optometrist, you can’t have an open exam room. Right. But you have a very open space. I mean, how, how, how does that help you when it’s open like that? It helps. I mean you less walls, you’ve got more space to actually get people in there moving around and, and I think to it, everybody has a line of sight contact with you and what’s going on.

And so you know, we like the, your shrinkage shrinkage, thievery. What are we talking about? Here is a problem in any business. The technical term is shrinkage from your, you know, something like absolutely inventory out the door and strings. Yes. Inventories the Wim Hoff bucket. That’s a word that really changes depending on what you put in front. Oh yes, of course. Inventory is shrinking. Inventory shrinkage. Even with all the cameras, even with open lines of sight, even with people watching. Yup. Stuff’s still walks out the door and paid for and sometimes it’s even your own employees. I that hurts. I remember the month, the funniest theft I’ve seen in recent memory. W we had to kind of funny ones. One was we had a member of the team just about four or five years ago who took headphones. Big Ones, like the ones I have on now, put them on their head that unplugged him from the computer and walked out wearing and it was cash.

It was part of their stealing headphones. So I asked him, what’d you say? Well, I said, I called him and I said, hey, the headphones are missing. I could, I couldn’t find him, you know, so I’m not like watching video footage all day, but I couldn’t find a headphones. We pulled the Cameron, I’m like, Hey, did you steal the headphones? And he’s like, oh, I forgot I had him on. Like, what did you bring him back? No, I left it at my house. So djs and for the DJ Business Djs used to always come back from a show missing one speaker. It’s like, oh, someone was stolen out of my van like a speaker. They broke in to steal off speaker. US being not the rest of the equipment. Yeah, like, yeah. I don’t know what happened. Well you would eventually. So one guy asked me to take him home from work.

He says, Hey Mike, I got a vehicle problem. Can you take me home? So I’d taken this guy home but the apartment complex from here, we go union high school. And he said, you want to come on in, grab a beverage or something? I said, sure, absolutely. We go upstairs and I think he forgot that all of my equipment was in his house. Like the make and model dumb dumb. What? The criminals are dumb. How’d that get there? Halfback? Seriously. He was like, Oh hey, hey, whoa. What’d you say to him? Hey, you’ve got really epic. No, come on. Walk me through it. This is that. This is the fun part. Okay. Story. You know, this is the person who, um, I changed since then a little bit. Yes you have. But I basically asked him if it was possible for him to anatomically do things with himself. Could he do that? You know, so it was this pre or post slim shady. This was pre Jesus preach with hundred seven. But it was, it was, it was a thing where like this guy was, you know, stealing a gear and I, we got into it and I didn’t get in a fist fight, but got pretty close. It was just like, yeah, you own it. Or did he say, Oh, I bought this myself, or what’d he say? He eventually said, y’all, yeah, you’re, I’ve been going through some tough

times. I’ve been deejaying some gigs on the side. I know you wouldn’t let me Dj for myself on the side as a subcontractor. So he did, he made it some economic issue. Oh yeah. And this is the same person who I ultimately came back years later and applied for a job after I told him never to come back again. I ended up having to pay him a larger thing. It was $500 I can’t remember in a show about this where I had it. I looked it up, but I paid the guy like $500 to promise to never call me again. So clay, did he go through the whole room way? Really? Yeah. He got that epic. I was in a meeting with another guy and I was like, what do I need to say for you? Never to text me, call me, email me, show up.

I hate you. I hate you. Like I hate like in the Bible is the verse of what? What’s the one where it says, uh, the first Samuel where it says, go into the land and, and kill all the cows. Look that up, Andrew. We were part of the Bible is God got to command the people to kill all the Amalekites where he’s just killing livestock and everything. Yeah. And there’s part of the Bible where I think Saul got in trouble for not killing everybody kept the lives. He kept the choice. Yeah. The kept, he kept the good lambs and the good Catholic, but he got in trouble for not completely annihilating everything. Right. I mean, so a little bit more than trouble. Yeah. So he got basically lost his blessing. Right. Lost his favor. Yeah. He loves his GIG. Yeah. And so do you find that first?

I think so. Now go attack the mill, uh, MLK lights and macrolide and acolytes. No, it’s the Amalekites Amalek Heights. Try again now. Go and attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all the belongs to them. Do not spare them. Put to death men and women and children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys. That’s how I am still still still to this day.

If you wrong me, I’m done with you forever. I don’t need any, I don’t want to make it better. You wouldn’t kill my donkey would, you know? But you know what I mean though. People that screw you, see you pepe live screwed you and you’re probably better about this time. I don’t dwell on all the time, but if I cut you out, if there was no like plan B, we’re not coming back. It’s okay. God can forgive you, but I’m not a church. Go work somewhere else. But this guy kept coming back and applying the most bizarre behavior ever. How has that pop? He literally wrote a bike to our 5,800 office on scale cause he’s hit, his car wasn’t working and he’s like, hey man, can I give you a ride home? I’m not kidding. He literally was that kind of John John’s, not Mike, but he knows this.

When you fire somebody for screwing you do they not still some come sometimes come back. They do. It’s humble. What? Know what John and I are sitting there going, really? We had a guy a, this would be way in the past, but John Remembers that this guy went online onto, what’s the website? Uh, Paul, a poll where you can complain about your job. Glass door. Yep. This guy went on glass door and claims that he was systemically harassed and then I called him and said, hey, I know this is you. Could you take it down? It didn’t happen. He goes, well, if I get my job back, true story. Oh my God. So I said, no you can’t. So I talked to his father and they got to get, the father says, if you just pay up front, pay a little bit of, you know, looking for one month of wages here, we will be happy to take it down. I’m like, are you kidding me? Then this guy and John, you can just yell nice and loud. If it’s true, but this guy, it’s seven in the morning, just showed at the opposite has for

his job back. Am I correct? He just came back and I’m like, I pulled them aside trying to keep it private. I’m like, Hey, are you aware that you’ve alleged that I’ve harassed women at the office? Do you, are you aware that you’re the one who yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Are you aware that didn’t happen? Yeah, it didn’t happen. Are you aware that it’s still currently on glass door? Yeah. Are you aware that you asked for money yet? So why would you want a job? I just loved the atmosphere up here. So you made it too good and he’s a big man problem. Drug your atmosphere? Not really him. This is like a big burly man. Weeping, begging for a job. So anyway, long story short that that guy, but much like other people eventually Z. I mean don’t you have to eventually cut people? Is there a certain point in your life where you just have to cut?

Yes. What’s, what’s, what’s the line where you cut? When I’m tired of their jackass. Hurry. Okay. There is when I put up with it and I, people ask me all the time, when do you know it’s time to fire somebody? And I say, listen, when you’re tired of the things they’re doing wrong, you’ll do it. And I really do not like when I talked to another business owner and all they do is complain about when their employees go, ah, every time there’s always a fresh one out. Sam employee that’s causing them so much, you know, he didn’t answered the phone. He’s a greeting. Patients isn’t doing their job and they’re just fas, fas. Can we talk since we’ve already have a show that’s kind of gone off the rails in certain directions, can we talk about the Crotch Hammer? Absolutely. There was one guy who asked if he’d come over to your house, who wasn’t a client of ours, you’re not doing business with the guy.

He just asked you sincerely, one man to another man. He says, Hey z, I got this employee this, it’s wearing me out and you are a super kind. You were like, okay, tell me about it. You know, and then you’re like, okay, well you need to fire him. And it was like a probably a 45 second conversation and he’s like, but I don’t want to know you just, I just, I feel so bad now. And you were like, can we go outside? So you took them out to the band caves, us, you, me, and he, and you said, well, I want you to do is I want you to think you had like a fire poker or something that was by your main, but I think it was an actual hammer actually hammering your bat. You’re like, if you could take that as like, as like an ax for firewood or something.

Yeah, it was something, yeah. If you could just take that out and bludgeon your crotch, that would be less painful than continuing to keep this person on your payroll. And I’m like, how is like, oh, I made a conscious decision to continue with the painfulness of the situation. And so I said, well, it’s about the bat. Like you get that. Yeah. And just, you know, just have at it. I mean barely, barely. You enjoying the bay. Oh, okay. Now the next step is you want to hire a new person. So Paul, when you hire a new person, the onboarding process is so important. You Bet. So I think about, uh, the, uh, Damion who joined your team here fairly recently. He’s a former mill. It was a member of the marines. Marines, yeah. Great Guy. Awesome. Yeah, I guess you’re never a former marine. You our whole life.

Marines are life simplify. So this guy, great guy, he started working with you. How important is that initial onboarding phase? Cause he’s now working out with you guys. He’s in [inaudible]. I think he’s in a workout. Do you have to be in like the workout club to work for Paul? You don’t have to be in a workout club. He’s like joined the workout club, whatever. What do you call this thing of the competition? Uh, well we did a physique bodybuilding show, but he’s in it now. He is, he’s working out with you guys. He’s part of the team. How important is it for those first 72 hours with a new employee, for them to really adapt to your culture, for you to invest time with them? Why is it so critical that first 72 hours? What clay? Like he was told me before, this is my business and the people that that are walking in that I’m paying them, you know, I want to like them and we tend to hang out with people that, that are a lot like us.

I, you know, I, we, we have a very driven, uh, from and, and you know, he’s, that’s w w you know what the funny thing is is Damien has zero zero accounting background, zero zero financial background. Yup. But at Hood Hood and associated CPAs are hood CPA’s dot com. Dude’s Kerry in $20,000 a month worth of clients. And he’s meeting with on a monthly basis and he started four months, five months ago, zero accounting background. But he’s doing a rock star. But, but the way, the reason that happened is because he, we started him at what we do is a lot different what Czi does in his, his, uh, uh, optometry shops is, is different than other optometrists. It’s what we do is different. And so we have that laid out and all he had to do is walk our path and Wally’s walking that path.

We monitor and we watch and see which way he’s going to see if he’s gonna make it, uh, make our team. There’s a lot of character attributes that Monte and that Kylie who worked with UC have that are similar to you. It’s kind of like they have, you could tell you’re on the same team. Here’s a funny story. I was at 19, my wife went, I’m sure I was 20, my wife was 20. We were attending your Christmas party with the casino theme. I was not deejaying. And you have, I get, I think you’d have to drink tickets per person. I think that there was a rule maybe two or one two. And then we had casino tickets to yes. And Kylie was supposed to give two tickets and I, and I said, okay paradigm. I think, I think I just turned 21. It was because we had just got married so think was 21.

And I said, can I have you know, in their ticket? And she says no, but you know with a smile like no, but it’s kind of like uh no but I don’t know how to, I don’t know how you, it’s like a smiling and didn’t know a smiling no I think you’ve taught that move. It was a nice try. Nice try. Move well then has circled back, we had our epic Christmas party at the city plex, what? Uh, before years ago, three years ago. And a friend of mine, uh, was there and uh, he was asking her for multiple drink tickets and she was like, ah, not even had to and does the same thing. And she is, she holds the line but does it with a smile. Right. And I think is the same way. Yeah. Cause you take that you don’t have to be mean just cause you’re saying no.

You. If someone asks you for something and you’re not supposed to do what they want you to do, then you know you want people around you that are accountable, that will actually listen to me. I’m their boss, I’m the one paying them. You weren’t paying Kylie, right? If you didn’t work for you, you weren’t the boss, you are there as a plus one. There we go, okay. And you walked up and you wanted something right, which is fine. You have to ask, you know, um, and it was her job to say no to you and she did it. Is it a pleasant, a way as possible. She could have throat punched you and called security, right? And said, this man’s a costing me get him Outta here. But she knows how to out, but she and all the members of your team, you’ve taught them how to say no with a smile.

And that’s the, that, that’s why those first 72 hours, you’ve got to introduce people to your culture and how you do things. Now step number six, if you want to fix this and stellar issue, you’ve got to teach the new and star properly. And so you said teach it and verify that they know how to do it right. Talk to me about the difference between teaching and verify and they know how to do it versus giving people an endless, a series of videos to watch or a handbook. Here’s the handbook. There you go. Read it as an book. Here’s your first installation job catalog, and you see that a lot with a lot of business owners. They just say, here you go, here’s the handbook. Well, here’s the deal is that that person working for that installer is the image of you. They are conveying your company, right?

They are you in the workplace. There we go. And that’s why the builder was so upset because he had other subcontractors that weren’t getting their job done because of this guy. So he calls you to, it all reflects on you. True. The job they do is about your business. If that guy does not know or lady does not know how to do the proper installation of whatever the product is, it reflects completely on you and you’re the one that’s ultimately going to suffer. They’re going to get their paycheck and it’s going to cash and they’re going to go watch her 5.2 hours of TV that night or what 2.3 hours of social media. Of course they’re going to go do their thing, the condo life, you know to do the Combo, but you’re the one with the business. You’re the one with the motivation to try to grow the business, make more money.

Are you saying the other people aren’t as motivated as the owner to grow the business? They took core area as much as the owner. Correct. Nobody will get that in your head and it’s okay. It’s okay folks. Don’t be upset about that. That’s the realities of life. Okay. And that’s all right, you know, but we need to do is is fine. Excellent. You don’t want to have to babysit them, so make sure they know how to do the job well. You send them out there to do it before you fired. The other one is the last thing you want to do is have each other, we’re having to go out there and do that. Well, you might want to do a few installations. I Dunno. Play you might, is it ethical to fire someone in your mind and not fire them in reality? Yes. I’ve done that several times. Okay. And follow it. Well,

I tell you, I, I, you know, I love sports. I can’t say I’m a patriots fan. I can, while I’m standing here with you because you’re my friend. I want to make you feel good.

Can we all say we’re a fan of bill Belichick’s greatness.

Are we recording this system? Exactly. Absolutely. But that’s what I was going to say is most of what you teach and, and the way people should think about their businesses, like a professional football team. Yes. You know, you don’t just draft an offensive lineman and say go do it. They, they, you know, at, at bill, I can guarantee you, I guarantee you bill Belichick practice is the same week in and week out. They do the same steps. They do the same cadence, they do this, they do that. Everything is very consistent. It’s very documented. It’s, it’s very regimented. And that’s the way your business is. Not only are you always looking for the next a player, but you’re creating a system and process to where you teach them how you want it done. And not only from the final product, but the steps to get there. And, and so if people will think of their business as a professional football team, like you said. So if I’ve got, if I’ve got a, the patriots, if I am the coach of the Patriots and I, and I’ve got this quarterback that, I’m sorry, I like him, but he sucks. Right? But then I have the chance to get Tom Brady and Tom Brady. I pass on Tom Brady because I’ve got a commitment to this guy. No, I mean this your team, it’s, it’s your future and you got to put the best players on the field all the time. Glenn,

Tom Brady made an interesting statement or in the Superbowl week I was listening to his money and kind of preinterview pregame interviews as I could and Tom had made a statement that if you put anyone in the system that bill Belichick has made, he thinks that they would be successful. He didn’t go as far as to say they would win, you know, six Superbowls, but he says they would be successful. I want to show you a little clip here. I just a little clip here. This is a clip of a Bella check where he’s at the draft combine and this young man, he’s thinking about drafting him and rather than like taking notes and getting a stop watch out and measuring like every other coach, he asks the kid if he can coach him. So he pulls him aside and he’s telling him that he’s not doing it the motion properly and he begins to teach this guy. So we show him this young man at the proper way, the proper, this is a guy who’s going to be a top draft, pick the proper way. Anyway, this guy, after an interview, he said that he learned more at his combine from a guy who was supposed to be maybe seeing if he wanted to draft him. He learned more from that guy that he’s learned from like other coaches.

Yeah, yeah. Well a coach and you can take a, an a player that will follow a system or even a B player that will call a system and you magnify their success because, so you can have two talented athletes and at the same level, but you put one on Bell Chuck’s team and he’s going to excel to a greater extent because it’s, it’s very direct, as very intentional and it’s, it’s systematic for success.

I, uh, I know that you like Uzi and I know that you like Osu Paul, and I think it’s great that you guys liked those teams, but I want to throw out an idea that, uh, uh, is interesting. The only reason at all, and if anybody has known me for a long time, you know, I don’t watch other pro sports. I have no interest in going to see the thunder. I don’t care about geographical. I don’t want to see, oh, are you play or tea? You are. Oh, you are. Oh, a shadow. I don’t care. I just care about systems and how to hold teammates accountable. So the Patriots, why I like watching the NFL is because nothing is more similar to running a business than an NFL team because every player who’s on the team is played for the money. And by the way, if you’re listening today, so are you, everybody’s playing for the money there.

The loyalty is only as good as the last. What the last week’s performance. If you say, well, the owners, they’ll cut someone if they’re not good, right? The owners will cut someone if they get hurt. I mean, if you had an employee who worked for you and their jobs was to be an optometrist and they went blind, how long could you continue to pay them to be an optometrist before you’d have to let them go and not, I couldn’t, but I mean, think about that. So if a player been hurts his shoulder, uh, Patrick Chung got hurt during the, uh, during the, during the Superbowl, as they took him off the sidelines. He walked off the field, they put a sling on and they put the next guy in. Right? I’d sit there going, next, Patrick, you’re a good guy and this is an important game, nor just give up. Let’s just quit. And then your roster changes every year. Think about how often the roster turns over into business today. According to Forbes. Andrew, you can put this on the notes here. The average person right now, the average American is going to switch jobs about every three and a half to five years. Max Max, they average. Yeah, that’s crazy. That means those who have 20 job name Marius person would have like 15 jobs in their career. So Z,

you guys watched the game, right? Yeah. Did you see the, the, the NFL 100 commercial where you’re pulling Baker Mayfield says it in their old man and Tom Brady. Tom Brady said, here, hold these sun. How these shit, he gets out and gets in the middle of it. I know, I know. And, and you know what Tom had bill, they shut those young whippersnappers. Yeah, I mean boy, Big Bay and golf looked like they were deer in a headlights most of the game. I’m going to just literally like every day now. Woof, that’s cooled on them a little.

I want to, I want to tip this final idea because there’s a thing of Ben, all people don’t realize this about bill Bellacheck and it’s why again, I just encourage you to listen. Listen to this research at verify. He is the team’s general manager. You understand that he chooses all the players on the team and he’s the coach. He’s earned that, right? And they have a guy on the team who basically calls the player and says, Hey, you’ve been drafted, or hey, this is the offer. But bill Belichick personally manages his own salary cap. Julie’s how crazy that is. That’s like being a small business owner. Now here’s the deal. Bill Belichick doesn’t have a different guide choosing his personnel. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be the head coach of the cowboys having to coach players that you don’t want on your team all the time.

I couldn’t imagine. Just like, well this guy, he previously beat a woman, but we think he’s a good guy. Coach him. He said he was shot. This guy freaks out all the time. But what’s coach him? I mean how can you coach your loss rep in the locker room? So bill Bellacheck though when he does have to let somebody go, he does it with grace and I can’t think of a better example than when Vince Wilfork, if you remember Vince Wilfork, he was a very skilled defense player, big guy, and he sat down with bill Bellacheck and said he would like a raise or he was going to go to the Texans and he had at his hall of fame induction speech into the Patriots Hall of fame. It’s the best story ever. Vince Wilfork was crying. He said he wanted to retire as a paycheck number. He left the Patriots to go for the Texans, go get the money.

He went to go get the money. And so they asked this during this a hall of fame induction speech. He’s crying, weeping, talking about how Bob Kraft’s wife would call him and check on him and make sure he was okay and adopting, adapting to the NFL. And he was like a father. He was a father figure to events and how bill Bellacheck was always there for him and would always connect with him and just really poured into his law. And he said, but then when he let me know that we’re not going to pay that much for this position because we need in our budget to afford multiple players, we can’t give all this money to you so you feel like it’s not a good deal for you. You need to go somewhere else. And he said the time being told that when he’d been a big patriots fan, his name was on billboards. He was in a lot of the commercials. He was a hometown favorite kind of the, the, the dude that was the defensive face of the Patriots won. And he was told like, okay, if it’s the deal is not fair, you can move on. He processed that a certain way. But bill Bellacheck was just telling them the facts. And See. I think you’re very good at that. You’re very good at telling people it’s just not working out. Can you please explain the proper way to fire people on this final thought of today’s show?

Well, you could spend a lot of time by going through all the problems that they’ve had or the things you’ve heard, which still deny by the way. Or they will point out that all your other employees are doing the same thing. You could sit there and try to live coach them up and how to be a better employee. The next go round, you might even get sucked in and giving them a second chance at your own. Coumba Ya employee coumba making smores with them. I’m pretty sure you’re hugging it out. Hug it out, hug it out and I get out and they’re still working for you and you look around and go, that didn’t go that, that didn’t go as planned. You say these simple words and you leave it at this, but I can put my head in my rectum. You can’t fire me.

It’s just not working out is all you say when you fire someone, say it, and they’re gonna say, well, why? Well tell me. It’s just don’t fall for the trap. The trap. Here’s the trap. It’s a trap. It’s a trap. Here’s the question. Okay. I appreciate the opportunity, but so that I can be a better employee. My next job. Would you just tell me what I could do better? Paul? The urban stuck in a a fire session that takes an hour. Yeah. Yeah. You told me. I mean it was great. You know, they’re going to bring the emotion, they’re going to bring ethics. Oh, they’re going to say they didn’t know. It’s, it’s, it’s, there’s, there’s this path that go through and you kind of smile inside when they go to the path, cause you know, they’re going in the pan. Here we go. And so yeah, my mom didn’t raise somebody that way and I always give 100% I did not know I was supposed to do that.

And, and Oh my gosh, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I really just love it here. No, it’s, it’s emotional. Trevor, stop crying, stop crying. It is an emotionally charged time and it is a difficult thing. I’m not making light of it, but what I’m telling you folks is that you, when you’ve made the decision to fire someone, do not make the decision then to have a one hour live coaching episode with them on how they can better their life. Cause it just turns into ugliness. But there’s nothing good that comes from it. Trust me. And they already know us. And I think without any further ado, we have to end the show with a boom. Here we go. Three, two.


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