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On this Ask Clay Anything version of the Thrivetime Show, Clay Clark and Dr Z are answering questions from current client, Guy Shepherd of Shepherd Automotive in Oklahoma City, OK.

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How do breakdown merit-based pay?

  1. Be very clear about the expectation that you want
    1. Example – $750 per week if the job is done correctly. $600 if you do not do the job correctly
    2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Starbucks does profit sharing with their employees. If the store hits the profit goals then the manager and team get a bonus.
    3. The measurement needs to be pass or fail
  2. You cannot run everything through the filter of being nice. You have to run it through the filter of what is best for the business.
  3. You have to have leaders in your business that have a growth mindset.

Should I fund a new hire with a line of credit or ride it out until the growth sustains the new hire?

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I noticed that the dynamic range between what an average person could accomplish and what the best person could accomplish was 50 or 100 to 1. Given that, you’re well advised to go after the cream of the cream….A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.“—Steve Jobs
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Nobody rises to low expectations.” Aaron Antis (Shaw Homes –

Should I step back from the business to gather a new perspective seeing that I have been in the grind every day?

  1. First, start by removing the “will this work” mindset. Feed your mind success. Do not let those ideas creep into your mind. Do not dwell on bad thoughts
  2. You have to know your personal capacity and build your schedule around that.

How has the Thrivetime Show Business Coaching experience benefited you?

  1. Shepherd Automotive has experienced a 59% increase in customers year ove9r year.
  2. Thrive has taught Guy Shepherd how to build systems, processes, and routines.
  3. Thrivetime Show has taught Guy how to build linear workflows.
  4. Thrivetime Show taught Guy how to implement the group interview process.


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Audio Transcription

Two men, 13 multimillion dollar businesses, eight kids, one business coach radio show. It’s the thrive time business podcasts radio show. Get ready to enter the thrive time show.

They should. If you are a subscriber to the thrive time show school, you get access to email us yourbusiness podcasts questions to info at thrive time. You can get access where you can email your questions to answer them on the show. You also get a ticket to our, uh, our, to our workshops or in person two day, 15 hour workshops. So you get the workshops, you can type your questions answered. Also, you get vip access, you get to see behind the scenes of how some of our companies work. We have a VIP event once a year. You get a chance to do that and you have access to thousands of videos. Now, the only catch is there’s only 2,500 people allowed in the program and the program is going to cost you what comes out to $19 a month. So, uh, today on today’s show, we’re actually having a guy you know very well. Eric Chop. Yep. Mr. Shepherd no stranger to the program, he owned an automotive repair shop in Oklahoma City and he emailed us in a few questions that he had and so with any further ado, our exclusive interview with Mr. Shepherd. Guy Shepherd. Welcome to the thrive time show my friend. How are you?

I’m gray. Clay, be on today.

Well, we’re excited. Dr Z, are you excited to be?

I’m excited by Mr Shepherd. I’m excited to be interrogated by a guy by the name of guy. He’s a real good guy. He’s a good guy. Smart Guy. He’s a wise guy. Wise Guy’s kind of a guy. He’s a guys in Heimer. Where are you from? Where’s home?

Home is Oklahoma City.

Oh, fender up? Yeah, baby local. There you go. Okay, cool. Thunder up. How did you find is by the way, may I ask you beat me to the question

through a friend of mine that lives in a want. So and through the hub Jim, Luke,

I’m wearing a hub, one of the clients that we’ve code

shared with you about the business podcastsprogram and that’s how you heard about us. And, and so now you’ve, through a series of poor choices, you found yourself on the podcast version where you can ask us any questions that you would like.

I don’t think I knew Luke’s mother. I’m not sure I’m his father, but no, Whoa,

blue. I am your boss.

So what question do you have for either z? I.

Well, my first question, gentleman is, has to do with merit based pay. We are implementing systems and checklists. I have a good manager who is financially motivated, but I just need to know. I’m struggling with how to break that down. I mean, do I pay per checklist per day? What would be a clear and straightforward way to set this up? You know, where it’s, hey, you know, you make this. When you get this done, you make. You don’t make this when you don’t get it done

to. I’ll go first. I didn’t know Dr what I’m working with an automotive repair company to actually in Tulsa, broken Arrow one in Tulsa right now. One is called the dose for our Hispanic speaking. Absolutely. Absolutely. Thank you. Very inclusive of you. One is called the garage in broken arrow. Great Company. One is called RC auto specialists. They’re both owned by the same person, Mr Roy and that with his business and with yours I would say be very clear about the expectations that you want. Be Very clear. So I’m just coming up with an example. Let’s say that you want to pay the employee $750 a week if he does his job right? If you’re saying that’s all in, I’m willing to just as an example, we’ve not talked about the amounts, but this is just an example. You say, I’m going to pay a 7:50 a week, is what you want to pay the person if they do their job, right?

Well, if they don’t do their job right, uh, eventually you’d want to fire them obviously, but if they don’t do their job right, let’s say that before you hire them or are you, you clarify, you look, you look at the numbers and you say, if you don’t do your job right, I will pay you $600. Okay? So you’re, you’re earning your paycheck. But if you miss your checklists, let’s say, then if you, if you don’t get it done and you have three misses and you’re fired, it’s a fun little game. So if you hit it every time you get your bonus and if not, you don’t have another way to look at it would be starbucks. They do profit shares with their employees based upon the monthly performance so you could look at it like you’re making $600 a week z. But then if you, if your store hits the profit level that, that that’s, that’s the bottom line.

The outcome you’re looking for hits the profit level than you as the manager get your profit share and then you get the equivalent of a bonus up to 7:50. But when you want to be really clear as it’s a pass or a fail, because for Roy and his team and for your business, I mean he expects the manager to get Google reviews and it’s either a yes or a no thing. It’s a pass or fail. He expects them to hit a certain amount of sales. He expects them to repair the cars on time. See, there’s a lot of stuff he expects and the guy knows what’s expected, but if he gets it done, he gets his pay and if he doesn’t, he doesn’t. But that’s, that’s sort of how I would structure it. I make it very pass or fail. Very yes or no. Um, and, and come up with that and be very clear about your expectations now so you can get into the nuances and the details and how he would approach it, but I just think it’s very important that you don’t say, well, you get $7 of your bonus because you got your reviews, but you miss out on 14 of it because you didn’t make your calls and you miss out on 45 of it because you didn’t do this.

I can make it super complicated. It’s like a yes or a no pass or a fail back to you. Dr. C dot

guy. I’m going to ask you a question, kind of just a theory question. Why do you want that? Is this person a manager in your business?


Okay, so they’re all high level, so they’re like a general manager. They’re in charge of um, quite a bit of, of the business.

Yeah. Yeah, I mean he’s, he has a lot of responsibility is implementing all the stuff that we’re learning from you guys.

Okay, very good. Now why do you want to, I’m assuming when you hired him or this person, it wasn’t quote unquote a merit based pay, was it?

It was a base salary plus commission based on net profit.

Perfect. I like that. So why do you, why do you feel like you need to tweak it or change it to merit based on these other issues?

Well, okay, I’m going to confess I’m a nice guy and you know, it’s like I’m adding all this stuff and I want him to get done on top of his normal responsibilities. So I feel like if I give him another take, um, it’s gonna be more motivating to him and you know, help us get this stuff implemented.

So you feel like you need to pay him more to do the things that you want him to do?

Well, that’s the question that I’m asking myself. Yes,

and that’s the question that I would really kind of deep dive into my mind is far as when you have an employee and you have a business, you make a deal with them when you hire them. Right? Right, right. Okay, so you have a deal and that is I’m going to pay you so much it you said yourself, Hey, I am paying you a salary plus and I, if I heard you correctly, guy, you’re paying him a piece of the profit, the net profits, is that correct?

Yes, that’s correct.

Were they. Well, there’s his incentive there. There’s everything you have in place. You don’t have to change the business podcasts equation just because you are and I and I hear that you’re a nice guy. Can hear it in your voice and hear what you’re saying, but the idea is listed. If we do these things, we’re going to have more what? Net profit. Therefore your merit based pay is going to increase because we’re making more money.

Here’s my only pushback or my question on behalf of the clients I coach all the time. I hear this all the time, come on. I, they say that my employee is not motivated to make more profit there actually content and they don’t want to grow. They actually, um, so I use an example I work with. I have worked with a lot of home builders in the past and the homebuilder will sell homes and they’ll offer a very fair commission to people and people realize, Gosh, if I only sell two homes a month, I’ve hit my financial goals and because there’s Thursday, thirsty Thursdays and Los Cabos has a live band on Friday and on Saturday, I mean I really need to recover. So I’m just not going to work hard after I sell two things. What do you do? Z, when your ambition exceeds the expectation, like the person is not motivated by the carrot of increased profits because because they’ve already achieved their goals, they can, they can survive.

Then they’re not your guy. Oh Billy. If, if you have a significant member of your team that doesn’t understand the benefit of growing the business and, and why you as the business owner want that to happen. If they don’t understand that, if they’re not rowing the boat in that direction than ultimately that is not the manager you want. I’ll just be honest with you.

So what happens when you’re managing people in a situation where their contractors z? I think a lot of people say, well because they’re contractors, I can’t hold them accountable. Is it the same kind of thing when you’re dealing with a vendor, like a contractor, like say you have somebody doing work for you at the optometry clinic, doing renovations, doing remodeling, doing something. Do you still have the mentality of like, hey buddy, if you can’t perform at the standard, I’m just

moving on. Yeah, I’m gonna get somebody else. Absolutely. And I think, I think what happens is guy, um, especially here in the Bible belt in the Midwest were where you’re obviously from a we’re from, you know, we are nice guys and we, the filter that we go through is being a nice guy and it’s kind of like, well, you know, I don’t want to upset somebody. I don’t want to, you know, tip the card over. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t want to push me too heavy on this person and I want to be careful of their feelings and their wants and their needs and their desires, but you don’t want to have to get up to that pipe a day. What though? When you owned the business and it’s your business, you need to surround yourself with the people that are going to help you drive that business and grow that business.

And so you know when you talk about the merit based pay, let’s get back to the original kind of thing here and the idea that you, that you feel like that since you’re having them now implement new things that are constructive, that are things that you want for the business and that you have to try to give them more money to do their job. Upselling google with us, wanting to release you from that you don’t have to their employees, you hire them to work. How many hours a day set goals call eight. Let’s just say eight hours a day. A lot of guys are going to four, 10 hour days or whatever, but you just save your board to working eight hours a day for you. It’s up to you to decide what they’re doing. Those eight hours. You don’t have to feel bad that they’re doing something different today. Z yesterday.

See, I’ve got a whole team of employees that are refusing to stand for the anthem. Well, if it’s a big deal to you, it’s a big deal to God. It’s not okay. I just put it into a politically correct semi porcfest employees. Your employees, they’re your employees. You’re paying them to do what it is you tell them to do that day. God, I probably should have been more transparent, but eric and I had been opening up an automotive repair shop and although the only core function we want out of our, of our teams, we want them to stand for the national anthem which we played before every work day for a fictional. There are no cars, no cars. They are core skill. It’d be but. But because of flags, they won’t stand. We. We actually have noticed that we really don’t care whether they stand or not, so there’s no repercussions for them not exactly, and if they have the right hand over there, over their heart, then they actually give them a bonus and merit based. It’s your business, your employees. You’re paying them guy. Don’t feel bad about that. They’re doing something different today than you had them to do yesterday. You’re the boss. Be The boss, this guy. What is your next hot question on that question?

That makes sense. Thank you, Dr. Z. You’re welcome. My next question is funding a new position. You know what I mean? I’m, Eric’s got me doing all kinds of changes for the TV out in the back. Seems to be unable to get some of these important things done. Uh, I continued to get sucked back into the daily operations. Should I fund a new hire with a line of credit or should I just continue to slug it out until I can cashflow that position?

Can you walk me through the things you can’t seem to get done or the things you’re kind of getting stuck on? I wanted to just get a little more detail there before we give you our advice.

Well, it’s probably, probably Dr you answer to the first question. Might be the answer. Just either frickin get the leads called um, you know, follow up or get someone else to do it. It, it’s, it’s following up with the leads. It’s a, you know, run down here and pick up this customer. It’s, you know, the receipts are stacking up. They’re not being entered correctly. There’s just a lot of little jobs like that that I keep having to do.

Okay. Well, this is one thing I have found and uh, I’m sure Z is going to have a hot take on this. Oh yeah. But Steve Jobs was asked about employees and his overall thought on hiring people and holding people accountable and that kind of thing. And Steve said this, he said, I noticed that the dynamic range between what an average person accomplish

and what the best person could accomplish was between 50 or 100 to one. Given that you’re well advised to go after the cream of the cream, a small team of a plus players can run circles around a giant team of B and c players. So if I have a team of people and for whatever reason they just can’t or they refuse to do. Usually they refuse to passively, aggressively. Not aggressively. Just passively. Aggressively. Yeah. Refusing to get google reviews are complete their checklists or upsell or to follow a call script or whatever. I’m going to hire on top of them. That’s my move. So I’m gonna start recruiting and I’m going to say, Hey, you know, your first day is going to be next Tuesday, next Tuesday. Uh, no. Not the next month. Can you start next Monday? They, yeah. Also I can start next Monday and then this Friday I’m going to talk to the current person and let them know it’s been a good run.

It’s time to move on. It’s not working out. That’s what I would do. So if I, if I realize my current team can’t keep up with what I believed to be reasonable, reasonable demands, I would hire on top of them. So I don’t know. I’m not paying two people at the same time I’m going to recruit and I’m going to notify them that they are in fact fire. That’s how. That’s how I would do it. A Z. If you have a team of people, I’m not saying the guy has that kind of team, but if you have people that for whatever reason, just can’t get what’s done on their checklist, they won’t follow the scripts Z, they won’t follow the systems. They just can’t keep up with the workload and you know it’s reasonable. Would you do the same thing or do you have a different take there?

Absolutely. I take what guy? This is going to be just liberating for you. Okay? I want you to repeat after me, I am guy.

I am the boss, I am the boss. I am going to tell my employees. I’m going to tell my employees what to do, what to do and expect them to do it. I expect them to do it.

Yes. That’s what being a boss and a business owner is about and the problem is when you have a really nice guy named guy that owns a business in Oklahoma City like you do and you’ve baby them and you’ve coddled them and you tried to be their buddies, you can like children. Children don’t need another friend. They need a parent. Oh Gosh. Oh, employees don’t need another friend. They need a boss. It’s like church.

And I’m telling you what, the good thing about employees under the children, you could get new ones.

See, I have a question that I like for Aaron antice to chime in. Aaron antice with Shaw homes and Chubb. We make sure it’s. Mike is a nice level there, so he’s right into that glorious Mike. I know it. Shaw homes. It’s a well run organization with over two decades, three decades of experience. Um, you guys are arguably the largest home builder in Oklahoma. One of the things are going well. So I know you’ve ever, ever had a problem with holding people accountable ever. Oh yeah. But everyday in terms of other people, other, other people, this isn’t, this isn’t about the shaw, this is about Aaron and this is about other people and other alternative universes. Parallel universes, either APP two, parallel universes inside the black hole. There’s another place in time where they’re having, they’re managing a team. Uh, Aaron, can you talk about thebusiness podcasts frustrations that other people might have as it relates to holding their team accountable to things such as call scripts, uh, following systems, that kind of thing.

So that z could kind of offer some advice for other people. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, the main thing that I figured out is that nobody rises to low expectations. So when you were saying some of the things where they’re just supposed to enter in receipts correctly, I’m, that’s not a complicated sounding task for somebody to do, but a really like non a hardworking person or somebody who’s just sort of one of those slugs of life who you happen to maybe have employed, they’re going to look at that task in. They’re gonna say, Oh, I just, I don’t know what was going on. I just couldn’t figure out how to do it. I don’t know if it isn’t my job description because there it’s either I didn’t understand or I didn’t understand when you wanted that or they just do it wrong. Hoping that you’ll pass on.

I just had them do it again, just forget and you won’t hold them responsible and then they know that you’re going to take it back because they watch you and they know you just get stuff done because you’re the business owner, so they. They pull these little ploys over and over again just hoping that what you gave to them that you’ll take it back and say, here’s where. Here’s where I think theZ and I win consistently and where a lot of people don’t. When when I know that you’re playing a game with me, I will play a more epic game with you. My not my game consists of interviewing people, talking about expansion. Chef, you’ve seen this happen. That’s when they go, wait, why are we. Why are we recruiting a new photographer? I’m like, we’re expanding. We are growing and then they’re like, well, why is the new person shadowing me today?

Because they’re going to learn how to do everything and it’s going to be an exciting time. We’re all growing and then the next day they say, why is my stuff in a box? And I say, [inaudible] your fire, and I do that all the time. At least once every week you’re sending is not hyperbole. I do this every week. It’s awesome. I love it. It’s, it’s like the ultimate. I love chess. I love chess and I love the whole thing about check, right? Oh, it’s just so fun. There’s something about like, you know how you are pretending to be mildly retarded and get. I know your brain works. Your thought you had another move, but you done guy shepherd. What questions do you have for Dr Robert Zellner?

Let me, let me ask one more thing. As a

guys, back in the day you were grinding. I mean, you were like, man, I’m not sure I’m gonna make it. I don’t know if this is gonna work and you were. You retired or like, and so you’re in there and, and sometimes it just seems like you’re fighting every day, but your effectiveness is diminishing, you know, and so sometimes I wonder should I just take like a half a day off? So I just take one day and get away a little bit and just sometimes it seems like when you step back you can get some new ideas that come to the surface, but it may, it’s tough to step back a little bit. What, what do you guys think about that?

Well, I just argue with one little part of the question real quick here. I’m never, ever, ever, not one time my entire life ever had the thought, is this going to work because of the doctor z? Plan B, no. Plan B, no plan, no pen. No. Seriously, I have never had. I have never need to work on her cult building skills, but I have never. I’ve never had the thought will this work? Because once I’m in I commit always. So I burned the boats. You Napoleon Hill wrote about that burning the boats. I’m the, I’m the, you know, the, the, the, the pig, the pig breakfast, not the chicken. You give your life for the business. Come on. I don’t know. I don’t know what it’s like to have the thought of will this work. And so what I say clay that is that, is that true? Yeah. So what I do to keep my mind from ever having doubts or negativity is I feed my mind.

I know my mind and I know that my mind would become negative. So what I do is I only surround myself with people that have a positive, uh, entrepreneurial mind. I only read positive entrepreneurial books and these talked about this. He might be having 99 problems, but he won’t focus on the problems. He’ll focus on the one good thing. So I never, I never do. I don’t let those ideas to creep into my mind at all. Um, I don’t. Um, it’s kind of like my little marriage tip for guys. They say, how do you keep from looking at other women? I say, just don’t look twice. So it’s like you can’t stop them, you know, the one time you’re like, whoa. But then if you look back and you take a photo and you reminisce on it, that’s a problem. So I’m just saying is you don’t want to dwell on a bad thought that that’s one. You can’t dwell on the bad dot. My second thing is you have to know your personal capacity to remain effective and so you have to build a sustainable schedule and nobody cares about your schedule except for you and your coach. Honestly, no one does.

So one of the things, I felt guilty about it with the DJ company, but when I built Dj connection, I knew that I wanted to kill a man every day at noon, everyday at noon. I wanted to kill him in, you know. So what I would do is I will just shovel. I mean I, I seriously looking around a lot of whole. I’m looking around the office and I have no concrete and duct tape and a loaded weapon and people are like, what are you doing over there by sharpening knives? And I realized that every day around noon I want to kill somebody. So what I thought was what I need to do is hypoglycemic comes out it. No it just that lunchtime. Snickers, Gosh, these are just talkies. I have 80 men working for me, 70 of which are, you know, 65 of which are contractors because they were just on the weekends and I got my full time crew of like 25 guys and I’m telling you, these men who are in their forties, who aspire to be a DJ, they all live with their mothers that are all stopping.

They’re all stopping drinking to start doing a new drug. They stopped the drug to stop their affairs. They’re just crazy. They’re all there. Got Stuff going on, a lot of drama. And so as soon as I would go into the office, I was happy at 6:00 AM, 7:00 AM, I’m happy, I am, I’m still happy. Nine o’clock, when they showed up comes the chaos and this is the kind of things they would say each morning I’d say, how’s it going, man? Well, how was your night? How are you? How are you, how’s, how’s it going to be nice to the employees? And they’d go, well, here’s the deal. She’s leaving me, but the problem is on my wallet was in the House when I got kicked out and I need to know how to get back in there. And I’m like, what? Everyday they had a personal drama getting thrown out of their house or one guy came to work in a suit soaked and vomit one day, true story.

And I’m like, dude, you look like you’ve been sleeping in a bush. And he’s like, ah, yeah. That of just endless stories mulberry. So I realized that I needed to everyday at noon go into my office and not see anybody for about a half hour and I’d crank on my td Jakes, listened to my, you know, this was back in the day. We need to get the audio tapes. I’ll listen to my Joel Olsteen, my td jakes. I would just do whatever I had to do to get it back. And then I’d go back in there and they’d have no idea what I was doing. But I was honestly trying to keep myself from freaking out. Now I know that I really want to kill a man by Friday. So for between Friday and Monday, I don’t see anybody. I just. You’ve improved your business podcasts schedule and something. You have to know that. You have to know your limits, right? You have to know what you can handle. You don’t. Your brain explode. Absolutely. And Guide. That’s a great question. And as a business owner, you have to know what it is that gives you, revives you, gives you energy, gives you life. Everybody’s a little different. Some people, it’s been around people, some people. It’s been by themselves. Yeah. And so you, you know yourself and you know what gives you energy, what gives you life? What recharges your battery? What does recharge your battery Guy Court to 10. Just a

casual Saturday morning breakfast. Where did it go? You know, two hours. Chilled Journal, you know, by yourself trying to get away.

So you’ve answered your own question. So should you take some time to be by yourself, a half a day, a week or whatever it is, and just take a deep breath journal, do the things that you do and understand that those are the moments you can actually be working on your business and not in your business. They can be times that you’re working on yourself and not on, not in the business, and those are life giving for you. So for you, I would say absolutely guy, take some time. Go do those things that you know, that are life giving to you, that are refreshing to you, that recharge your battery. And, and everybody out there listening right now, maybe something different. It may be, Hey, I want to be around friends. I want to go, you know,

whatever flies to pull wings off a flight tomorrow. I want to go to the lake. Um, I love pitching other men’s nipples. I don’t go behind a wall charger to charge the battery, recharge my battery. And so now I get them all I do. I wear a mask and say me. But, you know, the stigma of being a sex offender has caused me to stop doing it. I still p and p outside. Dr C Dot Mulberry. Mulberry Bush. What guy? You were just laying in that right now. Real quick. Gut. The guy. I don’t want this to get weird, but this is a, this past Friday. You know, my phone’s turned off Friday, Saturday and so turned off Sunday. I’m with the family and uh, I thought it’d be nice if I went ahead, Mike, uh, the conversations Chubb has with me after we, after we record our Saturday. Show that. Yeah, come on. Well, the thing is, chuck, you know, everyone else has left. And then chip and I have a ritual we do every Saturday afternoon after we record this. Just something we do to help us harness the energies. This is, this is, this is eric encouraging me. This last time.

Saturday, a lot of pressure. You’ve got to rise above it. You got a harness and the good energy out the band. Harness energy, block bad. Feel the flow happy, feel it. It’s circular. It’s like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse, it goes up and down and around circular circle with the music, the flow, all good things.

My nickname, what? He’s encouraging me as happy, so I want you to be that way. Okay. Did you have any other, any other or are you tapping out? Get it all done. I have questions for you. I have questions for you. I didn’t tell you about this guy. Chop

has worked with you for about a year, I believe maybe eight, nine months together in a year and a half here and half. Sorry. Year and a half. And um, what happens for me is that I, one of my clients I’ve worked with for like nine years, eight years, and a lot of times people don’t ever tell me what they think the experience is like they tell other people. And so this is recently, I’ve been described to a three people in the last month. It’s hilarious and they’re in their true clay stairs is a good friend of mine has described to me. He’s on the show a lot. No, I’m not throwing him under the US. Clay Clay knows this is true. He’s described me to his friends and family when he recommends me. He says, Clay Clark is an ass. He’s the ass man. He holds me accountable and he knows what to do.

He teaches me the system, but he basically yells at me and I need it. I needed it and he yelled at me and he’s changed my family’s trajectory nine years ago. But he was that asked in my life and I think, okay, well we can work with that. And then what’s funny is when somebody, me, when somebody calls me, I get it, I get a text message from a local cosmetic surgeon and she texts and it’s funny text message. She says, is this the ass? Yes it is. Let me store. And I pick up the phone and I said, what’s going on? She says, Hey, I actually heard from Dr such and such that you’re a huge ass and that you’re just obstinate and that’s what she needed. And I go, well, so then, you know, I started kind of talking to my wife pape when people describe me and refer me as an ass. How close to reality is that in, you know, Vanessa, take us. Well that’s, that’s the reality. That’s totally shouldn’t have your jacket. So how would you describe your coaching experience with chop for all of our listeners? And so chuck can hear the, how would you describe the relationship you have with Eric? Butter? Butter chips.

Well I appreciate you giving me this opportunity. Clay. I would, you know, I’m amazed at how well you guys match up your coaches with your clients because I feel like Eric has just been perfect and, and, and in the way that he has helped me the most is he is my coach, but he’s also treated me like a teammate a lot and said, man you can do this, you know, keep going and yeah, it’s tough but, but hang in there and, and it’s, he’s, he’s just really good. I mean, he’s, he’s, he’s just been able to come alongside me where I’m at and challenged me to be better at the same time. Uh, keep me, keep me encouraged, you know, it’s like our personalities are a lot of like in, you know, sometimes sometimes he’ll chew my ass, but sometimes it’s, you know, it’s, you know, he knows what I need that day. So I appreciate it. And uh, since you gave me this opportunity, I just want to say happy birthday chuck. Appreciate it.

You. So for the listeners out there who are sarcastic, captain sarcasm. Oh, who’s listening? And he goes, that is great. That you like Eric as a human and that you guys have a comradery that he’s helped you, but what specific wins have you had? Has it been search engine optimization? Has it been increased to sales? Has it been a, a rash of complaints? I mean, what has been the business? What are the big tangible benefits you’ve seen since working with Eric Chop?

Well, one big one is, um, we have seen since I started with you guys started with Chubb. We have seen a 59 percent increase in new customers. Wow. Uh, you know, in the last year over over the previous year, a 59 percent increase in the number of new customers through our door. So that then that’s huge.

The average American business grows in a three percent rate if they don’t go out of business. According to Forbes eight and a 10 businesses go out of business and the average American business that is in business grows at a rate of three percent according to the gross domestic product. So 59 percent Z. I’m not a huge math guy, but I take is a normal. Right? That means you’re growing at 19 point six times faster than the average American business. Nineteen point six. What other winds have you experienced?

It’s been huge. Just the, you know, teaching me how to do a checklist, you know, teaching me the basics of, you know, Google sheets, you know, just, just real basic stuff. It’s kind of like clay when you interview people and you say, Hey, break down your morning routine for me. You know, what exactly do you do to get your day started? We’ll chop has helped me with the basics. Okay, this is a google shape. This is a google document, you know, this is how you do it. This is how you set up your task list. This is how you set up the company task list and you know I needed that because I’m not a tech guy. I can work hard and and all that, but you know, all of this stuff is really new for me and he’s just been great. Being practical and showing me detailed steps of how to get it done.

He hasn’t gone in there and his done. He is a exercise where he asks you to metaphysically picture yourself, let elevating your sales. He hasn’t done that one yet, has he?

No, not yet.

We’ve asked them. We asked them to stop doing that. You’re saying no, but seriously, I, I. that’s the one. I just wanted to all the listeners out there to know who, who, who are unfamiliar with what we do. We get in there, we meet you, we figured out your biggest limiting factors and we help you blow them up. You know, we help you figure it out. What’s you not to get the sales?

Is it Internet marketing? Is it, is it hiring and firing is, is it accounting? I mean a job. You find the problem and you solve it. Yeah. Guy. I would say two big things that we also helped you out with was breaking down your entire company into a workflow. So as far as from left to right when the customer interacts with Shepard automotive all the way through that followup call, um, that was, that was a huge one. And then also just understanding the fact of all of these systems are not person driven. They need to be pro position driven so that now you can begin doing group interviews, you can replace people and you can not be hostage to your business. And that’s what we’re really working on right now. Sure. During the group interview, you are doing the group interview. Just curious, just out of curiosity, when you interview 10 candidates, let’s say 10 people RSVP, they’re going to be there for the interview. How many of them actually show up?

Well, usually one.

I’m an optimist. I’m an optimist. Anybody out there who’s not in on that joke? That means that when people apply for a job, I business owner, like guy will say, great, I’ll interview you Wednesday at 5:00 PM. You just tell them, oh great, I’ll see you at that time and they’ll confirm. Great, I’ll be there. And you’re saying that one out of 10 people applying for a job actually show up?


that is actually the shawl and the other. The other big thing that we’ve helped guy out with for sure is becoming on the first page and top on the google map and the google organic or Google and so you know, Oklahoma City auto repair in terms like that guy showing up top. So he’s getting an increase in internet leads as well. So Guy, thank you for the kind words my man. I, I love working with you. I love seeing you grow and I appreciate what you were just saying. A guy. We’re going to end this podcast now. Bulky.

The negative second. Is this a wise guy? Is that what we’re talking about? Say when Eric gets off the microphone and the business podcasts headphones, you can tell. I do. I clown. Do I make you laugh because it’s just what I mean. What you say and talk about him when he’s not present because I say, what are you saying? I mean it’s just a wise guy or non guy because I don’t know. This is my friend or our friend. I don’t even know is this. I think we have to end the show with a boom. We have a lot of Caucasian listeners. We’ve got to practice one time. Here we go. Here we go. Three, two, one.


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