How to Interview Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Gary Vee, Tony Robbins & More | The Journey of Nathan Chan

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During today’s podcast we are interviewing Nathan Chan, who is the founder of the Foundr digital magazine, which in started in 2013. Throughout the years, covers of the publication have included: Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Gary Vee, Tony Robbins, Rob Dyrdek, Mark Cuban, and more…

Why did you decide to create Foundr Magazine?

  1. Forbes article – I started Foundr back in March of 2013. I wanted to create this digital magazine that would target entrepreneurs and founders, especially young and aspiring entrepreneurs in the novice stages. At the time, I felt like there wasn’t really a publication out there that really spoke to that crowd.
  2. Just kind of fell into this career and path. Started it as a passion / hobby while working at another job. Went back to university to study marketing. Decided to create my own product for fun and fell in love with it. Wanted to shine a light on entrepreneurs that are thinking outside the box.
  3. This was literally a passion project. I was making about $50k per year at a travel company. I purchased the software to produce a digital magazine and ran with it. It cost a couple grand and i set myself a task and a budet of under $1,000 to get started. Had my mom help with proofing and copy editing. Made a little over $5.00.

You have described yourself as risk-averse when you started Foundr, what do you mean by this?

  1. Risk-averse in the beginning, though. I had $3,000 to bootstrap my startup, but I kept working at my day job in the meantime. I didn’t know if my idea was going to work at all because I knew that print was a dying trade. It’s so expensive to produce a print magazine.
  2. That’s why I decided to do it digitally, but in a way that people wouldn’t think it’s just a blog. It has a cover, table of contents, and a masthead. It’s professionally edited and everything.

Off the Shelf Publishing Software to Create the Digital Publication?

  1. Flipsnack – very affordable – build an app and allow people to consume a magazine on tablet.
  2. Mag Cast is the software that we use.
    1. Build an app and host and manage the magazine.
  3. Designers use Indesign to layout the magazine.
  4. We do not use Adobe audio products.

What is the value of Foundr Magazine to your readers?

  1. It’s interesting that we’re talking about getting people to pay for content with Foundr. People already pay for content – just look at Apple and the app marketplace. People are paying for apps, and that’s content. They’ll pay for content all day long, but if it’s not packaged in a way that makes it valuable to them, then they won’t pay.
  2. We packaged it right with Foundr, and inside there’s strong, evergreen content full of value. Other publications don’t really give away a lot of in-depth content, but we focus on that heavily.  We’re not just packaging up awesome content; we’re also saving people time.
  3. There is so much content out there so we take a unique spin to try and provide as much value as possible. We want every edition to be extremely actionable. We like to tell a lot of stories but we try to stick to battle tested strategies that people can learn from and implement.  
  4. What does your process look like:
    1. We are using the magazine as a tool of influence because it has a high perceived value. We wanted to try and reach people outside of the podcast only method.

How did you get some of the top minds on the cover of your digital magazine?

  1. Find someone that is looking for press already.
    1. We look at the Amazon “coming soon” list for people that might be looking for some exposure.
    2. The rules:
      1. Do you have a platform to provide content?
      2. You have to find the gatekeeper and get through them.
        1. Could be an assistant
        2. Could be a PR company

What advice would you give someone for being persistent?

  1. Use a tool that will automate your follow process.
  2. If the person does not answer within 4 times I will follow up again in 6 months.
  3. If you do not follow up then people will not get back to you . Do not only use email. Pick up the phone and actually call someone.

How many times per day do you eat kangaroo meat?

  1. I don’t really eat it but a lot of bodybuilders do because it is lean. It is not actually that common.

For the listeners out there, share with us a look into your personal life and something that most people do not know about you.

  1. Every day when I go to work I workout and do not take a change of clothes. People think it is weird for someone making an impact to be dressed the way I am after working out. I do not care about my appearance too much.
  2. I have food allergies. I have never had chocolate or ice cream in his life.
  3. I am lucky to be able to eat meat. I really like chicken and chips (french fries).

Where do you go to work?

  1. Most of the team is remote but we have a shared working space office in Melbourne.
  2. I do most of my best work from my home office. I do all of my interviews from the actual office and get caught up on the home office.

What motivates you to do what you do?

  1. I was just trying to find work that I enjoyed and I have always liked helping others. After time I had a vision of what the Foundr brand could actually be.
  2. I think Foundr is a legacy based business that is very profitable but we like to invest a lot of it back into the company.

You look 27 and sound 414 how old are you?

  1. I am 31 years old.

What has been the biggest struggles to overcome en route to building your success?

  1. Let’s not paint the picture that this stuff is easy. There are a lot of late nights and early mornings.
  2. When I first started the magazine it was not called Foundr it was named something that I cannot discuss and we had to change the name within the first 4 months.
  3. Learned a lot of good lessons early on regarding trademark law and playing it by the book.
  4. To be able to lay trademark claim to a company name like Foundr was a great success and surprising win.

What does a typical day look like for you? What time do you typically wake up? How many hours per day did you work when you first started?

  1. When Nathan started, he was still working a 9:00 – 5:00 job, and would wake up at 7am and work till 8 before commuting to the office. Would get home 6pm and then work 8-10pm and sometimes work till 1:00am or 2:00am.
  2. So approximately 14 hour work days while he was starting the business
  3. Nathan – A lot of people like the idea of starting a business, but they’re too comfortable with their current situation to start a business.
  4. Consistently spend 30 minutes per day for one year on actionable items, you can start a business. Not building a logo, but rather actionable items.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “It’s hard to do a really good job on anything you don’t think about in the shower.” – Paul Graham (Paul Graham: born 13 November 1964) is an English born computer scientist, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, author, and essayist. He is best known for his work on Lisp, his former startup Viaweb (later renamed “Yahoo! Store”), co-founding the influential startup accelerator and seed capital firm Y Combinator which is behind AirBNB, Dropbox, Reddit, etc.)

Nathan: One of the fastest ways to fast track where you are to where you want to be is to find people who have done what you want to do and learn from them.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You are the average of the five people you most associate with.” – Tim Ferriss (He has written a number of self-help books on the “4-hour” theme, some of which have appeared on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists, starting with The 4-Hour Workweek. Ferriss is also an angel investor and an advisor to Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Evernote, and Uber, among other companies.

You have to manage your mindset. You have to have the belief you can do it. You have to surround yourself with people that have done it.

Move beyond wishing and hoping.

Thriver Questions:

In the book ‘Good to Great’ author Jim Collins talks about how a charismatic leader can actually be a detriment to the success of a team due to people wanting to please the leader rather than face reality. As someone with a charismatic personality, what is an example of a red flag mechanism that I could implement to help ensure success in both my personal and professional life?

  1. DEFINITION MAGICIAN – Charisma – compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.
    1. The problem with being charismatic is that people you do not want to be around are attracted to you like bees to honey.
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. – Proverbs 10:4

How do you lead if you are not in the position or do not have the authority to lead?

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, 24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” – Colossians 3:23-24
  2. 3 things you will be judged on:
    1. Your work ethic:
      1. Beat everyone to work.
    2. The work you do :
      1. Beat them at work
    3. Speak positive over everyone, all the time.
      1. Never say a lie or untrue word.

When you developed the systems for the coaching program was mainly your systems or did you have input Z and others?

  1. All systems were developed by Clay but he has read 100’s of books and decades of experience and mentors.


Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the business coach universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the Thrivetime Show that you’re pooping stuff to make your pants okay super pocket bike. Alright, thrive, nation, welcome back to the drive time show on your radio and podcast download. Now today, on today show, we have an opportunity to interview a gentleman from across the pond, who is a founder who is the founder of one of the largest digital magazines on the planet. If you’re not familiar with founder magazine, I want to introduce you to a magazine called founder magazine and all throughout the years, this guy is actually featured people on the cover, such as richard branson who’s, that never heard of them. They don’t know who that is, tony, robbins, think i, might. Mark cuban. You featured a lot of people who are kind of a big deal on your cover. Can you introduce founder magazine to all of our podcast listeners and radio? Show listeners who are not familiar with your digital magazine, yeah she’ll. Think think.

First of all, thank you so much for having me it supposed to be here so I found. This is basically you know we do print as well now, so we start off as digital and 3d print magazines as well, and we will basically yeah a meteor and educational business coach training company that connects aspiring nava stage found as an entrepreneur and also experience found. Is the insights and experiences in battle-tested strategies from some of the greatest entrepreneurs about generation decide to create founder magazine. Did you did you? Have this burning desire to teach people entrepreneurship? Did you cover my entrepreneurial background? Where did this drive to start founder magazine come from well, I guess i, just kind of fell into it, I never i. Never, like my mom was a nurse. My dad was a teacher. Don’t have an entrepreneurial family or background. This is my first business and I was really passionate about marketing, so it all started with the desire and drive to to find work. That I was passionate about I do work that I enjoyed and I started the magazine with with no idea that it would be. You know what it is to die and I literally just started as a passion, hobby project on the side, while I was working in a job that I didn’t like, because I’m no one I went back to uni to to to pursue a career in marketing and because my my I was working and I t. So that was my first degree and my first career and I want to change careers and only give me a job so decided to to create my own product just for fun and market it and yeah i. Just kind of what happened was I fell in love with the process.

I fell in love with the spice and I at the time as well. When I was coming up with the idea of the magazine, I I was trying to listen to business, related, podcasts and and also read books like rich dad, poor dad, a 4-hour workweek by tim, ferriss and I was really curious. Around the spice and I just felt that there wasn’t really a publication out there that you’re really went deep and really showed the real journey of what it takes to build and grow a successful business and and the and the hard times and also sure cash and shine. The light on paps entrepreneurs of found is that you may not have her dolls that it disrupting industries in a very, very big way. So I saw that as an opportunity, but at the same time as a way to just kind of marketing back for fun, but yeah, just kind of took off and and the rest is kind of history, and now I’m yeah. It’s it’s it’s an obsession so nathan. Let me let me ask you, want to start a business in a lot of people, think about it. They had business coach dreams about. It, I think a lot of people that are listen to this podcast, most of our podcast listeners, that debt to tunein on a consistent basis. We hero naisbitt, but there are people that dabble in to our podcast. You are thinking about starting a business. Where did you get the capital needed to start? Your business cuz I read online that you started the company with a $3,000.

Is it is that correct, or did you where did it cost you more to start the company? How did you get the capital to actually start the business? Yes, sir, only cost $3,000 cuz remember at the time. I didn’t think it was going to be some huge, large, multi, poodle, stop or anything of the sort of it was literally just the idea of passion project, and you know at the time I was working in a job or if I can have 50 grand a year. Sorry and I used to love. Traveling I want to travel company I’m at the time, so incredible company and basically I just purchased the software so to produce a digital magazine on the app store in the google, play store. Believe it or not, you you need to believe it or not. You have to develop a business coach custom card, anything there’s actually software platforms that allow you to do that and that’s what I told a big big publications entrepreneur, fast company folds huffington post a they always off-the-shelf publishing software. So it cost me a couple grand to go started with that software and then I sent myself a talking about you to work at how to create a magazine with about you know under $1,000 and I got the first issue at always be within that budget, because I literally had no money.

Sorry I had my mom helping me with the proofing and copy editing and yeah it was it was. It was a rough very, very embarrassing, first version of a product but I shipped it and on the first day we made $5.50. We had to subscribe to the magazine, $5 and fifty people would want to know that our business coach listeners, one of those specifics, hear what off the shelf software. Would you recommend that any of our listeners out there used to be a real estate agents listing to our podcast people that want to create a digital publication of some kind? What are the off-the-shelf software programs that you would recommend? Yes, sir, if you want to just publish on like on the web on my car on a browser I’m a highly recommended to cold flipsnack, the really really really really cool too, and it’s really easy to use-go flip snack, it’s quite affordable. If you want to actually build an app and allow people to really with the purpose of alam people to consume the magazine on tablet for more in mobile phone, then-and it’s a little bit more interactive, then there’s a few different cultural saba, probably the best one. It’s the one that we used to guys called mag cast mig cast, so they the publishing software, that we recommend adobe products. Or do you stick pretty much within madcast enough lipstick? You know it w products but add designer. What time do you use? Indesign I tried everything at this point, all i, look, to, be honest. Shooting straight have only used mad cause. It’s been a good tools. Main solids been good to us plenty of tools of tried to pour tassel moves across, but I’m all about simplicity i, don’t like to complicate things and people get a great user experience.

It works just no need to to try another tool for now, and so you use mag use, mag cost to actually build the app host and manage the magazine and then used like adobe indesign to actually designed the continent, and until you could cover and the pages in the masthead and all that side of things so yeah I’ve answered your question might be saying to themselves. Well, you know what digital magazine me. What’s the real value of a digital magazine in the world? Where are some good argue that there’s a lot of great content out there for free and I would I would argue just for one? You can save a ton of time if you just study, proven best practice systems that have been shown to work. But what do you think the real value is for your subscribers? Why do people love founder magazine that founder federalism is out there founder magazine? What was the big value of the digital magazine for your for your business coach subscribers yeah? So for my ford commercial value prop standpoint right now we leaving the day and age where there’s so much content. It’s it’s just so overwhelming so I think when you can package things up and make things really concise. You know we have a unique spin on the on the content that we produced every single month in that publication, and we make it a point that every single article that we put out it’s extremely actionable even to the point that at the end of each magazine, edition we have actionable take away. So after you’ve read the whole magazine diaz, he is some of the things you should go and do sir. It’s still is a lot of storytelling, but it is still focused around. As I said around the content, we produce more round really really focusing on actionable battle-tested, stop strategies, learning from others, experiences less story, less breaking news:more walk can you mute, I can apply and then yeah I think we saw a book or magazine it’s just a collection of information compiled and i. Think that that is valuable like you look at subscription boxes over, they subscription box companies like, for example, loot crate.

Yes, they have scarcity, because you know there’s a limited amount of a special edition items, but a lot of those items you could probably purchased individually, so I think of it as simple as similar. Why we’re? If you can save that person time around if they want to learn something about a particular topic, then dizzy an extremely large amount of value that ever since you’re, just looking yourself, elf nose throat throughout the years you’ve covered your publication has featured on its cover. Richard branson accept golden tony robinson. The names I mentioned earlier, mark cuban. How do you go out there and get people like that to agree to be on your business coach cover or what is that process? As you might say, that process I’ll, look like yeah, so one thing that I realized along the. Why was that when it comes to producing content of wanting to build a brand any of any sort in your content, your new brand produces content a really strong. Why me to stand out an end to to build a brandon to build influence is through publishing a magazine. It was something that I I didn’t know at the time, but work it out pretty quickly. Sorry I’m using the magazine as a tool of influence, because it has high perceived value. Then we can use that in a way to to get cut through versus. Maybe if you just had a a content platform where you purchased the podcast for a blog or youtube channel, all right right, basically return more with our exclusive interview with nathan chan, the founder of foundr magazine, but during the break I realize you might have a little bit of downtime. You might have a few minutes if you listen to the radio show-or you might have a few seconds if you listen to the podcast, but I would encourage you to go to hood cpas.

Com. To take a second look at your accounting. Perhaps you feel like you’re being proactive with your accounting. Perhaps you feel like you’re on top of your numbers, but I think your accounting deserves a second look, so good hood cpas. Com. Today, that’s good cpa.Com, today, state drive time show radio and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s the thrive time business coach radio show the mindset whopper, give it to you straight in the spring, in the back of the truck, so I can get up on the bike and speak the facts. Alright, tribe, nation here are the facts. Today’s guest nathan chan, this guy’s, an incredible entrepreneur who is he calls australia his home and he started a digital magazine in 2013 and set time he’s had the pleasure of interviewing richard branson seth godin gary v, tony, robbins, mark cuban, and much much more since starting the business coach magazine in march of 2013 he has created. He has created an opportunity for himself to interview richard branson, seth, godin, garyvee, tony, robbins and mark cuban shuffle. Incredible, these crazies opportunities from the ages of 26 to 31. That’s pretty cool I am absolutely completely impressed with this guy’s resume absolutely is background. His knowledge of kangaroo meat at the best obviously interviewed him. Today you can buy meat in the grocery store yeah. He has a vast knowledge of vegemite no chat before you get back to the interview. I want to share with you. Do you know a lot about vegemite I do know about vegemite if it’s the same thing I’m thinking of my cousin married a guy from england, and he had assault rifle you might night through it down. So let me give you might buy vegemite store here. Okay, when I was a freshman there now I had to where I was actually ass. I was transferring in from st cloud state, so I guess I was a academic sophomore, but I went to high school early. So I went to high school my senior year in high school.

They want to hang out high school, in, and I I’m kind of anti-social. So soon as I have enough credits possible actually asked if I could get out of high school early and I was think about. These are dropping out or just going to college of it, and so they said, I can go to college. I went to college early, so I transfer an hour or use an academic sophomore. But if my first year on campus somewhere and with a roommate that they assigned me to live with, his name was clinton clark no way now. My name is clayton, and he’s from australia. That’s awesome and he lasted as my roommate four as I recall and in the years have numbed numbed me to to reality by believe he was my roommate for 3 days. Because I am i, don’t do well with variables bright and so I came to college of the exclusive purpose. If I’m going to start a dj company, I’m going to go from being poor tonight for that’s the move and I’m going to take all the business coach classes, I need to take to get my knowledge base up, but accounting photoshop, graphic design, multimedia. That’s. Why I’m going to college right in clinton, probably normal guy, would say stuff. We don’t like hey. What’s going on how you doing what up dude? What are you doing? You want to go to the gym. Hey and I was just blinders right, like I’m on the phone and then I would go to bed. I, don’t know phone I go to bed. The problem was I’m like either on the phone or work until like 3 a.M. At set my alarm for 6, but he’s like dude. You can’t go to bed at 3 and then wake up like at 6, because I am in the same room with you and I’ve got a bed at midnight, I’m trying to sleep till 9, right and I explained it is totally cool. If you want to move out, that’s the problem with you.

I won’t hold it against you. So that’s the problem. You’re not willing to compromise at all as an absolutely not so I went through that roommate then, like maybe i, want to say. Like two weeks later, I went through a second roommate i. Remember, hearing about the multiple roommate I didn’t know the exact second roommate I explained to him. In order for my recording studio to work because I charge people 50 bucks an hour to record audio out of my dorm room, I needed him to sleep in the closet, because I’m going to use his bed mattresses as soundproofing duh I mean, and he said how much and I’ll give you a pack of baseball jersey once a month. I would have totally taken that deal in college, so I paid him so and he was like there was something that sounds cool and everything until like the first or second day of doing that and then roommate. Just like I’m out I talk to my student floor guy, i, jason and jason told me they don’t work at 5:30. Mid-thirties is charged the dorms and he says:hey man gone through three roommates in, like less than 3 months, you’re not going to be able to keep roommate. If you keep his current behavior and I said exactly so. It’s working so i. Actually what you see here in the man cave right now was my dorm room. This is the plan every office I’ve ever worked in i. Do this to it. I swear, I get out and walk and lili, so I need to see is i. Actually, like my wife and i. We we share a bed, but she is like super funny because she’s aware of my idiosyncrasies but she’s like i, have my own bathroom and so I would just say if you’re out there listening and you think I am a sick.

Freak I’m still want to know. I am so weird, but I’m, not that weird. You might need to start your own business someday right to be able to get away with all these idiosyncrasies until we come back from the break, we’re going to be interviewing a guy who actually works out every morning. He works out every morning, and then he wears his gym clothes to work great and doesn’t actually change. Even though he’s interviewing some big-time people and doing pig time connections, he gets up and works out with the gym clothes and then proceeds to wear those gym clothes to the interview. Australian clay, this you I mean when you heard that do not take. This is what you do:multiple things, I heard or south of the hemisphere yourself. I wish I had a good australian accent. Can you do an australian accent? That’s pretty good shrimp on the barbie got to work on mine I had a great member of our team, a great american that could you do an australian accent when you doing the incredibles office team member he’s going to be doing australian accents we’re going to be breaking down the audio here for interview with the founder of founder magazine, if you’re just tuning in here and you’re, absolutely love this business coach interview, it’s a it’s a game-changing interview with nathan chan just got interviewed mark cuban, tony robbins, gary vee, seth godin, richard branson i, told her that are show sponsor their. My friend we’ve got a company that they come in and they turn our bathrooms clay in a work of art, I’m telling you that may be nice. If he’s mention the urinal break, can I buy them. I just was so clean, and so we definitely use the guys over head classic janitorial the same guys that google and new star and dr. Roberts and associates total lending concepts we’re all using the same company because they provide such a good value at such a good price and actually going to clean your high traffic flooring area shampoo, your carpet, while your floors for free other companies are charging $1,000 a month for that to call him today, 918-671-2046 918-671-2046 or check them out at the classic clean.Com v classic clean.Com chop.

Did you just say the classic clean.Com I said the classic queen. Zumba fitness is the true father. Make that excuse I’ll be up going to cut the scoreboard, the truth he is my mentor like my yoda thing:i wasn’t young, alright, tribe, nation preview. Just tuning in this is our exclusive interview with nathan chan, nathan chan is the founder of foundr digital magazine when she started back in march of 2013 t. Now, through the years he’s actually interview, richard branson, seth godin, gary vee,, tony robbins and mark cuban does not take a shower after working out. He works at every day and then he goes to work. He does not put on dress clothes when he goes to the office soon as it got a hustla baby and he wants you to know. I do work out, but I will say:i do then change clothes and take a shower, but I do put on a hoodie and jeans everyday, so I feel, like we’ve got a similar logo in here. It’s weird when I interviewed the guy I was thinking myself, I think nathan and I might be brothers from another mother, and so, during this interview, if you like nathan, then I think he probably like me and if you don’t like meds and then you probably like me with any further, do our special exclusive ultra premium edition interview with nathan chan, the founder of foundr magazine, chet holmes in his business coach book the ultimate does sales machine talks about making a list of the top hundred people. You want to get it and then going after them be your stratagem. How did you have you gone out there and got some of the the top minds on the cover of your digital magazine? One having a magazine does does make it a little easier to I think the biggest thing you need to look for is. If that person is looking for press, then that’s a really good time to ask them to do an interview.

So just as an example of a really good little trick is look at the amazon coming soon list for anyone. That’s launching a book I’m. Sorry, for example, the one of the founders of home, depot, I’m, he’s watching a book, so I just sent a picture through to penguin random house, because they’re the publishers behind that book and I want to sell as many copies as possible. Sir I’m, the rules, I i, do you have a content platform, or can you provide value or how can you spend it in a way where it’s all about that person and and if they are looking for preston? It’s a really good time too, but you have that asked and then number two is why you need to be able to find that gatekeeper now, for example, this many different ways are many different gatekeeping, sir I’m. Not everybody wants books launches books, but perhaps you know it now and since for al makkah, you can apply this. This approach to any business coach market if your content producer, but you know that side that along mosque was launching tesla australia. A lot of these found is drew road shows and they will look to engage a local pr company who they will pay to go and get them pressed. So you need to find that right person in some other instances like if somebody’s about to launch a book like tony robbins, for example, you could reach out to his internal assistant that manages all media request or you could find a pr company that they’re paying money for or lastly, you know you could reach out to the publisher of that book, who are also starting to get as many books as possible.

So you need to find that guy shape I want. You know who that gatekeeper is a key component is to pitch, because you mentioned what tim says:you have to be prepared to be rejected. I’m, sorry and you have to be prepared to continuously follow up and I’ll, be relentless, not annoying, but you know are polite and kind and respectful, but persistent I think that’s a really really big teeth in this. It right tool to follow up kind of guy I made it to follow up once it once a week when you’re being his at the i. Think it’s a great point. You just made about being persistent versus being annoying I mean. Are you look kind of guy likes to follow up once a week, or are you the kind of guy that falls up every day or what foot? What would you give for the folks out there about persistence following up? Yes, sir I was just about to mention. There’s a great tool:cold rebound, it’s a gmail plugin and you can order, might the follow-up, so that makes it easier because I are you get that feeling when you have to type that email again like I’m, going to be annoying or whatever? So what you can do is you can order my business coach dad? So you take this little box and then all the templates will come out and and it’ll seem like. You were three or four follow-up survey like every 7 days and and yep. That’s. What I do to make it easier because I feel it I I’m scared, I feel that fee and dumb that’s just the way that I can kind of set it and forget it I’m going to see if that person doesn’t get back to me after 4 times over, like a month-long., then I’ll come back to the maybe in 6 months and try again.

This is amazing. You said if you, if you don’t get a response after your fourth time reaching out to some of the month, then you follow up in 6 months, yeah hundred percent. You have to that right that you know what we have a lot of great interviews, a lot of great people we interview, but that right there I think maybe the golden nugget. So far, that’s a huge did. The depressed it’s cuz i! Think that saying the word persistence nathan, you said the word persistence, I say the word persistence, but when you just said persistent explain what that looks like it’s probably about 10 times more persistent than the average person hundred percent you have to want, like you have to want it bad enough, and you have to be prepared to do uncomfortable things and have that courage and step outside your comfort zone. I, don’t like harassing or another her ass, but hassle people or the find the right business coach person to speak to him for them. I put a time. But if you don’t, you know how people are going to get back to you and i. Think phone calls is a good one as well. Don’t just send an email to make phone calls it’s a great way to get cut through we’re only getting more and more email. Now you know if you, if you cook it, to make a phone call, it’s not it’s like what weight with chatting right. Now, it’s a nice conversation. It’s it’s real!

You know if you can actually call some on the phone. Just I think she is so much more mail for the listeners out there who aren’t you a big deal, I like what I’m hearing here. If you want to know it look into your personal life, what’s what’s something that most people don’t know about you or something that the folks who do know you say you know one thing:the nathan does that is bizarre or unique, or one thing you need to know about nathan that he does that everybody else doesn’t do or what’s what’s something about you that really stands out something from your personal life? That’s extremely unique, I everyday when I go to work, hi I usually go to gym beforehand or after all, good boxing on or train at the gym and i. Don’t like taking a change of clothes, so I just usually wear track, pants, sweatpants and like a like a singlet and then a jumper and i, don’t even think about it, and a lot of people would think that that’s kind of weird and I love people always comment like I might go meet somebody, that’s, probably a pretty big deal or as a significant amount of insulin, spy by the size of their company or the matter of impacted making with a business or whatever and yeah people, but find that kind of weird but i. Just don’t like to to to have to take a change of clothes. So I have to worry about all that kind of stuff. I, don’t i, don’t really care that much about my appearance too much and like that. The other token, if I want to dress up and we’re really close like people would probably you guys, really quick right sense of style and fashion. That’s why I know. Maybe that I’ve got food allergies and that I’m allergic to dairy eggs sesser. They know you never had chocolate or ice cream in my life. So what do you? What do you eat grass to go out there and just steal the food from local cows? Or what are you in there? And now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s. The drivetime business coach radio show me to change the mindset stock for incense burner on the magic show pic of the heat up food, giving it to you straight in the world in the back of the truck, so I can get up on the mic and speak the facts.

Hello, tribe, nation, welcome back to the drive time show on your radio. My name is clay clark I pride myself on having more in receipts per capita than anybody else, I’ve ever met, it seems like I meet people and they’ll, say cuz. You know we should go on a trip together and I’m like no. No! No! No! That’s you! You have. You hold me in such high regard right now, because I’m so good at what I do because I stay in my lane. But if we go on vacation, what you’re going to do is you’re going to say you’re mine doesn’t work, so we can be late. 20 minutes to the beach and I’m just telling you like example, a friend of mine, asked me:can we go skiing and I said ii, don’t do that I am afraid of a heights change variables? Yes, those conversations involving how you feel so you like, being on a ski lift, with a stranger up in the air where it’s really cold and long road trips. So we drive and I’ve, probably driven for 30 minutes and I’ve got the phone in the phone I can play with my spotify. This is my 5 years ago and the spot if I was cutting out before starting to get 45 minutes away from tulsa and the business coach spotify’s cutting out I told can’t do like conversations you know so that are not like actionable involving systems and fax. So can you drive to the cabin so she’s driving and if you think we could you drive again probably an hour later so I’m driving i, honestly I cannot do road trips, I’m I can’t take these things, i, don’t know what do you really like it? So hot. So hot I just couldn’t turn into a station in the cavaliers versus the what it’s like started from the bottom. Now we know get low, get low, pull over, so I go and get some vodka, and so I get some vodka, get some orange juice and I’m like you’re driving so I’m in I’m in the passenger seat in alabama.

Well, I’m past my legal limit you’re going to have to drive the, stang home and so we’re driving into the mountains and I I’m. Just out of it really and I can tell you that I that the entire trip I remember the trip to colorado as the low point of my entire life and then when we got there to colorado i, remember thinking what are going to do now:cuz i, don’t ski this winter. So let me tell you what happened. Is my friends have my friend? It has a for kids, I have 5 kids and he skis normal person. My business coach wife’s keys. Are we wanted to ski too risky to do was young, but you want to ski and his white, ski and so they’re like we’re going to go skiing, nordic ski lessons will go up on the chalet or evil visit now get up on the on the the ski lifts. Sandals, always things will happen and where is a nice place where at what’s? What’s were the nightstand light. Vail redding ridge at breckenridge, breckenridge, yellow starbucks, near downtown to where they’re at breckenridge and I’m like can I watch all the kids, so you can watch a 9k I would love to yes? Yes, so I get up on the ski lift cuz they they said. No! No! It’s just go up on the skip and I bet. We are you. Okay, I was just I was just like I couldn’t do it so I spent the entire trip watching the nine kids, so I tested nine kids at nine kids no big deal. This is me I’m, an adult man I’m, a kid pizzeria, nice and mike’s. Fine with fine airport parking just happens to walk in these fire, a client of mine for, like 9 years, watching dude. What’s up farmers insurance how you doing man, it’s just keeps happening so I run into all these business guys who they gave you work as a means to an end, debut vacation right as like the reward right to me. Vacation is work and work is my vacation, location and so right, vocation mean calling me some weird stuff.

I’m dealing with this show is for you, because we’re interviewing a guy who I think is very similar to me in many ways he’s a guy who started the brace successful magazine called foundr magazine chuck. Can you read off some of the people he’s interviewed over the years because he has an impressive list of people he’s been able to interview of the year golden I’ve heard of him:gary v, gary, vaynerchuk, ultimate podcast success story, right. Tony, robbin, robbins, rob, dyrdek’s, super famous. You know business coach wardrobe guys on mtv’s all over the place:mark cuban owner mark, cuban’s, mark, cuban, dallas, mavericks, there’s some big man, i, never heard of rob dyrdek, rob, dyrdek i. Believe I’m, not positive thing called love. He was a skateboarder back in the day and I think he has a line of shoes I’m not sure, but he he sold like a bunch of skate shoes had a show on mtv, just kind of did a whole lot of stuff after i. Don’t know a lot about him. What sim tv it is music television. What’s the skateboard skateboard is what you cook chicken nuggets founder of founder magazine and he’s a guy with a lot of idiosyncrasies and nathan chan, explain idiosyncrasies. Maybe that I’ve got food allergies and then I’m allergic to dairy eggs sesser. They know you’re never had chocolate or ice cream in my life. So what are you going to just eat like grass to go out there and just steal the food from local cows? Or what do you? What do you mean there? I can I am lucky that I can eat meat, and I can’t eat spicy food as well I mean i, can’t wait.

Sorry yeah, there’s still a good variety of. There for me, so I can kind of food. What kind of meat I guess? What kind of meat. Are you into? It is certain kind of meat category that you you dominate. Are you a beef guy you’ll pull tree guy? Are you at? What’s your favorite category in australia, it’s not really a thing for you guys in the states, but you just try i! Think it’s in the strand thing, cuz I was looking for it many times from the states. This is a chicken and chips. I really like a good chicken and chips like business coach rotisserie like roast a charcoal chicken and chips is really tasty needs quizlet rate every now and then but yeah I’d lean, lean. You can spend yeah I tried to keep you healthy. Are french fries, french fries, french fries in vegemite? No, no, no use vegemite as a spread on like your toast, but I know i, don’t like vegemite final australian stereotypical question. I have for you how many times per day, do you eat kangaroo meat? I, don’t really eat kangaroos made it. You know what they say that that a lot of bodybuilders do because it’s much more money now than when you get more protein than chicken, but yeah. It’s not that common.

You can buy in the supermarket and stuff but yeah, while you’re interviewing him he’s probably going to be a ladron up everything in front of him with with vegemite in the kanga roo, while watching crocodile dundee. While he’s doing the interviews I want to break through the stereotypes that are occurring across the pond. Now, where do you go to work? You said you go to work. You work out before you go to work. Where do you go to work? I mean? Are you? Are you working out at that your house? Do you work out at office? Do you have a shared office space? Where do you make as a digital magazine? That’s its famous throughout the world? Yes, are you most of our team is remote, but we do have an office in melbourne. It’s a it’s just a shed working spice and there’s about six of us in the in the melbourne office. But then you have the rest of the team is remote, I’m. Sorry, yeah I do most of my best work, though, to be honest at the harm office, but I’m in the office every day today, in particular friday mornings friday morning here, so where I’m speaking to you from the future. So that’s that’s where you know I do all my interviews that you have used every friday morning. I do a ton of interviews! That’s my interview time, but alright trap nation. We returned more with her exclusive interview with the man, the myth, the legend nathan chan, the founder of founder magazine, stay 2, and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s. The drivetime business coach radio shows no change.

The mindset stock for an accident on the magic show pic of the heat up food, giving it to you straight in the roaring fork in the back of the truck, so I can get up on the mic and speak the facts. Alright, try patient welcome back to the drive time show on your radio and if you had our to absorb, if it were just out turning a tuning-and you said I would have went when we talked about what we talked about doing nathan chan, the founder of foundr magazine, this guy richard branson seth godin, gary v, tony robbins, mark cuban. How old is he kept 31, so the age of 31, yes, he’s living a life that a lot of people say cash I would love to do that someday when I’m older, good, hair too, but he’s doing it. He is he doing inside I want to do. We asked him. We have to listen nathan. What does your schedule look like on a daily basis and so will any further due nathan chan, the founder of founder magazine explains to us. He is daily business coach schedule:stay 2, yeah, usually I’m in the office on monday to friday and then not do a lot of work in the home office in the evenings. So what motivates you to do what you do we? What what is the deal cuz? You said that this is something you’re passionate about earlier.

You said this is something you’re, passionate about and I interview, so many entrepreneurs and you have to go to camps I’m, going to go to camp number to i. Just had the listeners out there I’m involved in a variety of business ventures that I really could not care less about it. All, there’s just nothing. I could care less than some of the ventures I’m involved in, but I care about, like my wife and chasing her around and saw her to generate copious amounts of cash currency. You know I’m a different business coach industries, but ii personal out of the businesses I’m involved in I actually would never use the product that concerned with the product. I just i, wouldn’t do something that the world needs, but I’m, not personally that excited, but you seem like a guy like alright are podcast interviewing you right now I’m passionate about this is what I like to do talk to me and then what why are you passionate? What motivates you to do? What you do well to be honest like when I first started? I was just you know:i was just looking to find. Where could I enjoy it, and then I fell in love with the magazine. In the end, this this business and the spice and I’ve always naturally as a person like helping others and then as time, went on I start to develop a belief and division fought for what sound a convenient and now like what drives me and and the found the team is we’re very, very passionate and it focused on how we can build a household name, entrepreneurial brand.

It says tens of millions of business coach entrepreneurs and found is on a weekly basis. Right now, millions of people consume alcohol content i. We want that to be in the tens of millions every single week. It’s it’s going to be a very, very long journey. They say that it takes 7 to 10 years to build anything of true with insignificance so I have an insane focus around the producing ridiculous amounts of next level content in many different modalities and building out you know, I found a brand, so that’s kind of what drives me and the team now and that’s an obsession. I’ve been doing this for about 4 years, so I have at least another good 6 years in me. I’m i, don’t have a family yet I’m having a long time ago friend, but haven’t settled down in that aspect. So I think I’ve got probably another 3 to 5 years, where I can give it a good hard crack and just you know, just really see how far we can take this brand and and that’s kind of where I get my kicks to be able to create something.

That was once an idea conceived in my mind to impact you know tens of millions of paper with angeli hundreds of millions of people, I i, get a real kick out of that, and you know I think found is easy in awhile legacy based business, it’s an acid base business, don’t get me wrong with very profitable one, but we reinvest that profit into growth. So yeah, that’s kind of what drives me look. I. Do you know I i, probably in the next 2-3 years, probably probably invest or advise, and all the companies maybe one day, but for now I’m, just insanely focused on growing, founder and and but no I get it like. It does a lot of that. It is fun to to create other businesses and other ventures and then other things, but I just think for now, I’m, just not ready to do that. I’m still I’m, still learning myself, I’m, not sure i, don’t think my I don’t see myself as a master founder entrepreneur, an expert yet to be honest with you guitar for each one will paint you into a business coach corner. Each one will be political and religious in nature. Not just kidding, but I have three questions for you, like your 27, but you sound like you’re 414. How old are you if you have a lot of wisdom there, you look like you’re 27, you sound like you’re 440, the only eat meat you’ve admitted that you’re a meat guy you’re eating you’re eating clean talk to me. How old are you I’m 31? Is the number 31? Okay? What struggles is it been the biggest struggle in route to building your business cuz? It sounds like i. Wake up. Every morning now, I’m working a shared office space I’ve got millions of people that can sue my content, I’m 31, I’m, beautiful man, I’ve got a long-term girlfriend, i, occasionally devil and kanga roo and vegemite.

You sound like you, have it made out there in melbourne, what’s been the biggest struggle for you in route to building your success? Okay, yes, sir, like let’s, let’s definitely not paint the picture of that. This stuff is easy, it’s ridiculously hard and it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice and and light nights and early morning in regards to foul you I guess, earnings that I’ve had a tough times. It’s been tons, probably the most probably the most traumatic one for me would be i. When I first started the magazine, it actually wasn’t cold found out. It was called something else, and I can’t mention what it was. But I was sued by one of the biggest business magazine. States actually, can you just say no and that way I know it’s the right. One yep I’m just kidding, but it was, it’s is one of the largest print magazines, us business magazine, print, business magazines in the states, so yeah that happened in the first full month’s. Imagine your first full I’m on starting a business man just innocent guy. Just you know just just trying to give you a cracked magazine. Okay, I can’t I mean who knew that when you called it the newsweek, you would get in business coach trouble if you know just some guy god that just trying to create this magazine on the side, while working my day job for life yeah. You know it was very thing about businessman. In my you know, being sued, it’s really scary and tabago people in the states contacting me like I got the lawyers trying to contact me saying for legion, saying, hey I know the job was he’s like he was a mentor to me. We go to move now, you’re being sued, you’re to appear in court, I was served, I got my fedex package in the mail, so friend I should grow. My litigation by the way in the bathroom or in the walls. I will look. It up afterwards so I’m not kidding if you ever come to tulsa and I know you’re going to cuz, it’s like it’s at or some hot bed. When you come to tulsa bike frame, all former litigation pending up the printer up on the walls. It’s a good way to remember what it felt like then I think it’s your high water mark. It’s probably good for you right away right now. Everything else probably seems a lot less stressful yeah, we’ll look. I, I I tend to agree there in the sense that I learned some really good business lessons around tried, michael, oher and then ulcer around erring on the side of caution when it comes to just just playing it by the book. You know I just really making sure that you’re not doing anything.

You shouldn’t be doing and really protecting your business. Sorry yeah, basically just ended up changing the name and it didn’t drop old going away and end. The new name is, is so much better than that. The first name was actually three letter. Three words:three words right when it comes to branding I liked on, would manage now. Yeah i, like one woods now and and I think we have a massive opportunity because you know of the brand found out like that is synonymous amongst every single business coach entrepreneur. That i, like i, found my true. That name that you know. That’s a that’s a pretty powerful thing to to be able to do. I I think that we actually got lucky yet that somebody doesn’t already have this nice beautiful 5 years, ago., I’m, sorry, yeah, I think there’s that that that’s. Why I believe that you’re such a massive opportunity for us to create a an entrepreneurial brand that that is more of a grassroots kind of feel in the trenches battle-tested kind of content feel not so much about the listicles or the billion-dollar stories. You know what I mean. Sorry yeah I just think it’s a real opportunity there, which is what excites me as well to create something that is disruptive in a market that is quiet, noisy. Why don’t you and your awesome friends have to get back to eating all that kangaroo and consuming all that vegemite.

So I got out of my final cluster of questions for you. This is how I sneak in a variety of question:i hate for somebody with two Questions:i’m just going to give you three is a good. Is a cluster here just to play it safe to look good for you when you first started to think about that when you first started the business when you first started, what are the typical day, look like for you. What time are you waking up and how many hours per day for you, we are working when you started great question so when I started, like a transparently said, I didn’t have much money didn’t cost that much to start up. The business was still working in a in a nine-to-five job to support myself too i, rent and bills. I’m sorry I would get up at probably around 7 in the morning and from 7 to 8 a.M. I do like our power, and then it take me better an hour to commute by the time I got to the office and then so that way, yeah and then I get home around 6 and have some business coach dinner and then from about 8 p.M. To 10 p.M. I. Would would would do another couple of hours of work sometimes depends if I so am I part. My girlfriend or not I would maybe work until like 1 or 2 or 3 a.M. And then I’d wake up, and do it all again. Sorry to be honest, I was probably clogging up at least 12 14 hour work days for long time. You’re good yeah, before i, left and took a good year, did before I left and didn’t even right now, like i, don’t really count but I’m, always thinking about foundering what we can do interview with nathan chan, the founder of foundr digital magazine, but before we go to the break, I want to tell you about a great company called onyx imaging. It’s not your printer I’m, always thinking about our company and how we can make it better.

What we can do to minimize our expenses to maximize the experience we offer our customers to improve every aspect of the business in one way. One way I found we can improve. Our overall experience is to have a quality printer supply company. That’s why we tip decided to turn to onyx imaging at sonic’s. It mean chuck, chuck wood as their website on likes imaging.Com. You can check him out at tulsa. Printer repair.Com get your free printer copier today, tulsa printer repair, dhaka 3, 2 1 boom. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show have time show on the top of the charts in the category of business. Dentist cast that you might get motion, sickness patch, all right, all right and all right, but I’ve been looking back to the drivetime show. We are interviewing today, nathan chan, the founder of founder digital magazine throughout his career, is interviewed:richard, branson, seth, godin, garyvee, tony, robbins, mark, cuban and many other esteemed guests, and so it is our great honor to interview nathan chan he’s talking about right now, he’s talking about the white-hot maniacal obsession that it takes to grow a successful business so that the founder of founder digital magazine and even right now, like i, don’t really count but I’m, always thinking about founder and what we can do. I, don’t i, never miss a social event and I always make sure I go to the gym as much as I can and I’m trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But man, it’s got to be an obsession. You know, okay, so you, you would say pretty out there who’s wanting to start a successful company if it because everybody was afraid of you do a successful explains if you’re not obsessing about the business when those early business coach foundational stages, you’re not willing to put in those 12 and 14 hour days, I mean it’s going to be a lot harder to meet up, maybe even not possible yeah, we’ll look for me. I had to maintain the day job so that there was at least you know, 7 8 hours there in a couple hours commuting between sir I think that the key distinction people need to make and that I say personally he’s a lot of people like the idea of starting a business, but they actually true comfortable with their current situation.

So I think you have to be willing to I guess in some way shape or form just want it so badly that you’re prepared to go that extra mile or shake up your status quo, because you have for some reason a lot of people like the idea of having a business, but they just true comfortable with their current situation and and quite often I believe make excuses. If you can have, if you have an extra one to two hours that you can allocate per day, don’t need to leave your day job, but as long as you can consistently spend even half an hour a day for a year and make sure that the work that you’re doing is not research actionable things that moves the needle for two to build your business or you know, speaking to a business coach customer. You know they don’t even developing a logo that stuff is easy but I’m choking your riding some marketing materials riding in creating some sort of lead generation system. I will putting time to ward’s it. If you can do anything like half an hour days, all it really tykes and a little bit of work on weekends, and if you have a family i, just honestly believe that it is possible on half an hour a day, keeping your day job and just giving you ask yourself. If I give the good hard crack for 1 year, let’s see how far I can take it and what you got to lose too comfortable having you on the podcast reluctantly, let you let you go I think I have to let you go. The guys have told me:i have to let go just let go let go but I want you to know. I really enjoy having you on this podcast and i. Think that you get to the end of the show with kelly cherry.

On top the final advice you could give to any of our listeners out there. What would be the advice you say, gosh I’ve done a lot I’ve seen a lot. I’ve really been able to have some success at an early age and you’re, not even to where you want to go yet I mean you said you already reaching millions of people per montana. You want to reach tens of millions. What’s the final bit of advice you want to give to all of the thrive nation listing all over the world from australia to oklahoma and beyond. Thank you so much for the kind words I think the biggest thing is from from what I’ve learned is is one of the fastest ways to fast track from where you are right now to where you want to be is finding people that have done what you want to do before and learn from them and hang out with them and and do whatever you can to provide those people value i, know i, serve first and ask light or network, but I think that’s the fastest. Why I like you know that that famous quotes you’re the average of the five people you, spend the most of your time with I really do believe that to be true, like i, just as an example of little story. Just quickly when I was when I was in my day, job and I started founder and I found love with another key, and maybe I can turn this into a thing in a business and I can work on it full time I use. My business coach mindset was at first I hope wish I hope that day comes that I can that I can work on it full time and then and then I meant as time went on and I started. Speaking and and networking hardcore in the surrounding myself, with all the successful found as an entrepreneur’s that were working in that business full time and at building something full-time and being able to support themselves and their families, then it became not.

My mindset started to change and it wasn’t if or harp or like any of that stuff. It was the monster, shooter 2, it’s just only a matter of time or you know it’s going to happen in and I know it’s going to happen and and I think the same mindset is so incredibly important. Just like whatever go you’re at. Let’s say you do too busy want to get to six figures. All you wanted to get your six-figure business decision. We want to get seven-figure business to multiple seven figures. He want to get you have to you know it’s it. It’s all about mine, too I think. That’s probably you know most of the journey most of what’s going to help. You got big portion of what’s going to help you get. There is the belief that you can do it and you can get that belief by seeing others around you. Everyday people like you are there. No smarter than you are I have spoken to mark cuban, richard branson, arianna huffington, all these incredibly insanely successful found, as that everyone looks out to him put on a pedestal, and I can tell you that no smarter than you are i. So you know that they’ve just gotten a fantastic team behind them, a great strategy that work insanely, hard and they’ve been insanely focused. And, yes, there is an element of luck there, but for the most part, that’s all it is that no smiling you are i, so I wish you nothing but success in life and business. You know what I typically don’t taboo our guest and then cheer them within a 90 second window there, but I a hundred percent agree with that business coach idea that that idea that move john wishing and hoping and move into the world world v where you believe it’s going to happen, it’s only a matter of time and i. Also in believing I’m, not wishing and hoping and believing I know that the listeners are going to go check out your website.

That’s founder., com founder., com founder,, where you can read more from a nathan’s, incredible online digital entrepreneur magazine nathan. Thank you so much for joining us from across the pond and may the force and the vegemite be with you. Thank you. So much have an absolute pleasure. Take care, youtube! Alright! Well, I’ll get this all added up there for you, my friend, and what was it up on the podcast and thank you for taking the time. It’s been a pleasure having you on there and and I think you dropped a lot of a negative knowledge that are. Our listeners will really enjoy awesome. Yeah. Thank you. So much for your time. I! Really appreciate the opportunity and I heard from ya what it was as valuable. You have a great workout today. Thank you. So much hope you have a great day. Alright, you take care drive nation, we return. It’s the ask me anything segment of a drive time show on your radio 321 boom. You are now entering the dojo of mojo and the thrive time show time show on the microphone. East stop in the category of business class that you might get motion, sickness and pad to the madness continues:3 2 1 welcome back to the front I’m show on your radio. My name is click clark and the former ussba entrepreneur of the year, the father of five human kids and the incredible man has been lucky enough to be married to the same woman for 17 years, and so we have a thriver by the name of matt. Who has a few questions? I met, you work in r&r office, but you also listen to the business coach podcast, which I believe you did you hear about his first through the radio show where the podcast matt. How did you first hear about myself and my wife won’t we do hit it did that the drive time to show work, irvine and I’ll send them kind of how I wanted to start podcast my own interviewing entrepreneurs, the same thing for him. Did he delete this friday to talk to me information and he’s an awesome, okay, matt?

So you have the floor. Any questions that you want to ask, keep them coming absolutely soaked I’ve been reading the book good to great, and so a couple things that stuck out to me, which, by the way, I talk to his assistant, the other day and i, got a solid rejection, nice, but it was good for him., sorry jackson. What what was talked about in one of the chapters of the book is about charismatic leaders and how a charismatic leader can actually be a detriment to the success of the team do to the people wanting to please leader instead of facing the actual reality of the situation. As somebody with a charismatic personality like yourself and like i, have charismatic personality. What is an example of a red flag mechanism that you can implement or that I can, if meant, to ensure the success in both my personal and my professional life? What will the word charisma as we caught in america, means basically beckett engaging energetic personality, someone who can like a magnetic personality attract people, talk to the original word, curry smell with a k. That means the gift of grace, so I would say. My wife has kristen with ak and i. Naturally, more of the ch over time, I’ve had to learn to be more of the kay gift of grace. Can a person versus the magnetic, personality and I can say this that my biggest pain for me personally, the part that I as a business coach struggle with the most is that people who I don’t want to be around or attracted to me like a bees to honey, and so people like? Oh, my gosh clay. How did you build your dj business and I and I want to say, go away?

Please don’t talk to me because you are not. The kind of person can show up on time and therefore you are not the kind of person that can be successful. So your question doesn’t make any sense. But if you would have showed up on time to ask me the question, then it would have made sense. So you are the kind of guy who will be successful because you’re, the kind of guy that shows up on time. You do what you say:you’re going to do and it’s diligent, proverbs 10:4, says god blesses the hands of the diligent it says:god punishes a slacker, but his god blesses the hands of the diligent it does not say. God blesses the hands of the funny person, but I am funny. I mean I’m good at that it’s kind of a gift I have for my wife is more of the gift of grace kind of person. So I would just say:i can tell you this and vanessa could business. We built dj connection, but it’s at work, but didn’t we attract mean everyone wants to be a part of the business coach show, the atmosphere, the success, but do don’t the people that really last and the people that really make an impact? Aren’t those the guys and gals who are consistent in the ones who do what they say, they’re going to do? Aren’t those people like matt i, can tell you this I have seen this over and over and over. Since you know, we’ve started any company. People are attracted to him because he knows where he wants to go, and he has that. But you said that naturally charismatic personality, the thing that is my pet peeve is that very often a type of personality will be attracted will be someone who is needy, and so they then it’s not enough just to go and do a good job. They need you’re doing a great job. They will come to him like bees to honey.

Looking for that affirmation, and just as a wife that thing that drives me crazy is girls. Are notorious, and all you can do is try to make them aware of it. But for me it’s such a i. Don’t know you guys, do it too, for them just to do a good job I’m going to head to get ahead on those merits. They will go to him and because he’s charismatic he gives them what they’re. Looking for that good job. You know what I mean and they love that, but that is I think something that charismatic leaders they’re always going to track the neediest people because of themselves, but it’s always going to be by default. Does the needy people will be around then I can say this? Is that I agree with what you’re saying from the female business coach perspective and I have no push back, but I would also say that, like dj connection with all dudes and the guys that were the most needy, guys needed that positive affirmation, those are the ones I always needed that. That’s why? If you go to like a tony robbins seminar by and large, it’s filled with people that are never going to start a successful company. It’s filled with people that are like highly needy and they need someone to say you can do it, but I’m telling you right there for listening right now. You can do it, but it’s not because of me. It’s because god made you and he had a plan for your life in any what you were made by mistake, and you just have to understand that god blesses the hands of the diligent it’s not like one sex ago did someone who was a powerful leader, but not only their powerful leader.

He leaves he a firm’s people that he gives, and so people people want that, and that is fine. What I come to it like I need the people who work in the office to be whole people in themselves and to know that just doing a good job and being satisfied in that, because every job that clay’s ever had or I’ve ever had we’ve done great we’ve been promoted, but never have I been you know. If you can’t motivate yourself, you can’t motivate anybody got to be in charge of yourself a transgender people with needs. Anybody out there that you’re transgendered you’re going. How do you leave if you’re, not necessarily in the position or have the authority to leave okay? We come back from the break. I want to get more into this business coach problem. To give that listeners an idea out there just to think about there’s a bible, verse and I like the bible says:i believe it to be the irrefutable word of god. This is an idea. There’s a bible verse that says work as unto the lord, as unto the lord will say what what does that mean. Colossians 3, 23 23 says whatever you do work at it with all your heart as working for the lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will be receiving an inheritance from the lord as a reward, it is the lord christ you are serving so I believe. If you are diligent and consistent overtime, you will ultimately become promoted into a position of leadership. So you want you a want to do. Is you want to everyday lead with your work ethic? You want me the first person there. You literally want to be the first man. This is not a rough cons on I’m saying you want to find out what time john kelly gets to work, anyone to beat john to work, and then you want to be the last person to leave, because that’s how you stand out and that’s how you demand the attention of your stages of drive time radio zumba fitness is, it is the truth or they make that excuse. I’ll be up going to cut the scoreboard, the truth into a like my yoda download.

Now one of the great joys of my life is being able to mentor the members of our team, arlington i, don’t believe in mentoring, client. Only if you are willing to come to work every day. My job is to leave you better than I found you to teach you what you need to know to move on and become successful. I believe working with me is a tour of duty. You learn certain skills and you can move on and I can say we had so many people that have used a working with me as a trampoline as a springboard into their next thing. We’ve got a guy right now that I’m telling you this. He is going to be a success and whatever he does because god bless the hands of the village into this guy’s diligent he’s kind. He is a joy to work with and listen, don’t take my business coach thunder when I went to this guy. He honestly is it just a really great guy to work with. He actually walked over to our offices. He had to differ job and he said:hey I’m, going to work for free. If need be, because that’s not a hypothetical thing that you know, steven spielberg did puff. Daddy did oprah winfrey ryan tedder did oprah winfrey did issues mission throbak? Well, he says he’ll do it for free, so why don’t we just bring the person on that? What’s it going to hurt tired and then we’ll just bring him onto and by the way was working at walmart at the time, I came to work for free for 3 to 4 weeks. That’s how I got my job djing! That’s how I earn my job at text and accounting software that I earned all my first dj gigs. It’s the art of the no-brainer, and so now you’ve earned the right to ask any question.

You want to ask here on this special edition of the drive time, to show your radio matt. What questions do you have for me? Thank you so much for. Let me ask my question:has to do a lot with leadership. Cuz I wanted to build myself as a leader, but how do you lead if you’re not really in the position or if you don’t have the authority to lead? There are three things:america judges you on think about this. Don’t get that don’t get offended, don’t get mad! Take these his coaching moments. 1 people judge you based on your work ethic, so just beat every single person to work just beat him to work. That’s that’s! That’s a huge weird idea when you, when you get it, it’s like it’s so simple, but when you literally beat people to work and you beat them at their work, it’s like an unbelievable combo. Someone is beat them to work, to beat them at work. I just do better than they do like make sure you do better than everybody else. That’s like over work over train over just over deliver over just do more than they did then you’re expected to do when you over deliver you’ll soon get overpaid in the third is speak positive over everyone all the time, and this for me, is a challenge because, when you’re, a coach when owner when you’re somebody in my wife’s position, who does payroll and vanessa I mean give me an business coach example when you, when people turn in their their hours or the miles that they drove from location a to be back, we were running. The dj connection had to guess is a percentage. What percentage of the time with the dj make up the hours that they drove from location a to b to a to an amount that is more than what they actually drove different situation. I think we have a really great team and I can honestly say like if, if that boats with our company truck on a saturday, I wasn’t looking for them. You have life in your perspective right and you didn’t you wouldn’t do that to somebody right now, I’m right now on this microphone in the studio, matt I am probably 15 feet from you from you. It’s weird to me, because it happened twice since I’ve known about it, where a person sitting from me to you, my wife, is like 6 feet away.

Somebody’s from me to you distance is having an affair with somebody who’s working in my office, and it happens multiple times and we just to throw at their office was that needy personality needing attention, eating affirmation they kept giving it kept, giving it and then went to multiple people at the office for it instead of her husband at home and I’m saying is then it’s easy, then, to have a negative view of the world, but people view you from a negative perspective. If you even say that what I just said right now, someone’s going to go all my gosh you’re so negative, what I’m saying is you have to choose to speak positive over everything and everybody a mic when you’re part of the group when you’re in for the business coach team, you would want to praise people that are doing great things and that’s how you stand out over time. If you do that usually takes about a year, then all the sudden you’ll get promoted takes about 6 more months. You move up again couple years, all the sudden you’re in charge of something. Then you do a good job with that. Now, all of a sudden cycles give you more I just explain my path at the right is johnny john’s pass. If you just hold yourself to a higher standard than everyone else, and everyone in every area, people will notice that they’ll be drawn to that, and that’s how you know you have your authority you’re, holding yourself to a higher standard is every job that is assigned to you. Do it like you’re, hiring yourself to do the job eric chop? Does this business all my in-laws and I don’t value my time as an hourly wait, I value what we get done at the day of business coach work and so anything that I need to do I’m pretending, like I’m, hiring somebody I’m paying them to do it? How? What is my expectation, if I’m paying somebody to do something?

It’s pretty high, so I better, live up or even exceed that expectation and that’s how you can get no two people notice that that’s not normal now matt, rapid fire question. You’ve got time for three more questions. I want to talk a little bit about the program that you designed here at thrive. Did you design every single step yourself or yes, you have it or yes, songs about the whole thing. I build all the systems, every single one of them, but I’ll tell you this I build the systems back to venice, searching back when he started dj connection. He wasn’t charging for it. He did it for free, but like i, calling I think you can notice on him, isn’t calling he has on his life. That’s who he is. You know he was doing it before we were charging for it and it’s starting point I think I brought to pay. We should charge for this, but he didn’t naturally inclined to teach it says it’s what he’s made to do, but when I was starting, my business is growing. My business as I had as easy as a mentor I sent albert as a mentor. I have joy montague as a mentor, and they were all people to help me go to the next level. X. Each business coach person push me up to the next level, but I was the one who documented all the systems and processes, because for them it was more intuitive, and for me it was things.

I had to be taught and I wanted to document it into the book called start here. What you all the westerns can download for free at drivetime show.Com, which she have a multiple listings right now, I talked to a guy today, who is buying the book start here on amazon and giving it to new clients as a gift? That’s because it is such a rich boy and it continues to sell every month. So more more every month, because it’s a book that once you read it, you go man there’s a lot in here at my gift is to coach businesses, but I had a lot of feel that blessed me that for them it was more intuitive and we had to be taught those things, but I can and I documented those systems, and that’s what I did matt back to you. Speaking of mentors. What would you say to somebody who is trying to find a mentor trying to find multiple mentors? One mentor only have one. What would you say to somebody who’s going to do a separate, podcast answer your questions and I’ll answer that question? How do you find a mentor, what the process of getting them into work, but before we do that, I want to make sure the listeners know about this. One thing:if you have yet to book your tickets for the june 22nd and june 23rd podcast, june, 22nd and june 23rd business conferences again book your tickets today for the june, 22nd and june 23rd, confer you just got to thrive time, show. Com! You can buy your tickets right there that a bit but has the capacity to absolutely change your life, but we can’t help you if we don’t get a chance to know you to buy your tickets. Today at drivetime, show.Com tacoma conferences button and buy your tickets today, 3 to 1 what you learned and in due time you got money to send. You got money to pay


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