How to Keep Your Emotions in Control, and How to Find Your Flow State

Show Notes

Learn how to master your emotions, why only comedians and musicians have free speech in the world of political correctness and tips for finding your flow state.

How to Keep Your Emotions from Determining Your Motions | The Amygdala Show

DEFINITION – Amygdala – A roughly almond-shaped mass of gray matter inside each cerebral hemisphere, involved with the experiencing of emotions.

ACTION STEPS – How to get people to do things:

  1. Step 1 – Build RAPPORT – People must like and trust you
    1. Script out 5 rapport building questions for your team
    2. Make sure the other person is talking 70% og the time
  2. Step 2 – Find somebody’s NEEDS – Find the problems the person has and solve them.
  3. Step 3 – Deliver BENEFITS – Must support the benefits with facts.
  4. Step 4 – CALL TO ACTION –
    1. Example – Hood CPAs is giving away a copy of Warren Buffet’s only authorized biography “Snowball”.
      1. ISOLATE OBJECTIONS – Make a list of the objections that your ideal and likely buyers have.

FUN FACT – US GDP – Q1 2018 – Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 2.0 percent in the first quarter of 2018

MYSTIC STATISTIC – Why half of Americans can’t come up with $400 in an emergency


MYSTIC STATISTIC – 70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs


Why Only Comedians and Musicians Can Say Anything | Understanding the World of Political Correctness

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A white boy that makes C’s in college can make it to the White House.” – Chris Rock

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Black people dominate sports in the United States. 20% of the population and 90% of the final four.” – Chris Rock

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Who’s judging American Idol? Paula Abdul? Paula Abdul judging a singing contest is like Christopher Reeve judging a dance contest!” – Chris Rock

The Socially Acceptable Lyrics of Rockstar by Post Malone

  1. Go to at the following link to see the breakdown of the lyrics
  2. Ayy, I’ve been f$#@^in ‘ hoes and poppin’ pillies
  3. Man, I feel just like a rockstar (star)
  4. Ayy, ayy, all my brothers got that gas
  5. And they always be smokin’ like a Rasta
  6. f$#@^in with me, call up on a Uzi
  7. And show up, man them the shottas
  8. When my homies pull up on your block
  9. They make that thing go grrra-ta-ta-ta (pow, pow, pow)
  10. Ayy, ayy, switch my whip, came back in black
  11. I’m startin’ sayin’, “Rest in peace to Bon Scott”
  12. Ayy, close that door, we blowin’ smoke
  13. She ask me light a fire like I’m Morrison
  14. Ayy, act a fool on stage
  15. Prolly leave my f$#@^in’ show in a cop car
  16. Ayy, s*@# was legendary
  17. Threw a TV out the window of the Montage
  18. Cocaine on the table, liquor pourin’, don’t give a d$^%
  19. Dude, your girlfriend is a groupie, she just tryna get in
  20. Sayin’, “I’m with the band”
  21. Ayy, ayy, now she actin’ outta pocket
  22. Tryna grab up from my pants
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  24. And they all brought a friend
  25. Yeah, ayy
  26. Ayy, I’ve been f$#@^in hoes and poppin’ pillies
  27. Man, I feel just like a rockstar (star)
  28. Ayy, ayy, all my brothers got that gas
  29. And they always be smokin’ like a Rasta
  30. f$#@^in with me, call up on a Uzi
  31. And show up, man them the shottas
  32. When my homies pull up on your block
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  35. Feelin’ like a pop star (21, 21, 21)
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  43. Your wifey say I’m lookin’ like a whole snack (big snack)
  44. Green hundreds in my safe, I got old racks (old racks)
  45. L.A. b&$%#@s always askin’ where the coke at
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  47. Sweeter than a Pop-Tart, you know you are not hard
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  51. Man, I feel just like a rockstar (star)
  52. Ayy, ayy, all my brothers got that gas
  53. And they always be smokin’ like a Rasta
  54. Fuf$#@^in with me, call up on a Uzi
  55. And show up, man them the shottas
  56. When my homies pull up on your block
  57. They make that thing go grrra-ta-ta-ta (pow, pow, pow)
  58. Rockstar
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  60. Rockstar
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  62. Rockstar
  63. Feel just like a

ACTION STEPS – Things You cannot do:

  1. You cannot make even 1 digital mistake
  2. You cannot be honest unless you are funny.

How to Find Your Happy Place | Flow State 101  

DEFINITION – “In psychology, flow, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting loss in one’s sense of space and time.”

ACTION STEPS – 3 ways to get to flow state in business:

  1. Buy a proven business model franchise
  2. Minimize doing things you do not want to do and schedule activities that you enjoy into your calendar
    1. What do you need?
    2. Where do you need to do it?
    3. When are you going to do it?
    4. Who do you need to do it?
  3. Stop buying things to impress people using money that you don’t have

ACTION STEPS – Make a list of your F6 goals and then ask yourself what is on the list that you do not enjoy.

  1. Say no to those things or people.

4 W’s of Action:

  1. What –
    1. What do you need when you are working to be efficient?
  2. Where –
    1. Where do you need to be to be focused and efficient?
  3. When –
    1. When will you be doing it? Actually put it on the calendar.
  4. Who –
    1. Who do you need there with you to get done what you need to get done?

Youtube links to audio that will help get you in the zone:

  1. Beach –
  2. Focus –

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If skiing does not mean much to you, this complete immersion in an experience could occur while you are singing in a choir, dancing, playing bridge, or reading a good book. If you love your job, it could happen during a complicated surgical operation or a close business deal. It may occur in a social interaction, when talking with a good friend, or while playing with a baby. Moments such as these provide flashes of intense living against the dull background of everyday life. These exceptional moments are what we call “flow” experiences.” –

Why It’s Not About Resources, But It Is About Resourcefulness

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” – George Washington Carver (Originally born into slavery Missouri, George Washington Carver went on to become an American botanist and inventor. He actively promoted alternative crops to cotton and methods to prevent soil depletion. He wanted poor farmers to grow alternative crops, such as peanuts and sweet potatoes, as a source of their own food and to improve their quality of life.)

The Addiction of New | Why You Must Avoid Neophiles

DEFINITION – “Someone who loves and embraces new things and experiences, regardless of whether they are any good.”

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” – Proverbs 10:4

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In my experience, really big ideas often take a decade to reach fruition.” – (Steve Case, founder of AOL, the company who spent $350 million sending CD’s to people to use their product)


  1. Tesla took 10 years to produce a profit.
  2. Amazon took 9 years to turn a profit.
  3. FedEX from 1962 to 1971 to produce a profit.
  4. In 1979 Ted Turner launched CNN as the world’s first all-news all-the-time network and it did not begin producing a profit until 1991.
  5. ESPN was started by Bill and Scott Rasmussen and Ed Eagan in 1978 and the business did not produce a profit until 1985.
  6. Walt Disney started Laugh-O-Gram with  in 1919 and went into bankruptcy in 1923. He then created a character named Oswald the Lucky Rabbits whose rights were stolen by the distributor of the film Margaret Winkler and her husband, Charles Mintz. Thus, it took him until 1929 to create the produce the profitable venture called Silly Symphonies.
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Oh, thrive nation. Welcome back to the best business coach conversation. It is the thrive time show on your radio. Now, on today’s show, Eric Chupp, the renowned best business coach, we my friend, are going to have a potentially a very weird show you never, you know, it’s almost like that twice a week, twice a week, two times a week, twice a week. One time we’re going to do today is we’re going to be talking about seven. Well, it was five main different topics all on the same show. We got a lot, a lot of ground to cover in this first topic we’re gonna get into is how to keep your emotions from determining your emotions. The amygdala show. Alright, so segment, we’re talking about the Amygdala segment two. We’re going to talk about why only comedians and music and musicians can say anything. Understanding the world of political correctness. I mean they’d be. Because these are things. I get emails all the time. People saying, hey, I can’t. Can I say this?

Can I not say this? So let’s first start. I told my team this and now they’ve all left me. Right? So let’s start first with segment number one here. Okay, how to keep your emotions from determining your motion. Well, first thing we all need to know is there’s, there’s a thing in your head called the Amygdala and the Amygdala. Paul, do you spend a lot of time pondering the Amygdala? I do not claim maybe I should, but I do not. I am going to give you a little education about the Amygdala and I’m going to brag on you in the process. Here we go. The amygdala is the almond size part of the brain that controls all of your emotions, right? So you, the, the, the cerebral cortex is the part of your brain that helps control cerebral or critical thinking. So you might meet somebody and say, well, that person’s pretty cerebral.

That’s somebody who’s a really good thinker. Uh, you might, uh, systemically categorize or prejudge the entire field known as CPAS, certified public accountants, and you might say, well, all certified public accountants are pretty cerebral because that’s, that’s, that’s the make and model of the average CPA you would meet. I’ve met many, many CPAS before meeting Paul. And I would say that the only other CPA that I have met that is not cerebral in nature would be a guy by the name of Frank [inaudible], who was my accountant for years. Frank Biscuit was a catcher for the Chicago White Sox who decided to later become an accountant, bill cubs. And uh, but so all I want to share with the listeners out there is that if you are somebody who is cerebral by nature, you’re more analytical, you have less emotional, uh, the emotions don’t control your decisions. You will probably, on average do better in the world of business if you know how to connect with people in a way that makes their amygdala fire.

If you, if you, if you know how to deal with people in a positive way where people want to be around you, then you’re going to do really well, and that’s why Paul, I think Paul has done so well, is that you are cerebral. You think strategically, but you don’t. You don’t have. You’re not an antisocial person. Wait, I thought it was because I was pretty. You are pretty man. Even the fact that you just made that comment proves yet again that you have a knowledge of using the Amygdala a seriously. This is a. This is a big idea. Why is, why is this a big idea? It’s a big idea because a lot of people have a big idea and they can’t sell it. They can’t. They have a product or a service and they just can’t sell it. They can’t communicate the value of what they’re offering to the marketplace and they become poor and very analytical and no matter how many episodes of the Ted talks they watch, they watch no matter how many degrees. I’m sure you’ve met these chip. I’m sure you’ve met somebody who’s gone back to college for the third or fourth degree or certification and they just can’t ever get ahead because they don’t know how to connect with people. They don’t know how to have relationships. Have you ever seen this?

It happens all the time and a lot of times it ends in dramatic best business coach fashion. Like you know, they’ve invested a lot of time and a lot of their money into something only to find out that they’re not a good manager or leader of men, if that makes sense. So

one of the listeners to think about this word Amygdala, look it up and then I’m going to break it down into very actionable and very specific action steps for you. Okay. The amygdala, it’s a m, Y, G, D, a l a. The amygdala. The amygdala, the Amygdala have to do with, with my life. Well as an example, this weekend for elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge. Chip, how many Google reviews did we get from real customers this week? You remember for this? Just for one store, one store, it was like 120 something, 120 727. And do you know why we got 127 reviews this week and do you know why? Four weeks ago we had somebody else on our team who got one one. Why does one person get a hundred and 27 and one person get one? Because these people were fired up to get them their emotional attachment to the goal was there because statia and Melissa know how to engage with other people.

Yeah, it’s this thing called persuasion. Alright, so I’m gonna walk you through the four steps. I want you to put this on the show notes here. Check. This is how to get people to do things. This is how it works. This is does this, this is the move. This is sales or influence one. Oh one step one. You have to build rapport with people. Rapport. That means people have to like and trust you. Paul. You’re an accountant and I’ve met many accountants that don’t seem to care whether people like and trust them and they try to, um, just analytically a pitch them something and it doesn’t work. Can you explain why your ideal and likely buyers buyers have to both like and trust you before doing business with you?

Well, yeah. Just like anything in life, you have to connect with a person and the way you connect with person, with somebody is you actually pay attention. You’re, you’re in the moment with them. You’re present. You listen to what they have to say. Most people only listen to think about what they’re going to say next. And um, I try attempt to be present in that moment to hear what they’re saying, what their needs are, and to put their interest first and, and to be independent and design strategies for them and who’d CPAS. That’s what I teach my team to do as well. Instead of thinking about, all right, I’ve already got your question answered before you even asked it. I want to know why they’re asking the question. And so you just

with them that way, it’s pretty simple, right? Decide if you care. And then if you do care, actually care. That’s right. That’s pretty much it, right? Show the person that you care by paying attention. And here are the. Here are the action steps for the people out there that want to build rapport systemically, like build a script, okay, under step one, these are the action steps. This will be kind of the sub points underneath a step number one, script out, five, rapport building questions for your team. Every time they sit down with a prospect, five rapport building questions, right? And you want to make sure that the prospect or the person you’re talking to is talking 70 percent of the time because you’re asking questions, but they need to be talking and you need to be listening and taking notes right now. Step two, you want to find somebody needs.

You want to find somebody needs. You want to find somebody needs, what are the problems they have and how can you solve those problems? And that’s whether you’re trying to get a job. If you’re applying for a job, find the problems that the business owner has or the manager has or the person hiring has and show how you can solve those problems, right? Step number three, what you want to do is you want to deliver best business coach benefits. Now benefits are you’re telling someone how you solve problems and you have to support those benefits by fax. Paula wanted to get your feedback on this. You’ve met a lot of people that make a lot of claims and say a lot of things, but why do you as a seasoned business owners want to see facts or examples or testimonials and not just verbal bouquets. Why do you want to actually see facts that support the claims of the person who’s trying to sell you something?

Well, we live in a world clay where you think you read it on the Internet and it’s true, or if somebody puts it on facebook, it’s true, but I was taught a long time ago to check the fruit on the tree. If somebody has given me advice or if I’m looking to buy their product, um, I, I, you got to go further because there are so many people that will, that slick lip year. They’ll say this and do one, say one thing and do another thing, and we implement those strategies throughout our business, including when we do interviews, when we, one of the things we have people do is we have them shadow one of our existing people because we want to see what they can do, not what they can say. We’re looking for not necessarily skill and we’re not looking for words. We’re looking for action.

And so you have to go beyond and dig deeper to actually because it’s, you know, clay, we only have so many hours in a day and so many days in a week. It’s just the worst thing. The thing that I hate the most is wasting time on a person, whether I’m trying to give them business, have them as a client or a hire them as an employee is my time’s very, very precious. No more precious than anybody else’s. But you’ve got to dig deeper to figure out if they’re, if it’s just words or if they can actually put action behind the or if they have proven themselves.

As an example, on the thrive time show, we talk about it all the time, but the gross domestic product, the GDP, you call it the growth rate of America right now in quarter one was two point six percent. Okay. Right now as we’re sitting here at the time of this recording, we’re headed into August. All right. We’re headed in August. We’re looking at right now as a country or somewhere between two point six and three point one and there’s all different indicators and estimates and. But the average client that I actually coach, like the ones that I’ve coached, like full package media or phone doctors are barbee cookies or or a tip top canine. They grow across the whole system. Now the average growth rate of our client is 30 percent. Now what’s really crazy? That’s 10 times more than the average business. Footsie. I just said something to you that seemed believable or you can’t believe it.

You’re saying, so you’re saying that your system grows companies at 10 times the rate of the average business. Well, here’s what’s crazy thrivers we have some of our clients like platinum pest, they’re growing by 400 percent, 500 percent, and so when a company is growing at that rate, that actually makes the average really high. And then you have some people that, uh, come into the program and they don’t do anything and we have to tell them, hey, it’s not a good fit, but the average, despite the people who don’t do anything and people will do, do something, is still 10 times the rate of growth of the average, a 10 times more than the average rate of growth for the average American business. And if you don’t believe me and I don’t want you to believe me, you see this. The thing is I don’t want you as a result of today’s show, do not believe what I’m saying. I’m trying to teach you how to keep your Amygdala from controlling you. Go to thrive time, Click on testimonials and watch real business owners like you that have had growth. Go into Dr Robert Zoellner and associates and see a real optometrists killing it. Go to the auto auction and see it work. Go to Oklahoma City and see us constructing our fourth elephant in the room. Go to Boise, Idaho in book dog training with tip top canine. Don’t trust but verify. Paul Paul. You had some.

You’re going to say that. That’s exactly why we offer an hour for free because you know people talk. They hear us on the radio and all of that and and I’m same thing. Don’t believe what I say. Come sit down in my office and get that hour for free and see how much you gain out of that one hour. Not that we’re anything special, but we actually are special because we go forward, we take, we were forward looking and that’s really why I give that hour for free. Click

now. Step four is the call to action, the call to action. As an example, at hood cpas right now, if you do it today, I can’t say they’re going to do it forever, but if you do it today or whenever you hear this program, okay, and the offer might not be valid, then there’s no pressure to do it immediately, but if you want a free copy of Warren Buffett’s only authorized biography that is called the snowball, the book snowball. It’s the only authorized biography that Warren Buffet has put out there. The most successful investor, arguably of our generation, I’d say outside of Ray Dalio, very successful, he. Paul’s going to give you a free copy of the book. If you schedule your free one hour consultation that hood, but again, build rapport, fighting needs, delivering benefits. Call to action. Now the final little, a kind of a sub point here, chef on called action.

Make a list of the objections that your ideal and by ideal and likely buyers have. That’s the next step. Make a list of the objections that your ideal and likely buyers have because it’s foolish for you not to prepare for the objections that you know you’re going to get anyway, and if you will methodically make this plan before the shots start firing before you’re quote unquote, trying to sell something before your nerves and the fear and all that starts to overtake you before your Amygdala begins to take over your mind, you’ll do well, but the people that don’t take the time to plan out their day and their scripts and their systems, they never win. So we come back. We’re going to talk about the power of meditation and how that can help you think strategically. Stay to get ready to enter the thrive time. Show three, two, one.

All right. Thrive nation now or top of the itunes charts. We decided to broadcast to space. So one of the aliens listening

sing to the show. Welcome onto the thrive time show on your radio and podcast downloads. Thank you. Thank you sir. That’s a Robin Williams reference, right? That’s impressive. Okay, and we’re talking today about many topics all in one show, but this first topic is how to keep your emotions from determining your motions. And we’re talking about the Amygdala, which is roughly an almond sized mass of gray matter inside your cranium, your best business coach head, alright. And it causes you to experience emotions. People that have ever had a traumatic brain injury, um, who hurt their Amygdala, injured or Amygdala, they don’t process emotions. A lot of times people who have been abused a lot, they are no longer express emotions, right? Um, a lot of times people who have been through a lot and their life like a bill bellacheck, like the coach bill bellacheck up the New England patriots, like Gregg Popovich, like, uh, I would say any coach that you admire who’s been in the nfl for a long time, who consistently wins, you’re going to notice there’s a certain stoicism that they develop over time and they have to, as a means of survival. You can’t be going up and down radically and emotionally all the time where you’re just going to lose. And so what I want to teach you, I’m Mr Listener, Mrs Listener, is how to strategically plan your day in a world where there are a lot of emotions. So I’m going to walk you into my last year. Well, let’s say let’s go two years ago, dateline two years ago, and I’m gonna walk you through the stuff I deal with and you tell me how you would handle it. Okay, here we go.

Here we go. We’re going. Here we go. So Harry cares pretty excited about this. I go to work one day and I noticed that a woman on my team has wet hair and I noticed another man in my building has wet hair too. They come in at the same time with wet hair. And I think to myself, that’s interesting. It’s weird. I noticed though that this person’s husband is out of town and he works in the office too. So a male in our office is that a town and his wife and another man in our office come to work at the exact same time with wet hair. He’s gone for about four days. I noticed this happening three of those four days, so I think to myself, something’s probably going on here. That’s weird. So I wrote it down on my to do list and check why did I write it down on my to do list before drawing conclusions, before having assumptions, why do I put it on my list? Because you’re going to block out time to think about it later. You can’t do it right now during the middle of the day and you don’t have to forget about it. So you’ve gotta put it somewhere. So everyday I get up one hour before the work day. I always get up and I plan my day, one hour, one hour a day every day and everybody was. Everybody I’ve ever met who becomes a billionaire or multimillion of, they all do this. You want to spend an hour a day thinking,

so 4:00 AM the next day after I saw this be what hair. I thought to myself, the woman who has what typically comes to work, that’s not abnormal, but the other guy who came to work early, he never comes to work and they seem like they’re kind of joking with each other, but I’ve noticed that that only seems to happen when the husband was gone, so I put it on my list just

to talk to the person. Yep. But no, no, no, no, no, no, because I’m a smart guy. I thought, you know what?

I need to think about that for maybe an hour, 30 minutes. So I think to myself, if I do go talk to this person and they do admit that they might or might not be having extra marital affair. If they admit that, then I might lose a key member of my team and I might find myself without a key member of my team and if the other man the accomplish gets busted, I probably will have a, another member of my team down. I’m going to have two members of my team down so I probably better not had that conversation. Should be going to battle shorthanded.

See what I did. You put it on your list and I didn’t know. I didn’t. I didn’t do. I didn’t do it right. I just put on my list. I put a marker because my list is accessible to other people. I just put a note, deep thoughts and then I watched it happen and then I was doing the group interview during the group interview, during the group interview and then when I found a replacement that was equal or better than both people involved, I sat him down and I said, here’s the deal. There’s been times where you to come to work with wet hair and it was only when your husband’s out of town. So I want to know are you guys go to a hair salon in the morning together? Is that where you go to a swim club? Real conversation. Yeah. And they said, what, what, why, why, why?

What, what, what, why? What’s going on? What do you mean? What are you, are you accusing? I remember I asked one question and they’re like, are you accuse you accused? Are you? Why would you? Unbelievable. So then I said to myself then I thought, well, I can say it out loud now because I thought strategically, I think youtube guys have a horizontal relationship. Didn’t know. I just feel like that they’re very parallel, you know what I mean? And uh, I want to bring it up. I think this is a not a. and then I never saw him again. It’s like the movie ghost or something. They’re gone. And those scenarios happened to me everyday. Had somebody this week, a elephant in the room, our men’s grooming lounge, we have really, really good stylists and have one stylist that we saw on camera passing a card out to a member and saying, hey, if you will call me direct, I’m starting my own thing here by the mall and I would love for you.

Don’t we pay more than any other salon in town? Uh, we have very consistent the number of customers. We have thousands of members. We have a great team, a really great team. But somebody on my team told me, hey, this person is trying to steal customers, but I can’t go off of third party knowledge. I have to trust but verify, right? But my emotions, my amygdala at the moment that I heard about it, I was so mad for 30 seconds, stamen 30 seconds and then I go back to my best business coach morning meditation time and I think to myself, you know, Gosh, I should probably check the tape before I jumped to conclusions. So Paul, for anybody out there who’s not familiar with prayer time or strategic planning, why do you have to do your strategic planning when you’re not in the trenches of the day to day battle known as business? Why do you need to plan your day before or after the day and not during the middle of the day? Well, you have to be prepared, you know, people that

in life, whether it’s in business or their personal life or anything, they’re just running around and, and putting out fires. And the reality is, is if you spend an hour, hour and a half in the morning, you’ll get done more in the remaining six and a half to seven hours. If you only work eight hours a day, then you would have been in 12 or 13 hours because you’re prepared and you’re focused and you’re set and you’re. You know exactly what you’re going to do after you finished the current task

and it’s you can use some of this at a time for actual self reflection, right? It. Socrates, I believe, says know thyself. Yes, and you’ve got to know what your triggers are and what’s gonna set you off, so you need to think back yesterday had a couple situations that I handle those in a good way that helped me or hurt me. That’s what people do wrong right there. Did I hurt somebody’s feelings? I do this wrong, so you gotta know what your triggers are so that you understand the profound illness of what chuck just said and according to psychology today, if you read any of these studies here, I’m telling you, when you’re, when you’re, when you process emotions, your amygdala begins to operate and when you’re a migdal operates, your cerebral portions of your head can no longer thinks there’s no strategy. Yeah. Can’t think strategically when you’re emotional. So what you want to do is block out time to think when you’re not emotional and they’re finding that people who are not turning their smartphones off are never unemotional. Their Amygdala is always on right because they’re constantly responding to a facebook post they disagreed with that are really designed to phones that way. Right? If you engaged not telling you, turn the phone off fast from your smartphone in everyday, get up one hour before the rest of the world and think strategically about your life and one of the things you might think about is,

do I like spending a ton of money on office supplies? I should call onyx imaging today, onyx

10. The world’s best business workshop led by America’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing us proof that you did it, and your contact information to [email protected].

Welcome back to the conversation. It is the thrive time show on your radio. Now, during each and every radio show and I’m trying to do is to try to make our show a source of encouragement and positivity in a world I believe of, of what does a lot of negativity. There’s a lot of hate. I wouldn’t say that world, uh, overall, like every aspect of, of life is terrible, but I would just say there are a lot of negative headlines, a lot of negative things out there on social media and I want our, our social media at thrive to be always positive. And so what I wanted to share with you today, Mr and Mrs Listener, are some winds from some real thrivers out there just like you. One thriver we work with, his name is Robert and he has a, a company that does, it’s a, it support.

Just this week. My main man has reported closing some serious numbers of deals as a result of implementing his dream 100 system. Uh, we have a company called lake shore plumbing that has grown. Oh yeah. This month alone, it looks like by about 20 percent so far. That’s awesome. Twenty percent growth. Um, there is uh, the Curtis Music Academy, the Curtis Mute Music Academy, Curtis Music Academy, and other coach Harley reported today that they are just dominating, getting those google reviews, their sales are up, good things are happening and I, I cannot tell you how excited we are for you at the thrive nation when you actually take what you’re learning and you implement it. And so what I like to do when I can is to take a moment to feature real thrivers just like you who are having massive success and allow you to hear their voices allow you to hear them sharing their stories.

And so now without any further ado, I’m going to share with you a little audio from a thriver out there just like you, just like you. I got up to the name of Ryan wimpy and his company is called tip top canine. And he’s going to share with you how have they been able to increase their sales dramatically. Did you know that two years ago they would have a good month and they might do $30,000 of sales in a month and not last Saturday. But the Saturday before, so two saturdays ago, they did over $32,000 of sales on one Saturday, get out of town. That means they’re doing more sales in one day. They used to do in an entire month. And we hear these stories over and over again and you can find these testimonials by going to thrive time forward slash testimonials. So now that any further, I do a little best business coach success story for you from our good folks at tip top canine.

I am Ryan. Yep. And I’m Rachel Lindsay and the name of our businesses kept tapping. Our business is a dog training business. We help people with behavioral issues and teach their dog how to listen. When I was learning to become a dog trainer, we didn’t learn anything about Internet marketing or advertising or anything at all. Just dog training. And that’s what’s so great about working with clay and his team because they do it all for us. For the weekend show is on our passion and that’s training cleaned. His team here, there is so enthusiastic. Your energy is often charged. Never a dull moment. We’ve been working with clay and his team for the last five months, two of which had been our biggest month ever. One our biggest gross by 35 percent. Please help just make anything from brochures to stickers, new business cards, new logos, scripts for phones, scripts for emails or text message scripting for everything would describe the weekly meetings with his team are awesome.

They’re still effective. It’s worth every minute things get done. We’ll ask for things like different flyers and they’re done before our national, so it’s just awesome. Extremely effective. If you don’t use clay and his team, you’re probably going to be pulling your hair out or you’re going to spend half your time trying to figure out the online marketing game and producing your own flyers and marketing materials, printed materials, all the stuff like that. You’re really losing a lot as far as loss, productivity and last time not having a professional do it has a real sense of urgency and that actually knows what they’re doing. When you already have something that’s your core focus, you already can also be missing out with all of the ingredients, will feed into working with his team, would recommend clay and his team to other business owners because they need to be working on in their business and not just trying to figure out the online game which is complex and changing daily so no one has a marketing team to most people don’t and they can’t afford one and their local web guy or a local person that they know probably can’t do everything that a whole team and a whole floor of people can do in hours and not just weeks or months.

There’s a definite sense of urgency with clay and his team. I used to have to ride other web people. Really, I mean really ride them to get stuff done and stuff is done so fast here. People, there’s a real sense of urgency to get it done. Great.

Thrive nation. In fact, Ryan and Rachel are now doing so well that they’re allowing people out there just like you to open up tip top canine locations in your city. And here’s the kicker. It will cost you $1 to license the business model. One dollar for the first 10. I think we have nine point eight. We had a couple in from Washington, D, C, Washington Fianna. And uh, her, uh, uh, fiance jake came in, they’re members of the US military. They came in today that to shadow and I think they’re gonna be moving forward. But if you’re interested in, in being able to make over $100,000 a year, a while training dogs, uh, your phone never rings because they have a call center. The answers the phones for you. You never have to do the marketing because they do that for you. All you have to do is invest between five and six weeks to learn the trade toward the skilled. Lauren had actually trained dog training the dog in one thriver out there, just like you took the plunge. He took the challenge, he took some action steps. He did, and his name is seth.


Chuck, give us the update, what is going on with seth and tip top Canine Oklahoma City. So super seth has been open for his first four weeks full month and he did $36,000 in total sales by himself. And that’s at a 40 percent margin or more? Yes. So that means that he personally is going to make in his first month. Let me tee this up here because I went to a public school 36,000 hundred. Why are you ripping up? Let me just sound $14,400 that he would have been his freshman year. It’s good. That’s crazy. You got to know sets of diligent guy. He prepared. He took all of the action steps necessary before he launched it. He did everything that we showed him the path and he followed that path and he is just crushing it. So shout out to seth. You’re doing awesome man. Just keep grinding.

So if you’re out there and you’re saying, look, I know the average will put us on the show notes, but the average American, according to the Federal Reserve has less than $400 saved. If you’ve, if you’ve accepted that fact, right? If you have, you’ve accepted. Well, that’s a, that’s a really positive factor, buddy. Can you accept the fact that the average American today hates their job? According to Forbes, 70 percent of Americans hate their job. If you could buy a job that you like, that could pay a six figures a year, I mean, wouldn’t you want to know more about it? But again, don’t take my word for it. Go to tip top And, uh, you know, read the reviews, watched the video reviews, maybe reach out to some of the locations and see how their experience has been. And we come back, we’re gonna. Talk about another best business coach topic today, which is crazy. Then their top very controversial topic with the first room was managing your emotions. Now the second topic is a little bit out there. It’s why only comedians and musicians can say anything anymore. Why only comedians and musicians are allowed to say anything anymore because if you’re out there in the world of business, you do have to make sure that you don’t end up, uh, getting ostracized by your community as a result of saying the truth.

So sometimes you have to leave. You’d ever want to be dishonest, but sometimes you’d have to maybe do some self editing to not irritate your ideal and likely buyers. They just thrive. Time show on your radio.

Allright. Thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former U s SBA entrepreneur of the year, best business coach, and the father of five human kids. And this next topic we’re gonna talk about today is a one that I’ve seen happen during my short lifetime. Thirty seven years old. I was born in 1980 and I remember when you would go out as a kid on your bike, you’d ride your bike up and down the street one of times you would a wavy wave at people while riding your bike. You got really good. You wouldn’t use hands when you rode your bike, right? Uh, I remember as a kid, you know, you ride up and down that street and uh, you, you maybe try to stand up on the back seat of the bike, all driving, got pegs on the back and somebody stands on them.

You got somebody sitting on gold bars, you know, and the thing was we didn’t wear helmets. Nope. No one wore a helmet and a, we somehow survived the eighties, you know, um, but now you’re in a kind of a culture where people need to wear a figurative helmet all the time of figurative helmet because anybody can be offended at any time. And I am of the opinion that this is my take on it, that if you’re offended, if you allow somebody to offend you, that’s not really good for you. It’s a deal. Where, if so, as an example, um, I believe that, um, Asians, the Asians, my friends who are Asians, they on average outwork my friends who are Caucasians. Now you see, I just said what I believe to be something. I’ve seen a pattern for my own life. I’ve just told you that I believe that I’ve, my friends who’ve I had throughout my lifetime.

I think of Angelo, I think of Dr Joe Lye. I think they outwork the Non-asians, the Caucasians, the white people. This is just a take that I’ve, I’ve seen because I was in commercial real estate for a long time and I’ve been in business for a long time and I can just tell you all of the Asian clients I’ve ever had, they just grind and it’s. But if you go to like a music recital today and you go to any music recital or any ballet, I’m telling you what, you’re going to see an Asian kid just dominating the piano lessons or I’m also going to say this, this is good. This is like an anti white show or is this anti white shit? Um, if you go to an NBA game, you got an NBA game and National Basketball Association game, you go to the game. Um, I asked you this rhetorically.

What is the skin color of the average player? Not Not all players, and I’m not saying that Asians can’t play basketball. Jeremy Lin, one of my favorite basketball players is Asian, Asian, but the average player is what race or background typically. Typically as I asked you that Mr Thriver, so when you’ve been bringing up the idea, it creates this tension of like, Oh man, this is going to be the show that ends the show. Is this show? This is the show. The last one says, oh, this will be it right here because people are so easy, easily offended today. And so when I wanted to do as a fun example is I wanted today to ask you the question, Mr thriver rhetorically. Mrs thriver. Why can only comedians and musicians say anything anymore? I mean, well, how come you can go to a comedy show and a comedian? Jeff, have you been to a comedy show? Yeah. Yeah. Seen Seinfeld a couple of times. Do you like comedy? I love comedy shows. Why can comedians say anything they want to say and curse all the time and there are no out of bounds at all, but yet if you were to say the same things in an office environment, it would not be employed. Yeah, I’m going to file a harassment,

right. I, I think a big part of it is expectations, right? Like you’re going to the comedy show and that’s what you expect them to do. That make sense?

Okay. So now let’s talk about musicians, musicians, because people don’t listen to the words to songs. They just listened to the beat and they justify it that way. To me, I just listened to the beat. I don’t even listen to the lyrics. I just listened to the beat. I’m just listening to the beat. All the soccer moms or in their car and they get to the verse and they’re going, huh? Nah, Nah, uh, uh, it’s too late to apologize too late. And then they go, oh, I’ve got to apologize because nobody knows the verse. They just know the chorus. But one of the songs, it’s been in the top 40 this year, just just one of them. I mean there’s so many. They’re, they’re hilarious. But I recently have taken a fascination with post Malone and listening to his lyrics because I’ve thought to myself, why is it offensive to point out to someone that they’re late or that somebody needs to be?

Why is it offensive to even talk about firing people? Right? Why is it offensive to call somebody on stealing from you? Right. Why is it offensive to chip? There’s so many. These are things that as a business owner, people said, I was offended. Yeah. Why is, why is my tone an issue when I have to fire somebody? Like wouldn’t you have to fire someone to hold them accountable? People say, use your tone. Really it’s the problem. Just your town. Why is that offensive and why is this next song not offensive? So I’m gonna. Go ahead and play the song. Now I’m going to have a read the lyrics to us. I’ll play some epic music so you can read the lyrics, but just thrivers listen for 10 seconds. This is post Malone Song Rockstar here, the lyrics, so come and see if you can see why this song is socially acceptable on the radio today.

You just talked about having an Uzi.

Chuck. Can you read the lyrics and kind of slow and that way we can really soak in and try to understand why this song is not offensive to anyone.

Alright. Starts. Hey, I’ve been f and hose and pop and pillys man. I feel just like a rockstar. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Hey. Hey. All my brothers got that gas and they always smoking like a

Rasta gastro problems. Continued probiotics. They need something that Evan with me. Call up on a Uzi and show up. Man. These mandates that us. Nice. Okay. Whatever that means. When my homies pull up on your block, they make that Dango Tathata. He’s implying that he’s going to pull up to your neighborhood with an Uzi and shoot in a drive by a switch. My whip come back in black. I’m starting saying rest in peace bond. Scott Scott probably got shoved one. Oh Hey. Close that door. We’d be blowing smoke. She asked me like a file, like I’m Laura Sa. Oh, nice. Hey, hey. Active fool on stage. Probably leaving me f and show in a cop car. Ah, that’s an inspiration. That’s a, that’s a goal. You can ask. Setting a goal to goal. He wants to leave his own. Show a. It has lights on it. It’s marketing.

Pr Isn’t good. Good. Hey, hey. S was legendary throughout a TV on the window of the montage where he’s bragging about how he threw a TV out of the window of a hotel, cocaine on the table. Liquor pour and don’t give a d dude. Your girlfriend is a grouping. She just trying to get in, was saying I’m with the band. Hey, hey, hey. Hey. Now she acting out of pocket. Trying to grab up on from my pants. Hundred bees in my trailer saying they ain’t got a man and they all brought a friend. Hey. Hey. Yeah. The friendly organization. It’s very friendly. Hey, I’ve been hose and popping pillys man. I feel just like a rockstar. This thing that you could aspire to do. Hey, hey, hey. All my brothers got that gas and they always be smoking like a roster. I appreciate he was sharing with his friends. He’s from sharing is caring. I’ve been with me. Call up on an Uzi and show up man the shots. Ha Ha. Nice. Well, my homies pull up on your block. They make that thing go. Okay, stop. Stop. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t hit it.

So why is it gets worse from there? I just want to say why is that? Why is that? Why is that not offensive and why is it offensive to hold your best business coach team accountable? Why is it offensive to fire people? Why is it offensive to what does it even mean to be offended? I mean, what does it mean truly to be offended? You’re blowing my mind right now, but why? Why don’t even know why we break it down. Can you explain? Can you explain to the listeners out there? Because you have a lot of business owners out there who they come to us for coaching and you’ll say to them, as a coach, what you need to do is install cameras in your office to catch the people that are stealing from you and not following your systems, or you’ll need to install call recording so that you can record the calls and make sure your team is not gossiping and deviating from the script and what percentage of the time do people question the ethics of asking or of installing a phone system or video. Probably half

the time. I mean, can I get real? Yeah. Yes. You’ve got to get us a good solid minute before the break. I think that a lot of this has to do with people putting themselves in the employee’s shoes and thinking, oh, I wouldn’t want to get caught taking a break when I wasn’t going to do that or, or they’re scared of what they’re going to have to do when they find out what those people are doing and that evidence. So it’s like a fear of firing them and people not knowing how to train. Not knowing how to hire, not knowing how to fire this context, please do yet, but I’m working with a client a while back there and they checked the camera that they check the tape

and they found that one of their clients would

he we’re meeting with clients in the phone?

Yeah, the lady, the lady personal trainer with taking hold mail client into a sauna and with meeting with them for up to a half hour at a time. Typically they also found that that leads to a personal trainer. They will. They will also fill in a lot of membership and I can tell you that I did with faith that I think I know money coming. Why the members of the it fields will go, went up because it was hopping in the sauna and she’s got a good consultation.

Two men, 13 multimillion dollar businesses. Eight kids, one business coach radio show. It’s the thrive time business coach radio show with Dr Zellner and Clay Clark.


All thrive nation. Welcome back to the conversation. It is the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. That’s Colton Dixon on the hooks. Colton Dixon on the verse, and if you have yet to check out Colton Dixon, he’s a top 40 artists produced Christian music, uh, songs in the past that have been in the top 40 on the Christian music charts and now he’s putting out a new album that will be a, not a, it’d be an album where if you like a maroon five, um, if you are down with one republic, if you like, imagine dragons, you’re going to love his new album. Whether you’re into Christian music or not. I know you’re going to love it. It’s a game changer. You do not want to miss out on his new album, but check out his current [email protected]. I could not be more excited about Colton Dixon’s newest album.

We’re talking right now about why only comedians and musicians can say anything and understanding the world of political correctness. I want to make this very actionable for all the listeners out there. This is so big, so big, so big. But first I want to read things you can’t say and things you can say. So that way we know what we can say and can’t say. Right? So if you’re a comedian, can you read the first notable quotable from Chris Rock? What does Chris Rock had to say? The comedian Chris Rock. He says a white boy that makes cs in college can make it to the White House. Now he can say that, right? He can say that. Right? But you can’t say the reverse of that statement if you want to have a job right in America. All right? So Chris rock goes on to say, what does he say next? Black people dominate sports in the United States. Twenty percent of the population and 90 percent of the final four. Okay. And that’s a fact what you just said as a fact. Right? But that’s the kind of stuff you probably don’t want to say at work. Now, the next notable quotable who’s judging American idol? Paula Abdul, Paula Abdul, judging a singing contest like Christopher Reeve, judging a dance contest. Now that’s something you can’t say at work.

Can you say that on a radio show? Did I just get myself in trouble?

Floating it whatever you want. But those are things you can’t say right now. Here are things you can say if you’re a. If you’re a musician. So to jump, please read just one more time. Give us, give us the really [inaudible] post. Malone has a song called Rockstar that currently is in the top 40 and I want eric to re. Let’s just get through this. Let’s get to the end of the song. Let’s get to the end you because it gives you the way it goes. Pop music goes verse, Chorus, verse chorus than typically you go to like a bridge. Then you get an amplified chorus. So could you read here kind of when we get into the, the, the, the third time to the chorus in that, that third verse. Cause that’s a really good best business coach number. You thinking to start with a little line over here. Well I think, I think you’d go from 16 down here. We probably go from slide 16. Here we go. Yeah, go for it here and let me get my music credit. This is my epic notable quotable music as we read post Malone’s lyrics to rockstar through a TV, out the window of the montage cocaine on the tables, liquor pouring. Don’t give a d. don’t give a d dude. Your girlfriend is to. Your girlfriend is a groupie. She just tried it. Trying to get in saying I’m with the band, the band. Hey, hey, hey. Now she acted out of pocket trying to grab up from my pants. You. It’s crazy. The hundred bees in my trailer say they ain’t got a man and they all brought. Glad you’ll read the edited version of this because I read it earlier. I just got my fault. Percolated. No. Hey, hey. Hey. Hey. I’ve been effing Hosan puffing billies. Then I feel just like a rock star now when he fits. I think what he means is he has been finding because he did the gardening because a farmer, some of the song about farming and the fifth popping pills. I think that topic pillows, pillows, pillows. When you shake your pillows out, you on the pillow. That’s what he ended up going a whole day out there. Farming. Hey, no, we just pop a pill.

Hey, hey. All my brothers got that gas and they always be smoking like a raw star. They got gastro intestinal problems isn’t the thing. Got The bow with me. Call up on an Uzi and show up man. Damn. Chats with effort. I think what he means he meant to say like focus, focus, focus. Focus in this. Call up on an Uzi. Now I think what He. He, he missed pronounced uber. That is that. That’s probably true that Mr. Gluck please and show up man. Don’t be shy. Ties. When my homies pull up on your block, they make this thing go. I do know that part of the about gang banging. Will you go when you pull up to an intersection and you just shoot your movie? That part? No. No, no. Dad. No, no, no, no, no, no. This is a new tony the out there.

They’re a hot potato po. I’ve been in the hills F and superstars. He the focus on the feeling like a pop star. Oh, nine. Twenty one. Twenty one, 20. Oh, nine. I keep going to the good now. Drinking henny bad bs, jumping in the pool. That Pinot in Timothy and they ain’t got no bra on. Whoa. Whoa. That is that. If you hit her from the back, pulling on her track. Neath talking about they get to a car accident, back tennis court. The backhand right in the bedroom and now she’s screaming out. No Muss. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They like savage. Why you got a 12 car garage that this is getting interesting and you only got six cars.

Okay. Understand I ain’t. I ain’t with the cake. And how you kiss your wife is saying I’m looking like a home snack. Felt creative green. Hundreds in my safe. I got old racks, old La. Always asking where the cocaine favorite authors. He was the carbonated beverages. So temperance cards, not co given like a rockstar smash out on a cop car or advocating attack. And the belief is that all makes sense. Both of them confuse individually than a pop tart. Oh No, you are not hard. I’d done made the hot chart member. I used the trap hard, this whole thing, this whole thing with that right there was graded live in like a rock star, like a rockstar.

The crazy. No, this is a guy post. Malone has fun. He’s writing lyrics that are crazy. They’re crazy. They’re super terrible. They’re awful. I felt like I was on a test, like I was like, let’s see if I could actually do that. So here’s what we’re going to do now. We’re going to do now is I’m going to make a list of the things you can’t do in the digital age has action items. I’m going to put this here on segment number four, and if you guys will just please Mr. best business coach Listener, please, please, please Mrs. Listener, please implement these action steps. One, you cannot make even one digital mistake. You can’t make even one digital mistake. So a regrettably, I had a friend of mine, a very well who ended up coming out where he had, you know, um, nudity associated with his family and it’s all over the Internet and never can take it down.

It’s not going to to come back. It’s just good. And so whenever you google this person’s name, you’re always gonna see it, right? That’s not good. Um, another friend of mine got into a war with somebody on social media, pretty intense stuff back and forth, back and forth, and, uh, the things that were alleged about him were pretty intense. And he responded with things were pretty intense. And then it just ends up looking bad on the business owner is not good. Another thing, another thing you can’t do is you can’t be honest anymore unless you’re funny. Now, if you’re funny, you can be honest. Now it, that’s not my quote. Lee Cockerell, the former executive vice president of Walt Disney world resorts, has said that statement before. If you’re gonna, if you’re, to be honest, you’d better be funny. And, uh, Michael Levine, the PR consultant of choice for Michael Jackson for Nike, for Prince. He has said that to me directly. He said, if you’re going to be honest, you’d better be funny. And there’s this, there’s a certain truth to that. People today are so easily offended, mean back when I played sports as a kid. If you played in your team, lost. We knew. I mean back when I played sports, we knew who won and who lost. You remember that jump you’d play and if you lost you, you were aware of it.

I mean we want all the time. So yeah, I was aware of who the losers were for Shao. Humbly, humbly chop. Did you, did you not? You played soccer. I played soccer. Football. When you last, were you not aware of it? Yes, we definitely won or lost the. Have you been to a sporting event now where they don’t keep score? Have you seen this in kid sports? I have and we quit. What sport did you try? Soccer and they didn’t keep score, right? That’s what I’m saying. Yep. So even on. The funny thing is like lily, she liked soccer and she enjoyed it, but I could tell there was no engagement. She would just kind of run around because there was no point to the game. So think about this. I want you to share with the listeners and example,

probably seen this in the office where I’ve played somebody recorded calls in front of them because we record our calls for quality assurance and when I play their calls, they get offended. Have you ever seen that? Kind of or when someone’s late to work and I point out to them, stop being late. Yeah. Have you ever seen these scenarios happen behind the scenes of the thrive time show and slash or elephants

in the room? Yeah, I mean it happens and it’s those c and d level players who are consistently have those behaviors and they get so emotional or they fight back or push back at you because they feel attacked because subconsciously they know they’re wrong and so they’re trying to project onto you. What do you do any. Any voices at all? Like this is what’s fun. We do our radio show all the time and so I might say introduced what we have. We’re doing a radio show, a, I might be talking about a call center. Nobody think of regarding the EPA in the room and how can I help you? And we’re going to get one person who will email when you said they give regarding the elephant in the room out. Nope,

you didn’t provide that. The person who’s answering at fault for the end of it and the room was from India. And I appreciate it. Well listen, get off the podcast. Or if I do the ladies, man, you know it’s based on a Saturday night live character. Even if I ever see you with. Thank you for listening to the show. Somebody is going to say, are you, are you making fun of men? Are you? Who are you trying to? What are you really trying to do? What’s your motive? Or if I ever imitate a female and as that is so amazing. Karen. Oh, you are so special. Where’d you get that? Kale? You chauvinist Richard. Get the kill. That’s an unbelievable with I ever do that. Or if I ever do the Minnesota. Oh yeah. Oh, don’t know. Gentle. Oh for cute. What was that about? Come with bjorn.

Oh, north short. Don’t know. I’m going to town. Don’t you know, can’t complain. It could be worse if you. If I do those different voices, it really makes people mad. I’m vaguely had. We’ve had a person recently calling. This was about six months or so ago. They said that our show is becoming a just because I had done this voice, two shows in a row. Mabel texts three of facebook and I’ll fax you over my mp3s. They would really go well high. Whereas Bernie Mabel left. We went over this. I know, or if I do the redneck voice, hey, hey man, you can put a berm on a frog, which you can’t, but you just got a frog with a perm. And I was like, science. I mean anytime you. If I imitate a Marvin the Martian, ah, that’s a character where he’s. Isn’t that delightful?

But that can over time become. I’m kind of sounds like someone is mentally deficient soon. Hey, job. And so great. Thanks for being on the show. Their chat. Ah, or if I imitate somebody named Skyler Brah, Brah Brah, how are you brown? Welcome to wholefoods brand. All of a sudden somebody gets offended every single time. There’s people to get offended. Don’t you think I’m sexy chef? What are my pumps? I mean if I, if I do those, any type of Scottish voice or if I do any type of Arnold Schwarzenegger voice, somebody you got to get to the job job. We’ve got to do Pompa Dib. But anyway, people get very offended and I say that because I get it every day. I don’t talk about it a lot on the show. I don’t sit there and talk about all the times that people email me hateful things, but it happens everyday.

Delete. So the only way to avoid criticism is to say nothing. Be nothing and do nothing, but you really do have to observe those rules that we went over earlier. You just can’t make even one digital mistake. Post something on social media. Think about it, go to bed and then get up and if you really need to post post after you slept on it, post Malone seriously, post your social media posts after you thought about it for 24 hours for real and don’t attempt to be with your staff unless you’re funny. If you’re funny, people can put up with it. They laugh, they giggle, it’s fine, but if not, if you’re going to be captain kangaroo, captain best business coach candid, captain intense, and you’re not going to be funny. You’re gonna. Get ready for massive turmoil back at your stay to make sure you never miss it broadcast by signing up for the thrive time show podcast and back to a show that’s cooler than the other side of the pillow. It’s the thrive time business coach show.

He’s welcome to thrive Dr Clinic. They can go to.

Welcome back to the thrive time show

on your radio. My name is Clay Clark and I am fired up today for you and your business. You know why? Because there are thousands of people all over this wonderful country who are implementing the proven systems and processes that we teach on a daily basis dependent. There’s a business that we’re working with. It’s not in America actually that has grown. They’re not in the continental us navy grown from $3,000,000 in sales to almost $4,000,000,000 in sales. As a result of implementing the proven systems that we talked about. I just found that out today and it’s so exciting to hear people just like you sharing with us the big wins that you’re having with your business because we’re in a world of negativity, a world where there’s not a whole lot of positive stuff out there. I mean, you go to CNN check. Can you read the headlines today? Just go to CNN real quick and let’s do it. Let’s read the headline of three. Just subjectively. What should this go from the top down? No editorial, and just read the first 10 headlines and let’s see what we find this. Be Fun. Meaning positive, an unprecedented refusal to believe his own intelligence agencies. That’s a trump news, I’m sure, right? Yep. Okay. That’s one top Republicans. That’s a negative. I’m gonna. Go see that one right there is negative.

Yep. Okay. Next one. Point for negative top Republicans in Congress. Break with trump over Putin. Comments.

That’s a negative one.

Next, trump manipulated by a Russian intel. Uh, that’s going to be negative. Number three, keep going. Keep going. Trump aides. Question. Damage done. That’s bad. How bad was it? Why

prices are suddenly tanking. Oh, is that good? That’s a good one. Right? That’s good. I mean it depends if you have an oil company, I think. I don’t know.


So that’s all of them, right? But yeah, it’s uh, that’s good for somebody. I’ll say it’s apple shows off new ils emojis. Yeah, we got new emojis. Okay. So I’m going to say that’s two points that are, could be positive and for negative. Keep going. Lava creates tiny new island off Hawaii. That’s cool. That’s cool. And that’s three former NHL player dies at 35 while swimming. That was not positive. That was not. So we have so far. Six negatives in three positives. Will Elon Musk’s antics hurt his businesses? That is another. So seven, seven, two, three, seven negative cvs worker calls cops over coupon. So I’m going to make you stop. Now. The point is there’s a lot of negative stuff out there. And so this concept that the way that I live my life is not parallel to most people. Um, I actually really enjoy what I do everyday and I want you to enjoy what you do everyday as well.

I mean, there’s no need for you to absolutely hate your day job. Do you like what you do? I love it. Love it. It’s a, it’s a calling that I feel grew up in a house of entrepreneurs, grandparents were entrepreneurs and I get to help people solve the same problems that I saw those people have in my life as a kid. So it’s awesome. You know, these are some lyrics I’m working on for one of our new intros here, but this is why I wrote here kind of some, some clay clerk poetry, umbrella tree, some tree. We’ll show you how to live like Mike Jack sang songs and to help you see clear like life before cheech and Chong. Welcome to your daily Dojo of Mojo. Bang the Gong. Now, like Marvin Gay said, let’s get it on like an entrepreneurial Peter Pan. We broadcast from Neverland in the cave.

Oh Man. I know. Life’s captain. Hook. Life’s a captain hook. When you don’t have a plan and you feel lost at an island like your name was, Gilligan. Rest assured, you found your yoga and your super fans to dudes who have already made their millions. I started this whole thing out of my apartment instead of their apartment. Oh yeah. Very plus. Now it’s business school without the bs man, Jonah Berger, John Lee Dumas. I don’t mean to Rant, but we’ve interviewed the best and we’re just war man. While teaching use systems to turn your camera can, but you must supply the effort and discipline. You can do this. When life hits the fan, apply what you learn and you’ll be dominant. While the crowds get cynical. I studied the Tao of Seneca while pushing the plow to benefit and making the making wells that are ridiculous. I don’t know it’ll work.

When I run into with harbor wraps, for all I’m saying is the flow state is what you want to get into. You want to get into where you were. You actually love what you do and therefore you do that you love. You spend the vast majority of your time doing what you’re best at. So how do you do that? Well, there’s three ways you can do that, and I’ll put this on the show notes here. One way that can get to flow state in the world of business is to buy a franchise because franchises are designed to work without your direct involvement. I don’t know if you’re aware of that, but there’s a lot of best business coach or franchises you’d call them owner operators. Like if you want to chick filet, you have to work there, right? You have to be in the store, you have to be there a certain number of hours.

Now if you buy an Oxi fresh oxy fresh, by the way, you can get free information about this and a free copy of the start here book simply by going to thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh or by just going to oxy, and reaching out. They can help you out there, but all I’m saying is you could buy an oxi fresh carpet cleaning business model. You could buy a franchise and you can make six figures a year and never actually cleaned carpet so you can get time freedom and financial freedom by buying an existing business model. You’re literally buying the first two years of a business, right? Right. To me, that’s all figured out for you. It’s ready to go. I would say the first eight years of the business, okay, and even better when you get nine out of 10 businesses fail and you’re buying a proven model and it took about nine years to refine that.

It’s always being refined. Alright, better, two percent better. Now, a second way that you can achieve flow state is you can minimize doing things you don’t want to do. Now, flow state that get into psychology to site, it’s a psychology term. That means basically being in the zone. It’s when a person is performing an activity where they’re so fully immersed in the activity that it energizes them. The more they focused, the more energized they get, the more involved they are, the more they enjoy it, they enjoy the process and the activity. This flow is is characterized by complete absorption and what one does in losing a sense of space and time, so as an example, if you don’t like certain members of your family, I empower you to not be around them, so make a list of the things you’re doing this week as it relates to faith, family, finances, fitness, friendship and fun and ask yourself, what do I not want to do in the areas of faith, family, finances, fitness, friendship, fun, and a lot of times you’ll find that just by saying no to dinner parties or or saying no, you don’t hit.

Your kids don’t have to play that sport or saying no and not responding to certain emails or saying no and just not being. Having certain conversations with certain people. You can find that you can get into the flow state by simply minimizing interaction or time spent doing things you don’t want to do. It’s amazing how you can have such a better life if you learn to say no more often, we come back, we’re gonna. Talk more about flow state in the three ways that you can get into flow state while engaging in the world of business, and if you’re out there and you say, my back is a constant source of pain and I want the chronic pain to go away, that I would encourage you to check out the number one chiropractor of choice for the Nh for the Nhl Hall of fame hockey player Wayne Gretzky. That’s Dr John Sibley Dotcom. Dr John Sibley Dot Com. Schedule your free consultation today

with Dr John Sibling Dot com, and now back to the best business coach radio show devoted to making America boom again. It’s the thrive time business coach radio show.

No complaining, no excuses. You’re the snappish. Oh, the breakthrough. It’s a choice. Choose the streets another things you without a doubt that was started from the bottom and now

we are here. Why? Because we are committed to helping you get into a great place in your life, not just in the area of finances. We want to help you have success in the areas of your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship, and your fun. So that’s why on a weekly basis you’ll notice that more and more often we’re featuring my wife on the show. We have a wife, a, we have five kids. You’ve been married 17 years. You’re going to notice that we have pastors on the show from time to time. Pastor pastors, pastors, we have pastors,

right Robbie pastures on the show. We have business owners on the show. We have the Oxi fresh franchise development group on the show. We have co la fitness on the show. We have an accountant. A CPA is a regular on the show. We do thrive or interviews. We do it. The whole point is to help you get to a great place in life so you can achieve both time and financial freedom. But the one drawback I have found it to helping people. The one problem chop I’ve found to helping people achieve financial freedom is this, once somebody achieves financial freedom, some best business coach people don’t know what to do next. Here’s a scene from forest gump, forrest gump, the, uh, the epic movie starring Tom Hanks where he discovers that he’s rich. And so captain Dan, his buddy lets him know that he took some of the money that forest gave him and invested it in a fruit company and the fruit company has done well and so he’s rich and so forrest gump was asked by somebody, you know, well, how do you feel now that you’re wealthy and you’re financially free?

What do you think? He goes, but it’s just one less thing to think about and so and that’s all it is. That’s the whole point of a business is to have one less thing to think about. That’s all it is. That’s the only reason for starting a company and so there’s a psychological term called flow state and then chip has a take on this, but there’s a cycle. There’s a term that psychologists use called flow state and it is a state of mind or a state of being where you feel energized, focused and you have full involvement and enjoyment in the process or the activity that you’re doing. In essence, flow is characterized by having complete absorption in what one does and then you as a result lose track of space and time. Because you’re just having such a good time and so I challenge you, Mr.

Listener, to implement the three action steps that we’re teaching today. Mrs Listener, I, I challenge you to implement the three action steps that we’re going to teach today. Because my goal, my prayer, my hope is to help you not just to have financial success. I mean, what would be the point of having all the money in the world if you didn’t have, if you didn’t enjoy it, if you didn’t enjoy the time freedom that you have. And I see a lot of business owners that I’ve helped achieve financial freedom and they’ll literally say to me in a meeting, this is what they’ll say, this is how it goes. They’ll say, hey, um, I have a question and I’ll say, why? And they’ll say, I have a lot of money and I don’t know what to do with my day. I don’t know what to do it. And I, I, I’m bored and I, I’m, I’m feeling frustrated because I don’t know what I should be doing. And so I kind of go into the office and screw some things up and I um, I’ve been networking a lot now and I’m, I’m Kinda, I don’t know what, I don’t have a role, I don’t, I don’t feel like I’m looking for some self worth. Right, right. Yeah. Right. And so what is your take on flow state? So

flow state is something I’m familiar with because I play guitar, I play music and I have, before I even learned of this concept, I had experienced it where you can 20 or 30 minutes go by and you’re just engrossed in what you’re doing. You don’t even realize at the time or what you’ve been playing or anything. And when I started working with you, clay, I implemented a lot of things in my life as far as time management, having a calendar, having a to do list, having a bunch of things to keep me on track. And what I realized is that when I have all these things in place and I’m just going to block out two hours to get stuff done. Like I just got a to do list of random things, right? Just things that need to be done. If I prepare what I call the four w’s of action, I can get into the actual flow state where I feel the same as when I’m playing guitar.

I don’t know what time it is. I don’t know who’s around me. I’m just focused on what I’m doing, and so these things are what you need to know, what you need to make sure that you’re going to be efficient. You’re going to block out this work. What do you need with you? Okay? The second is where actually have a place where you’re going to do this, that is going to be conducive to you being able to focus and be efficient. If you need to be alone, don’t go to starbucks to try to work. Find a place like a man cave or whatever that is. So where three is when actually put it on your calendar. When are you going to do this? Don’t wait for times to, you know, oh, I’m going to take care of it here. Take care of it. They’re the burning fires are going to be too much, so when are you going to do this and last, who do you need somebody else there?

Do you have all the information that you need to. Somebody needs to be there or specifically does. Nobody needs to be there, and so if you have all these in place, it’s a lot easier to get into that flow state. We’ve talked about it in the past. I like to put on the beach waves crashing with a thunderstorm. Oh yeah. And then the focus binaural beats over that. So I got like two or three youtube videos going on one time and literally guys, I’m, I’m being serious. Like I can just focus on your to do list. Just knock out stuff. A lot of people overestimate what they can get done in a year and underestimate what they can get done in 10 minutes.

Why don’t we do this? Why don’t we go ahead and cue up the music that you listened to while you’re doing your, your flow state. That way the listeners can get a glimpse into what you’re actually talking about. That there’s somebody out there who say, this guy is so weird. What is he talking?

Show us. Very stable, emotional. Never does different voices. Never screwing around. These never cutting off and being edgy. That chunk guy though, he is the one that said he eats toilet cakes. Psychological little, little, crazy town. That’ll I think a bear chip. I think of a crazy person.

All right, chop here. Here’s, here’s your.

So you listen to this each morning while you’re doing your paperwork or if I’m in the office and I’ve got an hour blocked out and go put headphones on to then layer in a little focus. Creativity and music on top of that. The binaural kind of weird beats. So this is what you’re listening to though and this allows you to get focused, right? Right. It’s for whatever. It puts me in a good spot and I can just kind of hit that flow state where I got to act. Actually, if I’m doing it at the best business coach office, I have to pay attention to what time it is because I can just get locked in for an hour and a half and I’ve got meetings like every hour on the hour and it just helps me get right in that zone.

Piling in on what Eric said to do here. Again, if you’re struggling to get into that flow state of concentration or or if you’re just trying to focus in on some things, ask yourself, what do you need to have with you? Where do you need to do it? When are you going to do it, and who needs to be there. Think about these things because

a lot of people say, you know, I struggled reading books and that’s okay. It’s okay to struggle reading books. What’s not okay is to struggle reading books for the rest of your life and did not read books because you struggle reading books. You need to read books, you need to gain knowledge, and the best way to do it is by reading certain books, and so that’s one way to focus as queuing up music that helps you lock in. We’ll put it on the top of today’s show notes, links to the actual audio files so you can get the audio files that chip uses to focus. Now, if you’re out there and you’re saying, I’m, I’m locked in, I’m focused, I already know I’m 100 percent committed. I’m going to build a building, I’m going to add onto my building. I’m going to build a new restaurant or a new shopping center. We want to do is you don’t want to get a derailed with distractions. You don’t want to deal with delays. Going over budget to missing timelines. You want to deal with a brand you can trust in a company has a great reputation of building things the right way. That’s why you should check out our good friends and show sponsors that will dash [inaudible] dot com. That’s will dash

con Williams contract stay too,

and now back to the business coach radio show that has a diary call the Guinness Book of World Records

started from the bottom at the top teacher systems to what we got. Colton Dixon is on the books. I’ve written the books, see we get some wisdom and the get to see my wife and kids. It’s the seat and seat and now three.


All right. Thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive

time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former US SBA entrepreneur of the year and on today’s show we are tackling a wide variety of topics. So our next topic, we’re going to chat, we’re gonna have we’re gonna tackle here is whites. Not about resources, but it is about resourcefulness. Oh yes. And I won’t spend a whole lot of time on this, but I would like for Eric Chop to read a notable quotable from George Washington carver, a. He was a man who was originally born into slavery and he went on to become an American botanists and inventor. He actively promoted alternative crops to cotton and methods to prevent soil depletion. He wanted poor farmers to grow alternative crops such as peanuts and sweet potatoes so that they could have a way to improve their life. The guy was born a slave. Come on.

If anybody had an excuse, that guy had one. Uh, I worked three jobs simultaneously. Target Direct TV, applebee’s to start dj My partner, Dr Zellner work seven days a week. Neither one of us grew up a slave, but the one thing we have in common with George Washington carver or the best selling author, Jim Stovall, who’s, who’s blind is, we didn’t make excuses. I did stutter for a long time. Um, I didn’t grow up with a lot of wealthy family connections. Um, I got kicked out of college. My wife had a miscarriage. My best friend got killed right when I was starting Dj connection and a car accident. Um, my son was born blind. I’ve got a lot of excuses or baggage or, and I’m just, I want to make sure we’re getting this idea. The idea we’re talking about now is it’s not about resources, it’s about being resourceful. If you can become a resourceful person, you will really do well in the game of business. So check. With any further ado, please read the notable quotable for Mr George Washington carver, and I’ll try to do some echo.

Here we go. Okay. He says, 99 percent of the failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses. George Washington Carver, and I think we should do one more time. Give us to give you 99 percent of the failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses.

What is what? What are we talking about? We’re talking about is it you have to get to a place in your life when you realize that nobody is going to care about your idea as much as you. Nobody’s going to give a crap about your life as much as you, and if you want to make an excuse, you can because 70 percent of Americans hate their jobs. Yes they do. Seventy percent of Americans hate their jobs. Folks. This is according to Gallup. Seventy percent of Americans hate their jobs, and this justin, 90 percent of startups fail. According to Forbes, 90 percent of startups fail. Ninety percent. Nine out of 10, 90 percent of businesses fail. Seventy percent of Americans hate their jobs. The average American has less than $400 saved. Come on according to the Federal Reserve, and according to psychology today, less than 18 percent of all people surveyed who are still married are happy with their spouse. So there’s a lot of people out there who aren’t happy. They would love to pile on and go, you know what, girl, girl, Dude, you know what dude? Dude, here’s the deal. Hey listen, don’t worry about having a good marriage. Most people don’t, man, it’s normal. It’s normal. Don’t beat yourself up that you’re not good at speaking yet. Don’t beat yourself up right now that you’re not. Your business isn’t going well. Just accept the reality that you’re going to be mediocre, man. Just accepting.

Just accept that. No, no, you can’t do that. And one thing that I want to make sure people understand when we do talk about, it’s about resourcefulness. What I see happen a lot is people in their business, they make not having the resources, the excuse, well, I can’t get started on this area because they don’t have this yet, or I don’t have that yet. And the crazy thing is even when you get to a place where you have all of the resources, you’re most likely not going to have them all at the same time that you need them. Someone’s going to call and six, I was going to quit. Something’s going to break. Uh, it’s Kinda like camp and you can buy all of the camping accoutrements in the world, but you can’t fit them all in your when you go out there, right? So, like, you have to have an action bias. Don’t let a lack of resources stop you from moving

Ford. You know what I’m going to do is I’m going to brag on a thriver we work with out there in the great state of Florida for Dave and Trisha Rich, the owners of papa gallows. It’s a, it’s a pizzeria in sunny and beautiful humid Florida. But before I do that, I want to tell you why they’re having success. It’s because they’re learning what to do. Yes, but they’re implementing what they’re learning. And that’s the part that’s so powerful is when somebody takes the time to actually implement the proven best business coach systems that they’re learning. Let me give you a little history lesson. Tesla, my friends, took 10 years to become profitable. A decade.

It sounds like you’re saying, take 10 years to produce a profit before flower. Oh, that’s exactly what Amazon took. Nine years to make a profit. Amazon take 90 days to make a package not ship up. Now we must’ve shipped to your house. That’s exactly what I just said. No. Fedex went from 1960 to 1971 without making a profit package not show up. Sound like you’ll say from 1962 to 1971 didn’t know profit. Nonprofit. You know? That’s exactly what I just want to. Just what I just said right there. You know, it took espn over a decade to make a profit. ESPN over a decade, probably more than 10 years. That is exactly what I just said.

Ted Turner launched CNN in 1979. Tina tenants fit homeboy, didn’t make a profit until 1991.

As you say, Ted Tonna make no profit, homeboy make no profit. That’s exactly what I said. What he said. That’s what you said. That is what I like. Bamboo is telling you

the deal. That’s the. That’s the. That’s the. That’s the whole. That’s the whole thing. The persistence. Persistent Steve Case, the guy who launched a aol, he started a America Online America. So many people get excited about when are you launching your business, when are you going to launch it? Homeboy launched his business. It took them 10 years to make a profit. Decade, 10 years

now, back to papa gallows, right? These guys are implementing the dream 100 sales system and they’re just racking up these catering clients. They are, and they’re also getting google reviews. Reviews. If they’re doing the group interviewing process you can and can’t handle. Let’s go ahead and play the audio testimonial from Papa Gallo. Yes, Dave and Trish rich, check him out online.

P, a p p a g a l l o s everybody check them out.

Hi, this is David, Trisha rich company from Satellite Beach, Florida. The wins we’ve had since we started with 15 completed group interviews. We were fully staffed. We’ve received over 100 google reviews, increasingly google rating and we now have more money in the bank and we’ve ever had a good night.

All right. Thrive nation again. Check out papa gallows, a real business owner out there. Real business owners out there just like you who decided to hunker down to reach out for Mentorship and proven coaching into bravely and boldly implement the systems that they’ve been learning. They’ve now hired the right staff. They’re now bringing in more customers through the dream. 100 system. They’re implementing the group once the group interview process, they’re now getting to the top of Google. They’re doing all of the things they’re supposed to do and they’re an encouragement not only to themselves but to people out there just like you and I. So the final little best business coach tip I have for you today is it all costs. Avoid the addiction of new quit hopping around from idea to idea and hunker down. Focus in commit to your business for the next 18 months. If you have a product or service that real humans really do want, we have all the tools and resources available for you to help you.

You can find them at thrive time. Thrive time You’re going to find videos, thousands of videos, thousands of podcasts. You’re going to find one on one mentorship that’s available and you can book your tickets to our next in person. Thrive time show workshop, and you could actually get free tickets simply by just subscribing to the thrive time. Show on itunes and leaving us an objective review. You just subscribe. Leave us an objective review. Email is proof. He did it to info at thrive time., and we will send you two free tickets to our next in person. Thrive time show workshop. My name is Clay Clark, and if you have a Ford automobile that needs to be repaired and you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I encourage you to check out our great show sponsor and friend. That’s RC auto as always, three, two, one. Boom.


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