How to Lose 70 Lbs in Just 4 Months with Doctor Mark Sherwood + How to Avoid Costly Accounting Mistakes with the Founder

Show Notes

Doctor Mark Sherwood breaks down specific steps that you can take to lose that excess quarantine weight. Ron Parisi of CPAONFIRE.COM then shares about the common accounting mistakes made in the world of business.

Healthy Eating 101:

  1. Eat meat
  2. Eat vegetables
  3. Only drink water

Don’t Eat:

  1. Wheat
  2. Sweats
  3. Don’t drink alcohol


  1. My name is Ron Parisi the CEO of CPAONFIRE.COM!
  2. We are located in Ohio and our clients like John Lee Dumas and the Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast are located in Puerto Rico and others are on the mainland like ______ in ______! We can help people no matter where they’re located.
  3.  We help Online Entrepreneurs solve their complex accounting and tax problems as well as act as their Chief Financial Officer for online businesses. We help you make more and save more in JUST 15 Minutes at CPAONFIRE.COM.
  4. We often find that the owners of online businesses don’t want to spend all of their time figuring out complex tax and accounting issues so we work with them to make their business run as smoothly as possible. 


  1. A lot of people who start an online business don’t have any idea where to get started with their taxes.
  2. We keep their bookkeeping in line and accounting in check because we know it isn’t always on the top of their to do list.
  3. Oftentimes, business owners don’t know what they need and feel lost with their accounting. That’s why we have committed to provide EVERYONE WITH A FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULTATION TO FIND OUT HOW THEY CAN MAKE MORE AND SAVE MORE AT CPAONFIRE.COM.
  4. Most of our clients have started their online businesses and they have taken off! This is a great thing but it also comes with more complexities when it comes to your accounting and taxes. It has created a whole new world for them and we are here to map it out for them in that FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULTATION AT CPAONFIRE.COM.
  5. When starting a business it can be confusing as to how you should begin.
    1. “Set up this LLC”
    2. “Do it this way”
    3. “Don’t do it that way”
    4. “Be careful of this!”
    5. These are all things you hear and it can be very confusing as to how to be PROACTIVE when organizing your business.


  1. We are your accounting department in a box.
  2. All of the big companies have a COMPLEX accounting department that has a bookkeeper, a CFO, an accountant, a Quickbooks person, and so on. 
  3. We offer you all of that with one point of contact to simplify everything. 
  4. If you hired just one bookkeeper full time to work in your business, you could hire CPA on Fire and we take care of:
    1. Bookkeeping
    2. Proactive Accounting
    3. Quickbooks
    4. Exit Strategy
    5. Legal Structure
    6. Tax Planning
  5. We custom tailor our service so that it fits the needs of each business. In JUST 15 MINUTES, WE CAN FIND OUT WHAT AREAS CAN BE IMPROVED IN YOUR BUSINESS AND WHERE WE CAN HELP YOU MOST BY GOING TO CPAONFIRE.COM


    1. Like I said earlier, we help you to learn how to make more and save more in 15 minutes. 
    2. If you are an online business owner looking to grow, you are a good fit for us. 
  • Go to Click on the “Schedule Your Free Financial Review” OR Call us at 419.559.8775.
  • We will set up a FREE 15 Minute Financial Review with MYSELF so we can see how we can help you MAKE MORE and SAVE MORE
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