How to Make Your Marketing Dramatically More Effective | The Pursuit of Seth Godin’s Purple Cow

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Make your business stand out in a crowd by implementing the Purple Cow moves that Clay Clark is teaching you on this episode of the Thrivetime Show. For a deeper dive check out Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.

FUN FACT – 70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs –


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you can show up in a parody, it means you’ve got something unique, something worth poking fun at. It means there’s a Purple Cow at work.” – Seth Godin – The Purple Cow – Page 67

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “… the more crowded the marketplace, the busier your customers, the more you need the Purple Cow. Hale-measures will fail. Overhauling the product with dramatic improvements in things the right customers care about , on the other hand, can have a huge payoff.” – Seth Godin – The Purple Cow – Page 94

DEFINITION MAGICIAN – Otaku (oh-ta-koo) – (In Japan) A young person who is obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills.


  1. Our green carpet cleaning actively breaks up the stains in the carpet while making them easy to scrub out of the carpet. What’s more, since our environmentally friendly carpet cleaning solutions are so effective, there is no need for large amounts of water, so your carpet will dry in about one hour!


  1. Buy a pair today and e give a pair away tomorrow.


DEFINITION MAGICIAN – Intransigent – unwilling or refusing to change one’s views or to agree about something.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You need to figure who is buying and then solve their problem.’ Seth Godin – The Purple Cow – Page 106

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If someone is charged with creating a new Purple Cow, leave them alone! Don’t use internal reviews and usability testing to figure out if the new product is as good as what you’ve got now. Instead, pick the right maverick and get out of the way.” – Seth Godin – The Purple Cow – Page 108

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Get inside the heads of the people who do care deeply about this product and making them something they’ll love and want to share. Marketers and designers who do it can put themselves into other people’s shoes and imagine what they’d want. In the long run, learning this knack is actually much more profitable than being able to make stuff for only yourself. Learning this knack givers you flexibility. There are marketers who can create Purple Cows for only a tiny audience – an audience just like the marketers themselves.” – Seth Godin – The Purple Cow – Page 118

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Cheap is one of the only remarkable items that never seems to run out of appeal. For just about any repeatedly purchased item, all other things being equal, the cheap one will gain market share.” – Seth Godin – The Purple Cow – Page 125

Powerful thought from Dr. Zoellner:

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Seek mercy not justice” – Dr. Z
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.” Romans 12:19

Tim Ferriss Podcast – Whitney Wolfe Herd – Founder of Bumble


NOTABLE QUOTABLE  – “Is your product more boring than salt? Unlikely. So come up with a list of ten way to change the product (Not the hype) to make it appeal to a sliver of your audience.” Seth Godin – The Purple Cow – Page 163

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Elote Cafe and Catering –

Score Basketball  –

  1. Step 1 – Get to the top of Google
  2. Step 2 – Purple Cow – He is the BEST basketball coaching facility in Tulsa and he proves it
  3. Step 3 – Highest rated and reviewed

Shepherd Automotive –

  1. Step 1 – Get to the top of Google
  2. Step 2 – Get the most Google reviews
  3. Step 3 – Implement No-brainer

AMPLE EXAMPLES (Case Studies) – List of Purple Cows

  1. The Big Texan 72 oz steak challenge
  1. Little Man Ice Cream – Scoop for Scoop
      1. Link to Scoop for Scoop video –
  1. Morrow, Lai and Kitterman – Free until 3
  1. Best Choice Auto Glass – Home of the Best Choice Detail
  1. Tip Top K9 – $1 for your first lesson
  2. Step 1 – Get to the top of Google search results
  3. Step 2 – Gather reviews from real customers
  4. Step 3 – $1 lesson
  5. The Hub Gym
  1. First month is $1 – more value than the big box gyms
    1. Pre-planned and cooked food delivery system with evolve paleo – because you can’t outtrain a bad diet

Muggsy Bogues:

  1. He was one of the shortest players to ever play in the NBA

Outback Steakhouse

  1. American restaurant with and Australian theme
  2. The founders had no ties to Australia


  1. They have different sizes than everyone else
  2. They have baristas
  3. Home of the 3rd place
  4. BOOK – Pour Your Heart Into It

Sam Adams Beer

  1. The name is memorable and conjures up historical ideas and memories.
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields. Looking for a time show on your radio, down. Chop chop, you were stayed up at all night before going to high school, maybe in business conferences college, and the goal was to pull an all-nighter. Maybe the first time you in a bunch of young, a third graders got together. You said the goal tonight is to stay up all night. If course, have you done that before now? Of course, what was the last time you did that once I figure, you remember pulling an all-nighter with somebody that could be third grade 8th grade high school college me where you said no matter what our goal is to pull an all-nighter. If that was our goal, that would have been like middle school had to been like middle school or something okay. What happened is about about 5 a.M.

You start to say things to people that you wouldn’t say during normal hours. Yep I’ve been that make regrettable comments. I just want you to know. Like ashley I got my god, you, like my sister i. Would you guys, like my sister, you want to date my sister you sick freak? What is sister come on. Man is not out just kidding just testing the waters, just not, but you weren’t kidding about how to make your marketing dramatically more effective, but we’re going to do it with the perspective as though we’ve been pulling an business conferences all-nighter. Okay and I no longer have a filter. That’s like I can say what I want to say that sound editing write some kind of feel like I’m, just saying it’s going to feel like I’ve been up all night and it’s a 5 a.M. Kind of deal with the purple cow. Alright list all nighter thing at 5 a.M. Somebody bust out:seth godin, purple cow. He turns the page. Until you know it was a fun all-nighter to drink all the mountain dew we haven’t eaten all the all the business conferences twizzlers. In the purple capsule, if you can show up in a parody, it means you’ve got something unique something worth poking fun at. It means that a business conferences purple cow is at work. The paradox is this. Before we get into this person, purple cow in explain to the listeners. What a purple cow is as relates to marketing is something that differentiates your business from all of the other businesses in your sector. So it’s something that people will remember you by basically coming outside of the norm, that people definitely going to remember you by so what I’m going to do?

Example, one of the brand’s I work with his call oxi fresh fresh, and by the way, if you want to buy a franchise to oxyfresh email me to info at thrive time show.Com and for under 45 grand, you can be bested buying a business that will pay you over $100,000 a year. If you do it properly, maintain credible, incredible business model, many of the oxi fresh owners do far better than that, but you definitely be interested in buying one. Just email me to info at thrive time. Show.Com fresh is the world’s greenest carpet cleaner. So will you think about stanley steemer when you think about other carpet cleaning companies? There is one company that stands alone as the world’s greenest business conferences carpet cleaner. Do you care at all whether your carpet, cleaning company is greener, not actually I kind of do but rascally? Has it dude i? Don’t care about a carpet cleaning companies world’s greenest, carpet, cleaning company i, think that’s pretty cool, I would say:yes actually, I would say. Yes, it was,, and click on green you’ll find it there, but oxyfresh now is epa-certified, which means that the environmental protection agency actually a certified ar level of reducing the amount of water used when cleaning carpet dramatically. So it’s it’s a clean, your carpet. It’s like it’s going to soggy for a few days. You know it’s soggy for a day and if they don’t walk on it, it’s kind of wet in that kind of thing.

Oxyfresh, the carpets are cleaned, but it’s very dry and it’s because, with the technology that they have created elite, the use of technology use the power of oxygen to clean, it’s kind of crazy. But the point is it’s more green. Also, when you schedule online, we actually will donate to a cause called water. Org water.Org, an organization where matt damon is the spokesperson for a lot of countries. People don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water until oxyfresh donates a business conferences percentage of all their sales back to water.Org. Oxyfresh is stands alone as the world’s greenest carpet cleaner, but that’s what makes them unique right and with their potential buyer consumer is battling in their mind, who am I going to pick oxi, fresh or stanley steamers or whoever that could very well be. The deciding factor would be tom’s, shoes, you’re, looking to buy shoes, you know what you’re looking to buy some shoes to a to to wear with some jeans or just some shoes to wear with some shorts and no shoes to wear around and you’re going. Okay. If I buy this pair of shoes, it’s this $20 if I buy this pair of shoes if I buy these shoes. I’m supporting an athlete bottom line is an athlete indoor endorsing issues and if I buy these shoes, that athlete will probably make it make a commission check where I’m paying for his endorsement with tom’s shoes I’m everywhere I buy a pair of shoes that give a pair of shoes away to someone in need and I’m asking you, mr.

Listen to mrs. Listener with your business. What is your purple cow? What makes you stand out in the world? Have brown cows in the world have so many other people to do home? Cleaning in the world have so many remodelers in a room of so many photographers. What makes your company stay alone? I read again for page 87 of the other purple cow. If you can show up at a party and means you’ve got something unique something worth poking fun at. It means there’s a purple cow at work. The paradox is this:the same word of mouth that can make your product a huge hit can also lead to someone’s snickering at you. Most companies are so afraid of offending or appearing ridiculous that they steer away from any path that might lead them to this result. They make boring products because they don’t want to be interesting. What a committee gets involved, each well-meaning participant sand off the rough edges, speaking up for how their constituency might not like the product result, is something boring and safe, and so here’s a huge work. It’s kind of weird, please, if you’re out there and you have a company and you’re not selling anything I’m telling you you have to come up with the purple cow that you have to come up with a purple couch. If your business conferences church does not have enough people attending the church service, you got to stand out so I’m, giving you a specific example I thought about this. Here we go. Let’s say you have a church and nobody is attending your church, chubby. We’re going to do if I was the head of church and nobody had an idea.

If everyone everybody on our team, so that I don’t have an idea, I really don’t know what to do pastor clark. What would you do this? What I would do it I would paint the church with purple cow print. I would literally call it the purple cow church i. Would that would work? That’s the whole point right and there’s actually a burger joint. Have you seen the purple cow hot joint in texas? What’s put that on the show notes the purple door now burgers nets in dallas, texas and I guarantee you that’s what happened? You had somebody who is got pulled up on the big screen here. It’s a purple cow lr., com i, guarantee you this guy’s like i, don’t know how to stand out I’m, not sure how to do it. I’m, not sure what would make our company standouts was actually a burger place called purple, cow lr, and it’s standing out. People know about it. If you have to come up with something to stand, can I get I read from a seth godin the book purple cap 1894? He said the lesson here is simple:the more intransigent was it was in that transigent intransigent, write in transit. Look that up real, quick in transit in transits intransigent is his friends and trends. It I don’t say that a lot. It means I n t r, a n s. I g n t, unwilling or refusing to change 1 views one’s views or to agree about something to make sense. Have you ever said that before I think so you have no i, probably said it wrong. Whatever, you never transigent your market, the more crowded the marketplace, the busier than that your customers, the more you need. The purple cow half measures will fail. Overhaulin the business conferences product with dramatic improvements in the the right customers. Care about, on the other hand, can have a huge profit. My friend he talks this book. He says you have to have the otaku otaku a taco, taco otaku.

He says that word actually means in japanese. It means the obsession and the inspired that you have to have this obsession and inspiration to make your purple cow stand out. Brinkmann epic, photography, I just said guys. Listen we’re going to guarantee that we can get our wedding photos back to the bride and the groom within 2 weeks every month and what was the biggest winning factor of that business? That was it. That is why everybody knew we have the award. We had those talented photographer and everything, but everybody knew about that too. We turn around every wedding photographer takes like 4 months its critics months and then take break at your wedding photos back to you ever. You guys used yeah. Actually it wasn’t that long we used a friend of ours was still took months months months to get your photos back, teeth, ridiculous and so i, just it wasn’t when I get back to the business conferences customer in 2 weeks and everyone thought I was crazy, but it worked also I said I’ll be any photographers price by 30% it when you go in, say:hey we’re, 30% less money and by the way this is what I own epic photos.Com I’m, not sure they haven’t changed it today. Where do I sell a company I just have to move on mentally I no longer know. What’s going on there, i. Don’t care what’s going on there, so it’s kind of like selling a kid, how you feel kind of bad, but you have to move on, but all I can say is that we would do a two-week turnaround time and we be anybody. Anybody surprised by 30%. That was our purple cow and I asked you again mr. Listen to what is your purple count now? This is the problem with your purple. Count. Is a lot of people come up with something that’s really unique, but then nobody wants it, and so it goes and talks about this on page 106 of the purple cow, he says you need to figure out who’s buying and then solve their problem and then solve their problems. Let’s talk about men’s hair for a second shelf in the room.

The room is a company that I that I own and I’ll just tell you this. A lot of guys are frustrated. Then they go in for a haircut. All they get is a chance to read old magazines. They get no ambiance, no atmosphere have a chain smoker. That’s cutting their hair right and I have to wait while sitting on those third grade of blue kindergarten, chairs, lowe’s, plastic chairs and assemble plastic chairs. What are waiting for their appointment, country, club of men’s hair, and that’s what makes elephant in the room unique and that’s why we’re opening up locations in dallas in oklahoma city and in tulsa? And after 6 years, the company has been a hit. We come back from the break I’m going to tell you about what makes elephant in the room unique and why so many people have fallen in love with the brand before I do about a company called classic janitorial I want to make sure the bathrooms are clean. I want to make sure the first impression, for my ideal, unlikely buyers. If you want to make your bathroom super clean call, the folks who are used by dupont by google by new star, that’s the classic clean.Com, it’s the classic clean.Com classic clean.Com attend the world’s best business conferences workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective business conferences review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, all right right, b, smokin back to the drive time show on your radio broadcasting today from the man cave here at the camp, clark and chicken palace chuck did i. Tell you about the my wife show you that well, yeah yeah I was hoping to put some stuff together for it.

Yesterday we went down i. Think 20 ft. Did you hit water? You to help me attach one more attachments:i got to go another five feet, so I can do that. It’s going to happen. I did it once I can do it again, I’m just telling you that’s in chap. You know what we got to go deeper. You know what we hit the water. We got to go, that’s the whole point to life clay, it’s that essense. If you want to go out there and get that fruit, you know that food is its way out there on the way out on the limb kind of scary out, there I think a lot of people lot of people start a company. What happens if you’re going to be conservative with your marketing and so you’re wanting to say this on your website. The most professional service in town and I was helping them through this process and they have a company in texas that does citing tejas and so I was looking their competitors. I want to show you their competitors website, so you can kind of feel weak point laugh helping the people of this area since 1978 and that’s there that’s their purple cow. Well, that sounds pretty awesome. They’ve been helping people, clay, estimate, I mean, but it says the areas source for quality business conferences service and if you look at all the competitors, another one, they say, let’s see what they say are. These are not purple cows and cows nobody’s nobody’s even going for these are just super weekly ad. You can’t say the most professional says be proud of your home. That’s not anything! That’s just a sentence, that’s what everyone does. Everybody goes out there and tries to have a website or a marketing plan or a marketing system where they say we’re the most professional we’ve been around since 1978 right. We have guaranteed quality, we have the most professional team professional.

The word quality, that is, that is lost all meaning because everybody says it right. So you can just say it. You have to get their attention through having purple cow that works and then prove that you’re, the most people have to have kind of an obsession about coming up with your purple coat and writes here. Every other business by default is a brown cow, but if you want your purple cow, you do on your business to me:the purple cow in the crowded pastor of brown cows. If you want your cow, your business, to stand out in the clutter of commerce, you got to make the purple cow in the seat of the brown cow. Sassy, not heard a seat right, swimming catch up and tell me about the new word:we’re learning. Here we go to war, we were introduced into our listeners, so the word is otaku otaku otaku and what it means that sounds with rico, suave computers or particular aspect of popular culture, to the business conferences detriment of their own social skills and, what’s to come up with your success or pale, you haven’t been outside, don’t seem too son. I got a question for you before I move on. If, yes, how many times have you work with a client or spoken at a conference and talk to the business owners who take their purple cow ideas to a committee within their business? And how does this work out? Does it ever work out because every time and does it ever turn out well know if you are a business owner and you’re out there, trying to come up with a purple cow, get some ideas from people, but you have to mail them at decision bro. It’s like you’re reading, page 108. If someone in your organization is charged with creating a new purple cow leave them alone, don’t use internal reviews and committees and usability testing to figure out if the new product is as good as what you got now. Instead pick the right maverick and get out of the way so I’m going to tell about elephant in the room.

It’s a men’s, grooming lounge. In what we found and I said, we found my brother-in-law had deeply researched all of the competitors in the men’s grooming space and it discovered that when you go in there’s a lot of plastic thing used to seem to be a very much yes subway as a wallpaper, brick wallpaper photo brick wallpaper cheap right, okay, so it’s like every subway has fake brick wallpaper what goes well with her fake bread in there fake meat I’m. Just telling you it’s going to go in there into a elephant in the room and we use actual barnwood is reclaimed brick, we use everything, is live-edge. Wood I mean the whole edison bulbs, not all white fluorescent, like a doctor’s office store. Do you go in to check on south university dr? The shelves are built out of that lead, pipe pipe pipe black black gas pipe and reclaimed wood and live into it. It’s very cool atmosphere, and so we went with the authentic a look, but then we also went with where we book the appointment. Only so when this one walks in there not waiting forever and I’m not sitting on these ridiculous child 3rd grade plastic chairs, they grade plastic, blue business conferences chairs that are super uncomfortable and have an old magazine, you’re supposed to sit there and read like people magazine from like 2003 sims 3 about prince harry. We are something that was a really important story, though so I mean everybody wants to watch the guys want to watch espn s. We we offer you a beverage when you get there. Cuz I want to sit there and wait for 30 minutes while somebody’s on the phone, while people are taking forever in the store, so cool on the phone ring through a call center, and we have the whole thing has been designed to be the perfect atmosphere for a man.

We do paraffin hand dip hot towel treatments. The whole experience is something that you’re going to love and we believe you’re going to love it. But the thing is that we know that you probably already get your haircut somewhere else, you’re, probably just sitting around going crazy long. What should I do I wish? Somebody would invent the idea of a men’s grooming lounge, now you’ve already getting ready getting here somewhere. So what happens is? Is it we offer our first haircut to you for a dollar? Do that sounds crazy? Why do we do the first haircut $4, because it’s a literal no-brainer? It’s such a good deal. If you need a haircut in you’re, a man, why would you not go in there and get a $1 haircut that has no brain right. Now is a company that we actually buy our printer and office supplies from and I’ll tell you this because a lot of people, a lot of people out there are going to office depot they’re, going to target they’re, going to different stores to buy their office supplies and they’re, paying full retail price to get office supplies printer cartridges toners that kind of think they are. But do you want to save both time and money? You got to check out our good friends at onyx imaging.Com at sonic’s, imaging.Com, not sure. What’s a no-brainer offering right now for over listen to go to onyx imaging.Com right now for new select and premium business conferences customers going to give you a free printer I’m talking like one of the big daddy free printer copiers, it’s amazing they’re your one-stop business shop. They can repair your printer that loaner printers they have office supplies with a price match that deliver same and next day. You’ve got to get ahold of these guys to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine, +918-627-661-1918 six, two, seven 6611, mojo and the thrive time show kick it.

Yes, you can can I kick it. Yes, you can. Can I kick it? Yes, you can. Can I kick it? Yes, you can. This is click clock on the mic and can myopic focused uncle, finish and I’m focused on the mission beach, the skills and kitchen the plans cast and full balance to the left of the portland I’m going to play. You can do it. Yes, you can dance, and now, my friends, you got to dance to see. It, and I’ll be to see her. Yes, that would stick it like that man, pam i, tried, nation broke it back to the plant. I’ll show on your radio. My name is chloe clark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year sit here on a mission to get you into a great financial position, and one thing I want to make sure we we carve out time to talk about right. Now is our june, 22nd and june 23rd workshop is going to be awesome. We have got a it’s going to be a great crowd, a lot of people all over the country or attending this event. If you want to get yourself free business conferences tickets to attend the june 22nd and june 23rd workshop, you can get your tickets today by simply going to the thrive time show on itunes find the thrive time show on itunes subscribe to the podcast. Leave us an objective review subscribe and then leave as an objective review and email us your contact information to info at thrive time show.Com and will get you your tickets. Also. If you can’t figure out how to do that or difficulty don’t have an itunes account, you can just leave us a review by going to thrive time. Show you just need to find our google map, so just do a search for thrive 15 in the word jinx thrive15 in the word jinx, and they just leave us an objective review there, and we will also give you two free tickets to our next in person.

Drive time show workshop event starts at 7 a.M. On friday the 22nd, and it goes until 3 p.M. Until we do. We do 45 minutes prince, followed by a 15-minute breaks, marketing branding the millionaire mindset to time management. We’re going to teach you sales we’re going to teach you workflow design realty to accounting. Where did you brandy? We teach all of that to you and it’s a laugh & learn formats are going to have a lot of fun. I would say for every three things you learn you’re going to laugh. One time we have a great business conferences bookstore there. We have a coffee bar, we break for lunch. It really has been designed to be very interactive marshalee. There he’s really tall edwards less than 175 people have very interactive, and if you get on the ladder you can talk to marshall and that you’re going to have a great time with great music, great fun. Great food, hood cpas took the sponsors, the lunch and that you’re just going to love this time. Guess what I restore home health is going to be smoking a bunch of meat right out of the parking lot we’re going to be smoking. Meat, smoking, meat breed 2pac you within have to do today. That’s exactly what it says:smoking ganja smoking, but took you better wake up wake up, bone thugs-n-harmony, but you do want to see business. Coaching harmony come out to this right time. Show conference where we’re going to be smoking. What meat not going to macon georgia?

What you do today at drivetime.Com page 118, explains how to stand out in the clutter of commerce how to make your business stand out and get the attention it deserves, and he writes get inside the heads of the people who do care deeply about your product and make them something they’ll, love and want to share marketers and marketers and designers, who do it can put themselves in the other people shoes and imagine what they want in the long run. Learning this neck is actually much more profitable than being able to make stuff for only yourself learning. The snack gives you more flexibility there also up there. This is huge for the photography company. That’s what I did I got into the business conferences mindset of what brides one and I ask the women I ask the bride to ask them at the bridal show they said hey. If you could get anything, you wanted at your wedding photographer what you looking for, and they said the booth and how much do you guys charge price rite of every woman would come up to the show today to come to the booth you guys charge like you said the competitors would say this is what I want return. Here’s a brochure anybody’s price. What’s the main thing, you’re looking for out of a photographer I mean assuming we’re the cheapest. We got a great deal if you guys could do like get my photos back to me than like a week or two that be awesome. So what else is it if you guys could do like free engagement, so I can try out the service before I decide to buy with you guys, if you can allow me to do maybe free bridals.

That would be awesome before we decide to book with you get you guys could beat anyone’s price. That be great. If you guys, let me choose the style that be awesome. That’s what epic photos became became. It became what people want it right. That’s what the thrive time show workshop is the business owners I’m not telling you I have talked to thousands of business owners. This is the insincerity of the format. You’re asked to speak if you’re, a motivational speaker, a guest speaker, i, remember:i spoke at the business conferences community, bankers association event out there in las, vegas and I’m speaking. There are thousands of people attending and you are supposed to teach people. The millionaire mindset to time management where there are thousands of people will turn thousands of people check. Can you ask a question you can, but it’s probably fair to get people’s attention and responses and possible. So we had to do to keep the event venue small enough where you can have your questions answered, and so it’s listening right now you said I would like to attend a workshop where I can actually work on my business and I can fax I can have access to answer to ask questions. I have that’s what our workshop is? It’s, not a big motivational seminar with thousands of people. That’s not the format, so you’re not going to be here you’re going to be seed.

Next to other entrepreneurs, I mean the last time we had. We had a charles colaw who owns 3 multimillion-dollar jim’s, he’s sitting right over there by pastor brian gibson, who is a pastor of a church of thousands of people in owensboro, kentucky and right behind him. We got aaron antis, who has built literally thousands of new homes and green country was shaw homes.Com, and we have all these people that are doing with thousands of customers. Thousands of of members of their church thousands of gym memberships I mean by people that are going through the same things, you’re going through checked, and it’s not you will be motivated, but what I would say is you’re going to be more inspired than motivated because you’ve already taken action when you’re at that. You got yourself to the conference of the workshop iron sharpens iron you’re, going to be talking to people getting questions answered. They may not even realize that you had but you’re going to leave, inspired and ready to take action with actual action steps you can put into place immediately to turn your business around now shop. We we talked about onyx imaging before and how you should, if your business conferences office supplies, but they were competitor called staples and they’re famous for a button, but I want the that was easy button I just want a move that always works kind of ddd fault, but that always works.

We come back from the break I’m going to tell you that move, but this move just move his dirty dirty. Every time it’s a little bit dirty soul, gems in work you got to go grab a sheet paper grab an etch-a-sketch, getting ready to take notes as we teach you, the universal purple cow move. It always works and during the break I encourage you to the hood cpas.,. That’s hood cps.Com. If you’re looking for a proactive account and visit their website today, at hood cbs.Com jump like a horse show me the help you score 321 boom. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show have time show on the microphone. Charts in the category of business that you might get motion sickness patch of the map. It’s convenient, 3 to download boat show. My name is dwight clark. Welcome! Back into my jojo of mojo that the entire purpose for putting together the thrive time show business conferences podcast is because we want to provide you a refuge from the political deluge. Yes, there’s a constant, where I’m trying to watch sports, trying to watch like the nfl right guy getting on any protesting right, I’m trying to like they’ll switch to like I’m trying to watch the patriots game. You know and I got some other guy taking a knee and then all the sudden, the announcers like you’re, going to have to deal with the players and then all the sudden. You know they have somebody who I didn’t fl player, who makes a statement about something political and then it’s like an hour or a player refuses to go to the white house to meet the president. It’s always something political and if there’s not that, there’s always something religious, there’s, always somebody who’s. You know you need to listen to a podcast about business, somehow that all the conversations are like I should we hire as a whole?

Are you homosexual or not i? Should we talk tomorrow, show what what are the? What is the place for lesbians in the workplace? So if you are straight, if you are just eating or just the straightest person ever you, you are so heterosexual, it’s crazy! If you’re so homosexual, it’s outstanding! If you either way i, don’t care I just want you to come to work and do your job. It’s with christmas show to be the place where you go. You know what I don’t care about the political stuff I want to get in the religious stuff. What I want to do is I want to learn how to grow a successful company. Let me tell you what, when you have money in the bank, you’re still going to have problems. It’s so much easier when you’re struggling, financially and you’re struggling with life, that’s terrible, not fun! So what you want to do is you want to go through the struggles of life and there is a faith, family and finances and fitness in business conferences friendship and put you want to go through all those dramas with money in the bank. Gas have to go through all the way to get more money in the bank. Is you want to create a purple cow? Zip code wrote about this in his best selling book called the purple couch? Well, that would be great. If you could, he wrote a book called the purple caleb in a cluttered marketplace in so he’s talking about hate hate, if you’re, if you’re out there and you’re saying i, don’t know man, I’m, really iowa siding company I have a i, have a siding company. I do windows and doors and I can’t think of a purple, cow and i. Don’t know I’ve been thinking about it, I just can’t figure it out.

He says this is the this. Is the dirty defaulting to look at you always works on page 125. He writes cheap. It’s one of the only remarkable items that never seems to run out of appeal. Let me try again. Cheap is one of the only remarkable items that never seems to run out of appeal for just about any repeatable purchased item for just about any repeatedly purchased item, all other things being equal. The cheap one will gain market share. The problem with cheap is that once you, you start, your competitor will likely play the same game in an incremental price, for how will one player beat the other and still win economically ikea can do it? Walmart can do it? Can you cheap as a lazy way out of the battle for the purple cow cheap is the last refuge of a product? Developer or market are more marketer? Who is out of ideas in the room? I love going to cheat move until you don’t have to say:that’s! That’s where that’s where it’s at then I would have a great interview right there, I love going cheap until you don’t have to so I want to go as cheap as possible. So first haircut elephant in the room is a dollar by the way for in tulsa right now and you’ve not been into the elephant the room. If you got to check it out of me, we only have capacity for 4000 members and we’re almost there. So you guys check it out of me, you just and then, after that, every other business conferences haircut is the normal price. If you remember, you get a discount, but it’s it’s as cheap, as could be the first time so that that’s how I would do a job now, but it did what he’s talking about if you make your entire business model, just being always the cheapest option, it’s really hard to do that because you now have to have cheap labor right, cheap materials are, they has to be cheap? You started to race to the bottom of the price is right everybody’s going there, and it really can get tough to hire good people and talk to have good products.

What are you always focus on being the cheapest butt off are chubby had a question him he had to break. We were talking previous segment about people talking to their customers about what they actually want. Yes, I wanted to ask you why you think most business owners don’t seem to actually do this. They don’t seem to actually go talk to their actual customers or their ideal unlikely buyers and say how can we be better or what are you actually looking for out of our product or service i? Think that I go through life as the drunk guy, so this is him I thought we were buddies have like for adult beverages at a wedding that you shouldn’t have any problem going out and dancing if they’ve had for adult beverages have no problem, giving a toast saying what needs to be said so I used to dj, though this is this-is how every every single I mean is it’s hilarious. It was like if I did a hundred weddings 70 of them ago, like the best man and maid of honor, are going to I’ve. Do the do the toast to the get the best man and maid of honor I got to do their toast to the bride. The groom stay tuned in just a moment. The best man and maid of honor toast, then I go get them. The maid of honor always has a folded up piece of notebook paper with something thoughtful:okay, I’m ready, I’m ready to do it now. The groom that the dd groups friend the best man he’s like i, don’t know why I didn’t get a chance to write something down. I can ease like that. I’ll get back in the maid of honor gets up because I just want to thank april for inviting me I just want to thank april for inviting me april is so special and I wrote a poem, a poem to demonstrate my love for her candice. You can do this, but you can do it and it’s like april showers our hours because of our power that hannah toys a rhyming thing, and it was like a nice nice nice. The best man gets up for beers in because he’s had four beers is a ford sport after the previous six before the wedding started.

Do not point the bike at the speaker, girl, you’re, you’re you’re, not you’re at you’re like well, I would call probably one of my best friends I’ve ever had and I are like I love you, man, you’re just like you’re. Just remember, we were high-school man and we went into that bar. You were like 18 and I want to know that navy barn I found the biggest guy and I said you want to do this and he said no, but then you said you got my back man, you knocked him out, bro, we went to jail and it was going all my gosh. That’s how i, like the better, when you meant to say, was great and that’s why I’m so glad that you and susan I mean dear one I’m, so glad that you and april are married, but if you would april and suzanne got married, that been cool, me, home tonight by 18 or 19, and that was almost my pets, I can say, is i, don’t care, doesn’t care and I just don’t care i, don’t care about pride i, don’t have fear of embarrassment. I, don’t worry about what are they going to say? I just want to get the results as soon as possible, so I have no problem. Asking a man on the street. I have no problem going to wedding, shows and asking people I had no problem at all the buying a booth for bridal show when I couldn’t take photos. That’s how many cameras, it’s awesome. We don’t have a bluetooth. Just crazy to me. Don’t even have cameras. I know is that we start.

This is how I built companies at work since you’re out there and you’re saying gosh i, just don’t know what the customer wants. Don’t be arrogant about it and think that you know better. You know now. You know that you don’t be scared, just get out there and ask him that I need to ask my customers what they want you to catch up with you, thinking that that’s exactly what I’m saying and just ask somebody. Let’s say you might be a company called platinum pest & lawn come on. You might want to go out and ask people if they need termite treatments are all and if you find when you find out that they do, you can have a no-brainer offer, like our friends at platinum, pass in line where they’re going to do a free, termite, inspection right and if they finally have termites I’ll, do $200 off of termite treatment. Can I give you a testimony. Real quick about platinum dash pest control.Com is platinum, dash pest control.Com. When is debbie’s wood bees out front of the man cave studios here at camp, clark and chicken palace massive they came in and got rid of those those those those wood bees, pest control.Com. They remove your wood bees, don’t remove the snakes from your leg, get rid of the mosquitoes in your mojito. The beans by your knees, call platinum. Dash pest control.Com check it out online today, zumba fitness is it is the truth. I would make that excuse, I’ll be up going to cut the scoreboard. The truth he is my mentor. Like my yoda thing, I wasn’t young call yes, tribe, nation. Welcome back to the drive time show on your radio and, according to the rap lyrics there you nosey is he’s my mentor he’s like my yoda dude like i. Wasn’t young luke, he showed me the truth. I mean that and I just want to tell you dr.

Z is, is taking my kids and my wife and I out to go see the new star wars movie and I’ll. Tell you the one thing about dr. Z that that I love? It’s everything. Everything has been the best mentor, my life, probably one of the best. He is definitely my favorite male human I’ve ever met he’s just always there for me, he’s been very consistent in my life and i. Just want to say:hey if you know dr. Robert zoellner and you have a cell phone number shoot him a text message and tell him what a great guy is. Because is he perfect now I’m do is perfect, but the guy is absolutely is consistent, as can be into me, that is dr. Z’s purple cow in a world of a brown cows, where a lot of people claim to want to be there for you he’s there for me. When my dad passed away, my dad actually got sick, he got he had had als lou gehrig’s disease and dr. Z asked me if he could kind of feel that that father role and I and I don’t know that there’s anybody else in the world that would have asked that question to anybody. I’ve never had. Somebody asked me that question before and he’s just been there for me and I also just say:i respect their relationship. I know that I’m, not his son, but he treats me like I am and I would just say. I appreciate doctors eat so much and if you’re out there listening and you have his cell phone number just shoot him a text and tell him what a great guy he is because he is the purple cow. He really is the goat in tulsa, the greatest of all time he’s a great guy, it’s fun to have on the show and I jump. It’s like it’s fun to have him on the show. Could you provide the great mentorship opportunities to do things that I notice about see every time I see him if something needs to be talked about or figured out, he can switch into that mode. Hey. Let’s just figure it out right now, there’s no need to beat around the bush and then go back to having a great time, and then he always drop some kind of knowledge bomb, some kind of quotable or something and i. Just remember a few weeks ago we were talking in this is stuck with me.

I think I think I literally I’m waking up with this. In my mind. He said something about i, don’t seek justice but seek mercy, and that was just so powerful to me for special from somebody with his position is statue of his. You know in the community. He will figure it for him to seek mercy and see if justice is so. Let’s focus is entire segment. On that idea, before we get back into purple cows, this is an idea that is powerful. I know that for me and business I get wrong so many times and my natural reaction is to go attacked is the lord’s. Vengeance is the lord’s the bible verse pull up the actual verse I can make it to the listeners here. Romans 12:19, romans 12:19 right do not take revenge. My dear friends, but leave room for god’s wrath, for it is written. It is mine to avenge i, will repay, says the lord to revenge stories recently that are hilarious, but they are there just crazy funny, but I had a competitor that for elephant in the room. Every time we would put our signs out that says $1 first haircut, they would literally take down all of our sites childish, and so they take it down. Taking down taking down I took down one of their signs, which is in the man cave is it you can see it up there on the ceiling after they took down I want to say like 20 something of ours, but then that idea that z has been telling me all the years scott my head I’m going to seek mercy because it’s got to be doing pretty bad. If he’s resorted to taking down our signs as his chief marketing strategy and just the other day, I was driving by the business. You know if I drive all the competitors to see.

What’s going on and I noticed there, a business check in the revenge was the lord’s for somebody’s the marketplace. They didn’t they didn’t last. You know if you, if you practice at principal at i, truly believe that leave at removes a corrosive influence on your heart on your brain, that content looking for revenge looking how to get back at people when you just take that out of your own hands and you do your best and forget the rest. It makes it a lot happier life now, the other, the other one was the hardest one for me to move on from. This is just like in the last 3 weeks that came into one of our businesses and the customer came in there and was told by an employee that I hate veterans. Of course you do know chuck i, don’t think you realize this. A lot of my friends are veterans right, I have off haircuts for veterans, so we don’t even make money on the haircuts for veterans we’ve done for thrive. We offer a free membership for veterans. If you go to thrive time, show.Com you get a free membership through david robinson, my partner served in the united states naval academy I can go on and on. If you’re, a veteran you come into the dr office, I’ll give you a 30 second, shoulder massage for sure absolutely I’m, a huge veteran guy and for somebody to say on social media without knowing me that I hate veterans, one i, don’t go in till swedish, I didn’t know, but then a member of my team and then never my management team text me screenshots of what was going on this person’s.

Getting really personal there like right click. Clark is a nut job. He hates veterans. He discriminates against veterans, he fires veterans and then a guy that we had to fire years ago suggested that they should report me to channel to do some. Like news works for you, because I hate, better myself, wow I mean here’s a guy that I fired for being terrible at his job, and he because he’s a veteran now has a platform right, and everyone on social media doesn’t know me into all. I can say, is if you go to my facebook page i, don’t post negative stuff like if you go to my facebook page and you just go through it. It’s pretty much every day is just positive:win, win, win, win, win! That’s how I do i, don’t post any negative inch of you know why I don’t post anything negative, because it’s a waste of time and effort, and why would you want to listen to podcast today and I I really care about and I would encourage you and all those me to check out this podcast. He was a really good one. It was with the lady named whitney wolfe and she’s, the founder and ceo of a company called bumble b. U m, b l e d herb humble before their trip I have but I’ve no idea what it is. Bumble is a a dating website where i, basically women, how she at the conversation right so I can get like punted from the platform of you saying negative stuff. What happened was. Is she had a lot of people that were attacking her personally on social media and she said, even though she was very wealthy. She got depressed because everyone kept saying negative things about her on the internet. They weren’t true and she feel like she had to go on there in like right, every wrong out there, a little encouragement you’re out there and you feel, like you-have to write every wrong on social media I would encourage all of our listeners to stay off of social media and we are on social media post. Something positive, just go on there and write something nice about somebody go on there and brag about somebody.

You’ve been working with brag about a friend of yours, brag about a client of yours, brag about your wife, go on there and brag on them and talk about how much you love your kids. Talk about how much you love your friends. Kids talk about how much you love your church, be positive, but positivity into the world. Because of you sow the seeds of positivity positive things come back, but doctors, he is a guy who has so many business ventures going on that the world does sometimes throw negative things his way but cheap. As you pointed out, he encourages us to what he said to seek seek mercy instead of justice man such a big got such a big thought it again. If you know doctors in have a cell phone number cinema text and tell him what a great duty is I promise you. He will appreciate that, and he is a great mentor and great co-host reader for page 163 of the purple cow page 163, the purple count seth going to talk about how to transform your business by being remarkable, how to be the purple cow that stands out in a heard of brown cow. How do you make your business stand out? He writes. Is your product more boring than salt unlikely, so come up with a list of 10 ways to change the product, not the hype, to make it appeal to a sliver of your audience:that’s powerful, the powerful think about your ear service or product. How could you change your product or service to make it stand out and I think if one company is done, it turned into a lotte yeah yeah, my partner, braxton fear is going to sign the lease with elote back in the day and a l’hotel put up on the big screen. When I put on the show notes at t, a l o t e tulsa.Com yellow tape is known for having a menu of food out of the offerings. They offer that no one else for the offers I mean they have maybe be puffy.

Tacos famous puppy, tacos tacos have their sweet potato burritos I have not. They have all these food items that you’re not going to find anywhere else, and it’s all farm-to-table, it’s all organic, it’s all fresh, and then they have this. This craziness dave luchador wrestlers wrestlers that actually wrestle inside the restaurant, while you’re eating food I have not actually seen the match the wrestling. That’s what I’ve seen the wrestling ring I’ve seen the luchador so who’s running around so yeah yeah and it doesn’t make any sense. But that’s what works it stands out. It breaks out of the clutter of commerce. If you are absolutely committed to growing your business, you have to come up with a purple. Everyone has to do it today. Today is your day. Today is the greatest that you’re ever going to have today is the day. Today is all you have this monday there’s tuesday wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday sunday, but chapters know someday. That’s right, you know someday actually doesn’t exist, someday you got to do it today, make that choice. Make that trip I’m going to do today and I actually do live at carpe diem to remind me that but I didn’t, because we’re going to plug in the sound effects to this computer over here nice and that way, I can go hit. That bus from here is going to be parallel with the wall. So I can get two desks in here, instead of one desk master station to hit those hit. The switches also I need to finish that the drilling that well and I need your help, because that will work tried.

My wife is trying to drill a well in our backyard cuz that well giving you are going to check out a lot of wells multi-well system. I’ve got to send an email to a partner and inch epic episode of thoughtful email hit a question so I got it. I’ll respond to that nice I’ve got to clean up my bag chappuccino it’s the weekend, so I don’t have to put crap in my bag. I got to clean that bag out to get that bag clean I’m coming. Are you awesome things? I have to do in the reason why I have to do this is because today is the day the day that I’m not going to. Let my son’s party be crappy, no I’m not going to let my might well be 5ft short from the water. It needs I’m not going to let the thrive listeners out there miss out on awesome new, sound clips, but we have to break it down into linear specific steps. Would you like to do at night, my man? This is a guy named dr. Sibley symbol, wayne gretzky, nhl legends. He is over there at 51st and harvard. If you guys need to get ahold of him, he’s going to offer you guys a free chiropractic assessment, free, x-ray and first treatment if you’re struggling with asthma back pain, any of that stuff get a hold of dr. John, sibley., cambiar, john, sibley., com, 918-749-5741, and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s the thrive time. Business coach radio show the mind set on the magic trick of the heat whopper, give it to you straight in the spring, in the back of the truck, so I can get up on the bike and speak the facts all right to go back to the drive time show on your radio we’re talking about the purple cow. What is a purple cow? Will seth godin I wrote a book here called the purple cow, transform your business by being remarkable and I think that the book made a massive impact on my life in a way that I can’t explain to you how powerful that book has been to me and to my businesses over the years. Do I want to do is I want to take the remainder of today’s show to walk you through case studies of real clients. I’ve worked with and chuck has worked with, that have implemented a thoughtful purple cow and their company. That’s allowed them to transform. The company allows them to grow in to be sustainable.

So let’s go with the first one score:basketball, score, bball., com, you’re out there and you live in the tulsa area, and you want your kids to become better at the game of basketball, maybe your child. This is I’m sitting the bench, maybe they’re the sixth man on the team and said it’s been to go, get to play a lot of minutes and you want them to become great at basketball. So you type in tulsa basketball camps in the google. You search for that you’re going to find score. Bball is either top or in the top two or three in google search results correct now, if you type for tulsa basketball, lessons you’re going to find that score is top in the search engine. Now, if you were going to search for tulsa basketball, training, you’re going to find the score basketball as top-down chuck, pink top and google, do you think that impacts score? Bball, absolutely yes case that you’re so step number one. We had to help them get to the top of google now. That is not a purple cow, but that was all we had to do it again over the top of google now once he got to the top of google how to pull up his stats. So I can read them off here to you right now in a typical week, we’re getting over 24,000 people who are seeing his ads and 3233 people a week clicking on his advertising. Are you serious? Yes, that’s insane I know so he has 11 leads that came in this past week.

I have been in germany last couple weeks and so he’s turned down his advertising a little bit. But if you look over the weeks here, like you’re, seeing march april he’s having them was, 25 leads a week for basketball every week and the guy converts about half of them into members, but his purple cow. Why people say well, what’s his purple count? His purple cow is that this guy has a history of success. He’s been the coach for over 50 division 1 basketball players, including ralph charles kelenna azubuike, e, jason rainey, who played for arizona university play for the new york knicks in the dallas mavericks and warriors I mean you think of his work with a lot of former nba players, I’m shay seals from university of tulsa play for the lakers lee mayberry. These are real folks and help on his side. He shows you how he compares to the competition powerful. So if you’re going online to google, what is score do differently from everybody else. He’ll show you how his program is different and or better than everybody else then. So it’s just purple cow is that he is v best basketball, coaching facility in tulsa, but he proves it it’s different than just saying he’s the best. He proves it again. His purple cow is he’s the best, but he proved it it’s different than just saying he’s the best. He proved it just saying:you’re the best is tougher, proving it with facts. That’s impressive! Then he has a little marker on his website where it says, experience oklahoma’s highest and most reviewed basketball camps, and if you click it, it takes you to his reviews and the guy has over a hundred and eighty-five reviews, write 186 reviews as of the time of this, show right now, also, if you’re a first-time visitor to score your first lesson shop is free, that’s amazing! What would you know what to try it? It’s free.

Why would you not want to go there? They look here. It is not all the truth. I got the google reviews. He’s got the ads running for him. You get there and you see your try. Your first lesson free, that’s it come on and it’s purple cow chop. That’s a movie. Tell us about one of your clients, you, in a specific, to show the listener. This is not a unicorn event. This is not just seth godin who sold the company to yahoo for millions of dollars, teaching you. These are real things right, that you can apply real moves and actually work. So I got to go when we just came up with this I think was last week. Actually guy shepherd over at sheppard automotive. He is a diligent do or he is a super grinder he’s an awesome guy and his whole move is that he wants to be that trusted mechanic. The person you could send your mom 2 or your sister anybody you could send to me as a christian guy. He works with christian values, and so we’ve been working on, you know, he’s got no brainer offers guy shepherd you better get are google reviews as soon as possible, $25 off your first oil change and get some traction for him, but we came up with clay want to get your take on this. Is we got a new saying,? It’s going to be sheppard. Automotive he’s your guy, because everybody needs a guy when you when your car is broke down. I like that name is guy. That’s what I walk you through his case study, okay, so step one. You had to get him to the top of google right, google, city, auto repair, to he’s had to gather objective reviews from as many clients as possible in a lot of people are resistant or hesitant to give people review. They did with her name on the internet. They don’t know how to do it. They’re there, if you’re busy, whatever put guys with braids persistent, asking his real customers for objective reviews and scored 66 reviews, and now he has a no-brainer and you can check it out at sheppard automotive,, it says, get $25 off of your first oil change, my friends!

This is how it works. There’s no there’s no easy get rich, quick move. How long did it take guy shepherd to get to the top of google home i? Guess it was 9 or 10 months long? What you doing right now those nails are growing, he’s up i, we just figured it out. I! Think he’s up this month was down just a little bit, but he’s up at 18% over all over last year or the year skip ball every I’m. Just so, you know he’s up over 50% on the first part of working with a guy platinum, past I think they’ve almost tripled sales, I heard that wasn’t 440% sure it was like more than four times in marshall’s, their coach and so all, but we can’t help you if you don’t get a chance to know you so if you’re out there-and you say, I want to be one of these case studies I want my business to grow. What I encourage you to do is go to thrive time, show.Com and schedule. Your one-on-one business coaching session of our clients show sponsor a great guy. Is a company out there on by a guy by the name of travis? Was companies williams contracting? If you have a business and yourself I want to add on to my building, I mean to do you want to build on your office building do you want to build on to your church. Do you want to add on to your school? Do you want to build a restaurant? Do you want expand your commercial shopping center? If you said yes to any of those things, you need to check out our good friends at williams contracting your website as well dash khan.Com, that’s will – khan.Com. You might be saying to yourself that you say it slower I’m trying to write it down.

Will – c o n. Comm check, contractor phone number 918-682-5511 will stay 2 21 boom, make sure you never miss a broadcast by signing up for the drive time show podcast the answers you will find each epitaph. Who is the sam? You is the name of the bird in the action and must happen. Now you got to win the claw machine that has gone before what you doing the score. What is the truth? Alright, drive nation welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. The entire focus of today show is trying to help you get your product or service to stand out in a cluttered cluttered commerce in the marketplace in the world with her so much advertisement noise. How do you stand out so I’m going to list off a bunch of purple cows that I’d like for chuck to put on the show notes, so you as a listener, can think about them, research them and decide whether you could replicate them in some capacity all right, so it makes it even keep up with him. Okay, so the first one is the big texan. Can’t we talked about on yesterday show, but it is home of the 72-ounce steak in a lot of people have heard about it, but they say well. What is the? What is the challenge? How does it work? What says here on bigtexan.Com the entire meal must be completed in one hour. If any of the meals not consume swallowed, you lose before the time starts. You will be allowed to cut into the steak and take one bite if the steak taste good and it’s cooked your satisfaction, we will start the time up on your acceptable approval. The time will not stop in the contest is on to make sure so make sure before you say yes, once you have started, you’re not allowed to stand up, leave your table.

I have anyone else touch your meal you’ll be disqualified. If anyone assist you in the cutting preparing or eating of your meal, this is your contest. You don’t have to eat the fat, but we will judge this. Should you become ill? The contest is over. You lose. You are qualified you’re required to pay the full amount upfront you will win anyway. If you win, you will get 100% refund. You must sit at the table that we assign, if you do not win the state challenge. You are welcome to take the leftovers with you know, consumption or sharing of the leftovers is how did the restaurant once the contest is over? If you fail to complete the challenge, you must pay the $72. That’s a big steak, 72 oz with all the fixin’s. So it’s divided that by 16 * 16 ounces in a pound right. So that’s a 4.5 pound. So all I’m saying is:that is actually something that stands out in the crowd. Marketplace, that’s a real thing and I knew about this before you even brought it up yesterday, which proves the point that it works. How did you know about it? I’ve drove by billboard traveling around as a kid everybody knows about the giants taken amarillo go down there. I was a young man play I wanted a large steak. It’s called the little man, ice cream biscuit place is awesome. Now this is what they do. This is a powerful no-brainer. They have anna powerful purple cow with a t. Was there actual restaurant I’m, not sure just how you would describe how to put on the big screen? So you can see it. Let’s put on the show notes, what’s look up, little man, ice, cream and let’s go to the google map and see if we can’t find the map to compute the listeners, a link to the actual matheny that that that that move here for us but I’m going to zoom in here. So all the listeners, if you can, when you get to the show notes at the halftime show., when you get there there, it is that how would you describe the little man ice cream store? That’s like an old-school milking container, not like a milk container for like the one that you actually put under the cow write it big. But it’s like you see that why there’s a google map wind happen to be when the google car drove by there’s a line out to the street, there’s always a line. If you go there’s always, let me see if we can link to that video.

This is a video on youtube. Let’s put the link to that video on youtube. You can find a little man ice cream.Com, but what he does he does a scoop for scoop, so what he does if you buy ice cream from the movie little man ice cream. This is what he says on his website. They do. He says:little man, ice cream was built on a belief, I believe that business exist to make a difference. Since the day we open for business we have made giving back a part of who we are little. Man’s scooper scooper program is how you are helping to us to make the difference where we scoop of ice cream purchased little man matches that scoop of the donated scoop of rice, beans or other essentials to a community in need anywhere around the world. Today, little man has delivered to communities in 9 countries spread across four different continents. Scooper scooper missions directly send our employees to volunteer their time, and talents are partners with reputable mutual understanding and a commitment to always being a force, explain how much they’ve given away you can check him out a little man ice cream., and by the way that we should get to little man ice cream founder guy on the show the owner. Will it be a great little man ice cream, 100 write this down a dream:100 little, man, ice cream found that be a good that, because that’s it that’s a great cause, a great company.

That’s a good one! Now, don’t you up another another company out there that has a purple cow that I want to I want to brag on. It happens to be a client of mine is morrow and morrow lai and kitterman borrow it. Tomorrow lie and kitterman. They are a pediatric dentistry in tulsa who’s been growing at a rate of more than 30% year-over-year 313 google reviews a special where they say that your child gets free treatment until the age of 3, it’s free until three notch up. Why does what? Why does that work for them? Offering free pediatric, dentistry free until the child is 3 well? Who doesn’t want to take advantage of that for the first three years when you’re going through this with your first kid, maybe a young kid, and then it’s awesome for them, because now they’re hooked in in the system baby look inside their location. Are they have a super cool? You see they have like a video games and the kids there. They have a fun play, a playhouse area for the kids, kids love to have an aquarium in their little saltwater action. People love it. There. They’re really really good at what they do as well, so that helps yes, but I mean they have they decided to break out of the clutter with her. So many other dentist out there. They wanted to stand out and it created a purple cow jumped on your clients right now. That’s where you said yourself, man, that is really really a good move for diligent as well. We came up with a no-brainer for them in that purple cow. The kind of separate out everybody in their industry is it’s. It’s a lot of low price, low price low priced over over there that the owners of best choice auto glass they pride themselves and doing a really good job being fast and mobile responsive, and he always was going around cleaning up the cars afterwards.

He was wiping down all the windows and vacuum out the front floor lockdown. But the thing is:i wasn’t telling anybody about. He wasn’t let anybody know that he was over-delivering was named. Mark burgess down came up with the best choice. Detail so with any glass replacement will offer him the best choice:detail for free where they clean your windshield inside and out of your front windows. They vacuum your floor boards and wipe down all of your door jambs, because that never happens. If you have a church, if you have a business, if you can organization, you have to have a purple cow. If you want your organization to grow so I’m going to give you the purple cow of our next show sponsor. This is rc. Auto specialists roy owns the company. It’s a christian owned business, but yours is purple count. These guys can do any kind of ford automotive repair that you need if you have a ford vehicle of ford truck a massive ford vehicle. If you need your transmission to be fixed battery issues, wiper blades heat and air system suspension and alignment, they have over 80 years of combined experience at the ford powerstroke diesel, service and repair. That’s what they do. If you have a ford automobile check out, rc auto, specialists., comment rc auto specialists attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his fruit that you didn’t have your contact information, so you can point drive time show.Com! What’s that makes book bags?

That’s why I have time show on your radio and they were talking about purple cows, how to stand out in a cluttered, marketplace and i. I want to I want to brag on. One of our upcoming show. Guests will be interviewing him I believe not tomorrow, show but the day after tomorrow, so two days will have them on the show. This is muggsy bogues, now muggsy, bogues I’m. If you look up the name its original name is, it is given name is tyrone curtis bogues bogues. Now he played for in the nba 10 seasons for the hornets. He also played for the washington bullets. Now the wizards, the golden state warriors and the toronto raptors the thing about him. That is a purple cow he’s got so many purple cows, but he’s got a couple really resonate with me. He was born in baltimore maryland and he was raised in the projects which so many kids unfortunately are raised in the projects. Where I see the first purple cow is his father went to prison, his dad went to prison, I mean he didn’t wasn’t raised by a dad, and so is mom raised him, and yet he went on to play division 1 basketball at wake forest, you might say:okay, there’s a there’s. Some other kids I could write a big big purple count. Maybe that’s his kid. Didn’t have a father, his mom raised him. He went to play wake forest, the purple cat purple cow. He was drafted 12th overall in the first round of the nba draft. You might say:that’s really not that impressive, impressive I mean the well that’s good, but that’s not really like the meaning the world. To me. He’s five 3 inches tall were the players he played with larry johnson and when he was on the hornet to larry got traded to the knicks. And if you look at larry gave me a hug before the game. Look, how do the difference between muggsy bogues and larry johnson michael jordan versus muggsy bogues? It’s the one. We standing next to manute, bol and they’re, holding the basketballs right there, yeah yeah! The difference is unbelievable. There on the same team right, insanity I’ll put it on there.

Look at him getting by charles oakley I mean how, in the world I got fast, as he says right so muggsy bogues will be a guest on michelle. I’m super excited to have him. Also we have have you ever read the book called made it made to stick their trip. I have not read that one! No, but I’ve heard it’s on her bookshelf made the stick by the heath brothers these guys they wrote a book that is phenomenal. It teaches people how to write advertisements or how to write public speech is or how to have id right stuck in the head of your ideal, unlikely buyers, and that book is absolutely powerful. They’re going to be on the show, hear it coming up in a few days as well. Sweet lot of great guests coming on the show who are purple cows in their own right, but I really want to help you. The listener find the purple cow for your business I’m, trying to help you find one for your business I’m just going to keep firing off examples, shopping I’ll, go back and forth way to see. If we can help, you discover a purple cow that will work for your business, about tip top k9 I have a great purple cow for their company tip top k9 is dog training company and get $2 for your first lesson. How much one single dollar for your first lesson in part of their purple cow, is the fact that their systems are so awesome, ryan and rachel up develop such an awesome system for training dogs that they can get some major attraction with your aunt with your canine animal inn in that first lesson so you’re with a while and they get them with the $1, and then they wow them. And it’s like it’s a no-brainer after that, the bitefighter starting to get rowdy. Is this not behaving I’m? What you could do is you. Could do a google search for tulsa, dog training and you’re going to see this working the steps of here? Here’s the case study for the steps we had to take them through one.

We had to get him to the to be the top of the google search results. If you google search tulsa dog training, you’re going to see their top two, we had to make sure that they gather reviews from their actual customer chip. Why is it so important that they took the time to gather real business conferences reviews from their real customers, because 88% of people are reading? Reviews for you for putting the floor is left on. The show notes are reading reviews online and only that they trust them more than the personal recommendation of a friend or family member. So it’s so important to get those reviews. It’s also important to get reviews, because if you want to run ads for your business and you don’t have about 40 or 50 reviews and you’re, not 200, yet you before you get to that 40, it’s not wise to run a bunch of ads and spend a bunch of money, because there’s no proof out that you have no google trail no resume online and then their fur lesson is a dollar. As you mentioned, the $1 lesson is a great value, but it wouldn’t work. Well, they didn’t have a lot of reviews, so you can have both. They’re purple cows, it’s a dollar for the first lesson, to ask you again mr. Listener:what is your no-brainer i?

Think of another company work with, has a number where we can you talk about the keystone harbor folks. You’ve worked with a marina on keystone lake here right outside of tulsa, and they have a brand new, almost brand new facility out there on the lake, so they’re they’re, purple cow. Was it its new clean and close all of the other harbors in marinas in oklahoma r52 70 years older than this place. It’s closer to tulsa than any other big lake experience and it’s clean they clean. It turns out there’s a lot of cobwebs on all these other places, so they clean this place up an insult, though the way we got a hold of them. People was that that are really new, awesome, fleet of rental boats and jet skis, and things like that. So we put some no-brainers out their rent, one jet ski get one for a dollar a dollar for your first hour on it about, and it really just drove a lot of traffic out to their facility. Let me give you another up:purple cow, think about outback steakhouse outback steakhouse is famous for the australian themed steakhouse are you? Are you familiar with the history of outback steakhouse I know that they have a bloomin onion and something called alice, springs chicken that smells like an armpit but tastes delicious you using a armpit yeah. It’s like the cheese and bacon and onion mix your kind of smells like an business conferences armpit, but I tell you what let me give you some fun fact. Oh, it’s! Okay, I’ll back steakhouse is an australian themed. American casual dining restaurant, but it has an australian themed rice who started it was founded by bob bashman, chris, sullivan, trudy, cooper and tim gannon in 1988, none of which had australian ties, think about that they did not have australian type there just make them a business based in tampa florida, and they decided. You know what we need to have a way for our company to stand out and it has an australian themed, wide shut. Why does it have an australian thing because, apparently, when they were going around doing the research, there was no other australian themed. Steakhouse restaurants are that you can’t remember the name of the big texas steakhouse, the texan steakhouse right, texas, charlie steaks australian, see if you do not destroy an accent, can you do a nice, but I might think things out that actually work for those guys now the next purple cow want to talk about is starbucks.

What makes starbucks stick out? What makes starbucks stick out? What makes sam adams beer stick out. Cuz the beer itself at sam. Adamses is known to be good, but the actual name helps them break out of the clutter of commerce and has all those historical references right to the revolutionary time, where america fought against the british to become when the colonists fought against the british do to gain our independence at starbucks. Starbucks does everything they do? Is a purple cows I’m going to list off the starbucks purple cow moves we can put on the show notes. If you go to starbucks in order a small, they don’t have a small, they have at all. Do they have like a grande right and they would have been t soviets tall, grande and venti other sizes starbucks serve you coffee or not coffee people. They are baristas. Susan. Coffee people because of barista sounds fancy sounds like something you might Remember:i’m, not charging you for the coffee, I’m charging you for the ambiance. He created this thing called the third place right, it’s the best of the core. It’s the atmosphere is the overhead music. It’s the site, it’s the sound! That’s why you’re paying $5 for a cup of coffee and starbucks is absolutely poured their heart into it. There’s a bullet can I get to be breaking down in the end too distant business conferences future. Pour your heart into it by the founder of starbucks howard schultz, but if you’re looking for a purple, couch, today, show and yesterday show-and you just you-just-have to lock yourself in a room and not come out and see you have a purple cap. If you have a business coach you’re, one of our coaching clients have your coach work with you on this have to develop a purple. Cow. You will not win and we want to help you. We would help you and get to know you. We would help coach you. Our mission is to mentor millions into the way we can do.

That is if we get a chance to meet you and interact with you inside, encourage you to go to thrive time show.Com today and there you can find the podcast that you’re listening to now, you can find all of the show note to keep up there. You can book your business conferencestickets for our in-person workshops. You can schedule a one-on-one consultation with a business coach or you can find our video vault with thousands and thousands of videos archive there at drivetime, show,, june, 22nd and june 23rd are or where our next workshop is coming up quickly, if you’ve yet to purchase your tickets, buy your tickets today at thrive time, show., can purchase your tickets today, that’s right time, show.Com if it is june, 22nd and june 23rd, and now that he further do. We always have to end with a boom bree stew


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