How to Manage a Super-Successful Call Center (Featuring Audio from the 2-Day Business Conferences)

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Are you trying to run a super successful call center? Do you struggle with managing your people? Clay provides step-by-step instructions for running an effective call center.

Step 1 – Buy a Call List

Step 2 – Create an Inbound Sales Script

Step 3 – Create an Outbound Sales Script

Step 4 – Create a Pre-Written Email

Step 5 – Create a Pre-Written Text Message

Step 6 – Determine a Call Quota

Step 7 – Install a Call Recording System – 

Step 8 – Create a One Sheet / Visual Sales Presentation

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Are you struggling to get your employees to make outbound sales calls? To follow scripts to me, to answer inbound phone calls to basically be successful when it comes to selling something. If so, this show is for you and you get to experience audio from one of our business conferences.

amazing. How long have you worked here? Two years. How many calls per day does the team like? How many calls can outbound calls can, let’s say Greg making today, Greg made 425 that was a record-breaking 10 a day in a day. See, I see a lot of people come to these business conferences. You’re making 425 calls a year. I’m talking about a day or day or a day. Every day. Every day you meet, I’ve got to make 425 calls a day. Holy wow. Well, yes sir. How do we get the list and Kevin soak, you’re going to love this. Um, for elephant in the room we only call former customers so I don’t cold call people for that business. But alphabetically speaking, phone book technology is what I recommend or or there is a thing called a you, what’s the source of sales genie sales, Janie.

And we buy leads from that. But alphabetically speaking, I have a lot of my clients who will literally get on a phone book of people in Tulsa. They still have those things and you’re like, is this Sarah Smith? And again, Oh, Sarah Smith. My name is clay Clark. I’m with uh, state farm, not state farm within our company. And I was just calling because we are, I have unbelievable discounts this month. Or are you insured with farmers? Want a scale of one to 10, how happy are you with farmers? Seven. Well, what can we do to improve? Call me back on time or whatever. Yeah. Okay. Well, Hey, we have a great special right now and it just takes about 10 minutes to see if you’d be willing to at see how much money I can save ya. When’s a good time you can come by my office and what’s the most money Bronson, I can pay for an appointment legally in Oklahoma right now.

Yeah. So I’d say right now we value your time. So if you’ll come by my office, I will pay you $25 to take 10 minutes to compare rates. And most people are like, Oh, so you get like three out of a hundred people to say yes. And then your list is just a phone book following up a, we’ve got a client, Austin Green, G Austin, the soda. He’s a great guy. He’s a great guy. He’s getting started, he’s getting his business rolling. Uh, he the phone book technology two weeks ago and he cold calls and he set three appointments and sold a policy.


the questions that my wife would have cause she’s smart and that you guys would have because you’re smart. My wife would say, baby, is that legal? Like, I’ve never thought about that.


And she says, huh, I’d also run red lights every morning. So on the way to work because there’s a red light there or Riverside that my opinion is unnecessary never turns. Yeah. So I just go through it and I don’t feel bad and then sometimes I should stop doing it and I think about stop doing it. And I know there’s a fine associated with it, but I don’t get a lot of fines because it’s so early. But eventually I’m going to get in trouble. But it’s worth it to me to save those 30 seconds every morning. I don’t know.

it’s just there’s there like there are certain trade offs. And so, uh, when Steve jobs started Apple, he started in a garage and he didn’t have a permit.

We had absolutely no idea what people were going to do with these things. When we started out, a matter of fact, the two people that was designed for always was and myself, because we couldn’t afford to buy it a computer kit on the market. So we liberated some parts from Hewlett Packard and tare. And, uh, worked on a design for about six months and decided that we would build it on computer. So we built it and uh, once was up til four in the morning for many moons and we got it working. We showed some girlfriends to immediately, everybody wanted one and it turned out there, took about 40 hours to build one of these things and about another 20, 30, 40, 50 buckets. And we had a lot of friends that work at similar companies who could liberate the parts. Also found himself spending every spare moment of our time helping our friends to build computers and just getting to be a tremendous drain on our, on our lives.

So we got the idea one day that we could make a printed circuit board a without the parts in itself, these blank printed circuit boards to our friends and probably cut the assembly and debug time down to, you know, five, 10 hours. So the Walsall is HP calculator and I sold my van, we got 1300 bucks together and we paid our friend of ours who was this a PC board layout person, 1300 bucks to do us a lay out and decided we’d sell printed circuit boards at twice what it cost to build them and hopefully recoup our calculator and transportation in some late a day. So that’s what we did. And I was out trying to peddle PC boards one day and walked into a bike shop, the first bike shop in mountain view and a Paul Terrell, the then owner of the bite shop said, uh, he would like to take 50 of these computers.

And I saw dollar signs in front of my eyes and, but he had one catch, which was that he wanted them fully assembled and tested, ready to go, which is a new twist. So we spent the next five days on the phone to distributors and convinced the electronics parts distributors around here to give us about $10,000 worth of parts on fin year just on enthusiasm. So we got the parts and we built a a hundred computers and we sold 50 of them for cash in 29 days, paid off of distributors. And that’s how we got started. So we have 50 computers leftover. While that meant we had to sell. So then we started worrying about marketing, worrying about distribution, got on the phone with the other computer stores around the country. And gradually the whole thing began to build momentum. And at that point in time we had some feeling that we were on to something.

But the feeling was, is so different than the experience of actually seeing it happen right now. It’s entirely different. And sometimes a lot, a lot of people ask, what did you know it was going to mushroom into this phenomenon. And you could say, yeah, you know, we planned it out. We had led on a piece of paper, but it’s different than the experience was seeing 500 people working at Apple computers. Very different than the experience of seeing a five year old kid who, uh, really understands what he’s the tool that he’s got in front of him.

Excuse me, Palo Alto, can I get a permit to open up a computer manufacturing business? We only use soldering irons and things that could cook, things that could explode. They didn’t ask you what I mean? So you just gotta make, we gotta get your list. Okay, so we’re going to do daisies. I’m going to flip it up a little bit today cause I’m don’t have you speak twice if possible. That’s my move. Cool. Okay, so first you’ve got an inbound sales script on page one 43 and you just want to circle it. If you don’t have this, why do we have to have an inbound sales script? And people call the elephant in the room?

Oh, because it gets really weird if people don’t know what to say. If you let people say whatever they they want on out of their own devices, it gets really awkward. Really?

Let me tell you the worst thing I heard one of my DJs say at the booth, the bridal show before I knew this idea, one of the brides comes up with her sister. Clearly her sister, the DJ goes, what’s your mom’s name?

[inaudible]. [inaudible]

Oh. And I’m like, Oh, well we’re all laughing. I’m like, Oh dude, you got shut down. So I’m starting to say stuff like, I remember that night we’re at the Dallas trade show and I’m like, guys, we gotta be professional. We’ve got to speak articulately. Get this, read this book, this book right here, swim with the sharks. This book, this is a great book. Read this book and soft selling. And they’re like, okay. They skim it. Whatever. Next day we go to the trade show, this is my favorite. He’s ever done so beautiful this way. He walks up, wonderful lady, and he goes, so when’s your baby due? But there’s no baby. Do

[inaudible] [inaudible]

get a script? Quit trying to teach people principles. Have them lead. Read the literal words on the page and fire them if they won’t read the specific words. It’s like Disney world in the play. You know, you ever seen like princess, uh, a whole new world, the Desi bears? I never knew you ever seen that. [inaudible] the people don’t get to make up their own words, don’t you dare close your eyes. Hold on. It gets better. Earn it. They don’t make up their own words though. You know Prince saw the body is he and I’m Caio. Oh dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. What’s up in the back? [inaudible] I’m making crap up cause I know how freaking script road bruise on. That’s what employees do. If you don’t give him a script, it would be like hiring someone to sing at a Disney production and not giving them the words.

Does that make sense? Everyone? World-class Monash O’Ree you’ve got to have an actual script. Are you getting that idea? If you don’t, they’re going to say weird stuff. They’re going to fill in the blanks. I was checking the specs on the end line for the rotary girder. I’m retarded. How many of you sing while driving? Huh? I like me better when I’m with you. Oh woo. And then you pull up next to someone you know and you’re like, and then you get in traffic where you don’t know anybody. And not me bad because there, in other words, we just know. Who knows this? Come on man. You don’t know the whole word? Dave Matthews. Dave Matthews doesn’t know the words. Chat, turn, light hitting my hair. Who already ruined Aaron or her? Where’s there part Chad? Oh man. Dave Matthews welcomed. I know, but he doesn’t know the words. You’ve got to know the words. Your team has to know the words. Have you ever tried to sing along to Dave Matthews songs? Who’s, Hey [inaudible], it’s just weird.


your boys are trying to sing along to you and they can’t because you are an entrepreneur, which means you’re a tricky person who figures crap out. It’s a weird, it’s a genetic flaw called entrepreneurship. We are weird. How many of you can just sell something? Honestly, you can’t say that to your employees. Just say the right things and I remember one guy, he hired me to help his business and I said, I’d like to observe you doing a sales meeting before I fix it and this is what he said to his staff. Now guys, I want you to get on the phone and say the right things to enough people and we’re going to sell something.

Mike, what does that mean? ABC boys always be closing. People were like, I don’t know what that means. And they don’t sell it. You’ve got a script scripted. The actual words that you actually say need to be in the actual script or you feel it. What I’m saying? You got long it takes to get to write a good script. Probably two hours. Try to get one because you got role play, which you know you use like vodka and cranberry. It’s easier. But you want to role play. That’s what I do. I’m not kidding. That’s why I move. But I wouldn’t recommend you do that because you gotta like role play with yourself. And then my wife’s like, what are you doing down here? I’m like, I’m making the client script having a little blast blast. Cause you got to like think how they would think.

You know what I mean? If I get a cold call from farmers or state farm, I’ve got to think what are they gonna think, right? If you’ve got a cold call from someone, wouldn’t you be thinking cold call? How many of you think that somebody else does sound like it’s not a cold call? So again, I’m calling. Is this Eric chop? Yeah. Hello. Hey, this is clay Clark and I’m actually calling with a state farm and apparently you qualify for some discounts. Are you there? Are you the Eric chip that that is me. Who are you currently insured with? The Eric Chimp farmers actually. Oh. And on a scale of one to 10 how happy are you with her services? Really? Yeah. We got a promotion right now or I’ll pay you 25 bucks to take 10 minutes to compare rates. Do you want to come by my office or can I come by your office?

You can come by. Come visit me. Okay. I promise we’ll be less than 10 minutes and you kicked me out. If you don’t like me, I’ll give you 20 I’ll give you 25 when I first walked in the door and I sound good deal all day. Third day you just make a script and it’s all day. But the key is not to sound like you’re cold calling nowadays. He did. People want to follow a script? Absolutely not. How have you gotten the team DePaul? The script. Cause we have a great team now. Fear. See, they don’t say that at the other workshops. You know how many of you been to the workshop where it’s like love leads. A true leader inspires whatever the true leader, Darth Vader, true leader. Bill Belicheck, true leader. Craig Popovich. He’s not having a blast. He blasts. If you watched the spurs game, he’s like you off the off the court.

No, no, no, not good play. Freaking defensive. You ever seen Greg Popovich, coach, you remember your favorite teacher where they always having a blast? He blast when you are slacking. No, they force you to get it done. The military. Hey guys, anybody want to do a P T this morning? No. Okay, let’s just go to the snack bar. No, it’s like whose been in the military? How’s that going? Can somebody come up here who’s been in the military and we’d like to talk about it cause it’s what you have. Can someone come up here please? Who’s got a military person? Okay. I’m an interrogate you. You put your hand up. Come on up here, sir. Okay. Where did you serve by the way? Really. And what were you, what were you doing up there? You know, army, Navy, air force, air force. No. Nevil no Naval stuff. No Navy up there. Okay. Air force. Yes sir. First off, let’s give all of our military service people or have a clause


these guys protect us. So idiots like me can exist. Trying to start a DJ company as a unique first world problem in Venezuela right now I don’t believe there’s a lot of prosperous DJs. Maybe. Am I wrong? I was going in Brazil one time and I didn’t see a lot of prosperous people there either. What about like Cuba? Do you want a DJs? They’re rocking. Turns out most of the world sucks cause it’s not pre. Wow. So back to you. So your business, what do you do? Home remodeling. Repair. Let’s go back to the military. Did you sign up? Did you get recruited or did you recruit yourself? How did that happen? You’re sick. We all feel blessed. Good about our lives now in comparison. So you actually sacrificed like, you’re like if you’re an Israel, you have to be in the military. So you just felt the calling.

I didn’t want to stay in grocery store the rest of my life, so I want to get some. How old were you when you signed up? Walk us through when you got off the bus, how did that start? How did it start? You got off the bus, they say, alright dudes right there. Hey guys, we’re up to, we’ll be dropping you guys off your animal moment for pedicures and manicures. Or now how’d it go? Yeah. Now here’s what we’re gonna do. That happened though. Seriously. And then you hold the mic like right about here. Cause I wanna capture the, they want to be honest. Okay, so do it again. And then you’re like, Oh God, what are you doing? Oh no. And then what happens? My call center, one of the worst parts is

we’re like the first two weeks you didn’t have to go to the bathroom because you’re so freaked out.

Yeah. But then you get in like shape, do get in great shape.

Yeah. And you get really good shape. Most of what I’ve ever gained was in there. So

you come back Jack, what do you like strong? Yeah, you get to my muscles, I have to strike Asians. You’re up there arguing with Charles about who’s got the best dry Haitians. Oh I got to business due to the Palm cause he put,

I would say the other thing that I think was probably the most valuable, like the change that it made in the people that came there because there was people that were not, it wasn’t, there’s people that did not have like good values and like I left the military or even just basic saying that everybody needs to do this.

Yes. And see that’s what people said. They, we might call center. They go, are you fixed my life? And I’m like, yeah. So these are the, these are the things I say to my employees. You can feel free to write them down on this page, but if you don’t get, I want Daisy to help do this. I would say welcome to our call center. If you want to make a $100,000 a year, you want to become rich, I can help you do that. But I can’t be late. You got to follow my systems and if you ever feel the need to give me your opinion, don’t cause I don’t care. Okay. And if you haven’t been late for 90 days, then I’ll talk to you. But if not, I don’t. You don’t exist to me cause I’ll eventually we’ll fire you. So that’s how it starts.

And what happens is, is we have a great team now, do we not? Yeah, we really do. Everyone’s on the phone making more calls. Mariah. Mariah, are you there? [inaudible] are you on the phone? Okay, well Mariah, she’s great. We just go and out a couple months ago. She’s great. And you know why she has a job cause we fired somebody else. [inaudible] you’re horrible. Personalism it’s not a right for you to have a working wage. AOC. It’s not a right. You’re asking to be fired. If you don’t work, you don’t need, it’s in the Bible. Look it up. Look it up real quick. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. It’s in the Bible translation clevis. If you don’t work, you’re lazy. Acid, you should be homeless. And I’m not going to give you a free sandwich work for food. So the point is, if you work at my call center, why don’t you business owners though?

We’re like hostage. You’re being held hostage by your employees and they’re telling you what to do. Who can relate to that? They’re like, I want to make seven calls. Who’s being held hostage by an employee? Your employees telling you what they’re going to do. How’s that going to go over? Did they give you a tips? Like, Hey, I should make more calls so we could make more money. Boss, what do they say? Was there a better list I can get? Cause I don’t want to call this lesson. This lesson isn’t very good. Who’s heard that? I don’t want to get who’s heard your employees? I don’t want to get Google reviews cause I don’t know if it’s ethical. Who’s had that? Who’s had the one? I just don’t want to get Google reviews because I people just, they told me they were going to. Who’s heard that? Oh yeah. Who’s? Yeah. Okay. So if you got, let’s role play. I’m in the military with you and then I’ll let you get back to what you do. But let me ask you one more question. Imagine that you’re the drill Sergeant and I’m in the military. I’m scared. I need your hat. Here we go. Watch this. Here we go. What’s your last name by the way? Uh, Sergeant [inaudible]. I’ve got carpal tunnel and I’ve just feel like I need a desk that’s a standing desk because of my anxiety.

That would not happen.

But what, but what would happen if somebody tried that? Uh, you would typically be doing pushups or lots of extra work. It would not be put up with, which is why bill Belicheck makes you run if you’re injured, if you get injured, you have to run. Okay, let’s get passed up the elk. Let’s hear for our military servicemen here. Thank you sir. Okay, so I’m going to have Mariah take your mic just for a second, but stay here. So Mariah, he worked here for how long? It’s been two and half months now. Please describe what it’s like working here as, or maybe or contrast that to other jobs. What it’s like working here versus other jobs. I actually look forward to get up in the morning and when I go home, it’s a good kind of tired. All this stuff on this list is meeting list. If you can’t make your people do it and they’re not gonna want to do it, cause you don’t want to do it either. And I don’t want to do it.

Hey the this businesses, maybe most of you can’t record people. You can’t record people do ESOL. Meaning this, if you people don’t do it. If they fear the rejection and they won’t push through, eventually they gotta say just screw it as the dial and smile for the cast. They’re posole with no one on the phone. You’ll face financial ruin. Then your competition will eat you like a sandwich named Ruben. All this stuff on the [inaudible] list. If you can’t recruit people do.

But I do it cause I want a pool and took a chickens and a waterfall and a deck that’s bigger than my living room and an outdoor kitchen and a bigger chimney. And we’re so lucky. Chickens and more speakers. And Mike’s did I only use once a month. The real expensive ones cause I didn’t have, I want them and I don’t have them and I need them. It’s true. Yeah.

Uh, I thought millennials still like to work hard. I wanna get a 45 year old to come work for [inaudible].

Okay. I thought millennials don’t want to work hard. Uh, how do you they don’t. Well, I do is I look for people like her. I don’t try to make people like her, if that makes sense. I’m not a life coach. Now if you’re on the verge, I can coach and mentor you. But if you’re like totally in left field, I can’t. Does that make sense to you guys? Like if you’re totally opposed to it, a lot of you though, your employees, my boss. Can I propose a script change and you’re going, yeah, let’s do that. And then that keeps them from making calls. Let’s hear from Mariah folks. Brian, yes. Boom. Back to the phones. Okay, so you created outbound sales script. Okay. Pre-written sales email. Why do we have to do that? Daisy. Why do we have to repeat the email?

It saves so much time. If you don’t have to think about what to say, you can send it. I send so many prayer and things every single day and it’s made my life so much easier. Also, I don’t have to be the only one to send it, so I can have multiple people respond to the email and it just makes our team much more often.

Also because you’re smarter than I am. But the other day I was talking to him, it was like probably six months ago and it’s horrible. I, you know, like in your phone you can talk and then send the text that translates. So I was getting fancy and everyone would get fancy. You get stupid. And so I says, do you want to turn my Samsung updates? It says, do you want to turn on the feature? And I’m like, I feel kind of fancy, you know? Wow. Wow. I’d be dazzled jeans on in my mind or something. I’ve got a fancy shirt on you feeling fancy? And so I’m like, sure. And then I you say like, you know, this’ll be a success and you hit Zinn and then it’s like this’ll be a . And I do those who’s ever had the regrettable texts where a translate, Oh and then you try to respond faster and you do it again. And people were like, you’re a sick person. So we go back into sales script. So you’ve got to have a pre written text, one sheet, why do we use this? How do we use the one sheet elephant, the room to sell membership?

Yeah. So it’s very, very helpful to have a visual. I think a lot of people are visual. I personally am visual. So to be able to say, here’s what you get with our memberships and be able to actually point it out, I think to have both speaking what the membership comes with and to let people see it, it creates a, a more of an engagement and then people better understand what it is that they’re getting.

So you really want to have a one sheet where your entire sales system is on one laminated document. Can you find the elephant room one sheet and put it up there. Okay, so now as he’s, as he puts it on the screen, you won’t have an FAQ sheet. Chuck, why do you want to have an FAQ sheet? Why do you want to have a sheet with every question people could con ever ask. Yeah. Because 80% of the questions are going to be, you know, three or four or five questions and you have to have those answers scripted out. Just the same reason you have to have your inbound and outbound script because if you have a team giving different answers, you’re never going to know what they’re saying and what the clients are hearing. Then it messes up the expectations. And the clients come in pissed because they have been told something that’s wrong.

And remember you’re just meeting someone for the first time. But I’m just saying that you don’t want to like start off a relationship by texting your client the wrong thing. Who can relate to texting somebody the wrong thing. Who can relate to that? How about the auto responder? That’s wrong every time. And you’ve had it on there for like a month. Oh that’s a good one. We had one fitness guy that automated a sales system where if you fill out the form it sends you a text and an email. And I guess where they were doing it, no one thought about it. And so it would send the email to his g-mail and his g-mail had blocked that source. So all of his Facebook leads for years were going to the drug to the junk box. And this will be like, he’s spending like $300 a week and he been doing it for like three years. So it’s like, you know, I don’t know, 15 grand of ads, 45 grand of leads just going into the crapper. You know, cause it’s automated. You gotta be very careful to make sure your leads aren’t going to know where. You’ve got to script that out. Now the next thing we have is you got to create a sales manual. Now Daisy, why is it helpful to have everything that we have all in one place

so you don’t have to think about it. And then also whenever we hire new people on, I don’t have to recreate the wheel every single time. I just say, here’s this thing. Here’s everything that we do in one comprehensive place. We don’t have to think about it.

So here’s our staff page, which if you bought a franchise, this is the kind of stuff you get and see everything you’d ever look for. So I’m looking for a checklist, a hit commandF and search for checklists there. [inaudible] I’m like, where are the checklists boss? Oh, there it is. Oh boss. Where’s my a call center checklist? Aw man. Where are the printer labels? Aw man. You scroll down. Everything that you need. Where are my forms? I got to fire somebody. Where’s the discipline form there? Where’s the discipline for me? Oh, there it is. Where’s the employee handbook? See? Oh, it’s all in one place.


how many of you would like it all in one place? How many of you couldn’t get the VCR to turn off a 12 for like a decade? It’s flashing. Seriously. How many of you, how many of you couldn’t change it? It bothered you.


here you go. One honest man, I would flash and I’m like, we’ve got unplug it then because I can’t have something that flashes 12 I hate that thing. And you get that manual and it’s written by like an engineer 17 basic steps to resetting and you like hit the button seven times and I’m like one, two, three hit enter. And I’m like, did I hit it six times? Who’s, who’s tried to reset that thing? Now some of your sales scripts are not scripts. They’re actually like principles. It’s like when talking to a customer, build rapport using questions,

air quotes. Dale Carnegie says people’s favorite topic is themselves and your employees are like, we want to [inaudible] on it because the one thing your employees don’t think about when at work is work. It’s the only thing they don’t think about is work when they’re at work. Cause usually thinking about like what are we going to eat? We are in Oklahoma. I mean that’s what we do. Yeah. And so Daisy, I’m sure you, I’m sure you’ve noticed that phenomenon. Let’s be honest though. You’re, you’re into like your yoga class. Yeah. You’re in to, what else are you into? Oh, yoga. Music. Music is great. I’m not ripping you up. Just being a real, do you go home like on the weekends and you’re like, I’m going to hang out in my woman cave and make that script 18% better. Does that, has that ever happened? No. Right.

And I’m okay with it cause that’s not her. The business just exist to serve. You know us. It doesn’t, it doesn’t need to be her life passion. I’m not mad at her that she’s not coming in every week with 18 suggestions to improve our script. Does that make sense? It’s an incumbent upon me to make it better. That’s why I listened to the calls. Are we getting this idea? So all these things on page one 43 have to be done now. Um, Scott, can you come up here? Scott ribbon. Can you steal your bike just for a second? Let’s hear for Scott rib. Woo. All right, now Scott, um, can you share kind of how we worked together back in the day and what that was like and maybe how it helped you or didn’t help you?

Oh, you bet. Uh, back in 2012, I was running a law firm. I headed about 10 years. It was a successful, but my clients were only coming in to me with really big problems that were really expensive to solve. I’d solve them and then they hated me. Um, and then they go do it again, rinse and repeat. So, um, I’ve got ahold of clay and say, can you help me create a different model for working with small business owners so that they won’t have these problems and they will like me? And what did we create together? We created what is now called illegal access plan. And that plan has three different levels or tiers where a small business owner, how they bundle the services that give them on demand access to my team to handle on the fly questions, right? You have to have the right information at the right time. Move your business forward. What does it cost? Start you at three 25 a month, pay three 25 and you can get all your other legal questions answered. Yeah. Plus a lot more. What else do we get? Well you also get your contracts reviewed, contracts written. You get a 20 minute call with someone on my team every month to focus on your business. So think about that. Most small business owners spend how much time now? The legal aspect, zero.

No content context. And if you want to talk to about that later, you can. I just wanna make sure you get this. He was trying to sell something the world didn’t want. Does that make sense? How many of you have you got? If you got a call from an attorney and you’re like, I’d like to meet you and talk to you about helping you improve your business. How many of you are like, Oh yeah, sign me up. Yeah. Anybody know? See, that’s another thing. So, um, I was just telling him, is it entrepreneurs don’t want to talk to lawyers, but if we know it’s a flat fee every month, like three 50 now, just to give you context, I pay my attorney West Carter.

I love, I love West, but I hate West. I hate him. I’ve explained this at previous business conferences. Seeing West to me is like seeing a little baby kitten. He comes in here, he’s nice probably. I love Wes, but he comes in here all nice, really nice. His wife’s nice. He’s nice. He’s been my client for a long time. He’s helped me through good times and bad times. When I punched my brother and knocked him out, he helped me. That was the thing. West is West is my guy. He’s my dude, but it’s expensive. So he comes in here. You picture. Wow. West is a cool guy. I picture a kitten and a man walking up and going to peppers well down and then I see West coming into just put the kitten


when it’s dead and then Wes walks over and kills it. That’s what he does to my day every day. Hate it cause I got a dream. I’m like, I got a franchises thing and he’s like, you can do it. But just so you know, Michigan’s a disclosure state. So if you were going to be in Michigan, if you get sued, you have to appear in court there. And that would break your note. Travel rules. So you shouldn’t open franchises in Michigan. And I’m like, you’re right, but he’s right, but it’s expensive. You know what I’m saying? And I pay him because he’s been involved in my life for a long time. But if you’re out there today and you’re going, I don’t have that kind of money. His system’s a great system too. There’s different options. But I’m just saying to you is you’ve got to make sure you’re selling something the world wants because how frustrating was it for you speaking, sharing, doing the things you do and no one wanted what you were selling?

Oh, it was, it was very frustrating. And I, it took a lot of, a lot of effort to let people know what we were doing. A one month went perfectly. I went on what I call the CPA tour and I met with 45 CPAs in 30 days to let them know how I had this different model because they had all my clients, right? So when we go to market is to find who has your clients and go let them what you’re doing.

So as we’re talking about sales one, you have to sell something that people want. Then you have to have all these systems. Now you might say, how long does it take mr clevis to do page one 43 I think it takes probably 20 hours right here to do all this. And you’re like, but can we go to Los Cabos and hire a mariachi band? Well, you could, but you wouldn’t have your sales script done. Like eating a spoonful of Draino. Sure, it’ll clean you out, they’ll leave you hollow inside. And a lot of entrepreneurs say, but I don’t want to do it. So they delegated, Oh, how’s that going? Who’s ever tried to delegate the system creation to somebody who doesn’t want to make the systems? Did Aaron, how’s that going? Yeah. So you as the owner need to be doing this or working directly with the person who is doing this. You can’t delegate the script. Does that make sense? And some of you might be saying, well, I would hate to read a script. I don’t like it when people sound like they’re reading a script with a great script. They don’t sound like they’re reading a script, but you have to have a script. So Daisy, how do we train the team every Tuesday?

So we listened to our calls. We have our clarity system. I download at least two calls per team member and then we just listened to them all. And we can tell right away if somebody’s script or not. All of the employees are gathered in a room while we’re playing the calls in front of them. Yes,

someone gets their feelings hurt to bed.

And do people actually want to hear

at first? No. But whenever they hear the cringe-worthy moments and they’re like, Ooh, I don’t want to make that mistake again, then it almost becomes something that they really look forward to because like I want to grow, I want to improve. I don’t want to sound bad, I want to listen to my calls.

I mean, didn’t you get good but you weren’t. Who here has ever played football at a high enough level of basketball where you watched game film, remember the first time you watched it and your coaches like what are you doing? I remember the first time I had a coach watch basketball film with me and he’s like, can I ask you what you were doing over here? And I’m like, I had no idea what that play was. So I was just hanging out. He’s like, obviously I have no short term memory or long term. So it’s like a weird, you know, you know your coaches yo in Iowa you play basketball and the coach is like Iowa and I’m like Demoine I get, I mean, I dunno, what does that mean? Who are played for a coach? Honestly what they’re yelling plays and you had no idea what they were, but we got to record the calls.

Now what happens if you don’t record the calls? What happens? Can someone tell me you don’t know what’s going on and then people tell you what they think’s going on. Let me give an example. Who here’s a man, man who’s pissed your wife off and you don’t know why women this Justin, this is what we do. We we, we don’t understand life. We’re a team man. This is our plan. I’m like, Aaron, say Aaron and Aaron. How old are you right now? You’re 46 I’m 38 let’s just pretend we’re the same age. This is the deal. We’re like, Oh, there were the girl with the big banks from high school, middle school, middle school, elementary. Remember the aerosol spic bangs? I grew up when everyone was named Amanda. Every, all your friends were John. Every girl was Amanda or Ashley and I’m like, snake, she’s hot.

15 1413 where that is half too. So we’re like, we’re going to go out. So we send them weird. Just bizarre notes. Will you go with me? Amanda says, yes, you’re like, your mom’s like, are you going with Manda? Where are you going? You don’t have a car? Or we’re going steady where together we’re a team, we’re a thing, we’re an item, we’re a, and then at a certain point you, it starts to fall apart and you, you, and it starts to not not work. And, and you, you who can relate to that though, that whole, that whole thing, right? And you don’t know why Amanda won’t talk to anymore. So the other day, this is probably like, I’m really maturing. So this is why like last week or two weeks ago, I didn’t introduce my wife to somebody. So they come up, how you doing? Hey, I’m like, Hey, how you doing?

You know? And then my wife’s like, and you get that look, who’s got that look where you’re like, Oh no, I’m sitting on the couch. The son of God. God, it’s always happens. So then I asked the question, what have I done? What have I done? What did I do? What, what have I done to deserve this mistreatment that look, you know what you did? I don’t know yet. Yeah, she’s, you know, and I said, she goes, you know, I’m like, I don’t know. She, you dad is the issue. The bigger issues that you don’t know drives off in the suburban to take the kids somewhere all day. She takes my joy away. It’s gone sound. My God, I gotta go that Atwoods that’s where the man go. I’m telling you that, which is great. There’s 38 locations you should do. I’m trying to get the owner of it on there. So you go in there, I’m looking at, Hey, you know, maybe a tool. I don’t use tools or Hey, I just think about maybe getting some hay or something. Go in there looking around, looking at ducks and chickens. And as it occurs to me, I can flash back. I’m like my mind mentally going back in time. [inaudible]

my names. Oh no, I didn’t introduce her sewn up. So dump a caller, voicemail show boy smell. She’s taken my joy. I want you to return my calls. God calling. He used to call me on my show phone shouldn’t did. That song is not playing. I’m calling. Finally she picks up. Hello? Hello. I could just see it. It’s like a pause and I’m like, baby, did you ever know that you’re my hero. Chicks. Stop it. Stop it. Okay, let’s get it and stop it. Lady in red. Stop it. I’m sorry for not introducing you again.

Well listen, here I am just frustrated that you do that all the time. You just, the narcissism, the issues that I can’t even describe, please, please don’t eat so fast. Where’d that come from? We went out to dinner last night and you finished a meal in four minutes and you wanted to leave and I’m like cuss the mood that where’s the one we went to eat was to eat. No, we were there to go on a date. This changes everything and that hap, so I do this. An unsolicited marriage tip. I take my wife out once a week for a date. You should go to Angelina. Do you want to kill me? I’ll be at Andela and he’s in broken arrow or the rooftop or Mambos. That’s really where we go, what most of them on most. But you go there and then like we sit down and then I say, what did I do wrong this week?

I learned that just like seven or eight years ago, she has my uncle John taught me that she tells me these tips and over time I get better. And I’m like 1% better every year. So what I’m doing when I’m 80 I’m going to be socially acceptable. But she’s a great woman. But I’m just saying on the sales, it’s the same thing on your sales team. They don’t even know what they’re doing. Does that make sense? Like they didn’t introduce, they didn’t read the person’s name, you know, does that make sense? So they’ll say, thank you for calling elephant the room. How can, how are you doing today? And a customer will say, I’m doing fine. I just wanted to ask you, where are you located? And then the rep will say, great. And so we have four different packages and they’re like, what? You know, so you gotta hear your call. This self awareness is important. And, and I, I want to start filming myself so I can stop doing everything that I want to do naturally. So it can be a decent husband. That’s my goal for the year. Okay. But let’s play and tell us what mixes called good days. You what makes it bad?

So this particular call, he’s got a really great intro. Jordan, is someone has made a lot of improvement in a very short amount of time. He started off start off kind of shy, kind of timid, kind of quiet and over the phone. You really have to be more enthusiastic than you think you need to because they can’t see your face. And so you’re putting on a show. Uh, but he, he got a good laugh out of this lady. So I love this one.

Even I’m making a bigger positive. The room, this is the super awesome Georgia 3000. How can I help you today? All right, Jordan, you need to drop. Well, I need to go.

Awesome. If they read the script right. Every customer should be laughing when they answer when they call. Cause we have a little funny intros. They do. So they think if we go on DJ connection, this is the amazing and super humble clay Clark. How can help you? And when you say super humble and you’ve never met someone, they’re like, do they know what the word humble means? Either way they kind of laugh like, Oh you know, and they’re like, for our, the DJ business, when you’d meet a bride and groom, we’d say, now we can get any song you’d like. Um, now what kind of music do you like? And you go through the genres and there’s a script for that. She’d say for background music, do you want like jazz music? Like, uh, kinda like modern, um, you need to sound like you’re not reading a script, but you are like modern jazz standards.

Like Michael bublé, maybe Sinatra, Nat King Cole. Or are you thinking like, um, you know, you give an example and the mom goes, I will do this. And then, okay, now you want sixties music. Like I need you Bay man. Don’t make it. Go ahead on it. Or do you need, and then they’re like, I can’t believe this man is singing songs to me. Yeah, we don’t like sixties seventies like brick house play that funky music like yeah. Yeah. What about, and you go through the genres, but it seems like your ex coming up with it off the off the cuff, but you’re not because it’s scripted. Does that make sense? For better example, watch Joel team, am I correct that guy practices to the point where it’s almost memorize it. Memorized his ma’am, it’s, he memorizes that stuff so it’s when he preaches it’s memorization. I’m going, people realize how much time Joel Osteen prepares.

ne of my employees said he wanted to work for Joel Olsteen and I was like, you need to go work for free for that guy. And he applied and he works now for oe Lewis en he’s still there. Maybe did he leave, but Daniel went and he’s ne of my DJs and he’s like, what’s your goal Daniel? I want to work for jello steam. Great. Go apply, offer to work for free. Now he went to work for Joel Olsteen for a long time and he said, clay, do you know that guy spends more time preparing his speeches and doing them? Said he’s spending like en ifteen hours a week and he’ll memorize the sermon before doing it and it’s memorized. And I’m like, I heard it. That same thing about TD Jakes,

the only way you can deal with the thing and knowing that you’ve got what it takes to sustain it is to build it from the ground up. Then you really know

what’s your gut. The great ones practice. You don’t see the preparation. You don’t see. Does that make sense? A baby is made in ine months in the mother’s womb. You get to see the baby. Those ine months, how many can testify? That’s probably not the most fun. Oh, it’s a cute baby. You know? How about for birthdays? We celebrated moms that’s waiting on a birthday. It should be like call your mother and apologize for having to come out of there. You know? I mean, they did all the work. All I’m saying is that you guys want to make sure you’re giving your team that feedback every week and you have to record the calls. So what questions do you have for Daisy of technically speaking about recording calls, what program we use, how to hire, how to hire people, how to cause clay stairs is going to come in a minute and talk about hiring people. But any questions for her about managing a call center? Managing a sales team. Cause she does it. Any questions for her?

[inaudible] experience in health. People are [inaudible].

Yeah, good, good call center. Your team should read the words literally on the page. And so when Victoria used to work here, I felt so bad for her after I listened to the calls. Cause there’s ne joke in there that I forgot to write the punchline. So she’s like, and so yada, yada yada, and then yada yada. And the joke was something like, clay wrote a recent book and his mother really liked this ne. She gave it a wo star

and the people on the phone are like, wow. And it was like every time it didn’t go good, said you listen to my call please. This joke is not funny. And I’m like, Oh, it’s funny, it’s good. So I listened to it and I’m like, Oh no, how many of these have you done? She’s like, all of them cause it’s supposed to be, you know, he’s written this many books and done whatever. And then he’s got a new book and his mom actually really is excited about this ne. So she went ahead and gave it a our star or something like that. But I didn’t finish the joke and it just didn’t, you know, and so it didn’t work, but I thought it worked in my mind. And so here I was making my employees follow a script, but she did a good job in every call. They would just go, ah, great. Like every time for weeks. It was terrible. And your questions for her about scripts? Yes.

Earlier you said that you get your leads from phone book. I’m trying to understand that you like literally,

yeah, depending upon the business. So right, right now I’m aul hood. We’re making calls for your team. So Paul has chosen to outsource calls to my team for awhile, which means we’re calling calls Paul’s former customers and asking them how the quality of his service has been. So he gets, keeps a pulse on the quality, and then we ask what they leave us a review. That’s a quality control call. We do make outbound calls right now on behalf of Scott Reba belief, uh, calling local business owners. I think seeing if they need legal help. And that would be a list that he provided for us. But back in the day, I had no money for a list. So I literally would have my DJs cold call through the phone book and call businesses and see if they needed a DJ for their Christmas party.

So for example, uh, you know, the solar panels, she needs whatever household Megan ended up or does he get [inaudible]

sales, sales genie. And those leads are half good and those leads are half good. So half of the leads are good, but there’s better than nothing. So when you call get ready for disconnected numbers, but you, it’s going to be half of them are good and sales genie wants to keep your business cause they make money selling lists so they’re going to give them and they’re constantly updating that thing. Does that make sense? Any other questions about managing it’s call center? A team. A team? Yes sir.

When they go on script like [inaudible] something else,

when they, when a customer asks them that’s not on the script, how do we handle it, Daisy?

Yeah, so I have a really thorough training. Anytime I bring somebody on the team, so I have, I make sure that they can at least book appointments and I get them functional and then I kind of go in depth. But anytime they have a question, if they don’t know how to answer the, Oh, give me ne econd. Asked me really quickly, I’ll tell them what,

what you’ll do, and this is the mechanics of it. You’d have a whiteboard in your call center and every time a customer asks a question that you don’t know the answer to, they put the customer on hold for a econd. They go, let me put you on hold just for ne econd. I’ll get that answer for you. Hold. And then they write the question on the whiteboard and then you as an owner keep taking those whiteboard questions and turning it into an FAQ document every week until eventually have all the questions answered. Are people just hit commandF and they searched the FAQ document and they can always find the answers based on the keywords on the document.

We have a document like that for elephant in the room too. I keep it in the exact same place on every single computer so everyone knows where it is at all times.

Does that answer your question? Do you want to have a script? But then there are outliers like ne or wo percent but don’t let that keep you from making a script that fixes inety percent of problems. Does that make sense? It’s like when people argue against capitalism, it’s not perfect, but it’s the best we got if not go to uba. You know what I’m saying? It’s like, you know, the Soviet union, people advocate for this, but the Soviet was far worse. So in a capitalism, there’s extreme highs and yes there’s lows, but on average it’s better. Where if you do socialism, it’s universal poverty, you know? So not having a sales script as universal suck, having a sales script is on average better. Are we getting an idea? Any your questions? Yes sir. Yes sir. Yep. Yes, sir. Scripted interactions scripted in her interactions. So you’ll make a workflow on your whiteboard and you’re going to show how people should be greeted and you’re going to work on that so that when people come in as an example, it’s my pleasure Chick-fil-A. So they script it.

So it’s my pleasure. You ever been to Chick-Filet and they say it’s my pleasure. If you noticed that, uh, Andrew, you worked to Chick-Filet true. What happens if you don’t say it to my pleasure? Uh, did you go back to training? And then if you keep doing it, what happens? You’ll get fired. There you go. So they’re huge. They’re big about, it’s my pleasure. It’s my pleasure. It quick trip. They’re supposed to greet you within ive seconds of seeing you. Who’s been to quick trip? Have you guys noticed that? Here’s from out of town where you don’t have a quick trip before you leave, go across the river and go there. It’s a Taj Mahal of gas. I go in there and I’m like, I oftentimes like get like they have a kitchen area and I’ll get like a a pizza slice and I’ll take it to the bathroom and put it on the floor and then just eat it. I’m just kidding, but it’s that clean who w how many women can testify? Quick trip bathrooms are totally different from shell. Shell. They got the shell. I’d like to use the restroom, you say, and they go, okay, what do I do? Here’s what it is. It’s a hubcap attached to their hope. Help is attached to a D to the kitchen. No, take the hubcap into the back room. It’s attached to the carwash.

You’re like, why do I have to go to the carwash to go to the bathroom? See, you walk back there and you go in there. You open the door, do good. Have you who’s been in a shell? You seen that? They’re growing like algae and crustaceans and there’s like all sorts of like echo, skeleton animals with like, there’s like shrimp in there. It’s weird. They just like forgot to clean it for a decade and you come back in and you’re like, Hey, I want to pay you and I would you like a dirty magazine? What’d you like to vape? Would you like a drone? No. What’d you like to negotiate? No, but that’s what it’s like. Who’s been to shell? Who knows this? Come on. It’s funny because it’s true. You’re like, Oh my God, I can’t believe you’re saying this. I don’t care. I’m a comedian who happens to teach business.

Okay, so just deal with it. Oh, I’m saying that’s how it is. It’s crazy. How have you noticed that? How many of you have taken your kid into a shell and seen the dirty magazines right there and you’re like, don’t look, have you done that? Oh my gosh. You go in there and like don’t look, and they go into the bathroom, you’re like, they’ll be safe there. Right? A condom dispensers in there, they got like, it’s crazy. I’m serious. So you got to keep your kids out of shell. That’s what, that’s a life lesson. What the shell, what the shell Eric, questions about call centers for Daisy here. Questions? Yes.

Yep. For quality assurance. We have cameras. No one’s, I think no ne doesn’t know they’re being recorded. Okay. And they meet them. And then after the interview we’ll sit there and watch you on camera presenting in the other room. And then as soon as it’s done, he sits down with you and tells you what you did right and wrong. And there is a whiteboard from left to right where it writes out the entire process and there’s checklists that they use, but you get immediate feedback. It’s called the ne minute manager. It’s a great book and it just give people feedback a minute after they have a problem, that instant correction and then when they do it right, praise them right away. That was a great presentation. Good job, and that’s how you do it. Makes sense. I can usually get somebody good at sales within about ive hours, like w how are you today? And you’re great at sales within ive hours. Just role play, role play, role play, role play. Any other questions about that? Sales systems? Yes sir. Mr Denver,

I want to spray [inaudible].

Well, for elephant in the room it’s a different thing, but tell them how long we’d like to have [inaudible].

Yeah, so if they’ve never been able this before, just from doing the script for the last wo years, I know if they’ve never been in with us before, that call needs to be at least hree minutes and hirty seconds should not be any longer than that and it definitely shouldn’t be any shorter than that. Otherwise I know they’re not leaving. They’re leaving something.

We know that now if it’s a thrive person who’s thinking about signing up for our business coaching program, if the call is longer than hirty minutes, I’m worried. And if it is shorter than hirty minutes, I’m worried because I want to make sure that we understand the person and if we’re a good fit, and I can just be honest with you, we probably have a, Julia would know more than that. Julia. How many people a week reach out for ne on ne coaching of some capacity?

welve fifteen. It’s like ifteen. And I get to tell ourteen people a week. No, you know, cause they’re like, I like you to help me grow my business. I’m into real estate. I want to, I just got back from the no money down thing and I want to figure out how I can flip Tulsa in like a week. And by the way, I also sell Amway. Okay. No, you know, and so, um, or Hey, I’m a pastor. Uh, I’m not open to feedback on how I preach, but I’d like you to help me grow my church and okay, well you’re going to have to show me video of you preaching. Cause if the product’s not good, they’re not coming back. Why don’t feel comfortable going, I have to write a script. Joel O’Steen does it. TD Jakes does it all the, I don’t want to do it though. Okay. So we have a script we evaluate to see as a good person. Cause if you’re the wrong person, you come to this conference, not only will you get offended but you won’t grow and you’ll get pissed. It’s easier to just say don’t come here. That’s how it works. And your question about call centers, systems, processes, implementation and Daisy, how long have you worked here? wo years. And you started off as a call center rep and then we promoted you to manager. Why? Why do we promote from within Daisy?

Well because you already know the systems and the processes and

it’s good. And if you’ll allow us to a little bit later, we’re going to have you come up and share about how we, what we look for in the people. What are we going to do for sake of time? We’re going to break it out to leven twelve we’re going to come back here to leven twenty and in clay stairs we’ll be speaking until welve ten and he’s going to teach you how to find good people. And by show of hands, who here is looking for some good people? Oh Shanda. Now the good news is there are great people out there, but I want you to put this picture in your mind as you begin to think about hiring people. There’s kernels of corn in that vomit and we’ve got to find those kernels of corn.

Yeah, cause there’s a lot of people who’s been to Walmart at hree am. irst off, what were we doing there? That shows lack of discernment. We’re bad people. But you’ve gone in there and you see what’s going on. It’s dangerous if who here goes home tomorrow? Oh dude. See if you want that adrenaline rush. You’re going to skydiving. No, not enough adrenaline driving ahundred and sixty miles an hour. No pumping gas while I’m smoking. Still not enough adrenaline. Russian roulette. Still not enough. Go to that Walmart at hree am right here without a Shiv. Don’t do it. Who’s done it seriously? Who’s been in that Walmart? Don’t do it. What’s going on? You see a lot. It’s scary in that place you, they couldn’t meth in the Walmart. You’re safe here though. It’s all good. Just don’t go over there. That ne is like, I mean, I don’t know what’s going on. It’s just like, wow. It’s a kryptonite for people with standards.

My name is Nicole. She up from alifornia. I’ve heard about a conference on the website, healthcare business that helps seniors find assisted living and voting here. The name is miss B. We are your NES savvy experts. This is amazing. I’m very engaged and just like a week. Talk about everything. Different aspects of business. Very exciting. Oh, I think he’s extremely entertaining and that he just has ways to get you paid attention to him. I think not just that and everything he says makes so much than I think I learned so much. Not only this conference like motivates me and also give me a lot of knowledge and tools and I actually have a lot of actionable items. I won’t let you form it right away.

My name is aniel Ramos. I’m from Amarillo, exas. I heard about thrive time show through pastor Brian over at his church in Amarillo. Um, clay went over to our church and he spoke over there and ever since then I’ve been listening to r clay Clark and dr Z. I own a heating and air conditioning business in Amarillo, exas and I’m looking to learn how to market my business better. The way I would describe, um, Clay’s office here is hi. Hi. He’s like flavor flavor up there with a big chain and he just keeps, she told play time. He’s a great host. I would describe a Clay’s style and delivery a little bit like flavor play and he’s always keeping an eye. It keeps, keeps everybody energized. I enjoy listening to him on the podcast. He’s funny, he’s hilarious. The stories he tells. It’s grace. If you decide not to attend and you’re missing out on a time, you’re missing out on a chance to help grow your business. For sure. And, and it just him showing me the system on how things work. Everybody needs to attend at least ne time. Just because you’re not sure what you don’t know too, until uh, you learn that you don’t know it. And now that you, now that you know you’re to want to go out and extend a, use it in business.

My name is Melissa Jeanette Shay. I’m from long Island, ew York. I originally found out about this conference through searching for a business coach. I knew that I needed a coach and I wanted somebody that had a proven track record of success in business, not ne that just gave motivation. I knew I needed help with systems and implementing them as well as management team. So I was searching on the internet. I’m very happy I found them. I was looking to learn

how to build a powerful team

and I was so inspired by it. I brought my whole team down so we could think the same way I’ve learned from the workshops so far is that systems are incredibly important to scaling profitability and the faster you can do that, the faster you can become more profitable. But I like most about the workshop, the energy, the humor, and understanding how it could apply in our business. I love the question and answer session as well. That helped out. I describe plays, presentation style, odd, witty, fun and full of information. The atmosphere here at thrive, it’s the dojo mojo, so it’s a lot of fun and it’s a great atmosphere to absorb the energy and get pumped for what you need to do.

All right, so you now have a heard a sample of what it’s like to attend an in person thrive time show business conferences. You’ve heard audio testimonials from real people out there just like you from ew York, from Amarillo, exas, and from will clerk country from San Francisco, alifornia. There are people from all over the world who attend our in person business workshops. We’ve got folks from Australia, folks from Canada, people from all over merica attending our business conferences, people from Guam, people from outh Korea. This is your time to thrive. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to make this conference super affordable for you. So typically, if you want to buy the tickets, it’s tutored and ifty dollars all you gotta do is buy your tickets. It’s wo hundred and fifty dollars. However, if you say, Hey, I’m kind of in a tight spot, or maybe I’m frugal or I just want to save some money, all you have to do is leave us an objective review on iTunes.

So you just subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, leave us an objective review, and your ticket will be just hirty seven dollars. Or if you leave us a review on our Google map, uh, you can also take a screenshot of the Google map and send that a screenshot or proof that you left a review to info at thrive time, how dot com and we will make sure that your ticket to attend the next in-person DriveTime show workshop is just hirty seven dollars. Now I want to uh, pull up this real quick. We had people that attended the workshop here just yesterday and I thought I would read to you out loud the most recent reviews from business conference attendees because I have not yet read these myself. So here we go. Matthew Cowes writes awesome event, high energy and unique content applicable to all industries. Thank you thrive team for a great event. Well, thank you Matthew.

Gabby garner writes, the thrive time conference is truly life changing. I’m a recent college graduate looking to continue to educate myself and increase my skill set as much as possible. This conference will equip you with all of the knowledge you need to succeed and encourage you to crush your goals. Thank you, Gabby atrick McLean writes, this is the best business conference I have attended. There are no upsells for another product or next level. The business secrets are all revealed during the conference. Everything is practical. Everything is doable. If you want to succeed, this is the place for you. Thank you atrick Bailey. Price writes, thrive time show is part of my morning routine. Now if I don’t get it in the morning, I listened during my walk in the evening. Always beneficial. Clay is an inspiration on how to overcome with practicality and diligence. Thank you. s Bailey. athan McLean. Great.

It’s amazing. A must for any budding or current entrepreneur. Clay is a great teacher. Thank you. Mr Nathan. George writes, I attended my irst conference today. It has been a great experience. This really ignites the fire. He says, no, this really reignites the fire. Fred writes real information, real people, real experience, such a great experience to be surrounded by such great people and getting such great information and now we’re getting, we’re getting great results. I’m so glad to have found clay and his team. Thank you, Fred. I’m so sorry. United did not get a chance to connect to more at the workshop Lily for also from alifornia rights, ne of the most valuable times ever spent. The entire team is great and they truly look out for your best interests. Clay’s style and presentation and teaching is engaging and entertaining and will keep you alert at all times.

Learned a lot and no sneaky sales pitches or anything weird like that. Overall, a great experience and looking forward to coming back because it’s awesome to be around such people who get it. Thanks clay team and everyone who made this a very productive time spent. Whew. We flew out from Los Angeles worth every minute sunny or ordinance or Donez rights. I specialize by the way, Sony and mispronouncing names. I’m probably mispronouncing every aspect of that name. Clay’s workshop is awesome, highly recommend. Nathan McClean writes the best business conference. It was amazing. I love the practical knowledge I was presented and Clay’s personality is the best. Ergune R a R L writes, I love the conference, how they recommend [inaudible] Martinez writes with wenty five years of corporate experience, I’ve been to dozens of workshops and this is by far the most insightful, practical and enjoyable conference I’ve ever attended. You leave here with tons of practical, tons of best practices that you can apply.

Monday morning, Jennifer queen right’s thrive time show was awesome. I feel fully prepared to make major changes in my business and I can’t wait to see the massive growth. Bruno inter Landy writes, I believe he’s from enezuela. By the way. Bruno writes, I will be coming back with my wife and other entrepreneurs to further learn and apply Clay’s principles and practices. Steve rom writes, the conference was a game changer for my business. Ellis speaks, writes clay is absolutely dynamic. I learned more from his shows than I have with a bachelor’s degree and a PhD about business. Check out this show and implement his actions to grow yourself personally and your business to the highest level. Brian Merrell rian Merrill writes, awesome show, awesome energy. This show and clay has helped me to add and identify uses for many of the tools in my business toolbox. We all have them, but this is great to know which tool to select for which part of the business growth that you need.

McKinsey diddly, right? It’s amazing conference. They do a great job of making sure everyone understands the information and business suggestions given and provide plenty of Q and a opportunities. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to start, grow and improve their business. Wayne Vandervort writes great conference. Liz Merril writes excellent show, learning many great ideas that I can step up and execute. Already had a great deal of business knowledge. Just plan to execute this conference for business owners is a must for those needing that extra push. Alexis McClean, McClean writes, I learned so much from this conference. They showed how to attract more customers and how to hire and make a website and much, much more. It was very practical. I could continue reading. The problem is we have over a thousand objective reviews on iTunes ive hundred ninety five right now on the Google map. We used to have ix hundred and thirty but some were removed because the people who had attended the entrepreneur conferences apparently are people that I’ve done business with in the past and therefore Google removed them and I respect that.

But the point is we have got an unbelievable team, a great system, and I would encourage you, if you’re out there today and you’ve been putting it off, book your tickets to attend the next in-person thrive time show workshop today simply by going to thrive time how dot com that’s thrive time how dot com. You can buy your tickets there and let’s just say that for some reason traveling’s not your move where you are, you can’t get to Tulsa. Uh, I’d highly recommend you check out our online school. It’s ineteen dollars a month. You can subscribe oday at thrive time show dot com just ineteen dollars a month. You can learn from mentors, millionaires, and super successful entrepreneurs. We’ve got ichael Levine up there, the PR consultant for Nike, Prince ichael Jackson teaching public relations. We’ve got Lee Cockerel, the former executive vice president of Walt Disney world resorts who wants managed orty thousand employees and ne million customers per week teaching how to manage people.

It’s all up there. You sign up today, it’s ineteen dollars a month for the world’s best online business school. Or you can attend an in person thrive time show workshop for as little as hirty seven dollars if you leave us a review. But remember Thomas Edison, Thomas Edison once said, he said that vision without execution is what? It’s hallucination. He said that vision without execution is hallucination. Don’t hallucinate. Turn your dreams into reality. You can do it. You’re right now you’re, you’re, you’re knocking on the door, you’re right there. You’re at the threshold of success. Book your tickets today. We would love to see it in person. My name is clay Clark and I like to end each and every show with a boom. And so now that he further ahead, wo, hree, wo, ne boom. And here’s a little audio bonus gift for you.

You are now entering the dojo of mojo and the thrive time show

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