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Do your employees actually have the right to miss work without getting fired? Listen in to this Thrivetime Show as Clay Clark gets into the details of the Family and Medical Leave Act if 1993. He also breaks down effective strategies for managing every employee within your organization.

FUN FACT – The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) is a United States labor law requiring covered employers to provide employees with job-protected and unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons. These include pregnancy, adoption, foster care placement of a child, personal or family illness, or family military leave. The FMLA is administered by the Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor.

MYSTIC STATISTIC – “According to Entrepreneur Magazine there are between 25 million and 27 million small businesses in the U.S. that account for 60 to 80 percent of all U.S. jobs. –

Action Step – If you are in a Right to Work state, have a team of employees and you do not like them, fire them because it’s not working out well before the leave is going to be requested.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE –  “Realize that it’s okay to fire customers who are insatiable or abuse your employees.” – Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos)

3 Super Power You Need To Have Success:

  1. Find a product or service that actually solves a problem and people are willing to pay you to solve it.
  2. Become a master of marketing to tell the world about your business.
  3. Knowing how to manage people.

The Family Medical Leave Act entitles eligible employees of covered employers to:

  1. Take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave.
  2. Eligible employees are entitled to:
    1. Twelve workweeks of leave in a 12-month period for:
      1. The birth of a child and to care for the newborn child within one year of birth;
      2. the placement with the employee of a child for adoption or foster care and to care for the newly placed child within one year of placement;
      3. to care for the employee’s spouse, child, or parent who has a serious health condition;
      4. a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the essential functions of his or her job;
      5. any qualifying exigency arising out of the fact that the employee’s spouse, son, daughter, or parent is a covered military member on “covered active duty;” or
  3. Twenty-six workweeks of leave during a single 12-month period to care for a covered service member with a serious injury or illness if the eligible employee is the service member’s spouse, son, daughter, parent, or next of kin (military caregiver leave).

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – If you do not take care of your good employees, some other employer will.” – Dr John Sibley (Thriver and client / Chiropractor of choice for the Great One – Wayne Gretzky

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.” John D. Rockefeller

The 3 Management Skills

  1. How to have the tough conversations.
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” – Timothy Ferriss, The 4 Hour Workweek
    2. Use the hug, kick, hug method.
    3. After the “kick” you want to leave a pause of silence to let the gravity of the situation set it.  
  2. How to set the expectations from day 1.
    1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – The Thrivetime Show business coaches are expected to be at our daily meeting before 6:00 am everyday.
  3. How to show transparently who your A, B and C payers are.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The general understanding is that if you’re at Tesla, you’re choosing to be at the equivalent of Special Forces. … That has pluses and minuses. It’s cool to be Special Forces, but it also means you’re working your [butt] off. It’s not for everyone.” – Elon Musk (South African-born American business magnate, investor and engineer. He is the founder, CEO, and lead designer of SpaceX; co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, Inc.; and co-founder and CEO of Neuralink.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off.” – Colin Powell (American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. Powell was born in Harlem as the son of Jamaican immigrants.)

Don’t build yourself a J.O.B. = Just Over Broke

  1. Build yourself a business so that you can delegate your services and not have to perform them yourself.

The 3 reactions all people have to being held accountable:

  1. Emotional response
  2. “I forgot”
  3. Make it seem as though there was a miscommunication


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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the business conferences center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping super pocket bike. All right, all right and alright by motion. Welcome back to the flight time show on your radio and podcast download i. Think a lot of people listen to the thrive show on a daily basis, because you want to get the answers to your business questions and I know a lot of people listen to the show because they just like to have fun and they like a distraction from the political and religious divisive topics that seem to dominate the headlines. If you go to fox, news or cnn, or any type of news about 3 minutes sports to a certain extent now that the disease sporting event for watching sports, because we want to have a distraction, one have some fun and then that seems like sports are being invaded by political topics that divided everybody and i. Don’t point of sports? Is it something fun to do with it? It’s a distraction. It’s an escape! It’s fun. We want our show to be a distraction and an escape from a world that can be oftentimes filled with darkness, and we want each and every broadcast to be uplifting to be fun, to be encouraging what you laugh a little bit.

We want you to learn a lot of things and in one of our listeners reached out to us and specifically wanted to know how the family and medical leave act of 1993 impacts their business of an employee who wants to take an extended leave of absence and they want to know how to deal with it and so we’re going to get into it. I’d like to start off by reading what this is:the family medical leave act of 1993, the f mla is a united states labor law requiring covered employers to provide employees with job protected, an unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons. Okay. So let’s, let’s, let’s take this:let’s break it down chunk by chunkier marshall the clients that you work with over the years, I think about the business conferences clients. You work with the statistics hear about this. According to forbes, I want to I want to put this on. The show notes, according to forbes, over 60% of all jobs that are created in our country are created by small business owners of all of the jobs that are credible. Put on the show notes that the abc will site this. So you can go research it later well. Over 60% of all the jobs are created in this country are created by small business. Owners of the fact is that the average person out there has 50 employees or less what start with that marshall. If I’m listening to the podcast today, I’m listening to the broadcast and I have less than 50 employees. Is that normal? From your perspective, yeah absolutely I would say the majority of clients that I work with I’m all have less than 50 employees and the reason why is because they’re growing very, very quickly it, but for a long time, they’ve done a job or they’ve done a business grown a business and they’ve gotten really really good at providing their service or providing their product, but they haven’t had the business conferences tools necessary to be able to scale right in that were a lot of small businesses. That’s where they get stuck I want to make sure that the listeners can can grass this idea to make sure we’re communicating with a lot of detail here. There are no bad students, just bad teachers, but I’ve worked with in a maytag. Okay, maytag university massive company I’ve worked with farmers insurance massive company I’ve done a lot of work with o’reilly auto parts massive company done a lot of work with hewlett-packard massive company, valspar paint massive company, you might say, will play if you worked with ups marshall i.

You and I went there and work with ups colorado those right massive company, but the reason why I have chosen to do business coaching with people that are not in massive companies is because I find it to be more rewarding, also more challenging, but I personally find it to be more rewarding when I speak to in hewlett packard there’s 500 employees, none of which have the autonomy to implement anything they’re learning and for me, I found it I found to be kind of soul-sucking to be speaking to a group of people about principles with which they cannot apply to get into small business. And let’s just say that you have a football team. Is a small business is more like a football team. Then it is very similar to a football teams of football team have 11 guys on office, ok, google, small business. You have, let’s say 11 employees, okay, and do you have a favorite football team shop? Are you a big dolphins fan? Still have you converted to the browns right? Did I jump ship from the dolphins last year and the browns went over marshall? Is that right? Hey? My first business conferences season on the bandwagon play you just might be a good year, for you become a bandwagon fan of the browns, because, despite having no unified vision, I know proven business conferences leadership and really no fundamental foundational skills for philosophy. They have the most talented roster in the nfl this year, perhaps because of all the draft picks that stockpiled the result of being terrible for well over a decade right. So now this year my understanding is:they have good leadership now I believe they have good players on the team, so it could be a great year to be a brown breakout year to work me on this. If you, if you were the coach of the browns, and you had 11 players on offense and one of your players, let’s pretend that I happen to be the left offensive tackle.

So my job is to guard the quarterback’s blind side. So most quarterbacks are right-handed and when they’re throwing the ball, they can’t see behind them right. So it’s very important to have a strong left, tackle. Mercy, follow me so far and straight up or have strong left tackle and shut up you’re. My coach head coach and marshall your the offensive coach, so I say to marshall i, said:hate marshall, here’s the deal, my wife’s having a baby and she’s having some medical issues with it and I just want you to know. I will not be back for 6 months. Would it be hard for the team if you’re the offensive coordinator would be hard for you to win if you’re flying 11, vs 10? Yes, so now I’m? In that scenario, do you chop cuz you’re, the head coach marshalls, the offensive coordinator, you immediately what you’re going to be your cuz you’re? Not you don’t know all the players. That’s going to be your immediate business conferences response when you hear that what would mrsa come to you and says hey, my left tackle he’s coming back, but he just can’t be here for 6 months to know. If we’ve got some kind of backup trained up. Are we ready for this? Is the guy I have to leave? Is there a situation we can work with them on just going to get all the details and help him figure it out. So this is the conundrum of this law, because this law is stating that you can’t make somebody lose their job as a result of them, leaving for a qualified medical or family reasons. I walk everybody through this scenario, because the great I love to have this law because I do know. I do a very specific situations. I know if somebody pretty close to me that serve in the military and they got called up. You know they’re on reserve and we were doing the afghanistan invasion over there. Basically, he got called up and they said hey. You need to report as soon as possible and you’ll be deployed for this amount of time, and then you get to come back and his boss fired wow for just telling him like hey I’m, going to be going to floyd.

Now that but I don’t know the whole scenario right. Perhaps he had been a bad employee and then eat? Oh i, don’t know, but this law is saying what that you can’t do that. So he called me up and he said:hey do you know about this? This deal can I be fired for being deployed and I said. Actually, no but I don’t know the whole back story until you got up. You got to tell me:what’s going on so long story short, he able to get his job back, but I talk to him like you, don’t want that job. You don’t even like that job and so do you. You really don’t even want that job back so long story short. He decide no and I’m coming back I’m going to take a different job and avoided government involvement there. But this is what this law is all about. So this is. This is the first action item I wanted to the listeners have here? If you have a team of employees and you don’t like them and you are in a right to work, state fire them and say it’s not working out well before they file for extended business conferences medical leave. Just let him go for it. You don’t like them, don’t have them at work for you, but marshall in the event that you’re not willing to do this, and you didn’t you’re unwilling to fire people that you don’t like. What’s going to happen when you, when you fill your roster with cantankerous litigious people that they’re not even that the printed medical leave or family bizarre people that just don’t show up what’s going to happen when you feel you need to see this when you, when you feel you feel your roster, when you feel your small business conferences team, your 11 of your 11 slots with people that call in sick for hangnails for headaches for anything. What’s going to happen, every single day is going to be a struggle every single day until when you are feeling all of those roster spots with people that are just cantankerous and not only filling those spots but then staying keeping those people in those spots.

That’s the hardest thing. So you’re saying when you hire people, that’s right that are not a good fit and you try to make it work. When you try to get people who are consistently unable to get to work on time, when you try to stay with those people and try to commit yourself to people that cannot be consistent, it’s not going to work out. It’s not going to work out in this picture, but this is what I see is the business owners feel guilty for bringing them on board in the first place, they feel the necessity to keep them on the team for 8 more months call tita scenario. I know this is a huge problem. It’s not about the family and medical leave act of 1993. What is it you hired people that cannot be consistent and these people will try to use any thing possible. This particular act I endorse it was created to help real, really good people who are being screwed over by a company because they have a family member. That’s it and they’re going to lose their business conferences job, because somebody, it is, is a mean boss, a bad boss, designed to help keep people from a good hard working people from losing your job due to something that they can’t control. But the people who are nefarious morons today do not try to use these laws to salute you into keeping them around absolutely every single time.

It’s unbelievable! How many people just take advantage of it so important to nip this in the bud immediately, because if you keep those people on it’s going to kill the culture, all of your being a players are going to realize who this person is not being held accountable for their low performance and they’re, going to start heading towards that level as well. So you got to get them out of there soon like this one event that you don’t replace your left tackle and you go ahead and play 11 on 1011 is under the weight of having to do to people’s jobs, and it’s going to get weird I see a small business all the time you got a min 11 employees who work for you, and somebody refuses to show up on time. So now the people that do show up on time have more work to do you’re, putting more work on their back. Since we come back from the break. I want eric chop to talk about this cuz. You managed a team of construction workers with your country, your family’s, concrete business back in the day and I just manage people and i. Think managing people is something that a lot of people struggle with we come back. We talked about how to manage people how to deal with people that chronically call in sick all the time, even when they’re not but before we do. That. I want to tell you about our good friends at hood cpas.,, that’s hood cps.Com! If you’re out there for an accountant to help you file your taxes and do your accounting, i, wouldn’t highly recommend you consider our friends and hood cpas, can check them out online at hood, cpas. Com. We started from the bottom started from the bottom. Now we go to stop all the breakthrough, it’s a choice and then I’ll broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s.

The drivetime business coach radio shows on the magic show bringing the heat while giving it to me straight in the world, so I can get up on the market street the facts, all right. All right and I’ll write revelation welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. My name is clay clark and the former us sba entrepreneur of the year and people want to know what does that mean? There’s a lot of a lot of great ones and they and every year they name and entrepreneur of the year from each state, and so one year, 2007 I was named the entrepreneur of the year for the state of oklahoma, and that is based upon the growth of the company and people like to talk about the growth of the company. But what I like to talk about is the nitty-gritty tactics and business conferences strategies that I had to use to get there i, don’t to talk about what he’s doing to put you or do you validate to me? It gives me a platform. People taking more credible, but it really managing people is i. Think i. Think I think you have three superpowers. You have to have to run a company superpower number one. You have to find a product or a service that actually solve the problem for people. That’s the first that you’ve got. You got to find a problem that people actually are willing to pay for you to solve its entrepreneurship is, as people are paying you to solve the problem for them. You’re using your product or service to solve that problem at superpower would be very practical. Martial. Do! You not see that. That’s that’s! So we’re somewhat of a gift that I have like you picked up on that and you can just do it now. Do it too, but it’s like because you’re passionate about something does not mean the world wants to buy it and I’m pretty pragmatic about going.

That’s great, that we want to do that, but the world probably doesn’t want it yeah. You got to have something. That’s pragmatic and, like you said it’s a solution. If it’s not a solution, then it’s just a passion project and you can do that passion project, but in the meantime we got it sell. Something and I would just say. My silkie chickens are an example of a passion project. I just enjoy the silkie chickens, I think it’s fun having the chickens I enjoyed the turkey I enjoy all that. But I am not somebody who you’re not trying to industrial farm out here at the second superpower. You need to grow successful company. Is you really really need to become a master of marketing in the event that you would have a product that people actually want to tell the world about? You got to get in front of your ideal in like the buyer, and he got to be pragmatic about that’s. Why we’re on the a.M. Radio dial and not the fm radio dial I would argue that this show only business conferences interests 1% of our population, because it’s a show about entrepreneurship and starting a successful company. Most people rather watch the boys. Most people would rather listen to wiz khalifa. Most I would rather go in debate whether rosanna and her shows have been cancelled. They’d rather talk about politically divisive subjects that rather argue about religion. They’d, rather talk about the best restaurant to go to I am exclusively interested in starting a growing successful company. So what role does does marketing play? It’s a great service? It solves a problem. If I didn’t have the super powerful, we as a team didn’t have the superpower to actually be able to market something. How would that impact our company’s you’re, not getting your product or service in front of people, but then also you’re, not getting in it in front of the right people it getting it in front of the right? People is just as important as getting it in front of anybody at all.

But if you don’t know the difference, super moves. If you don’t know the different vehicles, if you don’t know the different distribution models for your product and service, then you’re going to struggle until you got to have that super power key you have to have to be successful on for the third super power you have to have and I know, dr. Sibley would have joined us here in just a second on the show. I know he has this power he’s learned this skill overtime is how to manage people, and managing people is a huge thing and I see all the time. No draft somebody in the nfl and you’ve been a browns fan forever. Marshall see what he does have somebody who’s really good at throwing the ball from point a to point b and they’re fast and their athletic, and they seem to be smart, but they don’t have the ability to manage a group of people. When you can’t manage a group of people, chaos begins to ensue. You’re silly. How are you my friend I am great. Are you back from your back from mexico back from mexico? Do you tan? While you were gone? Did you did you get? Did spend a lot of time out there all the time it’s the sun on the beach I did I had a wonderful time. I was a beach person. What’s up, what did you say? Resort did you? Did you just go to did your rough? It did you just ate some guy’s house that you going to airbnb what you do. I have a good friend that has a home on the beach there and I stayed with them all right. So I’m going to ask you as it relates to managing people. I would argue that 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs that I made previous to our business conferences coaching program, my meeting for the first time it before they have become a client before we help them, they seem to really struggle with managing people. Can you maybe explain why I struggle with other people? That’s a big thing people, so you get your take on this. If we you work with a lot of small business owners, do you feel, like the majority of the business owners that you work with at first, the first?

The first problem is finding a product or service that people want to do like she want. That’s the problem, 1 +. What did that so easy to do by step to market and that’s really easy to do step 3. Do you think this is the hardest part for business owners? This is by far the hardest heart and it’s one of the hardest part to deal with the stress. If you don’t understand how to train a staff how to hire how to fire. How to do all of these things, you don’t understand the core concept. That management is mentorship and you. You have a team that just kind of running amok. It is such a stressor when you go home you’re thinking about it. Are they going to show up in the morning? Am I going to be understaffed tomorrow, and so this is a huge problem for sure. So we had a driver that had emailed us and your question was I have an employee who wants to take extended medical leave, and they have said that the family and medical leave act of 1993 protects them.. They cannot be fired. What do I do? That’s the core question again:i have somebody on my team who wants to take extended medical leave and what what what? What are my business conferences rights? What can I do? What can I not do and I’m going to answer that question real fast, but I’m going to talk the entire day of the show about how to build a cohesive team and I want to make sure you wanna make sure you’re getting this idea. If somebody is emailing, you it’s on the email, they’re referencing I cannot be fired because of the family and medical leave act of 1993. There is a bigger issue, there’s a much bigger issue. If they’re emailing you and they’re, using this law and they’re, bringing that up to you via email to justify you not firing them, because I can’t tell you what any of my employees said:hey listen, I have my wife.

Has a medical issue and I need to take 6 months to be with her or I’m being deployed to afghanistan fire them wanted to fire the bible to fire them, regardless of why they would, regardless of what medical issues are dealing with her? Why they’re wanting to put in their their extended to leave and I wish I had a problem with my would not fire them in adelaide i, wouldn’t wouldn’t wait to fire them until they had to be deployed or something huge manager in dealing with problems immediately nipping things in the bud putting out the fire before it becomes an uncontrolled burn how to deal with the day-to-day management of people, because when somebody asks you hey, I need to take 6 months off and oh by the way. You can’t fire me because of this, the family medical leave act of 1993. You have a bigger problem that you are actually dealing with. Stay 2 attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business conferences coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing. His group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime show.Com alright try to get back to the front time show on your radio. In today we are going to be breaking down. Oh yes, we are going to be breaking down the family and medical leave act of 1993. It’s here we go now. I know a lot of when you hear about the family and medical leave act of 1993 remediate.

Your immediate reaction is going to be a great show, chris pratt, but seriously. What happens? We have an actual business owner who owns a a company of some kind. They emailed us and they said I have an employee who has emailed me and said they would like to take 6 months off and they sent me a copy of the family and medical leave act of 1993, and they said in the email. You cannot fire me and I’m going to be gone for 6 months, so all I’m saying is I’m going to read. I’m at chuck, read to you, the family, medical leave act of 1993 I’m. Having read read this to you. This is the definition of it. They’re, cheap right underneath the today show show title, read the description and it will leave act of 1993. The fmla is the united states labor law requiring covered employer employers to provide employees with job protected and unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons. These include pregnancy, adoption foster care business conferences placement of a child, personal or family illness or family military leave. Okay, keep going to the fmla is administered by the wage and hour division of the united states department of labor. So what this means is that there was a time in american history, previous to 1983, where a bad boss and I know bad, bosses I know some people that there’s one guy in particular that I used to know through church, who was a really really terrible person and he was always trying to screw people out of their wages and I’m. Just telling you I no longer fellowship of the guy don’t spend time with the guy, but he literally was a scammer. I mean he’s that kind of guy inside met that guy knew him through churches, I met him and I I just heard the church was great cuz. That’s where you get to that unconditional grace from god and we all fall short and we all need forgiveness and hopefully god’s doing a work on this guy. But this guy used to always go hate me and you have a lot of employees what’s what’s one way that we could, like, you know, take a little bit out of your check without anybody knowing obvious questions or he would go hey if I put some on salary can I make it work like 60 hours a week and not pay overtime and what’s the move, and he would always have these like just he’s just a total scam or you don’t need soap for a business was prevent those justice act was designed to prevent bad bosses for manipulating employees.

So if you’re listening today and you work for a bad boss, we don’t have a situation, the american economy. What doctor said we could talk about this? Where we now have people, we have more jobs available, then people to fill them. We have more jobs available in people to fill them every single one of my business coaching clients. Once they begin to grow. They say their biggest limiting factor is finding good people. Would you agree with that? Doctor said, I would totally agree with that. It seems as though the dude there’s more employers that you coach, they’re looking to hire than there are people looking for jobs. Yes, so I would say that market is in your favor if you are a quality and if you work for a bad boss get out of there, that’s right in there’s a lot of good bosses that are looking for great people, the family and medical leave act of 1993 and stick around and get out of there switch to a new job. Now, if your boss and her boss-and you have an business conferences employee that the terrible get them out of there and that’s the problem that I see that’s what I be coached business owners. This is what we see all the time. That’s right so I want to go around the table. I want to get chips. Taking this first wanted your take on it. Second, that I want to get dr. Sibley steak on this. If I’m out there and I have an employee, that’s doing a poor job and can not show up to work consistently.

When is it time to fire the what’s the process of holding people accountable and when is it time to punt? Well, first of all, taking a step back. You’ve got to make sure and set the expectations correctly so that they know what the punishment for chronically showing up late would be. So I would say you want to set up as business conferences expectations. You want to give him a warning, and then you got a punt if they’re chronically late, if there, if they in the first two weeks the first week there late and late, that’s a sign that is a bad card to be reading. So you need to get rid of that person. I mean i, don’t talk. Yesterday was yesterday, I was leaving the office and I think when he was supposed to be working. I said to the guy I hate. When I pay you to come to work, I pay you to work, then you get a lunch break. I, don’t give you a vape brakes, stop being crazy immediately. Send a text to direct supervisor told him about it was right, I’m up and that’s the thing where you’re going to come to work, I’m, paying you to work 8 hours, but you’re going to spend 2 hours, vaping I’m, calling you on it right now at strike. One would see, hopefully doesn’t happen it again, but you got it like. You said you got to do that immediately immediately, cannot wait. I use this example of a lot not to compare people to dogs, but if you have a puppy and that puppy pees on your carpet and you wait a week and a half to go, rub his face in it and kick it outside.

It’s just going to think you’re weird and mean and like white. What are you doing so you’ve got to reprimand that person immediately that works for you you’re paying them and they just to go in front of your chiropractic center and to vape during company time when this is outside of your lunch break. How would you deal with it? Well, first of all, I don’t deal with tobacco at all in my practice ever ever. Allow my employees to use tobacco even anywhere near my office, because if you smoke, you hang on your clothes, you bring it into the office and patient smell that and go oh messes up the chief. Who is this so you don’t even put up with it. I know that right there is a concept, I think a lot of business owners. Don’t understand. So again, you might ask me:you said your employees. How come your employees faithfully say what we are in the hair industry, where we need close to a hundred people to cut hair, and let me tell you what he repair. Folks is a lot of hair folks out there. If he likes it right, cuz i, don’t have an endless number of people to choose from our biggest limiting factor which I would open up two more stores right now, if I had more styles and there are great people and talks, I have a lot of hope in the people in tulsa,, probably 95%, more people and i. Don’t think it makes you a bad person if you vape, but I’m just telling you right now on our team. We literally are turning down business conferences haircut every week because we we we spend thousands of dollars a month, recruiting people, and so whatever your standard is, you can set the standard if you want to make it worse than alcohol or tobacco free environment. You can do that. If you want your employees can bring a cell phone to work, you can do it, but chips point was you have to set the expectation from the very beginning, I have an expectation chapter for our bathroom I want our bathrooms to be super clean I want our bathroom to be so clean that people would begin to refer to our bathroom as the porcelain palettes I want people who travel to tulsa for in-person workshops to say, there’s something good in your bathroom going on.

I want I want to ask you:why is there a mirror in your urinal I want them to be so impressed I’ll clean the urinal as they begin to use the urinal. How? Do we keep our bathroom so unapologetically clean? Will the best way? I know how is to get ahold of classic janitorial? You can reach these guys at v, classic clean.Com, the classic clean. Tell me a story about clash of clans, a story about classic clean. Is that they? Actually, if your new client, they are going to offer free high-traffic floor buffing, a car carpet, shampooing in your high traffic areas for free was going to charge a thousand they’re going to do it for free 918-671-2046, v classic clean.Com. Once upon a time, you went online to the classic clean.Com and you booked your first consultation classic clean deca, get ready to enter the thrive time, show and I’ll be the sea. What happened to the family, medical, leave, act and I think that a lot of people when you hear of the family medical italy say, are you kidding me on today business conferences show? Are we talking about the family medical leave? Your immediate reaction is to say:oh my god, it’s incredible. How are you kidding me to grab a mojito credible? You guys want to see star wars tonight. Cuz I want to listen to podcast about the family medical leave act, yes, I mean that’s what you want to do. That’s what I’m going to do? The number one cause of day drinking is marshall. What is that a beverage before a concert going on you want to find a local bar local tavern play I want to go in there.

You want to get a cranberry vodka or a moscow mule, and then you give me. Maybe you get to the shop and you laugh because you want to give me when you properly lubricated, that’s right, I have seven or eight you guys doing a show about the family. Medical leave act like I’m, going to have seven different than morning:alcoholism or calm down. Don’t don’t don’t open a cold one freaking serious family, medical, leave act people of emailed us in particular I’ve got him an employee who has emailed me and telling me they’re, going to take off 6 months due to a family medical issue and they’re letting me know I can’t fire them so shut up. I’d like for deb marshall go ahead and marsha lyricist a take unpaid job protectively. Don’t you to read, read read through the my new show and we’ll break it down, so the family medical leave act entitled eligible employees of covered employees to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with the continuation of group, health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave. Oh my god, if you are under a company’s group, health, insurance, okay, so a lot of companies in z and I are are involved with have group health insurance. You have what’s a 50 employees in all of them are business conferences covered under the group health insurance. If the employee had two would say that their husband was sick, and so they now had to leave work to take care of their husband for 6 months right. Hopefully, their husband had a supplemental insurance like aflac or something so aflac kicks into paying him $800 a week, and so they have some income coming in, but they’re not able to work for you.

You cannot deny them group group health insurance because they’re not coming to work. You have to continue to pay for their group. Health, insurance and I see a lot of bad bosses that have done this in. This is why this law was created is they’ll, cancel the person’s insurance at the very time they need it. What happens? If you have a lapse in your insurance? It becomes very, very, very hard to ever get insurance again or to get it at an affordable rate, and recently we had at one of my clients who was denied health insurance at the very time he needed it like they refuse to cover his back surgery and I won’t get into the details, but he actually just won the settlement. Nice after a blue was a two-year fight, but the mindy health insurance company denied him they did. They refuse to pay for the surgery. Sprint prepaid been paying into the system for years, and so there are employers that love to use that as leverage going well. If you can’t come to work I’m going to cancel your insurance, you can’t do that. Marshall continue. Reading my friend, okay, so eligible employees are entitled to 12 work weeks of leave in a 12-month period for in a 12 month. Are you hairy, carrie carrie, carrie carrie, coming back from the past. That’s right! I’m in that I think you are as right, but they can take those 12 work weeks of leave for the following the birth of a child and to care for the newborn child within one year of earth. The placement with the employee of a child for adoption or foster care in to care for the newly placed child within one year of business conferences placement. Let’s recap:the birth of a child. That’s right! Take care for the newborn child within one year, the birth of foster care, adoption of some kind, but next one to care for the employee, spouse, child or parent, who has a serious health condition. So you can’t take off to care for, like your third cousin, twice removed on your wife side, who, you frankly didn’t even know existed. You took a lot of people play that game. I need to take off 2 weeks to care for my cousin, who just found out that my cousin on facebook are they on ancestry.Com I found out. There’s a guy in michigan I’m, somewhat related to I got to go care for that person. You can’t do that marshall back to you and then you have a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the essential functions of his or her job.

So, as example, I had somebody use this move on like the third day, we hired them to actually won this. It’s in my bathroom, my friend in the bathroom. So if you ever on the throne, you can check out the amazing, artwork and decor there, but I had a person at work for us for like a day and then claimed they had a health issue that made it impossible for them for them to come to work on day, 2 and so I day, 1, the manager, let him know you’re, not a good fit. You know not because their medical issue, but they literally, could not stop getting on their cell phone and dealing with a personal issue within the first four hours of the unemployment. We let him go and they tried to file that, and they said they had a health issue and then a health issue. They said they has, they had, they said, had an anxiety when they were forced to focus on a subject for i, get anxious about doing my job right back to you more okay and then the the last one number 5 is any qualifying business conferences exigency arising out of the fact that the employees spouse, son, daughter or parent is a covered military member on covered active duty. So what this means is the best give somebody out there has somebody that is in your neighbor of yours, okay, your son, your daughter, your parents, and they are in the military and they go over there for active duty, and there certain causative cause you to have to help out. Then you can’t be terminated because of that reason. Okay, so this is just don’t overcomplicate this.

That’s the law I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time on that, because the bigger principal is darker sibley. If somebody is not a good fit and you keep them on board and you keep them on board and you keep them on board they’re, not a good fit, and this is his attention because you won’t fire them, then venus’s when you start to get into it into litigious issues. So if they help somebody out there deal with a person who is not a right fit on your team? Well, it’s really business suicide you’re committing business aside and let like that tag along on that same thought and say this:take care of your good employees, because if you do not some other employer will that was deep in there. If you do not take care of your good business conferences employees, some other employer will marshall. That is a sincere now. If a doctor, silly impressive wow! So I would just say this. If you’re out there, you have employees that are on your team right now and you’re, not a good fit, don’t keep them around, because you will then get an email like that. So the situation I talk to this entreprenuer and I feel awful, but I said to the person. I said hate. Does the person who did the person who sent you this email, who said by the way I need to take 6 months off? And you can’t fire me because of this medical leave act because the family medical leave act of 1993, you can’t let me go because it does.

This person actually do a good job and he says no and I said so. Why have you not fired the person and he says well i, just i, don’t know how to do that. I, don’t know how to like I don’t see. This is where I want to come back from the break. Is you if you’re going to run a business? You have to get good yet become good at managing people? You have to become good at managing people. It is what company out there chapter very good at managing people and managing execution of their business model. That’s a good friends at onyx, imaging chopped person supply. They do office supply, they do price matching. They do salmon next day delivery. You got to get ahold of him today and you can actually qualify for a free printer to call them today at 918-627-6611, 918-627-6611 or check them out at onyx, imaging.Com onyx imaging.Com. All your business needs office supplies printer supply printer service. When the printer goes down, the team sits around clayton you’re. Losing money get a hold of him today. Onyx imaging.Com, 918-627-6611 i, just found for me I could be doing better things by time to go to business conferences office depot and buy an office supply. This is I use, onyx image. You check our friends out today. Zumba fitness is always dominate. Cuz i, got, 5, kids I will not lose. It is the truth. Thought I’d make that excuse, I’ll be up going to go to school, but the truth is my mentor. Like my yo dude show me the orange red nation. What get back to the thrive time show on your radio? Don’t want to people that have asked me and the coming under the previous month’s. It said:hey. Are you guys ever going to make this show a call-in show and so I thought about it, talk to the z about it actually prayed about it, because I’ll tell you why I’ve resisted wanting to do this? It’s because we’ve had people in the past have asked really really really really really really really stupid questions ants questions that would not help anybody at all, and so, if you’re allowed out there listening I think it’s good for you and I to know if you’re a good fit to have a good fit for you and you’re, not too tired to do if I’m not a good fit for you.

You can change that. You can change the channel guide the other day who emailed to him, and he referred to me as a clown, and he was talking about how he didn’t. Like my comments on facebook, all right and I would tell you you get to change the channel, that’s how it works at dial. It’s been, you just hit the button you changed and there’s people out there that would want to listen to more politics. You want to get into politics, don’t talk about. You know. Republicans versus democrats want to bang on trump for an hour and a half. If you want to bang on hillary clinton, had you want to bang on obama for an hour and a half you want to do that? That’s cool! If not do you want to talk about your pontifications of the flat earth theory is not going to do. This show is all about business school without the bs, so you’re going to do. This is the move. If you would like to have your question answered, live by dr. Z and i, we are now going to do it, but hey I’m, but here is how you here’s yours here, step one you have to get leave us an objective review on itunes or google. What you like about it. You can subscribe on itunes review there or leave a review on google an object with you. Why you, like the show that step one don’t like to show i! Don’t answer your question? I! Don’t like that answer! Your question I know it’s hard for you to resist such a great show, but stop listening to the show, stop going to baseball business conferences games and complaining about them just go to stop, though it may feel so boring, but I’m playing, but not the current should I should do something about it.

So leave us an objective review. Why you like the show and then email us your question to info at drivetime, show. Info at thrive time should I come then we will call you at a specified time from a recorded phone line, and we will ask you your your first name and what industries are in and then your question will become part of the show, so will actually leave it into the podcast feature. So we can get the q&a kind of like how dr. Laura does it kind of like how dave ramsey does it I just don’t want to have morons asking questions, but we had a really really good question from somebody out there who asked a very good question. They say:i have a team of employees, one of which decided to email me and they emailed me and said:hey I’m, going to not be at work the next 6 months, and you can’t fire me because of the family medical leave act, and they sent them a copy of the act and said just so. You know you can’t fire me. So what I’m saying to you is now you’re in a bad business conferences spot, because now you have somebody who you want to fire, you don’t want to fire them, because after talking to the person you want to fire them because they have a medical issue. You want to fire. Things are not good at your job, but you didn’t have the courage to tell them previously and now you’re stuck with them for at least 6 months, they’re going to be on your group, health, the next 6 months, and you can’t fire him and then, when they come back when you do fire the missile, it’s crazy, when you do fire them when they come back they’re going to probably say that you fired them because of the medical act.

Of course, they are going to have to actually bring them back 6 months after now, and then put up with him for 60 more days and then you’re going to have to write them up methodically, write them up at least two or three times for being late and all the things you should have written him up for. First before you can fire the person to right now. You are absolutely stuck with this person for the foreseeable future summer. Simon read another book, audible to you from john, d, rockefeller and I want to get your take on this notebook. Wearable here is the net of a quotable. The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under. The sun john d rockefeller. Also crystal a car alarm is going off. Can you deal with the car alarm as we record this podcast in the radio show alarm going off their marshall break down the stone of accord. Will the ability to deal with people is as purchasable commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than any other under the sun desert break it down. So what you have to understand is if you can deal with people, if you can manage people, if you can hire people, if you can recruit people, if you can inspire people, if you can do this, you can just deal with people, then you are going to be able to be promoted, get raises grow into a greater positions, because this is the one thing that most people don’t want to do, because nobody has the interpersonal skills nobody’s focused on that. Nobody thinks about this. They don’t teach you this in business conferences school. In fact, in school they teach you how to score well on tests and how do you memorize things and then forget them and they teach you these things, but they don’t teach you. How do I manage my own emotions and how do I manage the emotions of others, and so as a business owner or a manager? If you can do this part of the business, then you’re going to be wildly successful either in your business or your bosses. Business search up I want to come into the show. I want to teach the three management skills everyone needs to have. Okay, is it the three management scale you going to teach on today show is how to have the awkward conversations.

How to have the tough conversation contact number to and talk about is how to set the expectations from day, one step:how to show transparently who you’re a players are who your be players are and who you’re see. Players are to everybody how to have the tough conversations dr., sibley, tim ferriss be best selling author, the 4-hour workweek he’s also the venture capitalists he’s invested in major companies is tim ferriss check him out. He’s four hour work, week. Com, he says a person. Success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations. He or she is willing to have a person. Success in life can usually measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have. How do you go in there and your office and have a tough conversation with an employee who you know it’s testing the boundaries for testing the waters? They want to see what you’re going to put up with you just tired and have a great resume, and they show up 6 minutes late on the second day of work. How do you have you had that conversation will I start off by telling them that there are a great business conferences person and that’s a reason they hired are I hired them. However, there are certain things that we do not tolerate in our office and you are breaking the rules so I’m just telling you right now that this is a dead-end street.

So we need to change this. Let’s get back on in the ball game again, so that you can keep your job I would call this hug kick hug marshall. How kick hug woman sandwich looks like it’s good to see you target in throgs this? What happens I just all the time marshall you see. We do this all the time. I’ll say. First off you, my friend, are a champion of freedom you’re, a great american i, appreciate your attitude and I like those shoes and you’re a great your attitudes, phenomenal i, seriously love it I love what you do. I love! This is why I love your sales skills, I love your personality, big fan. Second, thing:you being late, not cool, not going to happen not going to do it. We’re moving on you’re too smart for us to be spending our day. Talk about stupid things like this, so hint sports are going to be on time, we’re going to have to get fired, I hate to fire. You cuz, you’re, a talented person. Contact number three I want to teach you is your great american, I think you’re great great skill. It’s not have this conversation again i. Do it all the time you see me this marshall? Why is that such a move? Everyone has to master the hug, the kick the hug, because this is how you have to have those tough conversations. I see a lot of business owners, a lot of managers there just unwilling to have the tough conversations because they don’t know how to do it because he’s so, if you are struggling to have that the conversation started started with a positive, because if you start it with a positive there going to be more willing to receive your state, but what you have to say to help them become a better business conferences employee. That way you allow yourself to be more direct with them, say it more expanded with them to it and more honest with them and then I’ll bring it in for a hug.

You hug it out. Don’t make this a difficult thing where you sit there and angst about it cuz, if you did, you would have the longer you put off. Having that conversation, does it become harder overtime for easier over time it becomes harder, it seems a lot harder and your productivity goes down. Your profit goes down. It’s like a splinter. How long are you going to leave the splinter in your finger for marriage as well as for business? This is what I’ve noticed with people that have very unhealthy marriages and with good marriages, people that have unhealthy marriage and I’ve seen it, and let me tell you this I’ve seen it I’ve been married for 17 years. I had to learn to stop doing this. On, like you’re to my wife and i, both I would say my wife is the miz. The better half I had to learn this, but like I would get frustrated with something was going on right here and their marriage and I reference, something that I was upset about 18 months ago, but didn’t have the courage to say anything. Then, 18 months later, I’m like and you remember that one time at sonic you talking about 6:07 i, run in my turn on whose. It was windy. It was raining and you were in and she’s like. What are you talking about right and it’s not fair to bring up things from the past in the present and then all the sudden unload on people and that’s what’s happening all the time and small businesses everywhere. You’ve got to business conferences deal with it as soon as you see it up and when you’re dealing with here’s a little trick, I want to get your take on this class. I’ve always found that died.

With with my past, the concrete company or appliance and I’m working with when they’re reprimanding somebody do the hub kick hug, but right after the kick just give a little paws, just a little bit of dead silence there just to really set that emotion in that really makes them kind of uncomfortable, and then you pick it back up and that way, they’d understand the gravity of the situation. These moves you’re going to have a tough time, because at the end of the day you have the three superpowers the super valis. You got a master, these three superpowers. You can be very successful. You actually have to have a product or service that solves a problem. If people want to pay you to solve, you have to have a viable product or service that people actually want step to. You got to become a marketing wizard. You got to be going to marketing and instead you got to manage people, and I would argue that, previous to attending our business conferences workshops, the people that I’ve met when I talk to them after work shops by the way our next workshop is june, 22nd and 23rd, and if you want to get half off starting today, this is our new promo. We have do we get half off of your ticket. Okay, you! No more! No more free tickets, half off what you got to do. If you got to leave us an objective review on itunes and objective review on itunes or google, do you subscribe to the podcast? Leave us a review or find our google map by typing in thrive, 15 jinx. You leave us an objective review, then you email in your question to info at thrive time show.Com, and what should I give you half off of a ticket, okay, people before attending a workshop or before getting coaching. This is their biggest issue, chap in my head by my missing something you’re home and you’re.

Exactly right, like we talked about earlier in the show. This is a huge stressor for business owners. If you don’t know how to manage people, if you don’t have a higher fire and rain and it stays with you after the work day is over you take it home with you until you’ve got to learn these skills and master them. So we come back from the break room to talk about how to set the expectations from day one. So come a new patient of yours. What are the expectations? What do they? What do they expect from dr. John sibley. Com from day one? They should expect a great experience. You won’t be held hostage there, we’re going to get you in and out very expeditiously very quickly with great service, and we respect your time. I would also expect by calling this phone number can I call any number. No, you have to call this phone number call 918-749-5741, 918-749-5741 or visit of online dr johnson.Com tulsa’s number one chiropractor, no broadcasting for the center of the universe and the thrive 15.Com world headquarters. Alright, my vacation time show on your radio, where we help small business owners were aspiring small business conferences owners. Just like you to adjust your normal I’m going to. Hopefully this idea I’m sets in for somebody cuz thomas, with full package media share. This with me on our coaching call on friday I thought it was such a powerful idea. I want to play being in the studio with you and z. Helped me understand that the normal, your new normal normal, that you guys do everyday, is not normal, but that’s the normal that I need to have to be successful. He talked about the high-water mark and z was talking to one of her shows about the high-water mark. It’s a thomas did a hundred and $10,000 of revenue. This month. This guy was a startup 18 months ago. You know hundred and ten thousand this month last month was 108. This is my new normal used to crush me when we would do $50,100 new normal. He said doctors, he pointed out thomas to be a successful entrepreneur.

You have to adjust your normal and abnormal that you’re going to have to get very, very good at if you’re going to be successful. Entrepreneur is managing people now these. This is exactly the opposite skills you need to have to be the most beloved friend in the world.. I want to make sure you get. This I have a lot of really really good friends, all of which are entrepreneurs I thought about that myself. I, don’t have a single friend who is not ipro business person at all, not a single one. Either you own a business or your coaching businesses or you’re, not my friend, because I don’t get it i, don’t get the idea. I, don’t understand either mind i, don’t understand like it’s just hilarious. We have our staff meeting every day at what time marshall 66 church he’s like. So you require your team leader at 6 yeah and they were off on fridays. So you guys work from what like it’s like six of the earliest, that he can’t even imagine the idea of waking up at 6 there’s to 6 in the day and I explained to him. I got a no! No, no! No they don’t they don’t wake up at 6, they’re they’re ready to go at 6, so they are getting up at 5. But that’s alright! Spectations right and that’s our normal and so people that can’t hang with that. That’s fine i, don’t have a problem in our workshop start at 7 a.M. And I’m not trying to appeal to the average person out there. That doesn’t want to start your day early. But if you want to stick, you have abnormal success. You have to work at normally heart I mean that’s. Why I love referencing, jerry rice I mean jerry. Rice was the nfl quarterback wide receiver for the san francisco 49ers legendary wide receiver they’re just workout routines are legendary man. That’s why you became a legend, but he wasn’t like he always talent, I mean normally successful. You discover their business conferences grinders in one of the things you’re going to scare anybody who’s it abnormally successful business owner had to learn to become a great manager, which means you’re going to have to learn to do the opposite of what you’re taught in school. So what to be successful manager? You have to have tough conversations got to have those tough conversations again.

Tim ferriss write a person. Success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations. He or she is willing to have if you want to be the most liked person have the most acquaintances possible. You should never have tough conversations. You should just run around just saying what everybody needs to say to make them feel the need to feel all the time you have to set the expectations from day. One chubby would never do that in a friendship with me. You would never know that with a acquainted you never meet some guy and it church and then they’d say hey. We should get together and you would say what just so you know if it invitations and we have dinner at 6:30 and in the event that you show up one minute late, I would judge you as being not worthy of ongoing conversation. So if you are going to be there at 6:30, be there early, oh and by the way, by the way, just just so we’re clear, don’t bring a lame side dish, because if you do we’re not in it also don’t bring any political drama in here and don’t bring any divisive religious conversation also in 6 months and I need to help me move right to make it through all that right this owner. Is that not what you have to do from day? One? You have to set the business conferences expectations if you don’t you’re, setting up yourself for a real weird situation, because you’re going to get a lot of pushback when you tell people to go to accomplish a task and need to go, take care of this tomorrow. Okay, let’s say that I am shadowing you for a job at thrive and it’s my first day was right and I get to work.

I got a tie on I got dress clothes on cuz i, told her dress code I got a tie on I got dress pants on I got my dress shoes on it’s okay, so day too, I should be.. Where. Might i, even though I know, i, know I’m supposed to wear that I talk to you about setting the expectations real quick in that first week and having that tough conversation look up to do it. Okay, so we’re going with hug big hug first in my perry for the real quick I just want to. Let you know that we brought you on to the team, because I really love your attitude. Your great person to be around your attitude is contagious. My friend I’ve been told that oftentimes absolutely now now buried in the handbook that we signed. Yesterday we understood the dress code. You know she decided to write my name on it, but I was really more intrigued by the company culture and i. Just want you to know this I just with a coffee, but with will bury you know so, with the handbook you and i. We went over it together yesterday and you explain to me that you understood what the dress code was yeah, and that includes a tie. Okay. Well, that was that was what I would call a little business conferences fabrication. The reason I said handbook but I do understand. The air is in my wicked ways and I decided to turn from evil in to embrace a new life. Okay, and so so I need you to go, get a tire right now. Okay, so I need to go cut all the way home to get my home okay, and so then you have on the type you can pay in a berry.

I know that we’re not going to have problems with this moving forward, because I know you were very smart, individual and so we’re going to actually move on from this. We don’t need to talk about it. We have done it in the past every every time forever. From now we have done. Okay, no longer upset about i. Wasn’t there, but now I am. Can we talk about it, though so? Go ahead, go get your tie and I’ll see you when you get back here, I’m, so tired of the way you been treating me, you told me that you were going to be a great great place to work in this coach was exciting and all the sudden like a bait and switch it like hey barry. Did you have any other questions about the handbook there what’s wrong with your face, you look up that I feel like the way I talk to you right now, so go ahead and go grab that time and it would be better but I’m going to need you to go. Get that time. Okay, imma go get my type, that’s fine! Thank you. So much very, very you are a great american, your champion of freedom, and this is what has to happen no, but seriously, though, and I didn’t this. Why was your role playing I’m, throwing curve balls at marshall attend introducing a the, ladies man character to marshall the same time would be where I fire somebody right there, but I’m saying that happens to me all the time so elephant in the room. True story:this is about what three four years ago hired somebody in the dress code. It says you can’t show cleavage I talk to the person day too. I said hey you’re supposed to wear elephant room business conferences t-shirt you’re, not doing it. What’s going on immediately start attacking me, I fired the person which win their first eight to nine hours on the job, so as soon as possible. 321 boom-you are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show have time show on the top of the charts in the category of business. Dentist that you might get motion sickness patch of the babbitt’s get some fruit like some forward. 3 2 1 here come the business ninjas all right, right, nation, i, hate, I hate to have a difficult conversation, but we’re talking about the three management skills that everybody has to have and if we’re going to have a tough conversation, we probably better set the expectations from the very beginning of this segment. Our country, the united states of america, is a country that is a capitalist, has a capitalist worldview, which means that dr. Sibley, the chiropractor, he’s a chiropractor that I believed to be one of the best chiropractors in oklahoma.

If not the best. He has a lot of reviews, a lot of history to show that he’s been the chiropractor of choice for wayne gretzky, but you, the customer, get to decide. You can go to dr. John, still b.Com schedule your first appointment and you can decide what do you like him or not? If you go down the road to some other chiropractor and you like him more, you get to vote with your dollars and if dr. Sibley himself is a great chiropractor, but he was a disaster at managing people. You could say you know I like dark or simply don’t like his team right. There is why he’s been successful is cuz. He has a great team, but you was a customer, could decide to vote with your dollars and tell no I don’t want from. There is no one in the world they’re sturdy world where they could be a terrible manager, but yet they could still be successful. My friend would be a communist worldview. If you want to live in a world where you can actually make copious amounts of money by being a terrible manager, you need to move to a communist country. You have to do it, because if you don’t do that, you’re going to go crazy running around thinking that you can manage your business conferences business like a communist and not because I just told you the commands, people and you’re, not good at it. Customers are going to vote with her dollars in her going to leave.

So let me give me example:elephant in the room as an example:i cannot cut hair, I’ve, never cut somebody’s here and we have probably the best stylus with ever had an unbelievable team. Let me tell you what I’ve discovered if they cut your hair a hundred times they’re going to make a mistake. 3% of the time that’s our average 3% and I would like it to be zero. But I can tell you this. If I did have the event that have the ability to cut hair I think I would make more mistakes than that. You know why, because as a dj, what does an entertainer I would make a mistake? I made it a hundred shows three people would complain, just three complaints. You know why, because I did polarizing shows I’d ask them. Ask the father bride i, just the bride, it’s who’s going to be the one that mall to my trying to please and it’s a what’s the right on a scale 1 to 10. How interactive do you want me to be as a dj if 10 is like steve harvey meets djing? What do you want if it is like a laser show where a woman is lay back in the privates at 10, some hop on the bike shop next to be doing the cutting of a cake in the father and daughter, dance of the bride I’ll be business conferences dancing with her dad how many people died gorgeous tonight, I’ll see if you, if you know the bride, let’s go around the block and then some would come up to me.

Somebody would who was not the one paying me they would come up to me if you like the uncle or something. You’re on the microphone a lot and I just figured getting one clapping. It should be more regal than this not say why you know the bride’s paying me and she wants me to be interactive. Could you play george strait and I’m like i? Realize you, like the recent concert. I know you were george strait got what the brightest asked me to not play country, and then here comes the complaint from somebody who’s, not paying me and 3% of the time. I would get a complaint. So what you have to do those used to minimize the level of complaints you get when you are not personally providing the service when you’re providing the service and you hit a hundred percent. That’s great! That’s, not a business! That’s a job that means you’re just over broke mean. If you don’t actually do all the service. You had a business. That means, if you don’t make all the products that a business that is a job ajob just over broke. That means that you are just over broke because you don’t personally do everything your business conferences company falls apart. That means you are a technician pretending to be an entrepreneur how to become a full-fledged entrepreneur. We have time freedom and financial freedom, you have become a good manager and he took the three skills you have to know. It’s just going to be why you have to have those tough conversations., you’re silly somebody is saying:i don’t want to have tough conversations. I want to be a successful business owner. I! Don’t want to have tough conversations. What would you say to this person? Well, you have to have tough conversations, but also you cannot be held hostage.

What that means is you, as a owner entrepreneur, doctor lawyer, whatever you have to know everyone’s job? If you don’t know everyone’s job in your business, then you can be held hostage right. You have to replace everybody if they won’t do the job. You have written down, youtube checklist and systems, and this is what’s going to lie to be successful, not management’s, going over to marshall from day one. Why do we have to do it? I? Think you can unleash on this as well. I got a good one, and so elon musk he’s a business owner he’s a ceo. You have to do it with the background score of the communist national anthem. That’s nice give us elon, musk capitalist quotes with the bounce it out. We will play communist theme music in the background. That’s right! So what the general understanding is that, if you’re at tesla you’re choosing to be at the equivalent of special forces that has pluses and minuses it’s cool to be special forces, but it also means that you’re working your butt off. It’s not for everyone. Now. This is what you have to do from the very very beginning, when you’re working with a new employee year with me to lose one of your team members, so you got it, you got it set the expectations from the very very beginning that there’s trade-offs working here. It’s awesome to work here, but we’re going to hold you business conferences accountable, we’re going to pay you well and we’re going to expect a lot out of you, but I know spirit of commonality. I want us all to pay everybody! Equally year, did you hear about exactly the same and never fire anybody marshalls I want to run my company like a communist country which, by the way, every time I come this regime sets up and I was just so well financially. So what you have to do is you have to set the expectation from the beginning, because I see business owners that they don’t want to hold their team accountable and the reason why is because they’re like well I didn’t like explicitly tell them you want to be like.

If you want to be like to get off the field, you don’t have what it takes to be new york see if your entire focus is being like. You do not need to be not 20 work, your irritating everybody you’re, taking time away from your family you’re, craving a crappy service kit off the field. If you do not want to manage people get off the field, if you want to be like get off the field, if you want to win, hold people accountable and it requires irritating people to come on. Pal management requires pissing people off. If your unafraid, if you’re afraid to piss people off, do not start a business because in the event that you do, that you have a crappy product, a crappy service, a crappy culture and it’ll, take time away from your family. Just go, get a job at chick-fil-a. They need managers right now apply at any of the locations. They need a manager to manage people. So then they need someone to rest. Your life cuz. You don’t have what it takes to be successful. If you cannot manage people, if you can’t manage people, do not start a business, get off the field, you don’t have what it takes to not start a business if you’re not willing to manage people getting ready to enter the thrive time, show back to the drive time to show on your radio and i. Don’t have put marshall on the spot here, but I’m marsha. What are your clients that you work with a travis with a williams contracting? Is a really good manager, he’s a guy that that manages a lot of people? We know this because his company williams contracting, is actually managed the construction of major commercial projects. If you’re not there. Do, you want to build a church or a commercial building of some kind of he’s got the bill to hilldale public schools they’ve actually built the first baptist in muskogee they’ve done the northside vet clinic they’ve been northeastern, state university they added on to the jail.

They did a jail annex there on the okmulgee county judicial authorities. If you’re out there one to add on to your jail I mean you want to reach out to the katt williams concert. How is it possible multiple jobs going on simultaneously how’s it possible to think that travis does exceptionally well, as he has a great repore with all of his superintendents and all of his sub contractors, and so when he has to have a tough conversation, he is willing to do it until his management skills are through the roof and he’s able to keep a lot of different balls up in the air. Keep a lot of different projects going to do. When you are a good manager, you actually are able to scale the execution that you can provide beyond yourself, and so that’s what travis does a really good job up. So if you go to will dash khan.Com, you learn more about travis, but he’s a real example of a real entrepreneur to be really work with that will dash khan.Com can check them out to will will dashcon, you can check them out the services they offer, but that’s a real lunch me right there in green country great job as a manager. We help me with marketing and different things, but he’s a very, very good manager of people now I want I want to get dr., sibley’s i. Take on this idea here. When did you first run into your first? We very first started as a chiropractor. When did you run into your first? If you remember your first management conflict, the first time we realized okay, this person clearly knows what to do. They clearly not too exciting a lot of times he wanders entrepreneurs. Do they know what to do? Is it in the business conferences handbook did we tell them. Did we write it down? Do they have a checklist? Whatever you had the checklist in the handbook, you did it. When did you want to do first, rental situation? We realized this person knows what to do, but they literally are just refusing to do it passively aggressively. Well, that is one of the biggest problems that you have in my profession is that we explain what person is supposed to be doing.

They have a job description, you’re supposed to do this or supposed to do that, and it’s very clear that they’re not doing it. So you have this conveyor belt that I call profit and when you have this person in they’re not doing their job description, it slows down the conveyor belt. Therefore, you are not making money, so you go in correct the problem. Whatever the problem can be starting us not doing what they should do as far as taking care of the patient, that is the biggest problem. I also find it. It creates a really bad culture chop when people know what to do, but don’t do it right and that’s on the flip side of that, like doctor said we was saying one Thing:i’ve noticed with clients in this I had this problem as a new manager with my parents, construction company was building myself up to have this conversation. Hey I should have role-played with myself in a mirror. I’ve heard dr. Z talk about this. If you’re a new manager, a new owner out there and you’re going to have to have one of your first tough conversations get up early roleplay that thing in the mirror with yourself it feels weird, but do it it’s going to put you in a better spot and then also make sure, like doctor said, we was saying actually specifically tell the person what they did wrong when your reprimanding them don’t just kind of wag the finger and track freak out on them specifically tell them what they did wrong and how to fix it. I had a really really weird business conferences conversation on friday with somebody and I knew. I was going to have it and it happened earlier in the day, but I had already scripted out how that’s going to go right and I already thought about the three ways it could go. I thought about how I do it by the way I’ll sit down and write down? Okay, what are the three ways this could go react reactions as a human race.

We have when were held accountable and we are trying to dodge it. You know when someone told me you accountable, you want a dodge, there’s only three responses that the human race has come up with so far we like to think we’re clever, but really they can all fit into these three buckets. One is worth. The emotional response was totally distracting from the when you’re, like i, have a person purdue. What a crying this when someone gets pulled over what’s up man, can you get your id and I’m? Okay, man just try not to speed. Okay, come in the office and I’ll brag about it, but tell us that really. Is that what you did now ii move? We can do guys to be more aggressive by the way they still argue and yell. The second one is I forgot and I forgot. It’s a great way to avoid doing something for the business conferences. I forgot all my geez I forgot the tension there and I forgot. The third is to make it seem as though there was a miscommunication. So even though you said, go to office depot and buy this print cartridges by the print cartridge and on monday I come back without the print cartridge, rather than saying that somebody said I forgot before and I’ve already been emotional one time. I can just tell me what a miscommunication I thought it was next week. There’s a lot of that, and because those are sincere things that really do happen, pathologically dishonest people will use those three all the time because who, who hasn’t forgotten, something has been the victim of a business conferences miscommunication who has it actually bad an emotional reason for not doing something who hasn’t had that, so the chronically underperforming people use those three over and over and over and over.

So as we’re talking about the three management skills you have to learn here, chuck move number 3. Is you got to show your people transparently, who you’re a player’s rb players in your seat? Players are thrive. Can you talk about how you know how the team knows who they players are yeah? Well, one thing is:there’s a weekly person of the week right. We have it monday morning, staff meeting, so you know how heavy is a players are being recognized and you get a couple. Certain perks, part up, closer parking spot things like that and then out of the cd players, and then they get a book to read a book. That’s why I cannot get walmart gift card. So that’s awesome deal for some of that. You know be minus players, you’ll be told immediately if you’re not doing the job, that’s going to be done at a public manner. It’s saying something ever ever. That means you’re not in a playwright getting talk to you privately all the time, all the time. That means you’re a c flat right. Maybe once a month, it’s cuz your my player, exactly that’s just how it works there. It’s so important that people understand where they fit into the business conferences organization and colon powell says:compare the american statesman and retired 4-star general, united states, said being responsible, sometimes means pissing people off. That’s right. You got to hold people accountable and I want to I want to I just want to give you an opportunity to help you, the listeners out there that are just struggling to manage people. What’s your final bit of advice, marshall your take on this and chop your your final word on this. If somebody is struggling to manage people, what’s your final bit of advice, you could give you all the listeners out there well being a manager means that you have to have confidence in yourself and you have to have confidence in your plan. You have to have confidence and what your future goals are, that trilogy right. There is the player that is going to take you to the soup.

You just said something really deep knows who I’ve never met an entrepreneur, that’s not comfortable with spending entire week’s by themselves. I’ve never met a successful entrepreneur that is not comfortable with spending entire vast portions of time by themselves. Well, you have to enjoy your own company. If you like me, the company of other people, all the time to feel like it. I can go crazy. You will not become an effective manager. Do. You have to be comfortable with just being with yourself march. What your final tip final take here is you, as a manager have to be completely comfortable, pissing people off and if you’re not comfortable, doing that, then you’re not going to be a good manager, I’d like to take you to stop putting off the top conversations, because they’re, not the problems, aren’t going to go away. It’s not going to happen, it will fester and it will get worse so stop putting off the tough conversations like marshall said:go ahead and pissing people off today. This is my final tip for you. If you want to see where the good managers are, what do the companies that have been if they have been in business for over 10 years, 20 years, 30 years doctor said, we’ve been in business for over 25 I’ve been self-employed, so 16 years old, rc auto specialists he’s got to have 80 years of combined experience, maintaining ford automobile  business conferences suspension, heat and air rc auto specialists transmission, fleet, service, rc, auto, specialists battery issues, rc auto specialists. Where can we find out more information about rc, auto, specialists tulsa number, one ford export kind of weird you wouldn’t think of it, but you can actually go to rc auto specialists. Com. That would be rc, auto specialists. Com, one more time. Rc auto specialists, get ahold of him at 918-872-8115 918-872-8115. If you haven’t been to rc, auto specialists, got to check them out and then go to go.Com, where you can find the podcast, the workshops, the one-on-one coaching, the videos, it’s all their book, your tickets for next june, 22nd and june 23rd conference today at drive time should I come free to us.


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