How to Overcome Fear with the Harvard-Trained Psychiatrist Dr. Srini Pillay

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The Harvard-trained psychiatrist and brain researcher (Dr. Srini Pillay) on the 5 super moves to overcome fear, how to unlock your creativity, and the power of scheduling time to unplug into your schedule.


  1. Chunking
  2. Ignore Mental Chatter
  3. Reality Check
  4. Control Check
  5. Attention Shift


    1. Dr. Srini Pillay Being an entrepreneur can be a scary thing…and you actually wrote the book, Life Unlocked: 7 Revolutionary Lessons to Overcome Fear…what practical steps can our listeners take to overcome fear?
      1. Fear can either be conscious or unconscious
      2. Conscious fear, you are aware of your fear
      3. Unconscious fear, you are generally unaware of your fear and it happens in your mind
      1. Chunking – Breaking down fear into its core parts
      2. Ignore Mental Chatter – Bringing your attention to your breath and ignoring any mental chatter
      3. Reality Check – Self talk that reminds yourself that “This too shall pass”
      4. Control Check – Consciously decide to give up the things that you are not in control of
      5. Attention Shift – Shifting your attention to the solution for the problem rather than the problem itself
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE: Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom – Søren Aabye Kierkegaard
  1. Where do most entrepreneurs get it wrong as it relates to fear?
  2. What type of research did you put into the writing of Life Unlocked: 7 Revolutionary Lessons to Overcome Fear?
  3. What was your process like for writing  Life Unlocked: 7 Revolutionary Lessons to Overcome Fear
  4. Dr. Srini Pillay you also wrote the book, Your Brain and Business: The Neuroscience of Great Leaders…how can this book help our business owning listeners?
  5. I would love for you to share how you believe your research on the brain can benefit business owners?
  6. Now what inspired you to write your newest book Tinker, Dabble, Doodle, Try: Unlock the Power of an Unfocused Mind?
    1. It happened through a conversation with my agent
    2. Every day I work in several different areas
    3. My experience of studying at Harvard and learning to take strategic breaks that allow you to put the pieces together led to the writing of the book
  7. Dr. Srini Pillay What problems does your book Tinker, Dabble, Doodle, Try: Unlock the Power of an Unfocused Mind at attempt to solve for readers?
  8. In your book you write about conjuring creativity. What does this mean and why is it important for our listeners to learn?
    1. Most people live a life of focus that leads to fatigue
    2. You have to refuel when you don’t have enough gas in the tank or when you aren’t able to focus the way that you know it should
      1. Mid-morning
      2. After lunch
      3. Later in the day
    3. Napping – 5-15 minutes of napping can give you 1-3 hours of clarity
    4. Doodling – Scribbling on a piece of paper while listening to things allows you to retain 15-25% more information
    5. Positive constructive daydreaming – 
      1. Choose a time of 15-20 minutes
      2. Do something low-key (i.e. knitting, walking, etc.)
      3. While doing the activity, allow your mind to drift away to something positive
    6. Psychological Halloweenism – Take on the identity of a creative person
  9. Dr. Srini Pillay In your book Chapter 5 is titled, Getting Unstuck. What is this chapter all about?
  10. You come across as a very proactive person…so how do you typically organize the first four hours of your and what time do you typically wake up?
    1. I get typically 5-6 hours of sleep
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