How to Practically Apply the Purple Cow Principles

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What makes your product or service stand out in the crowded marketplace? During this episode, business coach Clay Clark breaks down Seth Godin’s best-selling book Purple Cow and how you can use the principles found in the book to take your company to the next level.

Breaking down Seth Godin’s book – Purple Cow, New Edition: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable


Marketing is Not a Last Minute Add On

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.” – David Packard (Co-Founder of Hewlett-Packard)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Remarkable marketing is the art of building things worth noticing right into your product or service. Not slapping on marketing as a last-minute add-on, but understanding that if your offering itself isn’t remarkable it’s invisible.” – Seth Godin – The Purple Cow – Page 3

DEFINITION MAGICIAN – Remarkable – “Worthy of attention; striking.”

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I try to buy stock in businesses that are so wonderful that an idiot can run them. Because sooner or later, one will.” – Warren Buffett (American business investor worth $83 Billion, and philanthropist who serves as the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway)

AMPLE EXAMPLES (Of Awesome Purple Cows):

  1. Tumble Smart – Free Assessment
  2. Dr. Robert Zoellner – $99 Eye Exam and Stylish Pair of Glasses
  3. Elephant in the Room – $1 First Haircut
  4. Tulsa Oilers – $1 For Your 1st Game

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Because marketers have overwhelmed consumers with too much of everything, people are less likely to go out of their way to tell a friend about a product unless they’re fairly optimistic that the friend will be glad to hear about it.” – Seth Godin – The Purple Cow

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “My goal in Purple Cow is to make it clear that it’s safer to be risky – to fortify your desire to do truly amazing things.” – Seth Godin – The Purple Cow – Page 30

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If the only way to cut through is to be remarkable, and the only way to avoid criticism is to be safe, well, that’s quite a choice isn’t it?” – Seth Godin – The Purple Cow – Page 58

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Will you do things wrong in your career and be justly criticized for being unprepared, sloppy, or thoughtless? Sure you will.” – Seth Godin – The Purple Cow – Page 59

MORE AMPLE EXAMPLES (Of Awesome Purple Cows):

  1. Harley Davidson
    1. BOOK – Radical Marketing – Radical Marketing: From Harvard to Harley, Lessons from Ten That Broke the Rules and Made It Big
    2. Harley 
    3. Yamaha 
  2. Dental Depot
    1. Google Map Link
      1. Link to Dental Depot in Broken Arrow
      1. ARAB MONEY –
  1. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
    1. They let you watch the process of making the doughnuts
  2. Toms Shoes – When you buy a pair of shoes today, they will give away a pair to someone in need tomorrow.
  3. Fritzs Restaurant –  
    1. Train delivers food directly to your table.
  4. Contractors – Proven Purple Cow for contractors – On time and on budget guarantee
  5. Tip Top K9
    1. 1st Lesson is Only $1.00
  1. Total Lending Concepts – Get Koala-fied
  1. $100 Cheesesteak
  1. The Big Texan 72 oz steak challenge
  2. H2Oasis Float Center and Tea House – 1 Float and 1 Oxygen Aromatherapy Session For Only $45 ($85 Value)
  1. Dick’s Last Resort
    1. The waiters make fun of you and treat you poorly on purpose.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You can’t know if your Purple Cow is guaranteed to work . You can’t know if it’s remarkable enough or too risky. That’s the point. It’s the very unpredictability of the outcome that makes it work. The lesson is simple – boring always leads to failure.” – Seth Godin – The Purple Cow – Page 61

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you can show up in a parody, it means you’ve got something unique, something worth poking fun at. It means there’s a Purple Cow at work.” – Seth Godin – The Purple Cow

“Most companies are so afraid of offending or appearing ridiculous that they steer far away from any path that might lead them to this result. They make boring products because they don’t want to be interesting.” – Seth Godin – The Purple Cow

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “… the more crowded the marketplace, the busier your customers, the more you need the Purple Cow. Hale-measures will fail. Overhauling the product with dramatic improvements in things the right customers care about, on the other hand, can have a huge payoff.” – Seth Godin – The Purple Cow – Page 94
NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “When Krispy Kream opens in a new town, they begin by giving away thousands of donuts. Of course, the people most likely to show up for a free hot donut are those who have heard the legend of Krispy Kream and are delighted that they’re finally in town. These sneezers are quick to tell their friends, sell their friends, even drag their friends to a store.” – Seth Godin – The Purple Cow – Page

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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields trucks like to know more more, like tribe, nation go get back to the conversation. My name is blake clark on the former uss, be a entrepreneur of the year I’m, the husband of one incredible woman on a great date. Last night we went to marshall I know that I know you don’t care, but I’m, not tired, cuz, i, I care I do care about your date still business coach dating tips or no. Thank you. We’re going to talk about how to practically apply the purple cow principles. There’s a book called purple cow by seth godin, which is absolutely a phenomenal, a phenomenal book, a way to break down how you can totally revolutionize your marketing, but before we do that, I would like to get into the intricacies of might my date. Okay, I’m at so we went to los cabos and we went there and our waiter was a buddhist guy, whose booty is what I do this is this is my style is when I go out to dinner, I say to the waiter:i say:mister whiter, you wanna tattoos.

There tell me what they mean, and that was like a 20-minute conversation and I actually was very interested. Explain to me what this meant. That meant, and he came from a place. We had a lot of pain in his life in a lot of things he gone through. It was interested, and then I said. So, what’s your overall philosophy that you like your guyses, buddhism and i, said:okay, okay and then you started to look for something in common and I found that that we actually share certain authors that he likes that I liked it. So we we, we got a good flow there. What kind of napoleon hill ask discussion? We talked about dale, carnegie, how to win, friends, influence people conversation. He said it’s interesting. You never tried to push your views on me and I said no. I was just curious in yours because I’d like to know about you are you don’t push your views on people and then they all the sudden? They get curious about your business coach views. What you do is you take it, you have an interest in them and then they will respond and ask about their views. That’s how it works. So I was asking that question sincerely about his life for probably 20 minutes, and then he’s like well tell me about your life and that’s then that’s that’s. What that’s? How that works. How does it relate to marketing? Marketing is a thing where a lot of times we as a company is a business owner, we’re trying to say things we’re trying to push down a message into the throat into the mind into the heart and the head of our ideal unlikely buyers that they don’t care about like we’re, trying to make them be interested. So I’d like for you to marshall cuz, you been very successful. Business coach go all through the download, are amazon best-selling book start here, which you can download for free right now, by the way, it’s about time, show., com, think about your client.

She worked with in the past, who you help them define a purple cow. That’s worked very well and I want I want I want to start with, with medical like to go with medical I’d like to go then with maybe home cleaning, not like the kind I just hopped around, because this first principle is first prince when the purple cow book, but written by seth godin, the first one he’s quoting david packard for david packard rights. He says marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department. Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department, business coach, a lot of times, you’re working with a client, and they don’t have any leads coming in until you sit down with him and you help them develop a purple cow, you help them stand out in the marketplace. You help them develop an offering that the cove at the ideal unlikely buyers are receptive to so let’s go with the dell rexit first. The first thing is I think it’s the the curse of knowledge, okay, the curse of learning, where, when I first heard the term purple cow I had no idea what that meant. Okay, it’s all I had to read seth godin explanation of business coach purple cow explained.

All this turns out. There were purple cow, is in what side and describe the purple like on the way to the show today. I do not remember anything about the trip here right at all. Okay, nothing was interesting about it. Okay, it was very routine knew there was nothing memorable about it and I know that between here in my house, there were definitely some herds of cows. Now, if, while I was driving by one of those cows, was a purple cow I’d have to tell everybody about your curiosity, piqued that it’s usually brown cows, maybe some black guy took a facebook pictures of it supposed to do it, but if there was a purple cow, that is something that is remarkable enough for other people pull over. My business coach people pulled over right in this is and I’m not I’m, not saying you should do. This is just a thought right if you are a home developer and you’re like gosh when I get any traffic here, what you could do don’t do. This is not an example. You could gather up all of the trees that you knock down to build that that that housing.

Addition in dallas I can’t stand that knocked down every tree to build a housing addition in a plant basil, small trees knocked down what you could do is you could coat them in in like tar, you get all the time. Did you set that on fire and everybody would go? Oh, my gosh. Do you smell that thing? Can you see that thing and everyone we drive by this hud housing addition to wonder what is going on now? That’s not the best way to market homes, but you would get their attention. That’s right in marketing is first just getting some of the tension. You know I really like what you did with with the waiter, and most people don’t understand this, but the most important person to anyone is themselves and what’s up with that, wader that you were talking about. You gave him the business coach opportunity to talk about himself. First, that created a lot of interest in you, but it it first came with you showing interest in him and and then all the sudden, this guy very interested in what your writing is. Brian is headed. That’s how it works, it’s so opposite. What most people think I want to do is talk about. How do you do it on a mass scale? How do you do that on a mass scale, cuz on a mass level? You want this to happen when I’m not talk right up personally talkin to the waiter. You return key when this happens all the time while you’re sleeping in this is the power of once.

You figure this out. 24 hours a day, you got somebody talkin to the waiter, taking an interest in them. Talk to me about delbecq research and what kind of app call you help these folks in new orleans to create so delridge research, research, tyler and rachel hastings. If they do a phenomenal job down there, um they’re going growing their business like crazy. In the reason, the way that they’re able to get patients into their clinic is they offer free medical care. Free medication come on that’s men’s. They don’t need a patient’s, don’t need health insurance, they compensate and set up travel for their patients, so if they need help getting to the actual clinic, these are all things that they do as part of their purple cow. In order to get the business coach patients in and then starting with a k started with you as our coach. That’s right! You help guide them to a deep empathy and you’re asking asking your client. What do your ideal and likely buyers need right what your ideal unlikely by so this is about. So this is where we built it up. Is we found that people all of these benefits they’re excited about that? Okay, but then they needed to get people actually to their appointment. People were setting appointments, but they were not coming to the appointment, so this is so. This is what that we did. We actually issued a $20 gift card to starbucks over just completing your appointment, just not sure what they’re going to go. Try starbucks off of those right in so what they did is they doubled they doubled their actual patient, show up right when they did this move. When it’s changed the game, you said it’s like a steve, it sound like he say:double. Does suckle suckle devil’s the devil’s right now to show wyclef jean one time to call you two time to time as powerful in here’s?

The reason why you need a purple towel on your business, but you got to have it right now. As a business coach owner, you can go out and get business yourself. Okay, warren buffett, because I try to buy stock in businesses that are so wonderful that an idiot could run them because sooner or later one will. What is that mean? What does that mean? That means that the people that you put in the position in order to achieve the time freedom that you want okay, are going to need the resources like a purple cow in order to be remarkable and get people’s attention. I am going to now irritate about half of our clients, but I wouldn’t have more people. Have our listeners half of the folks out there, but I wonder what makes you get this? If you look like a clam and you look it up pearl, the relationship of the claim in the room basically did was all irritant to get inside that clam in the clam. Can’t get it out and I’ll come to pearl. That’s what happens to the pressure placed upon the earth’s crust on fossil fuels and sometimes it. Pressure. If he just did that that one extra rap, that’s what creates the muscle strength so I’m going to now you’re at 8 everybody on behalf of your wallet, so I’m trying to help you-and this is what I understand you if you are really really good at cutting hair or you’re, a great author or you’re great at making cookies steve.

If your mortgage is kind of nobody cares if you can’t sell it right, so it’s not the best mortgage guy that makes the most money is not the best author that makes the most money. It’s not the best steve talk about how marketing is absolutely number one priority for you in the mortgage business with total lending concepts that work. For me, that would always say he feels like he’s the best kept secret he’s the best originator tulsa. Oh, my god said he would sit at his desk and he would like read guidelines in case he got a loan that would like meat that and why would we would buy like this is back in the day we buy the whole sticking up out of that split. A box out of 252 259 will be gone in about 3 days and I still have some of his business coach sticky notes, because he just sat behind his desk, so you’re right or you can be very, very talented at your job and I don’t care if you’re a doctor or a lawyer, cpa whatever you can get that degree and get that education I get really good.

At the end of the day, you got to go:get customers now to figure out how to get them in the door. Now one thing about being remarkable marshall is people actually have to remark about remarkable? Is it? Is it somebody who actually it’s it’s worthy of attention? It’s striking people remarkable remark about it. Such a remarkable thing. We come back. I want to talk about remarkable marketing and I want to talk about the dental depot at rain in front of his dentist dental depot sign flipper at 101st and memorial talk about being remarkable, but before we do that, I want to tell you about a couple that is remarkable. That’s good, cpas., com, hood, cpa, I’m. Looking for an accountant, that’s willing to give me an business coach hour of his time before I sign up just to see. If he’s a good fit go to hood cps.Com paul hood with hood cps.Com is great american, a good guy he’s a free copy of warren buffett’s only authorized biography, snowball and one hour of his team’s time to sit down with you and help you get proactive about your finances check it out today at hood cps.Com, that’s good cph.Com! How to get you started from the bottom now we here started from the bottom fashion is a prophet you can rub to hit instead of holding mission thinking minute us that yet we started from the bottom. We started from the bottom now we’re here now we here we started from the bottom.

Now we’re going to show you how to get here and get one way to get here is going to hear what you’re going to get here with remarkable market at you absolutely have to have a remarkable marketing. I think that remarkable marketing is something that so many people push back on and marshall this book, purple cow by seth, godin, seth godin, the man who started the very successful company called yoyodyne, what you sold to yahoo and he ended up working with yahoo for years and now he’s a best-selling author of countless books, great guy, great speaker, marketing expert for big brands, all across the world we talks about. Is you have to be remarkable from his book and marshall? What you to break it down for us? Okay, hurry up. He says on page 3 of purple cow. He says something remarkable is worth talking about worth, noticing exceptional new, interesting, it’s a purple cow boring stuff is invisible. It’s a business coach brown cow. Remarkable marketing is the art of building things worth noticing right into your product or service, building things worth noticing right into your product or service slapping on marketing. As a last-minute add-on understand understand that, if you are offering itself, is remarkable, it’s invisible, so marshall breakdown. Why it’s important to build a purple cow in your business and give us an example of a client. You worked with that you’re happy about the purple cow they’ve baked into the very dna of the company. It is 8 is a day today, normal thing they do it’s part of what they do.

Give me an example of a purple okay, so you got to create a purple count, because if you don’t create a purple cow or brown cow and nobody wants to be around cat, that’s right until one of the normal cow, the one of the clients that I work with they do a phenomenal purple cow can I bring cuz like they do. Do them do depression of like a purple cast right there sound in purple. Could you do a black cow? Please I’m, a black cow. Could you do a white spotted count? I’m a white spotted that was impressive. Can I hear the? Can I hear the purple cow one more time? Okay back to you about it is that you’ve done a really good job so far implementing a gallon to their business. It is tumble smart, tumble, smart, smart., better than timberland stupid. What they do is they do a free business coach assessment for everybody, and so you come in and you’re like. Oh my gosh. They do a phenomenal job. They know what they’re doing they have a fax to bait, a bit to backup everything that it is that they’re teaching to all of their students and their athletes, and it is just a phenomenal job and you can go out and try them out for free, because they’re so confident for free, but there’s a catch yeah, there’s a catch where the actual program actually cost something which you think so in order do you know a selfish scheme to turn a profit?

They actually charge you something after that. Let me give you a two more:how they’re baked in their baked into bags are baked. Did the purple cows baked into the service yeah i? Think about dr. Robert, zoellner and associates my partner? His is optometry clinic. The first exam is:how much:how much does it cost? $99 you get the free exam and glasses. Where is the first exam, is how much money was $99, one pair of stylish eyeglasses and an eye exam I’m good? How did I die? How do you do the 9 i, don’t even know what’s going on business coach man, so you got to do the $99 exam I could do that deal, but I won’t do that deal because nobody embraces the purple cow, but does he change that like once a month or is it a different sale elephant in the room? Another example we do in the first haircut is a dollar, but you change that up. Cuz I watch out we’re going to do a doppler for the first haircut next march april april april marshall. This week going to do a dollar haircut for the first time getting ready. We have to get june june june things are going to change, but this is just like to eat your dumbass june of 2019 or 1823.

So big plans we’re going to do $1 for the first haircut yeah. Why we do that in the room? This is why guys love it so much the first hour that you pay us for steve, you give it away, we don’t even to the boys home, and you know why we charge you a dollar cuz. Our service is so freaking. Awesome. I know that if you come and your are, you are and I am and I do, like the business coach buyer, at least half of you will come back again and be a member, and if you don’t like it i, don’t care go somewhere else at school. It’s awesome dollar for the first time. That’s how it works. It’s a purple! Marshall, do you know he’s sold out the tulsa oilers hockey game? How do you sell it out employment you’re from oklahoma? Can you explain to get most of our listeners like we have people in south korea, california florida. Can you explain why people guam, you explain why people in tulsa like to go out to eat well, I would think because they want something to eat in their hungry. Will that be on my business business? Let me type this in oklahoma conversation. A. What was get something to eat? I want to go eat and then, after you get something to eat right now, that’s something to eat! Why don’t we go out and get some dessert? Oh yeah I need to get some drinks because it’s relatively flat, yeah, there’s no ocean i, don’t have a whole lot of tourist attraction I’m in the sod farm industries.

Mass of people are traveling from all over the world for the sod farm tours, but I’m looking for something to eat. So I’ll tell you how absolutely transform the tulsa oilers hockey team we sold out the arena. We sold out the bank of oklahoma center by developing a purple cow a no-brainer, but before I do that janitorial urinals are now so clean on mondays I use them as a drinking fountain. So I haven’t done that clean their. They do a great job, they’re dead, they’re, the exit to the janitorial service of choice for google, for new star, for dupont, for our offices for tacos el, norte, lake, zurich, classic, clean.Com, the classic clean.Com, the classic clean.Com you are now entering the dojo mojo and the business coach thrive time show kick it. Yes, you can can I kick it. Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can i. Guess you can. This is click clock on the mic and can myopic focused on topenish and I’m focused on the mission beach, the skills and kitchen the plans broadcasted from advance to the back to the portland? And now my friends, you got to dance to see it, and I’ll be to see her yes, and that would stick it like that man, damn all right. All right and I’ll ride back to the drivetime show on your radio and podcast download and we’re back about the purple cow that what is a purple cow that isn’t steve currington’s impression of a purple calla continues to be very impressed. It’s amazing I just woke up the stairs going. What in the world right now what she does all the time you need to come up with a way to stand out in a crowd. Marketplace, you must get the attention of your ideal unlikely buyers. I want to tell you about how we help the tulsa oilers minor league hockey team to actually have sellouts in oklahoma. They sold out this state that they sold out the games.

This is what we did marshall you tell me if you like this with this is jonathan kelly’s move. He says what, if we do, for tickets and for hot dogs and four beers for $10 to go to the game you get. If you get 4 beers for tickets, for hot dogs for $10, could I could I take advantage of that deal and just keep the four extra seats for myself, but that drink 12, beers and zero friends the manager of the team came back and he says you know what we need to do. We need to you know, let’s, let’s, let’s pay for it back a little bit and we can do that rich of a deal on. What’s going on with the deal. That’s a little bit more sustainable I’ll put it on the screen here. So this is what it is. Your first game, it’s a dollar for your first game, so go to the games. $2 an hour for the first game, I pulled up on the big screen, so I can see it the first game of the dollar and it is a dollar for beer night. So $1 is $1 for your first beer. So did your first dollar your first business coach hot dog is a dollar, but your ticket is a dollar. So it’s a dollar, it’s a dollar for a beer and a dollar for a hotdog marshall. What kind of people do you live with go to a hockey game in tulsa because they, like hockey i, think they go to the hockey game because it come on they like to eat? My wife and I went to the last time. We went to a game. We were if we went to the game because we we can i, buy obligation to a corporate thing and I said:let’s make it our challenge. Let’s make it our goal to never actually look at the field like the whole game. Cuz. The only thing I like about the drillers games is everything it’s not happening on the field. Cuz I’m, actually getting as many I’m actually as active as the right fielder is like I’m actually like doing is I’m contributing as much to the outcome of the game is the right.

Fielder I mean I’m, just so we’re like we’re walking by, and you have to cover your eyes. Can we do more I think about the game and it was our favorite game because I meet a what baseball. It’s like all right charger, too much of the choo choo here two balls, two strikes in the second business coach inning here. Early tulsa drillers are playing against the sarasota skyhawks and looks like the picture menendez he’s from florida down to florida. He steps out on the mound. If you talk to the catcher there for a minute e scratches his balls, he scratches his balls, his crotch, you just his gear, another okay. Now it’s jumping back up here. He checks off the sign he delivers at valve it off. Now the batter steps out the battery just his crotch, the batter, adjust his says, is shin guard. His arm guard all the guards. Yes, he just as bad. He puts pine tar on it. The umpire discussing something with the player in the player discovered empire meanwhile, we’re all in the sweltering heat watching the most boring thing possible. Now tomorrow will be watching a like to improve the level of entertainment, your life, you could go to the paint drying festival. We have that. It’s amazing. We have the grass cutting festival with your many great things, to watch what you are stuck here, watching baseball baseball, america’s game, it’s baseball opinion in the 7th inning.

What we’re going to do with we’re all going to sing take me out to the ballgame for the all that is holy I swear if his game or any longer I would want to shoot myself and it seems like every pitch takes for ever. It’s ridiculous, put a freaking shot clock on I mean major league baseball. This is what’s going on. You watch major league baseball. Every year dogs getting older, homies I’m telling you what priest would be hard to get me. Maybe you can sell like lifetime tickets to people before they die and those have a bunch of empty seats have gone to a professional baseball game. Recently, this song have you seen this. This is at this. This is my impersonation of the last time. I went to a texas rangers game. This was like texas rangers game. I have fallen asleep in a game. What what mean everyone senile they’re old? They don’t know. What’s going on there, it’s just a quit. The sport I’m telling you got to get down to a shot, clock baseball. They talked about doing it. You got to meet up business coach basketball used to not have a shot clock. Will they they’re implementing a pitch clock? I? Think it’s some point is really sick and has to be like fat. Yes, it’s so freaking boring. It’s ridiculous for farmers insurance are the top sales people actually got to go to rangers game. Every single person got pissed by the third inning every one of them like this is terrible. Cuz, it’s hot, it’s boring I mean truly. Is it? Is it baseball game I’ve been to a baseball game? It’s definitely hot did you do find yourself a while? This is fasting. I’ll know how long it takes you’re not like this is this is hot.

Do you like me feel like no one does not for the baseball? Why? Because he told a standout tells your story about how you use the giraffe to dramatically increase sales and trade show I heard his name was eileen for 7 years ago and we’re trying to stand out and I see this. It’s it’s like about. 8:10 ft tall can a big blow up, but I just did I was concerned and kind of embarrassed ever put it out because of like people are going to think something. Weird and so I didn’t put this draft out for several years and then finally, bar staff members like let’s go put the draft out sweetheart as job fair, but this huge giraffe out and-and we put this name contest on the draft and I swear to you-clay I can’t believe it cuz you’re the one that told me to get something ridiculous. Like I said, ridiculous didn’t find out for years, and so we put this thing out and we had like three new customers come up to our boat booth wanting to talk to us about this giraffe that they named eileen because one of the legs deflated it started to lean over, but we made so much money off of those three customers in those three customers would have never come over to us. Had we not had this ridiculous looking business coach draft, we made a lot of money on these. Are customers I still have this day, I’m just real giraffe on this episode of i-told-you-so to business card show of all, and the only way to avoid chris doesn’t have to be boring and safe.

Well, there’s your choice, so we come back over to talk about the purple cow in the importance of having a purple cow for your business. Also, we come back I’m, going to tell you about our good friends with onyx imaging. If you’re out there going to office depot everyday spend a ton of money, a ton of time on paying retail prices for office supplies and printer supplies. You want to hear about onyx imaging. We come back from the brink, 3 2 1 boom. You are now entering the dojo of mojo and the thrive time show drive time show on the microphone. East stop at itunes charts in the category of business, dentist social class that you might get motion sickness patch. Just now. Turning in were talking about today how to make remarkable business coach marketing that works, how to generate results with your marketing and you have to create a purple cow, something that’s going to make you break out of the norm that most people are experiencing the marketplace today, we’re just so many marketing messages, there’s so much marketing or so much advertising.

But how do you make your product or service stand out in chat? One of your clients is onyx. Imaging know these guys. You know everybody out there. If you own a business you got to buy office supplies, you got to buy printer supplies, you got to get that stuff and it takes time to go to store pick it up and give me pay retail prices for your toner and onyx imaging is saying:hey we’re going to bring much, beat anybody’s prices and we’re going to deliver the supplies to you. How is it possible? They can deliver this. This purple count systems. They’ve got systems in place. There. People know in the warehouse with a man. You actually run cartridges, there’s a process to how they do it. They have a delivery system in place everyday. They load up the previous business coach day before all of the deliveries. I have to go out. So it’s all about the systems and the cool thing is they’ve got a cool purple cow and a no-brainer offer going on right. Now we can get a free printer for your office, just a free printer by getting a office supply or printer supply quote from these guys and a certain restrictions apply, but you can you can get a free, copier printer phone just by it’s asking for a quote and then signing up with him. So here is the move. Here is the move. Here? Is the move, the purple cow by seth godin? This is on page 15. He writes move because marketers have overwhelmed consumers with too much of everything.

People are less likely to go out of their way to tell a friend about a product unless they’re fairly optimistic that the friend will be glad to hear about it. So this is why elephant in the room does so well I’m more so, could you describe we’re about ready to franchise that thing or opening up a store right now in oklahoma, city I’ll be open, I hope, i, think in august were in the process of construction starts on july 1st. The leases are being signed. Also, we have one in bentonville going off. We’ve got them in dallas going out a lot of great things are happening. Could you explain why the elephant in the room experience is so different from everything else. It is different because it’s like a country club for men’s hair. So the reason why I like going in there is I don’t have to wait for a hair appointment. I don’t have to deal with the phone ringing off the hook. I got to watch some sports, some espn. While I get my business coach haircut. They offer me a free beverage as soon as I walk in there expecting me, and then they keep notes on file for how i, like my haircut, not to mention they do the shampoo and conditioner in the scalp, massage in the style at the end of it all, it’s I mean it’s all inclusive experience for somebody who wants a premium haircut experience. It is awesome and that’s what that’s what separates it from your run-of-the-mill other guys, i, don’t i, don’t even get my haircut I just go in and get the massage on your hair, in the paraffin hand, wax you know that I’m, like hey, how many more upgrades steve actually showers at home and then goes and gets his hair washed at elephant in the room.

Page 30 of the book, the purple, cow, seth, godin rights, my goal and purple cows make it clear that safer to be risky to fortify your desire to do truly amazing things. Once you see that the old ways have nowhere to go but down, it becomes even more imperative to create things worth talking about. What are the best excuses your colleagues will come up with, though, is that they don’t have the ability to find the great idea where they do. They don’t know how to distinguish the great idea from the business coach lousy ideas. This book isn’t long enough for me to outline all of this rectangular out all these spectacularly successful, brainstorming idea, ideation and creativity, techniques that there are used by companies around the world. What I can do, though, is to highlight the takeaway ideas to specific things you can do tomorrow to start on your way to create purple count if you’ve got the will. You’ve got the way. Okay, so marshall people say cash. I want to come with a purple cow, but i, don’t know what to do man. Alright, here’s the deal in this is going to offend at least two-thirds of the people.

With your purple cow violate me, giving you said if it immediately went to violating either that or not that is not you’re, not doing that somebody, if they’re asking for his number here’s the first thing is not customer service. Your purple cow is not customer service customer service, your purple cow, is not communication. Oh we’re really good communicator. If you are around since 1984 purple cow is not professionalism. Ar level of professionalism is a above. The rim we like to say we’re the most professional way to say:we’ve been around since whatever you like, 1984 and 94 signs like to put like todd llc, limited liability back to you marshall, and so here’s the deal. If you are trying to win on on business coach customer service, the only company that I’ve seen when on customer service and customer service alone is zappo’s in those guys they have books written about them because of their customer service shane. It is unbelievable you to listen out there today. You could not do it supposed to us because I’m just telling you they’re not there, they think they buy the policy where they actually want your calls to take. As long as it wasn’t going to stay on the phone.

It’s just ridiculous. I don’t go out there and try to be the next zappos, because I don’t I’ve never met a client that would be willing to have a call center staffed with people whose number one job is to keep the person on the phone as long as possible. It’s going to happen. It’s not going to happen in one thing is when you’re coming up with your purple cow, put yourself in the buyer, shoes don’t think about it as a person involved with your company. Think about it from my point of view that you have no idea what you do is this going to matter be empathetic with your ideal unlikely fire when you’re trying to come up with this concept for your business I’m so down on these apples ideas, because they’re selling shoes online before amazon ate everything and so you’re not going to be able to find them online. I said here’s the deal. We will ship you, your shoes, if you don’t like them, will send you a boo-boo, replace them at no cost. No shipping and handling-and you have any questions about your shoes, give us a call right, and so that was there differentiated was haley actual pick up. The phone on the first ring will now the times have changed and amazon has bought zappos and amazon is top for everything in google those kind of products and I’m just telling you like. That would not know if your, if your plumbing business or any type of company doll you can make it where you do answer your phone on the first ring and you can make it where your people are really kind of the people on the phone. But if you’re going to like actually pay people to have the longest call possible I’m just icing for elephant the room, the phone rings constantly and we already can’t pick up the phone every time it rings and I would be furious if I had reps on the business coach phone. Having a 14 minute. Conversation with a customer for our conversation is the reason why zappos could do that. Is they don’t have? They didn’t have a lot of calls right. Cuz, british people call about the shoes, but in the event they did they wanted him to be treated like somebody.

That’s not to say you don’t do good customer service, but you have to develop a purple cow that people understand and are willing to pick up the phone and call you about before that. You have to communicate it before they actually do business with you. They have to experience that build get the customer service, but only after you book them as a client. Now here is a thought that seth godin talks about. We come back from the break. I really want to dive deeper this on page. Did he write? The only way to cut through is to be remarkable, and the only way to avoid criticism is to be boring and safe. Well, that’s quite a choice. Isn’t it you do not equal the project. Criticism of the business coach projects is not criticism of you. The fact that we need to be reminded of this point to how unprepared we are for the era of the cow, it’s people who have projects that are never criticized who ultimately fail. Think about that sweet comeback, want to talk about this concept of wanting to avoid failure at all costs and how to ultimately leads to failure. Platinum pest & lawn have going on. How can I help the great folks out there green country? Will they actually are doing free, termite inspections right now come on if they happen to find some damage or some bugs in there they’re going to do $200 off your termite treatment, so free termite inspection with $200 off the treatment you can hold a platinum pest & lawn at platinum pest control.Com, platinum, dash, pest, control, I can take care of you. They do all kinds of pest treatment. They do lawn service.

They do mosquito treatment to get rid of bees. Bees, for you actually will deal with spiders as well any type of bug pest problem. You have lawn service that you need to call him today at 918-376-0857, 918-376-0857, platinum pest best, pest control.Com started from the bottom. Now we here alright tribe nation. We have started from the bottom, both doctors, elder and i, started from the bottom, and we’ve been able to build 13 multimillion-dollar companies. We really want to help you grow. A successful business coach company in today’s entire show is focused on how helping you break out of the clutter of commerce are so many people out there marketing pitching ideas, advertising. You can’t drive down the road without seeing billboards billboards everywhere. There’s signs in the road there’s feather signs, there’s facebook ads or tv ad, sign, radio ads or sign flippers. There’s you too bad, but there are companies that stand out in what I’m going to do is I’m, going to share three examples. That blow my mind that works so well as relates to the remarkable marketing, but before I do that I’m, going to read kind of a long passage from page 58 and 59 of the purple cow myself code in marshall at like me to break it down then I’ll get into my examples. He says if the only way to cut through the clutter of commerce is to be remarkable and the only way to avoid criticism is to be boring and safe. Well, that’s quite a choice:isn’t it you do not equal the project. Criticism of the project is not a criticism of you. The fact that we need to be reminded of this of this point this points to how unprepared we are for the era of the couch, it’s people who have projects that are never criticize to ultimately fail.

Will you do something wrong in your career and be justly criticized for being unprepared, sloppy or thoughtless sure you will, but these errors have nothing at all to do with the ups and down to experience as a result of being associated with the purple cow. When you launch a clunker, the criticism of the failure will be real, but it won’t be about you it’ll, be about the idea of the greatest artists, the greatest playwrights car, designers, composers, advertising, art, directors, authors and shapes have all had significant flops. It’s part of what makes their successful it would makes their successful work great marshall, okay, so one of the flops known in the business world in jeff bezos talks about it is when amazon develop, the amazon phone they develop, does amazon phone and it just never took off and never gain dragon. He goes. This is just so far out of bounds. I’d, like we, we shouldn’t have spent as much time and money on it, okay and so even the top people, even jeff bezo, so richard branson. He talks about going head-to-head with coca-cola with virgin cola hugo’s. Never before will I underestimate the sleeping business coach giant again. Okay, I’ll never say that they’re too, because they just crushed me with virgin cola. So all of these entrepreneurs, like aluminum, can art exactly what seth godin is talking about. Is you can’t be afraid of failure? You can’t be afraid you can’t be avoiding failure, but rather you have to go to the other end of the spectrum and go get victory at all costs. You have to just go figure out what it is that you’re going all-in on to go win and you got to make sure that your purple cow reflects that in you got to put all the eggs in that basket to. Let me give the listeners out there some examples of companies that really have affected purple cows that are in the marketplace. So you can see the first one I want to bring up his heart, I’m harley. There’s a book called radical marketing chapel and put on the show notes called radical marketing.

It’s up when I want to do a show on this, but biscuit harley failed multiple times and what happened was they were trying to compete with the japanese efficient bikes, the bikes that sound like this, when they’re driving? That’s what I sound like a drive by and because the harley’s at the time were made this sound people quit buying harley’s steve. Do you know anybody who owns a harley? Yes, what do they like about their harley? It’s loud right and they like rubbing it and really kicking people off bankruptcy, multiple times the new owner, that the deal is still at davidson, but he came, took the company out of bankruptcy needs his guys. We need to make the cut these motorcycles less fuel-efficient and louder yeah. They get them to where they make literally get like a half a half a mile to the business coach gallon. They don’t care because they’re loud, but this was the thing, is that the previous designers and engineers they tried to make it more a few more fuel efficient and quieter marshall. Why was that going to kill the brand, because that’s not why people buy harley people love it because they like to feel the rumble the rumble of the public. Have you ever written a paper written like a japanese bike, one of those smaller on ipad 1. Don’t tell me about the motorcycle. Like tell me the difference in like i. Don’t I’m, not a big motorcycle guy at all top brand out there in the marketplace. It’s a smaller I mean like the yamaha suzuki. Those are all you know. I don’t know before.

So what makes the yamaha different from a walk there, but you said they’re more sleep, they’re, smaller bikes there, more aerodynamic, they’re called like road bikes and they’re meant, for you know, leaning way over into the turns and trying to go really fast and that’s what those things are for you put an example of what a harley looks like and put that up there versus a the japanese by kathy yamaha, because it it it. It seemed like marshall that the logical move would be to make your bikes with business coach motors, is more fuel efficient and to make them cost less and less loud, but that actually killed the company is because they didn’t understand fully why people were the white people white. Why did people enjoy? This is a brand of harley. Why did they like that? Community? Let’s do another one of the dental depot have a dental. Depot is a company that I love for a lot of reasons, one because of the trains they put in front of their businesses, chuchu, which I did find out you’re not supposed to get in the train. I, really like an actual working train. This out of rule climb up on it. I was just saying the police were a friend of mine, I’m, just saying don’t believe:i have been by it several times. How do you know about it, because a friend of mine got into the train and got in trouble? I mean siri. How did you know about the dental depot in front of it and you’re like what is that place? There’s a train in front, and it even has like the you know, like the the yellow, green and red light that you would see like at the train track. It has like a giant version of that, a giant when it’s like a real. You would think it’s a working train, but it’s just like a giant train i, wouldn’t know what to do. I want to marinate. Some ideas are best. If we live, we allow them to to simmer and we will be think about it.

We take care of a slower approach. So let’s, let’s get really met on here. Do you know let’s get really mad if I think about this marshall previous to me, talking about the dental depot. Did you know about the dental depot? Yes, I did okay, so here’s the deal if we pull out ever been there, the dental depot over there at 101st and memorial want to put the link to it. So we can find the map version. Everybody I know knows about it, but now I’m going to get really offencive really offencive. Okay, cuz I’m, going to type in the word, tulsa, dentist and I’m, going to not say what needs to be said because I don’t want to attack anyone, but this person here is somebody that right there and right there. These are people that have reached out to me in the past for me to help him and there now ranking high in google, so they’re doing. Okay, putting you guys, don’t know their name. You know I’m saying like I won’t mention her name on the radio show, but you wouldn’t know their name right. Britney’s names aren’t familiar with you, you don’t know where they’re located and you can’t remember them. But you remember this company. Yes, company, digital depot is printing money. I’m talking about busta rhymes, arab, money, arab, money, marshall, tube dimension that somebody’s making a rab money, but busta rhymes there at the hip hop artist the rapper he decided to write a song called a arab money, and everyone knows about that song title even though they might not know the song cuz.

It gets stuck in your head, you’re competing for memory in people’s head you’re. Trying to get your idea stuck in her head and you can’t get an idea stuck in your head. If your dental practice of the name is it memorable, you have to have a memorable name. You have to have a memorable idea. You have to have a purple cow, a concept that gets stuck. It’s a sticky idea. You can’t you can’t shake it off you just can’t you can’t shake the memories, wanted to get stuck in your head all day or not. That song will now be stuck in your head, because it is a purple cow who, in their right mind, has a business podcast in uses arab money as an example with which to teach a concept of memorable marketing. I do and I’ll be stuck in your head all day, I’m just telling you. If that’s what happens, and it’s like that boom had in that hoodie that you wear just like the dental depot it just it’s all about being very, very intentional about your marketing. You have to stand out to through talked about the dental depot. We talked we talked about harley I want to get the listeners just one more I want to give you make sure that everybody out their leaves today feeling like okay, i, now have a way to do this. For my company, I would like to travel to 169 and other mingo area and tulsa mentally over there across from best buy and smell it. Now, that’s crispy crepe! What’s talk about those guys? Do they allow allow you to see them, making the donuts I believe so I’m I’m, not classic peterbilt in my right until you’re there, when you go in there to buy donuts, you are actually watching them. Make the business coach donuts make the donuts and shamelessly too many times in their right, and you watch him, make the donuts right. Jim foley right, I see marshalls car parked there.

So why is that different? Other donut shops it’s different, because it’s an experience, it’s not just going in there and buying donuts. It’s not even going in there and you know, sitting and enjoying the donuts, but you get to be part of them making it and you get him a hot off the conveyor belt. Don’t know! What’s going on back there, where you getting these donuts, you don’t know they just have a mysterious back area steve, where you don’t see where the donuts are coming from. Plus you get a free one like right. When you get the right side head, like a step where the kids are stand up to be able to say where does paper hats? Do you have to wear a paper hat? What kind of business is a purple cow I’ve? Never not warm up! Krispy kreme hot! When I eat a krispy, kreme, don’t really ever I’m. Just. Why would you break the break? I want to teach the listeners some more purple cats. It’s been pretty much the rest of this show providing people with examples of purple cats, because I want to make sure everybody can come up with a purple cow cuz. Once you have a purple cow, what you can stay out of the marketplace, you will make it the business coach money you can marry the chiropractor. We work with this guy’s, getting a red bunny. You know why I said lee johnson, chiropractor. Offer wayne gretzky years. His phone number is 918-749-5741 918-749-5741, the doctor john sibley. If you want to go to the doctor to the chiropractor of choice for a lot of a lot of great people, go visit, the great one, wayne gretzky, john, sibley dhaka, to claim your tickets to the drive time show today at erected. Business workshop for free. All you have to do is to subscribe to the drive time show on itunes, leave it at ejected review and send as confirmation and employed right time, show. Com to claim your star in the national star registry is written. That is, that changes things a book that has put out there that changes the way business operates. It changes the way business owners and leaders and managers process things and some of those books.

I can think of that are game. Changers, there’s there’s a lot of great books, but the books that really changed the game:i think of napoleon hill’s book, think and grow rich and which talk people. The mindset of success, I think about dale carnegie’s book how to win friends and influence people, which unlocked the secrets of verbal communication, i, think about ultimate sales, machine, chet, holmes teaching people how to build systemic systemic sales processes. Yo I think about the e-myth by michael, gerber you’re able to work on your business, not in your i, think about winning by business coach jack welch teaching people how to become an effective manager and really getting into candor ny. That matters I think about the d checklist manifesto, which teaches about the importance of of systems and processes and working the off a checklist to minimize errors there. So many great books out there, but the purple cow to me is probably the one book everyone needs to read about marketing. So you’re going to read a book about marketing. That’s the book! You want to read I’m going to read you some excerpts from the book and I encourage everybody to go out and buy that buckets a game-changer page 61 of the purple cow. He writes you can’t know if your purple cow is guaranteed to work. You can’t know if it’s remarkable enough or too risky.

That’s the point. It’s the very unpredictability of the outcome that makes it work. The lesson is simple. Boring always leads to failure is always the most risky strategy. Smart business people realize this and they work to minimize but not eliminate the risk of the business coach process. They know that sometimes it’s not going to work, but they accept the fact and that’s okay, so okay, we’re going to do is somebody out there listening and you’re saying what this is. Chris awesome there’s some great ideas:how to make a purple cow and I can’t leave you with that kind of vagary. That’s what other podcast might do my going to give you some very specific examples where the table of gloria marshall morris. The author, the co-author, the best selling amazon best-selling book, a start here, which you can download it drive time, show. Com me and steve currington, the bowling ball of mortgages with total lending concepts he’s a top-producing mortgage agent, who’s been in the mortgage industry, okay, to have eric, chop., now down to business coach, and so we’re going to go around the table. I’ll start with me and it yes to try to one-up me. Okay, so here’s my purple cow, tom’s shoes, it was started by blake mycoskie I want to put this on the show notes, but tom’s actually is in reference to buy a pair of shoes today and will give a pair of way tomorrow. Tom’s shoes, it’s been a great marketing move, sincerely feel good about what you’re doing, because when you buy a pair of shoes they give another pair of shoes away to somebody in need.

It’s a great way to help other people out and it’s a marketing strategy. That’s genius! The purple cow was baked into the business the no-brainer offer was there I mean everything needed to move. The needle was all backed into that service that my friend is unbelievable. Purple cow, let’s go with eric chapter 1. What is a purple cow that maybe work with a client on, or maybe one of you been to a restaurant or movie theater somewhere you go. That was awesome to kansas city to go to some museums in kansas, city. They have a restaurant, that’s called this is casey and you go in the order. You food, you sit down and there’s not a whole lot of waitresses, there’s a track that runs around the entire top that around the business coach ceiling of the restaurant and it’s pulled by a train, and that thing actually lowers itself down a tray sit down on your table and you pull the food up off of it and everybody has the train conductor. That’s on the given to the kids. What’s the place called kc.Com, you just said it will probably be stuck in my head now you’re going to want to see it it’s cool cuz, it’s you me and her. Some like that, before a link to it as well, cuz I I have 5 i, find myself saying.

That’s too too awesome. It’s unbelievable. We need to see videos or remarkable okay, so this is one for all of the contractors out there. Okay. So if your contractor, this is a purple cap weave implemented this with the number of different contracting companies, but doing it on time on budget guarantee. If you can do that, if you, if you can find a contractor that finishes on time and on budget, you will have more business than you will ever know what to do with, because nobody can do seems like a double purple cow in so then here’s a little bonus move contractor this on the second, the second visit or the second day out to a multiple-day project. You bring an edible arrangement out with you to the homeowners and you will win them as a customer for life and they will tell everybody about it too. Good. It’s unbelievable I’m, going to give you one that I did speech more believable top canine guys for about 2 years. They’ve been training dogs for 9 years. The first time to train your dog:if you’re, if you can give a dog in the listing out there, you have a dog-and you say my dog is eating all my clothes. My dog is misbehaving. I want to get my dog to be manageable. Yeah I want my dog villa coexist with me. Tip top go to the first lesson for a dollar. Demonstrate, so much control during that first lesson that a lot of people are going:okay, okay, okay, I’ll give her world that they sign up for the program, but it’s a business coach dollar, that’s good! That’s something! You’ve seen on your planet! Earth can I brag on get qualified.

You know so we’re mortgage company do home loans, and so we started with this. This get qualified. So now we have actually got an application. Yesterday from a guy colorado springs to the veteran wasn’t actually get this. It’s get qualified after the animal. The koala. That’s right! Exactly I heard you on the radio I’ve heard it I just think:that’s hilarious to get qualified, so we have little plush koalas koalas on everything, and then everybody recognizes us as where you get qualified for your, I’m, not the kind of person who’s going to be shamelessly pitching our advertisers I’m not going to be the guy that I’m going to be super ultra shamelessly pitching or advertise yourself to who should we use to do our next commercial renovation? Maybe we need a restaurant already know. We need to renovate our school office building church church office, building a restaurant, some type of commercial building business coach company. Should you use? What did you try? What company should have listened to me? We definitely recommend a great company over there williams contracting. What is there a website to their website is will. – khan.Com will – khan.Com 918-682-5511 918-682-5511 renovations new construction. Anything you guys need williams contract. What is your website? What is the website. Com.Com? Will khan.Com want to attend the legendary drive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes leave.

It objected review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com, to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. All right, trap, nation go get back to that’s right time, show on your radio and they were breaking down the best-selling book. The purple cow by seth, godin and we’re doing is we’re breaking down the book. Teaching the principles and I encourage everybody to buy the book. Chuck make sure you put on the show, not to link where I can buy the book. It’s right at the top, the purple cow. It’s an awesome book. It’s not a very big bucket. It’s a smaller size book. It’s only a hundred and eight business coach pages, but it’s like smaller-sized and I’m. Just telling you got to get the book. It’s it’s such a great marketing, emmanuel! That’s part of the purple cow, it’s not the same size as other books, it’s different sized and it’s purple cow. Do you stand out in the clutter of commerce and so I’m going to read here from page 5887 chat, page 87 on the purple count he writes here. If you can show up in a parity, it means you got something unique something worth poking fun at. It means there’s a purple cow at work. The paradox is the same word of mouth I can make your product a huge hit, can also lead to someone snickering at you.

Most companies are so afraid of offending or appearing ridiculous that they steer away from any path that might lead them to this result. They make boring products because they don’t want to be interesting when it committee gets involved each well many participants and off the rough edges speaking up for how their constituency might not like the product result is something boring and safe. So this is something I want to share with the listeners out there. A purple cow idea from the client he’s worked with her a brand. You would know, but this is just share this idea. When I build my company dj connection on dj connection.Com, it still exist today. I bought the yellow pages yellow pages were big back when I start, the business coach company is 1999 and yellow page advertisement work we’re big day, so what I did is I made sure that are yellow page advertisements had my big head on a small body, so through photoshop I made it look like my head was 8 times larger than it should be, and I shrink my body down by about half size too. So it was a ridiculous look at bobblehead doll and it worked really really really well and then on my ads. My actual text I said everything my competitor said, but I want up to no one up here. So I can pet. Her said something like that started in 1981 my put conceive. It wasn’t like passionately conceived 1979 and then they said over a hundred thousand songs and I felt like over 100203 songs.

They said, like the most professional insured, fully insured dj’s I feel like triple fully insured and I just went line after line one-upping them, but my head was massive on the ad and underneath it it said, clay, clark america’s, most humble man in the founder of dj connection, know when you tell somebody you are the most humble man there’s something that happens there so guys this what’s happening in about 4 months, I’m going to start selling franchises, so I’ve got to work on my new outfit. You know my new think I like getting front of people so I’m working on idea. Why my wife doesn’t like the idea but I kind of like it I’m working this weekend, we’ll see, but it’s either going to be a baseball jersey that has the thrive time show on it, or it’s going to be more like a dress shirt like a bowling shirt that you can meet when you’re doing like a bowling team. If your plumber, it has your name on the shirt I want to do that, but I want to say america’s most business coach humble man, like my name, nice cuz I feel like you’re talking to someone about the best thing:a hundred thousand dollars to open up an elephant, the rumor by a few, no phone doctors or some business, a full package media, tip top when you’re sitting there talking to somebody who seems to know what they’re talking about at their offices and you’ve heard their podcast and you’ve bought their books and you know who they are, and they have a shirt that says america’s most humble man isn’t that wouldn’t that make them smart, ass markets, memorable, isn’t it yeah i, think so? Cuz I think they are america’s.

Most humble man. Mechanic shirt idea same thing, but it’s like play humble play. I, don’t know if you ever want to use your body to sell. That’s the most put the name humble clay commit to that uniform for a couple years now, but I’m just thinking through it right now, but marshall. Think of another purple cow, a purple camry, you say:gosh, there’s another one that comes from the book contagious by jonah, berger he’s a psychologist and he talks about the hundred dollar cheese steak at a restaurant called barclay. Prime, yes and they’re like $100 cheesecake is steak. Who would who would ever pay for that? But what they do is they actually take a lobster tail and they put it on there.. They take kobe beef, they put it on there, they take truffles, they put it on there and it is $100 cheesesteak and it just catapulted them into the viral marketing. It was business coach remarkable. People wanted to know about it and no one probably bought it, but they came to the restaurant to see it in the big, but others to speak at a church there. Last weekend, when I did that I knew about this place, I’ll pull it up on the screen. I know what your texting. Com steak deal. I was there that some guy was doing the 72-ounce steak dinner? How does that work? It’s it’s. Basically, it is a full 72 oz of steak.

They do a baked potato. They do salad, they do a drink yeah. We have to eat the whole thing in an hour or something like. Oh, my gosh, calm I want to put them saying is like that is a purple cow steve. What we have time for one more purple cow:what’s your purple cow that you can pick up in the marketplace that stands out, he have ones do that these two jumps out to you I want, if not I got one picture to me. If you need and aroma therapy session normally $85 for $45, you just said:h2oasis, yellow center and tea house, and where were they do they do? Deprivation tank float tanks and they duty, and basically you go in there and it’s an $85 value for an aroma therapy session and i30 oxygen bar and for your first float and so they’re getting tons and tons I think they’re up to over 450 leeds. Now, just from this one purple cow that we help them. Implement keystone resort people you’ve worked with their the keystone harbor folks yeah. They had a bunch of new business coach rental equipment, so jet skis boats all these types of things and they didn’t know how to market them. So you know everyone jet ski get one for a dollar took off last summer. We had nobody wants to go and rent one jet ski, but they didn’t know they can get to so brett one get one for a dollar. It was a dollar for your first hour on a rental boat. Will, let me tell you awesome company out there that it’s phenomenal.

Yes? Yes, yes, they are sponsors the show they don’t show up there, but he’s also coaching client he’s a friend his company, it’s rc, auto specialists name is roy and if you have a ford automobile automobile and maybe need some battery issues to be fixed, maybe have fleet service. You need transmission, uni heat and air system suspension and alignment lighting and wiper blades go to rc auto specialists, with over 80 combine two years of experience. These guys will absolutely take care of your veto vehicle to give you, if you don’t take care of your ford vehicle check it out at rc auto specialists. Comets, rc, auto, specialists., com, 3 2 1 boom. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show show on the microphone east stop in the category of business. Market motion, sickness patch orange spots on show on your radio and podcast download. We’re going to days were breaking down the notable quotables from seth godin best business coach selling book called the, purple cow and the purple cow is all about trying to help. You stand out in a crowded, marketplace, so I’m going to walk you through the purple cows that mates with my company successful, and so you can hear you know specific examples or company that these involved with that, let’s go with the auto auction. What would be the best way that you could describe marshall the energy, the atmosphere, the oral?

What makes does the z66 auto auction dominant in tulsa oklahoma cars in 3 hours, every friday, every friday think about that. Every friday think about that a thousand cars automobiles. Every three hours, if you had a thousand cars and you sold 1000 of them in 180 minutes that’s 3 hours. That means they’re selling 5.5 cars per minute. That’s right! Now! If you think about the minutes, have like 60 seconds in a minute or so is a car. Almost every 10 seconds can I just point out that whoever got the half of the car got totally screwed. So here’s the deal i! Think about that too. If you, if you i, had a business where you could sell a car every 5 to 6 seconds what, if you were jim norton, toyota and you’re like yeah, we selling business coach dude, you sell a car how it happened. So so I meant to tell you this the other day, but you you have the floor, check this out, so they’re only open, 52 days a year which is crazy to think about like 6 hours at a time. Each day, one day, one day a week, one day when they’re open that much time, and then that means that their business hours-okay, they obviously they are working all week, but their business hours they’re only open like what is that 200 hours a year to the to the different dealers coming in it.

So that thing has to run like a well-oiled machine, while you’re out there like a car. The kind of like wants to hear that hear the things that they do, that make them sweet. Aguilar won their lunch is great. They come out there they’re like will serve your free lunch. Just come on out we’re going to have a good time. That’s the first thing. The second thing it is. It I think this could hurt a good lunch too I mean hundreds of people under the people in it, and it is incredibly clean. I noticed this while I was there, but it has like a a disney world like cleanliness about it. It’s kind of like the decor of like a harley harley dealership, but it is yeah. It is super clean in is because all of their employees, all of their team members, are going around and picking up trash taking out trash. It is unbelievable, not only clean, but it’s also super maintained. There is no broken things, no broken windows or apartment of the place when they actually sell the cars. The energy of those guys out there soliciting the different bids from different dealers are clear, their job in and out, and they do a great job over a z66 auto auction auctioneers on 7 different lanes, going at the same time so you’re just surrounded on path microphone so loud it is sold online bidding as well as in person. Benjamin I got my line on way, but yes, I was sold the whole time to get a car out there different business coach page 9 a.M. For of the purple cow page denver, 3 hours a week. Cuz you have a week to recover of the book where you write. She says the more crowded, the marketplace, the busier, your customers, the more you need to purple count. Half-measures will fail overhaulin the product with dramatic improvements and things the right customers care about, on the other hand, can have a huge payoff.

So sometime you, sometimes you have a product that the world really doesn’t like it. So by making a a small tweak, do it and making it to be what they want. All of a sudden. You can sell a ton of it and I just go back to the example of krispy kreme on her way here from page 98 of the purple cow, or he writes your own page. 98 e says there are two kinds of people, those who have heard the legend of krispy kreme donuts and assume that everyone knows it and those who live somewhere, where the donut dynasty hasn’t yet shown up. Krispy kreme makes a good donut shop near. Does it make sense to pay what I name a like a company? You tell me the purple cow clay, cuz, there’s a local company, so you have to continue with this. Okay, no doubt about it, is a donut worth driving and there’s this, but is a donut with driving an hour for apparently so donut maniacs believe it is in. This is very mark of this. Is this this, and this very remarkable fact is that the core of krispy kreme success when krispy kreme opens in a new town. They begin by giving away thousands of donuts. Of course, the people who, like people most likely to show up for a free, hot donut, are those who have heard of the legend of krispy kreme and are delighted that they’re. Finally, in town, these sneezers are quick to tell friends, tell their business coach friends and to tell her friends, sell their friends even drag their friends to a store. That’s so good that the tests such a purple cow to other people, tell their friends about it and put in krispy kreme. Does that? But there’s not a lot of other companies out there in the world to do what I needed per sector there’s like one brand, usually that’s killing it and no one else seem to figure that out check. On that note, a couple quick action steps I’m trying to find out your purple couch.

First of all, I got to take a red cow and a blue cow Know:i’m just kidding. You need to get out there and look at your niche in their ideal unlikely buyers. You got to find out what they’re doing. Then you got to see what your competition is doing, find out what they’re doing good find out what they’re not doing come up with that purple cow and make it better than the competition know. Steve steve last segment shop jumped in and stole my purple cow thing should I was just trying to get him back, but quiktrips a local company right and they’ve got a couple things they did years ago. They had guaranteed gasoline where you bought gas from them, and you had any fuel related problems with your car that they would pay to fix it. But nobody else did that and then they’re clean, restroom super clean and guess what women want to go there because they’re clean. Dick’s last resort, it’s a restaurant, that’s in front of a lot of inner-city areas! Kind of urban downtown areas and dick’s last resort actually make fun of you. I. Remember:i took a guy there, a previous podcast bible college, and he didn’t know that that was the theme to take him to dick’s last business coach resort after a bridal show that we worked at for 2 days and the waiter says hey miss. What do you want? What drink do you want and he’s like? I’ll take a water sure, I’ll get you I’ll, get you a water there, lady, and he walks off and bring some back of margarita with an umbrella, and it didn’t order a margarita sure. Your sister said she’s more of a man that you are just ridiculous and then they give you hat today right on your on the hat, a horrible thing.

He decides to pick on this guy cuz. He senses that this guy doesn’t get the joke and I am not exaggerating, got to like where they brought the food. He said he would like chicken fingers or something and the guy brought them hamburgers and he’s like I would have chicken fingers he’s like yeah you’re, a numbskull, so I had to order for you. You don’t know what’s good here and so he’s like. Are you kidding me and he’s just like? That’s like almost going to fight and I’m like dude, the theme of the rest is mocking people experience and it’s purple cow is, if you feel stuck in your business in any way, I absolutely encouraged you to buy your tickets for our next in person. Drive time show workshop. Next one is june 22nd and june 23rd. If you’d like to get free tickets, all you have to do is subscribe to the thrive time show on itunes and leave us an objective review subscribe. The drive time show on itunes leave us in a jective review. If you can’t figure out how to do it, you can do to leave us a google review by typing in thrive15 in the word. Jinx leave us a review and an email us email us to info at thrive time show.Com and will give you those free business coach tickets. Again just google search, thrive15 space jinx. You can leave us a review, their jinx jinx jenks or you can go on itunes subscribers review, craigslist, free tickets



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