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Rachel asks, how to register her Google My Business Account while living and officing out of her condominium?

How Google Works and Ranks Websites: 

How to set up your Google My Business Account – Forbes –

  1. Register the Google Map at
    1. Google will mail a verification card to verify your address 
  2. Fill Out Every Field
    1. Areas that often get missed
      1. Description 
      2. Hours
      3. Website
      4. Phone Number
    2. Failure to fill out fields can result in low google ranking 
  3. Load Up Your Account with 100 Images
    1. Images help to legitimize your business
    2. More engagement on your google map enhances your rating  
  4. Load Up Your Account with At Least 5 Video Testimonials
    1. Video testimonials build up your trust factor. 
    2. Real customers giving real feedback to other real customers about your business 
  5. Gather 100 Objective Google Reviews As Soon As Possible
    1. You want to do it because nobody else can or will
    2. Common Objections:
      1. “I don’t want to push people for a review”
      2. “Is it ethical to ask for reviews” 
  6. Questions for Google: 844-491-9665
  7. Add a Google 3D Tour
    1. Helps to engage with your ideal and likely buyers 
    2. Recommended 360 camera – Ricoh Theta 
    3. Examples: 
      1. Colaw Fitness
      2. Marrow, Lai and Kitterman
      3. RC Auto Specialists 
      4. The Garage Auto Repair
      5. Score Basketball
      6. Thrivetime Show


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You have questions. America’s number one business coach has answers. It’s your brought up from Minnesota. Here’s another edition of ask clay. Anything on the thrive time business coach radio show

Yes, yes,

yes and yes. Uh, Jason quick a pop quiz question for you. Are you ready for a pop quiz question? Never. You didn’t, you didn’t do the dude, right? You would need to say yes. That’s how the game works. You need to start up by saying yes, yes.

Jason, are you ready for a pop quiz question? I am so ready. What time is it

as of right now, four Oh five, four Oh five in the morning. I can guarantee there is no other podcast. It’s recorded at four Oh five in the morning. I just want to start right there by saying we, uh, as a podcast team are absolutely slaves for our listeners out there because we have four, four listeners who have great questions and we thought, well, when’s the most convenient time for Devin Woolery to record a podcast? And we said, Devin, can we record at 9:00 AM on a Sunday? And you said, no. Why?

Because I have other things going on at 9:00 AM

okay, so we thought let’s record it for, so here we are. We have Devin, we have Jason, we have John, and we have a listener who asks how to register their Google my business account. So John, I’m going to, I’m going to attempt to stump you on this one. Okay. Okay, here we go. Rachel asks, he says, I have a question about business addresses in chapter six of the search engine domination book, create and optimize your Google my business account. I live in a condo and plan to use the address in the Google my business listing. However, another home based business already used the condo address in Google. Can I list the same address but include the condo floor, uh, I E the ninth floor or does Google frown on this and will, will they remove my listing? Ah, okay. John, let’s let you, uh, Wade into the tricky waters of search engine optimization.

Um, to answer the question, uh, Google won’t frown on it. Um, they just might not send you the postcard, but you can definitely try. We’ve had a lot of success in the past doing a suite numbers or like, you know, one a, one B, things like that. And so what happens is Google will send you a postcard to verify that the address is correct and uh, it takes about five days. And so I would definitely try it. If you don’t get the postcard, then that’s a good sign that Google is not going to do it. Hey Devin, do you have my, is my phone over there? It’s my phone. Whether the way they wrote by the refrigerator, the beauty pink Panther. Do you see it over there? Oh, let’s go check. Okay. So my mom, we don’t, for my phone, I’m going to give you Rachel the phone number to call Google in just a second.

But here are the five steps you want to go through every time I’ll kind of explain what the step is and then I’ll let John provide some details. So first off, you want to go to to register your map. Everybody, that’s how you start. You go to forward slash business and uh, John, there’s a lot of people who are shading, not our listeners, but other people who are shady. What they want to do is they want to register their business. Let’s pretend they have a fake roofing company and there’s a big hurricane that just hit Houston or Florida and they’re going to register their map and they’re going to buy a bunch of fake reviews on Fiverr and then they’re going to try to get nice, decent people to call them and to get them to pay up front and then they’re going to ghost and skip town.

And so how long does it normally take? Does Google’s vetting process take from the time that you go to forward slash business from the time that you registered for the need, from the time that you attempt to register your business until you actually get your business verified, how long does that typically take? So you can start the process and then they’ll make you fill out a bunch of things, including your address, and then they’ll send you a verification card. That card typically takes, they say up to 14 days, but it’s about five days is when you can expect to see it. And I wish the process took a little bit longer because I find that um, there are people who are shady. I mean there are shady people who register a bogus business. They get a bunch of fake reviews and then they take people’s money and run.

So it takes about 14 days typically. And the phone number, Jason, you can put this on the good notes. The phone number you can call if you have questions for Google, uh, is eight four four four nine one nine, six, six five that’s eight four, four, four, nine one nine six, six, five and for good time you can call one 900. Jason’s hot. Does that even work? Yes. Yes it does. I’ve heard, I’ve heard that. That we’re just calling one 900. Jason’s hot. Jason, did you pick up on the first ring or the second ring? How does it go? I like to, I like to play hard to get, so it’s like two maybe three leaves us wanting more. How much money do you charge for a minute. Not enough. Okay. All right. So call (844) 491-9665 to get ahold of Google. That’s eight four four, four nine one nine six six, five and again for a good time, call one 800 Jason’s hot.

I’m really, really tempted right now to give out your real phone number and have people call you, but I’m not going to, cause I’m not that kind of guy. I’m putting it on the bathroom stalls, so I have to not been getting anywhere. So if we put in a box, did I ever tell you about what I did to a one of my DJ employees back in the day when I was a young, immature boss? Man, I don’t think so. I had one of my employees who was just being a huge jerk and so I was painting the vans, you know, the vans are getting painted and so I put how’s my driving, you know, how’s my driving? And the DJs would drive bad. They’re all, they’re all, all the DJs drove bad. You’re driving 90 miles an hour. Cutting people off and it said, you know, you end up how I trucking companies say how’s my driving and your, there’s a number to call.

Yeah. I put the cell phone number of one of my DJs on the bottom of the bumper and they would call often. So that was my little gift to him that lasted for years. All right, so step number two, fill out every field. John, where do people get this wrong typically when they’re registering their Google business account? Cause a lot of times people say, Oh, I filled out my account but then they didn’t. And Wiz we’re business coaching them or helping them, we’ll, we’ll find that there are errors. Uh, how can people mess this up? Yeah. So people will often just fill out the bare minimum, meaning the name and the address. Um, but there’s several different places that you need to make sure are filled out. One is the description that gets missed a lot. This is a brief snippet about your business or service that you can provide people.

And so make sure that gets filled out. Make sure you fill out your hours, put it in your website, your phone number, and you know the best way to contact you. All of that. And I wouldn’t say for all the listeners out there, if you’re looking for a, a, an example of what perfection looks like or one that’s done very, very well, do a search for complete carpet. Tulsa complete carpet. Tulsa. These guys do a very, very good job of, of gathering, um, Google reviews, video reviews, photos. They fill out all the forms, they fill out every field. They do a very good job also, although it’s self-serving. If you look for thrive time show and the word jinx, thrive time show and where jinks J. E. N. K. S, you can see our Google my business listing. Now again, uh, if you only fill out one field or two fields, what happens John?

If you fill out one field or two fields, what happens? Well, you’re just not gonna. Your map won’t pull up very well, if at all, because Google just assumes that if you’re not going to take the time to fill it out correctly, then why would we take the time to show you? Or like going back to earlier you said, you know, scammers and so people are just going to put in the bare minimum so they’re just not going to show your map. Okay? Now step number three, step number three. This goes out to Rachel here. Load up your account with a hundred images, a hundred images. Now, Devin, uh, I want to ask you this because, uh, you, you, uh, help do three D tours for our business coach clients. Oh yeah. Talk to me about the images. Why should we load up our account with images? Even if we are a carpet cleaning company, we’re a company where we think, well, why would I need to put up images? Maybe I’m a home builder. Maybe I’m a decorator. Maybe I’m an architect. Maybe I’m a golf pro. Why should I put a hundred images on my Google, my business listing?

Well, it’s just continuing to build that case that you’re a legitimate business that um, you know, that you can show up. It’s also an opportunity to show off, um, some of your work, especially if you’re like a contractor or a builder or something like that. Um, just helps legitimize your business.

John [inaudible] we found out that with a Moro and Kinderman, M O R R O w motto lion Kinnaman, the pediatric dentist that we worked with, we found that a ton of people are clicking the images. Have you noticed that on the, on the Google my business account, people are clicking the images? Yeah, just shows that you’re a real business. People get to like kind of understand what you’re about before going. And so it’s just more engagement. So the more engaged on your map, the better it’s going to do. Last week general, are you aware of the client last week where somebody posted really crazy photos? A person posted really crazy photos on somebody’s Google my business account know what client was that? Devin, were you in that meeting? I was not. Jason, were you in that meeting? No, but I’ve been guilty of doing that.

I think there was, there was a client I was working with where somebody posted very not positive photos on their Google map. John, how can that happen? How can somebody else post not positive photos on your Google map? Well, people can, it’s called user photos. And so I’m like Joe blow can you know like if Jason’s hot, you know, eight one 800 Jason’s hot. Oh, you had a Google map and I was very unhappy. I could post photos to his and know, show up under the users section, like users added section. And so if there’s, you know, some crazy ones on there, one, you can report it to Google and see if they’ll take it down. You can flag it or two, you can bury it with photos of your own. Okay. So again, if you’re out there today, if you’re out there today and you say, um, I have an image on my account that I think it shouldn’t be there, maybe somebody posted it.

It was this like a weird image someone posted. Um, and then we had one client that used to coach soccer and somebody kept posting, posting pictures of a couch. Do remember that? Yes, I do. Actually this is one of our business coach clients is, was a soccer coach and somebody kept posting photos of a couch on their Google my business account as a way to kind of mess with them I guess. And so again, if you have a problem, call (844) 491-9665 that’s eight four, four, four nine one nine six, six, five and then again for for a good time you want to call one 900. Jason’s hot because, uh, Jason, you know, you know one thing that a lot of people are saying right now. What’s that? Do you know what they say? See abroad to get at Boody accurate smack them. Jacko I’m glad we clarified that.

Okay, we can continue now we continue. So now you want to gather five video testimonials at least on your Google my business account. Now nobody’s teaching this. Nobody except for us as teaching you to get Google reviews and to get video reviews on your Google. My business. But if you Google search real quick, Tulsa carpet cleaning, everybody Google it. Tulsa carpet cleaning. Find or just Google a complete carpet. Tulsa complete carpet. Tulsa. Let’s Google search. Complete carpet. Tulsa. Great. We found the map. Let’s go on the videos. I’m clicking on the videos and I’m scrolling down and here are people.

And what is your name? I’m Bonnie Keller. And how was your experience with complete carpet? Great. Both times that review is complete. Carmen carbon. We have been, what is your name? Jordan fell back. And how is complete carpet different than other companies? I just love it. I think that y’all are convenient and you’re on time and you always do a great job.

Why does it help John to have videos on a Google my business account? Why would it help to have video reviews on a Google my business account? It’s just building up that trust factor. Um, like you said earlier is a lot of people can go buy reviews from Fiverr and things like that and it’s much, much harder, almost impossible to fake video reviews. So if you load it up like that, you’re, you realize that these are real people, real customers that have actually used the real product or service. If you’re out there today and you’re saying to yourself, self, I don’t know if I want to go through the effort of doing this properly. Well, ah, that’s dumb. That’s not smart. That’s a, that’s a, that’s a bad idea. This, this just did.

It’s not a move. You, you don’t, you don’t want to do that. Now Jason, have you ever worked with a client that has filled out their Google my business account properly and has benefited from it? Have you ever worked with a client who has filled out their Google my business account properly? Yes. Your chance to brag. Give us an example of a client who’s really getting it done. We could brag on maybe somebody in the Massachusetts area. I was actually about to say that. So a team angel such, so they are an auto body detailing and like a restoration company and they not only have their Google map like completely filled out, but they weekly get reviews and they upload content and they have not stopped for like the past, I don’t know, eight months. It’s just consistent. Hey Jason, I have um, audio of what’s going to happen if people call the your, your, your a helpline.

Can I, can I share that? I was under the assumption we weren’t recording that line, but okay. I remember if you want help from Google, call eight four four four nine (966) 584-4491 nine six, six five. But if you want to have a good time, you call Jason. Let me queue this up. Or this is, this is you, uh, this is you talking to a caller. Uh, this was you given Valentine’s advice. I believe this was a few years back. Let me queue it up. I’m not sure they’d be quality of this audio, but I am sure the quantity of this audio.

We play hairline around the house like Oh, youth amok construction paper, Anthem pace in an old hustler type magazine. And like here you can see I have cut out this picture from ass happy. You know, what are you doing, Jason? What are you doing? Why would you do that? You’ve got to give the people what they want.

How long have you had that call and program of yours? Is it, is it profitable? Uh, it is not profitable. Let me cue. I play a little more. Goodness. It was hard. We play a little more audio of what people are going to experience if they call one 900. Jason’s hi Leon. Oh, is your upstage named Leon? It is.

Well E L. K whale. Um, it was the most beautiful and romantic day of my life. Audio testimonial from somebody. What an incredible, incredible

program you’ve created there. Wow. Okay. They want to gather 100 Google reviews as soon as possible. You want to gather 100 objective reviews as soon as possible. John, you wrote the book on its search engine domination. Why does everybody out there owe it to themselves to gather 100 objective Google reviews? And what kind of pushback? Well, people have as they attempt to gather those reviews. Well, you want to do it because nobody else can, right? So if you look at most people’s maps, you’re looking at five reviews, 10 reviews, 20 reviews, um, and often when you just don’t push for reviews, the only people that are going to leave a review are the bad ones. True. And so you want to make sure that you’re super intentional about getting at least a hundred reviews because you’re going to clearly stand out from all of the other competition. A lot of pushback we get is, well, I don’t, you know, I don’t want to push people.

I don’t know if it’s ethical to ask for a review should happen organically. Ask people for an objective review. You don’t have to say, give me a great review. Just say, I sincerely would like to get your feedback. And if you could leave an objective review today, that would mean the world to be pleased. And what’s crazy is if you do a great job, then they’ll leave a great one. Now let’s check this out real quick. If you Google search Chicago, chiropractor Chicago, chiropractor Chicago, Chicago, Chicago. Um, there the height, the most reviewed person in Chicago, the highest reviewed chiropractor in Chicago only has 42 Google reviews, 42 Google reviews. If you want to be top in Chicago, all you have to do is have a hundred Google reviews and you dominate. Now if you look for Tulsa chiropractor, cause you’ve worked in Tulsa for a long time, look at this. Dr Breck has 321 Google reviews. So again, you can tell if we’ve been in that market before cause if we’re business coaching someone in that market, all of a sudden it becomes like a nuclear arms race for Google reviews. But in Chicago you only need a hundred reviews to dominate the most reviewed chiropractor in the entire city of Chicago has 42 Google reviews. Now. Jason, one thing I noticed about your, your shady a colon

program. Well, okay, shady is a little one. 900. Jason’s hot. You don’t have any Google reviews? I don’t, yeah, let me play audio and see what the listeners are missing out on. If they call that number of all the people wanna know, if I call the number, what happens is the first minute free. Is that how that works? Always. Okay. Let me queue it up. First one’s on basically, you know, I don’t want to get into the particulars of it, but um, it involved a bottle. Kovach da. Okay. I appreciate you clarifying. You didn’t want to get into the details, but it did involve bottles of Cavazos.

Nice. You can’t have just one. Okay. Now I want to add a Google 3d tour. Um, let’s go with Devin. Devin, a Google 3d two or talk to me about the Google 3d tour. Um, why do we want a three D tour if possible and where can we find one that you’re proud of, one that you’ve constructed, you’ve put up on Google so people can see it?

Oh man. Um, so part of the, the big deal with the, with the three D or three 60 tours on Google is it helps engage with your customers or people who would want to be your customers. Um, one that I could say that I’m pretty proud of is the Merrill lion Kellerman, uh, three 60 tour up there on Google and we one for them a few months ago. And, um, it turned out really great. Really great.

So again, that’s Morrow lion Kinderman correct. Um, well give us some other, give us a list of a few more you’ve made so people can see examples of 3d tours and how do we get to them? How can we actually see that they are real?

Sure. So, um, the easiest way to find them is just to Google, um, that company. So another one would be colon fitness,

[inaudible] colon fitness. Okay.

And they actually have embedded their three 60 tours on each of their location pages, um, of their website. So cool off and then under their locations, each one of their locations has a three 60 tour that we’ve put together. Um, for them.

I’m still not happy. I want more, more debits. Put play in the game. I want an overwhelming list cause some of the people out there want to say, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I know there’s somebody out there who says, I am trying to look this up right now. I cannot fight it. I’m getting frustrated. I’m trying to drive my car while listening to a podcast. I’m also waiting on hold right now on Jason’s super shady Collin website. Give us some more. Jason, give some more, some more. Jason, give some more denim. Oh yeah, I want more. Three D tours. All right. Wait a second. This is Jason. Just a moment ago, had someone on hold and Jason, apparently you finally picked up the phone. I did. This is audio. If you pick up the phone just moments ago. Oh, if a lady, Oh, that’s what happens. So you’re surprised. Very surprised. Oh finally. That never happened lady. Okay, Devin, give us a few more. Give us a few more playing games over there, buddy. We’ve got the garage auto repair in broken arrow. Okay.

I’m RC auto specialist in Tulsa. Yup. I’m Papa Gallo’s pizza.

Where’s that located? Is out in a satellite beach, Florida. I want two more. I’m going to get again, I get hostile. Oh man. We got two more right now. Whitlock cosmetic center in Tulsa. Whitlock. Whitlock Whitlock. Okay. Give us one more. You have to call Jason’s. Let’s go ahead and let’s go ahead and listen to the call and program right now and see what Jason is talking about right now. Let’s pressure’s on what in the world? What do you, what do you put that is, I mean I know what a one 900 Jason’s hot sounds shady, but now this is a family show. It’s a family show. I didn’t ask for my calls to be recorded. Number one, two played. Jason says, our family tree doesn’t fork. It still is a family show. You know what they say? That is true. That is, that is true. They say see a bell to get at Boody down. Smack them. Thank you. Devin. Give us just one more. Give us just one more example.

Basketball that is in big space.

Okay. And you can click on their map and see their three D tours. Now somebody says, I want to shoot a three D tour. How do I do it? Well, first off you have to have the right kind of camera, so I put a link on today’s show notes. You can find it and it’s a, or you can do, do a Google search for set up and connect three 60 cameras and the word Google set up and connect three 60 cameras and the word Google and currently you can use the Ricoh theta S re Ricoh theta. Devin, who chooses the names of these cameras? I have no idea. That’s what Jason goes by as his pen name is calling him Rico. Okay. Yeah. Let me get the audio right here. This is, this is Rico swabbing? No, it’s Ricoh theta. Let me queue it up here. Let me cue up. Give me good. I got to get the right. I’ll get the high quality. It’s too much. Too much static coming on that line. Let me try another one. Let me get another one. Here we go. Hey, while you’re pulling that up. The other thing I’d say is if you’re going to shoot a three 60 tour, make sure that the spot that you’re shooting like shows a wow. You know, like make sure you’re proud of the thing that you’re shooting. It’s not like your mom’s basement or

can I ask that true Rico? ADA beta.

Okay. Ricoh theta S or you can get the, what does this, Kanye is camera that the three 60 VR camera. The ye. Have you seen the evens or the Ricoh theta V who names these things or the Samsung gear? Three 60 that’s too normal. We’re not getting that one. Sounds like airplanes or it sounds like BD vehicles and star Wars. You know Luke’s Dryden into town on a Samsung gear three 60 Reno, the Ricoh theta V. Hey, have you guys seen the scene from star Wars where he’s talking about womp rats? Have you seen this Jason? Yeah. You have? Have you seen this before, Devin? I believe so, yeah. How he used to bulls-eye womp rats. He used to bully. Yeah.

[inaudible] station is heavily shielded and carries a firepower greater than half the staff.

Now real quick, if you want to nerd out Google search the cameras, you can use the Ricoh theta S the nine, the three 60 VR camera, the Ricoh theta V or the Samsung gear three 60 those are the cameras that you can use for making three 60 tours or you can click on our show notes and see a link to it, but I want to get into says we’re nerding out a little bit. I just want to cue up the scene from star Wars is by far the nerdiest scene in the, in the, in the movie. Here we go

right below the main plot. The shaft leads directly to the reactor system, a precise hit. We’ll start a chain reaction, which should destroy the station. Only a precise hit. We’ll set up a chain reaction. The shaft is ratio lib, so you’ll have to use proton torpedoes. Got it. That’s impossible even for a computer,

but it’s not impossible. I used to bullseye womp Branson, my T 16 back home there. Well as I say that, I will say that I can eat. Let’s, let’s, let’s remember I watched a movie about star Wars and apparently George Lucas would not let you see the script before you had to act it out. That was his thing because he wanted to keep the characters in suspense. So Luke had no idea that Darth Vader was his father until like, he actually shot that scene. True story. So, uh, but again, imagine being an actor and you’re handed a script that reads this, but it’s not impossible. I used to bullseye womp rats. I used to bulls-eye womp rats with my teeth. 16 Luke. It’s so funny when Mark Hamill’s explaining the scene, he’s like, I had no idea what a T 16 was or what a warp rat was, and that there’s no context for anything.

It’s all made up. It’s just one more time. I’m sorry. I have to hear one more time back home. They’re not on the computer, but it’s impossible. Even for a computer that’s impossible even for a computer. But it’s not impossible. I used to bullseye womp rats, Branson, my T 16 back home. They’re not JC, even C three PO looks at him. He’s like, what are you talking about, Jason from a business coach perspective? Real quick, if somebody does call right now, Google, they have questions with Google, they’re going to call the number. Subconsciously, they’re going to call the right number. They’re going to think about eight, four, four, four, nine one nine, six, six, five. But if somebody, you know it’s the wrong digits, you know, we just get you to numbers. It’s a little, get a number off wrong. You just, all of a sudden you’re down. You know you’re trying to dial eight, four, four, four, nine one nine, six, six, five but Southern happens. Well one 900 Jason’s hot. I’m going to keep this one more audio clip of the kinds of things they’re going to learn on your calling program. Really helpful.

I stayed by myself. Yeah, well that’s solid advice. All right. So, uh, ms Rachel, I’m going to send this show to you right now. And again, if you’re listening out there and you have any questions about how to optimize your business, how to grow your business, had to do anything related to business, go ahead and email us to info. Email your questions to info at thrive time, it’s info at thrive time, and we will send you a podcast answer that we do that most often. If your answer is a crazy or a political or religious, uh, we’re not gonna answer that, but there are a lot of great shows you can call into and you can talk about, you know, your theories on, uh, you know, recreational drug use or the socialism or you know, that that would be like a, the, the, the Joe Rogan podcast.

You can listen to Joe Rogan. You could talk, uh, hello, got Bernie Sanders on there. He’ll have people on there who are talking about recreational drug use. He could talk about your feelings. He’s going to talk about socialism, capitalism. But on this show it is practical and it’s practical in nature. So any questions that you have that will help you to grow a real business on the planet earth, we’re happy to answer those for you. And then we released those shows. We’ll send it to you in advance, but then we release those later. And I think John, right now we are prerecorded through almost February, is that correct? Almost February. Yeah, we’re about to get into February. Oh wow. Okay. So now without any further down. Now remember that these mikes are super hot so we just got to take a giant step back from the mic when we say boom cause otherwise it will, it will peak like a a mountain in the in. Okay. It’s good. It’s good. Here we go. Three, two, one.

Stop what you’re doing. And think about this for a second. What would happen if your company was suddenly able to generate exponentially more quality sales leads? That would be incredible. What would happen if your company came up at the top or near the top of the Google search engine results? Quail. I would just feel overwhelmed with all that business. How many thousands of dollars in lost sales or millions of dollars in lost sales are you missing out on? Simply because your potential customers can’t find you when they go online to search for the products and services that you offer. I refuse to think that thought because I don’t want any more past us. Unless you are a dirty communist that hates money. My new book search engine domination will help you grow your business. In my new book, search engine domination, we will teach you the specific steps that you need to take to dominate the search engine results. What do you mean by dominate? You see in my new book search engine domination, we will teach you the specific steps that you need to take to dominate search engine results. Download your free ebook copy [email protected]. I repeat that the best SEO

My name is Amy Baltimore and I am a CPA in Covington, Tennessee. I’ve been working with the thrive team now for about a year. Uh, one of the first things that they did was to update my website and my search engine optimization. I prior had a website but I was not being found on Google and all of my new business was coming through referrals from friends, family, et cetera. And right away I started to see results of people were calling and coming in saying that they found me on Google. They just Googled CPA near me and there I was at the top of the page. And so, um, it’s been a great help to my business.

Again, you can download your free ebook copy [email protected].


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