How to Scale Your Business to New Heights

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To create both time freedom and financial freedom you have to create repeatable business systems, processes and checklists for everything. Once you’ve created these systems you then need to decide what kind of business model you will adopt to scale your business (franchising, licensing, venture capital, outside investors, taking your company public, etc.)

How to Scale Your Business

  1. ACTION ITEM – Analyze your goals and make sure that the next level of financial freedom and time freedom is for you.
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Most level two business owners get caught in the self-employment trap. They’re so busy doing the “job” of their business that they can’t step back and focus on growing their business. What’s more, because of the way they are building their business, the more success they have, the more trapped they become inside in their company.” – Jeff Hoffman (Former CEO of and David Finkle (The best-selling author Scale)
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You’ve got to make sure that even in the midst of meeting the daily demands of your business, you take some of your energy and invest in the systems, team, and internal controls that will allow you to scale your business beyond just you.” – Jeff Hoffman (Former CEO of and David Finkle (The best-selling author Scale)
    3. ACTION STEP – Set big 5 year goals.
      1. What would you do with the additional time if you had it?
    4. Is it worth the tradeoffs?
      1. ACTION ITEM – Write down the tradeoffs you are willing to make and the tradeoffs you are not willing to make.
      2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Merely having the ambition to be successful will not help you, in fact it will harm you if you are disciplined enough to get your responsibilities done.” – Clay Clark
      3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We all get good ideas at seminars and from books, radio talk shows and business-building gurus. Implementation, not ideas is the key to real success.” – Chet Holmes (The best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine and the former partner of Charlie Munger)
    5. Is it worth the time needed to polish off fine tune each business process?
      1. ACTION ITEM – You must create all of the following and more:
        1. Create checklists or systems for everything
        2. Call call scripts
        3. Create a written workflow
        4. Create standardized branding materials
        5. Written guidelines
        6. Step-by-step instructions
        7. Software that automates a process
        8. Build a database of key information
        9. Create universal pricing lists
        10. Create universal vendor lists
        11. Create a detailed organizational chart
    6. Are you willing to make the tough decisions to become an F7 leader?
      1. F7 Leaders are people who are in control of their schedules in the areas of:
        1. Faith
        2. Family
        3. Finances
        4. Fitness
        5. Friendship
        6. Fun
        7. Focus – They are willing to SAY NO to EVERYTHING that is not going to lead them to the achievement of their schedule, time freedom and financial freedom.
          1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” – Steve Jobs (The co-founder of Steve Jobs and the former CEO of PIXAR)
    7. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You’ve got to eat while you dream. You’ve got to deliver on short-range commitments, while you develop a long-range strategy and vision and implement it. The success of doing both. Walking and chewing gum if you will. Getting it done in the short-range, and delivering a long-range plan, and executing on that.” – Jack Welch (The former CEO of GE who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure)


    1. ACTION ITEM – Determine which business model is right for you and your family.
      1. Franchising – This is a business model that ultimately consists of three factors – 1) A proven turn-key system for just about everything 2) A well-defined and polished world-class brand that has been proven to generate a favorable response from ideal and likely buyers. 3) You know the numbers


  • Franchising gives you more control.
  • You must have a total mastery of the financial numbers involved in your business.
  • Local franchisees have to build their own teams and manage their own people.
  • This will cost $50,000 in legal fees.
      1. Licensing – This is a business model that allows an entrepreneur to use your business name, branding and marks for a fee. Usually this system involves paying an upfront fee and could also include ongoing royalties.
        1. Licensing gives you less control.


  • Licensors have to create and manage their own team.
  • This will cost $10,000 in legal fees.


      1. Corporate Growth – This business model would require you to fund your own growth and to manage a massive team.


  • You must be an incredible manager and motivator to pull this off.
  • You must become a wizard of time management to make this happen.
  • You must have a total mastery of the financial numbers involved in your business.
  • This will cost millions of dollars.


    1. Taking Your Company Public – This process refers to converting your company into a publicly traded company. You will be dealing with accredited investors when you do your initial public offering so you really must have tight systems and a firm mastery of your numbers before doing this.
      1. Your legal fees will be more than $100,000.
      2. You are going to spend your days talking to accountants and lawyers if you do this before your life becomes about trying  to please your investors, your customers and your employees.
    1. Bringing in Outside Investors – When you bring in an outside investor you are choosing to bring in their 3 Cs:
      1. Their capital.
      2. Their connections.
      3. Their council.


  • Selling the Business to Work on Something Else


      1. When you sell a business, the new owner now owns your baby and you must let them adopt the baby and change its’ name, its’ values and in time they baby will no longer remember you.
      2. You are now free from the daily grind.
      3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “For all their bitching about what’s holding them back, most people have a lot of trouble coming up with the defined dreams they’re being held from.” – Tim Ferriss (The best-selling author of The Four Hour Work Week and an early stage investor in Facebook, Uber and Twitter)


  • Venture Capital


      1. This is a unicorn event and we have hours of video trainings specifically focused on this because the process is so complex.
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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields trucks like to know more. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, wow! Welcome back to the conversation, I portland. How are you doing if you’re listening right now from portland oregon and are you are maybe doing some well well watching, while listening to the show that is incredible combination here for the people in portland that whale watching, while listening to the show is the perfect stimuli get the business coach visual stimuli has a smell of the cs and the audio welzer passing by this time of year. Do we know about today we’re talking about one of your favorite subjects, making money? It’s nailing. It then business coach scaling! Oh yeah mail. It then scale it in this is this? Is the question I want to ask all the driver seat? Is it okay? If I start off by asking the drivers, a tough question is chuck:does his research on wales absolutely i, think should I or should we keep some tough question music? Her when I got an answer, the book is going to be gray, whales right whales, marine biologist, important we all have is how big is the average great well I mean you know how big I mean. Is it? Is it like the size of a 250 feet away in around 30 tons? It’s a big animal, throw it out there for you. That’s, like significantly bigger, that’s like that. That’s like the whole man cave and the new man cave annex, anthem at a mass of humanity or mass of donnie man a massive. What are whales officially a classified as a mammal is that correct, so very large massive I would have to take the whole show just to grab.

That is what feet long. Here is the rough question. When I asked erica, you have this idea to grow up if you’re out there listening, you have ambition, you want to grow a business, but are you somebody who just has ambition, or somebody must have self-discipline needed-actually get done, because if you are somebody who has the ambition, just a mere ambition to be successful, but you don’t have the discipline needed to follow through on your commitments, it’s really harmful for everybody involved. It really is so I’ll give you an example. I see this all the time we had a guy who attended a conference about a year ago comes up to me and he says:oh man, I got a question. How do you deal with all the legal drama, but on the business you know what kind of legal drama he goes home getting sued by multiple, multiple of clients right now, I said:what’s going on I’m, so busy right now, I’m not able to deliver on the business coach stuff they paid me for so I’m like way behind, so why I said skip this business coach home is just don’t no brainer thing that you guys did I’m a contractor. I made the offer I love the no brain, i, listen to your podcast everyday and it works. It’s the offer. I said you:if I don’t get your home remodeled on time every day, I’m late, I’ll refund you your $200 a day, I guarantee be on time and I’m about to go, but the thing is I’m way over budget and way way past the deadline, every project you know and I said to what are you doing? Anyways cuz explain if he just ghosting these people now and he’s getting legal notices and I see that probably one of the two times I mean an entrepreneur. Business is so big that they literally are not editing the photos on time. That’s why epic photography was such a fish in a barrel, easy business cuz. We took your wedding photos and got them be on time which of the track.

It was like 2 weeks I mean your life makes the bride and groom they would get their photos back in like 2 months and they usually get them back in 6 months. If ever a. Why? Don’t you just never did it. I mean, is very, very common for a competitor’s to just straight-up, not ever seen this with the small business owners that they have. The ambition needed to be successful, but yet not the self-discipline needed to knock it out. Absolutely i! Think that’s why forbes has it so high? You know, 90% of startups fail and 8% of businesses fail, I mean and I think with the knowledge shepherds. What we’re trying to business coach humbly provide for the listeners out there and hopefully provide for you and then the discipline to self control, and that’s the coaching discipline I just thought is that would that be kind of truck? Is a business coach? You work with some really really cool clients, but have you not had some awkward moments over the years? For someone says yes, I just getting food right now and it’s because and you I don’t got time right right and then they go yes, it is true. I have not fulfilled my duty, but I want to see how do I get out of it right. Well, let me do not see that it happens a lot and that’s you know that’s why you have to begin with the end in mind when we work with clients that we talked about all the time. What was his name? Do? We need to build as we’re going down this path together so that when you scale when you do grow, you’ve nailed it right. We’re not scaling a fail, we’re not freaking out where we get to big we’re ready for it we’re building as we grow.

So here’s the question to ask yourself right now and your goals and make sure that you actually want to go to the next level of financial, freedom and time freedom I mean make sure it’s worth. It says he hears an example question very real Situation:i’m a friend of mine who played a college football and he was drafted within the first business coach two rounds of the nfl draft, and he played the running back in the nfl. I won’t give a whole lot of details. They don’t share his story without his permission, but basically he never played it all like just ever. Just never never play sweet gig running backs practice. Is your super sore there’s very limited contact drills because the practices are me, you don’t want to practice getting hit by a linebacker too many times at the pro level. Cuz you to get hurt you and i. So you can see him if you’ve been around in the nfl players after sunday they’re, so sore, those guys can’t move, really functional eat about wednesday, and so he had to sweet. Gig was a backup running back and i. Remember you used to always say not me. I wish I could play I wish. I could like get out there and play sure and those of us around them like we do. We want you to play and now he’s got just one more shot in college man. I was you know, I was good. All american man, I’m i, was drafted high on one of my shot will through a series of unfortunate events for the people ahead of him all the sudden. He finds himself as a starting nfl running back and he did well and I talked to the guy and I said how’s it going. He goes, it is awful and I said:what do you mean?

He goes literally. Dude I have like i, think I’ve got multiple fractures on a cup of my fingers, but I have to play. I can’t feel you have to play and it is kind of old saying the nfl stands for not for long. If your, if your injured I mean to do if you miss a game, 4 injury, there likely replace you, you right, and so he says, I have to play and I know. I have fractured fingers, but I have black, because they’re considered to be not like game to game. Ender’s here also I think I’m developing a stress fracture my foot, but we got one more regular-season game and I got two week. You know before the playoffs start, whatever I said anything else, he goes. Yeah I have like a contusion on my thigh, which is a deep bruise of the bone ascension as I can’t walk without limping and I said they give you shots before the game. If it’s easy and I got one more big deal and I’m going so I’m out just said he would you didn’t want it, he realized he didn’t want what he thought he wanted was a dog that got the car right. I really do believe. This is the dog that catches the car and I’d. This is also tim. Ferriss hasn’t notable quotable I want to tell the listeners out then I think it’s a powerful quote:tim ferriss a stroller complaining about what’s holding them back, most people have a lot of trouble coming up with a defined dreams, they’ve been holding out for z. Think about that for all the business coach complaining about. What’s holding them back, most people have a lot of trouble coming up with the define dreams they’re being held from so I would just say this:we’re going to teach you specifically how to scale your company but see if you’re not tripping or, let’s just go through the checklist of things you have to do. Okay, will you have to honor your commitments? Youtube, you can’t be the guy who says you’re going to be at work and doesn’t show up, and is it a boy there’s people that play that game. Oh yeah, in school, you could actually kind of scam your way to abby use every single day every trick.

Do you know these people who absolutely I mean their uncle died three times in a row, skill and consistency and maybe they’re better than firing them? So so many people can sit in a company for 5 years or 10 years, they’re. Just that’s what they do. You know that every the day before it’s the friday before the week of thanksgiving they’re, always sick or sick off that weekend, before thanksgiving cuz monday is kind of a junk day. Very few people work, I’m sure monday, tuesday wednesday might as well take that off to people are traveling. Visa is a self-employed business coach person with the cheese line, pretty quick, so you can have meltdowns. This is a new word. I’ve heard a lot of people say:i need to take a mental health day. I’ve heard employees use this phrase. A lot z I need to take a mental health day. That just makes me cringe. What does that mean if you were being coached to use it? I hear people say that all the time it’s like a younger move, the younger business coach whippersnappers are using what 18 year olds, 20 year old employees at love to say, I need to take a personal day. For my mental health. Is that okay, it’s interested going to snap as a business owner? It’s it’s it’s it’s funny, because you have had doctors work for me before I found mattress and they say I’m going to go. Do my own thing and see if they’ve done things correctly and they gave me the right time frame back and go for it boom here to help you know and it pretty soon. You know, season tickets said college football games that are on saturdays.

You cuz, you never can work saturdays, you know cuz now you know you have to drive out there you’re making no money. My number might need some money under my first harsh mentor session with lori montague, who was not a mentor, not a coach. She was just a very good friend to bring successful and she going to give you those hard life lessons a couple times. So it’s like I wanted to be self-employed, so I could have control over my schedule and she says baby. Here’s the deal you get to choose whatever 40 hours a week. You want to work between monday and wednesday and then between thursday and saturday get to choose the other 50 60 seventies. Really you get total master. You decide when you work those 80 to 90 hours a week is a start-up really up to you, I mean! Maybe you could pull all nighter. You can work sunday. You want to put those 80 90 hours, total control. Now, once you are diligent and disciplines long enough, you delay gratification. Then you earn that time for him as a business coach. So we come back we’re going to assume z that you don’t listen or have decided. It is worth it to me. I’m freedom, financial, freedom I want that baby I want the budget I want it. I want it. Okay, you talked me through what you have to do to escape this self-employment trap. We are not consistent or diligent enough to ever actually break free that cycle, but you want to assume that you’re disciplined put together. You had your pep talk and z you’re ready to go. It’s going to walk you through the side of the thing up. Are you? Are you excited about this?

Hey? If you’re ready to go we’re going to teach you what you need to know how to make a whale noise world get ready to enter the thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, with ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. You know what every time I hear that enter now I feel hungry for pecans I get hungry in general in general, I get hungry, you know, I get hungry, batman reference and I need the keys to not being hungry is eating consistently and I’ve got to have a consistent and meat delivery. That’s what I have to nail down in my life. That’s mine! That’s my next! A cat like to sit like a meat iv bag blend it like chubbies, always like to do make a milkshake blender burger meat malt. That’s my next move. My ex-wife has consisted. Meat, delivery and I were talking today about mailing your business model. Vin scaling it. If you want to assume that you want to sell the region of a quotable coming in hot, from jeff hoffman, the former ceo of priceline and david hinkle, the best-selling author of the book scale-and here is the notable quotable for you. He says most level 2 business owners get caught in the self-employment trap, they’re so busy doing the job of their business that they can’t step back and focus on growing their business coach business. What’s more because of the way they’re building or business the more success they have, the more trapped baby come inside their company z. What say you absolutely and show me Times:i’ll talk to people that are in that tractor working so hard, but their business is growing and it’s just send me all the time and depressed I could buy it, and you have some deep questions like where you want to go where you want to be in 5 years. I am just trying to get where I’m going to be in 5 minutes. You know, and and I still want. You want to get some help.

That’s a good idea. Maybe I should start getting a manager to oversee all the employees in to do payroll into do. You think xyz, because her but I think I sort of burning fire. Could you know what your baby? Nobody loves your baby. The way you love your baby. Now you can’t get slap a baby. What it is there are some ugly babies out there, but it’s so difficult after you raise that baby. A little bit to hand it off to someone and say here help me with my pee. It looks like head like a gremlin baby gray. Whale can consume as much as 80 gallons of milk per day. Why did I did know that I may just want to think it’s. A tectonic or scientific name of a gray whale is robustus. Speaking of a squash, robustus david finkel. You got to make sure that even the midst of meeting the daily demands of your business, you take some of your energy and invest in the system. Is the team, the internal controls that will allow you to scale your business beyond? You said you’re busy what you got invested time to build the system and that’s the thing that gets a lot of people, because when you’re done with work or just like I want to check out I’m going to take a break at work so hard today, I want to relax and when I have a little me time, I’m going to take a minute to help write faster than light I think so it can’t be that way. Your the thing about it is that late at night or in the business coach morning you pictures lot cuz. Those are the two slots are typically open to most humans, humans, humans, humans, humans, i, don’t know your business or meta time, and all that is early in the morning you get up like you get up and I’m going to bed when I texted that donut commercial, two guys passing each other come and go, and you know I’m I’m waking up at 3.

That’s that set that set spots, the perfect cornucopia. How did perfect intersection the boats passing in the night to hear that the thrive nation can could take away from today’s podcast radio show? Yes, wake 24/7, awake thinking about your fingers going too bad. We could be a perfect military operation to fight off in time to 10 x band it to one of my well water I’m, going to bed time for you to get up and watch some big. Also, the first action item I want all the listeners to do. I want you to go ahead and set some big goals for yourself today. Can you put a timeline on I’m? Okay, so set yourself. Some big five-year goals set yourself, some big 5 your goal, then I want you to be mature enough about I know you are, but you’re not i, certainly not mature enough to know that you are to go ahead and make a list of the trade-offs you’re willing to make, and it’s important you write it down. I worked on this so many times with clients right down and shuffle, going to put this on the show nuts cuz. When you write down the trade-offs, you’re willing to make it’s great cuz, you also when you write on the train, if you’re not willing to make it’s empowering. It is an Example: i’m not willing to make I buy large amount willing to travel. So I have missed out on many of life’s wonderful deals because I just don’t want to travel i, don’t care what the upside is i, just not worth it to me business coach categorically systemically for most things. So if it’s a speaking event, I used to do that and I can honestly say that was the darkest worst moments of my life was traveling I just hate it. So it’s a thing of like now:i don’t need to I’m not going to unless it’s like a, but somebody else is I would love to travel, but I I just will not make sales. Calls. Okay, then hire someone to make sales calls right or travel hire. Someone to travel for you just have to these are things you have to go see if you’re not willing to say I’m not going to do that or I am going to do that. Then you’re going to be at his cognitive dissonance, all the time, cuz you’re going to say, you’re going to do things, you won’t do and that’s you’ve got to be honest with yourself. You got to look in the mirror and you have to say no to yourself.

Sometimes you know how you really are you really? Are you going to say that and I’ll check the ultimate sales machine and the former partner of charlie munger, who is warren buffett’s partner kind of his about his worth over 3 billion dollars rights? We all get good idea that seminars and four books in radio talk shows hey now and business-building. Gurus implementation, not ideas of the real key to successful coaching program is all about is helping. You actually get the crap done. Some of the things, and you can just tell me how long it would take to make a good one of these fire off my checklist for opening your store. Does it take to make something like that I would think you could knock that out in less than an hour call scripts for inbound scripture, faq use, that, I could take a bit longer because it’s going to think about it, you can role-play little bit. You can rehearse some. You know you might even record yourself a few times doing it so I can afternoon. You know for all your scripts, don’t have to work clothes, creating a workflow like a system of a this is how we do this is there did. This is the total blueprint for the megatron system, the total blueprint, 5000 x y z? That would take probably the work workflows depending upon how many steps are to getting your product service widgets done cuz. That’s. You know that there’s some things that are much more complicated than others, but here again I would think they’re on the highway half a day on the low in a couple hours how long it takes these are. Obviously business coach approximation is based on his experience, undivided sinking time attention. So how do you say no to all the distractions that get in the way of your actions will try back this ain’t no way come back up. First. That was too early with the saying, no and so I rebuke. It and I say no to your you’re ruining of my of my teaser. We come back we’re going to teach you how to say know how to say no distractions and destruction caused by gray whales. Here you go tours. I speak great. Well, I’ll! Let you know when we come back when you you are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show kick it. Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can i, guess uk and misses click, clock on the mic and can topical gaston open shan I’m focused on the mission beach, the skills and kitchen plans, but casted from advance to the left, portland I’m going to pay. You can dance, and now my friends, you got to dance to see it, and I’ll be to see her yes and batman. Yes, yes, and yes, welcome back to the quad time, show on your radio and podcast download portland oregon welcome tulsa oklahoma welcome if you are joining us right now from business coach portland oregon, while riding on the back of a gray whale one and that’s impressive-that the s3 waterproof smartphone technology for good. Because what time do you say, I have a waterproof, smartphone, no phone and you say it’s cool, but I mean.

When would you really what would you really use it? So you going out what you’re using it and why listen to the podcast while send me some first and water? That’s cool, but i, don’t recall on a whale on a well. You also give me working on like crushers or fitness cuz. You got 49 ft to work with real, like they’re being so, you could really be camping out on a while. You could be doing sprints on a whale will villagers. Were you just build like little little buildings on the whale you get away from the taxable regions of the united states and you can create yourself floating tax-saving. You could be like the you know, kind of like the cayman islands of entrepreneurship. This has this has feet. I think I can go with. This will have to back off that ledge. Okay, so okay, we’re talking about mailing it and then scaling it, and this is what did jeff hoffman and david finkel have to say he sang most business owners, get caught in the self-employment trap, they’re so busy doing the job of their business if they can’t step back and focus on your business. What’s more because of the way they’re building your business, the more success they have, the more trap baby come inside of the company, so this is this is what’s happening here. Is you now we’re going? Okay, I am a busy business owner I’m, going to the show today and I want to scale. I want to do that. I want to do that whole time, freedom thing and so you’ve actually been listening to the entire broadcasting, tower podcast and so you’ve actually made a list of your goals. Your check, six goals, goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your business coach friendship and your fun, and now you said:okay I’m, going to make the trade-offs I’m willing to commit to 5 hours a week to work on my business. That’s like before work or after work on the weekends would have enough I’m going to give you 5. That’s a reasonable to have a lot of our business. Coaching clients give me typically about 5 hours a week, they’re willing to work on the business. That’s pretty fair average am I going to do during those times. You got to create checklist and systems for everything and that’s fun to do. But you got to make a script for everything.

That’s that’s! Typically, not the workflow! It’s going to be wrong! You got to edit it and then, when you make all the stuff the guidelines, the step by step, instructions, the software, the database, universal pricing, list universal bender list, then you have to actually get out there and get people use the systems poppa pump in figure out. Why they’re not working well, anything is the human race. Sometimes is resistant to change. Other times is accepting of jackassery. They want the people that are pulled to their called. You are called people feel like it’s their vocation to show up late and not operate within an org chart. Example. You made this org chart during your med of time you’re wanting to scale it z. You got it set up where you have two managers do managers and those managers manage an assistant manager and a team of 11 employees. He should set that they each have 11 employees like a football team, auto mall, route 47, so you like a defensive and offensive coordinator, say one of your business is the defensive coordinator, offensive coordinator each one of them has an assistant and then they’ve got 11 players. I need to be on the field, figuratively speaking at all times:okay, you’ve, clearly laid-out guys, if you have any questions, ask your assistant manager or the manager. If they have a question, the managers they’ll call me, but that’s the system, that’s the business coach system. Here we go here, we go. This is day number one I’m, not in the office number ones. I made the system baby see what typically happens day. One of you implementing the new org chart. What are the 11 seizure in the hallway to hey? You got a minute. I know right away that I could come to you before and so that this is this is I got to get used to it, but I wanted to talk to you about that work. Chart so I didn’t really feel like I could talk to you, but others always a reason to circumvent some people right away and see. How do you use a lot of entrepreneurs?

Napoleon hill, as a quote on this from the book called outwitting the devil, and this is crazy, but napoleon hill talked about the number to point. Hill studied the world’s most successful man, andrew carnegie and then, after studying him, what he did was he decided I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to write down some of the basic things out of the revelations. I’ve seen check. If you can pass me, my workflow, that’s in the bag, alright to have a bag on the other on the studio desk, I’m kind of the boardroom table here in the studio. Inside, the brown bag you’ll see a squirrel kind of surround it up there there it is nice. Let me see this thing’s. This is this is hot and fresh. This is today on my notes:napoleon hill this. What napoleon hill says he study all these people very successful people did he study the average person. This is what he came up with I’m, not kidding the point. The point was asked by andrew carnegie he’s a police study, a thousand business coach people 4 weeks and make it out of your observations. This is what he found. The majority of people begin to drift as soon as they meet any opposition and not even one in a thousand will keep trying after they get rejected three times wow.

So he’s around these people and he’s like I’ve literally serve at a thousand people and I have found only one who will continue killing upon the third time they get rejected. So i, don’t know how to teach that you make that or kennedy’s date to the teams falling at work truck cuz you freaked out, you said you fall in orchard, don’t interrupt me and I knew before and soak after day 3 day, for you realize, okay of the 11 people on each team, for of each fruit for the team members who are hired previous to this new dynamic, they refused to follow the org chart. Yeah, that’s hey, have i, wouldn’t hurt you when I got hired so I can make a note on a sheet of paper and tell me if this is wrong. You write a note on a sheep. Have you say those people I’m going to firestone a mental note I’m going to fire them when it’s convenient? For me, cuz I’ve already explained it to him numerous times they refuse to do it. Is that how you doing my friend absolutely and, of course, you put up with what you want to put up with, but if you know, obviously, if they’re not willing to even power. Org chart I’m going to probably not a good employee to begin with, just the sidebar side, note so excited about it, you make it you give it to the team. You ask the team i, want you to answer that phone call with enthusiasm, have all the scripts a smiley voice and day one baby. They say I’m going to give it a business coach whirl day to day three most of the team members will be accepting of the new system but see the one who refuses to do it. This is going to be the magic ff6 goals for your faith goals for your family. Go with your finances, your fitness, your friendship and your fun, but see there’s a seat, there’s a secret app out there. But this is the final f you have to have. If you’re going to have success and I’m telling you it when you get this app, this final app, this isn’t you have to have this app. You have to manage this app or you’re not going to have success. I can hardly wait a week we never talked about on the radio station i, don’t care, it’s a ride to gray. Well, i, don’t care if, once you cut surfacing right now, you are just a fun fact about two 10in, so you know, I did not know that you’re well trivia and the secret after in the rock time, show this workshop led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to danforth drive, time, show.Com starvation were talking about mailing it and then scaling it in this is this is the big breakthrough idea?

I hope somebody has to say my goal is to free somebody from this mental disorder. It’s called refusing to embrace the trade-offs. Priceline says:you’ve got to make sure that, even in the midst of meeting the daily demands of your business, you take some of your energy and invest in the systems, team and internal controls that will allow you to scale your business and what happens is is than chet holmes the best selling author of the ultimate sales machine. He says we all get good ideas at the seminars from books. Radio talk show host in business building. Gurus implementation is the key to real successive. You built the systems you taking the time to write the scripts, make the guidelines to make the step by step instruction, make the org chart ceo of make the best screwdriver set up your call, recording you’ve tested at yourself, you’re doing group interview. Everything is going great. You got your time to your faith. You got time for your family. You got time for all the f6 gold family finances, fitness, friendship, fun, you scheduled goals. Could you schedule a time in your schedule for your face for your family, for your finances, for your business? Everything is going right. Now, here’s the business coach deal! You got a soccer game to go to for your because you committed to be there. Cuz he’s on your goals. Baby, making a game is at 2 on a sunday, and you see church is at 10 and that’s on your schedule too, and you got your phone off and you’re ready to go. Do it man cuz, you are diligent and then what happens? Is your wife gets a text message, your phone’s off your phone’s off. You look to your left. Your wife says:hey I just want you to know. Carrie can’t come into the office today. You want to know if you can fill and you’re thinking to yourself. Okay, this is when it gets real because gary who works for you, who’s, your loyal manager. Guy. Yes, he’s he’s sitting on a pre-planned emergency, so you now have to decide. Do you give your f focus to gary my goodness, or do you give an f about your family focus? Do you give an app about your family code word? What do you say? I, don’t give a nap. What they mean is focus I’ve been so busy with a kiss. So here’s the thing is someone would say right now, but you need to give an f about gary and your business and your family to give enough about everything when the person says she’s been having it I’m here representing me, such-and-such political party I want to see if I can take 10 minutes of your time to take a brief survey around pleasing everybody. Cuz everybody happy sleep. Try when I get a facebook message, they respond when they get an email they respond.

When gary wants to call in sick, they want to respond. So it’s for somebody out there who’s struggling with forcing this idea upon themselves to understand it. When you forced gary to work on the sunday, he was scheduled us allowing you to go to the soccer game that you schedule he’s going to be mad at you and you don’t care ben! That’s where the rubber meets the road because, as you said so many entrepreneurs how many business owners they they they don’t want that anybody be mad at them., they, don’t want they don’t want that sacrifice themselves and i. Think that’s why some I see some young entrepreneurs get burned out. They just get so burned out because they’re just the burn the can on both. Did you hear that statement all the time it’s going to burn the candle at both ends deep observation, I’ve seen from over a decade of business, coaching I think everybody myself included all want significance on the planet when our life to mean business coach something. So you build that daily. Let’s call it say it say it looks like your business is a daily blog and you can email from a guy says:i love the daily blog. However, it’s like overwhelming in my inbox. So could you go ahead and just do it on sundays? For me, I mean anybody else can get the daily emails, but I just want the sundays, and you can I can maybe 500 subscribers now you’re, like sure, wasn’t crazy car I’ll call one customer one crazy guy. He calls me so I can let you know i, don’t like the fact. That’s all words:i love the content man, but if you could get them in a podcast, I would appreciate that and I also. Will you deliver it to me? I’ll keep my phone on cuz I’m on call 24/7 without any mail comes across it wakes me up every night you got a release that email man like at new york.

Pretty soon, though, if you do that even 2 * 3 * see that compromise it’ll blow them it’ll blow up the mind of your of your family. It destroys relationships and chuck hughes. She said the business coach help somebody out there who’s, making all these compromises and they’re beginning to suffer death by a million compromises. They know my baby’s sick, he’ll say no without karen I talk to a client, a couple clients in a couple weeks ago about this and when it comes to employees when it comes to clients whatever that is you can’t care too soon you have to special with employed. You got to make them, earn that care right. If they’re going to care about them, it can’t be right when you home cuz, they will take advantage of you every single time. I’ll give an example. There’s one you’re telling me I should not care about the people that I bring it into my business, compliant non, diligent doors, shouldn’t care, focus mean saying yes to the thing. You’ve got to focus on:that’s not what it means it all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully I’m actually proud of the things we have it done, as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to a business coach thousand things until today, I said no to two things:i thought, I’m sure the listeners cuz they’re, hot and fresh in there from a life of a real entrepreneurs are too i. Thought were pretty good to hear we got. One is a elephant. The room at the men’s grooming lounge, turns out. We cut the hair from it.

Men wow that brought in a bunch of boys who are eight nine 10, something like that into our south tulsa location, she’s, a mother of boys and I got a call in the manager, says:they’re, definitely not 10, probably trending 6, 7 8. She says they’re like 10 I’m, telling you it probably 5. Maybe we got a five-year-old here. They’re loud is anything I know we don’t cut the hair for boys under the age of 12. What you want me to do, and I don’t get the rare. Will she be pissed if I had said? Yes, all the sudden I could kindercare running around in our in our library and another example. We have one lady who applied for a full-time job at elephant, the room, but if you’re listening today and you cut hair-or you know, somebody who can we are hiring and all of our stylist make approximately $52,000 a year cutting hair. So if you want to make a lot of money cutting hair, you know somebody who does a room for promotion. You can apply today, a t. I t ourlounge.Com interview to canada came in today through the group interview in process, both of which shadow me for about 10, minutes., statement, I thought you’d appreciate this and what they say she says. I’m 100% committed to this new job. I’m excited I’m willing to do whatever it takes. I just can only work one day a week, but I want to be full-time. Where was almost like a haiku on top of reverse psychology, mixed with like a poem that I don’t understand and tangles time, but you need to just work one day a week, absolutely and I’ll do whatever it takes. Not I said:okay. Well, we can start with the shadowing process and, if you’re a good fit, then you have to work a minimum of 36 hours a week and just absolutely no hear the things I can’t shadow today or time this week, I’m going out of town but I didn’t need it., the job. Yet today, so I’ll, let you know if he comes, he comes in next flight comes in. She says:that’s why I said I’d leave that by the way they always say.

If we decide to hire you before, I will call you tomorrow by 9 a.M. That way, just leaving hanging forever. But it’s you look like a commitment to. If I don’t hear from me, it’s not moving. I have to waste your time, calling to say no, it’s not it’s. Just not a good fit, no hard feelings and I said hey. What are you do for a living and it’s high energy, fast pace I love that about the ultra moon, the store till I get an application and I want this get to get started. I said:okay, what hours she was I know. Companies are mindful that overtime, but I’ll work any day. I mean sunday, saturday, friday, tuesday morning night, whatever I really want to 50,000 a year cutting hair and that’s pretty cool I like your booth, rent I’d, have to get clients. I, don’t have to reschedule them to answer the phone I’m in it to win it I’ll do whatever it takes for a little bit. Different attitude between the two applicants say yes to both see what happens to your head. It explodes the time freedom needed z for you to build your systems. You turn your phone off during certain periods a day. Oh absolutely, absolutely. In order to enjoy the movies that you like to watch, you don’t go. Watch other movies like a simple idea, but it is out there that you feel bad and almost guilty about saying yes to anybody who asked for any moment of your time ever hear somebody zeke you’re, somebody I tell you what here’s the here’s the deal you are in control of your day. You’re always love your schedule. You get to decide what you get to do and if you let somebody else, decide that, for you, shame on you because it’s your life, it’s your business! It’s your job! It’s your baby, as example, I think we should go immediately to portland oregon and go watch grey west. That’s my opinion. Welcome back to the thrive time show have a business question. Email is today and info at drivetime, show.Com and clay and doctors. He will answer your business. Questions live on the air all right right now, as we got 14 minutes to cover a lot of ground, we’re talking about how to scale it after you’ve nailed it now we’re assuming at this point, you have set your goals for next 5 years.

You said those goals and written down on a sheet of paper, the trade-offs you’re willing to make to get there right now, you’re saying okay, I’m doing it I’m doing it and I’m also willing to occasionally tell people to you know that I don’t give an f. I don’t give any focused what you’re just saying you said:hey focus off man focus, you think to about what thing I like to maybe play with just a little bit, create a lot of businesses and I know. You’ve done this to me:you’re practicing your business’s jokes, that curiosity! So what’s up big gold, how do I get my head wrapped venison steak in 5 years old for the room you wanted to be locations now, I wanted to start thrive, because it was to me aaa cathartic way to be able to sit down with every entrepreneur. Thousands of people are in the world who say, can I pick your brain sure I wanted a way to be able to do that and I think you did too and yes great way to do that, and so that was it, but I didn’t have any big business goals in my life. At that point, other than I’m committed to doing thrive rest of my life and I want to get to be profitable and scale was like a huge wasn’t a goal behind other than that was the goal itself wasn’t sure the product itself with the galt, and you challenge me, city of whittier, whittier, big, o, l, i, just I want to build this to melt mentor, millions and you’re like, and we’re going to do that and is a byproduct of that I need just to know a couple goals. You need to know a couple goals. That’s going to drive you in those dark. You got to figure that out right. So we are sitting right now in that girl rude this room. The man cave is bad results that conversation. This is land the chickens and all the trees. This land is result of that conversation. That wall is result of the conversation and then this so that that’s what that is beautiful, I love that we decide the right time right time, right, color, you got to get it just right. You know nice, the elephant in the room. It’s entirely different, my goals for that business so that business I’ve got three goals that are are:are the free, ps money, money and money? No I want to make sure that the people who buy the business coach franchise get time for them all right. All the system where it’s actually intellectually honest to say. If you buy this, if you work 8 hours a week, you can pull in $100,000 to that, then that’s actually the goal so and if it’s possible. That’s one okay, if you’re working in the business 8 hours a week, make hundred thousand bucks here, the second goal is it I would like i, told justin if I want to get the first three open the first five years after that I’d like to open up one every 2 months, once we franchise. So right now we were in talks with mr. Tim a thriver there from dallas who owns a lot of major fitness company each one of the fitness company that he builds cost for million dollars to bills. So he looks at the plate and the blueprints for the elephant stores I’m getting that all digitally made in line item.

So they can. You can see exactly what it cost to build out. He’s going you mean I could build one for under $200,000 and i, said yeah and says:well, that’s up significantly less than 400,000 clinic I mean just the real estate there by the mall and figures for under 200 grand. All in it’s pretty cool, so pretty cool profit for the that the people on one I want to open up one every couple months in the big thing right now, but the big, the big, the big thing i, want to make sure I build this system where it’s not in any way dependent upon me right and so I’m really ready to see the last me and you’re a master at laying out budgetary constraints guardrails if you will go over budget with payroll brick, and these are just some of the systems were baking in right now into it. So in like, as in od, is a program. If you elect for someone to work more than 37 hours a week, it won’t let you do it well, as you are what you literally just can’t put them on the schedule like it makes it impossible to do it, I’m working on that I’m working on things where, if somebody wants a refund of $50, it’s really easy to do it. If it’s over 50, it’s really hard to do it. You know requires to sign on there just different things like that I’m doing in her system, driven that that would make sense that scale and that that’s exciting stuff until the big enough gold to say that the big goal right now I’m in dallas is hilarious as a business coach. He calls me says:hey I’d like to open up 9 in dfw, and if you want me to send the financials at school., I got a bill. I, have no doubt team and I like to open up an off and austin texas. It was boston cuz I’m, going to build up team and I have the investment dollars available to do it. So whenever we can do that, I want to do. Computer stands the ditch and he’s been there to get his haircut. He’s looked at the market and see a lot of dudes have hair yeah sure likes the family I’m a just. This is my year. This is my year with us, spend a lot of time with the kids. I really got my schedule ready built in now. So there’s been a lot more time with the kids like I did 5 years ago before, starting to get back to you, just like being proactive, I mean you built out your man cave to where we have a studio here so that you can actually be, and your home we can be. Recording we could be driving dummy. Dory candy do shows are more sincere cuz. It’s like dudes hanging out of the mannequin. It is cuz. We are actually going out to dinner and we are the bottles I’m going to go fast.

Here are the models that you can use. If you want to sell your business, what is franchising factors system for just about everything too? It’s very well to find world-class branding. It’s been proven to generate a favorable response and three you know the numbers, the numbers franchisor scaly, that you don’t know your numbers yeah, because nobody, everybody wants to see your numbers in order before they give you money to buy a franchise. So you have to have that nail down rock solid. It’s going to cost you $50,000 in legal fees. To do it was really neat. Is it franchising, gives you as the franchise or more control? You can tell people how to do it, what to do, but you have to have a master. The numbers licensing see if the university of oklahoma turns out people like that logo, the o in the you know when the you appear like they did their and I buy an ou hat the company that makes the house isn’t the university of oklahoma university of oklahoma license is that you can use that logo for the yankee cap, but you got to pay the yankees that use at logan’s. You got to pay them. This gives you less control, however, you can make on going royalties, but again you a lot less control.. Corporate growth, see this is what you’ve chosen to do with some of your business. Is you went from one location to to requires your own money, but do you got to be a very good manager and a master of time and the numbers to do this? Why is it so hard to grow corporately using your own money, be on one location? Now you have two plates kind of rocking. If you don’t have one business coach location, one thing you could show up you’re there in anytime you’re in one of those locations-you’re not in the other, did you actually make less money when you opened up your second location for a while, then, when you met when you had the one of me to have to delay gratification, take a pear cut, a pay cut. We open up your second location I’m, trying to remember exactly when that happened and hiya i, don’t think I did I had I had built up such a demand such a big chest, yes, and it just kind of just just rock and roll don. Basically just put out the letter z and your sexiness drove people to you-and you said:hey, listen folks here for the ladies I’m here for the eye and eye care. So if you are single lady or a sophisticated mama, I appreciate you but I want you to understand. This is an optometry clinic. This is not I see you I see it. It’s not does not tourism here. Okay, so please wait with tourism. I, like how you put that that’s nice guys up here so i, don’t feel like a gray whale just you just walking by the funny thing about gray whales, their typical migration last 2 to 3 months, and they go eight to ten thousand, miles white audio from the first or second optometry location.

I. Don’t want to hear it kiss me I’m just here to see the caray will. Why are you put? The gray will give me a call back wow. Is that the actual recording that is incredible was no gray whales that have the optometry clinic now. The next thing you could do-and this is something I would encourage you not to do unless you really have your stuff together-is taking your company public visit the process of converting your company into a publicly traded company in to do this. You have to deal with accredited investors. These are guys that have a net worth of over $1000000 they’re pulling in over $250,000 a year. Do that legal fees everywhere and z? I mean you disagree to the federal government to this is not screwing around here. Minutes is going to be serious. This is serious stuff, don’t mess around with this. Unless you got an extra at least a hundred grand justin legal fees statement made by the best lawyer come on note. This they’re, going to bring in their three c’s I spell is barely hear what, when did built when you hire billy i, see telling people to do things their counsel? Why don’t you just tell him an email that told me where to go over marc andreessen explains the story and ben horowitz explains the story in the book called the hard thing is, but the hard thing about hard things apps. Where was it coming? He later sold for one point, something business coach billion dollars:god bless, amulet, packard, marc andreessen were talking and he says mark when you go out there and talk to the media today, we’re agreeing is partners right that you’re not going to say anything crazy, right, you’ll see the software is not ready, you’re going to announce it’s not ready yet correct and marcus yeah. Absolutely so. Mark gets interviewed in a major publication and they said hey is it? Is a soft ringo’s? Absolutely not we’re making it the best software every year. We have a massive waiting list right now and if we were to unleash this software all at one time, it would crash our systems.

What we’re doing is where scaling up right now, so you can keep up with a capacity, so we’ll have to push that back 30 more days, cuz. The demand for this product is hot. Sauce. I’m paraphrasing to ben horowitz, then send mark. An email immediately was like what was that all about the sudden major media outlet-and he says dear, been at yourself I’ll, never forget this I got an email from my partner telling me to f myself. They met first face-to-face is a dude. What was that all about it? Cuz, it’s not ready. If I told people it was ready right, then they would go buy it and it would not work and if I tell people that there’s a huge demand it, but there’s not a two-man silence. If there, if I tell people there is a demand, then people will want it, and now we’ve got 30 more days to go. So that’s what I did at herself right and now we got to get ready in 30 days and that’s a little bit about entrepreneurship, so you bring it outside. Capital just understand I’m going to give you their opinion. The final two moves. You could sell your business to work on something else or you could go after bit. Venture capital of venture capital is very complicated. We have entire podcast and radio shows about that hour-long podcast. You can find them at drivetime show.Com and we have hours of videos about venture, capital hours and hours of videos about venture capital. So we got a lot of stuff but see if you sell a business, it’s kind of like selling your baby in what what happens. Typically, when you sell the business faculty, I have done that before and I had seller’s remorse shortly thereafter, seller’s remorse is no fun and by the time you get the money for it. Then you pay the taxes on that money and then you put that money in the bank and they look at you. Go I’d rather have my baby than that money in the bank. That changes name to the color change. My dj connection I went back there after I sold the company 2 years later, and no one even knew my name in everybody that work there. With an exception of about 5 business coach people, I would have never hired do I get to a different culture. A toy different system and I’m going I pray, he’s grown up


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