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If you are finding it hard to be consistent in your life and business then listen to this episode of the best business coach Thrivetime Show as Clay and Z get into the details of consistency.

    1. To be more consistent –
      1. Don’t say yes of you are not going to actually do it.
      2. Say no to things
      3. Have one to-do list and one calendar for your one life
      4. Turn your personal phone off 80% of the day.
        1. Don’t look at it until your to-do list is finished.
    2. Z’s challenge – 21 day consistency challenge
      1. Schedule your day and live by it for 21 days
      2. Block out your schedule and hold yourself to it
      3. Email your results to [email protected]

What is the idea of consistency?

  1. White hat – shower them with accoutrements and gifts
  2. Black hat – Darth Vader – the executioner
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.” – Niccolo Machiavelli
  4. What are you thinking in your head when you are in the process of getting 1,000 rejections.
    1. Gamify the losses
      1. Make it a game and reward yourself to get through tough hard times.

This is the best business coach conversation I’m fired up, because I know that somebody’s going to feel free as you get dr. Z’s. Take on this question. The question was email from a thriver is. Why do you think most people struggle with consistency, I weighed in on the previous segment I want to get doctors he’s taking this, because this concept I really think so you could free somebody. A lot of it is like a training who out there, and if you do, you know right now, you’re listening to the show, listen to podcast. Who right now is the most consistent person you know, and how consistent are they, and why is that? Why would you pick them over anybody else and the reason why you picked him is because they’re dependable I’m going to pick on you, for so you can count on I want to get this I have to john kelly and you okay. Now, why do you say john kelly? What are the qualities that make you a lot of your mom is just like a he says, he’s what he does. What he says he’s going to do bottom line. Okay, there, that’s a good, that’s a good that step in the right way, so plus 5%. So what we’re telling everybody out? There is, don’t say it unless you mean to do it so john doesn’t take away I’ll, be there 6, and that means 555. Okay, perfect comment to me, and you probably remember but I remember these things so hopefully the profundity, what you said your laugh. This is one of these moments. Where I you said it to me and I’m like who approached us about the best business coach taught radio show for the tulsa green country oliver america, david abel we met and we were. There was a lot of talk about. You know the consistency of the show. Did the two hour show every day and the big elephant in the room. That question is you? Can you guys please content? 2 hours live mine too, but there’s three hours of show prep everyday minimum, so there’s 5 hours and it on the podcast is really about 7 hours. A week, 10 hours a day of man, hours needed to put the show together into the question, was it was kind of asked directly as well as indirectly is.

Can you guys be consistent and i? Remember you talk to me about this and you said i, don’t remember if you said clay I’ll be on the show every day that I’m on the show, but you’re going to do benzos show every day remember going hot. Does that mean cuz like a riddle? What kind of a thing we’re on the phone you just say I’ll be on the show me every single day, but you’ll need to be on the show every day, every day that I’m on the show, but you’ll need to be on the show every day and remember thinking, it sounds thinking like I think that means that he’s free to travel cuz, that’s what you worked hard for the time, freedom to travel, correct travel, correct and that, if you’ll be on the show you’re going to be on the shop but you’re, not as if your mentally or physically present you’re mentally present to she’s not going to be showing up in the studio and then being able to like unable to perform as a lot of office, people didn’t show up to work and they’re, not mentally available. Don’t preach it now. You know when you’re here you’re here, so you can, if you don’t feel, feel well physically. If you are here you’re going to deliver thank the lord for dayquil, but if you’re not here, I shouldn’t be shocked. Nor is there a false expectation that you’re going to be on every single show, because you have a vast empire of businesses that are growing, and you also have horses that you race it. If you want to go to san, diego or goodwill u2 concert you’re going to do it, and so that was a powerful idea. Is that you from the very beginning, you laid out the expectations-and you said yes and I could have said no I chose to say yes, I’m glad I said yes yeah. Well, we have your winter things that they’re talking about syndicating, that’s another other cities that they were able to tell i. Think it’s steve i, maybe ben david talking to the people in portland guys are consistent. You get the product every day they they they bring the heat to get good stuff. It’s relevant! It’s! You know every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, so consistent, I think a lot of it. So you think I can go to the two people that are they doing step one to be more consistent, don’t say it unless you mean to do it. That was my problem is not true or not that I didn’t do it. My problem was I would say yes to everything and wear myself a crap out, and then it’s impossible to do. Everything and I’m always ready somebody I’ll disconnect the people now that have 10 bills and I can only afford 9 or like when am I not going to pay this month. You know they’re doing the juggle game. Okay, so that’s that’s one way to be more consistent, wednesday I know just things and that’s okay, say no to the things that you can say. Yes to things, you need to say. Yes, this is my move, that I tell people all the time, and-and hopefully this impacts water to people have one to do list and one counter:lee cockrell, the former executive vice president of disney world, who managed 40,000 employees.

He told me that doesn’t have one to do list and one calendar don’t like have multiple best business coach calendars are checked in between screens turn it back. On. I miss something it’s a form of insanity to check two places:i used to have multiple calendars, and it’s like a minefield over here, I’m missing something I would go for lunch at like 3, okay, well, I have anyone to do near. The other little bonus tip is I recommend that your phone is off 80% of the day. Your personal phone and I won’t even look up at that phone until you’ve knocked at your to-do list. So as an example, if you’re an owner of a company, you know you might have to answer the work phone all the time, so the phone rings you have to get it I understand that I’m, not your personal phone I keep that dude off, because I got a really nice text message from a friend of mine who lives in california they’re day. You know when I got it time, clock i, wrapped up my work day, finished, recording the show the show notes, uploading the podcast doing what I had to do. Look at its 50506 i, told him I said be upstairs at 6 and so I wish I had taken. That call here. For the call went, the call went, hey man, I’ve been thinking about you, I’m like okay cool. Then it became i. Got this really horrible thing in my life happening right now. Could you pray for me and I was like a 2725 30-minute call sure I would have just screwed up my day by day about some feelings, related conversation so get off that phone baby I challenge a buddy listing out there. There is a a universal appeal of this, and that is for you to schedule. I mean actually schedule your day, actually write down on a piece of paper paper in 30 minutes, 15 minutes at least an hour segments. What you going to do the next day, or even that day, to get up early in the morning to look at it or the evening for the next day schedule your day, I’m and then hold to that schedule. A ride what’s hot because promises distractions, your the average american watch in 5 hours of tv, the average americans has a hundred different notifications coming through. They got facebook and got you know. I have instant face on snapchat snap book and at dinner and after dinner, these are things i. Don’t think he knows that the doctors he doesn’t know about the people after the dinner they say to me they turn them in as it does suck i. Like has like a lot of time. It seems like he wasn’t like in a hurry. I mean how do you run all those businesses as a best business coach in in not seen her eat?

That’s Why he’s very intentional about the schedule so I see that firsthand, but because you say no to a bunch of stuff or you’re, very intentional about things like if you have lunch with somebody and it’s not meant to be open-ended, you let him know hey. Let’s have lunch at 12 you’ll go to lunch, you’re very generous with your time, but at 11:45 you’ll say:hey, let’s get the check, 11:50 or so great today. Take care! You don’t have these 1 hour lunches. It drifted, do a three-hour lunch because you’re intentional with the wreck, but do that for 21 days straight I will check the 21-day consistency. Challenge of scheduling 21 days so not only write down what you going to do tomorrow, write it down, and sometimes it’s kind of confusing. Sometimes it’s kind of hard as kind of fun. Sometimes I write down what you did yesterday and see:oh, my god, wow I see now. Why wasn’t consistent some free stuff? If you take the 21, day consisted 21-day, consistency challenge. What we’re going to do is scout’s honor thing, just email, us the day started and the day ended in will give you two free tickets to our next in-person april drive time, workshop value, the full ticket prices, 250 bucks, that’s two tickets and you get to blume books now the reason why the tickets have been $99 in the past, because paul hood has been subsidizing, it make it more affordable so, but it just turned $40 value. If you take the 21-day consistency challenge words that mean you got two for twenty one days block out your schedule hold yourself to it, and this email is how to change your life impact would love to share your testimony with thrive nation. How long does it have to be? Doesn’t college home, you could be two lines:i, don’t care i, just care about you, so you just send that to us also see I want to give away one more. This workshop. We just had her past best business coach led workshop and it was. It was massive see this. This works I can hold like 80 people in that based you know. We have a big big 15 to 1000 square foot facility which massive we decided to change the floor plate. We are over a hundred and fifty people in that thing and at the conference is awesome. People love attending answer for anybody that does this right now, if you do it right now, though, see the time official time right now, look at your clock. If you do this in the next 3 minutes, okay, so I’m going to start I’ll tell you when they do in the next 3 minutes. If you find the thrive time show on itunes and you subscribe and leave us an objective review in the next 5 minutes, so take that 5. Isn’t there 5 minutes ago, 3 minutes 3 minutes a 5-minute contact information to info at thrivetime show.Com. We will also give you two free tickets, there’s all sorts of studies out of it say that if you don’t take action immediately when opportunity presents itself, you proud, that’s true, so you got now I mean so we’ve got biscuit.

5 minutes in the clock starts now. So now, back to our next question from the thrive nation. Here we go by the way the clock is ticking trap nation at the end of the show, I heard where clay was talking about getting a thousand rejections. Can you really get into more detail and explain? What’s personally going on through your head when you are getting a thousand rejections? So what’s going through your head, if you’re a sales, professional and you’re out there trying to get a thousand rejections plugged in the key about it’s not trying to get the thousand rejections. Well, that’s important because that means you’re making the calls if the key is is getting the 10:00 yes or the hydrogen. Yes, yes, because I was on the way. You know it’s just it’s just mad and you have the kind of kind of put yourself out of it. You can’t take it personally, it’s nothing, it’s nothing, but it’s just business the godfather unsightly, but the first few times it happened. I mean you no tears, tears are upset or mad is dating a girl. He finds out later that’s a dude. How did, but the point is, is that the first one that your skin will get thicker thicker I’m, not a dermatologist. Do you look like one well? Thank you beautiful! Thank you, but it’s a known fact that the more that you make those calls in the more you get rejected your your thin. Your skin will thicken your. How do you say this I’m? Not an optometrist, but I can clearly see 20/20, that your epidermis is thriving i, don’t know what you’re doing the fish oil to exfoliation, the regimen of you taking nick and industrial sander and kind of put on a light setting name blower fan blowing skyrim through friday. She have like a minute and a half now to write a review. The itunes itunes. You leave us in an objective review, sent as proof he did it to the best business coach info at thrivetime, show. Com. It will get you the the free ticket just pam, it’s like the chucky people live in this either. You feel the pressure and depression under pressure being compressed overtime. You know that the pearls are made by like an irritant that the enters into what that the clam, the oyster, whatever act as a protective cover irritating like 9 seconds to go on a maybe maybe maybe don’t care about improving your life. Lifetime show on your radio cut the red wire or the blue one super save macgruber bbc big river macgruber now, but you got to be the source with the old started from the bottom. You got to get it don’t quit, but you see get ready to enter the thrive time, show 3 2 1. What are we doing? Macgruber clip for the first time, which is a mock on macgyver show. Have you seen any movie, that is, that good and you’re in braveheart or shawshank redemption, there’s the night later gladiator with hugh jackman, where it’s like a musical. You know, there’s always good movies out there. Where is macgruber rank in that echelon of top-tier movies over the 30? Second, clip that I saw him.

He had put the obviously I’ve been there. How many time you can have a professional throat ripper his chip, you enjoy macgruber the way I do i, love it throat burns and put on the show from the thrive nation and the question basically, is they said I caught the tail end of a show where you were talking about getting a thousand rejections. Can you really go into detail? Explain what personal going on when you’re, when you’re getting what you going on in your head when you’re getting those rejects? What are you thinking when you’re getting those rejection since I’m going to get marshalls take on that marshall when you are making sales calls? Obviously don’t do that much anymore, but when you were doing that and your guilt going out there and getting just massive amounts of rejections, what’s going through your head, man, I mean what what what it? What are you thinking so when we first started doing reaching out to the fortune 500 businesses? That was awesome because the entire day was reaching out to the fortune 500 list and saying hey. You know we have this program, we have this training and you regularly would get hung up on or if you’re bowling association, you know trying to get that done because they’re like who is this guy i, don’t know what this guy is and that’s what these train gatekeepers are designed to do right until your get facing all this rejection, so you have to actually build the story today. I told the story about how you would cold call and then you would reward yourself with a beer with the snow with calling into the buzz. Is he do you know about this whole system? Do you know the system that is the cost of the buzz the game of five the rejections and make it about the rejections, not about the successes, because, if you’re working towards the successes, okay-and that’s the only thing that you have going, the projections are going to be pretty defeated, but we are almost a little bit fun for you. I crack the code you crack, the code came up with this is my move. This is my move:i would cold call best business coach businesses and my mood was this acceptable. Roleplay, okay, you’re the head of boeing, and this is my cold going yet chuck answer the phone hello. This is the head of boeing boeing. This is a clay. Clark I’m try to get in touch with the event that plan on with it with the chamber here when I call you answer the phone with the chamber of commerce here, I was just curious

Who’s in charge of scheduling this year’s holiday party, don’t speak to shelly. Let me transfer it over with dj connection and we live drawing and apparently you’re a company, one entertainment for the next holiday party. It’s $1,000 value, you get for a dollar and I just wanted to see. When you wanted to schedule your beer first dj event with the tulsa chamber of commerce and I I know:i, wouldn’t use it a dj that I won for a big bag of it maybe want to use it like a birthday party or a smaller party or I want to set up a time to meet to see. If we could to see. If I could talk to you about djing, your holiday party, yeah, I’m, going to say interest just curious cause she’s, like my picture, was just getting out of your office yeah there you got in that you. What you do is that that’s a comfort zone out there for a lot of people. I just need 10 minutes. I need 15 minutes of your time and get in the door make book that meeting and it keep it 15 minutes. So you don’t have to drag you out 35 minutes late. What I would do if I got a deal that actually I got an appointment? I would call into 1430 the buzz it was 460-1430 I call the radio station the sports I got a hot, take mega. What’s your take I know some serious information about the illegal recruitment scams going on right now at oklahoma, state university from a reliable source and they’re like what’s, your name but I always had a redneck voice when I would talk to him when I listen to I was just calling cuz I know what reliable source close to the street. Just for the situation and I’ll tell you what it is:a fraud. What is going on over there in oklahoma, state and I’ll, tell you it is that right and then let you know yeah true and there’s people out there who are super passionate about ou and osu. Some work weddell bless his heart. He get on the show and what color go ahead with and I’m like I know firsthand from a buddy of mine that leroy and he told me cuz his his daughter. Now she goes out there to the to the jiffy lube, where my son works and and and not the puppet players are being paid and that’s why I just want you to know it:ain’t right because I like amateur sports, cuz there, ain’t, mature and I I just want you to know it’s a fraud and then the best business coach phone lines with light up people would call it I might just laughing sound like prank calling with my reward. Oh there, you go hard rejection. Someone just told me they said I had a case of beer next to me and I would slam that beer pot myself a beer and I’m like what are the guy tried to call and it always by noon? I have no fear I did that move for about 18 months, and then it occurred to aaa meeting in the morning and I’m.

Looking for a beer before I make my calls and where’s my picture, you might have a drinking problem, so I don’t do that move, but you got in the mindset. Marshy reward yourself for the small rejections. You got to reward yourself. So if that’s high-fiving somebody to get you back on the right track, if that’s pumping yourself up, if it’s listening to a song, whatever it is, to get yourself in that zone of just like superhuman i, like 20 bucks on my board the idea of getting rejected because um I mean, if it’s hard to yell at him, possibly dump dj connection. If you like, I’m so bad for you when we come back, the question was asked him to thriver is what do the first 60 minutes of your day? Look like and I really want to get marshall morris’s. Take on this doctor sees take on this eric chop steak on the stove guys be thinking about that during the break. What did the first 60 minutes of your work day? Look like because that’s a question. So, if you want to know I mean there’s all these delusions of grandeur or big visions of grandeur. But how do you organize your day? I mean? How do you know you start today, I mean you know what I would I would a best business coach picture when you were telling that story, I picture you sitting there think of yourself. I! Think I could use a beer about this text cause of rejection. Are you called you like? That sounds fantastic. Yes would like to book your, and we don’t ignore my fog machine broke last week about the best man always ask. Why is that you was here the term liquid courage? Are we got liquid courage, liquid or comes in the form of a hard palate? I need courage. I have no courage at all. I got to get on that phone and it works hourly lying about not becoming an alcoholic while cold calling and what does the first 60 minutes of a successful entrepreneur? Look like what are you start the day played ruth drive time show on your radio


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