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On this Thrivetime Show episode Clay Clark is sharing how to take your work ethic to the next level at River City Church in Owensboro, Kentucky. Per the invitation of Pastor Brian and Jessi Gibson Clay was asked to speak to the congregation of River City Church and here is the audio from that event.

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Attend the world’s best business conferences, led by america’s number one business conferences for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing. His group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com welcome back to the conversation is the thrive time show on your radio, and today is very special edition of the drive time, show I really playing the audio from a aa event. I recently was asked to do. I need to call a sermon, cuz I’m, not I’m, not a pastor, I’m, a manbearpig. It’s a sir man bear pig yes, but a local church, owensboro kentucky invited me to come out and speak to their congregation, pastor brian, gibson and pastor jesse gifts and ask for me to speak to their congregation. While they were out of town speaking at a different church, their church in amarillo, their their church called victory, and so are they dc sermon that we gave was about work ethic and what it’s like to truly work as unto the lord and not as unto human masters. You quote rihanna at all. During this storm, I did not look at what I quoted copious amounts of scripture.

Maybe that’s a better better philosophy are some of forbes statistics. Does he live here? And so, if you ever struggled with finding that inner self discipline needed to take your life, your career and your business to the next level, I know you’re going to love today’s audio excerpt. Also say if you’re trying to take your family, your faith, your finances, your fitness, your friendship on to the next level at work ethic needed to take your life to the next level. We sincerely hope that today’s audio from this a business conferences sermon that I did in owensboro kentucky at river, city church, will bless you and your family and have any further new job. Let’s go to the audio, go from the server all right from oklahoma I come in peace, I appreciate you guys:a team river city / team, victory / we’re working on a new church name, so my flights are always delayed. It’s my ministry, its way for john and I to connect, and so I do is I make sure my flights are delayed and john picks. Me up in louisville and this next time, I come to come to owensboro he’s going to just drive to tulsa and save time, but anyways I was thinking about some good church names.

While I was sitting there delayed and it’s just as I thought we could settle the whole church naming thing while pastor brian is gone. Who come back I will just tell this is the new name of the first name? He had mentioned it. One of the church services I watched online was the holy mackerel tabernacle. What’s here, some people like this might actually happen. Okay ii now I was thinking about this is the fifth third church. It makes no sense, it makes no sense of the business conferences church. Nobody okay, this is this is the ultimate my whole pretty good about this one. This one really occurred to me like a vision there, for you shouldn’t vote for it, but here we got the united kingdom, but our initials could be uk, so it could be sort of a passive aggressive way to really assert are dominance in amarillo, which is the one thing that I know a lot about. I’m not really good at a lot of things. I have no discernible talents, but I’m, very good at building businesses, and so I’d like for you to do today, is I need for you to grab a sheet of paper up in a ketchup packet and etch a sketch a phone, something you can write with a ketchup packet works really good, just anyting a smartphone smartwatch, something because the pin is for remembering in the mind is for strategizing. So what does it mean to work? And why is it that most people hate their business conferences jobs?

Think about this for a second. According to forbes, I encourage you to write this down everything I say today. Please do not believe me search it later, trust but verify okay, so 70% of americans according to forbes hate their jobs, 70. What’s a good statistic, that’s so business conferences motivational this guy’s positive okay, so the problem is, is it I used to work at target and I was called I would call myself a pretzel eater pretzel peter one who eats pretzels when supposed to be working. So this is the bible verse. I was not aware of. It says, whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the not for human masters. So this is something that I did, but I grew up. Poor and I had a kid by the way. Poverty is a cycle. It’s a mindset, it’s a commitment. It’s a it’s a thing! I grew up that way, so I get it. So this is what happens. Is you work as unto human masters? If you, if your, if your boss is not a good boss by the way, I’m a boss, with hundreds of people to work with me and i, screw up all the time, cuz I’m, not god, I’m, not jesus and the holy spirit I’m, not perfect I’m, a flawed man and I’m, not even going to look at i, have no discernible town I’m a manbearpig, but yet I’m somebody’s boss. So somebody has to come to work and deal with sometimes I make mistakes, but if you only work as unto men, you’re never going to have the ride heart, your work is your witness, so I believe and I want you to think about this I believe in the next 36 months. Everybody in this church that applies. This message will become a business conferences manager over later or notre, because I’ve never seen anybody commit these four steps without becoming that I’ve never seen it and by the way, if you are a manager, a leader or a boss, can you show your face? Do people go to their boss as a source of mentorship? Do they not elephant in the room? It’s a it’s a shade of men’s haircuts.

How many they say:hey I’m, going through a divorce. What should I do hey i, don’t want to go through a divorce. What should I do hey, I’m having a hard time saving what should I do hate? My kid doesn’t know what degree to get what should I do today. Ask me because I’ve built my partner not be built. 13 multimillion-dollar companies and I write for forbes and I have a podcast, and so you get that platform. Beer is a boss, hooters a boss. You manage people, you may have. Some folks is a business conferences manager of some kind of managers, managers leaders. We need to pray for you guys because people are coming to you and they’re looking to use a source of wisdom and also they’re. Judging you based upon your work ethic in interstate, you know, okay, what you say, but let’s see how you work, but all of our support employee. We need to work as unto the right, but a lot of times I give me have a boss who doesn’t really do a good job. So this is what I did I worked at target year was 1999-2000 work at target at target before walmart, okay, working there, new electronics department of this is my job. Certain people go to electronics, the electronic section.

Typically women, no disrespect to women women, your of superior species. This is just the facts. When will go to target, no go i. Think I want to get some yoga pants. I, don’t want to get some yoga pants in the walk-in, electronics i, don’t know, I’ll just leave them here. So someone will leave things in the electronics retail before lisa pittman will get like some deodorant were like well, it’s two for a dollar I might as well get 250, so I never have to come back and then we leave them like in the front area check up to  business conferences stuff. He gets better, so my job was to take the stuff and to bring it back to my job is to bring it back to the right section. In the electronics section now my boss, wasn’t a very good boss, wasn’t very hard work and I wasn’t working as unto the I was working as unto men out of these rated boss, so I decided to eat all the pretzels. So whenever and we have our team huddles, they would say guys somebody has eaten all of the pretzels. There was like 17 in there and i. Don’t know that’s a lot of pretzels and salt. The big salt chunks are all over me and I’m, like my stomach sticking out nothing to live up to, but I thought I had a pretzel.

You too I think you had 17, okay, okay, okay, I also get to work late. Now, if you’re not working as unto the lord, why do you want to get into work late all the time? Why is that a key to poverty? Just move to get there late eat all the pretzels you don’t get promoted, then here’s the real super move to never getting promoted. Whenever your boss leaves the department again a show of hands. Hooters worked in a major retail store, major retail, or you can make an announcement where you can announce something that is happening. That is figgy, so I would have hit the button and you can hit it in a certain code. Nobody knew where it was coming from. I would hop on the mic and I’d say:get behind, the desk. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a 4-door vehicle or 4-door vehicle when it’s been a hit by a police report, the front immediately I watch everyone lead. This is awesome that somebody lost their business conferences credit card and it’s being used, worcester credit card and is currently being used for unauthorized purchases, and you just keep this going and I had three Jobs:i’m working at applebee’s, target and directv and I’m late to all those jobs and I’m, bringing my sarcasm to all the jobs and I’m not getting promoted, makes sense. Then I read a book called think and grow rich. So much write that down think and grow rich I went to oral roberts university and the guy who started world roberts university.

His name is oral roberts and the coach that he hired to help him grow. The ministry his name was napoleon hill napoleon hill was the personal apprentice of andrew carnegie. You were a book called think and grow rich and I read that book think and grow rich, and it says if you over, deliver you’ll soon be over paid. You might have read the bible where it says work as unto the, but I did read that part i. Just read the secular book overtime I discovered that the bible is covering all these new self-help books. Basically, go back to the same well of truth, so I thought I’m going to get to work early, I’m not going to eat the pretzels, which was tough times addicted to the chemicals in those pretzels. But one day a guy comes up to my department. He says hey, why do you work here? This is a customer and I said:i will I work at directv, I work here and I work at to applebee’s and I’m. Trying to start my company called dj connection.Com what you do? Look it up today, it’s all over the world of the country, and he says well, I love your work ethic you’re, the hardest-working guy I’ve, ever seen in this business conferences department, I’ve been here a couple times. My name is todd starkey and I’d like to offer you a job son I’m, making like 7 hour, I’m like okay, okay, okay yeah. Where were you thinking of you, like accounting, i? Don’t remember asking you like accounting, accounting, accounting, internship at tax and accounting software, and it’s $15 an hour if that’ll work for you but I was work, thought that I must make a lot make a decent pay.

At that point he offered me 15. So I got my first job, my first real job. You know where you go to work and the boss is there, and people have collared shirts on and there’s, like all sorts of ways to waste time to seem. All you’re just seem like it to seem like you’re working, corporate, america, corporate america, how you can play little games to seem like you’re working I thought he was going to keep this hot streak going I’m going to get to work early I’m going to beat my business conferences boss. You so much should write that down. Try beating your boss to work for the next 90 days, I challenge you cuz you’re, not working as unto the boss, you’re working as unto the right. So you beat your boss to work. I beat my boss to work. His first reaction is cuz. You know anybody here, boss. You know what I’m saying, though you see somebody there three hours earlier like what is he taking? What kind of things does he steal a walk-in i? Don’t expect overtime I’m just here to over-deliver, because I believe eventually I’ll get promoted. You do that long enough. You get promoted all of a sudden the bit the businesses that I’m starting or starting to work. So I was working dj connection on the weekend you dj weddings on the weekend. I got my job during the week and I started getting two weddings early. How many do ever hired a wedding dj before a wedding, entertainer, never been to a wedding here, if you hired the dj to be there at 6 to set up for the wedding and the wedding reception starts at 8 mother’s.

What time should the dj be? There be supposed to be there in the contract at 6 p.M. What time should I be there to give him a 10 minute rule? If he’s there at 6:10 mothers, you want to create a seriously caustic, dangerous environment. You get the mother of the bride man on the wedding day, I’d roll in there like at 7:50 for an eighth wedding. Why is everybody so mad or what are some tips but I started changing it up. I said you Know:i’m over deliver I’m going to get there at 5 and I’ll be set up before anybody gets there I told her brought in there. I made a bride cry. I said:hey. She said I’m mr. Clark. What is going great, I guess we’re down to the peter. You hire a dj for 4 hours to get a dj for 4 hours. She says it’s 11, i! Guess you need to wrap up here. Do you charge extra to go over time? Who’s had that discussion before you pay extra for your photographer for the wedding to stay overtime at business conferences and I said I’ll just dj for you forever for free, unlimited. Let’s just keep it going. She knows what and I got my first tip turn you over to liver. You get overpaid. Let’s move on to the next slide. Okay, so work work as unto the lord all right, so the key to hating. Your job is working as on demand. Cuz. If you work as unto man, you need to be managed just make sense. If you can’t manage yourself, you need a manager, that’s why I needed a manager, which is why I hated my boss, which is why I hated my job, which is why I didn’t get promoted, makes next concept is on your deck. According to psychology, today, the average person is being interrupted 85 times per day 85 times per day and I don’t want to get too into.

If I want to give you the article to look it up, it says:is your smartphone making you stupid, that’s the article and what it’s found is it when the smartphone, when you get an email or a text message, it’s not positive, who got a negative business conferences text message or voicemail or social media post in the last month, and they got the email. So you get that at work. It turns on your amygdala, which is the part of your brain, is like an almond size, part of your brain, and it makes it where you can no longer strategically think it was some who’s. Amygdala is working while their cerebral cortex is not functioning, and you say what would you like to eat chicken or fish and they said think it’s cute animated monkey brain and you end up running around running around acting, like you’re, mildly, retarded, because you’re on your smartphone all the time you’re on your smartphone, while you’re on vacation you’re doing thanksgiving on your smartphone being dumb? Is this make sense? This is what happens? It’s not you I’m. Just judging myself, I call myself a christian and I come to work at your place of business and i, spend my entire day on my smartphone. Being distracted, I get to work late, I get to work, late, I eat all the pretzels and then I say will guys do you want to hear my face I’d like to share with you what god’s been doing and what’s allowed me to have this bottom-feeding job for the last decade, when the boss leaves we can eat all the pretzels, because the cameras, disengaged wow, wise wizard when’s, the next prayer meeting, while I’m having a home fellowship or I’ll teach you how to get fired. This guy is a genius. No one wants to hear you share your faith right that people judge us based upon what we do, not what we say correct. So this is the part we have to own our day and i. Want you to think about this i. Want you to write down these six s6 apps, f x, 6 write down these six paths one faith. We have to work at our faith and I just want you to grade yourself right now on a scale of a to f, with your face and working on it at business conferences.

I am going to judge myself that way, you guys can leave here and feel good by comparison. I give myself in the faith area a solid, see, mites I believe in god in my wife will say this is what happened. My son was born blind in 2007. The name is aubrey napoleon, hill clark and my wife wrote a book about it called now I see and get on amazon now I see, but my wife says he’s going to see and I said. Let’s take him to the doctor. We go to the doctor. Doctor says you’re not going to see. We take me to dean mcgee eye institute says he not going to see my wife continues to pray like praying like the way they did in the bible praying without ceasing like constantly I like, the way pastor brian talks about it like the white path. Jesse talks about like the way you guys talk about it like actually believing that we serve a living god like not believing it’s a dormant thing and I’m praying more like more like it’s. A thing of the past. I actually went as far as to tell my business conferences wife to stop praying in our house, so I can’t handle it. The cognitive dissonance of you believing is going to be healed and be knowing scientifically, is not possible. I need you to stop I’m having some mental breakdowns. We go there and my son grabs are highlighter. My highlight already jack welch’s book straight from the gut. He grabs the highlighter and looks at me for the first time makes eye contact, so i, hasbro, stradamus, think to myself. I should be able to confirm with her my faith partner, a partner in faith. I think you can see, I told you he would we go talk to the doctors, they say it’s not possible. My son is a miraculous.

He can actually see it’s crazy, but, like I said, I thought so. Rest of my wife is said:you’re at your podcasters 530,000 podcasts. Right now in the world, 530,000 10, like dave ramsey christian, went up there. On, itunes charts he’s the only one there’s actually four people in the top 10 I counted that are currently encouraging you to take hallucinogenic drugs to unlock your creativity in the top 10 of business. 4-hour workweek talks about this I’m not kidding. This is real stuff, and so why wipe? My wife is working in the top 10. She actually says it’s going to happen. They were at her house the other night. This is what about 2 weeks ago. She says we’re number 58 and i-26 I’m having to watch party upstairs wear number 58 I’m going to go down to the bathroom in the bathroom, a place where we can really sort out things. Isn’t it not the throne of infinite intelligence tapping into my wisdom and I’ll, go upstairs she’s like 4:30, something 32, you know where that’s at I think to myself. I knew was going to happen because I doubt it. Therefore it’s going to happen. If she has the faith. I have the doc. It’s like I buy no go here. I need to go here almost started. I can use reverse psychology on myself as a way to leave. My my wife is is just a smart person. Okay, so think about your faith grade yourself on a scale of ed at faith and family 80s. How hard are you working on your family? This is what I do by default and you need to stop doing it and I’m trying to stop doing I’m getting better at it. You give your best to the business conferences workplace. Any guys out here, work, hard and hard-working guys out here, hard work at. Ladies, you give the best and when you get home they get the rest. Can you get a 10 hard to share your faith when you’re going through? You know divorce number 5 and your kids?

Don’t know your name so faith family right, texas finances, don’t make finances more important than they need to be, but don’t neglect them. There’s a bible verse, which I only encourage guys to look up, and it says he that cannot put he who chooses not to provide for their family is worse than an unbeliever. Oh, that’s! A tough first i! Don’t like her that’s in timothy over there. You should look that up so I’ll. Give you more positive versus today, but proverbs 10:4, proverbs 10:4, says god blesses the diligent and the slacker gets punished. Write something to give you a lot of bible verses. Now, don’t you think about this? Don’t make it about just finances, don’t make it just about faith, don’t make it just about fitness rate yourself on a scale of a to f, with your face and amp with your family, with your finances with your fitness there’s, so many ass I’m not in shape at all I’m, just a shape butt. Are you judging us for an overweight business conferences trainer? Don’t judge us now I’m just saying to treat your body like a temple, you feel me like a petting zoo or later on the way home you’ll go right there. He has no talent, but that was good. Huh. Okay, friendship, love. Your neighbor, like beetlejuice things idea so rate yourself on a scale of a daphne’s air is the next one is fun fun and area of fun. I give myself a perpetual like deee-lite, moved up to adidas your guys. It’s hot, it’s hot in the brake hold getting warmer and warmer warmer cuz I like to work, I love it and I’m good at it and I like growing easy for me to do that, and so I just like to help people do that and it’s like my passion, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t play chess with my daughter.

So we stand about the form of chess I called the new international rules where I’m allowed to talk trash, and she has to make a move within 15 seconds. I like that game, cuz now I could be anyone under the age of 12. Yes, so fun have some fun. I guess this is our family. There, that’s david, robinson david robinson, the spurs he’s my business partner with our online podcast reveal thrive time show.Com, that’s our team kind of blurry there. That’s our team celebrating our christmas party, that’s my wife and our kids right there and it’s just it’s it’s getting all those apps! Now here’s the tip for you own your dad every morning. Do this do this? If you do this next 24 hours, I swear to you, it will change your life and people have paid me for years to help them do this. If you just do this, it will change your life on your mirror right down the 6s, faith family, finance, fitness, friendship, fun and then schedule time end of a business conferences calendar for those areas and your life will change cuz. What you schedule gets done. Can we move on to the next line, all right, rise & grind, but not too early? What does that mean? Okay, proverbs 10:4 says lazy, hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring you’re not going to prove you’re not going to promote the pretzel leader and I know we don’t have any people that eat the pretzels at work. Here, there’s never been a single person in the history of river city church that ever gets to work consistently late. Maybe there is i, don’t know we want to do. Is we want to be diligent, diligent means, the study, application of effort, bible verse, exodus 20:11 with and what you think about as you reading it and think about it? What it? What does it mean? Does the bible put things in it by accident, or does everything have a business conferences meeting so think about this? For a second prince 6 days, the lord we try again for and how, many days before, in six days, the lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in there.

But he rested on the seventh day there for the lord bless the sabbath day made it holy there for our men’s grooming lounge is closed on a sunday but I’m working 6 days, deep thought. So you want to work on your family. Don’t have time to work on the family. Don’t have time to work on the business. Time to start that new business don’t have time we got to put in the same effort. If you want to create like the creator, you have to work 6 days. What are the 40 hour work week come from then, who came up with this idea? Franklin delano roosevelt in 1938? He created the 40 hour work week. However, can we are we allowed to modify the bible? Is that a thing can we do that? Could change it? We move it around. We can take the part we don’t like it. When is when he came up with the 40 hour work week. He did not change the bible 2 i. Just put some examples up here in the top left. Just aaron antis aaron antis runs the largest home building company in oklahoma it’s called shaw homes and he actually is who pastor brian said he was looking for someone to help him grow the church and build systems, and so aaron referred myself to pastor brian. Pastor brian’s been stuck with me since october, or something so pray for him pray for him, erin antis, works 6 days. Does he neglected family know? How does he do it? It’s impossible to wake up previous to 7 a.M. Person. You just can’t my business conferences alarm for every day for 5 a.M. In every day, 5 a.M. 5 a.M. 4 a.M. And it’s amazing how much you can get done before a lot of people woke up before my old self eat.

I got a lot done next guy up here. This is charles cola-cola fitness. You look that up. Colaw fitness this guy started a gym out of his house $215,000 house in bartlesville oklahoma, which is smaller than owensboro a week. When did he start that business? On the sixth day that business is a multimillion-dollar company 15 years later, with the seed of it started? On the sixth day, darlin tucker he’s one of our designers up there. My wife and I got him a car this year is a car bonus, he’s a designer for us and guess who’s, always the first one to work, darling tucker. So who are we promoting darlene tucker darlene tucker this guy up here, oxi fresh carpet cleaning is oru basketball player. Now he has oxi fresh carpet cleaning, guess what day he was working to build that business. The sixth day I just give you all sorts of examples. My friend phil pressey play for the boston celtics he’s about this tall. How do you play for the celtics and be about this tall? You work on the 6th and I’m just encouraging you in your life right now in the area where you feel like you, don’t have time for the fate the family, the finest of the fitness, wherever you’re out of whack, don’t be afraid to wake up a little bit early because we’re not working as unto men wear working as unto the lord all right, but also for somebody out there, like myself, who may be over worker. It’s not a good deal to just dominate the workplace and have nothing left for your family. We got to find that balance, which is why you went right out those 6 apps and put that on your mirror and just being intentionally living person.

Would it be great if everybody in here became a manager, a leader or an owner and the next 36 months? Could you not show your faith with more people? People say that to that church forward, slash victory, ford, /, uk church, those guys, those guys they work. Man you give her work, go to starbucks in the barista who gets there early stays late gets it done to go? What is up with her? She didn’t have to talk about her faith at all. She just says why I just work as unto the lord talk about a testimony. That’s because you’re with people 5/7 of your week at work what’s going on the next flight, so you got to keep focused on sustainable diligence. No. This is a thought given to us in the book of genesis. It says here the lord god took the man and put him in the garden of eden to working and take care of it. You can’t get rich, quick, cuz wealth came through folly quickly. Diminishes in this is this business conferences ridiculous world I’ve had so many business owners in her late forties, I meant who have been trying to go viral on youtube to make their money to then retire and live on a beach. It’s not going to work. You know, there’s a lot of charlatans. It want to tell you it’s going to work. They want to scam you into that, but we, even if you got when you get promoted equal problems. Beware of somebody says hey I just started out here and next thing.

You know I’m up here and happened at 8 months now, all of a sudden I got this multimillion-dollar business, cuz they’re, going to implode, say:don’t know how to handle the problems. Management is mentorship, have to pull the weeds everyday, but you got to do is sustainably. This is what my wife has taught me and continues to teach me, and it’s amazing, my wife will say:hey I’m. Over this week we receive the entrepreneur of the year award from the small business administration. Now is so excited I’m over my wife. She asked me this question. She says she do you think you could schedule some time with the kids stickin. You are terrible cuz here, I’m at the peak of mount awesome in the world of business, and she brought up and I was completely failing truth cannon in the world. My family makes sense, so my wife’s very, very good about making sure that we use when you plant something. Do you not have to pull the business conferences weeds and I love to plant thinks it’s my wife’s like just because you built 13 multimillion-dollar company doesn’t mean there should be a 14th cuz you’d have to tend the garden. Is that medicine helping anybody beat? Beware of what you start cuz you got to tend to it. Are our drummer / carpet cleaning wizard over here? Do you not have to respond to your customers? Yeah you do in the problem.

Is the more successful you get the more customers that call, and you know that you got a bill that balance think about this next first years as well, from get rich quick schemes quickly disappears, will from hard work grows over time. How many people been going to this church for over 5 years, I’ve been going to church for over 6 years? Okay, when you see pastor brian share with me a vision, he said, clap what god has called me to open up a hundred campuses, not to steal people from other churches but to go into the community and to find the people that don’t know about a relationship with christ and to share christ love for them and i. Don’t know how to get to the top of the internet and I really don’t know how to build a workflow and systems. Those who volunteer you, pricing, the big boards in the whiteboards in the system, but i, know I’ve been called in. My immediate question was:how long have you been in business conferences ministry? He wasn’t born yesterday, this guy that he and his wife came out here started at church and he the tavern nickel. You heard about this little by little by little and I have no doubt that this church is going to grow to 100 campuses.

But when I have it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen, but the uk is going to grow a butt. What I do have not a doubt, I just want to ask you this today, cuz I want I want to help. You i, don’t want to hurt you, and hopefully this feels like I’m coaching you up not talking down to you charisma, it’s a greek word means the gift of grace is phil decay charisma, but the modern charismatic what it feels like people talking down to you and I’m, sorry that I’m actually higher up on the stage how come down here we have to work as unto the lord or no matter what marketing we do, no matter how many people are having the signs out there in that cool got drove by he get invited, got invited into the church service gave his life to christ. What? If we were eating the pretzels, so we have to work as unto the lord. We have to work as I’m going to go back to our offices on monday to work. As unto the lord to every business conferences morning, lights complicate you’re, going to forget a step you’re going to forget something so take your mirror out right down. Those f6 goes faith family finances, fitness friendship get up early today to see the fruit in your lives are going to see the fruits are going to follow back to the route and we are going to grow this church. It’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. So a conclusion I just want to i, want to encourage you guys with this.

I really do believe. The pastor, brian and pastor jesse are, is the right church at the right time at the right place? If you guys are the right, people and I believe we all have a role in that I’m, helping build, workflows and optimize your website and helping fix video production and those kind of things, but he is a spiritual leaders been called by god and I just know his heart is that we go out there in the community. We changed lives by becoming managers, leaders and owners. This is your year to do it, and so now that he further do I turn the mic over to jared who’s. Actually, an intelligent person with the survival skills you’ll get better from here is what I’m saying so it’s here for jared comes and we have business conferences in tulsa route. Teach me how to grow businesses and at those workshops at thrive time, show.Com. We always end with a boom and boom stands for big, overwhelming optimistic momentum. So big overwhelming optimistic momentum so that any further due it’s in with a boom on 321, okay, I know you have a lot of caucasian, so we have to practice. First 3 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, a big round of applause for clay clark.

You can do a little bit better or not. I know you can yeah I got a guy is helping change stuff around here. Thank you for vanessa for being here as well. I’m, as you know, he’s he’s our business conferences coach here for, for some of the the staff and the volunteers and in the in the servers, I’ve benefited from what he is brought to the table. So thank you for offer, teaching us cuz. We could all use a business coach or a servant’s coach or whatever we we really benefited at the church at on, are serving teams and i. Tell you what let’s give a big round of applause for our for our leadership, pastor, brian and jesse for recognizing. Sometimes when your leadership, it’s it’s difficult to swallow your pride and say you know:i need help in certain areas and I have so much respect for leaders that say:hey, let’s bring somebody in there. That knows how to help us be that much better, instead of just thinking that you could do everything by the by their self and I really appreciate the leadership here at this church. A lot of the verses that the I prepped for the tithe and offering a presentation he went through so I sent him.

The first service I was like oh he’s, going through the stuff that I prepared, but you know as hot as i. Listen to him. I am reminded of a quote from a movie that my kids have watched about 18 times by now, but it in the movie the quote was comfort is the enemy of progress. Comfort is the enemy of progress in the main character, saying that there’s a lot of definitions that we get from humans of what comfortable is that we deserve to be comfortable. You know-and it’s it’s, this humid definition of comfort that and he’s referring to in the movie and-and you can-you can take that and realize that the 40 hour work week and some of the stuff that that clay presented is, is what we believe, sometimes that that were there were entitled to this level of comfort. But scripture tells us what we’re supposed to do where are toil supposed to land up and we were supposed to work unto the lord and god is going to give us all business conferences opportunities to show what we can get out of the comfort zone of the world and enter into a spiritual comfort that looks completely different than what anybody else sees as comfortable, and you might have some detractors out there that tell you that you’re that you’re trying to go above and beyond that you trying to kiss up or to move ahead or well, maybe but I know working until the lord looks different than working on. Till, may and I really appreciate clay’s message validating that we have. We have a different level of accountability that we’re supposed to go towards. So I encourage you.

You know to listen to those words and take them in your day and I do know I’m thinking it is his reference towards a garden well in in the life garden excuses of the weeds that are going to block you from being able to blossom, and you might have an excuse right now. He’s talking about working to 6 day, and you might say:well, they don’t schedule me a 6-day because they don’t want to have the overtime and what I tell you, what no one stopping you from recognizing something you can change in the business you’re working and you go home and you do it on your own and you bring it back on day, one and say hey on my day off I thought we could use this. Can we put the someplace I know it’s an business conferences improvement. We need that’s what he’s talking about! That’s what the six-day is for to go above and beyond what everybody else thinks it’s comfortable


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