How to Turn Your Passions Into a Profitable Business with the Founder of Joel Hester

Show Notes is the contemporary steel furniture manufacturer of choice for Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, Starbucks, PIXAR, Westin, and Honda and we interview the founder, Joel Hester.

  1. What is Weld House?
    1. A 9 year old furniture manufacturer in Phoenix Az. We build furniture for residential and commercial clients across the USA and even overseas.
  2. What do you guys create?
  3. Who can buy furniture from Weld House?
  4. How is Weld house different from other similar companies?
  5. What got you into this Artform?
  6. Walk me through your creation process?
  7. What are the weekly coaches meetings like?
  8. What cool projects are you working on right now?
    1. Starbucks
    2. Pixar
    3. Westen
  9. How are you able to stay on time with deadlines?
  10. What would you say to other welders or people out there that have a product they are creating? 
  11. How many people are on the team right now?
    1. 9 people and we are trying to get to 11
  12. What is the vision for Weld House?
    1. Make money
    2. We want to have a diverse revenue stream.
    3. We want a business that can operate on it’s own.
    4. I want our company to be able to be a great place to work 
  13. What would you change if you could turn back time?
    1. Give yourself the time for an opportunity to present yourself. Until you’re ready, you can’t take advantage of them.
  14. How can you encourage someone to turn your hobby into a business?
    1. The market will tell you. If you have crickets, it’s not a good option. If you have traffic, it’s probably a good fit.
    2. Don’t cut ties too soon. It could be rough for 4 years and big things can happen in year 5.
  15. How did you get your first 10 clients?
    1. I built a bed frame and I put it on craigslist.
  16. What Drives You?
    1. Following our schedule
    2. Doing our action items
    3. Knowing that we have something that has a ton of potential
  17. How has the Thrivetime Show helped?
    1. We are being held accountable
    2. We know the next steps
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