How to Upsell Effectively

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Are you stuck trying to find something to upsell to your existing clients to increase your bottom line while increasing your market share? If this is you then you need to tune in to this segment as Clay Clark breaks it down.

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.” – Brian Tracy (Best-selling author and world-renowned sales trainer)
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman, not the attitude of the prospect.” – William Clement Stone (businessman, philanthropist and New Thought self-help book author.)
  3. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Jiffy Lube’s consistent upsells:
    1. Would like for me to replace your air filter?
    2. Would you like for me to replace your wipers?
    3. Would you like for me to top off your fluids? Etc.
  4. AMPLE EXAMPLE – All-Inclusive Resorts – They get a card on file and the upsells begin:
    1. Excursions.
    2. Beverages.
    3. Meals.
    4. Entertainment, etc.
  5. ACTION ITEM – Create a massive list of all of the additional problems that you can solve for your ideal and likely buyers.
  6. ACTION ITEM – Reduce your list of problems that you can solve for your ideal and likely buyers to a list of the products and services that you can most realistically offer your ideal and likely buyers.
  7. ACTION ITEM – Add list of additional services you offer on your One Sheet.
  8. ACTION ITEM – Add list of additional services to your closing process / checklist.
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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business conferences, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com. Oh yes, rod, nation, shimmy, shimmy, ya, shimmy, yam, shimmy ya, give me the mic so I can take it away, then get it back to her chop chop chop! Here’s the deal you just got to get into your wu-tang vernacular! It’s been one more time per lifetime. Studying the wu-tang lyrics, you would have a better appreciation for that in trouble. We are. We are super excited for breaking down specific actionable steps that your business coach will help you to implement and chuck. What are we talking about now, I’m excited I got marshall to the left of me. Luke owen’s to the right here. I am stuck in the middle with you guys. So are we going to talk about how to make a massive list of upsell possibilities? This is huge. Get this part confused, i, think they get kind of overwhelmed and i. Don’t know what to do with how to make it very easy, so I’m going to do we talked about it a lot, but hard-working people are often humble, yes and I feel like a lot of clients. I worked with initially come to this idea of upselling with like a negative, connotation and negative kind of a cloud over it. Is it a bad thing? Should you upsell? What’s what’s the deal with it? Okay to let me walk you through the thought process.

There’s a book called more than a hobby which I’ve read more than once by the founder of hobby lobby. It’s a signed edition right there by the way he signed himself. So that’s fabulous will look there, but anyway, I’m at david, green I met him. I said sir I want to ask you hobby lobby how about start and I had to do it, and he says what happened was:is other cerebal palsy people might community that couldn’t find a job and so I found out if I took fence posts that weird to be thrown away? You know and turn it into like the business conferences frames. We could sell that people like that so started. They talk about the story. We start becoming like 400 bucks to be selling these frames and i. Don’t know flea market in town or something and people liked liked them the frame. So they like the frames and actually that he was a shopkeeper for a local business owner. He was selling the frames at the store permission, and then people said what else do you have any overtime? He started teaching these people with cerebral palsy. How to make the frames. He taught him how to make a how to make a decorative items of accoutrements and decor, and then people started saying what else do you have, and so we made a list of like all the things people ask for overtime. I thought I was going to make it readily available, so we opened up the first hobby lobby store. He had like model airplanes there and people go in for a model airplane to buy. One I want to make it. You know when they go. Do you have any glue? And now we don’t have a glow?

You know, but it will do. You have you, don’t have glue or paint don’t have the model paint or the gloom. You just have the model weird, so I have to go to another store. Then oh yeah like what we know, they’re saying this kind of knot out loud, but we’ve already trust you enough to pay. You are dollars, don’t make her life harder. Let us buy everything from you, so we started making it a store when you complete your hobby from start to finish and get all of the things needed to complete the project. All there so brian tracy, the best-selling author and world-renowned sales trainer trainer. He says approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal like mr. Hobby lobby, not of selling a product or a service, so maybe say upserve up there yet or w clement stone. He wrote. Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the sales person, not the attitude of the prospects, more problems, maybe that unlocks that part of your business conferences mind, we don’t a high-pressure people. If you go to jiffy lube, you go in there to get your oil changed and then the guy comes up to you and says:would you like for me to replace the air filter? Would you like for me to replace the wipers? Would you like for me to top off those fluids, I’m going to go to an all-inclusive resort? They get that card on file and they say. Would you like to do an excursion today? Would you like a beverage? Would you like meals? Would you like entertainment, have you been to an all-inclusive resort? I can tell you this i. Definitely don’t want to go anywhere else in mexico, except for their i. Don’t want to walk and round up and down to have you been to those all inclusive resorts, job yeah, i, don’t want to walk by me if you so choose places are scary. When you get off the reservation, yam I told you about the know me and my wife walked around the corner on her honeymoon went out past the little rock ledge couldn’t see him anymore. Next thing you know a guy comes out of nowhere on the beach and he’s all the sudden holding my wife’s arm with a knife in his hand, he’s leaving brady into a bracelet trying to get money and I’m like in a swimsuit like I’m like dude I got no money here, and it was a weird situation.

So I went to trinidad tobago. We actually got a guy with a machete hold up a knife to me and give me and I give all my money not fun. So it’s like you know, I’d rather just not least, I want you to tell that these guys out in california. They do a phenomenal job. This mike counsil plumbing going going back back to cali cali and they do it. They do an incredible job until I just was hoping that you might be able to briefly tell why the up serving model work so well. The pleasure of speaking this organization, mike counsil, plumbing and beautiful. It was a san jose, california and silicon valley and what they did is they realize they’re plumbers, and so people want to have a service called they really don’t charge for the service call. So you call hey I want to get my leak, fixed i, say absolutely will take care of you and he said just so. You know the service calls on us will just take care of it and if we can help you out of it, cost in business conferences materials will take care of it. When we can just turn off the water fix, the thing will do it, they come out there and they have a massive list of all of the problems that they can solve for the ideal like the buyers, so what they do they they reduced all those problems that they can solve to a a list to a bunch of chocolate, and then they just go around the house. Saying hey while we’re here. Do you want us to make sure you don’t have any leaks in your attic or in your basement or in your kitchen or in your plumbing? You want us to look at that. We would do at 10 points, but we’re here we’ll just do a 10 point, inspection and while we’re here and by the way, people love that they love knowing hate everything, checks out your to go boom and by the way. Why were here and they all dressed up dressed in the uniform they show up on time?

Oh my gosh. She show up on time. Is it be on green van they’re? All cleaned or great vehicles are well-maintained, sketchy, not sketch. Then they say they’re all they’re, all the professional, her dress shop. They say we do kitchen, remodeling, cabinetry, work, home, remodeling, i, don’t know all the things they do, but the things they do and they say if you’d like for us to come back and give you an estimate for those things. We can help you. What are things in your home? Are you looking to update this year? They’re talking to a woman, let me tell you what the majority of women are going to go well, I kind of wanted those cabinets done, how’s it going to come back. Let’s do it so then they ask their husbands. Reading that you wanted to get done and if you’re a man out there, you probably get a man cave that mansion outdoor kitchen get that bathroom cleaned up, get that theater room put in get the whatever the speakers put an business conferences overhead and then they come back and they at their average deal I don’t want to make up a number on the air. That’s not accurate. I would just say going there. They make thousands of dollars per deal because they over delivered a while the customer with prompt service and response and no charge the initial service fearless to the time, and now, when they’re in the house, they build that trust with you, marsha lee offer so many products and survey just have a list of things that they ask about and I just say. Would you like me to help you with this? The guy they literally go through the entire list?

Do you need help with this? Can help with your kitchen? You need me or what do I do what you want to do. Is you make a list of all the problems that you can solve? Your idea, like the buyers, then you want to turn it into a one sheet in your business coach, can help you do that, and then you want to make sure that your technicians, your salespeople, your professionals, you are sales people, your office, people, your customer service folks, did they every single time they crossed out, and they just ask your id unlikely buyer if they indeed need thosebusiness conferences service. If you have to ask every you want extra fries with that, give me the supersize that that question question is making mcdonald’s millions of dollars it’s an unbelievable system, and that is how you effectively upsell or upserve to your ideal, unlikely buyers it it’s a super move. You can use if you need help. Her coach help me with the step by step process


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