How to Write a Book

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Have you ever wanted to write a book? Amazon best-selling author Clay Clark breaks down the proven path for writing a high quality book.


  • Step 1 – Write the Table of Contents
  • Do not edit while you go. Just get it out of your head.
  • Should take no more than 1 hour.
  • Step 2 – Think about a working book title and not the FINAL title.
  • Step 3 – Write during the BEST hour of every day… and that is it.
  • When are you going to do it?
  • Where do you need to be?
  • Who needs to be with you?
  • Step 4 – Send your final rough draft to an editor.
  • Step 5 – Edit the “edited” version of your book.
  • Step 6 – Send it back to the editor
  • Do this 8 times
  • As you do this the title will become clear
  • Step 7 – Market the book (before you print it).
  • Have a test group read the book and give you an review.


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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business conferences, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing his group, that you did it and your contact information to android drive time show.Com, alright, drive nation! Welcome back to the conversation is the thrive time show on your radio and apparently my turkey has just unloaded proof. That is an animal onto the floor in the man cave studios. Is this true just too little by little turkey power right there, but we have charles cola on the show today is the he has why for the cofounders of colaw fitness, which is a business that to give you some context, they have thousands of customers and if you go to colaw fitness. Com real quick, you can check out their website or seether social media see what’s going on, but you guys have thousands of members between joplin topeka bartlesville on each each location has thousands, and so you don’t do a place where, as you’ve achieved success, you have done what I have seen a lot of people do and I edit it something that it’s it’s exciting to see it happen and i. Don’t think a lot of people get to that place because money is a magnifier okay, so money is a magnifier and i. Don’t think a lot of people understand this concept, but once you you start a business in the first goal of the business, is what it’s it’s to japanese, what the first goal of the business. First, what do you have first level? That first goal is to rush to revenue and really I mean even beyond that. Maybe I mean, what’s the most deep primal main reason for startinag a company. I mean probably it’s not. It didn’t seem like a really cool thing. Pain right, I mean there’s no like culture team. It just like me against the world. I got to pay some bills, you got kids, you got wipe.

You got a mortgage world I want to get a girl, that’s where I started. You know it’s like I want to, let you know and then I got the girl and got the businesses, and that kind of thing until you do is put on the show notes. But it’s called maslow’s hierarchy of needs sober to a physiological needs for breathing and food and water meters try going a day without breathing or food or water maslow list here now, sex isn’t need sleep, isn’t need, homeostasis isn’t eating according to thomas creationism got to be, then you move up and safety, and that’s where you want to have security of your body of employment that sat next to the next level. The first level is just like I just got to be alive, stay alive, this, is, where, it gets weird belonging, friendship, family and most business conferences entrepreneurs never figure that out that you can’t have fellowship and love the belonging with your employees, because they’re on a different level, you are a different. Sometimes you have some employ, you become buddies with, but if you try to make your the people that you spend all your time with your buddies, you are going to get screwed, because let me tell you what they will quit as soon as it’s convenient for them. So just just today, how do you have a young lady? She says that you know I really like working with you, I love working with you guys. You guys are awesome. You mean the world to me. I know what that means. If I can get a pay raise an extra dollar an hour I’d be happy to stick around, but right now, I think I have taken her job, so it if her friend said you I love being your friend. It’s been, it’s awesome, I love being your friend your friend, but the thing is:if you don’t pay me for the next meal, I’m done at switch next move up is a steam. That’s where you’re looking for like respect of others, achievement confidence. Self-esteem, were you start to say you know what I am, who I am I’m a child of god I’m, doing what god wants me to do, and I have self-esteem and confidence in that, because I’ve confided told myself a secret I made a I confided. Now what you have that self-esteem that you move up? This is the final one. This is where charles is at tip top. It’s called self actualization, and it’s where you want to give back. You want to be use your creativity, your problem, solving skills to help your fellow man. You have the time, freedom in the financial part of a deuce, so you want to go back. This would be called philanthropy, and so charles is a client of ours in a friend and he he says he has to write a book. How do i? Do it? I thought you know what really I’d like to help you charles. Do that and I’ll tell her to do it and so will put a link on the show note to a rough draft of a book that were putting together, so I can see it being written right now in rough form, and this book is called the elephant in the room. 57 words of wisdom and mindsets to becoming a successful person, and the book really has 57 notable quotables. That I find myself quoting all the time that I would like to give two members of the elephant in the room. So if you sign up for a membership, awesome and I want to sew a seed in the lives of other people that they too can become successful to man book. It’s all good book. Yes, I will put this on the show notes in charles. You can ask me questions you have here so the first step is you want to write the table contest like what is going to be included in this book and do not try to edit it as you go just get out of your head and if you’re stuck go to the bookstore and find a book that is about a similar subject.

At least you have something to pull from just do not get stuck once you get writer’s block you writers, depressed, so don’t do it so you’re going to write your book on your trip. I would grab like your pfeiffer books and bring it with you awesome. This should take you no more than an hour cuz you’re, just going faster did you do? Did you do? Did you do do do second think about a working book title, but not the final work, the title so right, a working title, but not the final tile. Don’t try to come up with the final title. Just write a working time, so elephant in the room used to be called bespoke bespoke means like a custom-tailored. It wasn’t working title, it wasn’t the gummy. The final title just tell me that until we can put their name so what’s the name of your book, your thinking about? Well, it’s the based upon trying to help people like you’re the first 30 days that they want to make a change in their life like lc30 life, coach, 3030 effect or dad to see. If 30 is a diet, workout motivational program that we’re building for the diet and some of the goal setting and maybe a testing ground for you awesome yeah. She got a ride it. Okay, so you got to get to the table of contents. Can you cut a visually picture that already left and I’m kind of started that yeah? We want to make sure that we basically taken through 30 different days of changing changing the lives of business conferences. You would want to type this by the way to not ride the sun paper. This is huge for authors on paper and then you try to transfer to typing back and forth. You use you’ll, get stuck and lose motivation, while transferring so I would encourage you to brighten table of contents, while typing I’ve been doing both and it does get frustrating so I can in the process right amount of writing a book by hand or the whole book will be my handwriting, because I think that, like or something magical about it so I’m working on that. But you really don’t want to do that. It’s like the third testament of calligraphy.

This is clay a graffiti yeah i. Just would encourage you to type. If you can adjust jokes always been funny to me when I listen to the podcast, the dishes, because they haven’t so fast, it happened so fast and so good. So you think about the working book title no, step 3 is you need to write during the best hour of every day and that’s it so you take the best hour of everyday like before. You got irritated as a business owner. I know how you are, but for me just being totally transparent all the listeners out there. This is what I do this. It’s a bad system, you’re telling me something:that’s not that I’m. Just saying why do is why do before I come home? I have to download mentally before I come in the house, because it’s like the pace at which I work is so much faster than the pace of family, so I had to make myself to this. Radio shows a great way that I start my day so early and the shows like the last thing. I do everyday. So it’s kind of like a great way for me to wind down right, but you’ve got to take the best hour of your day when your most cognitively, sharp and right there right after my workout right, yes and i, would just tell you specifically think about business conferences about the win you’re going to ride it, but where you’re going to ride it and who needs to be with you know, this is what’s crazy. My dear friend michael levine, the pr consultant for nike for michael levine, the peer consultant for pizza hut, the pr consulting for prince for the clintons for the bushes for cameron diaz he’s dyslexic right. So he can’t read:really:is a new york times bestselling author of almost a dozen books? So what he does is he talks to somebody who types they have these people? You can go he’s like a court. Reporters sonographer, you need somebody with you that can talk.

I would recommend someone, you know, I wouldn’t go out there and get like a stenographer because they would be hard to them, but I’m taking a nap. So we can talk to and you don’t want their feedback if you don’t want them to go. Why did you should do this instead and by the way this wasn’t said correctly, you’re just wanting them to type as fast as you think right, that’s what you want and then you’re going to want them in this is where it gets fun and terrible. Okay, then you’re going to want to send your final version of your stream-of-consciousness version to an editor and editor will charge. You $1,500 minimum. My wife paid 16 grand for her okay I edit books for people now, but only only for 5 g’s, because it literally text me all like, like hundreds of hours and ice undercharged or not do it is cuz I can put on the book with clay clark or things that may help me so I helped a friend of mine, lee cockrell put it on his books. It helps to get annulment in that book in august, when the guy, who used to manage walt, disney, world, resorts sites, drive and all his books, it’s kind of a good thing for gas I’ll do that or you would then send it to them going to send it back to you search up next step. If you have to edit your own book again after they edited at that point, you’re going to say to yourself man what was I thinking, you’re going to have some business conferences edits, then you send it back to them and they edit it again and they send it back to you and I’m going to put * 8.

Only sure you get this ernest hemingway best offer with us authors of arjun of all time. He said the first version of anything or paul granville airbnb dropbox reddit. He said it takes 8 versions of something before it’s good, so I’m just telling you I go back back and forth 8 times and as I do that the title become crystal clear to the final step. This is the part people don’t want to do. You got a market that book and I recommend that you would bark at the book before you can have the book you find. If there is a market for you, it’s kind of cool cuz. You only have fifteen thousand members. What say that you could give your book to and if they like the book, don’t go, tell their friends, so you’d say to those 15,000 people, hey. Here’s an investment want to give this book to you and all I would ask you to do-is to leave us an amazon review. I want you to know that the amazon review affects the amazon algorithm. It’s called the a9 algorithm algorithm determines what books come on top and amazon, and amazon is the world’s best bookstore, so you’ll be now top and amazon is result of giving away free copies of your business conferences book and having people write reviews. So you can actually become a new york times bestselling author by just giving away your book to your own members. Wow! Guess that’s how you do it as far as setting it up where to put on demand. Our coach can help you as far as setting up on amazon or coach can help you. As far as getting an endorsement letter, you always want to have an endorsement on the cover of the book from a household name. If you can, a tim ferriss got his book, endorsed by phil town when he started the new york times bestselling author, and it really helps you sell more books if your book is endorsed. If the introduction was written by like tim tebow or something like that, so you would want to be willing to pay somebody a lot of money to do that kind of thing and that thrive. Nation is how you write a book, go and see your track. Coach


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