How Workflows Work

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Once you nail it, it’s time to scale it. Clay Clark and Doctor Z teach how to scale a business by creating repeatable systems, processes and workflows.

How Workflows Work

  1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – Average American watches 5 hours of TV per day, report shows
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Nothing will work unless you do” – Maya Angelou
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect.” – Jack Dorsey (Co-founder of Twitter and the founder of Square)
  4. AMPLE EXAMPLE – To Scale the Business We Must Design a Workflow Filled with Repeatable Processes and Systems –


Create a workflow:

    1. Create Box 1 = Branding
    2. Create Box 2 = Marketing
    3. Create Box 3 = Sales Conversion
    4. Create Box 4 = Service / Product Delivery
    5. Create Box 5 = Human Resources
    6. Create Box 6 = Accounting
    7. Create Box 7 = Strategic Growth
      1. Corporate owned growth
      2. Taking the company public
      3. Franchising
      4. Licensing your proven system
    8. Create Box 8 = Public Relations
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Audio Transcription

And back to a show, that’s cooler than the other side of the business conferences pillow is the drivetime business coach show the business bureau provided the fuel to make. You want to go with him to start up for a big tomball that will teach you. The system to increase should doubtless to optimize self x call. So we can get yourself at the truth out of paper. My name is clark gable. Next to me, it’s easy on staples and you can too, if you unplug the cableyou, don’t see you could own stables if you unplug that cable, can you unpack the truth of that rhyme with covered it in the last segment and if you’re, driving or pure at a truck, stop or you’re, making a cubicle eating lunch or during a google self-driving car in albuquerque new wondering? Will you make it to your desk? Will you make it to your destination the thing and you miss part of the show you can always go on when putting on a podcast to you need to go to thrive. Time should I come to get to know, so we were just talking about how many hours a day people are watching. Tv to cable is kind of an acronym or kind of a substitute for tv tv show. Now you have dish, you have just dreaming right, so you, you may not even have cable running on even know what that is. I, don’t know what that ispretty open and there you go because I’m going to business is work and it takes time and we heard at work work and you can’t stop a lot of times. You can’t stop the job you’re doing now, while you’re starting your business, who there’s a concept. So then you have to add that into your busy schedule, it’s already busy cuz guess what we’re all busy people, but the problem is i, think we’re busy doing things that they don’t need to do. If it’s not going to help their business grow. I am watching. You know, netflix.

All weekend long run you unplug the cable, stop the tv. Take your 5-hour, never mind your business and then you can. Then you can have the dreams of your life. Then you can have your bucket list items and for me it was only the horses and that’s why you brought him stable. You know how to unplug your cable i, typically don’t cost a lot of rihanna on the show and I want to I’m going to let this go to the pop star, rihanna and workflows. Okay, so thisnon non rihanna quote first to check when added to the business conferences show notes. This is maya angelou, who is the best selling author, the poet who president clinton, asked to speak at his inauguration. She says nothing works unless you do think about that for a second, nothing works. Unless you do that’s like you getting business, coaching and mentorship being taught how to build a workflow, but the not doing the action items is a lot like buying a car not filling up with gas and then complaining that you’re not getting any mileage out of it. Correct so I’m going to quote rihanna because there’s something deep about these lyrics and z I figured what I’m going to do is we can have a duet almost as the song that she did with drake here, I’m going to have jeffrey. The second part, I read the first part. Here we got. This is rihanna. She says work, work, work, work, work, you see, I be work, work, work, work work, you see me dirt dirt, dirt dirt dirt. There’s something about that work, work, work, work, work when you going to learn, learn, learn, learn, learn me not care. If me tired, tired, tired, tired tired, what does she mean there?

Cuz I’m going to be telling her that she’s talking about wow and then working some more and she doesn’t care if she’s tired-and you need to learn that about her because she likes to work, work, work, work, work, work, work, the song for sake of time. She basically encourages her man. She says, hey, you know. If you want to hang out with me, you got to work. I got to work because she’s not trying to convince you to have drive dirt dirt dirt I typically disagree with a lot of what rihanna says, but that’s one Thing:i’ve noticed about enormously successful people. Is they all grind? So now we get into this workflow, the first pelosi we have is a tip top k-9 workflow I’m, putting it on the show notes in the c business. Does he check this out? This is a business at all. The listeners can buy if they want to and their respective cities it would be. An investment got to buy a dog. You got to commit yourself to about 5 weeks of training, so I don’t see how many weeks and praying that you have to become an optometrist the long weekend in puerto, rico I just give me numbers for about 300 hours of training. You have to have four years of training and about $15,000 one-time investment to get a dog in a van and auto rapid. You can make six figures a year. Good deal. That’s crazy! Talk about bringing in $20,000 a week of gross revenue. We put the business conferences model up for you on today show notes, here we go. This is what they have to do every week for marketing. So this is all they have to do. Every single week and a half to death scene I’ve got to get google reviews for real come from to why every week to apply every week, because that’s how you get to the top of the google map at the very top of the organic results. Okay and if you’re not getting them consistently a google like to see that you’re getting consistent reviews, so they know you’re a real business yung be somebody’s going to be upset at some point for whatever reason, even if it’s not true-and you got to drown those people out there, the other day about the morganic blueberries-is that the same kind of organic you’re? Talking to me? This is the natural, unpaid, search results and I want to make sure the listeners get this we had to.

Let you came up to me at the thrive time, show conferences workshop and use google thrive15 and then the word jinx, dr-15, jinx or thrive timeshare reviews. You can see these this lady comes with me. Cuz I left you a really great review and she showed me at the conference. I just want you to know this was life changing wow google reserve the right to remove it if they feel like it is from a disc, credible source and because the woman had never written a google review before right, it didn’t count it so i, don’t know about you by default. How many google reviews would you have ever written about another business? If someone hadn’t asked you to do at zero, that’s right! You got to get reviews, some stick, some! Don’t then they’re searching and chuck she’s got a right. If you buy a tip top k-9, you got to write content every week. Every week, every week you got to act like I said. Google wants to see that consistency. You got to consistently add contents of the you have more on your original comment on your website than your competition and google will it’ll help show them that you’re a real business by not dumping a ton of content on to your website one week and then not touching. It for a year-and-a-half dog training you see their ad is up there right they pay for that. Then you see them on the map, that’s reviews, and then they come over here twice on the first page, 03 twice on the first page, twice and then type in to find her house of float tanks tulsa. This is the first day we launch our new site, which had previously not giving her any web leads like ever she got 10 leads we weren’t even running advertisement. It would literally launched a new site. She was already getting that traffic. They just had it wasn’t. You know, there’s no, no brainer didn’t have an offer in so now they got 10 leaves on the first day of flow is documenting what you need to do. Every week, it’s like the blueprint on this document. I’m looking at you can look at it to drive. Time should I come, they got to get google reviews right, content run, the facebook ads do retargeting ads and they have to drop off free stuff to veterinarians. Z. Why in the world, would you want to drop off stuff every single week to a vendor you’re trying to wow cuz? That’s how you wow them every week? Yes, we did a lot of donuts I buy a lot of boxing by the lot of donuts. Does new diet? That’s a lot of done it to look like this surround myself with donuts and then I just want you to break down why consistency above all else has to be in place for your workflow to work. I want dr. Z, the master of consistency, the king of consistency, visi who’s next to me will break down the importance of daily diligence when we return from the rock. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show kick it.

Yes, you can’t can I kick it? Yes, you can. Can I kick it? Yes, you can. Can I kick it? Yes, you can. This is click clock on the bike and can topical castano, pinochet and I’m focused on the mission beach, the skills and kitchen. The plans are casted from fans to portland, and now my friends, you got to dance to see, it, and I’ll be to see it yes and black batman. What channel is remember when batman batman would do any kind of physical action, something in the screen would take or pow wow. It’s example of zips robin had sort of an ambiguous relationship in today’s time would be viewed differently, mentors cuz. It was like this this. This is there. This is how batman started. Batman says he goes so robin, let’s go to lululemon and he says, okay, that man that sounds fun. Alright, the rock, now there’s a robin and we’re going to go to the boys section of target. I want to get some underoos and put every time and every time that we get something done. I want to make sure the screen says. Damn would you put it like that? But it does you just destroyed a childhood memory of mine, but I was just I wasn’t happy with that. Very long business conferences relationship was going to reassessment robin. Are you touching my leg? Oh, no, that’s why I’m here I’m the parents I will correct the shelf oaks 61 good guard rails up guard rails that go and start the money, marketing marketing systems. First, it has to be documented, see. Why do you have to get it out of your head and actually put it on a paper of some kind, but you have to eventually put on a piece of paper and then why you have to consistently do it when you have to because what happens with that? Is it’s very powerful thing? It’s like writing down your gold. Your life goes. It’s like riding down the mission statement of your life. It’s like riding down! What you going to do today is like riding down what your business workflows going to look like it’s a purple thing to do to write it down because I’m what you can do is you don’t forget it number one and you’re held accountable by the people around you cuz. They see your goals in front of you all the time in the office. That’s right, you’re supposed to always bill insurance boss. Did you write that article this week? Oh no accountability, something that can be not fun, especially if it’s not fun when you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing the number one of your workflow, you got a mail down your branding, vinzy houston were too young to know that your marketing and write down the marketing activities, the specific quote of the action items must occur every week see the next box is sales conversion.

You see when the weeds come in at tip, top k-9, you want to leeds come into the website, see they have a certain text message that they send people who fill out the form and they have a certain voice mail. They send. You see they have a certain email they send, and you know what they’ve been doing it so long. They perfected it see they probably now, when I ask a question, is going to be in this crazy, crazy, crazy? Is it something different than they first started doing? Yes, what I mean by this is that a lot of people out there we’ll think of themselves. I, don’t want to see your text message until I know it’s perfect I don’t want to send an email, but is my one shot at them, so I don’t want to make sure it’s perfect, so I’m just going to save their email, addresses and I was going to affect this email over time and then I get a perfect rock and roll done is better than perfect easy bingo boom. You couldn’t be here today, but he’s a guy who founded square. He found it square the payment systems, company and izzy the same man co-found. This is the same man co-founded a little company called twitter, so business conferences jack dorsey see. This is what he says. He just make every detail perfect and then limit the number of details to perfect. He says:make every detail perfect:z limit the number of details to perfect wow. What does it mean so think about this with your with your auction, if every single day, every friday, you lined up the cars differently just because you need that ride in your life. Would you be totally screwed justice crew? Absolutely you know what sometimes it’s out of a hard. If I think this might be better and we might try it and then it will determine whether it is or not sometimes you can figure out you’ve done it enough. You got no. We try that 3 years ago and it didn’t work. You took some time to get that new person in there who thinks they can. Maybe you make a better mousetrap and I’m all about making a better mousetrap been doing wrong. Try, for example, we are, you know it’s not going to work, then I’m not going to change it now, the next, the next box. If you want to create the system for your service and how you deliver the product they deliver the service.

The next box is human resources. An xbox xbox working from left to right here on this workflow is accounting and the next bach is strategic growth, and you get the point that sits boxes from left to right. Like a timeline, do you know if you’ve never seen a workflow, william shakespeare would say:brevity is the soul of wit, so I guess bill s would have said. Brevity is the soul of wit and steve. Bob’s said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and then see her on the top right. It says what they need to do every week, so it says here on monday at 9, and you have a team meeting. They have a financial meeting at noon. Then you’d have a group interview tuesdays at 6. They got to have a group on board and class on saturdays at 6:30 on the rocks into your schedule. If you want to have total time freedom outside of those rocks, because you won’t do it, if you only do what schedule, otherwise you let the day drift you. Otherwise you let the clock, control, you, you don’t control the clock. It’s all that work control for doing her thing. I want to give you as much time to talk about as you want. I want to get chop to break this down to you are probably the most gregarious, seemingly random childlike business conferences adult I’ve ever met you’re like the peter pan of entrepreneurship. It’s like you want to be a kid and you are a kid in many ways, because you’re such a rigorous old man and so fastidious and so crotchety about details. So it’s like the your discipline allows you to have the freedom z and that’s what we’re all about here. Discipline is the bridge. You know.

Just discipline is the bridge between the big idea and the execution. Idid discipline is there and that’s what happens when people have the big idea and they see the success. This is the footings but I see the house. I do not see the iceberg underneath the water by sea, the tip of the iceberg. I do not see the years of commitment. I just see the successful dr., robert, zoellner and associates I did not see the money that was invested in the concrete before there any customers I just see the results fake play, i, look at it like this I work too hard, I grinded too much to let somebody else now take control of my day. Oh, come on I work too hard. I grind it too much to let somebody else take control of my day. So what kind of people try to take your day cool things for your day that, maybe you just say no to everybody got a minute? No man can we meet for a minute. I! Don’t really know you, but you haven’t responded to your email, but you haven’t responded. Delete i, just sent you a voicemail, but you haven’t responded. Elite I’ve noticed you’re, not attending the chamber. Events I noticed that the hateful social media, I wrote about you, you didn’t respond, I didn’t even read it I noticed it you just do you say no, all the time so check out the listeners out. There help the business coaching, clients non-clients the great people after the business conferences owners, help them say know where do they get stuck? They get stuck in their old habits in the things that they’re used to and what is currently normal right and you got to break your normal and change that we talked about in previous segments about who you’re running with how you’re spending your time and then bring this back to the work, clothes and being diligent, I’ve been working with a lot of clients lately and we’re knocking out these work, clothes and one in particular.

The last one I can think of was guy shepherd with shepherd automotive in oklahoma city, oh, and he is, he is just been grinding for 12 years. I’ve got a successful business, but he every person that I’ve worked with or seen you work with clay that we get a workflow out of their head. It is like a wet, blanket has been lifted off of them and they, like that’s, been stuck inside their had the entire time they’ve had their business, and now people can actually see it, and it’s just amazing what you got to be diligent and you got to take control your schedule if you’re going to do that. Now, if you want to change your habit force and become a successful, proactive, purposeful person, you got to fill your mind with positive information. You can get that information at drivetime show.Com. We provide you with the for the podcast, come on person, workshop, video library of thousands of business conferences videos. You can learn from mentors and not mistakes. I repeat, learn from mentors and not mistakes. You can be successful and you will be successful. Go to thrive time show.Com without any further adieu. 3


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