I Got Thrive on It – A Lyrical Miracle

Show Notes

Listen to the latest Lyrical Miracle “I Got Thrive on It” from Clay Clark and the team as they talk about all of the things that Thrive does for coaching clients, from graphic design to systems and checklists, and everything in between.

(Verse 1)

From carpet cleaning to medical you just schedule a call
beating anyone competing by out workin them all
Implement our proven systems bet your problems dissolve
Best believe its raining blessing boy our lesson are law

Testimonials to prove we’re the truth there’s no lack-in
We maxing out your business potential just go and ask em
Delusions you can do it alone are old fashioned
Just enough ain’t never enough and don’t last em

Market loud find your purple cow
That what we about so profound
Make ya business float you could never drowned
Hold the crown have ya standing out vision stretching miles
Started out building in the town now we’re world renowned

Proper preparation breeds perpetual sales
You gotta nail it to scale to see a path to prevail
Translating the details that it takes to excel
Leadership and education
this is water to whales

(Verse 2)

If your companies struggling, get in touch with the team.
Next level entrepreneurs, our business sense is supreme
We be rebalancing businesses, building paths to their dreams
Content creation accounting and everything in between

Time and financial freedom that specified to your needs
We takin the guessing out success with actual steps to succeed.
Revealing leadership secrets without attaching no strings
An investment that cost ya less than paying one employee

Ayo we Proactive
Pros with Pro action
We go all day long, no procrastin.
So focused on growth it shows our souls passion
Nobody’s gonna slow our roll we blow past em

Talent ain’t the reason we outwork em at will
Like Jon Kelly, will power is the power we wield
Start here and steer clear of any fear that ya feel
And Learn to “Think and Grow Rich” like Napoleon Hill

(Verse 3)

Yo, it’s the Thrivetime Show on your radio
Rockin’ the mic with the Will-da-beast and the Stephen flow

It’s the C-L to the A-Y, and your brostradamus
I grow businesses cause it’s easy if I’m honest

It just takes focus like you are caught up in a trance
To do the repetitive things that are found up in our plans

From our SEO row to our graphic design team
We supply the skills so you can supply the dream

We got your video and photo held down by Felicia
We got the coding held by Devin, we sees yuh.

Tucker in the design everywhere like he’s VISA
Jon Kelly, leading like he’s a Ceasar

MIrror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the business coach who’s the tallest of them all

It’s the M to the Morris, Marshall Morris
And if Eric Chupp were here, he would help us sing the chorus

I got thrive on it
You want growth then here’s your seeds

I got thrive on it
We got everything you need

I got thrive on it
If you’re stuck then don’t go back

I got thrive on it
Come on let’s get back on track

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