How to Identify the Different Roles Your Company Needs

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In this episode of the Thrivetime Show business coach Clay Clark will talk with Dr Z about how to identify the different roles your company needs and why it is important.  

How to Identify the Different Roles Your Company Needs

  1. Look to the G.O.A.T. – Greatest Of All Time
  2. You must go to someone outside of your own town to find out what the competition is doing great and to steal their ideas. (be a pirate not a pioneer)


 Do You Run Into the Same Problems Every Time When Building Businesses?  

  1. What problems do you see everytime you build a business
  2. How important is the top 10 buyer and seller room in your business and the concept of the following notable quotable

Back to the thrive time show on your radio and just a minute. Where can I get back to a question that marshall morris one of the business coaches has her doctor’s? He because marshall, morris and chad both business coaches with our program, they actually took a member of the thrive nation from new orleans, who owns a clinical research facility to the optometry clinic, as well as to the auto auction to observe what is, and they have been to our business conferences how can I get field trip? This is the opera adult it is at the show dirty example. You said of all the thing we’re going to go to the show that was not cross the line marshall. Could you give your employees certain latitude right, correct and if you bought a book store right, you you went out there. You invested your hard-earned money and doctors, owners, bookstore and then marshall and marshall ads the sign just a small adult bookstore. It does exist anymore, for if you covered up the windows and you block them out with paint you’d, be double fired.. I just want to get that out there. You know the latitude of what you can not get away with ask doctors, questions or taking action that, as permission continue, can I just say a little bit as a little story before he asked the questions about what we are out. There sure don’t trip I’m going to I didn’t get a chance to go out to the optometry clinic cuz I was at the meeting, so I got there. I got to the auto auction before tyler and rachael ray, tyler and rachel and marshall, and so I talked to that the mets managers out there and they were cool, hey. There was super awesome, but I noticed I was there like walking around just kind of staring everybody doing their jobs and they were like what is this guy doing like a kind of creepy? But one thing that happened was i, went to throw a bottle away, the trash can by the front door and then I noticed it was full and since I was there looking at systems in the business I go I wonder how long that trash can will be full I went into the bathroom I’ll sing, the blues 15-in a small. Well, there was a guy there asking for samples, i, don’t know what that was all about. 2 minutes, maybe right. Just 2 minutes, I come back out, one of your top guys and one of the maintenance guys was already there taking the trash out, and so it was just like this. Just as awesome things like I was like I wonder how long it’ll take and the next time I turn around. They were already on top of it. So just the system’s the man, it’s just it’s amazing mayzie we had a great time, was amazing. We had to go to the restroom and kids. That’s that’s a successful business!

That’s a successful business! The question is is with auto auction. You have 7 lanes that are running right now. Is it 7 lanes or yes? This is what I thought was phenomenal about. It is that every lane is the exact same as in they operate all the same way until you might have different cars or different people, different dealers for different lanes, but the way that they’re run is the exact same corral. What I was hoping that you might be able to break down, because in the if you’ve not been out there, it’s, it might seem like chaos, but nobody stress might, it seems like they are so much going on all at the same time and everybody’s on a speaker, and a lot of things are going on there moving through cars at every 30 seconds, there’s a new car coming through, and so it’s moving very quickly, but nobody’s stressed everybody’s on top of whatever it is that they’re doing until what I was going to hope that you can break down is how did you identify what those different roles were? Were they did you start with all of the rolls out all at once, or how did you piece together the the appropriate people for each lane? Here’s a think about it that I counsel and when I’m business coaching when I’m in a business coach with someone and most businesses better being started right now, there’s a there’s, a a goat, there’s an example there’s a greatest of all right I’m at least something you could go somewhere in and investigate into what you do. Is you get out of your your town that you want to start a chiropractic office, your chiropractor? Do you want to have a killer chiropractic office? Are you going to open that up in oklahoma, city oklahoma right right? We don’t try to find the best chiropractor in oklahoma, city cuz. That’s what kind of awkward I mean you can do it if you get busted, it’s super weird, seeing the create an antagonistic relationship. They will eventually bust you. What you do is you is you determine a very good one there and then you build a rapport with them and you try to find you try to get to that gold and look and where, in other words you say, hey can I come and shatter. You can i. Look at you, I hear you’re the best i. Just want to come and pick your brain and I’d like you to mentor me and go to business conferences and a lot of guys in professional. If you play it right, if you do all the stuff that we teach you through the dark, thrive coaching, if you do it right, you can get that golden I can go in and get that so there’s no new, there’s no new rocket science is no.

You know you find the parade and get in front of it until there’s a lot of examples of what a good option is. I have two other things. I want to add to that, because so many clients I mean absolutely show you the proven path, like we weren’t with other people in your industry in different cities, the only time I’m not going to help you is, if you have a men’s grooming business I’m, not helping you. If you a dog training business, if you’re not a tip top k-9 I’m, not helping you do you have an oxy fresh I’m, not a carpet cleaning business, not oxifresh, I’m, not going to help you and see it’s not going to sit there and helping auto auction in his own town. If I could do that, and so he’s not going to make any sense, it’s okay! For you to remember, though, that are improperly trained, they are actually going in there naivete to their competitors and ask you hey? How can you help me grow? My business and I will tell you a lot of competitors. I have done this numerous times. I will intentionally give you wrong advice, so you lose track down. This mean probably north of 5 *. Where those say so you guys built dj connection. This would be jack nicklaus rocking. What are your tips for like starting a company as well? The first thing is:never do a show. Your first 10 you never want to do is show and list at least $1,500. What, if you are cheap in the brand bro yeah, really absolutely beer is chuck said he went to your restroom at the z66 auction for 2 minutes urinated for 2 minutes, but never mind magazine website I discovered that, to their surprise, they scientists have discovered that, regardless of the size, most mammals jump urinate for about the same amount of time 21 seconds, despite differences in bladder volume, so I find it hard to believe that you did during ait for 2 minutes and i. Advise you to change your story. Pay I would just say those are some weak mammals if you’re going to be at he. This is as the adult in the room I like to I would like to add. Lucky I said adult adult in the room and I feel like we have been the last seven minutes in a junior. High locker room apologize for it and we will do. We have a good time would be better for the janitorial closet. We went in the wrong spot Marshall Morris, talk to us about our business conferences soon, okay?

What’s next question question is, is when you were first building the business? Okay, any one of your business? Is you run into the same challenges as you’re? Creating the systems? Do you run into the same challenges that you found time and time again? Is there a certain threshold that you have to get past absolutely things and we get back I’m going to break down a few of those and how to get past them break it down, break it down, get ready to enter the thrive time show all about you that we bring the citizens drive time show on your radio broadcast for left goes to the arkansas river, but today you can sense the difference we are operating from the man, cave /, a men’s, locker room and so typically would have class. We would be. We would see if we bring a certain level of class a little procedure. It’s like the difference between a yacht club on the west coast of the arkansas river ride & up and a pool hall like in middle of town in a dingy part of town, that’s kind of what I feel like it’s club yacht, club, miami versus yacht club port of catoosa is a little bit of a difference. I mean you know. If the groundwater is what you’re looking for majestic brown, water verdigris means, green and gray in french is got to the end of the line here with his with his low-brow humor and his overall insulting of the other classiness of our listeners. For your call, okay, I got I got a couple questions about the adult briefs:boxer I try to do digital high level, so the dry erase boards on each of the different lanes different name of what I would expect to be different dealers in so i, didn’t know if they were buyer’s or seller’s questions or what the purpose those were servant. I got friends on dry erase board with the sellers until every week that can change the order they’re coming to the lang and that’s who’s coming to the lane okay cars-and this is my blues away-just makes it personal. So you saw that where we paint we typically have like you know, if you’re going to run through lanes, see you’re always run through and see what I can change, I mean theory and so that dry erase board. Like the final saying, that’s the would come today and the order they’re coming in in who wants to know that. Do the buyers want to know that or do the sellers want to know which land area is buyers have already negotiated that they’ve already negotiated there with the color number and elaine number 20? That means another. Would you make off and say, hey I need 10 spot, so you get 20 to 30. So that’s been negotiated a lot of time to get someone to come to the auction to sell cars at the present goshi ation cool I’m getting them in there, and so that’s how I know where to expect their cars got. It I got another one, another rapid-fire of online bidding as well. If the drivers that have not been out there, but there is a new car coming through every 30 seconds and the car is pulling out before you have the cards for 30 seconds it cuz of how many cars are coming through each lane in so, if you in there are several bids per car, okay, there’s all kinds of bids for acting, so you have one person fielding the online bids to bid with the people on the floor.

Correct. Is that standard for auctions, or does that is just something that blew my mind because there’s a lot of different players at a lot of different people to make that happen right, but that is just so impressive to see that because you’re, integrating both an online technology and an in-person technology, real-time, which segways to my next question, is what what problems? Do you typically see when you’re building a business-and somebody says: hey-that’s not typically how it’s done in our industry or that’s not like the standard way that that’s done. You can’t do it that way. I love, those kind of I love this problem almost as much as I love our business conferences. You typically have those in your businesses, and do you see that as a way to create a competitive advantage or or how do you handle the problem that typically exist when you’re building a business? What 26 going on 27 years ago, when I open up my optometry clinic there had just been some lawsuit that it just been kind of finalize on whether professional can advertise. You know back in the day, long time ago, back when you for you, kids, are just back to an optometry was classy back shepherd. You were just a positive clamps. Your dad’s I forgot that there’s some attorneys actually win a lawsuit. That said that you can now advertise as a professional, and so there are a lot of doctors, dentists, chiropractors, optometrist, attorneys, high, classy people out of rich mahogany that have grown up with the idea that that was very unprofessional to do absolute and it was it, was kind of dirty. It was like I’m getting was like. Oh, that’s really. I’d rather have somebody please ivory white anderson hover near the top of the petroleum club of the 7th or the 13th edition of the alumni association, oh yeah, that it is absolutely and not ethical to advertise without require work and crazy and I don’t have either of those days all the tar and feather we have over the corners or just whatever section 243 of the of the bylaws state that any optometrist would be open on a friday is a weasel and the optometrist open on saturday,  and this is open on a sunday hates america adults evolve. In my you know, my area and I was the black sheep of metaphorically speaking. As far as the fact that I was so aggressive with my advertisements, prince of optometry rain man, so you change the game. You can I go to all the optometric invention that walk around when i, walk by I would hear this song for everyone, hate life, purple, red purple, rain people were hating on you, but eventually years later they got over it. They realize I wait a second I guess we can do that.

This guy was right. We should do show me app for that guy at the at the timberlake and that’s not going to happen. But my point is:is that anytime, you’re trendsetter, anytime you’re doing things that your competition’s not doing in your kind of stepping out a little bit more? You got to do some heat you catch from it, but you know what hey, by the way, I look at it and none of those folks were paying my bills as the prince of optometry when they started turning up the heat. Did it ever make your mascara run? That’s the question I have, for you know:cuz i, use that waterproof mascara smart, like that, threw the ball to tom. Brady know how about I just catch a tom. Oh my god, okay, over i, noticed that I thought was super cool out at the auction. Was your top ten buyers room okay, so are made by faster and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal. Clients have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients, and so my question would be how important do you think that idea of hey I’ve got a top ten buyers? Room I mean do you have that is like the top 15? Do they jockey to see who gets to be in the top 10 or more like how much value do you think that brings those guys really just kind of buying into your sister right here and it’s top 10 buyers in top ten cellars, and so it’s above category in there and I think that that just what it does is it says, hey, listen, I’m going to treat you all the same, but those few that stay doubt you can just give me. If you get a little bit, you get a little bit of vip treatment like to interrupt what you’re going to say, because you can’t talk about yourself nearly as good as I can talk about you and at your birthday party, this your whole did you turn last birthday. 53 at that birthday party I saw these customers a customer who came to his birthday party, who had the kind of things to say about him, and he done business with the man for years until we come back, I want to talk about what it’s like to blur the line from just amira customer acquaintance to a friend by being consistent, because you get to see somebody’s character by the way they handle their business and I keep running into people that have done business with dr. Z over an extended period of time, who becomes very dear friends, I went to a steve martin concert and there I’m sitting next to a customer and I’m. Like so, are you his friend? We have a customer some his friend, it’s amazing how that had a relationship. This is created systemically over there, dr. Robert, zoellner and associates, as well as at the auto auction stay tuned. It’s the thrive time show and we have business conferences coming up soon!


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