Implementing New Systems 101

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People hate to change. Whenever you implement new business systems you will receive push back from your team. In this business coach podcast Clay Clark will show you how to implement new systems in your business.

Implementing New Systems 101  

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” – Jack Welch (The legendary CEO of GE who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure)
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off.” – Colin Powell
    1. Colin Powell was the first African American appointed as the U.S. Secretary of State, and the first, and so far the only, to serve on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The less you associate with some people, the more your life will improve. Any time you tolerate mediocrity in others, it increases your mediocrity. An important attribute in successful people is their impatience with negative thinking and negative acting people. As you grow, your associates will change. Some of your friends will not want you to go on. They will want you to stay where they are. Friends that don’t help you climb will want you to crawl. Your friends will stretch your vision or choke your dream. Those that don’t increase you will eventually decrease you.” – Colin Powell
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You are the average of the five people you associate with most, so do not underestimate the effects of your pessimistic, unambitious, or disorganized friends. If someone isn’t making you stronger, they’re making you weaker.” – Tim Ferriss (New York Times best-selling author of the The Four Hour Work Week and early stage investor in Facebook, Uber, Twitter and Uber, etc.)
  5. Getting yourself to implement new systems
  6. Getting a small team to implement new systems
    1. Explain to the team what needs to happen
    2. Explain to the team how the system works
    3. Explain to the team why the system works
  7. Getting a large team to implement new systems
  8. Who needed a business coach:
    1. Steve Jobs – Found of Apple
    2. Jeff Bezos – Founder of Amazon
    3. Eric Schmidt – CEO of Google
      1. What do they have in common? Bill Campbell
        1. Lessons From Bill Campbell, Silicon Valley’s Secret Executive Coach
  9. Story Time – Implementing Merit-Based Pay and Quality Standards at DJ Connection (New Year’s Eve Gauntlet)
  10. Action Item
    1. Determine whether this is an obstacle or a battle?
    2. Create a timeline of when the project must be done?
    3. Break down the action into S.M.A.R.T. goals:
      1. Specific
      2. Measurable
      3. Actionable
      4. Realistic
      5. Timely
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Audio Transcription

Do you need help growing your business? Take the business coach challenge,  Thrivetime business coach program will be any marketing firms prices by 50% schedule. Your free consultation today at thrive time show.Com need a marketing firm. Our business coach program offers better and faster results for half the cost of any other marketing firm, learn more at thrive time. Show.Com all right. My facebook back to the time show on your radio and podcast download. The joys of my life as it relates to business, is seeing business owners implement new systems as a business coach. However, one of the wednesday frustration, but one of the biggest obstacles that I we have to work we’ve helped clients push through. Is it will come to a business coaching meeting with a guy like marshall, morris and marshall you’ll show them the systems and they’ll understand the systems? Okay. So a guy like luke with the hobbit, luke you’ll, come to a meeting with chuck and the first time that you get in i. Guess you get you get it took to hear a new id or you get it. You get the chance first time to interact with a new proven system. It’s kind of like wow i, didn’t know that sure what yet, when you go back to your office, your team wasn’t in the meeting right or your wife wasn’t in the meeting or your family or whoever it is or not the people. So it’s like having a meeting with the head of the business but you’re not having to be in marshall with the rest of the team. That’s what happens is there’s a new system in the employee doesn’t understand the profoundness of what, in the soundness, the profoundness and the 710 the rightness of what they just learned that understand that the owner just learned. They did the other just paid money to learn a new system, and so the owner goes back to the business and tries to implement the system so jack welch the ceo of ge, who grew the company by 4000 % during his tenure. He says:good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision passionately on division and relentlessly drive it to completion now colon powell, who is the the general who became the first secretary of the state for secretary of state? First african american secretary of state for the bush administration use a very decorated military, a veteran and check on the show that they want to put his actual a resume up there because he’s obviously well decorate. I, don’t want to short-change am of the acolytes that he earned while serving our country, but he says, being responsible, sometimes means pissing, people off and clay.

That’s where I was unwilling at the point to do that. Right, I would get the information I would go back to the team and then I would still want to make them feel comfortable, so marshall. If somebody is listening to this-and they said okay I’ve taken the step, I came to your business coach workshop where I listen to this podcast I would ask you rhetorically mr. Listener, miss miss lizard. How long did it take you to recognize the sound dennis and the profoundness of what you’ve learned? A lot of you actually gone out to the auto auction to see if it works gone to the elephant. The room men’s grooming lounge, to see if it works, you have actually google searched oxyfresh to see if it works and I i. Don’t say this to leave you behind, but I mean this elephant in the room is going to oxyfresh. We still a franchise like every week right now. Okay, soon the be the elephant in the room will be selling one every week too, and so all of our coaches will have an opportunity to own one they’re going to get a chance to do that. Then I have to pay franchise fees, it’s an exciting, but pretty sure you look up ago. I remember when elephant the room was like a start-up thing and then all the sudden it took off and I fought with my business coach about it working and then now I gotta, remember when the before that was a household and so we’re giving you the proven systems week by week. But then you have to implement them, and so the the topic today and how do you implement those new system? So, first off marsh I want to get your take on this, getting yourself to implement the new system. Once you know that the systems work, how do you get yourself as a business owner rigorous enough motivated enough disciplined enough to actually implement what you’ve learned? Oh, my gosh, you got to do the same thing that you do for your employees. Is the exact same thing. You got an business coach outline at the beginning of the day what you have to do to get the job done for that day and at the end of the day, you have to follow up with yourself to make sure that you got it done so that means during meditime. In the morning you got an outline. What do I need to get done when am I going to get it done, what time window am I going to get it done and what other appointments do I have in? At the end of the day, you got to review the, to, do, list and say:hey I have a huge sense of achievement, because I’ve done x, y and z I got to brag on somebody for a minute talk about him. A lot on the show he’s just been grinding so much, but guy shepherd, speaking against, like giving yourself to implement a new system he’s creating a workflow taking us. A few weeks he’s had a few version, realizing things that he’s missing things that he can take away from it and he was having a hard time doing it at work right.

There’s, fires, everything’s popping up during right day, so I said to him in our meeting I said man you’re going to have to carve out some time when you normally maybe wouldn’t even be awake. Okay, like if you’re just full of fires all day, we are about time. Would you normally probably wouldn’t be a wait exactly and I said I want to hold you accountable, so you text me whenever you’re working on this thing this weekend, cuz you’re, not it’s been 2 weeks, you’re running a successful business, you’re growing you’re going to have to make something something different block it out. So he text me on sunday at 3:30 a.M. I’m up working on my workflow and he got a huge chunk of it done, but it take him a couple weeks to find that much trash in it. So it’s awesome. You just got himself to do it. So one is, you have to get yourself to implement the systems, and this is a powerful tool and I’m going to make sure you’re getting this. You understand the power of this tool. So many of our business coach listeners, you played a high school sport and you stayed in great shape, but in the background I mean in the in the team. Photo you look great in your volleyball, uniform your basketball uniform your cheer outfit. Whatever it was, you were in great shape. You were in great shape and your wrestling uniform. You were in shape and your football uniform. You looked in shape now after these a lot of great whites, listen to our show, after high school. This is what disappeared. You didn’t have somebody going with to with you to the gym saying come on. Let’s go come on, you didn’t you don’t have somebody doing that anymore right, so you because you don’t have somebody pushing you and holding you accountable. Any type of action now seems insurmountable because you’re saying i, don’t have you make my not sit out loud, but if you confess why you’ve allowed yourself to die grass, because you no longer have somebody to impress what was that a lyrical miracle could be a big fat as you don’t have anybody anymore in your life that you’re trying to impress? Therefore, you’ve allowed yourself to digress to a level that you’ve?

Actually, you know kind of you could say I’m depressed and what happened to his been in the more that that continues, the more you start to feel and experience, increased stress right and everybody around you write becomes a mess right. This is what happens if you get. This is what happened tonight. I don’t want that to happen, so you have got to get yourself some, how to a place where you have somebody you’re trying to hold yourself accountable for and that a lot of times is the business coaching magic right there. It’s huge it before. You think that you’re, an idiot i, want to see this up for your marshall Morris, as a business coach. If you need a coach or accountability I want you to write down. I want you to put this the chap on the show notes to write down the name:name:steve jobs, so steve, jobs founder the co-founder of apple, the ceo of pixar. Okay with him could write down the name. Jeff bezos pussy he’s a former ceo of google and you would say:well those guys are awesome. Right, I mean those people really got it done, but then I want you to write down this name bill campbell, and did you know that bill campbell was the business coach for all three of those people, and you might say why I never heard of bill campbell’s coaching service, and you know why? Because bill campbell as a business coach worked only with those three people like they wanted him to. They always wanted to have someone that I could hold themselves accountable to someone. I can bounce ideas off of and bill campbell was there guide? If you just type it do a google search, bill campbell what you put a link, so you can find this. The techcrunch article explain to bill campbell was, but he was known as the hidden business, coach of still in silicon, valley and I’m. Just telling you this michael jordan, the late great thing about this michael jordan was a aunt. It’s almost like is michael jordan, 1 and michael jordan to the athlete that everyone remembers, the the former the athlete michael jordan. You know that guy was always physically in great shape and he was superhuman. Athletically here, coach, kobe bryant had a coach now there’s a post, basketball, kobe bryant that lives on in a coach basket. Post-bath basketball, michael jordan, but you know that michael jordan and kobe bryant both of them never won a single nba championship without phil jackson. That’s really crazy. I think about think about that. Those guys played a combined like what 31 seasons, maybe more 34 seasons between the both of them and they won 6th and they won 11 championships, but they didn’t win any. That means it didn’t win any the years ago. Jackson wasn’t your coach, and both of them will tell you that having a great coach change, their life, so you’ve got to have a coach marshall. You just have to help you implement those systems. Do you got to have a coach and I want all of the drivers that are listening to think of this? You were talking about how do I get myself to do something in this? This profound statement, catalyze something in it in me, is if you are not creating a habit of action. You are creating a habit of inaction. Example of a coaches in my life, pastor brian and I’ll pastor jesse, their pastors and I help them grow their church, but I would consider them right.

Now is my pastors in pittsburgh, which I would I would I mean that. I, listen to jesse had a sermon when she was talking about the importance of worship and she explained, and she gave all the verses in to side it is. The purpose of worship is to make a joyful noise for the lord praise and worship music. If your a judeo-christian isn’t for you, it’s for god and I had never heard that. So i, listen to all the verses. She said:i looked up, all the contacts I realized you’re right in my entire life. I’ve always thought that praise and worship was something that I did to myself or what ever thought about praise and worship being something that god commanded us to do. If you do believe in christ in the bible so recently, i, listen to td jakes or morning, but i, listen to praise and worship and I’ll sing along when I’m the final 10 minutes before my birthday starts, and it’s absolutely absolutely positively 100% bye, bye. Whatever number you want to put in place, it’s changed. My life like it’s been like power flopping like oh, my gosh. This is like eureka eureka, it’s like the red bull, so I asked you this tribe nation. Who are you getting your coaching from any area of your life where you want improve, you got to have a coach now what you got yourself to implement these new system? Now you got to get a small team of business coach people. What is the initial push back, you’re going to get when you try to get a small team of people to implement a new anything, a new system, a new sales system who training? What’s the push back again, will they’re going to resist change at all any change to do it’s not how we’ve done it is not the way that we do it. Why are we changing it? But luke? You are a business owner you’re with the hub jim, your client you’re, also a ghazt on today show. What kind of pushback did you get when you started implementing any new system.? A couple of them are any of them. Some of all of these forms all this tracking. It’s taking too much time with you know, calling actually glad I don’t have to call yeah anything. Any systems it’s crazy. So if you ever found yourself struggling to get your team to implement new systems, we’re going to teach you specifically how to do it when I get back in this is going to be probably a game-changer for one of our listeners out there I’m not sure who it’s going to be better. Somebody listening right now and you are just you read all the books and you know what to do, but you can’t get your team shop to implement this I would say way more than one listener.

Clay I would say that almost every client that I work with if they aren’t already managing a big team. This is like one of the hardest things that they have to learn how to do and the little secret is. Sometimes you have to fire people to create that new culture with the new systems so I’m going to teach you specific got to get a small team of people and a large team of people to implement new system. It’s drive time show on your radio, attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us. No jective review claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to an voi, thrivetime show.Com, all right right, nation! Welcome back to the business coach conversation is the drive time show on your radio and they were talking about specifically how to get your team to implement new systems. There is such push back from anytime that anybody encounters new information. Most people don’t want to hear about it. So I’m going to give you a bunch of examples that are crazy, they’re, just like they seem obvious today, but george washington. He heard this idea that if you want to inoculate yourself or vaccinate yourself from certain disease, what you want to do is actually cut away a part of the skin of somebody who has the disease and then intentionally give yourself a small dosage of the disease and that will keep your troops from all getting the disease dying and there’s all sorts of evidence. But he’s like the head of the us army is:were fighting, gets the brits and he’s like we got to do it. We got to do it. We have to do this and it was like. Are you crazy? As it looks like we’re dying everyday we’re losing so many troops? We don’t have a choice. We got to try something and there’s such pushed back turns out. He was right, galileo galileo, look up that he ran into socrates by asking questions. They decided to kill the guy cuz. He just kept asking why jesus brought to the earth since birth, a new idea that christ is love and that these are the ways that we should be living here is the message from christ and the message of eternal salvation. He was killed for it. Martin luther, king interjected, the new idea that we should judge people by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin and every time that we encounter a new idea or somebody who believes that the world isn’t flat. We typically want to kill that person abraham. This is what happens if maybe they shoot people for that date. They persecute people for entered brainerd, directing new ideas on a business. It’s not that deep! It’s not that meta! It’s not the huge but you’re trying to implement just a new call script marshall on a small team, and how do you get your team to do it? What you got to do is you got to first, explain to them what needs to be done? Okay, you got to explain to them the what hey we’re going to be using this trip any got to explain the how ok, specifically, how do we need to be delivering this trip and then, furthermore, why were using the script, because if they don’t know how much you care about them using the script and how much how important they are to use the script and why they’re using the script for the overall picture, then they’re never going to do it in the first place? What needs to happen system works and why the system works, jump and here’s the thing that you can use that has helped a lot of clients that work with explain to them that hey, if you fail at your job, it’s your fault

If you follow my system, my script, my whatever this is, and you fail, it’s the system’s fault and we can fix it, and so you can explain his ideas as like you’re the little. What are the little bumpers when you go? Take your kids bowling! It’s like bumpers for the bowling lane. You won’t have any gutter balls. If you just follow the system, it’s not your fault if it fails. So this is what happened this week with a member of our team. Just today, I was meeting with three individuals. Our team explain to them some new system for an implement and I explained to them what needs to happen, how the system needs to work and why they need to do it, but I also don’t leave any doubt in their mind, did I’m going to make it happen like there’s no like this is not an option. I’m not asking you to do it I’m declaring for you to do it. So if you were to study language, there’s a thing called interrogative statement and there’s a declarative statement, so an interrogative is like a question you’re interrogating, you’re saying:do you want to do the business coach system? Is this something and it declarative system is I’m declaring you have to do it and marshall? You still want a business owner that run into their team cuz. They read a stupid book like simon sinek’s, the power of lies and they’ll go into the meeting going, hey guys, here’s a system that needs to happen. Here’s how the system needs to happen here why these happened to you guys want to make the system. Do you want to do the system? Do you want to I see parents that try to do that too? We’re going to take our kids to church if they want to go to church i, don’t want to push my beliefs on them. We’re going to allow the employees if they feel like doing it. We’re going to our kids to make healthy choices. We’re going to our business owners to make healthy choices would allow employees to make healthy choices. You could do that.

Has any business owner out. There knows. Sometimes, when you have freedom of choice, you have free to make some crazy bad decisions. So if you as the owner have decided to make right decisions, why would you give the decision-making power to your team I’m, going to I’m going to take your question and to have a question for you? Yes, okay, so I’ve worked with a couple business owners, okay, where they want to give their. They want to give their team members the opportunity to make the right choice because they see that as a way to help them grow. They hey I’m, putting you in this position in order to allow you to flourish as a manager. Okay, so let me let me go ahead and get you, because we’re going to talk about how to implement is on a large scale is right. So what you do is an object remains in motion until it encounters a what opposing force opposite to a force of equal or greater force of an object will remain in motion until it encounters an object with equal or greater force. So you have to every single day. Witlessly drive your vision to completion. Corn palace has the less. You will be associate with some people, the more your life will improve anytime. You call rick, mediocrity and others. It increases your mediocrity and important attribute and successful people is there in patients with negative thinking and negative acting people as you grow, your associates will change. Some of your friends will not want to go on. They will want to stay where they are friends that don’t help you climb will want you to crawl. Your friends will stretch your vision or choke your dream, those that don’t increase. You will eventually decrease you tim ferriss, the best-selling author writes, you are the average of the five people you associate with the most. So do not underestimate the effects of your pessimistic, unambitious or disorganized friends. If someone isn’t making you stronger, they’re making you weaker. So you have to bring a significant amount of force in the best way that I know to do it is to implement a merit-based program. If you want to do this, then you make good money. If you don’t you get penalized financially, we could have all the business coach motivational talks in the world, but if you don’t fire the idiots and in and hit people in the wallet when they refused and when the systems, it’s not going to work so back in on new years eve of 2000, when it was 2003 or 2002, I told all the djs here’s the deal moving forward. If you guys are late for an event, half of your paycheck will be missing to all the djs loaded out like they did every weekend and all of them said the insincere statement. They always said it like. Okay will do our best and then those that came back late for their that they came back from their new year’s eve party. Those who told who we discovered were, like my wife, called the different event planners and said, was the dj on time and those guys who were verified to be late to the event by new year’s eve party by 10 minutes 20 minutes an hour, whatever those who arrive late for setup, not late for the show but like to the setup vanessa was instructed to give them a check that was half of the normal pay and of the team of about 60 djs. The time maybe 50 I think we fired 40 well on one night, and it was because it’s new year’s eve we’re going to have a slower time of the year and I was not screwing around anymore and then once the people that survived realize.

Like oh, my gosh, you fired a bunch of people, everybody all of a sudden got serious about implementing the system. So you should not ask your people if they want to implement the system is some sort of growth moment. You just got to let people know the rules and hold them accountable up next job. We are talking about analyzing web traffic, 101


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