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Josiah Wiens, the Manager of The Hub Gym joins us to share how he has been able to diligently implement Chet Holmes’ Dream 100 System and why we believe that everybody needs to buy a copy of The Ultimate Sales Machine.

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Best buyers buy more, buy faster, and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The missing ingredient for nearly all of the 1,000-plus clients I have worked with directly to improve their businesses is pigheaded discipline and determination. We all get good ideas at seminars and from books, radio talk shows, and business-building gurus. The problem is that most companies do not know how to identify and adapt the best ideas to their businesses. Implementation, not ideas, is the key to real success.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Only 3% of any market is in the “buying mode” now.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Best buyers buy more, buy faster, and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Be strategic, call them all until they cry, buy or die.” – Clay Clark



  1. Richard Branson – Started his empire cold-calling out of the phonebook businesses to sell them advertising.
  2. Clay Clark – Started by cold-calling some of the biggest corporations in America to book their holiday parties.

Step 1 – Created a Dream 100 list

Step 2 – Created a sales script for your team to use when calling every month

Step 3 – Send out a mailer every single month



  1. Slap Watch on Ellen
  2. Slap Watch on Kathie Lee
  3. Lori Montag Interview –


Ryan Tedder of One Republic

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I went to Google, typed in San Francisco chauffeur or San Francisco limousine, I just filled out an excel sheet and I just started dialing for dollars, right? First ten guys I called, three of them hung up before I got a few words out, a few of them would listen for like 45 seconds and then hung up, and three of them said ‘I’m interested, let’s meet.’. And if you’re cold calling and three out of ten say ‘let’s meet’, you’ve got something.” – Travis Kalanick (Founder of Uber)
  2. ACTION ITEM – Create Dream 100 List
  3. ACTION ITEM – Commit to a sustainable rejection regimen
  4. ACTION ITEM – Embrace stoicism and the business duck “Emotional Tradeoffs of Success” philosophy (page 8 of the BOOM book)
  5. ACTION ITEM – Commit to a weekly drop off regimen.
  6. It’s going to be beneficial. I’m building a relationship and rapport with these customers.
  7. ACTION ITEM – Block out time every day to ensure you can make contact with your dream 100.
  8. If you do not block out time for a task it will not get done.
  9. Nothing is worse than wanting to be successful but not willing to accept the trade offs of being successful.
  10. Richard Branson found that all of the young subscribers to his paper were buying music. So he took out an add for mail order records to see how many people would buy.
  11. Richard Branson then went on to pursue musicians after discovering how little recording artists were paid.
  12. Tips for being unsuccessful:
  1. Talk about it but don’t do it
  2. Say that you’re “Too busy”
  3. Say you “ran out of time to get anything done”
  4. Don’t wake up early
  5. Being afraid of rejection
  6. Talk about feelings


Intro to Dream 100 Drop off:

  1. Week 1- The person will be annoyed or confused why you’re there
  2. Week 2 – Profound curiosity
  3. Week 3 – They start to ask a question (This is the part where they start to know your name)
  4. Week 4 – Now they start to trust you
  5. Week 5 – A relation shift occurs. From transactional to likable.
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I’m talking to you. Hey, I’m talking to you. Come over here. Uh, who are you for you? You can just call me snicks. I write this, we’d the hat. So here’s the deal. I’ve got a super bowl that will allow you to double your sales within just one freaking year. How? Yeah, we weren’t doing the system to on the move. Okay. With a gym called the hub located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Google. That stuff, just give me the secret and the super move has allowed them to double the business just within, just, just give me that morning freaking year kicked me to say no. Oh, you wouldn’t. Or you want to know the secrets to what I’m saying? You want me to tell you the secrets? Great snakes and stuff. Tell me, who are you? I was just here pumping gas truck by myself and you magically appear.

That’s what I do. Now. I’m ducking down and whisper. Okay. To someone, I just met. Well, you don’t have to, you don’t have to whisper this sweet hot. Here’s a freaking deal. The system’s called the dream 100 all right. It’s been documented in an incredible book called the ultimate sales machine. Where can I buy it? It’s like a, not a secret. You could just buy the book on Amazon. It’s a freaking movie. What on today’s show? Our Clay Clark, my main man, he’s rounded up a dude. Okay. I always been doing the system. Who’s staying Josiah and he’s been running the mall. Okay. He had to hop Jim. Yeah, but I think a lot of people are trying to mystify it and go, oh, what’s a secret? There’s not a secret. It’s in the book called the ultimate sales machine. It’s called the dream 100 and now without any further ado, my main man click clock is going to show you how to do it. Why do you call me sweetheart? I’m going through a tough time and a you all my fallback position. No, you know what I’m saying? You are sick.ents or do you coach? Can you please explain how the dream 100 system works? Uh, after I just explained to you who created the dream 100 is absolutely everybody out there. If you have a functional mind, you need to go out there and buy the book, the ultimate sales machine. This book was written by Chet Holmes. Get it today. It’s, I put a link to it on today’s show notes. I’m pretty positive everybody out there can use Amazon. I don’t know how to use it at all. I try, but I just can’t. All I can hope for clipped. You get what if I clipped anyone? That means when it stopped doing that, just go to and buy the book. It’s called the ultimate sales machine. This book is available. You know what? This book is available right now. It’s incredible book. You can buy it right now on Amazon. There it is. Uh, Jason, I think that computers hooked up to Amazon right now and just to demonstrate how it works, I need you to buy the book right now, okay.

By the book and then leave the longest review ever about how it lists book has literally changed the lives of people because it has, this book is hot sauce. It’s written by Chet Holmes, the ultimate sales machine. If you don’t have this book, it’s $13 come on, man. How are you not spending this? This book is worth its weight in gold. How do you not have a book that could change your life for $13 I just prefer the epoch. I just want to download the pdf or you that big of a jerk. The Guy wrote an incredible book that thick that’s going to change your life and you’re, and you’re going to download the free version. Come on by the book, get the book. It’s 1347 it’s the great by, did you just buy the book? Yes. Nice. The book is being shipped to me and leave the most sincere review.

Eric’s that book. I mean, we talk about that book a lot. That book. Whoa, that’s a hot book. Okay, so now we are joined today on today’s show by a, a man by the name of Josiah Weans, who’s the manager of the hub. Jim Joe Tsai. What’s crack it not a whole lot. I’m here and excited. Does your first time in the studio? This is my first time in the studio. Oh yes. Okay. And we are having you on the show because on a weekly basis you implement the dream 100 system. Am I correct? Absolutely. Okay. So step number one, I’m gonna walk you through the steps of the dream 100 system. You want to make a list of at least a hundred businesses or clients that you want to gather. Okay. So let’s pretend I’m an insurance agent. All right. And let’s say you get most of your referrals from the new car dealerships, then you would make a list of all of the car dealerships in town and that’s where it starts.

Or let’s say you’re a realtor and you get most of your business as a referral from builders and you want to get more referrals from builders. You’d make a list of all of the builders that you want to get referrals from. A Jason, when I was growing my company, Dj connection back in the day. Uh, if you’re a disc jockey, where do you think you get most of your referrals from? What kind of vendor? Wedding vendor? Um, so by the way, I’ve never asked you this before, nor have you had any training on this. So you might, you might get the answer wrong, but yes. So any, any place that hosts events. So convention centers, um, you get to make a point. Yes. But also people who sell wedding dresses and makeup on jewelers, Juanel jewelers. I did get referrals from jewelers debt right there. Is that my friend is your third mega point, which is convertible for foray.

Oh Gosh. Three

mega points in holy cow. And it’s only six in the morning. Yeah. So as as possible. Okay. I got up at three 45 that’s what else? Reefers who else would refer a disc? Chuck. Um, photographers or photographers. Oh yeah. I prefer to call them photographers. Photograph. That’s because I’m wrong. But you still gonna make it ton and I mispronounced it. Okay. So you have photographers, venues, wedding dress, places. Who else could possibly refer a wedding disc jockey? Hm. Let’s see. Now thrive nation thing about this. I asked him to buy a book, leave a review, and I’m asking him questions while he’s taking notes and doing a podcast. I mean a wedding. The versatility here. Wedding planner. Wedding planner. Yeah. That right. That right there is yet another win. Is there, is there anybody else you could possibly think of? Because this could give you a megaphone. Oh, megaphone. Mega Point Oh uh,

caterers. I said a caterer.

Yes. Nice. How do I did it folks? I know a lot of times I’ll do the shut my eyes close to you. Like right now, check this out Jason. No hands, eyes closed. I’m doing the show and then amazing. It’s, it’s very impressive how I left my mother with my left hand. I’m doing the show now. Well just let I do whatever I can. I don’t know how I’d do it. I just do it. The point is you have to make a list of the 100 people that you want to refer you. So let’s go to the hub Jim. But think about the hub Jim dateline hub. Jim, by the way, in the studio, you just have to eat that Mike. Like, like, like, like, it’s like it’s a corn dog that you’re passionate about. Okay. So, uh, what kind of businesses are on your dream 100 list for the hub?

Well, and a lot of the businesses that are on our dream 100 are going to be just close and local businesses that we can build a relationship with. Got It. So all down main street, and let’s, let’s talk about the hub Jim real quick. What is the hub if you’re out there listening right now, Google search, the hub, Jim Broken Arrow, and I’m going to, as I as they’re all googling that explained what the hub Jim is. So the hub Jim is a fitness center where we are completely centered around you as the individual. Our goal is to create an experience for your fitness and not just give you a place to come work out. How much does the gym cost people that are during their first month to it to go to the hub gym? Well, you can actually get your first month for just $1 or a, it is normally just $39 a month.

Okay, so let’s say that, um, we go to Google search real quick. I’m going to do a Google search for broken arrow gyms, bro. Broken Arrow gyms. I’m searching. I’m really searching to him as much as I was searching because I can, ah, you’re such a good searcher on a podcast. Thank you. Uh, okay. There you are, UK. You guys come up top in Google. You’re ahead of Genesis health clubs. You’re ahead of sky and we’re not going to put down sky are not gonna put down Tim 10 Jim. But why do you believe the hub Jim is a, is a better choice in your humble opinion, you work there, you manage it. Why do you like the Hub Jim? Number one, no one that comes in is just a number. Every single person that comes to the gym, we have value in them and so we’re going to focus on what your goals are and help each person.

Okay, so you have a list of, Oh do you have a hundred businesses on your list? 200 business businesses on your list. How many businesses are on your list? Total number of businesses. I think it’s 300 and some businesses. But your business is located at five oh seven north main street in downtown. Broken Arrow? Yes. And how big of a radius do you, how big of a radius around the hub, Jim, will you go to your dream? 100 I will go up to five miles out. Five miles out. Okay, that’s fair. This and that. Why won’t you go 25 miles out? Uh, because they’re not, they’re not really very close to us. They have 60 different options in between us and them. Now, Chet Holmes unfortunately died years ago. Um, but he, he wrote a lot in his book about ideal and likely buyers. Okay. And I just think it’s so important that everybody out there gets a copy of this book because I don’t do it justice.

There’s so many nuggets of knowledge in this book that are, that are just profound. But when I want to make sure that everybody understands is it starts with making the list. That’s where it step number one, you’ve got to make that list. Now, if you don’t make the list, what’s gonna, what’s gonna Happen? They’re just sad. If you don’t make the list, then it’s never really going to get done on a consistent basis. Hmm. Okay. Now I’m gonna read a notable quotable from Chet Holmes and as I read the notable cortile, Jason, I want you to break down what this notable quotable means here. So here we go. Yup. Chet Holmes rights best buyers buy more by faster and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients. What does that mean? That means you want to emphasize all of your efforts to market, to brand, to cater to the people who are buying your products immediately.

The people who buy them repeatedly and the people who are also apostles that speak the good word of your product. Okay. Okay. Now I’m going to read it again, but I want you to take me to church. We were, you know some churches have a hype man. Yes. So after each line that I read, I need a lot of like, that’s right. Yes. A lot of, okay. Oh, just be, I need the listeners out there to understand how powerful this is. And again, if you have not yet purchased a copy of the ultimate sales machine, I’m not going to say you’re a bad person. It took me like two seconds. It’s super easy. I’m not going to say you’re a bad person. I’m just going to say I probably bought in given at this point, no exaggeration, personally over 500 copies of this book away. At this point in my life. This is, this is hot sauce. I’m going to queue up my music and I need you, Jason, to affirm what I’m saying. So I feel that the thrive nation fully understands and grasps discarding. We’re trying to ignite the Amygdala. Get everybody excited about this idea. Here we go.

Best buyers buy more. Amen. They bought fast. Oh, preach it. And they buy more often than other buyers. Oh, what’d you say? These are your ideal clients. Hey Man, these are your ideal client. Oh, take me to chase all your eye deal clients. Yes sir. Have a special effort, dedicated, dedicate. Just the dream clients, the dream clients. Amen. Martin Luther King in it, and a dream. I just had the dream client list. It’s not that impressive, but the point is, the point is you’ve got to make that list now. Now that you’ve made that, listen guys, it is. 607 in the morning. Right now. If I’m just fired up about the dream 106 oh seven in the morning, why are you fired up? I’ll tell you why people aren’t fired up you have you seen people that love Oklahoma State University? I have. You seen people to love? Oh you true pagan. Seen people passionately cheer for their favorite college and they’ve never gone there. Oh yes, like massive fans of Ohio state. Huge fans of Michigan.

Oh, I love Michigan or loft your Michigan, the lore of Michigan wolverines all their awesome. I’ll tell you what, brother love myself, so my wish for you. I’ll tell you,

you know you’ve never even gotten to college there. He ain’t graduate from that. Why are you not that passionate about your own business? Your own marriage, your own family? Get passionate, baby. Why are you cheering for other team? Cheer for your own team. Get fired up. Pull your head out of this. I just don’t, I don’t want to toot my own horn will certainly no one else is going to do it. It’s true. No one’s going to wake up going, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop. Hi, is this the hub? Yeah. I don’t know who you guys are up and I have just thought a lot about it and I want to sign up at your gym or you had Jim, I think you’re in a jam. I just, I was praying last night and the guy laid hands on me and next thing you know it’s like why should call the hub? I don’t even know what that word is. I googled. Yeah, I called notes. It doesn’t work that way. People don’t just grow a company via entropy. Right. So now

Joe Tsai? Nope. No, we’ve made our list of the dream 100. How often do you go out and drop off things to the dream? 100 clients? I do that five days a week. And what kind of things do you drop off? Are you dropping off butter or you’re dropping off samples of Kale? What are you dropping off? Uh, we will drop off two months. Free cards will drop off meal for $1 card. So your drop off a card of something of value. You’re offering people two months of free gym membership. Yup. You’re dropping that off and you’re also dropping off. What a will drop off food from our meal prep service, snacks, food. What kind of food do you guys serve? We have food that is a paleo. It’s high quality, healthy food. And how can we, don’t put me on your dream 100 list and dropoff that every day.

Um, I mean probably got at least 10 attempts to get me to was so it is the food good is a good food. Oh yeah, it’s excellent food. Tell us about the food. There’s somebody out there listening who is within the Oklahoma, Tulsa Broken Arrow area. Who, whose needs to know more about this? Tell us my friend. Absolutely. So evolved juicery and kitchen. That’s the food itself. That’s the company that we work with and they provide us with Paleo food that is high in protein, high in healthy fats and a, it uses organic meat, vegetables. So if I want to come by today, I mean cause it’s, you know, six 10 and it’s seven. I have a conference call with a client in India actually today. India who so 7:00 AM call on India, but it was, it was a good, good times then don’t get off that phone call then.

I mean, if I want to stop by the hub and get some food, get some grub at the hub. Think about that, Jason. I’m gonna get some grub at the hub. That’s a great tag. I thought about that for like hours. Wow. While you’re impressive. Yeah. Ah, so if, if I were to get some grub at the hub, uh, what time do you open? Well, we opened our front office at 9:00 AM Monday through Friday and Saturdays at 9:00 AM what? Can I get some steak or can I get some chicken and what can I get in there? Sometimes you can get steak, but most of the time it’s going to be chicken or good quality pork or fish. How much will it set me back? Anywhere between five to $10. Okay. Knows what Chet Holmes says. Jason, I want to see if you, uh, if this, if this, if you can help me break, break this down here. I will do that whole shit homestead. He says best buyers buy more by faster and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients? Yup.

Wow. Gosh, that’s so offensive. Flattened. You may have to look at my list and decide whether the people are best buyers. Yeah, so let’s refine that list. Okay. Yeah, cause I was dropping off if like I my dream 100 lists, it was wedding vendors, right? So I’m trying to get them to refer my company, Dj back in the day. Yeah. What if on that list I put a, I dunno, not wedding vendors. What if I put like a plumbers, plumbers? How many referrals am I going to get? Probably not as many. Right, right. So you make a list of your best buyers, right. And you and you drop stuff off at, you said every day, every day, every day, five days a week. How many places do you stop? By every day?

Minimum. I usually get to about 20 people. 20 places are more. Nope. Chet, Chet Holmes. In his book, he gives us a word of encouragement. Did. I think some people view as a word of discouragement, Jason, he says only 3% of any market is in the buying mode. Now I find that to be encouraging. Yeah, 3% that’s cool. That means I go to a hundred places in three people that I didn’t know are going to sign up or pay me your work with me or refer me or whatever. Uh, Jason, why is that emotionally discouraging for almost everyone you’ve ever talked to about this idea? What does, I feel like a lot of people just, they assume that there’s going to be more demand for their product and they don’t. They don’t see the big picture. It’s not that there’s not the demand, it’s just there’s only a certain amount of people that are actually buying into something. I have a notable quotable I would like to play here for lot the listeners out there. Yes. Here we go. Why would you advise everybody out there to start the first test marketing something to quote unquote dummy landing pages before you even have a viable product that works yet

because that allows you to see the demand. I mean, you could have the best in the world and if no one in your mind, and if no one’s interested in buying it or they’re not reacting to the opposite, it’s actually not that great of an idea. Oh,

and this is the founder of the gravity pillow talking to us. They’re on the thrive time show, and he was explaining that you as Mike Grill, oh, by the way, the founder of the gravity blanket, Mike Gorilla, he points out Grillo, g. R. I. L. L. O. He points out that you might think you have the best product, but if people don’t buy it, it might not be that great of a product. So you’ve got to go out there and market that product. You’ve got to market that product. Now again, only 3% of any market is in the buying mode right now. Yup. So Josiah, I mean, do you, what do you say to yourself when you’re going out there? Do you say to yourself like, I can do this. I’m a champion. I can do it because you are out of all of the clients I’ve ever worked with in my lifetime word, we’re talking about thousands of people we’ve interacted with at conferences, hundreds and hundreds of one on one clients. I mean a lot of, a lot of people we’ve worked with, you are probably in the top 5% of all time in the execution and the application of the dream 100 system. So that is into your mind, my friend. What are you thinking when you go out there and do the dream? Huh?

What do you think? What’s in your mind? I go to do it. I know it’s, it’s going to be beneficial because I’m building that relationship and building rapport with our ideal and likely buyers. Surely you can’t be serious. I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley. Okay,

so Jason, why is it hard to convince people to do the dream 100 system? What is the pushback? What is there somebody out there listening right now who’s going, yeah, but my industry is different. I just don’t want to do it right. And in my personal opinion is a lot of people have never read anything by Chet Holmes. They’re not aware of what the dream 100 system is. And so when you tell it to them, they’re like, well, I’ve never met anybody who implements them. Say, well, I don’t know who Chet Holmes. Yes. I’ll tell you the update of the APP. One thing I don’t even know, I don’t even, I don’t even know about who Chet Holmes is. If I knew who he was, then I would read. That’s fine. Okay. Chet Holmes worked with directly with Charlie monger, uh, for 5 million mega points, Jason. And you’re not, you’re not in trouble if you don’t know this because again, I’m just asking you, you represent our listeners out there.

Hey, if you had to guess who was, or do you know who Charlie monger was? Charlie monger, wasn’t he the drummer from the monkeys? There we go. No, Charlie that you lost all of your makeup points. You go back to the beginning of the game. Okay, so Charlie Munger is Warren Buffett’s business partner. No one knows who Charlie monger is because he is like, there’s Batman and Robin. Yes. He’s like the Robin for Warren Buffett. Well, if you had asked me Robin, I can do for one point $7 billion with no one knows who he is because he’s behind the scenes. Chet Holmes worked directly with Charlie monger. This is like, this would be like, okay, remember how um, the emperor was not a cool guy? Never the emperor from Star Wars. Yes. Palpatine so the emperor, uh, let’s pretend, I’m not saying Warren Buffet is a bad guy. I’m just saying, let’s say the Emperor’s Warren Buffet.

Yeah. Who was the emperor’s direct guy? Let’s Darth Vader. Right. And then who was like, you know, kinda underneath like Darth who was working with Darth, you know, helping Darth kind of do it. Darth does. I mean I’m going to say grandma off target, but he didn’t like him. But you know more about star wars and it all I’m saying it’s Chet Holmes was like the assistant for Darth Vader who worked for the emperor. I mean this is like another example. The head coach of the Patriots is bill Bellacheck. Right, right. But the owner of the team’s craft, so if Bob Kraft, the owner of the Patriots is Warren Buffet, Bill Bellacheck would be like Darth Vader, you know, eh. Uh, so again, Bob Kraft is the head of the, uh, of the Patriots. Right. Okay. And that would be like Warren Buffet. So Bob Kraft, Warren Buffet or the same thing. Bill Bellacheck who works for Bob Craft.

That would be, you know, this is like the guy working directly with the guru. That’s bill Bellacheck. Okay. So it’d be, it’d be an assistant coach. Chet Holmes is like an assistant coach of the Patriots. He’s working directly with the second in command, you know what I mean? So He’s, he’s right there. Okay. Right there with, he’s in the business. He sees what’s going on and he realized this system works right. I’ve got to teach America that system. Chet Holmes was one of the best business consultants of his time. He was a guru who knew the moves, but he was pre social media. You know, he’s pre all that social media stuff. So what happened is he died unfortunately. Ah, he got ill and then passed. And so I have, we have to carry on the torch. We get, we have to, there’s a lot of people out there.

They don’t recognize how important this guy was. He was the dude. Oh absolutely. One of the top business coaches of all time. I would say if you think about the top business coach of all time ever, it’s going to have to be Bill Campbell. Hmm. Have you ever heard about Bill Campbell? I have not. Oh. Oh babies. We got to hear about this. So this is unbelievable. Bill Campbell. Um, do you guys do Eric Schmidt is Eric Schmidt. He was the CEO of Google. Okay, we’ll start there. Okay. He just released a book. I’ll put it on the big screens. You guys can see it. The book is called trillion dollar coach. All right. And he wrote the book about his business coach. Do you understand? The CEO of Google had a business coach and his name was Bill Campbell. Mm. But guess who else was bill Campbell’s client. Steve Jobs. Oh.

So the head of apple and ahead of Google had the same business coach. Imagine that. Check this out. The founder of Amazon, do you know his business coach was Bill Campbell? Let’s say Bill Campbell. Yeah, so let me, I’m going to go to the website right now. Everyone’s got to buy that book too about, well, Clyde, the shows getting expensive to get out of here by these books. This incredible book. It’s $27 total. I, I just bought, I bought two copies of the book yesterday. One for me and one for John just yesterday. Oh, it’s so good. Check it up. You pull it up here. I gotta go to the website. It’s trillion dollar coach. I’m going to that website. Go into the website. Give me the website trainer, our Let’s just see who’s endorsing the book right now. Let’s just say, I dunno, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple says bill’s passion for innovation and teamwork was a gift to apple in the world.

Trillion dollar coach has captured his tireless spirit. So future generations can learn from one of our industry’s greatest leaders. Uh, Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, says bill shared his wisdom generously expecting nothing back, but the joy he got from teaching others, I was privileged to have him as my coach. Wow. So many coaches. I’m just saying this is, we’re talking about. Anyway, that’s, I think a lot of times people discredit a source that they don’t know the value. I’m just saying that the top two coaches of all time that I am aware of, Bill Campbell, number one, this guy coached companies who were smaller and they grew into trillion dollar valuations. When you add up the value, it’s $2 trillion evaluation, 3 trillion bill Campbell. Second best coach, in my opinion, or maybe the best coach, but for small business was Chet Holmes. Right. So I’m talking about this is some like really profound crap we’re talking about.

So filled. Okay. Can you read Jason, this notable quotable that’s a highlighted in green here from the ultimate sales machine. Yes. The missing ingredient for nearly all of the 1000 plus clients have worked with directly to improve their business is pig headed discipline and determination. We all get good ideas at seminars and from books, radio talk shows and business building gurus, Hos I think we’re having that right now. We’re getting good ideas from a podcast, from a radio show. We’re getting good ideas from a seminar, from a book. We’re getting the good ideas, but what but what, what, what was the issue? But the problem is that most companies do not know how to identify the best ideas to their business. Implementation, not ideas is the key to real success you made. If we learned this stuff today and we don’t implement it, it’s not going to help us.

Absolutely. So I’m just saying if I’ve worked with a hoe, if I work with a hundred clients, there will only be two two out of the hundred that will implement the dream 100 system without me getting spiritual about it. And the weird thing about being a co, yeah, the Weird thing about coaching is that your [inaudible] paying you right to help them. Yup. But if they won’t implement the system, you know, I mean it, it’s, it’s a weird deal. It’s a bizarre deal. I know none of your clients, Jason, right now give you push back. I’m sure I’m just talking about clients in the past. There are certain people that will go, I know I have to do the dream 100, but I just don’t want to do it because I don’t even know who Chet Holmes is. Yep. Okay. Well we just answered that. So now you kind of, you know, out of the way I would do it, but you know, I’m so busy.

Okay, let’s, let’s, let’s, let’s do it. That issue. I’m too busy. Josiah, how do you find the time to implement the dream 100 system? I schedule it. Wait, when you do it, uh, I schedule it between the hours of 12 and 2:00 PM everyday. Everyday, everyday, everyday now. Now Jason, the idea of blocking out time in and of itself is offensive to some people. I’ve, I’ve discovered that, uh, let me give you a little audio clip from my main man, TD Jakes, the pastor of one of the largest churches in the world, the Potter’s House, a great minister, a man who advises Oprah Winfrey on the production of movies. Who’s a, just an unbelievable author. Wow. Td Jakes is great. Listen to what TD Jakes has to say about this idea of behaving counterintuitively to become excellent.

Oh Jesus. Who is exceptional. If having a conversation with ordinary and exceptional and ordinary always have a conflict. Anytime exceptional people dwell in the midst of ordinary thinking, people always bought a big conflict.

Let me, I’ll give you a whole setup and you don’t implement the dream 100 system. Cause you’re saying that you don’t have time to block out time to get things done. You are going to lose. Can I tell you about the most profound interaction I had with someone two years ago? Please do. Oh my gosh, is that too, I should to block it out. This is actually happened to us. We had a guy who came to the conference and he said, I want to move forward with coaching. All right, so a member of our team schedules a one on one 13 point assessment. Jason, why do I like to do all the 13 point assessments myself? Because you want to vet the credibility of the potential coachee, but you also want to make sure that they are in fact a diligent doer before you start giving them homework.

Okay. So our first call was scheduled aren’t 13 point assessment was scheduled for like seven in the morning on a Saturday. Yep. I called the person Booboo, Booboo, pip. This is what he says. Well, I not tell you I can, I appreciate your call. I ain’t able to get in front of a computer. Now on the first call, Abby says, we need to make sure you’re in front of a computer with time blocked off to do the assessment. Yep. And he said, well, I’ll tell you what, we just do this right now over the phone. I said, we really need to be on a computer just so why would someone want to be on a computer when they’re doing a 13 point assessment with me? Well, I would assume it’s because you’re going to share the document with them. That way they can visibly see what you were doing.

Examples showing, telling examples, hyperlinks, showing you how to optimize your website marketing pieces, providing just fits does infinite reasons. Okay. Right. So I said, well, hey, we could reschedule. You wanna do a different time. So we do like three o’clock on a Tuesday or something, or a Wednesday. Yeah. So he says, well, I’ll tell you what, I’ll, I’ll be there. I said, I just made me come. I need to make sure you block out time for the beating and need to be in front of a computer. Can, can you do that? He said, yeah, absolutely. And I’m not trying to be patronizing. I’m just trying to like hammer home. Let’s do this. Is it at this point, do you think I’m being fair? I mean, is it fair to reschedule? You know, we all have things that come up sometimes, right? Yeah. So the next call, no exaggeration, this is what he says, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop.

Hi. Uh, yeah, I’ll tell you what, you’re going to have to call me back. The customers come first. And I got, I got on a sales call coming in about two minutes ago and I, you’re, I’m on the other line here. So I’ve got to take this car. I got it. I got to take this Kyle.

Well that person in your mind, Jason, ever make it. No. Right. And I said, well, I just want you to, he goes, well, could be call me back though. You can calm a sector and we can reschedule. I think you’re a great American. I will not reschedule. I just want you to know I’m not going to, cause it’s a fundamental precept to be successful as an entrepreneur you had for the blackout time. And if you’re not willing to do that, if every week it’s like this, we can’t have success. Right? So now you again, let’s go back to Josiah. So Josiah, you block this time out for hours every day. Yup. Do you occasionally miss phone calls when you’re out doing your dream? 100 yeah. Do things happen at the hub that might need your attention but you still do it? Yup. Do you have interruptions that could prevent you from doing it? They try, but how do you say no to those interruptions? I, I physically just continue walking or take a long distance call.

Surely you can’t be serious. I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.

Now we had the, the uh, a guy on the show who’s the founder of burn boot camp, which is a huge bootcamp facility with hundreds of locations all over this great country. Yup. His name is Devin Klein. I asked Devin, I said, Devin, what are the first for first few hours of your day look like? I mean, cause the guy, think about this. In four years, Jason and four years, he’s opened up 200 locations, dear God, with over 60,000 members. Wow. And for years. That’s insane. That’s a profound crap. That’s my theme day. Profound crap. The Oxymoron. Profound crap. So let me queue up this audio clip. This is how Devan Kline finds time to get things done. What, what do the first four hours of a typical day look like to you? What, what, what, what did the first four hours look like? So before I answer that, I just want to say what I do is as for me and what the listeners do is for them.

So what I do might not work for you, but I hope that you can be inspired by what I do. So I, I uh, one, I always want to be the hardest worker in the room. Like I refused for anybody out work me. So I know, uh, and I use getting up at 4:00 AM every morning at three 45 to 4:00 AM I use the app called sleep cycle by the way, to do that, it’s a really soft, nice awakening by the way, for those out there that, that, that, that I phone rings and you like pisses you off to. So I get up at four out right away. I, and I know that most successful people do this. It’s, it’s one thing that I was grateful for. Just a little thing. Wind on your face. You know the ability that I have a home gym in my, in my house, that I don’t have to drive to the gym in the morning.

Uh, then I focused on one thing that I’m really proud of yesterday. Just a little thing that I was really proud of yesterday. Hit that dopamine hit of success right away. And then the third thing that I do is focus on one goal that I visualize that I will achieve in the next six to 12 months. Super Quick, 10 minutes and then I’m upstairs in the gym about an hour in the morning. If you want to hear the rest of it, just type in Devan Kline thrive time show in Google. You can find that. You can find the show. He wakes up at what time, Jason? Between three 45 and four. What time did you wake up today, Bro? I woke up at three 45 just say, what time did you wake up today? I woke up at about four 15. It’s interesting. Yeah, nothing is worse. I have found then wanting success but being unwilling to make the trade offs needed to achieve it. Right? Nothing feels worse than wanting to achieve success. Even knowing that you knowing what to do to have success. We know these worst and when you want to have success and now you know what to do to have success, but you’re unwilling to do it. I have a notable quotable from uh, uh, one of the godfathers of entrepreneurship, like guy by the name of Steve Jobs. And because Steve Jobs is dead,

surely you can’t be serious. I am serious.

Sure. He couldn’t be on today’s show and it’s arguable he would probably reject me if I asked him to be on the show. But I’m going to queue up the audio. This is what Steve Jobs has to say about the passion needed to make the tradeoffs needed to become successful.

You have to have a lot of passion for what you’re doing and it’s totally true. And the reason is, is because it’s so hard that if you don’t, any rational person would give up. It’s really hard and you’ll have to do it over a sustained period of time. So if you don’t love it, if you’re not having fun doing it, you don’t really love it, uh, you’re going to give up. And that’s what happens to most people actually, if you really look at at, at the ones that ended up being successful on quote in the eyes of society and the ones that didn’t, oftentimes it’s the ones that are successful. Love what they did so they could persevere when you know, when it got really tough.

Okay. Now Steve Jobs, I mean he says you had to, he says what days? And he says, you’re going to have to push through some somewhat tough stuff. Yeah. Adversity. He says you got to have passion. You got to sustain it. Hmm. Okay, so, so Josiah, how long have you been doing the dream 100 system? Geez. I’ve been doing this now for at least five or six months and last week I was, I was looking at, let’s look at it at the tracking numbers. The Gym has grown from when you started. How many members were at the gym? When I started at the gym, we were at about, we were right around the 700 mark. And now how many members do you have? We have over 1,728 Oo. And how long ago? How long has that been since I started, it’s been about almost two years. So in two years the jibs grown from 700 members to how many members?

Over 1,709 there it is, dude. Think about that growth. The gym is beyond doubled. I mean, that’s crazy. That’s crazy. That’s super crazy. And it’s because you diligently implemented the system. Yes. You diligently implemented the system. Now this is what Chet Holmes says. He says, only 3% of any market is in the buying mode. When now does that means if you market to a hundred people, uh, only three are going to say yes this week. And then three next week and then three. So let’s talk about that. That when you use, when you show up unannounced at a business, how are you first received? Oftentimes it’s almost confused. They’re like, why would you give me something for free? So step one, start off with the person’s going to be annoyed. Okay. Step one, and Jason makes you put this on the, on the, on the show notes. Yeah.

Step one is annoyance. The person will be annoyed or confused as to why you’re there. Okay. So week one, the, the first week you go by their business, they’re like, why are you here? Or, uh, do you have an appointment or why don’t you get Outta here? Or Hey, I don’t know what you’re selling, but just what do we do? We don’t take solicitation or you, I’m sure you’ve heard all of it, right? Yeah. What’s the worst thing you’ve heard so far? Do you have one that was really bad or they’ve all been, I didn’t know that. People fear being super terrible. I’ve had some terrible, but yeah. Well, what’s, what’s the worst you’ve ever encountered? I’ve never really experienced anybody being like hostile to me in any way really. But I think people fear that false evidence appearing real people fear that’s going to happen.

Oh yeah. Okay. And then week two, what happens week to sometimes it’s the same thing. Sometimes it’s like, oh, there’s that guy again. So Jason’s web pound week one, it’s annoyance, almost every time. Annoyance or just they’re just, I don’t know why you’re here. Gotcha week to it. It’s this profound curiosity. They start to go, what kind of man comes by two weeks in her own. Surely he’s not coming back now, week three I have found they’ll kind of like you, they don’t trust you yet, but it Kinda like you cause like, well this is a tenacious guy. I mean, they could do that, do they not? Yeah. Oh yeah. What starts to happen week three, week three they, they start to, sometimes they’ll even start asking questions like what they be like, so who are you again? And what do you do? Why are you here?

Yeah. Why are you little say at this point that this is the car, that the time Jason, when they start to kind of know your name. So if your name is Josiah, I remember I was, when I was dropping off a Krispy Kreme donuts to every wedding venue every week about week three, the vendors would go, well Carl, I love you coming by here. And I say, Hey, I appreciate you too. [inaudible] my name’s clay. But if you need, if you want to call me Carl or whatever you want to call me, as long as the people, as long as you refer people to call me, I’m, I’m down. But my name is clay. All right, Carl. All right, so week four, now they, they’re starting to trust you because you’ve been there for weeks in a row and now they go, Carl, good to see you. What’s up man? Dumped the gays. Do Think, get a lot of what’s up man. Yeah, all the time now. And what kind of businesses are you going in to give us an example of, don’t maybe name the company, but what kinds of like, are you going into like automotive repair shops, banks, dentistry is what, what kind of places are you going to?

Uh, so a couple of places. Dentistry’s a, I will go to a phone off or phone, uh, phone offices. Uh, sometimes I will go to like athletic apparel. Yup. Businesses and,

and then so about week four though, they start to trust you now. Yeah. And then week five, now there’s a relation shift that has occurred every time. It’s a relation shift. It’s where it goes from like transactional too. Like we’re friends from, uh, who are you to, I liked this guy. And then last week I think we had like eight people that came from the dream 100 that’s, that signed up to become members. It was eight or 11 and he goes, I might’ve been 11. Yeah. But I mean some weeks. What’s the you’ve ever had in a week? Referrals from the dream 100 if I remember right. I think it was, it was, it was either 15 or 20 and I think every week we’re averaging about 10. Yeah. Every week. Wow. 10 people coming in every week as a result of the what system? The dream 100 cross hall. Now let’s think about businesses that started with the dream 100 system, because I think somebody out there says, well, I know I know who Chet Holmes is.

I know the reason why I’m not doing it is because I didn’t know who he was. But now I can’t say that. And so the reason why I’m not doing it is because I’m too busy. But now that I heard that Devan Kline and Jason Beasley and Josiah all wake up at four in the morning, or I can’t say that now that Steve Jobs kind of yelled at me. I can’t say that I just, I want success, I want success, but I just don’t want to do the work needed. I, I want to have success. I do. I just don’t want to put in the work. And that’s why I’m a devout member of the Communist Party.

And so I believe that everybody out there deserves the healthcare and the free college and free stuff. And then they get all the free phones, the Obama phone, the Obamacare, the pre college. And I just, that’s how I feel because, and I ride a lot of poems and I, no one reads my poems. That’s because of the tyranny of the book industry and I, and I just want everyone to know that’s how I feel about that. That’s how I, that’s just how I feel about that. Well,

we were able to get a nonmember of the non communist party on the show called every guest we’ve ever had, but we couldn’t book Elon Musk yet, although I’m working on it. I’m very, very close to getting Elon Musk on the show. Uh, we had Jim Bryden Stein, the head of NASA on the show and Dr Zelner has supported Mr Bryden Stein for years and he has asked to get Elon Musk on the show. And my understanding is we’re right on the threshold of having the Musky one on the show. I’m very excited about this, but this is what Elon Musk would tell you if you’re going, well, I just, I don’t have the motivation needed to do it.

Even tendencies, wishful thinking. Um, and then just work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 hour, 8,100 hour weeks every week. That’s the oldest things improve the odds of success

that is so, so, so important that you are willing to put in the work. There’s nothing worse than knowing what you want and then actually knowing how to do it and then not doing it right. So Richard Branson, uh, Jason, do you know, did you know that Richard Branson is dyslexic? I did not know that. Did you know that the character of Austin Powers is based upon a young Richard Branson? You taught me that. Okay, let me, let me show you the picture of Austin Powers. It’s [inaudible]. This right here. If you type in Richard Branson Young, look at him. Right? Look at this. Look at that. Look that picture. That is man, that is Richard Branson. Is it as a young man? And then we’ll look up Austin Powers and you tell me the difference between Austin Powers and Richard Branson. Here he goes, this is Austin Powers. This is Richard Branson. Look at them. It’s so good.

It’s unbelievable. I’m just telling you, if you’re out there and you’ve not done this, it’s so important for you to look that up and see it. Uh, because it’s funny. Okay, so here we go. But seriously, Richard Branson, he was dyslexic for the first business he started was called, uh, the student. And what was the, what was the student? I don’t know what the student is. I’m familiar with a virgin. Really? See you guys. We need wood. This is, this is the kind of profound crap that we need to be teaching America’s youth. Um, he started a newspaper called the student in 1968 and do you guys know what the student was? I do not. It was a newspaper. Oh, I news piper. And he’s starting to just Sydney. He’s me. He started a newspaper and he was dyslexic. He couldn’t read, but yet he started in his paper.

How do you think he got his first advertisers in the newspaper? Well, he probably cold called, Oh yeah, three 100. He called, called in the book called losing my virginity. We’ll put a link to it on the show notes. Losing my virginity by Richard Branson. Yes, he explains, he literally got out a list of businesses, like a phone book and called them all dream 100 style baby. Then you know how he booked his first interview? How well first off he made a dream 100 list. And on that list he put the biggest name in the world at the time. Do you have the biggest name in the world was at the time in the me and the world of music share. Okay. Uh, that was a, that was a good class. However, you have lost a lot of mega points,


Bonus Room. Who was the what? Who Do you think, uh, was was the guy at the time just say the man, and this was 1968. Uh, it would be around the area. Either Elvis or Michael Jackson maybe.

Oh yes. Here we go. Mick Jagger. We got it. Whoa. Oh Wow. Oh yes, yes. Can we go back and I cried and I try. Yes, I do pull their crap. I can’t get go. Yes,

no, no, no. Hey, it’s so good. Why is that song’s so good. It’s so simple to do to, have you seen the drum set of the rolling stones drummer? I have not. I’m a Google right now. It’s the most simple thing ever. Do you remember the gym? Just Josiah? Do you know that song satisfaction? Oh yeah. Ah, no. He put them on the dream 100 list and he booked him. Wow. His first interview was the biggest pop star at the time. That’d be like getting Justin Bieber in your paper. Do you understand that there is not luck? You create your own luck. I yes. Decline or you believe in luck? I believe to quote Thomas Jefferson, the harder you work, the more lucky half. Well, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t believe in luck. I want to, I just want to believe in luck because I think that’s how it happens for business.

I feel like business is a result of luck. It’s not. It’s not Thomas Jefferson. I’m a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. Why do we have Jason, why is it important for you and for you to know Josiah that the first business, Richard Branch and started was a newspaper and he was dyslexic and he got his first deal by cold calling and he booked his first guest interview by cold calling. Why do we need to know these things? Well, we need to know it because it proves that luck had nothing to do with it. He worked his butt off in order to get where he wanted to go. Some people to conference, they know. People at conferences know how much, I hate this phrase. They messed with me. They’ll come and go cook. We had one guy at the last conference to it to me, cause he knows how much I hate it.

He’s heard me on early podcast say this, I hate loath, detest. Do not like when people say, wow, you’re lucky. I’m not freaking lucky. I have worked my butt off for years. For years. Well you should be more humble about it. No, I’m not going to be more humble about it. I can say the elephant in the room, the three stores we have, Jason, how often do you have a burning fire at this store? There’s some issue with one of the three stores nowadays. Far less, but typically every day something. Yeah. People say what’s sell. Yes. Are So lucky that business is doing well. No Jason and works his butt off. He does. He’s earned the credit for that. Well, you guys should be more humble. I’m not going to be more hunted. Can Get outta here. That’s like me playing a basketball game. At the end of the game you look at the scoreboard. I have 96 points and you have seven and then I’m like, I just feel Aki and like your way in like what? 312 pounds and my best players, all my players are jacked or in great physical shape there. Do an alley, oops. And dunks and then my super fit guys get off to give court and go. We’re just lucky. No, they work out all the time. Just say you’re in to working out. How many pull ups can you do now? Pull ups.

Yeah, probably. Yeah. At one time, probably like 20, 25 pullups straight.

Is it? Cause you’re lucky, you’re lucky. You’re lucky you, you pull up. No, none at all. How often do you work out?

Uh, I work out six days a week actively and eh, I’m do something active every single day. What kind of Diet plan are you on? Dude? Uh, I’m actually doing a bout 95 to 99% meat diet. Really? Yeah. Okay. It’s all organic means.

So all I’m saying though is that if you, if somebody out there wants to lose weight, Josiah, tell me if I’m getting this wrong here. Here are the tips. One, donate wheat. Yes. Queet don’t eat sweets. Oh yeah. And Andoni your drink alcohol. Don’t drink alcohol. Absolutely. The three don’t eat wheat sweets or drink alcohol and just eat organic meat and vegetables. Yep. Why does that cause the human body to lose weight when you don’t drink alcohol? Eat wheat or suites? Uh, one, it’s very hard to overeat on meat and organic vegetables. And I went crazy last night, guys. I pounded some Broccoli. I went nuts. Sorry, I’m try eating a thousand calories in Broccoli. Right. Okay. So again, if you want to lose weight, that’s how you do it. Am I right? Am I right? Yeah. Am I getting something wrong? I don’t think so. But what if I want to know how to lose the weight? Okay. Step one. Now I know nothing makes you feel worse than when you know what to do, but you don’t do it. Yup. And that’s when you run around saying, oh, and then you start playing this music

as you write your pro communist posts and you say, you know, I could see, I could see her point, you know the whole new green deal. That makes sense. Banning all cars. This makes a lot of sense. And I just feel like this is going to be probably a great idea. And I liked the idea of raising the minimum wage to like, you know, $25 an hour. And I know Cortez, I know the bar that she worked at, you know, her first job is now closed because they can’t afford to keep up with minimum wage. But since I suck and everything and I have no skills because I’m a lazy, what I want to do is I want to just, um, I want to just vote communists because that’s a blasting, right? Since,

since I choose not to work out, let’s put ankle weights on Michael Jordan, right? Let’s, let’s equal it out here. Let’s, let’s do that. And No. So the system though, that’s how it started. That’s how they started the student paper. And so Richard Branson, now Richard Branson realized, Hey, what we tell you what we have subscribers to our paper. Richard Branson realized we have subscribers to our paper who are young, young kids. What are young people like there? Jason, what are things that almost all young people like to buy? They stopped buying when they’re 40 when they’re in their twenties they’re really into this particular kind of entertainment like technology. It was like phones go back to 1968. Oh, let me give you a hint. Bao Bao records. So he said he put an ad in his own paper for mail order records so people could order records. Now did he have the ability to ship records?

Berlin. Right. But you know why he put the ad in the paper first he was crowdsourcing to see how many people were interested. Right. And people started calling the numbers saying, I want to order records. And he’s like early dummy landing page. And he says, Hey, we’re all, we’re all booked out right now, but as soon as I have more inventory I’ll call you back. Then he goes to the record companies and says, Hey, I would like to be a middleman where I can make money. Like basically being my own record store. Back in the day we used to have record stores and I want to be like the record store, but I would have to all through the mail. And they go, okay, sure. And then over time he recognized that a lot of the artists, Jason, a lot of the artists who he was selling their records, he realized that a lot of artists weren’t getting paid a lot of money.

Yeah, it’s done. I bet he may remember that. Oh yeah. Uh, W I buy, buy, buy, buy, buy high. Anyway, two in sync. Those guys, do you know that that they almost didn’t make any money at all there before the no strings attached album. Oh, I would definitely assume. Did you know just I did you know that I didn’t know that the other manager took advantage of, yeah, so Richard Braids and starts cold calling to to, to, to, to, to, to, to, to, and he’s cold calling. Who, who do you think Richard Branson is cold calling? Because at this point he’s a guy who started a paper. He’s got a mail order record company and he has some serious coneys. Who Does he call? Who Do you think Richard Branson calls? Not Ghostbusters, but I would assume the artists directly [inaudible] now there was a group back in the day called Genesis.

Remember Genesis two two two two two two two, two, two 10. So what happened was is he calls some of the biggest names in music. He cold calls them. One of them, his name is Phil Collins. Oh there it is. And he says, Phil, if you sign with me, I’ll give you a sweet deal. He says, what’s the name of your company says virgin records. And so do you know that he didn’t have a studio? You know Phil, did you know that Richard Branson couldn’t afford a nice studio? I did not know that. He rented out a basement and the basement echoed. And you know why the basement echo just sad, right? Because the acoustics were off. Right? Also, he knew nothing about sound because he had just started this company. So Phil Collins comes in and he says, Phil, Phil says, why? Why does it echo in here? He says, it’s all part of the deal. It’s going to be a new sound for you. You’re leaving the band, you’re going single solo.

You used to be a part of genesis, but now you’re going solo. So I need you to get in the studio with the drums and record this song. Here we go. Everyone knows this part. Here we go. Hey, remember this, the drums, these drums are sick. Oh yeah. Joe Tsai. Have you heard these drums? Here we go. Let’s get to the drum solo. Get it. Oh, there it is. Oh Man. I almost, I don’t know. It was like a Eargasm. Here we go here guys. I’m getting ready. Here we go. It’s just such a great song, right? We all know this song, don’t we? Oh yeah. And where was this recording? The basement of Branson’s and why? Why was it recorded? The basement? Because they didn’t have a studio, but

why do most people not understand this idea? They take why you got to have a studio and I got no, he got Dee just hustled. Yeah. That’s how he started virgin records. Yeah. That’s how it happened. You know Warren g recorded regulators and I’m a bathroom of like a two bedroom house. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s huge. Yup. Warren g regulate. Right. What about a outcast? The dage family. I started out outkast was started recording in bathtubs. Yup. And I’m telling you, this is important stuff. It’s so important that we know this. Watch Jason. Why do we, why do we have to know these stories? I’m not, I’m just not sold yet. Well, we have to know these because they’re prime examples of how to operate as a successful business owner. You can’t just wait for something to fall into your lap. You have to stop using the, the the crappy excuse of, Oh, you just have to get lucky, but you have to just get out there and work. This is recorded with a basic drug

machine right here. Outcast in the bathtub. Yeah, listen to these lyrics. He’s got their sicknesses or not. No parks next week. The of that nature had the H. Unbelievable.

These guys are good. It’s all done in a bathtub. So many people out there listening to this show go on. Oh, I can’t afford it. No, you can. You can buy yourself a very, very nice condenser microphone today for $1,000 to get you the nicest microphone out there. The nicest one possible. You email me to info at thrive time, info at thrive time, I’ll email you all the gear you need. I’ll make a list of what you need. You get a Mac committee, you yourself, a condenser mic. Get yourself a nice pop filter on that. Uh, get yourself a little Adobe premiere. Yup. For about $9 a month. All of a sudden you’ve got a studio Homie, but you’ve got to start. So step one, you create that dream 100 list. Step two, you got to create kind of a, a pitch. You’ve got to drop off something of value, which is what you’re doing over there at the hub.

Yep. Step three, you’ve got to show up every single week. Josiah. What if I don’t want to show up every week? Show up anyways. Well, I have, I’ve seven tips, Jason, or eight tips for not being successful. Yup. Tip One, don’t make a dream 100 list tip to talk about making a dream 100 lists, but don’t make the list. Tip Three. Say you’re too busy. Step four, say ran at a time. Step five, don’t wake up before 5:00 AM step six. Say, I just, it hurts my feelings when I get rejected. Step seven, talk all day about how you feel instead of doing anything. And, uh, perhaps so one of the better tips of all time, probably my best tip is tip number eight. Uh, always keep bags of your own poop collected throughout your stay and just have it ready, right? That’s what you’ve, so you’ve got to be consistent with it. Now I have some examples I want to share with the listeners. Um, what am I a, uh, friends and one of my early mentors, her name is Laurie Montag. I’m gonna put this on the screen here. Jason, I’m going to show this video here. Who does this appear to be? What show is this show? Uh, I would assume by the hair. That’s Ellen degenerate. Okay. Someone hit play. Gotcha.

Ellen’s dressed up like Santa Claus. That’ll happen. And here’s something else that I found that is

actually really, really cool. These things, have you seen these things? And these are called a slap watch and what you do, because sometimes you don’t have time to buckle. Oh, watch on. You just get out and go. And you just do that and then it just gets in your hand like that.

That’s my friend’s product on the Ellen show.

Yeah. Isn’t that cool? Denine how’s possible moveable

possible. Do you think it, did you, do you think that that does slap watch was featured on that show by entropy and by luck or do you think that Laurie Montag put on her dream 100 list? The Ellen show? I, I’m going to say the latter, but everybody else would say it was just luck every time we all, have you ever seen this person? Who’s this person here? Who’s this a pop icon? Core products. Who’s this lady? Do we know this is, this is a

hot exchange dot. Kathy Lee and Hoda [inaudible] is the coolest thing ever. This is called the slap watch. It’s 19 [email protected] looks like the little things that you can take the watch head out and change the bandage.

Do you think that they got on the today show by luck or or do you think they made a dream? 100 list? Hard freaking work and dream 100 that’s interesting that this is all the same person. Let’s do another one man up entrepreneurship. Bootcamp’s there it is. I’m going to put a link on the show so you can listen to Lori’s interview. But here’s Laurie talking about um, getting her product in stores. I’m not telling the truth in advance.

Yeah. Or it haunted me just like we had, they were a $5 item. They were collectible, they came in all different characters. So we kinda had the same thing. So what we did, it’s kind of a fake it till you make it type thing that we set up at um, in Birmingham. Here we go, had a toy store and set up our display, mostly pictures of what they are all going to look like and started taking orders to see the reaction before we were going to put in a bunch of money to see how it went. And the kids went crazy over him and they were like, we’re like, well, we’re sold out right now or should we had done. So I come in, well, you know, we’ve got all your information, we’ve got your names and we’ll be emailing you and you can purchase them. So we knew then we had a hit.

Why Jason, is it important to know these stories? Because again, it’s proof that you have to get out there. You have to put yourself in front of people. People aren’t just going to come to you like for an elephant in the room. That’s why we put a giant inflatable elephant in front of our broken Arrow location, right next to a busy street with feathers signs. We are projecting out to people saying, hey, we’re back here. What do we offer? Haircut for a dollar. It is. If we just sat there behind Louise, we would never get any business. Now let’s do this. I’m going to queue up the audio here real quick. This is, this is, uh, Ryan Tedder, a Tulsa, a native, a guy who went to oral Roberts University, a guy who’s had massive success. He’s on the today show and he’s talking about how he was able to get his first internship. So I’m going to cue it up. Here’s the audio.

It’s the back of every CD that you buy or DVD. There’d be a number if you have issues or whatever calls plants. I called the complaint hotline, somebody who was pick eventually after like a hundred calls, how can I help you? Oh and I would say

visit. Is he calling them as he, is he picking up cds and calling the help? Wanted number on the back and they get the customer service number, the customer support number or are they calling him? He’s calling them. Interesting.

I’d say, oh I’m sorry. I was, I was on the phone with HR resources and I think they, they misconnected crafty and I would literally then work my way up. I would think they would keep, oh I’m sorry. Cause they always feel so bad. Right. And a dream 100 days. Then they would connect me up to the, eventually I’m talking with the head of HR of paramount pictures from a dorm room and Tulsa. I got a call from dreamworks one day that was their Nashville office and they had just opened a record label and a publishing it

and that’s how he got his internship by dream 108 yeah, it was all luck. That’s some profound crap. All right, so now we have two subsets. Again, step one. We’ve got to make that list, right? Yup. Gotta make that, got a big debt. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Let me the list. Step two, we’ve got a half of something we’re gonna drop off. Step three, we got to go out every single week. Now step four, we got to emotionally disconnect from the rejection we’re going to get every week in emotionally connect to the prize. Yes, Travis Kalanick, the founder of Uber. This is how we started Uber. He said, I went to Google, typed in San Francisco, chauffeur limousine taxi. I just filled out an excel sheet and I started dialing for dollars, right? First 10 guys that called got three. Three of them hung up on me, but before I got a few words out and a few of them have listened to it for like 45 seconds and then hang up and three of them said, yeah, I’m interested.

Let’s meet. And if you’re cold calling and three out of 10 say, let’s meet. You’ve got something. That’s how Uber started by dream one dream one. What dream? 100 [inaudible]. 100 try. Try it with me. They’re just like dream 100 [inaudible]. That’s how it works. It’s dream 100 [inaudible] Richard Branson started by dream 100 Ng Ryan tedder by tree 100 Ng Laurie Montego with slap watch. Yup. And as any bands, $60 million of sales by dream 100 Ng. So homework, action items. What should we do today? One, if you live in the broken Arrow area, you need to go to the hub GM and check out there that Jim, because the first, the first month is how much? It’s $1. Right? At the first month is a dollar. Check it out. It’s the hub broken here. What’s the website? Is the hub gym dot Tom v Hub [inaudible] dot com check it out.

The hub GM in broken arrow. Yup. Ah, if you’re out there and you own a business, buy a copy of the ultimate sales machine. Do I caught by it today? Let let the thrive nation be heard in the world of commerce is 10 52 for a hard copy on Amazon and you can get it with prime by it. I can’t buy it Tom. I have carpal tunnel. I want to buy it. There’s a part of me wants to buy it, but I just get by. I just, I, I want to do it by just kid. I just can’t, well, you know why I can’t do it. It’s because I, I got this new box fan and I’m trying out this new fun thing I’m doing all weekend. I got this new box fan and I spent all day yesterday doing this and I recorded it for you guys so you can hear what I’ve been doing since I haven’t had time to buy the book yet.

La, la La Lou Lou.

Hi. Quit watching the boys. Quit watching the view. Quit watching Ellen. Just buy the freaking book and get out there and get serious about your life. You can do it. You have the capacity and the tenacity needed. You already have all the tools. You can do it. My name is Clay Clark. That’s Jason Beasley Gill. This is the incredible Mr Josiah, this guy, I’m telling you, this guy is a real human, a great entrepreneur, a great intrepreneur, a great manager. Josiah weans go to the hub gym, check ’em out, shake his hand. He is the ultimate dream 100 implementer. And we like to each and every show with a boom. But before we do that, Josiah, give everybody out there a little encouragement about the dream 100 system.

Just get out and do it. Uh, there’s no rejection that you’re going to face that is going to be worse than the success you’re going to feel from making it happen.

Cause we’re dream 100 Ng. And any further I do this, this, this is going to be some profound crap right here. Oh, here we go. Three, two, one. Boom.

You may not feel like you’re living to your highest potential because you’re stuck in a Rut with your head down. Just trying to survive when people are trying to get out of a Rut. The first impulse is to often dream of a new destination, a new job, a new location, and maybe even a new career. Most people think unlocking ones highest potential requires a new vision. We’re a new destination and many books actually encourage that type of thinking. However, Carly Fiorina believes that this is where most of us get off track. It’s not a destination. It’s a path and being the type of person who will take that path. You may know Carly Fiorina is the first female CEO of a fortune 50 company, but you may not know that she started out as a secretary and rose to success one step at a time by solving the problems in front of her and empowering those around her. Her new book. Find your way will help you choose your own path to unleash your highest potential. Start Your journey today. Please visit. Find your way. Thrive it’s find your way, thrive or purchase a copy copy

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