The Importance of Diligence and Hard Work (with NBA Superstar, David Robinson)

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If you want to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality you must apply both diligence and hard work. NBA Hall of Fame basketball player and Thrive Time Show partner, David Robinson teaches the importance of putting in the work and sowing the seeds before you can expect to reap a harvest.

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Alright Thrivers, let us jump back to the business coach conversation is the thrive time show on your radio and business coachpodcast download. During today’s podcast, my friend and my partner, david robinson breaks down the importance of hard work, regardless of what adventure you want to start. How great your idea is no matter what business venture you want to scale at the end of the day. Eventually, your big business plan is going to encounter hard work, the reality of hard work and, if you’re not willing to roll up your sleeves and to grind-and you just put in the effort needed this to be successful, you will you will fail and so david robinson, when he retired, from his career of 14-year hall of fame basketball career. Having played the national basketball association, having one two nba championships, having won two olympic gold medals have been won, won mvp. He had the great idea to start a school called the carver academy. It would provide free education or or discounted education for people who were economically challenged and the most underprivileged areas of san antonio. So he had this big vision to to help the community become educated. However, having an idea and executing the idea are two different business coach stories now, just so you know the rest of the story. David’s idea, his a concept, his business, his venture, the carver academy, went on to do very very well in the carver academy has now sent many inner-city impoverished kids on to college and the student to attend. The carver academy have done very well academically and in the game of life, but when he first started the carver academy, it was a great idea, followed by tons of hard work, peter drucker the management expert and authorize credited as being kind of like the founder of a lot of modern management techniques. He says plans are only good intentions unless they immediately to generate end of hard work.

A lot of hard work., I think I text just about everyone around me at to their maximum. So was it hard you’re, absolutely I know I felt bad at times that I was asking everyone to do so much, but that’s what is required if you want to get something started it it. It is, you must know that it’s going to take your time and energy and it’s going to be a great responsibility on your behalf. This is sort of a yes, no power question session, I’m going to ask you these questions. If you had ever and you ever had experience before in an in writing curriculum, have you ever had experience before overseeing construction? Know? Oh yes, I know you did this before in here and raising capital. No, no, no experience in these three of these four areas, but you didn’t. Let that stop you write, nevada dead, I felt like i, could find the expertise in those areas. I love that attitude. That’s what we need to do when you start with what we have and just get after it right failure is a part of the equation. You are going to fail at points, but that does not mean that that everything is going to fall apart. You you have to be resilient. Do you have to be so you know those are those were what I saw his minor obstacles. Did you ever feel overwhelming I know that you are a pretty confident business coach guy and you’re pretty put together where you at you know you get up early everyday and in you express your thankfulness to the lord and in years, but did you ever feel overwhelmed or just feel overwhelmed rheostat? What am I doing I’m going to give her just to make me have that moment where you ever felt like old man? I can remember several times being at a point where I thought I don’t know what the next step is. I, don’t know what I’m supposed to do and and that’s a frustrating business coach point and I remember many nights where I set up and I just prayed I said lord, i, i, don’t know what the next step is. Everyone keeps looking to me for the answer and I don’t have the answer and it’s so there will be many times.

Will you find yourself of that in that particular situation, and, and you just have to have faith you have to continue to press on and, and you know, there’s like I said there are people out there who understand who know who have the answer. I have to find them and in my case, I was hoping that the lord would bring them to my door and have them bring. My doorbell didn’t always happen, but look at where we are now. We started with a small school with 60 kids, and now we have 320. We have for schools in the city, we’re building two more next year and will have 20 and will will will double the number of low-income children going to college every year in the city of san antonio when we’re at full scale. That is awesome. So many of those times those questions were answered and they will be if you’re, diligent and you’re faithful and your passion does not waver clarify when you say the word diligent. What the hell is to you, I mean i, know it’s application of effort, but I mean from your perspective. What what is that mean to be diligent when you say that, because use that term as well make sure I’m not missing what you mean there is. Is it a focus and a a putting the the feet to the asphalt making sure that you’re doing all the underlying work necessary to accomplish your goals, so I mean in a real estate deal diligence is finding out all of the. Why is he selling? What’s the what’s wrong with the business coach price? What’s the market like in the area of who’s building, what who’s my competition diligence is finding out the answers to all those things before you buy a property. Diligence is doing all of the little things that are needed to accomplish your goal.


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