How To Improve Your Overall Customer Experience & Service (with Former EVP of Disney World Resorts Lee Cockerell)

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The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts breaks down the specific steps that you must take to improve your overall customer experience.

Customer Service is Not a Department

  1. Customer service is a cultural thing.
  2. You must have a spirit of serve in all departments.
  3. Great customer service companies:
    1. Marriott
    2. Starbucks
    3. Chick-fil-A
    4. Disney
    5. QuikTrip
    6. Southwest Airlines
  4. You win customers one at a time, but you lose them 1,000 at a time

Mystery Shop Your Own Business

  1. Managers need to be with their people 80% of the day
  2. If you can’t execute you will lose over time
  3. Rewards and penalties
    1. Appreciation
    2. Recognition
    3. Encouragement

Welcome back to the business coaching conversation. If you have a business and you have customers, then you’re going to want to listen to this exclusive interview with lee cockrell alicante was the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts, and we all love great customer service mean everybody loves the marriott. We all have starbucks, we all like chick-fil-a, we all like disney will love these companies. We all love quiktrip. We could all name them for you. We love southwest, airlines right. We all! We all love businesses that offer excellence, but yet and small business. More often than not the standard for excellence is just missed consistently and so you’ll see it all. The time check. If you’re, going to like a local restaurant and you’re trying to support your local restaurant on, are you and your wife or my wife and i? We want to go to a local place and there’s some great local places, but one of the reasons why small businesses stay small is because, if they were good, there would be a bigger to me and then they would meet that demand. They will become big, and so you see companies that just set an impossibly low standard, but yet they want people like you and I to feel bad as like support, your local small businesses will I would if they actually weren’t terrible. That’s a big deal. It’s a big problem right, so I’ve noticed that every company that I’ve ever ran that once I mailed the customer service experience it’s scaled quickly over. How do you do it? How do you make a marriott level? Customer service will be used to manage multiple marriott hotels. He started off as a chef with a marriott hotel in startup. Is it is a chef he worked in the army and then he worked as a chef worked. His way up without a college degree worked his way up through the labyrinth of management, start off, managing something small, something bigger something bigger and then one day he is hair was longer than was expected until founder of marriott yanked. A piece of hair out of his head and I gave him a talk about excellence in customer service, and it was then that lee cockrell made a big change and he went on to become the head of disney paris and ultimately disney world hemans, the number one tourist destination in the world for over a decade, and he talks about during our exclusive interview. He talks about customer service is not just department department customer service is not just at a department. That’s a big idea. Customer service is not an apartment, it’s not just a department. He talks about how you have to have a spirit to serve people in all areas of your business and I’m.

When you get out to our workshop is friday and saturday you’re going to see what I mean when I say excellent, excellent customer service, our team’s, not perfect, but we work very hard to make sure you have a great experience and because we know you deserve it, and so, if you get to attend one of our workshops before we hopped into the booth today, I’m not sure where we’re at now, but we did have one ticket left, and so, if you want to get that ticket to attend the world’s best business coaching led workshop, where we will be teaching customer service buy that ticket today by going to thrive time, show.Com drive time should I come click on the conference’s button. You can learn. Everything you need to know about. The conference is from 7 a.M. To 3 p.M. It’s. The world’s best business workshop will teach you customer service when you can’t make it I get it, and so now that he further ado and exclusive interview with lee cockerell and how disney makes that magical customer service. Experience day after day after you, your book, you talk a lot about sensational service and how to deliver this awesome service. Do you believe any manager can hold people accountable to a level of sensational service? A lot of managers are not doing it because you’ve selected the wrong person. You haven’t been clear about what level of service you’re looking for for your customer, so they don’t know. You know when somebody tells me they do a great job. That’s in their opinion. I need to be at my bed. I need to observe their performance top you, don’t you don’t give yourself your self-appraisal. Are we all give ourselves a 10, so yeah i, know i, think you’re, absolutely in your book that customer service is not an apartment. What you mean by that, you know you have somebody. If you have a customer is complaining in the person on the phone says. Well, I’ll connect you with this customer service department. That’s what you used to getting total aggravation and all I’m saying it’s a culture. Everybody in the company needs to know that they have a responsibility. That’s all the customers problem, not transfer. The call take it when it comes to you deal with it and it’s a cultural thing that everybody every single person, even the people, don’t see fanatical about. We all take care of the customer. Everybody accounts, payables receivables, they’re, just as nice as the front lady on the front line that meets the customer when I call accounts payable. She treats me very respectful, a very high-energy, very good, and you have a service culture. What are some companies in your mind that do this outside of disney just so that I can get it on an entrepreneur? I can get an idea, but okay, that’s a company that doesn’t that’s a come in or some coming for. You see where customer service is done great, across-the-board, generally marriott and it comes from bilmar.

At the founder of a great role model costco had great experiences there i, like starbucks, starbucks, i, think chick-fil-a. We talked about how you’re going to chick-fil-a their employees like totally different than the ones that other fast food chains. Why that’s what they want, they always say have a nice day, they always say it’s. My pleasure is my pleasure. You think they say that just cuz. They want to say that, because I know dress the way they look their hair cut. What are business owners I work with will say:will you know it? Just I can’t find good people chick-fil-a have all the good people. Do you believe you’re training people to do great work, you’re training, good people write your train good people to do great, can I just fine until it do great work, then right you take people dressed up like say i, just you know you got 5 kids. Are they going to be great? Yes, because you’re going to make them grow? If you don’t focus on, everybody can be great as long as you, and mostly we get in trouble. Cuz. We have low confidence, we have low self-esteem, know what is trying to snow buddies tallest. Nobody believes in us, so we don’t raise lazarus raised up. We don’t we underestimate where we can go and we need somebody like a parent or a business coaching boss makes us understand. We can be anytime. We want to be raised. That was a little bit pretty pretty wild in your book. It said here that you can lose. You win customers, one at a time, so you win a customer one at a time, but you lose them a thousand at a time when I first read that as I read it, it kind of a more sense to me. But could you explain me what you mean by that concert? You get. Customers were in the time, but you lose in 2009 when I started working back in the sixties. You know you develop, did a good job for a customer. If you screwed up the service, she lost that customer. But today the real problem is:is social media I mean literally facebook and twitter or not? I saw that the army did you know what soldiers are coming back from ask afghanistan one of the big airlines charge them $400 for extra bags. Those guys got out their cameras and made it a youtube video in flight about what this airline had done to them. When I landed, they downloaded it that airline got 200,000 complaints from consumers and you don’t mistreat the military i, don’t care what you do, because this country will go after you and that 200,000 complaints that day so accountability is an all-time high. Because of the transparency that brought about by and take you out, customer service is absolutely key.

If you do a good job, you get good reviews. If you do a bad job, you get bad reviews. I would encourage you to google thrive time. Show review, read the reviews about the conference and decide whether you want to buy that last ticket at thrive time should I come. We come back door. Talk about mystery shopping, your own business. Let go to that private time show on talk. Radio 1170! Yes, it is. That would bring the welcome back to the business coaching conversation. Today we have exclusive interview with lee cockrell, the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts chuck. Does it not blow your mind that an organization we get to interview the man who used to run the largest tourist destination in the world a million visitors a week? Can you just buy them that I will put that on the show that shows they have over a million customers all week? It’s it’s mind-blowing! Now, during this exclusive interview with lee cockerell, the man who used to manage 40,000 employees as the executive vice president of walt disney world resorts lee teaches 2 big ideas big idea:number one free shop, your own business. How do you do? How do you become a mystery shop, your own business? Yes, you tell you talked about a mystery shop, your own business, to hold your team accountable, and he also talks about how to organize your day when you’re managing 40,000 people go any further. Ado are exclusive interview with lee cockrell direct to you, because we eliminate the middleman he’s gone, he’s been fired. He couldn’t bring the energy bye, have a gas station or have some small business you’re saying that you might recommend just go in there and shop and like your customer man, if they’re going to know you send your neighbor and tell him how I take tell me how when do they come out clean, your windshield or not cuz? What percentage of your time do you recommend i? Have a business and I have seven or eight employees? What percentage of my time should I spend inspecting I thinking specting, if you’re in a small business you just probably around your people, all the time I mean really. You got a disney as big as we are. We finally mandated that the assistant managers in the managers had to be in the operation with the customers and with the cast members 80% of the day, so 8 9 hours a day they had a bit and they said we can’t do that. We got too much ministrative work going to be in the office, so we had his administrative help to them, so they could be out in there babe the business owners that you work with that work with allies and see him all the time that say, I’m so busy doing this. I don’t have time to follow up on my people, for the people have no accountability. What would you say to somebody whose business model is built upon not following up on their people? I would say that you probably realize how to resync how you’re organized, maybe you do need to add one more person.

Maybe you need to rethink where you’re spending your time, because if you’re not executing well, you got a business, is not going to go downstream, no matter what you’re doing, if you can’t execute you’re going to slowly with I was talking to my dry cleaning guy. The other day we were talking about i, wonder why people leave businesses. I said you know, I’ve been to come in here for 20 years, with my close to you and I said you even screw up a lot and you’re. Really nice, guy and I enjoyed I said i, don’t want to walk away. I can put up with as long as people treat me respect her a nice. You always take care of it when you screw up you and your he’s. Always there personnel, although sometimes i, forget to fold my shirts when I travel I want to fold it, he just wait a minute and buy me a coffee come back and find myself. Melanie has my final two questions here. What rewards and penalties would you recommend that everything I guess? What role would you recommend every business has with as it relates to rewards and penalties need to be rewarding pillion place every business owner I understand the biggest reward is appreciation, recognition and encouragement give a little of that. It doesn’t cost a dime, preciation recognition and encouragement in my book. It’s called are I call it the fuel that drives performance, recognition encouraging. We all want it. If we don’t all get it, we all have to have a full tank. Every morning, it’s like a few I can give you some. Then I have some for priscilla. When she comes home, you never run out it’s renewable. If I do it, you should learn to do it. You get some people when you give them preciation recognition, encouragement, their lease or yeah I stay with you. They quit stealing from you how it goes down and it is a fuel that is free. It cost nothing and every day you and me-and all is good. We miss opportunities to give this to people on the street homeless. Person debbie nicer is that that is doing a great job and I want to give him a precaution or reward. Or do you want me to? Is that somewhere you just tell them publicly. Did you give them something? To give him a always ask business coaching people? What is the best way for people to know they matter tell them. What is the best way for your wife to know you love her. Tell her if you love her, don’t keep it to yourself. You appreciate you walking on my walk in and say play I was thinking about you. The way on the way to work and I was just thinking how much I appreciate you, you do a great job. I hope you stay with me for another 15 years you’re the kind of person I need around here and I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you. What do you think about that and I’ll tell you want to test it out? Cuz you’re, not we’re not good at it, because your parents, I tell everybody, call your parents, when your mother answer the phone say mom and dad on the phone i. Just want to call and tell you tonight how much I appreciate and love you too I appreciate all the sacrifices you made for me in your life.

Your mom will start crying and your dad will say what happened you get fired today. So you year you have 40,000 poise working with you. You’ve got your ear rave system. There you get to work. You get to work about 2 hours before how many direct reports did you have that arranged over the years of disney and one time I had 14 one time. I had sex as we got bigger, I tied it up because I 14 was getting harder and harder to deal with him. So yeah we reorganized few times, but not think it was easiest because I really had love. Do anything I just communicated my expectations and I had a good trace and follow-up system for the lady in my office, who tracked when I ask for something I gave it to her and she took care of, make sure I get back and can I get into medication. Quick. So if I was one of your direct reports, bostic bostic okay. So if you delegated in an item to me, so it’s just say you have to work at what time you need to work, typically 6:15, so 6:15 to get to work. You don’t really see anybody till about 8. Let’s see have a meeting with me I’m one of your 6 reports. Do you give me a printed out to do list when I need to do for a day or print out as I might ask you to do Something:i’ll, probably 99% of time, I’ll email, you not say just as we discussed when I can but I’d like to have this back by december 12th at 5. Can we specific I copy, chris and then chris keeps this on a master list. She takes it over. Okay, she follow up. She follows up. She gets to him a week ahead of time tells you know you’re totally this next friday, and this is coming up too. So she was kind of the honey badger and she was like so organized I mean it freed me. Let’s go back over there. Let’s say that I own, a appliance store I would say that I am a doctor. I’m a doctor and I have 5 business coaching employees toe I’m, the boss, I own the place, I pay the bills on the ceo, the owner of the founder and the doctor. How would you recommend a guy like that delegates to 5p man? You know a lot of time even today when I asked.

If you and I tell you that if I’d say I’d like to have something back from you by february, 12th and i, just told you that-and you said:okay, fine I’ll just do her over to the 12th I right do today and if i, if I’ve had problems with you, I might flip back to the athens. Remind grass remind me to remind whoever I was gonna to and so I just use this as a trace system. To do you and I trace things as simple as cleaning the air ducts cleaned the docks. The warranty on my vacuum, cleaner says clean up my place, so you don’t burn up the motor so every month, I clean, then I flip over and I could clean. The sounds like at the end of the day, I’m working for you and you give me the assignments. Are you expecting me to have one master to do list if I work for you? If I have time to look at what you have as long as you do? What you’re supposed to be done? I mean I would encourage you to have a list rubber meets the road I show up there a week later on, like i, didn’t remember what would you say to me if I said I didn’t remember when we can have that talk, you wouldn’t forget, probably because one of the guys you got to be organized and actually had. We do profiling on leaders and, if I find out there, disorganized and I don’t hire them in the first place, because there are people who are they you’re smart, but they can’t get. It figured out what role did making to-do lists play in managing your daily schedule. A. Big part everything everything I mean it’s either in my calendar and my to do list alright, drive nation, you heard it that’s lee cockrell on why you have to mystery shop your own business and the importance of actually having one day timer and one calendar for your one life. It sound so simple. It is, wouldn’t really be so at the conference. If you want to learn the next level of of time management, which is effective delegation, we’re going to teach it to you at the workshop, but we can’t help. If we don’t get a chance to know you we had one ticket left. Do we have one ticket laughter had one ticket left before we did today show if you want to buy that ticket just go to thrive time show.Com and you can click on the business coaching conference’s button and they are you able to purchase your ticket for this friday’s thrive time show 2 day interactive business workshop. It goes from 7 a.M. To 3 p.M. On both friday and saturday and I promise. You is absolute game changer, but we can’t help you. If we don’t get a chance to know you. So purchase your tickets today at thrive time, show., can get your tickets at thrive time and show dot-com and any further do we like to end the show with a boom, and here we go free play broadcast from the box


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