How to Increase Word of Mouth Through the Net Promoter Score

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What is the Net Promoter Score? In this podcast edition of the Thrivetime Show Clay Clark, former US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, will get into how to turn your customers into walking advertisements for your business.

Create a Customer Experience Focused on Creating a High Net Promoter Score

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “When someone comes to me with a cost saving idea, I don’t immediately jump up and say yes. I ask: what’s the effect on the customer?” – Herb Kelleher (Founder of Southwest Airlines)

  1. Make a checklist for your sights
  2. Make a checklist for your sounds
  3. Make a checklist for your interactions
    1. Create a script for customer interaction
    2. Install a call recording system
    3. Install a video recording of your office
  4. Make a checklist for your smells
  5. Make a checklist for your pricing

SNL Skit –

“I tell my employees that we’re in the service business, and it’s incidental that we fly airplanes.” – Herb Kelleher (Founder of Southwest Airlines)

7:20 PM – To kill 10 minutes and to make sure that my 5 kids can sit somewhere near us,  I make my way up to the counter to talk to the flight attendant man named Nadir. During our discussion he explains to me that he’s been stuck at the airport since 6:00 AM because the flights have been delayed as though I should feel sorry for him. He explains to me that he is originally from Nepal. For a brief moment, I contemplated telling him that I never worked less than a 12 hour day during my first 5 years of business, but it is abundantly clear that is not looking for advice or feedback, he’s just looking for a customer to complain to.

7:45 PM – The airline announces overhead that they are hoping to be able to get out of Louisville tonight, but that they are attempting to round up a crew to man the plane…this adds to the inherent airport tension that is already in the every airport in American airport. This announcement did not help.

7:47 PM – I begin to contemplate looking for an airport bar to grab a beverage and that’s when my 10 year old son points out to be with his outside voice that smaller planes are more likely to crash.

8:00 PM – Without a sense of tact or urgency the airline employees make vague not helpful announcements sharing with us that they are looking for a crew to fly our plane.

8:30 PM – 2 hours later, we board a flight to Louisville, Kentucky that is apparently being manned by a pilot who flew in from Mexico to captain our plane.

8:35 PM – The Captain of the plane hops on the mic to announce that we might be flying into O’Hare in Chicago or Louisville, Kentucky and that we are lucky that the plane even has a pilot because he flew in from Mexico to bless us with this presence and that he would appreciate if the passengers who’ve spent their entire day waiting in an airport would not harass his crew (whose been working 12 hours).

Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Do you need help growing your business? Take the best business coach challenge, Our thrivetime business coach program will be any marketing firms prices by 50% schedule. Your free consultation today at thrive time show.Com need a marketing firm. Our business coach program offers better and faster results for half the cost of any other marketing firm, learn more at thrive time. Show.Com drive time show on your radio i. My name is Clay clark and i. Just returned from owensboro kentucky on sunday, as I was headed out there to work with a church called river city church and when I flew out to owensboro kentucky, as is a best business coach tradition when I fly with most of the airlines, except for southwest airlines. By the way it seems like when I always fly with jetblue or southwest airlines, it’s crazy, but it’s a good best business  coach experience and I have to fly with the other airlines, because I’m going to evansvilleso I fly out there and first off the flight. When you get on the plane, it’s going to be hot if they have to cuz they’re going to have to delay your flight rather than spending a few extra dollars to keep the cabin of the airplane cool, they save some dollars and they make it hot dude. If you put on a plane words on a just absolutely like you promised, can’t escape like santa hot toddy, been on, who you’re stuck on a plane and it’s so hot and they’re. Not that turn the air conditioning is that happened to you absolutely a multiple times, I’d say more than the average person more than you know it, probably at least 50% of the time yeah they’re, so there’s sacrificing client service for money, so bad experience at the airport to tsa. These are the incredible employees here and I’m sure there’s a few good ones out there for the transportation security administration of the five people that I interacted with three were either outright mean orsarcastic during my tulsa portion of the trip on the airline. It is so hot that I can’t even communicate I’m literally sweating down my back off. My kids are sweating. There’s no overhead music, they said they’re not going to pass out the drink, cart for apple juice, orange juice, water or vodka.

Nothing, that’s a human oven of grumpiness, it’s nana sense, terrible, there’s, no overhead music, there’s nothing! And then, when you get me. Finally, after a 45-minute delay, we get in the air and they announce to us that will be running behind, which means that you cannot catch your next flight. So when we get there, we hustle to get there in time for our next flight and then answered that flight is going to be going to miss it take off time until after the flight misses the time, they don’t tell you in advance, and then they have one customer service agent, workingto handle 180 customers, and you know why cuz it’s a largely unionized business they’ve got people that cannot be fired. Their they’ve got people with 10-year working for a government-subsidized business, and so the question is for you:if you’re trying to turn this negativity and just some best business coach positivity, if you were trying to not run your business like an airport or a government-subsidized airline, how do you create a high net promoter score? How do you create a high experience? How do you create a high level of customer service? Experience for people are so excited by the experience that you provide that people run around praising your business, and this is where it gets very actionable check. Yes, sir I’ve got one action step that you can add more of a print action philosophy. This is-and this is one thing we are dragging on the sonic guys. This is one of the main reasons that they’re successful is they follow dr. Z’s number one rule in business:okay, pigs get fat, hogs, get butchered if yourrunning that airline, that’s not southwest and you’re saving a few pennies by turning off the air. That’s good reason to be butchered right:there right, you don’t have theirs, there’s a terrible experience all the way around and it’s all because they’re penny-pinchin they’re not creating that win-win scenario. And when you have that in mind, you want to create a win-win scenario with your client. That’s how you one of the ways you can increase that net promoter score and get them out there. Talking about how awesome you are so do what you want to do. You want to create a checklist for your sights. You make sure the visually every part of your have your experience is awesome. Alright, virgin airlines.

Does this jetblue? Does this southwest airlines? Does this they try to make a visually appealing experience get the sound right going to have overhead music plan. You wanna make sure the announcements that are madefrom your flight attendants are not sarcastic. They are so sarcastic in fact, for most most airlines outside of southwest airlines that saturday night live made a parody. Just give me the saturday night live parody about your lines, never saw that i, don’t know dude I’m, not sure I think I have maybe not the audio and play at chop on our next segment. Two listeners can hear it put. The airlines were notorious for you to walk up to him and you would say:yeah I have a question. My son. We have a overhead view of a carry-on and I want to see if it would, if it could fit there by need to check, and they do. Thank you. Bye, bye and you’re like i, wanted to know what what best business coach gate do I need to find. My next final, thank you, bye, bye and you in the matter. What the question was asked. It always say bye-bye that became a say. Sr night, live parody was i, do remember. This directions people at southwest airlines are genuinely fun people that are kind there upbeat they enjoy life they’re trying to celebrate it with you.

Let me give example:i actually went to the check-in win window at an airline. That’s not southwest airlines about 4 months ago, and the lady was so rude when we were checking in our bags. She was just so rude and so mean to me that the southwest airlines employee, who wasn’t even working yet they just got there for their shift. They pulled me aside and said:hey. Do you want some vouchers for that restaurant up there I apologize that says that crap they do all the time, but the southwest airlines used to people like literally i, could be raining or be trouble. If you ever dealt withi mean it’s crazy. How consistently patronizing and negative the other airlines are it’s at., it’s, unbelievable! It’s almost every single time like we talked about i, don’t know of the last 10 times that I flown, maybe eight of them, were there was like terrible experiences. Delays having to you know, get $200 hotel room that they’re like we will give you a voucher for a flight that you can take within the next 6 months. What does this do? For me? It’s unbelievable. So here is what you can do to make this actionable. If you want a business-and you want to make your experience great and I know you do what you want to do-is you and make a checklist of your sites? What visuals need to be up there for the best business coach show notes? Today, chuck I took pictures of the friday’s restaurant, and that way the listeners could look at sites that are intentional the sounds. You want to make sure that you have experience with the music overhead is positive. Your interactions, you want a script. I, want your people should say when they’re on the microphone, if interacting with customers, when greeting customers want to build scripts for that smells by default, it’s going to smell like urine. You’ve got to make intentional smell. You got to have checklist for your pricing. This is what squirrely have you ever discovered that the other airlines are always trying to get you to pay an extra baggage fee? There is following you:buy your ticket super cheap and yes, super cheap and then. Oh. Here comes all the way up charge. All your way back. You want to buckle that seat belt that’ll be $12 on the screen of the other airline’s it’ll say:do you want to go back yes and then it’s like 25 bucks and then it’s like. Do you want to upgrade the yeti out of seating or representative? It’s always default to yes and they’re, constantly trying to nickel-and-dime you trick ya, it southwest airlines, it’s just there’s no extra fees! I! Don’t understand why people can’t figure this out. It’s amazing to me.

So, as my wife and I are traveling, I was making notes of all the calamity. So what happens? Is we got delayed on our first flight? Then we’re trying to fly from dallas to evansville. It’s delayed again. They don’t announce it, though, until after your missed your time, and so my wife pops on the 1-800 number, because she does the math and realizes they’re not going to tell us that were going to miss her flight. So we’re just going to have to just move, got a hold of them. We transition to a different flight, so I can fly into louisville and then that way we wouldn’t be stranded in dallas. At least we could get out to louisville kentucky I want to remind your truck. If you look, this up I want to see how long does it take to drive from tulsa oklahoma to louisville kentucky? If you could look that up real quick because we did not get into louisville kentucky until 1 a.M. And we begin our journey at 2:30 p.M. So I would like to figure out the math on that looks. Like oh come on here we go find hours and 40 minutes who would have been faster to drive just a thought, then to kill 10 minutes while we’re sitting there waiting for our flight google I walk up to the counter and I talked to a flight attendant by the name of nadir nadir and during our discussion. He explains to me that he’s been stuck at the airport since 6 a.M. Because the flight’s been delayed, and he explains the ice biscuit feel sorry for him, because he’s been on his feet for 12 hours or so for 10 hours, cellarius works there. Okay and I said how’s it going he’s like me and I’ve, been on my feet since, like I’ve, been on my feet by 10 hours, I want explain to the deer in any of the non small business owners listening if you own a business, think about your last day to go up. Monday, not friday, i! Think about how many best business coach hours do you work in a typical day, paul when you were starting hood and associates, how many hours a day did you work at 11:12 today? So this is what’s hilarious we sit down in our plane? Is it true story? Did you explain to me he’s like I said how’s it going man because man I worked like 10 hours today, I don’t have a burning desire to run around and chastise people, but I wanted to. Let him know like dude was like i, don’t recall the last day, I didn’t work 10 hours, so you being a week, do hops on the microphone and explain. This is literally the announcement that was made from the airplane once we finally got on the flight. This with the pilot says I’d appreciate. If you would criticize the flight attendants I’ve been on my feet for 10 hours today and I flew in from mexico, so we could just got turned down any lip lip that we’re giving it a flight attendants I’ve been on my feet for 10 hours.

Today. The pilot is actually telling us that you would appreciate it if we would tone down any liquor. I’m on that one lady had been at the bar for 4 hours and I know this, because I also went to the bar I’m like 4 hours. I should probably go to the bar, so I can see the bar grab a beverage and that’s when I realize that there’s people been waiting for 4 hours at the bar and I said man. How long have you been waiting for this flight jesus 5 hours there for 4 hours, so we can on the plane now, membership been waiting for 4 hours and according to her i, don’t know if your math is accord, the bartender, the bartender goes and she’s had three or four beverages, but she trying to get through this so then on the plane were sitting there waiting. Now we, but you ain’t, 4 hours were on the plane now waiting to go to louisville and she turns the flight attendant. Does excuse me ma’am. What are you going to bring out the alcohol card she says? Have you had something to drink? Cuz I might have to get you off this plane. If you don’t turn it down and I’m going here. We go in. This is why people don’t like flying on most of the airlines, and this is why southwest airlines made a profit every year for 44 years, and the other airlines would throw a freaking best business coach party if they can string together, two or three years of profitability. My son then points out to me at 7:47. He says, let’s be a small plane, because the smaller planes are more likely to crash, but he didn’t say it with an inside voice. He said with the outside voice in this is where I can I I took note of just how airports should be herb, keller, the founder of southwest airlines. This is a notable quotable. He says the core of our success in the most difficult thing for a competitor to imitate see they can buy all the physical things, the things you can’t buy our dedication devotion, loyalty, the feeling that you are participating in the crusade, so it southwest airlines. They have a bunch of happy people that work there and you see the other airlines might lower their prices and try to compete. But the people who work there are sarcastic and they’re not positive, and it’s not a good experience. Can we come back from the break? I want to get eric chop steak on how, at the thrive time show how we work with our teammates on a daily basis to create positive faces.

How do you inspire your workforce on a day-to-day basis want to attend the legendary drive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes leave. It objected review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. Nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the five-time show on your radio and podcast download and i. Just returning now back from a trip where I went to owensboro kentucky to help at church, they were helping. This church call river city church to improve their workflows in system. They have great pastor great volunteer, great teams, I just a great organization. All I need is systems, and so it’s a it’s a real honor to serve those guys at river, city church, but in route to owensboro, kentucky I had a flight that was delayed, can I get I get to the airport. I have three of the five tsa employees I run into or negative, that’s td transportation! Do you haven’t? We are aware, if you’re not familiar with a flying, often needs this. It’s it’s a transportation security administration is tubular supposed to keep you safe from terrorists, and such three of the five of them were negative. Then I get to the airlines and one out of the two flight attendants on the first flight was negative. We the flight, is delayed while still on the runway, which baffles me, then they don’t turn on the air-conditioning. There’s no overhead music. You begin to sweat. When our flight gets delayed, they don’t make any announcements, so don’t make an announcement to keep getting delayed and delayed and delayed from dallas. Finally, my best business coach wife makes an audible call, be call 1 800 number. We get on the flight to move that flight is also delayed. We finally do land in louisville our luggage is lost with luggage is lost. We discovered we have to drive 2 hours to get to owensboro, so at 2 in the morning to get to owens, roper speaking event that starts at 9 a.M. With him without the luggage. Without the workbooks I didn’t go to walmart to buy the accoutrements, the decor, the deodorant all the things that I need to pull off the workshop and the entire time I was going through a hellacious. Yet again, customer service experience I discovered that really it’s a system that the airlines and the airport have developed to providing terrible customer service. It’s beyond just an accident. I mean this. Is our systematic approach and so I wanted to I want to just inspire me buddy out there to not run your business like an airport there, a government-subsidized industry, you understand, like airlines, are subsidized by the government outside of southwest airlines, which, oh by the way, just turned a profit for 44 years in a row. Everybody else consistently all the time these people literally cannot be fired because they’re subsidized by the government. So it’s a thing where like, if you ran your small business, the way that air lines run the airline to be out of business man.

If you ran your business the way the tsa runs, the airports you’d be at a business. So we’re talking today about specifically how to create a positive environment, but I mean. Does it not blow your mind that the airports and the airlines have such terrible customer service every time? Whoop all the time you too, there was a tale cast, video i, think paula, somehow muted unintentionally, there that was kind of a can. You hear me I can hear you now and I’m sure that had to beat you up. That is a passive aggressive, take one out because they messed things up and when you don’t have the fear of failure of the fear of repercussions that you just don’t you don’t serve other people and you know hood cph.Com, that’s one of the reasons we’re giving away play. I love! You too, you know haven’t mentioned mentioned. This were given more about the snowball book away, because that is the epitome of free enterprise value. More than giving every single listener, everybody podcast or the radio show warren buffett’s only authorized biography book called snowball at no additional charge. No upcharge you’re, giving it to the listeners. All you have to do is go to hood cps.Com. To claim your book and all this is this is this:is the catch if you schedule a one-hour consultation with paul hood with hood cpas he’ll, look at your financial life to make sure you’re headed the right way financially, and he will give you a free copy of the snowball bucknuts. That’s all you have to thank you, mary carey. All you have to do to get the free book is to schedule a consultation. It’s a 1-hour free consultation and you get a free book at the game. Changer. He talks to this free enterprise. He didn’t getting subsidies and the government intervening always messes it up. You have to let free enterprise in the market system, take care of things and I guarantee. We would have a better system if they would allow airlines to fail. They would be two or three four more airlines come up that direction. Profit motivated like southwest airlines, southwest airlines, the consistently profitable airline. He says when someone comes to me with a cost-saving idea:i, don’t need a jump up and say yes, I asked:what’s the effect on the customers, her till it goes on to say, I tell my best business coach employees that were in the service business and its incident only fly with airplanes. He goes on to say we will hire someone with less experience, less education in less expertise than someone who has more of those things. That has a rotten attitude, because we can train people.

We can teach people how to lead. We can teach people how to provide customer service, but we can’t change their udna. He goes on to say the core of our success. This is herb kelleher, the founder of southwest airlines, the core of our success. That’s the most difficult thing for a competitor to imitate. They can buy all the physical things, the things you can’t buy our dedication devotion, loyalty, the feeling that you are participating in a crusade. Don’t you don’t hire for skills? You hire for attitude. You can always teach skills and search up. I brought a recorder with me on my speaking event they’re. My trip to owensboro kentucky I want to record the audio of the flight attendants dealing with customers, and so any further due. This is live audio of the airlines dealing with actual customers. Thank you for flying total bastard dirt bike, rear total bastard airlines. Travel plans got a choice of many airlines, we’d like to thank you for choosing to fly blue skies and total bastard bubba bubba flagstaff bubba bubba, bye-bye, bye-bye yeah, I’m I’m, just about done. So. True, this is how it works. I said google and it said no by 40 times in a row. Why would I say anything else? It doesn’t make sense that I just say something without knowing it and say hello, you have been rude to buy tire place. Dubai in this is what a lot of small business owners are doing as well right. If, in your business right now, sarcasm spasms are the normal you’ve got to fix that works when we come back with the teach you how to make a great customer service experience of time show


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