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Learn proven and inexpensive web marketing techniques for your business from America’s number one business coach Clay Clark.

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1. Facebook Demographic Focused Marketing

2. Google My Business Local Reviews Focused Marketing

3. Search Enginer Optimization Focused Marketing – SEO DOMINATION EQUATION 1. Most relevant original content  2. Most Google Canonical Compliance 3. Most High Quality Backlinks 4. Most Google Reviews / Mobile Compliance

Welcome into the man-cave. It’s Josh Merrill here, along with Tim Redmond and America’s number one business coach, Mr. Clay Clark. Clay, what are we talking about today on today’s show? We have a Thriver who reached out to us and said, “What are some inexpensive web marketing techniques that can be used to find local business?” So what I believe what that question means is how do I go out there and dominate the market place for less than maybe $1,000 a month. That’s how I perceive it. If I’m spending less than a $1,000 a month, what are the best ways for me to go out there and dominate the market and to get new clients. So we’re going to break it down one by one. My main man and business coach, Tim Redmond, is here with me. Tim, I’m going to rely on you for some details. I’m going to get into the superficial hoo ha and Tim is going to break it down.

We’ve got three super steps for you here from the business coach. Number 1, Facebook demographic focused marketing. So here’s the deal. What happens here with Facebook, it allows you to target specifically who you’re trying to reach. It forces you to think about who are your ideal and likely buyers. And Facebook has a demographic focused campaign so that you can decide whether you want to market to women, men, to people of this age, of that age, of this income, of that income, of this religion, of that religion, of this interest, of that interest. And it breaks it down so that you’re only marketing to your ideal and likely buyers. So Tim, I want to ask you. You’ve worked with companies all over the world. Many companies, thousands of people, you’ve worked with these companies. Some people have worked with hundreds of these companies. You’ve worked with small businesses and you’ve personally grown a company from 2 people to over 400 plus people, so how important is it for you to know your ideal and likely buyer when you’re going out there and marketing. Oh this is so huge. Clay, there’s so many people that I work with and they’re just ready to be gung-ho on their marketing, gung-ho on their sales, and I say, “Well, who are you going after?” You don’t know if you’re going to hit the target if you don’t know what your target is. So we will slow them down and begin to ask those demographic questions. Who is going to be most likely to buy your stuff and who are your ideal clients, the people you want to do business with? What are some stuff that your wife would definitely buy? A coach purse. What about organic avocados? She loves anything from Whole Foods. Josh, would your wife buy organic avocados? Yes. So if we’re marketing to your wife and to your wife, and there are certain items that they will buy or not buy. There are many people listening right now and your wife would not buy organic foods no matter what the circumstance. And so, I’m telling you right now, if you have a product that you’re marketing right now, you have to ask yourself, who are your ideal and likely buyers. Josh, did you grow up in a family where everybody in the family played volleyball? No, I did not. What about gymnastics? No. Tim, in your family do people do gymnastics and volleyball? We did everything, all sports. That’s the thing, in your family, you value that. But Josh, in your family not so much? We played regular sports like football, basketball, baseball. All I’m saying is when you’re going out there and thinking about marketing. Here’s the deal, when I used to market for my DJ business back in the day, this is the question that I was asked by my yellow page rep, they said this, “Who do you want to reach?” And I said, “Um, brides who are soon to be married.” They said, “Okay. If you want to sign this 12 month agreement, you can market to Tulsa in this yellow page ad for $1500 a month.” You’re committed for a year to market to the whole city. Everyone in Tulsa got the phone book. All I’m saying is right now, we are in an unbelievable specific time. Exact demographics. Yeah, where you can nail down your demographics and you can spend like $400 and quickly figure who is responding to your ads and who isn’t. You can nail down your target demographic as never before. So step number 1 here, you definitely want to focus on your Facebook demographic focused marketing. Is there a specific place on Facebook where we do this? Is there a training on Thrive that could get more specific? If you go to, we have screenshots that will show you specifically how to set up a targeted demographic. Geno Wickman, he is one of the bestselling authors of a book called Traction. He says this, “Most people are sitting on their own diamond mines. The surest way to lose your diamond mine, is to get bored, to become overambitious, or to start thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. Find your core focus, stick to it and devote your time and resources to excelling at it.” You must determine your ideal and likely buyers and focus on them. You cannot drift. You have to know who they are. I’m just telling you. If you’re focused on marketing to women who buy stuff at Whole Foods, than commit to that.

Number 2 from the business coach, google my business local reviews focused marketing. Okay, I’m going to do it right now because it’s hard to kind of explain unless I’m engaging on you with this. But if you go to google right now and click on the google and you type in Tulsa Men’s Haircuts. The first company that comes up is Elephant in the Room, which I own, the second is Knock Outs Haircuts for men, and the third is Elephant in the Room men’s haircuts. How many people live in Tulsa with the whole surrounding cities? What do you think, Tim? I think between 5 and 600,000 people in Tulsa metro area. And we’re top in google. Can you, if you’re listening to this right now, be top in google? Absolutely. How do you do it? Go to, we’ll teach you the moves. But this right here, is one of the most effective moves possible. Power move. Tim, without worrying people out with all of the details, talk to me about why it is so important to be top in Google when it comes to having the most reviews and coming up top in that local map from your experience. First of all, who really runs the internet? What rules do we need to abide by in order to be most recognized, the most visible? Google is the ones that sets the rules so let’s play by the rules. Google is really emphasized getting local support to promote business. And so getting a google review is going to cause your listing locally to jack up towards the top. I will tell you that Yahoo, as an overall rule, they tend to mimic google. So right now, if you go to Yahoo and you google Tulsa men’s haircuts, you’ll seen Elephant in the Room as top and then you’ll see the map, we’re top. Again, if you go to bing. I’ll just play the game and tell you who’s top right now. Sports Clips, sports clips, Elephant in the Room, Elephant in the Room. So we’re at the bottom of the map and we’re top in the local. And again it’s super important, if you’re listening right now, this is how you dominate. We talk about how you dominate locally, how do you effectively market? One, know your demographic. Quit saying your product is for everyone. Make your product just for a specific niche. Two, get those reviews in Google.

Three, back to you, Josh. Okay, this is the big one here. Search engine optimization focused marketing. Basically if you want to dominate in search engines, you have to have, one, most relevant original content, two, the most google canonical compliance, three, the most high quality backlinks, four, the most goole reviews and mobile compliance. Let me repeat that one more time, One, most relevant original content. Two, the most google canonical complaint content. Three, the most high quality backlinks. Four, the most google reviews. Tim, you work with companies all over the world. You’ve gone from old school to new school. You’ve worked with companies over the last 30-40 years. You’ve grown a company from 2 people to 450. You’ve coached people in the internet age. Why is it so important for people to be top in Google? Most purchased decisions begin with a google search. Matter of fact, I’ve seen stats of over 70%. I’ve seen different reports on this. Most people begin their purchased decision with a search on their cellphones. A search on the internet. So when they search, the first thing that comes up is the thing that they are going to pay the most attention to. So you have to understand how google search engine optimization works. This move is easily understandable at The great thing if you are listening right now and you are a free podcast listener, is $19 a month. So even if you just want to go on there and learn how to optimize a website and get the heck out of there, it’s $19 a month. It’s It includes access to the in person workshops, downloadables, unbelievable video trainings. It’s, people need to check it out. That’s right. Thank you so much for listening to the Thrive Time Podcast. Like Clay said. you’ve got any more questions, join Thrive15 or email us at [email protected]. Join and email us. We’d love to do both of those things. I would like to thank business coach, Tim Redmond, and business coach, Clay Clark. Thanks so much. It’s your time to Thrive. I’m telling you what, this is your time, this is your opportunity. If you’re listening right now, we’d love to help you grow or start a successful business. You can absolutely do it. Check out It’s your time to Thrive.


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