Inside the Mind Behind the Design (Clay Clark Gets Interviewed by His Team)

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Andrew Rojas and Adrian Hernandez take a look inside the mind of the man always on his grind (Clay Clark). Clay breaks down how he organizes his day, the advice he would give his younger self, his proudest business achievement and much, much, more.

Tip #1 – Toast the Bun Last

Tip #2 – The Mission Statement: Wow the guest today so that they will come back tomorrow with friends.

What’s it like to work with Clay Clark? 

  1. High energy
  2. Positive music 
  3. Distinctive decor

What’s the group interview like? 


  1. Give all employees key performance indicators 
  2. Create a positive spiritual atmosphere (get the music right, get the smells right, etc.)
  3. Get the words right 
  4. Teach with passion and enthusiasm
  5. Daily huddle or two point with the team
  6. Weekly team meeting

Manipulate – Psychological manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the behavior or perception of others through indirect, deceptive, or underhanded tactics. By advancing the interests of the manipulator, often at another’s expense, such methods could be considered exploitative and devious

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “27 Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece.[a] 28 An evil man sows strife; gossip separates the best of friends. 29 Wickedness loves company—and leads others into sin.” – Proverbs 16:27-29

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “23 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, 24 knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.” – Proverbs 16:27-29

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Facebook Post Inside The Mind Behind The Design Thrivetime Show

On today’s show. Two of click clocks, all star employees and Andrew Rojas at Adrian Hernandez. Trey can look inside the mind play clock. The man who’s always on the ground now play this. I just want you to grab a seat over there. Okay. You’re right. The year yet. Is this going to hurt? No, no, no. I want to get a small pit.

[inaguys went a little bit too deep with the incision.

Well apparently we weren’t supposed to literally look inside his mind.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce a show. But this show does to may eight kids co-created by two different women. 13 moat time, million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome

cause the thrive time show.

Yes, yes, yes, yes. Thrive nation. On today’s show, you are in for a laser show because, because

we are, uh, interviewing two great guys and you’ll see a lot of our business coaching clients, let’s say living water irrigation or a dr Whitlock. Uh, they come up top and Google’s, if you do a Google search right now for Tulsa cosmetic surgery, you’re going to find that they come up top in the search engine results. Dr Whitlock comes up top and the search results. Or if you do a search for, um, Tulsa irrigation systems, you’ll discover that living water irrigation comes up top and the Google search engine results. If you were to do a search for a great variety of terms for our business coaching clients, you’ll find that by and large, they rank top at the Google search in the Google search engine results. In fact, if you do a Google search right now for Joplin gyms, you’re going to discover that Joplin, Jim’s like Joplin fitness, that off fitness comes up top in the Google search results.

Not because they’re good people. And the coal laws are good people, not because they work hard and they do work hard. It’s because we know the system and we know how to optimize a website. But knowing how to do something, knowledge is just potential power. It’s what you do with it. And so, um, if I knew all these great things and I knew all the systems, but we didn’t have great people to implement the systems, it would all be, uh, for not. And so on today’s show I’m going to introduce you to a guest number one, Andrew Rojas. And if I could roll my R’s, I would, but to Andrew Rojas and Andrew, uh, welcome onto the thrive time show. How are you sir? I’m doing great. Thanks for having me on today. Oh man. We’re excited to have you on the show. And I’d like for you to share with the listeners what were you doing before you teamed up with, uh, myself and Jonathan in, in the, uh, the thrive time show and they make your life Epic a

business coaching team. That’s great question. I was a general manager at Fuddruckers for about two years, but with company for over seven years there kind of worked my way up. It started from cooking and then so you started off as a cook seven years ago? Yes sir. And by the way, that microphone is very sensitive and it just needs you to touch that mic cause if you just get super close to that thing. So, um, but uh, so you worked there for seven years, start off as a cook, but what kind of stuff were you cooking, doing the best burgers in the world? Uh, are you pretty good? Are you pretty good at flipping burgers at home? I’m doing pretty good. I have my little techniques that I do. What were the techniques at Fuddruckers? I have to know, well one, we always did fresh meat and now of course fresh bread onto there.

So it was just that signature, you know, build your own thing that we had going on. So fresh meat mean, Oh, this is not frozen where you slap it on the grill and it’s clinking. It’s bloody, it’s brawl. Um, I’m telling you like just the texture and smell alone. You’re just like, okay, yeah, this is some good stuff. Right? You love, you love Fuddruckers do you eat there a lot? When I was there, I would eat, I had these one pound burgers that I had over there and I was especially make for myself. I have pepper Jack bacon, jalapenos, a avocados and I would lather it up with some, uh, Memphis barbecue sauce I would buy and I would spend like hundreds of dollars a week on these sauces. But I had one special sauce that I had. And then, um, I had, uh, I had a little fun thing with the bakers that I had there cause we had to make the bread there and I had them just make me the specialty bread.

Uh, every day knows a one pound, uh, wheat bun. So it was just something that you couldn’t really just order, it was something off the menu kind of thing. So it’s kind of things out to eat. And obviously I’m skinny so I just worked it off. So talk to me about this with the, with the food there at, at, at Fuddruckers, uh, what were some of the things you learned in your, in your time there? Cause obviously you started off uh, flipping burgers and you end up moving up to a management position. Talk to me, what are some of the things you learned about just making hamburgers that maybe are good tips that our listeners could apply?

Where can I start with that? You, you start wherever you want to. I just want to, I have to know, I have to learn this from you because, uh, I worked at Applebee’s and I was a server and I never was a cook so I know nothing about it. And I’m a the reverse of a grill master. So I wanna I wanna know some tips, tips, just getting everything done. You had to be pro, you had to always have prioritize on how you’re getting food out and everything and everything coming all at once. Hot and fresh. But one thing I always had to learn and I pied it to other, you know, aspects of my life is prioritizing getting things out when you needed done certain things are not going to be coming at the same time. Whether you can play as online and compliance and cooking, but you never start off on, you know, Towson, a bun first.

Cause the worst things you can do is going to get cold. You know, you don’t toast the buns verse. No you toast those at the end. So say at the end. So it’s a hot, fresh [inaudible] and everything. But uh, you cook the meat, you’re going to want to do the fries last. But that way everything’s coming off hot and fresh. But you always had to prioritize and manage things and no matter if it’s hot and times and everything, high volume, just have fun doing it. What was the most stressful part of working there? Cause it sounds like you were there for a long time. What was always like the most challenged? I wouldn’t say in a bad way. What was the most challenging aspect of working there? Flood Rutgers. A place that really does demand excellence.

The biggest challenge that I had over there was learning how to coordinate a team and be productive and be excellent in everything that we did. And, you know, we had other people in certain like levels of, you know, excellence. And we had some, a players, we had some B players and C players, but having them all like work together and like having a vironment to where everyone’s striving for the same goal. You know, we had our mission statement over there and it was, it was fun. Something that everybody can get onto, but I felt like I couldn’t get everybody on board with that mission statement of wowing the guests today. My mission statement was, wow, the guest wows the guests today, so they come back tomorrow with friends. And I just kinda felt like that was the mission statement. Yes. Okay. Continue. I’m sorry he’s not, Ash kinda had a hard time getting everybody on board with that and instilling culture of, you know, just high energy and positivity all around and just trying to, you know, I felt like, all right, let’s, all right, come on everybody. I’ll ask you to go on with the kid. He’d gone with the energy and everything. But, uh, I think that was probably one of the biggest challenging things for myself. Managing people. Yeah. Okay. Now, um, where did you come from because you’ve been on the team. How long have you been on the team now? Ah, about three weeks now. Three weeks. And where did, where did you come from and how did you hear about us? Uh, what poor life choices have you made to end up in here in the man cave?

Where did you come from? I want to know what, what did you find us online? Did a friend tell you about us or how’d you hear about, uh, you know, working with me? How did I find about you guys? I don’t know. I was just applying online and I was looking for something in graphic design. And so this is what caught my eye on indeed, um, full transparency here. And it was kind of a risky deal that I did. I put my notice in way before and I knew I’d probably be finding something like this job. I have no idea. Actually, let me scratch that. I, I put my notice in a month in advance before even meeting you guys and just cause I knew I was going to have to find something, but I didn’t know what that was. But when I saw the do graphic design there, it’s just one of those things I wanted to get back into and bam.

Yeah. That’s how I found, um, thrive. Really. Okay, cool. Now, um, now that you, you work here, you’ve been here three weeks, how would you describe, uh, let’s go with, with your first three weeks on the job. How would you describe the first three weeks on the job? I’m gonna go with different, uh, the reason why it’s a good different, an positivity, just the high fiving. It’s the fist bumping all day. It’s that bro professionalism as you call it. But, uh, everybody’s on board. There’s, I haven’t found any ounce of negativity. Um, everybody wants everybody to

succeed just for [inaudible] for them just to like succeed, just to be better. Talk about the, the decor or the actual op office atmosphere. A lot of people, you know, they, they don’t know what it’s like to work in our office then unless they come to a conference, they never really know what it’s like up there. Walk into a club with actually good music and everything all day, every day. And music going around. Everybody’s high five and clapping and it’s dark. Nice. Well lighting and everything, but it just hasn’t really calm but upbeat atmosphere coming to it. Now. Uh, we have another great member of the team here, Adrian Hernandez. Uh, sir. Now again, you gotta eat that mic cause that, that Mike ride over there. I’m types of sensitive Mike and it needs some love. Um, how did you hear about, uh, working, uh, with us here? Cause we, we, we are a great addition to the team. How did you hear about us? Hello clay, how are you doing? I’m doing good, man. Doing good.

Well, uh, I started my career search online. Yeah, indeed is pretty much everywhere. You guys have a great, uh, method to scout, so I definitely, uh, was interested and I applied

and you came into the group interview? Yes. Yesterday. And, uh, um, what um, what, what’s it been like your for what was the group interview like? I mean, what was that process like? Cause I think you came to multiple interviews and some weeks we have an opening and some weeks we don’t, what was that experience like?

Uh, yeah, so it was a very new thing for me. Uh, was a group interview. Um, at first I walked in, I was like, what is this a classroom? I mean I’m used to a classroom setting, but not for like a job interview song.

Yeah. What’s going on here? What’s going on here? And then the decor

as a, as Andrew has mentioned, it’s, uh, it’s tough to describe, but it’s, the warmth is there for sure. The music is there. Uh, it’s all a good time. But you definitely see people are diligently busy. So, uh, no, the group interview was, was good. Um,

what made you want to work with us? So was it, was it to the, a certain smell? Was it the office decor? What, what, what made you say, you know what, I’d like to invest my time joining up with that organization?

Well, the positivity for sure. I mean, it draws you in and makes you curious to know how and for how and, and when and for how long, you know, all that. And it just peaks your curiosity, you know, if you’re thinking about that stuff, if you ever thought about that stuff and then you’re walking into a place like thrive 15, you are gonna, you’re gonna, you’re gonna buy in more or less.

So talk to me about, because I’m a, I don’t think a lot of people don’t, don’t realize this, but we do a podcast called the thrive time show. And in the thrive time show is, uh, you know, hit number one on iTunes six times. We have a podcast. Obviously if you, if you’re listening right now, you know, we have a podcast, but then we have one on one business coaching, which is through our make your life Epic brand, which I’ve been doing now for, this is almost 13 years, you know business coaching clients. Um, and so I think you get paychecks for make your life Epic. And then we have thrive 15, the online school, um, where people subscribe online. Um, have you attended a business conference yet? Have you seen a workshop yet? I have not. Oh boy. Very excited for this. Oh, you, you’re in for it now. What would it, what, how would you describe the debt, the decor and the atmosphere in the office? And maybe contrast that to other places you’ve worked at. The best library you could ever walk into best library. Really. How would you describe the decoration, the best side of

an antique shop mixed with, uh,


corners of Barnes and noble. Okay. With a little bit of shenanigans, shenanigans. Okay. So, uh, do you, how would this job rank with your other jobs you’ve had so far? I mean, how many weeks are you in now? Uh, three completed. Okay. How would, how would this rank and, or with other jobs you’ve had in the past, uh, eons beyond you like it? Ah, incredibly cool. And how old are you at this point? I am 27. So you’re 27 and then, uh, your, your wing man here, you guys started at the same time. Andrew, how old are you sir? I’m 29 now. 29. Okay, so you guys are great Americans and uh, you’re in the man-cave now. Um, you haven’t been to camp Clark and chicken palace 1.0 yet. Uh, wait until you see the next one. That place is going to be a blast blast. But uh, can you maybe describe what it’s like in the man-cave there? Uh, Andrew, what does the man-cave look like? Do you like getting here? Do you like the backyard? Do you like the Lampoon lagoon out there? Do you not? What, what’s your, what’s your overall take?

I feel like a little six year old kid running around in little hour. No, man, it’s just has everything, all the toys and gadgets that I, I would love just to be playing around and tinkering

and for people that can’t see it. Can you maybe describe what kind of gadgets there are in here? Just all this screens

like tronics going on here. I mean you’ve got your advertisement stuff, but you also got your whole list of, I mean, you’ve got your whole shelves full of books and I can tell this just not decorations. I’ll just say impress somebody. This is just for you.


this is your space.

Yeah, it’s my aura. Yeah. Yeah. It’s my, it’s inside of my brain in a building. It’s, uh, now, uh, what would you, uh, Adrian, how would you describe the man-cave studios here for the thrive time show? It is the inside of a diligent brain. Okay. All right. Well, uh, as we get started here, I’m going to open it up for you guys to ask me any questions that you want and the show’s going to go as long or as short as you want because, uh, usually I’m interviewing people, you know, that’s what I do. I’ll interview guys like a Wolfgang puck or a John Maxwell, but I thought we’d flip it today and make it where you guys can ask me any questions you want. And so what I’ll do is I’ll go to Andrew for, for one mega point and then after we give Andrew a mega point, then I’m going to go over to Adrian for a mega point.

And then after we gave a, you know, Adrian Omega plan, we’ll go back to Andrew. The only way you can lose mega points is by not having a question. Okay. So here we go. So let’s start with, uh, Andrew for one mega point. What question do you have for me? Any, any question at all? Okay. Uh, what common mistakes do you find that young business owners are making today? Oh, okay. Big. It’s common. It’s when you are trying to sell something that nobody wants. It’s like, you know, um, you give an example. Like I’m really, really, really, really passionate about, um, music. I love music a lot. And this is my, what am I? This is probably my favorite song right now. I’m going to cue it up for the listeners. I know it’s my favorite song right now. I’m going to always evolve to a new one, but it’s called Mike Posner live before I die. If I had an Anthem that said, clay, what is the one song that shares your worldview? Um, this song would probably be it right here. This song is, is great. So I’ll, I’ll cue it up real quick and I want everybody to like the song, right, but I can’t see what I’m saying. Like I want you to something, we’re going to listen to it and go. I don’t like the song at all. Some people are going to like it, but everybody should YouTube search right now. Naughty boy by Mike Posner. It’s called naughty boy Mike Posner. It’s naughty boy comma Mike. Poise Posner. That’s who did the song naughty boy and Mike Posner. But the song is called live before I die. I’ll cue it up real quick. I’ll just play like 30 seconds of it.

I stopped smoking weed. Are you? Maybe I’m less cool now. I don’t know.


but I talked to a pretty girls now instead of sitting there all stone as does smoking meeting you go, no, stop drinking. Then see on our fans think God was tired, too challenging. So far. We’re still up in the nightclub on way too many nights. Stopped drinking Hennessy on night club futures. Just too fast. You don’t stop the know what? That’s no, please give me wisdom. Grant me before I live, before that.

[inaudible] I like

that song a lot. I really do. I think everybody should like that song. I do. And if you’d said, well, I don’t like it though. See if, if I made my living based upon everyone liking that song, that’s not gonna work. So again, how does Mike Posner make a living? Well, Mike Posner, the guy who wrote that song, he writes great songs, but this is how he makes his money. Okay, so this is the song, um, by sugar by maroon five. Now this song, uh, live before I die, has 57 downloads, pretty good. 57,000 downloads and the song is called live before I die. Now maroon five, the song sugar, this has 3 billion, 3 billion plays. Here we go.


so he writes [inaudible]

songs, pop songs, everybody. Here we go. [inaudible]

song that everybody knows, right? And you say, okay, let’s go Mike Posner. Um, you know, this is a song that he makes a lot of money off over this. This song here is called took a pill in Ibiza. It’s the remix version. Okay. And this one has over a billion views. Let me crank


song has a billion views, but then this is the actual original version of the song.

So that’s again, I might post her, gets it though. So to make a living, you have to write certain pop songs, certain songs that are about three minutes a piece to be on popper top radio. The song has to have an uptempo beats per minute and it has to appeal to soccer moms if you want to make money as a music artist today. So let’s think about it. So look at the billboard top 100 right now. I’m just going to read off some of the song titles. Okay. So circles by post Malone, Selena, and you, you send your Rita by Sean Mendez and Camila Cabello. Uh, you’ve got Lou loose, sorry, I lose you to love me by Selena Gomez. And you’ve got a lot of predictable people up there. In order to Justin Bieber’s up there, if you want to ride a top 40 song, you have to have a certain kind of a, a catchy hook. And Mike Posner gets it cause he’s written many, many, many, many, many, many hits. Uh, he’s got a lot of hits, a lot, a lot of hits. This is where Mike Posner hit. Here’s the Mike Posner hit that, that everybody knows,

here we go. Everybody does it. Stop when you get to the core as you were. But

th that’s what, that’s what you know Mike Posner for. But Mike Posner is not writing music anymore for an income. He’s writing songs that he believes in. So this is Mike Posner’s newest stuff, which I love songs all about making a dent in the universe and making sure your life actually matters. You’re not just wasting your time, love this song, but it’s too deeply the future


These lyrics, these lyrics are so good.

I know I have you like one verse and this is your heads will explode at think I had already explored it here. Go see deep breath. I’d give all my love to you, babe. The key sweat in me. 20 more miles. I don’t need breasts. I’m halfway to goals I haven’t even dreamed yet, and not only in money. I need faith, people thinking that I’m some sort of TJ, but I’m a Covidien, a man in a tuber dog. I’m divine light hidden in the human form. It doesn’t matter what you do is what you do it for. There are some places that you can’t take over toward keep brave heart. Don’t make guns. Make art. I got Sequoia trees, Jeremy, y’all. Whatever I am is [inaudible]. Some of my fam is bevy. Didn’t go on. I’m trying to learn more things. I can share my songs like life is a curse in the highest of divine and you can peek behind that when you quiet the mind on something stronger than me and all my songs are live much longer than me that sag a Z. Let’s

see, Zane, she says, I don’t need money. I need faith. He’s talking about being a, I mean it just, there’s, there’s too, there’s too much. It’s so deep. But that kind of deep lyrics, that is not what the world wants. The world does not want to have songs that make them look the word up and go, what does Troubadour mean? The world does not want the world wants stupid pop songs. They want songs that are just stupid and hollow and kind of catchy. And so if you listen to boyfriend by Justin Bieber who wrote that song, Mike Posner wrote that songs, he listened to song you all.

This is what the real lights. Let me talk to you, his boyfriend.

The world wants the world does not want songs require thinking. And so if you’re a business owner, you’ve got to find something that the world wants. Find a problem that the world has and then solve it. That’s how you make your money. I mean, so I’m not a genius. I didn’t invent the concept of haircuts. I mean the world wasn’t running around with long hair going, why do we do, if only somebody had a technology that would allow us to cut hair, what would we call it? I know we’ll go in haircuts. No, no, I didn’t invent haircuts. But what I did is I made the haircut experience better. So the system only works if you have a real product or service, right? So all of the smiles in the world aren’t going to help you if your product or service is not what the customer is looking for.

That comes from the Harvard book, the service profit chain. So you’ve got to quit trying to get rich quick, pump up a Ponzi scheme or make millions while putting no money down and forget eight minute abs. That’s not how it works. It’s all about grinding and solving a real problem. So I have a list of problems, um, that we’re solving right now that the word that that people have solved to make millions. So let’s go with a, well Disney, what problem did he solve? He saw people wanting to be entertained and therefore he decided to create Disney. And it does. The first comics weren’t that good. He went into bankruptcy multiple times and he finally figured out how to make a comic that the people liked his first mouse. Mortimer Mortimer was the name of the first math. He does a mouse. He designed. Wasn’t that cool.

Steve jobs found out people wanted to use computers and he sold it to sold it to him. Bill Gates made a fortune by making software that humans could use. Henry Ford decided to make the ability for humans to travel freely, cheaply with the model T, which we have one of those in the office. Russell Simmons introduced the concept of hip hop music, which was already popular in clubs to top 40 music. Justin Timberlake, he makes people laugh. He’s, he’s a comedian, he’s an actor, he’s a musician. He’s solving a problem. The problem is if you want to make a lot of money and you don’t know what problem you’re going to solve in exchange for the money, you’re not going to have success. Dr Zoellner provides glasses seven days a week. I care seven days a week. Think about it. What problem do you solve? His auto auction makes it affordable for used car dealers to buy a car quickly and affordably that they can then sell at a markup.

That’s what it does. So figuring out what is the problem that you’re going to solve. Adrian Hernandez. What question? Do you have any, any questions you want to ask at all my friend? What question do you have? Well, I like to start off, uh, this will maybe, uh, what is it? Greatest business achievement, which may seem very broad. My greatest, my greatest business achievement. Yes sir. Buying my time back. So being able to do, like right now I’m doing this show with you guys. Not cause I, someone told me to, I don’t have a, I don’t, I don’t, um, have to do it. I want to write, I want to, I choose to feel like I’m called to a mate. Maybe I have to, maybe I feel like God calls me to do this. Maybe that’s the problem. Uh, but the word vocation in Latin means calling.

So it was able, when I got to a place where I didn’t have to work, but I was working on things that I believe in. Um, and so there’s a picture behind me. He said a picture behind me of the boat that’s going to sail off the waterfall. There’s a boat sailboat at night and there’s a waterfall and the boat’s gonna go over the waterfall. It looks like it’s a peaceful setting. There’s a sailboat at night and there’s a big waterfall, but then it just right off the edge. I think that’s how life is. I mean, we might die. I mean I, I mean I had, you know, a dark thought or maybe, I don’t know. I could die while I’m recording the show. I could have a heart attack tomorrow. I don’t know. But the thing is I want to make sure that what I’m doing right now is what I’m supposed to do.

And when you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, the world will come back and bring friends to see you do it. Cause when you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, when you’re saying to your, you know, I had two business coaching clients, I had a, a fracking company, frac sand company was out of town and a cosmetic surgeon that was out of town and it says on the whiteboard, have you seen it there? Says the goal is to mentor millions. Do you see it on the Blackboard there at the office there? This has chalk on it. Um, maybe, I don’t know if you see that at the office, but this is a, the triangle and it shows, my goal is to hopefully not make God cry. Uh, make sure the doctor’s elder is a happy. And then my wife and I are on the same page. And then to help 500,000 download downloaded listeners a month, which we do, um, to help 160 business coaching clients, which we do.

And to help 2000 people per year at our workshops. That’s my goal. And to not let anybody into my life or into the man-cave. That’s not if there’s a stairs, there’s a stairs or stairs that lead up to my life. I don’t let anybody into my life or into my man cave if they’re not diligent, coachable, Boyle kind, positive goal focused in Christ, focused a Christ, like there’ll be a Christian, but somebody who’s a kind person who treats people the way they want to be treated. So my number one business achievement was, uh, getting my time back. When did I do that? I was 25 so it’s 25 and I started DJ connection when I’m 16 and I sold it when I was 20 you know, seven, I think it’s 27 but I’m just, you know, we were doing 4,000 weddings a year. And so I mean I grind it for a long time and then I got to the place where I’m like, eh, I’m done and I’m not going to DJ anymore shows and here it is.

Did I get my time back? That’s, that’s when, you know, that’s been the number one treatment. So I can spend time with my wife and my kids and guys like you. That’s my proudest achievement. And then accolades that other people have given to me that I think you’ve registered with other people would be the entrepreneur of the year award for the city of Tulsa. Tulsa chamber of commerce gave it to me. I was 20 years old, I think at the time, previous winners were 30 40 50 you know, that kind of thing. And then I was Oklahoma’s entrepreneur of the year when I was 27 from the small business administration. Uh, that when that happened, um, and then the U S chamber of commerce gave me a national quality award. Um, and then, uh, you know, hitting the top of iTunes six times. I mean, that’s, that’s kinda fun.

Um, and uh, you know, that’s, that’s, that’s the, that’s the, the listener. I think building the man-cave back here has been fun. Um, I would get my wife, when we first got married, I couldn’t afford a ring, so I gave her my grandmother’s ring, which my grandmother gave me. She passed away, so I gave her that ring and, uh, being able to put, put a nice, you know, MultiCare ring on my wife’s finger that she wanted, she delayed gratification and then I’m announcing to her four weeks ago that she gets to build however big of a house she wants. That was fun. So, you know, getting all the wishlist there for her. Um, that’s fun. And then the man cave is my favorite thing. I love that. Then as far as business accomplished, I love this room. I never want to leave this room, dude.

Like, and I look up, I’m like, Oh, I forgot that, that awesome posters up there. I love this. Love this room. So hopefully that answered your question. Maybe maybe longer than you wanted. But Andrew, what question would you have for me, sir, sir? Now this is actually a good, in my opinion. Okay. Follow up question for what Adrian has. So what would you tell yourself 20 years ago then? Sell things that people want and quit selling things. People don’t want. Quit trying to, you know, I mean I want to do club club shows, you know, so let me just, um, let, let me, let me, this is the kind of stuff I would play on a consistent basis. Um, and I, I dunno, I dunno what I was doing. This is what I would do. This is like my a beer. This is like, in my mind, this was cool. I mean this was like, man, I am cool doing these dance parties. I was cool. You know, this was like, this was my deal. So let me, let me queue it up real quick and, and, uh, hopefully people can have a flashback here. So here we go. This is what I did here. I would, I would let me get to get a better bit better version again.

Here we go,

hundreds of people in a club, and then I would finish the [inaudible]

vent and I get like a standing ovation and be like, Oh, that’s sick. And I’m like, Oh yeah, I got more of that. So then I would DJ Saturday night at cronies or club millennium or the Yucatan liquor stand. I got four gigs a week and I’m thinking, this is awesome. Meanwhile, I don’t know where my next check’s coming from. I got scandalous women always giving me their phone numbers all the time, you know, here you go. Is this, there’s this great DJ. Meanwhile, I’m married. What am I doing? I mean, what a jackass. I was just dumb. I mean, married. Why am I going to clubs? I mean, I remember just that, that era, that, that time of my life, I mean, um, as this, this song, I, this, uh, this was, I mean just, I don’t know what I was doing. This is interesting. This was,

this is what I would do like all weekend. Every weekend is play this song. And I’m like, that kind of thing.

If you got $10 in your pocket right now


I thought that was, that was phenomenal. And I’m realized like, what am I doing? I’m a jackass. And when you realize you’re a jackass, that’s the start of some good, good, good. A knowledge right there. When you realize you’re a jackass, that’s the start of some really good knowledge. So I would just say right now, take out a sheet of paper and write down your goals tonight for the next year for your faith, family, finances, fitness, friendship and fun. Right? Get out a sheet of paper today. Today, I’m so busy today. Today is, I don’t have time today. Well, if TD Jakes were here, he would say, you do have time. You just are not choosing to invest your time. And the things that matter and you would say, well that’s going to be some bite and words that causes some conflict. And then because TD Jakes couldn’t be here today, I decided to keep this audio clip from TD Jakes. He says,

So Jesus, who is exceptional is having a conversation with ordinary and exceptional and ordinary always have a conflict. Anytime exceptional people dwell in the midst of ordinary thinking, there’s always going to be cops.

So again, you do have time. You just got to get out a sheet of paper right now and design your day. Lee Cockerel, the former executive vice president of Walt Disney world, once said, he said, this is a great quote. He says, what gets scheduled gets done, what gets scheduled gets done. And that sucks because a lot of times we’re just so busy we don’t schedule it, but not for me. I do schedule every day. I do schedule it. So I scheduled my goals for my faith, my family, my finances, my fitness, my friendship, my fun. And someone says, well, clay, the way you teach everything just black and white like this way or the highway, that’s going to cause enemies. And I would say good. Winston Churchill, the prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 1945 who led the British and their fight against Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Germany regime said, you have enemies.

Good. That means you stood up for something in your life. Aristotle would say to avoid criticism, the only way, the only way, the only way to avoid criticism, criticism, criticism, the only way to avoid criticism is to say nothing, do nothing and be nothing. So, uh, I don’t know. I think Donald Trump’s pretty successful. I think people are don’t like him universally. I think mr Kanye West is pretty successful. I don’t think he’s universally liked the key to being unsuccessful as being universally liked. So figuring out who you want to be liked by. Figure out what team you’re playing on, right? Figuring out what team you’re on. If you’re the Yankees, don’t be surprised when you’re getting booed by the red Sox fans. Define your goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship, and your fun. So tonight I will take my kids to go watch Metro Christian.

I play a football, a playoff game, which required me, um, telling a person who wanted to be a client. I had to tell her I was very nice to her, I think. I think it was nice. I said to her, I cannot call you at five o’clock. I cannot, I would like to, um, you know, and she’s got a big business out there in the Atlanta area. And she said, well, the only time I can work with you if you’re gonna, if you’re gonna, if you want my business, I listened to your show all the time. And if you want my business, I get you gotta call me at five. And I said, well, I guess I don’t want your business guess that’s what that means. Right, right, right, right.

Did you just go in the urinal in new urinate and you, hopefully you don’t make eye contact with somebody and you have a funny joke what? It’s all about it. So you tell somebody, no, they get mad. You go into the urinal and you try to sort it all out and you flush your frustration down the toilet and you go wash your hands. That’s what you do. You use some soap. That’s, that’s the key. But I mean, if you want to avoid conflict, you can’t be successful. And then once the conflict starts, once the day starts, so, um, if you’re listening right now to this show, you know who you are, please stop doing this. Stop it. Um, but just today, somebody left me a note. You don’t leave me notes by the that this is, I am going to be out of town the next two days. Like I had something come up. So therefore they’re not at their desk today. Well, that’s like, you’re going to get fired. You know, so it’s like, you know, and you’ve managed people before, right? You manage people there, right? Mr. Rojas, you manage people. And what happens when people don’t ask you for time off? They just tell you what, what happens? It did flood Rutgers. When people just tell you, by the way, boss, I can’t come in today. What happens?

You don’t, I mean, what of the bother coming in at all? I mean, don’t even want you here.

That’s what you have to say. Right? I don’t even want you here cause you can’t count on them. Right. I mean, isn’t that the toughest challenge of being a manager? Is that not the toughest challenge?

I would say up top one of the tops right there

and then what happens is, what makes it tough for me is that you got indeed right and you got a glass door. So as soon as I tell that person that they go, Oh yeah, I’m going to go on indeed and write a bad review. And because most people are wrong about most things all the time, most people are like, Oh, it seems like that’s a bad boss. You mean you called in one time and you got fired. What a jerk.

Bernie Sanders. Woo.

You know, and so it’s really, really important. If you’re out there today, you get up every day. That makes has been that this happened guys, this happened like previous to 6:00 AM I found that note. That’s why I like to get to work, you know, try to get to work at three 30 there. John and I’ll throw some weights around there. I like to, you know, like to get to work at. My whole thing is I get up at three I want to get to work if I can between three 30 and four just depends on what, what kind of paperwork I have to do with it. The house here, we get there, we throw weights around three or four days a week and then when we throw some weights around, as soon as I check my to do list for the day, the conflict starts. But I’ve already figured out what team I’m on.

I know my values, I know my right and my wrong. My left, my right. I know what I’m trying to do. I know that I’m not trying to do so. I don’t really care what people think, but man, it’s tough when you care what people think and you wake up at the same time. They do if you’re a boss. So I ran the DJ business. I used to wake up at the same time as my employees that first year and they’d come to work with all their issues calling in sick and I didn’t have a plan. They all had issues and concerns. I didn’t have a plan, but now I have plan and everything just works and it. That’s great. So big tip, get up two hours before you see anybody else. A minimum of one hour. Get up one hour and design your day every single day. Design your day, every single day. Every single day. Yes, every single day. And also write on there what you’re going to eat.

Design your day because you know, none of us are perfect. All of us struggle in one area. Some of us struggle with faith. I know that I do. I mean I believe in God. I believe that Jesus Christ is our father. Lord, I believe in that. I got that. I believe he died for my sins. I believe that. I believe in the Bible. Even that I just don’t like it. I don’t like, like the fact that sin exists and that we can make bad choices, but, but we do. But if I could choose, the argument has always been at church. They’ve always said, well, if God didn’t give you free choice and you wouldn’t like your life very much, you wouldn’t want to be a robot. I’m iPod. Actually I would want to be a robot because I wouldn’t make any mistakes and I get to go to heaven.

I don’t want to be like, you know, Oh, I didn’t make the cut. You know, I don’t like, you know, and I wish the Bible would be a little bit more, uh, entertaining to read. Cause I have a small dense almond size brain that can barely process the words on each page. So again, but again, I’ve just, I struggle with my faith. I mean, I don’t struggle with believing that God is real, but it’s kinda like I’m not excited about it, you know? But I, I know I, I know that I believe in Jesus, but I, during Easter, I’m not like, yes, woo. Yes. I don’t think that killing your son is a viable plan for most people. I said, Hey guys, I got this new business plan. Now here’s the only deal. In order for it to work, I have to kill my son, my only begotten son.

So that you guys get the product. I think you’d think I was a crazy person. But at the end of the day, that’s the story. That’s the narrative. That’s how the world was there. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that Satan was once an angel, but he was according to the Bible. If you believe in the, and if you believe in the literal interpretation, he was, I doesn’t understand. I don’t understand why Noah had to build an arc. And I find it hard to believe that he did it without power tools, but yet I believe the entire Bible, so I have to believe it. I don’t quite get how Jonah went inside the mouth of a whale. I’m saying this because somebody out there, you’re struggling with fitness, you know, or you’re struggling with your finances. Find me a perfect person. I mean, Steve jobs was so great and finances, we build them up.

It’s like, Oh, the financial, financial King, whoo. Steve jobs. He’s almost like Yoda now. I mean, Steve jobs is like Yoda, Yoda level and our minds. But he wasn’t that great of a dad. I mean, he got divorced. He denied the existence of his first kid. People hated Steve jobs until the second, like till the latter half of his career. People hated him. You know, Elon Musk has been divorced twice to the same person. He divorced the same person twice. Doing great in business though. Then you look at an athlete, you go, man, Mike Tyson, that guy was good. Mike Tyson went to jail. You know, uh, music, you go, man, Tupac was good. Tupac went to jail. So don’t beat yourself up if you’re not great in all the areas. But the goal is everyday let’s design our life. Let’s be intentional about designing our life to be successful in the areas of our faith, our family, our finances, our fitness, our friendship, and our fun.

If we do that every day, if we recalibrate every day, we have a shot of making Monday. Great. Now if we make Monday, great that could carry over into Tuesday. Now if we make Tuesday grade, that can be called a row. That’s a hot street. Now, if you do that for the whole week, that’s a whole week of great, and if you make two great weeks in a row, you’re on the verge of becoming a great person. You string that together for a month, maybe even a year. You have great success and then people go, wow, that’s a nice pool. That’s how it works. So you gotta, you gotta start the street now don’t beat yourself up. I don’t care where you came from. It matters where you’re going. That’s a deep thought. Adrian Hernandez, what question would you have any, any questions at all about anything? Anything in the office, any of the companies, anything about growing a business?

Just anything at all? Dude, that was a great answer to the next question I was going to have. Oh, I have another one though. Sure. Okay, got it. The question that you just answered was the time it takes to see the results. And it’s all about the streaks, as you said. Yeah, I mean right now, I mean, if everybody out there, if you’re listening, um, and I’d encourage you, if you’re living in the Tulsa area and you want to get in great, great shape, there’s a company called Tulsa fitness systems and uh, he, man, he’s a great guy and you might go, why can’t afford it? Well maybe we could work a trade out. You know, maybe we could do a trade out. Maybe it’s like articles for fitness classes or something, you know, you, but it’s like you gotta go find somebody who knows where to go.

Cause it is hypothetical. It is possible hypothetically to walk in a circle and the game of life or to, you know, row your boat in a circle and never get anywhere and you’re just going fast in the wrong direction or in a circle. So what you gotta do is find somebody who’s been to the top of the mountain, find somebody who’s been to the top of the mountain. If you’re struggling with your faith as I did as a young man, find somebody. TD Jakes is my guy. Find somebody who knows more than you do about who’s had some success and begin to follow what they’re saying. So I am a prophet of profit, not of anything else. A profit of profits like how to make money. I’m a person who knows a lot about how to make money. I’m a prophet of profit. What? Think about that for a second.

I profit. Well, it’s not in a religious sense. I’m talking about eight inspired teacher. A person regarded according to D definition. Here is a person regarded as an inspired teacher or a proclaimer of the will of God. I believe that my vocation, my calling comes from God. Therefore, I believe that I’m a prophet of profit. That’s what I do. Now, if you’re gonna look for somebody to give you unbelievable fitness advice, go to Tulsa fitness systems and Colin Howard talks the talk. Walks the walk, go to Cola they walk the walk. Talk the talk. If you’re looking for someone to help with your finances, go to somebody who knows what they’re doing. If you know, if you want to get involved in real estate, find someone who knows what they’re doing. So the time it takes is directly related to how sound the advice is that you’re getting.

The advice you’re getting is crap. It’s going to take forever. So, um, if you ever hear the word get rich quick, eight minute abs, no money down real estate. Get out of that conference man. Get out of there cause you’re going to go the wrong way fast and [inaudible] you’re going to actually get further behind. You’re going to get discouraged. And there’s this wonderful book that’s all about action in the Bible and it’s a, it’s a Proverbs, no Proverbs. Oh yes, Proverbs. Proverbs reads, let me read you a Proverbs here. Proverbs reads, suburbs, 1312 Proverbs, they’re in favor of action. Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. So make sure your hope is not getting deferred. Find someone who knows what they’re talking about and have them teach you the systems. If not, you’re going to lose by default. Uh, Andrew Rojas, my friend. What a additional question or questions do you have?


How do you mean no, no problem. No, and I’ll, I’ll, I only edit out the words when I talk. I’ll keep all of you. I just edit me out. That’s fine. Okay.

How do you maintain a fun and productive environment? Mm, hold on. And you don’t have to be there. So you’re getting the results without being there. Now this can mean, this means like everybody there is doing their job. They’re diligent, that positive. Everyone’s working diligently, but they’re not having to be micromanaged. But you’re, okay. Well, let’s, let’s talk about, um, the word manipulate for a second. Let’s just talk about the word manipulate. Um, if I were to take a piece of clay and I were to mold it into a shape, I manipulated the shape of the clay to become a pot. All right? So the human condition by default is one of negativity. The human condition is one of negativity. It is, is naturally, um, it’s, it’s idleness is the devil’s workshop. So let me give you an example. Back in the day, if we lived in an agricultural society, we would not have enough time to gossip because we would have to harvest corn before though, you know, we’d have to get the harvest done, uh, because winter’s coming, you know what I mean?

We would have to then till the land, because we’ve got to get ready for the spring and we would have to go to bed when it’s dark because we can’t see. Then somebody said, Hey, I got some tools. I’ve got some candles. Check out this new technology. Now we can stay up later than we’re supposed to take. I mean, this is, this is that, that’s, this is a really, really deep answer to this question, but this is how it works in the Hebrew language, the old Testament, the word work means worship. That’s what it means. In the old Testament. The word work means worship. That is what that word means in the Hebrew language. Somebody should write that down because, because the Bible was written in Hebrew, it’s the oldest language out there. Work means worshiped. Get this idea. So in the biblical sense, the way the world was created is that God gave Adam the boss, the garden to work it.

It says in Genesis work, it talks about working as unto the Lord, work as unto the Lord, and not as unto human masters. Work as unto the Lord and not as to human, not as unto human masters. Galoshins three 23 reads, whatever you do, work heartily as for the Lord and not for men. Knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. So it starts with me doing the Lord’s work, knowing that I’m not expecting any reward on earth. That’s a Z. People think I’m like, Aw, you’re doing this to make money. I’m like, I’m done with that. I’ve done that. I, yes, I make a profit, but I’m not. It’s not like I’m not running around going, Oh my gosh, I want to buy a bigger car. I want him to get a bigger house, better, faster car off me.

I want to travel. Why? Whew. No. So what I’m doing is I’m working as unto the Lord. So it starts there. All right. Then it starts with Proverbs 1627 it says, idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Idle lips are his mouthpiece and evil man sows strife. Gossip separates the best of friends. Wickedness loves company and leads others into sin. What does that mean? You want to, as an action step, do you have all of your employees? Key performance indicators? Give all employees key performance indicators. Action item here, give all employees, give all, give all employees key performance indicators, okay, that doesn’t allow them time for idleness because I don’t. This is the devil’s workshop. I believe the Bible is literal. I believe the Bible is literal. I believe apparently I believe the Bible is literal and it says in Proverbs that the book in favor of action, Proverbs, you get it.

Pro verbs in favor of verbs. Proverbs 1627 29 says, idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Idle lips are his mouthpiece and evil man sows strife. Gossip separates the best of friends. Wickedness loves company, and that leads others in descent. So we start with giving all employees key performance indicators. AK a keep people so busy they cannot complain. Now, actually not a number to create a positive spiritual atmosphere. Create a positive spiritual atmosphere was spiritual. I don’t like that word. Spiritual just means something you can’t see. Make sure the music is right. Get the music right. Get the music right. You say, clay, I don’t know the music. I don’t know the music. Listen, I give you, I give this to free. Get the music. I’m going to give it to you free. Go to EEI, T R I freely give this away. It cost me thousands of dollars per month. By the way, to give this away, go to EITR and click on clay Clark radio. As I’m doing right now, I licensed all the music and if we hit play,

what’s the point of the office right now?

So get the mood right. Play it. Somebody’s got to get that mood right. You’ve got to get the music right. All right. Get the smells right, right. There’s something amazing. When you walk into Fuddrucker’s in that smell, you’re like, yes, it makes you want to make the smell. Get those sound, get the smell, get to look, then get the decor right. You don’t spell words words cast a spell on. People get the words right. You don’t spell words. Words cast a spell on. People put words on the walls that encouraged people. So I got on my wall right here, Muhammad Ali. It says, champions are made from something they have deep inside them. A desire, dream of vision. They have to have the last, they have to have last minute stamina. They have to be a little faster. They have to have the skill and the will.

But the will must be stronger than the skill. John Rockefeller on my wall, a friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship are written with chalk, with my own hands, Mike Posner. I don’t want your money. I am simply done written with my own hands, intentionally burned bridges to create distance, avoid dramatic emotional and urgent people. Vision without execution is hallucination. These words are on the walls. So what happens is the words get the words right. Get the key performance indicators right, get a positive, get, create a positive spiritual atmosphere. Get the music right, the smells right thin, teach with passion, teach with passion. The word enthusiasm. All right. Teach with passion and enthusiasm. People don’t know the definition of words where words come from, but the word enthusiasm comes from the Greek word. Theos. Theos means God, God within. Therefore, if you’re enthusiastic, you’re filled with a spirit.

Some people can’t see that is a higher power. Figure out why you’re doing it. And when you do that, all of a sudden the atmosphere just begins to happen. But if people feel like you’re just their boss and you just got to do this freaking job, cause you free, all of a sudden the magic ends, the is over. So you’ve got to, that’s how you, that’s how you do it. And then you have mechanically, you want to have a daily huddle or touch point with your team. I try to go around, uh, um, I don’t know how. I don’t cause I, I see John do it. I don’t, I don’t know how much he does it or how much I do it, but we, we try to eat between he and I, we try to make sure we say hi to everybody every day. Um, and then we have a weekly team meeting.

We have a weekly team meeting. Um, I recommend too, but I would S at least, you know, I, I have at least one weekly team meeting. We have two, we have one for the sales team, one for the all staff. Um, and then you did, that’s how you do it. And every week you have that weekly meeting, Catholic church service. It reinvigorates the aisle people and then you just live all out. You know, you just go, go for it man. Bring that energy. Does that answer your question? Yes it does. It’s just a lot of layers to it. But, uh, I’m Adrian Hernandez. We have time here today for two more questions. I want from you, mr Adrian and one from Andrew. So I’ll go with you. Adrian, what question do you have? I’m having to choose out of the several that I have here. Sure. I want to know what differences, uh, that you’ve noticed between an older blessed, successful business owner and a younger, more successful business owner?

Well, success is a choice relative as well. You know, Napoleon Hill says success is a choice. Success is a choice. In my mind, success is the achievement of your F six goals without violating the rights of somebody else. Like if you can get what you want without having to hurt somebody else in the process, that’s success to me. So a lot of people give up, you know, so they kind of give up. They’re like, no, that’s not possible. I hear all the time. You can’t, you can’t find good employees. I hear all the whole time. I don’t know, sitting here talking to guys who had, you know, kind of, I kind of view more as like future friends. I think friendship is built over time, but I kind of view these guys more as like future friends and I don’t have a problem finding friends and I don’t have a problem finding good employees.

I have, I do have a problem is when you meet people that you couldn’t possibly like, cause they’re jacked up and then you try to make it work. So I see a lot of that. They get stuck on that. Or if someone says, Oh, you just can’t get to the top of Google. It’s just, it’s impossible. And the moment you start to think that you have that fixed mindset where you’re stuck, that’s where the failure begins. But if you have a mindset of like, man, I can do this and the best book I would encourage everyone to read, to renew your mind, there’s two books, think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s thinking grow rich by Napoleon Hill. And the second book would be the growth mindset by dr Carol Dweck. DWE C. K, it’s called the growth mindset by Carol Dweck, the Stanford professor. And she explains to you how people that grew up in poverty go on to become successful.

And now people who grow up with wealth can become poor. And she talks, she interviewed thousands of people who’ve grown up poor, who became rich and vice versa. And their mindsets are all very similar. And so I just encourage you to read that book, the growth mindset by Carol Dweck and uh, Andrew Rojas, my friend. Uh, you, we have an opportunity for one final question and I know with John’s approval we’ll probably have you on the show again. I appreciate you guys very much. But what’s the final question you have or, or thought you want to share? This one’s a little out there though, know it’s good and it’s, what do you think you would tell yourself 20 years from now, 20 years from now? I know, I know for some reason I think if I could tell myself something 20 years from now, um, I would tell myself, I think I would send myself as a song and that’s what I would do. I think I would have set myself a song cause it’s how I think and I would, uh, this is the song I would send myself 20 years from now, no money.

This is the lyric,

this is a look what I’ve become by Mike Posner and I will play this for you. And this is, this is this versus what I would send myself in 20 years, for sure.

The cow cow, cow.

You used to be a pop singer. Now he’s himself used to be a business guy. Now I’m a prophet of profit. Mario. I’m an educator. You know, I wish I would have made that transition earlier. Um, and I would’ve told myself, you know, take some time up to count,

just tap, tap, tap.

Even when I’m falling, there’s something underneath

here. It goes,

think about paradise. I’d imagine this. And he’s chose the trees and he’s, Mike Posner is walking across America in this video.


I’ve never had a big appeal to go out and get hammered or to go out and do drugs with people because I, I feel like whatever feeling, people have to be high to be able to escape the judgment of other people or the nerves or whatever. I don’t feel that, you know what I mean? And so I think just being around people that need to be hammered all the time, I don’t get it.

I don’t want your money.

That’s what I would send myself because I think I am making that transition. I wasn’t really intentional about only working with business coaching clients I like and only where I this, that’s my three PS. By the way, this is all final tip for you. I will only work with people now that I like. That’s P number one is people. I will only work with people I like. I will. I refuse to have people on my team that I don’t like and sometimes there’s someone who I think I’m going to like and then I don’t like him. We did a group interview there at night and the guy was just a jerk. He’s just a jerk. I don’t care how good he is. He’s a jerk. And there was a time in my life where at jerks on my team for the almighty dollar. You know that, Oh that guy is good at his skill, you know?

But now I believe in you hire character and train skills. So I worked with great people too. I will not ever sell a product that I’m not proud to show my mom, you know, Rosa time of my life where I would though, I mean I DJ at clubs, I won’t anymore. I’m not going to sell something that I don’t think you should partake up. I’m not going to do that ever again. It did not have that cognitive dissonance where I made something that I’m not going to sell you something of substance. I wouldn’t think that I should take myself. So I’m not going to do that. Okay, so people product and the third is I’ve got to make a good profit and I believe it’s ethical to make a profit. I think it’s actually a biblical concept if you really get into the Hebrew and study that.

But what you want to do is you want to make a profit and if you’re in the service business, you don’t mill 15 to 20% maybe 30% but you want to be transparent with the profit. And all my business coaching clients know that I make a 15 to 20% profit margin. I don’t hide it. And I think it’s, I, I, there was a time in my life where I did a lot of work and I never made a profit at all, did all these crazy things and it was, um, you know, it’s, it’s, um, and I, I have no, those three P, those three PS and that’s, that’s what I would be telling myself and you know, going back, I guess in the future, going back go, Hey, why didn’t you start that earlier or keep going or, you know, don’t worry about making money. Let’s focus on anytime that you fall, there’s something underneath.

Don’t worry about it when you fall. Maybe there’s a lesson to learn there. Don’t, don’t stress out about it. I just have to a place now where I no longer really wig out about stuff. I just don’t care. I used to carry as the wig out all the time about things, but now I’m just like, this entire room flooded like six months ago, you know, cause the big flood is all under water. Lost my entire record collection, hundreds of thousands of dollars of stuff. All my dad’s memorabilia, it didn’t bother me. It was crazy. Like it didn’t bother me at all and my dad died of Lou Gehrig’s disease. It really didn’t bother me. I mean I miss my dad but I didn’t like lament about it. I didn’t question the meaning of life at that point. And I just think the sooner we can get over things and learn how to get over things quicker and that’s what I would have told myself. But uh, I appreciate you guys so much for being on the show. We do like to end each and every show with a boom. But a caution for you guys. These mikes are hot so we gotta kinda back up a little bit when we say boom. Otherwise it’ll peak and it gets kinda tough. Here we go.

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