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Listen in to this segment of the Thrivetime Show as business coach Clay Clark breaks down how you can use this tool to analyze your website traffic and create a lead generation machine.  

  1. Lucky Orange allows you to see everything website visitors are doing on your website before they leave your website.
  2. You can determine why your website visitors did not convert using:
    1. Heatmaps (What parts of your website are they clicking the most?)
    2. Screen Recordings (What are users doing on your website?)
    3. Form Analytics (Which forms on your website work the best?)
    4. Customer Origin (What keywords did they type into Google to find you?)
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” – Reid Hoffman (Partner with Greylock Capital and the founder of
  4. Benefits to launching the site quickly
    1. So that you can get reviews.
    2. So you can be indexed by Google.
    3. So you can generate citation links (Use
    4. Because you can’t steer a parked bus.
    5. Tim Ferriss Podcast – The Man Who Taught Me How to Invest
  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What gets measured gets improved.” – Peter Drucker (Legendary management expert)
  6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You sometimes feel very lonely as an entrepreneur. Every time you fail at something, you wonder how all these other companies are doing it so effortlessly. But those ups and downs are part of every eventual success story. From the outside, Zappos might seemed like an overnight success. The truth is that we made a lot of mistakes along the way and learned a lot of lessons.” – Tony Hsieh (The founder of Link Exchange the CEO of Zappos)
  7. ACTION ITEM – Install onto your website.
  8. ACTION ITEM – Schedule a specific weekly time to measure the results of your website traffic and chart the results so you can make changes based upon customer feedback.
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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to an for drivetime show.Com. Ladies and gentlemen, I can absolutely hear a chorus of business coach applause. It’s marshall morris for all of y’all is marshall morris, morris and 6 foot 8 upgrade he’s the co-author of the amazon best-selling book called start here, which you can buy on amazon.Com or if you’d rather download it for free to ebook. You can get it right now at drivetime, show.Com he’s also a business coach, and you also mentors are business coaches I like to get them on the show as much as possible, but he’s out there mentoring our business coaches working with clients a touch of it. Sometimes it’s hard to get on the show. You got a cage mk2, the beast every once while, but you know what I’m excited, why is that he’s in the man cave, the studio tie off fired up, I took them ready to have never seen without a tie on network broadcasting from the man cave studio today, I will tell you. My wife has recently left the the casa to go work with some contractors on something okay, so they hear the sound of a child screen or someone. You know it’s because the kids are unsupervised and usually, when there unsupervised, they put yell bacon and that’s what happened so we’re talking about where to go to be talking about installing lucky orange.Com on your website and what that even is and what shop real quick did not offend the listener yeah when I when I asked you. What are we talking about? What are we doing? What are we talking about? Why would be great if you would, if you would speak and that kind of language the listeners, otherwise think you’re being squirrely? Why are you saying it like that? So what we talked about installing hockey horange. Com, that’s website orange, is a plug-in. It’s a tool, a piece of code that allows you to see everything website. Visitors are doing on your website before they leave your website. So you can determine why your website visited website.

Visitors did not convert, so they have heat maps and heat map will show where there clicking the most. The screen recordings will show what the users are actually do doing before madeline before analytical show, actually what forms they’re they’re filling out and what forms are not and why and then the key word tracker will show where they came from what words are typing into to google and I think this is so powerful that marshall to break it down the four wheel tools that did lucky orange provides business coach heat maps. Why is a heat map valuable and how was it ever helped you or a business coach clients, because you actually get to see where users are clicking on your website, and so, if you’re like well, are they clicking on the testimonials tavor they clicking on the services tab? You actually get real data from real customers that are visiting your website and you can make changes based on that, and so, if you know that people are looking for your testimonials, maybe you need to go get some more video testimonial, so the heat maps, those are going to be huge for your business, so you can heat maps are a powerful tool. If you want to know what people are clicking on the website again, if you’re looking for what people are clicking on the website, the heat maps are howard. Miller screen recorder, no screen recording, shows people what their actual. What what your users are actually shows you, what your users are actually doing on your website, how’s that diagnoses, that this is kind of like big brother. It is a little weird.

You can actually see real time when somebody comes on to your website and follow them around your site. It’s like you’re, sitting, shotgun to them, navigating the site and the fact that this technology exists even worries me because then automatically it will record it, and you can actually then go see like go back a recorded. You can go play it back as many times as you need to in order to say hey. Did you guys see the different things to different path that this guy clicked on is crazy? It is a powerful tool. They offer a free trial or I travel to very inexpensive I mean you should check it out. Lucky orange.Com form analytics. How is that? Why is it important to look at the forms in to see what’s going on on the forms on your business coach website? So maybe we can pull up the data for this. In our experience, I would tell you of the thousands of clients. We’ve been implemented this with every field. Okay, that, you include, is part of a form raises the barrier to for them to actually fill out a form unqualified leads I want to make my four more elaborate, more complicated, moorefield’s I want people to fill out and you’re. Saying in this is it this is consistent with every single business that I’ve done this with right, where they want to do the name. The phone number that you email, the address the notes, the message whether or not they qualifier. Don’t qualify for this product or service in the fact of the matter is, is nobody’s going to fill out that form, because it’s too much it’s too much work too much work. Okay, until somebody who is just trying to investigator learn a little bit more is just going to fill out their name, their phone in their email, and so that’s what we recommend to our clients, just name phone and email.

Just do that! You’ll be good for now customer origin. This is one that I’m very passionate about, because a client I’ve been working with for a long time, but we didn’t start helping her with her website. Until about the last year we put lucky orange on her website and we found out. This is crazy. We found out that that she was only getting about 7 to 25 clicks a week from linkedin i. Remember it wasn’t even 30 clicks a week from linkedin, but that represented like 90% of our internet marketing budget I’m, not kidding to spend like $7,000 a month he’s a recruiter. She was spinning seven brand of month, marketing on linkedin and it’s it’s. It’s I mean there’s all different recruiters. We work with recruiters for hospitals, recruiters for doctors, recruiters for dennis, temporary and recruiters temp workers, and she was running ads for tipped workers and she was dropping like seven grand a month on, linkedin was getting was no traffic and almost all of her business was coming from facebook or google searches. Now facebook was so powerful for her, because a temp worker is more likely likely statistically to spend more of their day on facebook and they are in linkedin and all sorts of research as to why that is. But the customer origin tracker allows you to see what keywords people typed into find you in google. It also tells you how they found in general i. Did they find you from yahoo to they find you from typing in your website director marshall this tool could be absolutely a game-changer for somebody. Then you actually get to see the background. How did they hear about us, and so you know what marketing effort is working and then, furthermore, you get a better idea of what the background is of that person and how long they’re spending on your site the number of clicks that they had on the site, the type of browser or maybe they’re, on their phone or their the desktop version of your website. All kinds of data is actually kind of scary, but if you use this data, you actually can create such a powerful conversion system on your website. Now this is where lucky oranges, absolutely absolutely priceless. You have to use lucky orange reid hoffman the business coach partner with greylock capital in the founder of linkedin. He said if you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late, so marshall.

We would encourage all of our clients, get your site up, get it up, get it out there lunch! Those hats come on now, get it going. We say that we bounce it out by saying look at the data. Let’s figure out, what’s working marshall walking me to the balance of getting your side out and then track it. You just got to finish. Getting the website complete and getting it done done is better than perfect. Okay done is better than perfect is important principle, so you can always go back and edit it, but if you’re never taking action, then you’re never moving forward. It’s really hard to steer a part bots and talk with this with all of my clients, anchorage hate, let’s just launched the website, because we can learn a lot by running ads, but we can’t run ads to a website that doesn’t exist. So, let’s just get it done and fix it over time. There’s four primary benefits to launching your site immediately. Chapel I want to give that to the listeners one is you can’t gather reviews for your website? It’s not launched yet so you have to watch this I know you can’t get reviews. Second thing:it can’t be indexed by google can’t even begin to get up higher in the search results. If you haven’t watched it yet marshall, what does it mean to be indexed by google, so goo, all those crazy guys over in california? They actually download the internet every single day over and over over and over and over until over the course of about 2 I’ll take 60 or 90 days. If your entire website is going to get downloaded, and it can’t do that and so being indexed by google is basically how google put a copy of your website on its own servers. Would you like giving a book to barnes and noble and putting it in the right spot until you got to actually indicate to them?

Hey our website is up and it is life. You can’t start generating citation links, but I don’t spend nearly enough time talking about this, but this is powerful. I shut. Put that in parentheses, you want to use yext y e x t. This move is a super hack. It’s so good! You busy make an account with ext. We did oxi fresh and we do. Is we submit all of the franchisees all 300? Something of them immediately to yellowbook, to yahoo to bing to text is like an it. It sends your website to all of the city. Are you supposed to get your site listed on yelp or facebook or being or yahoo, or local ease.Com or they’re, just endless numbers of third-party sites that you’re supposed to be listed on yellow book, yellow pages, you know mapquest google maps I mean you just endless, and so you can start generating backlinks right away. For that and the final reason you can’t steer apart, buss aka, you can’t pivot with ads, if you’re not getting people to your site. So you want to get people to your site just for the purposes of seeing whether anybody would ever click on the ad that they are cooking the ad. What converts and what doesn’t search up I want to put a link during the break here to the tim ferriss interview call the first person who taught me to invest into an interview that you guys can with mike maples jr, and it talks to you about how he a b test, how we essentially tested to see which a house with the most effective for business coach book titles for books he hadn’t even written yet so, rather than going through the the time of writing a book, he decided to run advertisements promoting a book that he hadn’t even written and whichever book got the most clicks, he decided to write that book and that is, he can’t do that unless you begin launching, as up here drunker says this mars peter drucker, the legendary management expert, he said what gets measured kitchen proof.

That means you have to put on a list and you have to put it on an act to follow up with continuously looking at what is the limiting factor? What is it that we’re going to talk about today and i? Had this conversation earlier with one of my clients today, we need to do fewer things more repetitiously too much the number of things that they’re doing and just do the same things over and over and over again keep talking about this time. So amazed, I know this happens to my friend, danny cahill was the biggest loser. I know people that have lost tremendous weight. Is it amazing how john’s lost 37 pounds in 90 days? It’s incredible meat and vegetables he’s like well I feel this craving for this or I feel like I’ve, been eating the same thing for days now. How do I do something different he’s like no I’m sold out to the goal in the goal is maybe it’s to lose weight? Maybe it’s eat healthier, what it, whatever whatever his goal, is he’s sold out to the ultimate? This is what I wanted to complicated die at the requires him to log in the journal and think all the time, but every decision he just made a decision. T calories, yeah i, just decided to make a one-time decision stick to it executed boom. Now, once you kind of grass this i, do you want to work with your coach to install lucky orange on to the website and step one? Do you want to schedule a specific weekly time to measure the results of your website traffic into chart those results? So you can make improvements, and this is the part where I get emotional as an entreprenuer. Most people can feel a little bit lonely and tony hsieh was that post said you sometimes feel very lonely as an entrepreneur. Every time you fail at something, you wonder how all these other companies are doing it so effortlessly, but those business coach ups and downs are part of every eventual success story from the outside zappos seems like an overnight success. The truth is we made a lot of mistakes along the way and learned a lot of lessons, so what you want to do if you want to start making those mistakes, so you can work with your coach, you won’t make you feel lonely will help. You will get. The data will make the changes or brew, and that’s how you launch launch


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