Installing Guardrails and Finding A-Players

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Starting and running a successful organization is a process and not an event. Clay Clark teaches how to establish guardrails that will keep your organization on track.

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  1. Know your Core Values
    1. Find people that align with those values by holding a group interview every week at the same time and same place.
      1. Job post on indeed and craigslist
      2. Do group interview – all candidates at one time
      3. Have good candidates shadow you
      4. If you like them call the references and read the resume
  2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes. Here’s How to Spot a Dishonest Candidate.
  3. MYSTIC STATISTIC – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Nothing will work unless you do.” Maya Angelou (American poet, singer, memoirist, and civil rights activist. She published seven autobiographies, three books of essays, several books of poetry)
  5. Install Guardrail – minimum someone has to do and if they do not hit the quota you have to fire them.
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Audio Transcription

This is a great top business coaching song right now. Is it by post malone and it’s called rockstar and I want to read to you because I thought the lyrics of this song I think you could understand why I think it is a bad for your mind and your soul to listen to see player steph is going to tell us how to find a player for your business. It’s dangerous to put negativity into your mind to put diesel fuel in your unleaded vehicle, andspectrum, youtube, bebe, bebe, I’ll, probably watch bad things. Bad things come out, do what you put in the garbage in garbage out and so I just want to read the lyrics of a song. That’s in the top 5 right now called rockstar by post, malone and then check. Would you ask me to stop I will not stop hey I’ve been a fat hoes and poppin pillies man I feel like a rockstar aaa. All my brothers got that gas and they always be smoking like a rasta infant with me call up on a doozy and show up man them the shottas. When my homies pull up on your block, they make that thing. Go pop outcute, cuz I’m, a rockstar aaa switch my whip, came back in black, I’m, start saying rest in peace to bon scott, a close that door we blowin smoke. She asked me about the fire like I’m morrison, a active pulled on stage, probably leave my effing show in a cop car.

This was legendary top business coaching through a tv out the window of the montage cocaine on the table, liquor pouring don’t, give, a, d dude, your girlfriend is a groupie. She just trying to get in, say I’m with the band aa now she’s acting out of pocket. Try not grab for my pants a hundred bees in my trailer saying they ain’t got a man in a they all bought. They all brought a friend, yeah yeah, cuz I’m, a rockstar that seems like it was hard for you to read without saying the actual I’m. Just saying that just don’t know right now:it’s in the top five top 40 charts right now, and that is definitely inpeople’s minds. Now, let’s talk about your business and your business. If you bring in some hemotoxic attitude, just singing stupid lyrics like that metaphorically in your office every day, it will absolutely destroy your company. You, if you have somebody in your office, that’s a negative, divisive personality.

It will destroy your office, so chupp, please reasonable quote: over paid 75 of the amazon best-selling book start here that all of our listeners can download right now for free at the right time should I come. This is this is a quote from herb kelleher, the co-founder and former ceo of southwest airline, and he says we will hire top business coaching or someone with less experience less than you come on now and less expertise in someone who has more of those things. That has a rotten attitude, because we can’t train people good, because you can’t because he’s me, because we can train people, we can teach people how to leave. We can teach people how to provide customer service, but we can’t change their dna. So here is the problem is replaced there. Somebody listening to the showhave somebody in their office literally will not call the leads. They will not call make the cold culture teen. How many calls a day?

Does your team make over there that leadership initiative each day we make about 300 phone calls outbound, oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m, listening right now and a friend of mine friend of mine has a bunch of b and c players. How do I bring in the new people? You have four minutes break it down for four top business coaching minutes, I’ll be bringing both. We have a system that we work with. That starts with a c, so we’re looking at our core values to the key thing that we want to make sure that we understand. Unfortunately, so many business owners are so busy working. They don’t even understand what they are there for. One of my so core values is number one once you know that now you can begin looking for people that actalign so, but if you, if you’re like me and several of the people that I hang around with, we certainly know that it takes a long time to find in a player, clay I think the numbers like 60 to 70 people that we’ve got to look at the statistics and we’ll put this on the show notes. But according to ink magazine, 85% of people lie on their resumes wow accord. The ink magazine 85% of people lie on their resumes. 75% of employees that you do higher this correct squat of genius is 75% of people do steal from the workplace.

According to the us chamber good stuff to every week, I see you work with your clients on this yeah. Every one of your clients has to do with it when it. When they do this, they have matt magical amounts of success. They have to do a weekly group interview why you have to give you all the candidates at one time you got to look at a lot and if you’d be the reason why you want to look at him at all, at the same time is because I know we we’ve been in this spot before clay. I know:you’ve been there where pso you set up this top business coaching personal one-on-one I want to be with someone and in you take time out of your schedule can meet with that person and you’ve read the resume I read that resume. You kind of gone to the mountaintop to get that feeling. What is it wasn’t going to cuddle I feel about this person, and then they don’t show up. They don’t show up, and so now you have blocked off this time out of your schedule, but you can’t get back and you can’t get it back you’re right, so you have to bring everyone to the same time so and they will filter themselves out, because if you got 10 people that say they’re going to be there, there’s actually going to be 5.

That will show up if you’re, on a good day at you on a good man, post malone and is your job post, you post every single week on indeed and craigslist yes and keep doing it every weekto, no matter what the resume says say:hey I like to interview this wednesday at 5, yes, step 3 interview them all at one time, one time wyclef jean one time. One time is because people do not deserve your time. If they’re not going to show up on time. We have a lot of specific podcast just about how did the group interview you’re more than welcome to attend our in-person thrive wednesday wednesday group in a group interview every single wednesday at 5, you can come into our actual office and watch it does that we do it. Then, if you find a candidate, do you like have them shadow you, because they and then once they show you if you like them, then call all the references. Don’t call the references before you think shadow. If you don’t call the top business coaching  references before you met him, because you would you want to do if your business owner is, you have to sort of trust but verify, and that’s why without reservation, I can humbly recommend I would say hum when I get non humbly. I get with great bravado rat proofing. These home boys boys have been putting on roofs on home since 1962 job since 1962 and that’s if your roof is a mess, you don’t going to get sick. You got to get messick, okay., messick, roofing.Com, messick, roofing.Com or just give up guys a call, 918-747-7141 918-747-7141, messick, roofing.Com schedule your free consultation I’ll, give you a free copy of my thrive book

. If you do it during the break, messick roofing check them. Outattend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing. His group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com, alright trap nation welcome back to the top business coaching conversation or talk about installing guard rails and finding a player’s I want to make sure that we’re getting this idea, there’s a notable quotable from a lady named maya. Angelou quote:i hate it. When people quote somebody they don’t know, the person is I also hate when they caught. Somebody was a real jackleg, be official with the description of somebody. Has a real moron check. People like you know, you know simon sinek, you know this guy. He wrote a book, it’s like called. You know. What’s really good book and and they’re, quoting I’m, going to read you the title of a book in chap you tell me if I should quote this person or not and i, don’t you can argue with me if you want to okay, okay, but I just wanted to see if you can break down the title of the book, can you tell me cuz I’m, going to quote maya angelou in just a moment, but before I do that I want to see? If you think this is this title mexican, this is from simon sinek I’ll put it up on the big top business coaching screen, so you can look at it with me.

It’s at start with why how great top business coaching leaders, inspire everyone to take action? Are author hear simon sinek cuz, no reason how great leaders inspire everyone, the big red letters start with why I like that I can buy into that. Do you feel, like obama, was a a great leader a based upon and is approval ratings, great leader based upon his approval ratings? Just you know the best present of all time. Everyone loved him. This was a great president is a leader that won the presidency later I would go there yet and so I’m asking you from your perspective. What what in your mind, what is like a I could be the present you’re going to get his dad was a great later I would say, despite the times that they lived right there, a certain things. I would agree with now, but george washington presidency saying that he doesn’t want to have a king, america i, think that’s pretty good quality top business coaching cleaners. So here’s what I would say about george washington as an example will come with his troops and you know why he had to be fighting against you right. He noticed a lot of his men. Wear dying from disease dying from the story.

The great snuggle is the guys are dying from defecating. You are pooping your excreting, too close to the camp and I’ve got this rule I’m working on called poop at your own campground right and the guys are like whatever dude was sitting here like fighting for freedom and whatever, so they keep doing it now. They’re getting a lot of disease. Do I get a lot of drinking a lot of disease, so he says he wasn’t going to do. Can you come here, sir? The guy who’s really sick of guys on your death. Any excuse me. He takes the top business coaching knife, true story and he cuts out a big chunk of the guy’s arm and he says what are you doing you guys working here drink this vodka? He cuts the chunk of his arm in two slices and he gives it to all the healthy manatee says you need to wipe your bodies with this may go but he’s dying of a disease because yeah yeah. We need to vaccinate you against this disease, which means I need to expose you to the disease and never in recorded history. Had anybody vaccinated people before, but the science was at a point where it had been argued. It could happen because we’re going to die from disease disease disease before we going to die from bullets. So we’re doing this and all the guys like dude, you’ve, lost your mind. Cuz I’m telling you gunpoint muskets out you’re doing this little like okay, we’re and we’re convinced man.

Yes, sir long story short all the men that were dying from disease, all of a sudden get start getting healthy and he started going getting better I know, but at gunpoint he made people cut skin out of dying people and put it on their bodies. He made them any want to do it. Another year was washington story. This is a defector from the royal army. Who was the known homosexual? He was kicked out of the real army for being a homosexual and g-dub says here’s the deal. He knows how to beat them so we’re going to hire them cuz. He was high up, but he got kicked out for being gay, so I’m all about gay. Let’s get gay let’s hire this guy. We hired this guy, he brings them on a defector, who’s gay and he says to beat the british. What’s the top business coaching best, what he said. One way we train our guys is if the leader gets shot in the head, then all the men amelia put the white flag and they quit cuz. It’s the way our army fighting rose. So if you kill the leader, we just scatter and he goes okay cool talk to his next in command. They said that’s on ethical for years, we’ve always thought and rose. That’s formal fighting! That’s how we feel-and he goes that’s cool, but hint sports you to climb up in trees and we can have a few rows down low, but everyone else needs to climb a tree. It’s okay and you need to not wear your uniform me to be hidden, camouflage it when their leader walks by should have that name of that song.

That goes i. Don’t care, there’s going to be yet again. If you look up history yet again, you look at gunpoint bayonets to people’s throat to get your body in the tree, shoot the leaders and that’s how we won the war right. So you want to talk about approval ratings and talk about leaders obama, never more than a 55% approval rating more than a 55%. So you talk about simon sinek little book hear his book says how great leaders motivate everyone:it’s not possible! It’s not possible everybody, even jesus christ at 12 top business coaching apostles of which two betrayed and peter denied, and he knew it knew him and you had judas to turn them in for some money. So all I can say is maya. Angelou is a lady who grew up in possibly poor. She wrote seven autobiographies she’s had many awards for acting. She has been at the at the peak at the precipice of the civil rights movement and she said this to all my time all my experiences as a writer as a poet as a movie actress as a director. Nothing works unless you do nothing works. Unless you do. If somebody has somebody on their team right now, it will not do their job, they know what to do, but they refuse to do it.

Why is it? Why is it so hard for people to buy your somebody? What’s the deal? Did they just go emotional play? It’s all, it’s it’s much more about a relationship than it is about actually production and so it and then you feel like if I fire, this person, you know they’re going to be mad at me and i:don’t want to be mad at me. I don’t do confrontation i! Just don’t do confrontation very well. You know it’s! It’s I’m going to cuddle kiss me what do I do and all of a sudden you’re held hostage by your employees to bad place to be to make a day yeah. Oh there you go. That’s good,. I said what what kind of hours do you want to I’m telling you? What is it? Okay? Is it okay, if I take tomorrow off, do you want to create benevolent top business coaching dictatorship? If you are a successful entrepreneur or leader of any kind, so is simon sinek? If you found this podcast screw off you and you’re ridiculous book, that book is insane it’s asinine. It doesn’t make any sense and I thought I would just have a little fun. Mr. Simon, sinek and I thought I would look up your resume because that’s kind of fun right I mean you obviously started with a very successful company. That’s why you’re teaching us these profound ideas, I see people feeling bad.

They can’t motivate everyone to be successful as a result of reading his book, so he was born in wimbledon england. That’s cool, okay, cool wimbledon and his first gig was what he graduated from northern lehigh, school and damaris okay cool. He studied law at london, city university. Then he got his ba in cultural anthropology. Then he went on to write a best-selling book. All I’m saying is it’s not how life works with your simon sinek? You cannot motivate everyone to be top business coaching successful. In fact, that’s why god created heaven and hell I have mowed I have found it. For my tell my mind’s that works. If there was not a hell, that I believed in I would not do anything good ever get so fun to live in sin. Is it not me?

I’ve discovered hell is hot in the consequences of mice in crate, hell on earth, so I’m just going to be a good husband and a good dad, but there wasn’t a consequence for perversion or stealing or lying or scamming I would just do it cuz. It would be easier if we just offended a lot of baptist right. There’s a top business coaching consequence. Your final teaching moments you have to set up a quota, every position in your company, a guardrail, a minimum standard. You hold people accountable to it. If they won’t do it, you have to fire him and that’s why I’m excited to work with hood cpas, because he helps you do your accounting, which helps hold you accountable to filing your taxes, to pay the right amount of tax to make it to your numbers, are accounted for its ultimate accountability and if you have an account and it’s screwed up, go to hood cps.Com if you’ll be minus account and go to hood cps.Com. If you have an account that doesn’t want to hold you accountable to your numbers, go to hood cps.Com summit.Com


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