Is it Really Lonely at the Top and Do You Like It Up There? – Ask Clay Anything

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In this Ask Clay Anything, Doctor Zoellner shares why you must limit who has access to you if want to achieve both time and financial freedom.

A Thriver writes – Is it truly lonely at the top and do you like it up there?

  1. Is it lonely at the top?
    1. When you’re at the top, you want to surround yourself that are up there with you.
    2. The people at the top don’t constantly talk about the things that are happening in the world that they can’t change.
    3. It is a loneliness that I enjoy. When you have success, you have to insulate yourself.
    4. You have one person contacting you instead of 1,000.
    5. I never wish I had more or different friends, I have all the friends and family I want.
    6. When you’re at the top, they will want what you have. No matter what that is, people will want it and they will be sneaky to get it.
    7. When you’re at the top, you can give people information and time but it can be on your watch.
  2. Do you like it there?
    1. I love it there.
    2. I get to choose who and what I come into contact with.
    3. The only people at the top are people who have made it to the top which is a hard thing to do and is a process that eliminates the lazy people.
  3. How many people should have access to you?
    1. Only 2 or 3 people from your business should be able to talk to you.
    2. You should have a total of 12 people that can reach you and if someone is not in your circle of 12 people, they have to go through one of the 12 to get to you.
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